Lost Without You

Chapter -- 14
by JT Poole and Nikki Brown

Orlando, FL -- Sunday Morning -- JT's House


Lawd, I'm not prepared to deal with heads rolling around in my house or because of me. What the hell is Brian going to do? He walked upstairs a few minutes ago, now he's coming down fully dressed. I hope he's not going to cause any problems since he said he was going to handle his business. I don't know what business that is, but I hope he doesn't get into trouble over it.

"Baby I'll talk to you later on tonight," he tells me, kissing me on the cheek and walking out of the house as there was a taxi outside waiting to take him away.

"Brian what are you going to do?" I ask him running to the door.

"Don't worry about it JT. It's Sunday baby, a perfect time for you and Chad to bond more. Talk to him baby, I'm sure the two of you will get closer," he tells me as he opens the car door and gets in.

Just great, I can feel this is going to be one of those days and tomorrow's meeting is going to be a whopper to deal with. I'm not going to be in the middle of any of their squabbles. I tried to break away without getting hurt, but now that we've slept together I don't know if that's possible for either of us. The way he's talking and the way I feel, this is going to hurt and big time.

Like he said, it's a perfect time for me to bond with my son. I might as well go up and wake him up. We can eat breakfast and chill out and watch TV for a bit. Walking up the stairs to his room, I pass Nikki's room and I can hear her talking on the phone to someone. Leaning closer to her door, I hear what sounds like her telling someone to be on the look out. It sounds like she's talking to Nick and warning him that Brian's on the soft rampage. I thought she was supposed to had been sleeping, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well, I'm not going to harp on this subject with her now, I bring it up later, after she's rested up and I'm not so pissed.

Opening Chad's door, I see that he's still asleep and the computer screen is on. Walking over to the computer, and reading the contents on the screen, it's apparent he's been looking for news reports of his mom's accident. Turning the screen off and sitting down on the edge of his bed, I rub his back and he opens his eyes, looks at me and yawns.

"Good morning Chad," I tell him as he starts rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning daddy," he says, yawning again.

"Are you still sleepy?" I ask him. "I came to get you so we could have breakfast and hang out."

"Breakfast? What we having?" He asks me.

"I made some grits, scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I have coffee and you have juice," I tell him as he gets up steps over me and runs into the bathroom. "Son the breakfast isn't running away."

Getting up off the bed and walking to the bathroom door, he stands behind the divider using the toilet and then flushes. He walks over to the sink and washes his face, brushes his tooth and then combs his hair as I just smile and walk towards the door.

"When you done primping in the mirror, join me in the kitchen for breakfast," I tell him as he places the comb back in it's spot and runs over to me, taking my hand as we both walk down the stairs.

At the Sheraton Hotel -- Brian's Hotel Room

"Why didn't you tell me what happened after the meeting Kevin? You saw me right before I left to go be with JT and you didn't tell me any of that!" Brian screams, turning away from his cousin, tears streaming down his face.

"I didn't think JT was going to really break up with you Bri," Kevin answers as he looks down. "I can tell that he really likes you. I had no idea that he would actually break up with you."

"Yeah he broke up with me damnit!" Brian shouts. "While we were at the amusement park yesterday he decided to land that bombshell on me!"

"Oh God Bri, I'm so sorry," Kevin says as Brian shakes his head.

"There's nothing much to be sorry for now. We're back together now, but that's not the fucking point man! You're my blood! You should have told me what Nick was doing!" Brian screams.

"I know, but I didn't want to get involved in any of it. I didn't want you doing this right here, but you're doing it anyway," Kevin tells him.

"I wouldn't be doing this now if Nick hadn't done what he did! He was with us all fucking afternoon, smiling around in my fucking face and he did that during the meeting! How could you of all people let him get away with that?" Brian asks him.

"Like I said, I didn't want to get involved Brian. That's between you and Nick and no one else," Kevin tells him.

"No it involves the rest of you as well. Because of Nick and what he did yesterday, I'm outta here. I quit the Backstreet Boys!" Brian shouts as Kevin gasps and turns around quickly.

"You what!?!" Kevin screams. "You can't quit Brian!"

"Oh yes hell I can Kevin! I'm not going to sing in a group where I can't depend on anyone!" Brian shouts, turning around and packing up the rest of his clothes. "At the meeting in the morning, I will tell the others. I'm not sticking around for anymore of this foolishness!"

"Brian you don't know what you're saying here!" Kevin screams, grabbing Brian by his arm, stopping him from moving away from him.

"Let me go Kev! Take your hands off of me! I no longer consider you my cousin or my friend!" Brian shouts, snatching out of Kevin's grip and continuing what he was doing.

"Brian you're not going to throw away your career because of something Nick did are you?" Kevin asks.

"I'm not throwing away anything, you and Nick did!" Brian shouts as he starts checking the bedside tables, making sure he had all of his things.

"Just get out Kevin! When I'm done here, I'll be out of your lives forever," Brian tells him as Kevin stood there watching the actions of his cousin as tears came to his eyes.

Memphis, TN -- Justin's House -- The Kitchen

Lance's POV

This weekend doesn't seem to be looking up at all. First Paul jumps down Justin's throat about being gay and wanting to marry me and then my ex, JT jumps down my throat because I decide to change things around at Freelance. Damn, when is any of this going to get any better? Justin's still asleep and I'm the only one up around here. While sipping my cup of coffee, I turn on the television to check out the news. Almost burning myself with the coffee, I see footage of Joey being taken away by the police in handcuffs from his movie set. What the hell is going on? What has he gotten himself into now?

"This is really great. We're supposed to go into Jive tomorrow morning to talk about touring with the BSB and here it is that Joey has gotten arrested for some shit. They don't know what it is, but I bet we'll know in the morning," I say as I get up and bump into Justin who was standing behind me watching the news too.

"Morning baby," he tells me as he leans in and kisses me. "You should have awoke me when you got up."

"You looked so cute sleeping, I just couldn't disturb you," I tell him as he smiles at me and kisses me again.

"What has Joe gotten into?" He asks me.

"I don't know baby. When do I plane leaves for Orlando?" I ask him.

"Later on this evening. We should arrive in Orlando around ten tonight," he tells me as he leads me back into the kitchen. "I'm hungry for food, but I think a kiss will hold me over until I can get to the cereal."

"Tease," I tell him as he starts laughing.

New York, NY -- Chris Kirkpatrick's Apartment

Chris's POV

Oh God, I'm so tired. Why can't I have a normal schedule like other people? I've been in and out, back and forth all week and I don't think I've gotten a good four or five hours of sleep yet. I need a break and soon or I'm going to fall over and die somewhere.

"Lana baby wake up," I say, leaning down and kissing her on the cheek. "You have to be at Nick Studios in an hour."

"Baby I don't want to go. I'm too tired to go anywhere," she tells me, sitting up in bed.

"I know the feeling baby, but you have a job to do and so do I. Come on missy, get to it," I tell her as she glares at me and climbs out of bed. "Oh stop it, you still love me anyway."

"Maybe later, right now I don't," she tells me as she walks into the bathroom and turns on the shower.

"Oh come on Lana, don't get mad with me. I'm running around just like you are. You know I agree with you when I say we both need a break," I tell her as I follow her into the bathroom. "Believe me baby, I'm drained too, but it's not a full day. We just have to finish up my part for Chip Skylarkc and then after your meeting, we can go home."

"I know Chris, but I don't know if I can drag myself through the rest of this day," she tells me as she walks over to the shower and turn it on.

"I'll make you a deal. If you can get through this day without falling over or going to sleep early, before I leave for Orlando, we do something special together," I tell her as she shakes her head.

"No deal baby," she tells me as I frown at her. "There's no time for any of that. Your flight leaves at four and my meeting gets out a little after three. So no time for special stuff baby. I'll have to wait until you get back to get that."

"Well right now, I don't know when that will be. Are you going to be able to take some time off like I asked the other night?" I ask her.

"That's what the meeting is for," she tells me. "I doubt they'll give me more than a few days to lollygag, but anything I can get, I'll take."

"Okay, well the only thing I can asks is that you call me later on with the results," I tell her, leaning in and kissing her again, knowing I won't see her again after we leave this house until I get back, whenever that will be.

Orlando, FL -- Orange Count PD

Joey's POV

When I get out of this place, I'm going to kill three Backstreet Boys! How could he have allowed them to do this to me? When I'm done with him, he's going to ever regret doing this to me. This whole entire thing is probably fucking up my acting career. Then again, this is probably making me more popular. I just hope no one has released why I was taken into custody yet. If they have, that might be very bad.

"Fatone!" The guard shouts, standing in front of the cell. "Your lawyer's here!"

"About damn time," I say, getting up, walking to the cell door, waiting for the guard to lead me out.

I've been in this joint all night long and I don't know what took Kelly so long to get my lawyer here. If she's fucking around being slow because she's mad that I'm here and not with her, she'll be the next bitch to be dropped. I don't have time for no whiny bitches in my life and I won't put up with them. Walking to the visitor room, I sit down at the table. Sitting across from me is Mitchell James, my brother Steve's company lawyer.

"Mitchell, what took you so long to get me out of this place?" I ask him as he just looked at me.

"Well I was called and told about your plight. I was told to come here on Monday to get you out, but since I have other obligations in the morning, I decided to come and get you out today," Mitchell tells me as I look at him strange.

"Who told you to leave me here until Monday?" I ask him, getting a little bit angry, knowing that someone told him to let me sit here and wait, when I could be doing other things. "Well who told you to let me rot in here?"

"Frankly Mr. Fatone, your brother thought it was wise that you stayed her until your Monday morning meeting at Jive so you wouldn't go get into anymore trouble," Mitchell tells me as the guard watches me, grinning a bit as I turn my attention back to Mitchell.

"He has no right to do that to me," I say as the guard grins at me.

"Well its simple really, I work for Mr. Fatone, not you. I'm going against his wishes now coming here today to bail you out. In order for you to get out of jail, you need to abide by his stipulations and no get into anymore trouble. When you are released today, you will not and I repeat, will not be involved with the parties that got you put in here. Do you understand that Mr. Fatone?" He asks me.

"Yeah I understand," I tell him, agreeing to do anything to get out of this place.

"Well you need to sign this contract first before I start the process of getting you released," he tells me, pulling a contract out of his briefcase and having me sign it. "Oh right. The guard will escort you to processing and you should be out of here within the hour."

"Fine," I say as he frowns and slides all of his things back into his briefcase.

Back at JT's House -- After 11 -- The Living Room


Me and Chad had a good breakfast and we've been chilling out around the house for the last three hours. After running up and down the stairs playing like little kids, I'm tired beyond tired. With all the noise we were making, I bet Nikki and Kess think we've lost our minds our something. We started things off after breakfast taking a tour of the rest of the house, but turned that into tag and hide and seek. It was the cutest thing. Chad's an animal lover just like I am. He and my cat were hiding all over the place. I would go into a room looking for them, and they would scurry out while I wasn't looking, running into another room. All in all, it was fun and I'm sure all three of us had fun.

"Daddy what are we going to do the rest of the day?" He asks me, sitting in my lap on the sofa with the cat sitting around his shoulders, under my chin.

"I don't know. Whatever you want to do, in reason is okay with me," I tell him as he starts rubbing the cat's fur.

"Could we go back to the amusement park again?" He asks me, turning around to look at me.

"If that's what you want to do we can go," I tell him as neither of us moved from the spot we were in.

"Yeah, I would like to go back again," he tells me.

"Alright then. Let's leave a note for Nikki and Kess and we can get going," I tell him.

"Where's Brian?" He asks me.

"Brian had to go handle some things with his friends," I tell him as he shrugs.

"Okay," he says, getting up with the fat cat and the two of them walking upstairs.

"Put on something a little warm, but not too hot," I tell him as he smiles and keeps on walking.

Later at the Amusement Park

"Can we get on the `Tilt-A-Whirl' after this one daddy?" Chad asks, holding JT's hand as the two of them waited in line for the bumper cars.

"Sure, I don't see why not," JT answers him as they moved forward in the line.

"Cool. I love that ride too daddy," Chad replies as someone bumps into the two of them.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...JT is that you?" The man asks, taking off his shades and looking at JT.

"Nate is that you?" JT asks, leaning in and hugging the man.

"Yep, buddy it's me," the man replies, still holding onto JT a little longer than normal. "I never expected to run into you at a place like this."

"Well you did. I'm here with my son Chad," JT tells him, clearing his throat and pulling Chad in front of him. "Chad this is my friend Nathaniel Marston. Nate, this is my son Chad Reynolds."

"Reynolds? As in LaTasha Reynolds, the girl you dated in high school and college?" Nate asks, looking down at the little boy.

"That's my mom," Chad says, glaring at Nate like he wanted to kick him on his shin.

"Chad son, please calm down," JT says, rubbing Chad's shoulders as Nate looks at the two of them strangely.

"Is there something wrong JT?" Nate asks, stepping back away from JT.

"Ah...well...," JT stutters as Chad speaks up.

"My mother died recently," Chad says, taking the defensive.

"Oh man, I'm so sorry. I had no idea you and her got back together," Nate states as JT shakes his head.

"Nate we never got back together," JT replies frowning as Chad looks down at the ground. "I wasn't around when she died."

"JT I...I never knew...," Nate says as JT grabs his hand to stop him from talking.

"Nate don't...," JT says as Nate looks down at the little boy and then up at JT.

"I was here with my friends and they left. So I'm here all alone," Nate tells them.

"Well it's just me and Chad. Would you like to hang out with us?" JT asks him as Chad glares at Nate.

"I don't want to impose on your time with your son," Nate says as Chad smiles.

"It's no imposition Nate. We're just riding on some rides and trying to chill out for a bit. The day is still young and I'm sure Chad isn't tired out yet," JT says as Nate looked down at Chad.

"Alright, I guess I can hang out with you two then," Nate says as Chad sighs. "So you guys waiting to get on the bumper cars?"

"Yes we are," JT answers him. "So how have things been since I last saw you Nate?"

"Well I got hired back to 'One Life To Live' playing a new part on the show. A lot has changed since I last saw you. How are things going with you and Lance?" Nate asks, taking a sip of his soda.

"Yes a lot of things have changed since we last saw each other Nate," JT tells him as Chad starts smiling again. "Me and Lance broke up a while ago. I've moved on to someone new."

"Really? Who is it? Is it someone I know?" Nate asks, throwing some popcorn into his mouth, not caring about who was listening to their conversation.

"Could be Nate, I'm currently dating Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys," JT tells him, causing Nate to spit his soda out and turn around quickly.

"You left one pop star for another one?" Nate asks, wiping his mouth as Chad starts laughing. "So the rumors about him are true?"

"I guess so, according to which rumor you heard," JT tells him as Nate starts laughing.

"Well I heard that he divorced his wife and got married to someone else, had an illegitimate kid and was spotted shopping like a maniac in around here in Orlando," Nate tells him as JT starts laughing.

"Well we're not married, but he and Chad had a good time shopping the other night," JT tells him, smiling as they moved up in the line. "We'll be next Chad."

"Cool daddy," Chad says as Nate and JT's eyes connect and they stare at each other for a few minutes.



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.