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I was so mad that I could not see straight. I could not believe that these people could have raised Cole, he was nothing like them. I probably should not have attacked him, but I could not help myself. I was just so furious with them and hoping that Cole would be ok.

I was so happy when the doctor came in and said that Cole was ok and then said that his folks could not see him. I had an idea and quickly and very quietly spoke to the doctor, then called out to him. "Doctor Cummings, will Cole's brother be allowed to see him?"

"Yes he will, in fact I think that I am going to require that he does. I feel it would be best to have people he knows and loves helping him, but I also think that he needs to know that there is a new part of his family out here so he has a reason to fight to get better. So I will require it, and we can hope it helps." Doc Cummings said.

"Great, can I see him now Doctor? I know that he is weak and all, but I would like to meet him. I want to see if anything I say helps." Chad said ignoring the looks from his parents.

"Sure, and it may even help. Why don't you and Lance come with me and we will go see him." He said.

I quickly got up and walked over to Chad, and we walked out the door quickly with the doctor. I knew that there may be hell to pay later, but we would deal with that then.  As we walked out the door, I stopped the doctor to ask him a question.

"Doc? Would you please examine Chad?" I said. Chad looked up at me worried, but I quickly assured him that I knew what I was doing.

"Sure, let's go to my office, and I will do it there." replied Doc Cummings.

By the time he was finished with the exam, he looked at me with a grave look on his face.

"I am going to have to report this Mr. Bass." he replied

"Doc, please write the report, and make me a copy of it. I want to ask you to please hold off on reporting this.  I think that we may be able to use your report to get his parents to sign over custody of Chad by holding your report over his head. I know that I am asking a lot, but please give me a chance. I will tell you tomorrow what the deal is, and if he refuses to cooperate, we can have you examine him again and file the report them. Please, we do not want Chad thrown into the system."

"Well, I should not do this, but I know that he is staying with you, so I think he should be safe. However, I will only give you 24 hours to get back to me about this, I will wait not longer." Doctor Cummings told me.

"Great thanks a lot!! I promise to get back with you tomorrow. Oh and Doc I think that if you will allow it, we will have someone in the room 24/7 starting tomorrow. I know that there probably does not need to be someone here at night and stuff, but I think we would all feel better about it if there were. I also think that we should put him in a private suite and have a second bed brought in for the one that stays overnight. I will pay for private duty nurses and for extra security, so just send me any bills. I will leave the billing info later."

"We can do that, I will move him up to the VIP suites in the morning, and I will let you know the room number he will be in before you leave today. Let me go and arrange that now and get this report typed up for you, while you see Cole." He told me. Chad finished dressing, and walked over to me soon after he had left.

"Chad, I wish you had told someone about the abuse before now, but I think that we may have an answer to that as well. Now I need to know if you would mind me and Cole sharing custody at least until he is better, assuming we can get your folks to give up rights to you?" I asked him as we walked towards Cole's room.

"I would not mind at all Lance, I think that I would agree to almost anyone if they could get me away from them. I just don't think that it will happen. I did not tell anyone, cause there was no way that they would have helped me considering that dad is a powerful guy in town." Chad told me.

By this time, we were at Cole's room, and we got ready to go in to see him. After getting all the stuff on, we went in and nothing had changed except that Cole looked even worse if that is possible. Chad walked up and sat down, and started to talk to Cole, "I am so glad that I am finally going to meet my brother. I hope that I will get to talk to you soon Cole, and you need to get better soon."

I looked over and Chad had tears running down his cheeks, and I swore that Cole would get to meet his brother if he pulled through. I sat back in the chair and was lost in my thoughts for a few minutes, trying to figure out the best way to handle this custody issue.

"I'll be right back Chad, continue your visit with Cole." I said.

"Ok, I will. Thanks." said Chad.

Once I stepped out of the room, I walked over to the nurses station, "Oh Nurse? Could you please bring Justin Timberlake to this room?"

"I'll be happy to go get him Sir." she replied and walked away.

I waited for him to come to the room, and soon he showed up. "Jus I think that I may have figured out a way to get Chad away from his folks, but I need to make sure he is no where around when we confront them later this afternoon. Would you mind taking him to Epcot® or the Magic Kingdom®? Just make sure that you make it late when you come back. If you want to take Chris along with you, that is cool, but if you do go get him, make sure that you hurry and don't tell anyone in the room where you are going." I explained to him.

"Sure I'll take him.  I'll run and get Chris since I think it would be better if both of us go." Justin told me. He turned and quickly made his way back to the waiting area to grab Chris, and I waited for them to get back. Once back, I told Jus to explain things while I went in to get Chad.

"Chad? Justin, and Chris are going to take you to Disney™ while we handle this whole custody issue. So that means you will have the whole rest of the day there, and if you do not get to see everything, we will make sure you get to go back." I told him.

"Great! I would love that. Cole I am going to go to Disney™ today, but I will be back to see you very soon. I love ya so get better soon."

I walked over to Cole, leaning down next to his ear, "I'll be back to see you in a little while Cole." I said and then walked out with Chad. He was really excited to go and spend the day with Chris and Justin. They went down the hall and down the stairs to avoid going by his folks.

I went to find Doctor Cummings, and found him in his office.

"Doc? Is there was a conference room or something here in the hospital that we could use?" I asked.

I explained what I wanted to do, and he told me that he would be there as well to help with the threat. He also told me that we could use the conference room down the hall. Next, I asked about using the phone, he told me to use his office phone, and he would be back in a bit, as he had a couple of patients to check on.

I called my attorney and explained what was going on and what I needed and asked them to get the paperwork done and bring it over. I told them were would be meeting and asked that they be there by 4 that afternoon. I was told that everything would be ready and they would be there.

I next called the airline and asked for 2 first class tickets to Louisville for that evening. With the flight, info set up I next called to have a car to take us to the airport and one to pick them up in Louisville and take them home.

I stepped outside and asked a nurse to call Nick and Brian into the office. When they got there, I asked them to go back to the hotel, pack Bernie and Rachel's stuff, bring it back to the hospital, and just leave it in the car. I told them to hurry as fast as they could.

Once they had left, I finally went down to get something to snack on. I did not want to go back to the waiting room. I did not want to have to answer any questions right then. Doctor Cummings soon joined me at the table and gave me the report. He told me that everything was ready for the conference room and that he would be there at 4.

I thanked him and asked if there had been any change in Cole's condition. He sighed and said that there had been no change, except that he vitals were stronger. "I think that maybe I should go ahead and get him moved and maybe it will help to have someone there with him. I don't know, but it seems he needs to have more of a reason to fight. It is almost like he has given up. Are you sure that you want to pay for the VIP room? It will be very expensive with a private duty nurse and all."

"I am very sure about that, Cole deserves the very best and I want no expense spared in his treatment. If you think that moving him now will help, then move him. I will be here all night for him. And then we can set a schedule with the rest of the guys." I told him directly.

"Ok I will go and get that arranged and meet you at 4." He said as he got up to leave.


I was really afraid to let that doctor examine me, I knew that if he did I would be in a lot of trouble with my folks, but Lance said that I should. I knew that I trusted Lance, in fact, I trusted Lance more than anyone, and so I went ahead and let the doc do his exam. When he asked where the marks and scars came from I told him the truth, mom and dad.

After the exam, Lance asked me if I would mind him and Cole having custody of him if they could arrange that. I was thrilled; I mean who would not be? Of course I would love it. I would be happy for almost anyone to have me than to have to stay with mom and dad. Then he told me that I could go to Disney™ with Justin and Chris while they got the custody thing settled. Once again I was ready to bounce off the walls in excitement.

Once we were in the car and on the way, I started to think about things. I had to figure out a way to tell them that I was actually gay and then I had to find a way to tell my boyfriend about this. I loved him and the thought of moving to Florida without him suddenly broke my heart, and I started to cry.

Justin noticed and leaned over and whispered to Chris and soon we pulled into a small park across the street from a Mickey D's. Chris asked me what I would like to eat and I told him, Justin told him his order and he got out and walked across the street.

"Ok kiddo what is wrong, and don't try to tell me nothing. You were not crying for no reason, have you changed your mind about what Lance is doing?" Justin asked me.

"No nothing like that, but I think that maybe Lance will change his mind when he finds out the truth about me, and you all will not want to be my friends anymore either." I said crying harder.

"Chad look at me,' Justin said sharply. `I think I know what this is about, since your dad seems to dwell on it. You should know that you are not the only gay person around. Chris and I are a couple, Brian and Nick are together, Josh and Joey are a couple, Alex and Howie are a couple as well. Kevin and Lance are the only single guys in either group and they are both gay as well, so you do not have to worry about it."

As he was telling me all of this, he was blowing my mind. I could not quite believe it, yet I did not think that Justin would lie to me about it either. I was really just blown away by this information. I stuttered and stammered a little, then finally managed to say; "You and Chris are lovers? Wow, I guess that my being gay will not matter then. The other thing that bothers me is my boyfriend. I don't know how to tell him about this, and I love him so much. I am afraid that he will do something stupid since I am all he has. He lives in a kind of youth shelter type place. They take in kids with no folks and those who have been removed from homes, troubled kids, and all that. Tommy lost his folks and has no other relatives to take care of him. I just don't know what to do." I said as I started to cry all over again.

"Hey listen maybe we can help you with your boyfriend, but we have to get the other taken care of first. I can tell you for certain that if nothing else, we will take you back and let you talk to him and tell him all that is going on. In fact, we can call him tonight, and we can run by my house to do it. We will scan the photos we get today at Disney™ and send them to him in e-mail so he knows you are really with us and I will talk to him on the phone too. I bet all of us can talk to him, if you want?" Justin said.

"Oh wow, he will just have a cow! He loves you guys, both of the groups as a matter of fact; he will just be soooooo jealous!! Seriously, would you guys do that? I mean both letting me call him and visit him soon?" I asked while still laughing.

"Yeah, we will do both. Now I have a question for you, how old are you dude?" Chris asked.

"I am 15 right now, but I will be 16 on January 7th. I had hoped to get my license this year, but dad said no. I even took drivers education, but that did not matter to him. I think his words were something like you will not be out picking up other faggots. I am just glad that he does not know that Tommy is gay, and my boyfriend. He would have killed me by now." I told them.

We finished eating and headed out to Disney™ while the conversation continued about a ton of different things. I got the impression that there were some major changes coming in the near future as far as the bands were concerned.


I had managed to talk to the guys' one on one, and let them know what was happening. I did not go back into the waiting area the rest of the day. I had told the guy's that they needed to all be in the conference room at 4. I told them where it was, and then I made a few other calls to get some stuff delivered to my house. I called my accountant and had him set up an account for Chad, and put $10,000 in it so that he could get clothes and stuff. I told them to get an ATM card and credit card and send them over to the hospital as soon as they could, hopefully by 5 this afternoon, which I was told would be no problem. I knew that we would have to buy almost everything since I doubted that Bernie and Rachel would let us get his stuff, but even if they did, he needed some decent clothes. The stuff he was wearing was not even close to being in style. I hoped to force them to allow us to come and get his stuff, so that he would at least have his music, computer, if he had one, and stuff like that.

By the time I met the attorneys at about 3:45 all was as ready as I could get it. I gave them the report and let them read it as I looked over the paperwork they had brought with them. I asked if they could get an agreement to allow Joey, Josh, Alex and Howie to get his stuff out of their house over weekend. They asked if there was a computer and printer close. I led them to one and one of them sat down, quickly typed the agreement out, and printed several copies of it.

At 4 we all filed into the conference room. Only Justin, Chris, Chad, and Cole were not there. Bernie and Rachel had seen me and looked pissed, and even more pissed when they did not see Chad anywhere.

"Mr. and Mrs. Rogers this meeting was called after Doctor Cummings done an examination of your son, Chad. I am here to give you a copy of the report that he will be filing with the police and children's services if this meeting is not fruitful." Mr. Lawson, my attorney said as he passed the report to them. Bernie quickly scanned it and went pale.

"Now as you see the information in that report is more than enough, with the statements of the other gentlemen in this room, to put you and your wife in prison for many years. That report along with those statements will be filed with both the police and children's services this evening if you chose not take advantage of this conference. If you will both agree to sever all parental rights, completely and irrevocably, as well as allow the four listed to come and collect Chad's belongings over the weekend, agree to stay completely out of both Cole and Chad's lives and agree to leave today, then we will not file charges against you." Mr. Lawson told them.

Bernie and Rachel spoke to each other quietly and Bernie said, "Yeah, you can have the faggot for all we care, but you have to get his shit now, if you wait till the weekend it will be tossed out. I want nothing of that fags stuff in my house."

I looked at the four who were supposed to go and they nodded, I quickly called to add two more tickets to first class and changed the names on the other two and then got two in coach for the Rogers' since I knew that they did not deserve first class.

After that the other attorney with Mr. Lawson again typed out the agreement using today as the day instead of the weekend, while Mr. Lawson went over the custody paperwork with Bernie and Rachel.

"Once you sign this, you have no recourse as you have completely severed all parental rights permanently. Any contact you have with Chad after signing this will be considered criminal. I have already filed a restraining order against both of you." He told them as he gave them a certified copy of the order. They went through everything and both signed it. The doctor, Kevin and a nurse all signed as witnesses. They also signed the agreement to allow Chad's stuff to be picked up.

Once everything was signed, I told everyone that I would be back in a moment and slipped out to the doctor's office to call Justin's cell and get Chad to give me a list of the things he wanted and where they were located. He gave me a list and I told him that I would talk to him later.

Once back in the conference room, I made a couple of copies of the list and gave them to the guys' that were going, and I gave a copy to Bernie and Mr. Lawson. Once everything was done, I told everyone that the flight out would be leaving soon, and so they needed to head out. I also told the Roger's that their luggage was in the car. As we all started to leave, I told the four that were leaving to buy clothes if they wanted and also told them to rent a car, and get a hotel room and anything else they needed and give me the bills. I apologized to them for not going, but I had already promised the doctor that I would stay with Cole.

After they left, I went to see Cole in his new room. I sat down and told him, "Hey there bud, you need to get better and quick. I got Chad away from your folks and they will not be back. The only thing is you and I have joint custody of him for the time being. When you get better I will sign him over to you if you want me to do that. I have already set things up to get him clothes and stuff, so you do not have to worry about that."

I continued to talk to him for a while, then told him that I had to head out for a while, but I would be back later.

I met the others and we headed back to the hotel. I called Justin on the way and told them to get back to the hotel in a couple of hours. I went in and collapsed in my bed asking Brian to wake me when Chad came back.

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