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Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

This is a story about friendship, love, romance and family. While it will in time also include making love, this is certainly not a sex story. You really should be legal to read this story and of course if you are not, then at least do not get caught! Seriously, by reading this story you are agreeing that you are in fact of legal age, where you live, to be reading it. You may contact me at: if you have comments, suggestions or whatever.

Disclaimer or CYA statement: This story is fiction and none of the characters, be they created in my mind or be they celebrities are to my knowledge gay. I do not know any of the celebrities in this story and do not claim to know if they are gay, bi or straight. Also I am not into digging up a lot of junk about bands or people, so you should know that not everything is accurate. You will not find real life couples in this story, since I am sadly convinced that most are nothing but shams designed by record companies anyway.

This is my first attempt at a Nifty story and I hope you all will like it. I hope to post about once every two weeks and I WILL not stop this story until it is done. You will not get a chapter a year or a bunch of cliffhangers. I hope to make this a good series and to do that I need your input.

This story will be written with different points of view (POV), first person and third person (narrator). The changes in POV should be easy to follow as I will try to clearly mark them.


Hi I am Cole; I guess that since we have all agreed to tell this story, I will just start at the beginning. See it all started with a simple, so I thought, call to the local radio station to request a song. I really wanted to hear Stevie Nicks and hoped to hear Edge of Seventeen. I also knew from experience that you had to call at least 30 minutes before you wanted to hear the song, since it always took that long for them to play it. If you wanted to hear a song at a certain time, all you had to do was call 30 minutes before you wanted to hear it. I wanted to take a shower and stuff, so I thought I would call so that maybe it would be on by the time I got in the car.

Well all of that was all fine and well, but I called as they were doing a trivia contest! Of course I was not listening at the time, so I did not know the question let alone be able to answer it. I asked the DJ to repeat the question, and he did. I honestly do not remember the question, but I easily knew the answer, as it was about Stevie Nicks. I figured I had won some silly little prize, but then he told me I had won a back stage pass, front row seat and was allowed to attend the Q&A session with, of all bands, N'Sync.

I had certainly not expected that. I love N'Sync and all the other "boy bands" but I also love all types of music and musicians. I guess I am just an all-around music fan. In truth about the only type of "music" that I do not, for the most part, like is rap or hip-hop. I say for the most part, because there are a few songs or artists that I do like in that genre, but very few! I guess that is not important, but hey I am starting at the beginning!

Anyway, I was not sure about the whole Q&A thing. I only decided to go ahead and go to that when I found out that the media would be there. New tour dates were to be announced and so a simple 30 minute Q&A session with a few fans had been turned into a media event. I decided to go and hopefully ask my question, although I was certain that it would not be answered.

As the day of the concert approached, I began to get nervous, and almost changed my mind about attending the Q&A, but 2 days before the concert something happened and the media covered it and that was enough to give me some backbone and go. I was truly excited about the concert, and was really looking forward to it. I knew that if it had not been for winning that ticket, I would not have been able to attend. It was expensive to go to school and I just could not afford concert tickets.

I made sure I was off work the day of the concert and the next day as well, kind of an early birthday present to myself, since my birthday was only a couple of weeks after the concert. I knew that was really the only present I would be able to give myself so what the hell? Right?

Finally the day arrived. I spent the day trying to decide what to wear and if I really wanted to ask my question, then wondering if I would even be able to ask it, if I did decide to ask. Oh well, I thought, I guess I will just have to see if I will even be able to ask and then make a quick final decision then. I eventually decided to wear a pair of black jeans, and a black t-shirt, along with my black Nikes. I always look pretty good in black, or so I have been told. I really do not believe anyone when they tell me that, but hey I will go with it. I spent an hour on my hair, which refused to lie down, and then finally it was time to leave.

I got to Indy (Indianapolis) at about 6 PM, or an hour early. I decided to grab a bite to eat and then head to the RCA Dome. I pulled in and parked shaking my head at the large number of girls already there screaming their heads off. God they gave me a headache just walking by. I went in and quickly went to the area I had been told to go to, and showed a really large man my tickets. He checked me off a list and then smiled and led me to a very large conference room. The place was packed; TV cameras were everywhere, along with several teen girls. I took an open seat off to the side and sat down trying to relax.

At 7:15 the door in front opened and in they walked. They sat at the table in front and smiled at everyone. I sadly shook my head, as the smiles were so fake looking. They also looked really tired. Once they were all seated, Lance held up his hand and proceeded to tell everyone that they would take a question from a fan, then one from the media, switching back and forth as time went on. "We will announce the added tour dates at the end of the session and you in the media will be provided a packet with all the dates and venues listed. Ok first question..."

After 40 minutes of the inane and silly questions from fans and media alike, I finally decided that I was going to ask my question if I could. I soon found myself with my hand raised when it came for fan questions once again. Justin smiled at me and called on me. I took a very deep breath and stood up.

"Hi guys, I really do not expect you to answer this question, at least not honestly, but I will try. I basically wondered if you all ever got tired of not having a real life. I mean I know these ghouls in the media make your life hell and you can't ever have private time to just be yourself. I know that all the silly screaming girls have to give you a headache, heck they gave me one just walking past them coming in. I am sure you can't go out to eat or go to a club without having so called fans assault you for an autograph, or whatever. I would bet that the record companies and your management try to make you go on dates, stay at certain places, and most likely would have a cow if you ever just come out and said that you were really tired from running around all day promoting stuff and giving interviews where these idiots in the media ask the same stupid questions time and time again. I know that you must feel like you can't fart without some fool in the media reporting it and I just wonder what you really think about it all?" I finished.

The entire room had fallen silent as I had asked my question. You could hear a pin drop in the room, and the looks on the "fans" and the media's faces, was priceless. Mouths were open in shock and I loved it. I noticed that the guys had a sparkle in their eyes, and were trying to keep from laughing, and I knew I was right. Finally Lance said, "You're right we really can't respond to that question. I mean I am not sure you would believe our answers would you?" he asked me.

"Honestly, I have not believed one answer you have given tonight; don't believe anything in your Bio's or any of that other crap. I mean I guess the stupid or the fools out there would believe that crap, but I certainly do not and I doubt anyone that is capable of rational thought believes it either." I said with a laugh.

All five guys laughed and Lance said, "Didn't think so. Next question is to the media." Odd that there were very few questions after that, wonder why? :-) © I sat there and noticed that the guys kept looking at me from time to time. Justin and Chris whispered to each other as did the others. It was kind of funny to see them try to hide the little grins that kept appearing, real grins, not the fake smiles they came in with. Soon the session was almost over, and I moved to leave so that I would be gone before anyone tried to talk to me. I walked out the door and down the hall. The big security guy was at the end of the hall and he smiled at me again and I asked him how to get to my seat. He laughed and took me out to my seat. I sat down and relaxed as the opening act took to the stage about 15 minutes later. I was not impressed with them, but then they were local and just were not all that together yet.

Soon the real show began and I can tell you that those guys worked their hearts out for the audience. They were fantastic. I could honestly say that they put on the second best concert I had ever attended. No one and I mean no one, could ever be better than Stevie Nicks! Ok I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan, so sue me! hehe Ok, back to the show. After the guys left the stage for the last time, the big security guy came towards those of us with backstage passes, and once again he smiled at me. I thought ok this is getting creepy, then looked at the group going and realized that they were all girls but me and one guy who looked to be about 15.

Our big security guy led us to a rather comfy looking room and told us to relax as it would be a bit before the guys got there. He stood by the door and kept an eye on us, but otherwise stayed quiet. The door opened and a young lady handed him a note and then whispered to him and left. "The guys will be another 10 or so minutes." he told us. I was really excited and a little nervous hoping that they were not mad about my question or about me insulting the fans and the media. The security guys came over and told me that I would be getting to meet the guys in private a little later as well. I about fell out of my seat! I gave him my biggest grin and said thanks.

Narrator POV

As Cole asked his question, Justin had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing out loud. In fact all the guys were doing something to keep from laughing. It was hilarious to see this guy rip up the media and the silly fans as well as the record companies and even management! He made them all look like idiots and even better this went out live on MTV, and it stopped the same stupid questions that they had all be dreading a repeat of! Damn, thought Josh I wish we had called on him earlier, maybe he would have shut them up earlier. Chris leaned over and whispered to Justin, “we have to get this guy in the back and talk to him. He is a riot and he is also right!” Chris giggled. “Yeah I know he is, you tell Joey and have him tell Lance, and I’ll tell Josh.” Jus said. They both leaned in to tell the others that they wanted to talk to this guy.

They all agreed to meet the guy later and after the Q&A they told Mandy to make sure that he got back to the dressing room after the concert and the fan greeting. She came back a bit later and told them that he had backstage passes and that he would be at the fan greet. She thought that would be enough to satisfy them, but it wasn’t. They wanted him brought in after the fan greet. Mandy was unsure what to do, since this guy seemed to be trouble to her. She did not like him, since he had blasted everyone and had made her job more difficult. Oh well they were the bosses, she thought.


I had to think about anything and everything else but this guy asking the question, otherwise I knew I would be rolling around laughing. We did not get to meet many of our male fans and certainly did not get real questions that blasted everyone, very often. After we decided to meet him, I wondered what he would think about us. None of us were at all what our images portrayed.

The more I thought about everything, the more nervous I got. I mean honestly we had so few friends, that I hoped the real us would not scare him away. I really wanted to make a new friend and so did the rest of the guys.

“Guys do we let him in and know the real us, or do we keep the image?” I asked. “I mean I really would like to make a new friend and all, but how can we make a friend if he does not know the real us?”

Josh knew I was upset and so did Chris, Lance and Joey had not thought about it, and were now looking upset as well. “I think we will have to wait and see how to act. I mean we need to see if he is real and we also need to talk to him somewhere without the PTB’s (powers that be) around. Just you know as well as I do that they would have a cow if they saw us act like us, around a fan!” Lance said sadly.

“Scoops’ right, we will play the image until we can talk to him in a more private setting, and then only if we feel that we can trust him. I don’t know why, but I am almost 100% certain that we can trust him, and I also have a feeling that knowing him is about to change our lives, although I don’t know where or why I have that feeling.” Josh said quietly. The others looked at him oddly, having never heard Josh say something like that, but all feeling the same way. I looked at him thinking to myself about the last time Josh had said something like that to me. I know that he never said anything to the others, but he had told me about this kind of feeling before and he had never been wrong.

“Just, you okay?” Chris asked, breaking me out of my thoughts. “Huh? Oh yeah I am fine, just thinking about something. Hey guys lets get ready and let’s really put on a kick ass show for him.” I said and the others agreed.


As the guys came in you could see that they were tired, but still very pumped after the show. They had all showered and were wearing stuff that just did not seem comfortable. I guess that is another thing they have to do for fans. I sat there and watched as they plastered fake looking smiles on and started to sign things and have pictures taken. As they came to the young guy in the room, I saw the first real smiles, like they were really pleased to see him. They all spent a little more time with him than they did with the girls, but no one noticed.

When they came to me, they all had a twinkle in their eyes. They each said they would see me in a bit. Justin came up and looked at me, and just giggled, he could barely talk with his burst of giggles. Finally he shook his head and walked away, still giggling. It was kind of sad to me, since it was so obvious to me that he did not get to giggle and laugh much around other people. I had half expected them to be arrogant or rude, but they were far from that!

Soon all of us were led out of the room and the guys all said good night. I thought that maybe they had changed their minds and didn’t want to talk to me. I figured that they were tired and honestly didn’t mind. The big security guy pulled me off to the side as everyone left the building. “Looks like I keep running into you.” He said with a grin. I smiled at him and then laughed. “My name’s Cole, nice to meet you.” I said sticking my hand out. He took it with a smile, “Nice to meet ya Cole, I’m Bruce and I guess you know I am security. I’m supposed to take you to the guys now.” He told me. As we started to walk down a hall though he stopped and turned with a serious look on his face. “Listen, you seem to be a decent guy, otherwise I would not allow this. You need to know that they do not do this and so you must be special in some way. I am pretty protective of these guys and I will tell you now that if I find out that you run to the press with anything you see, hear or do, I will personally come after you.” He said with force.

I looked at him like he was insane, but knowing that the threat was very real. “You have nothing to worry about as far as the media is concerned. I hate them probably more than you do!” I told him.  He looked at me and then nodded and we continued on.

We walked down another hall and then he stopped at a door and knocked. They must have told him to come in, cause he opened the door and told them I was there. “Send him in.” I heard Justin say. Bruce laughed and turned to me with a grin, “Go on in and remember what I told you, but have fun too.” He then turned and walked away.

I walked in and laughed as the room was a mess and the guys were all sprawled out on the sofas. “Hey dude, come on in and have a seat.” Joey said. “What’s your name anyway, we have all been saying that guy or whatever.” Josh said. I laughed, and then told them my name.

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