Love and Music

BY: Wildheart

Subject: Boy bands

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17


This is a story about friendship, love, romance, and family. While it will in time, also include making love, this is certainly not a sex story. You really should be legal to read this story and of course if you are not, then at least do not get caught! Seriously, by reading this story you are agreeing that you are in fact of legal age, where you live, to be reading it. You may contact me at: if you have comments, suggestions or whatever.

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Meanwhile back in Orlando......

Josh's POV

We had the stupid interview and the whole time I was thinking about Tommy and wondering what we could do, if anything. I know that the idea had crossed my mind to adopt him, but I certainly was not sure what Joey would think.

Hell, we had not been together long, and Joey was allowing me all the time I needed, before we made love. Lord knows that makes me love him all the more. I know that I am ready now, and I have kind of been ready for a few days, but with everything that had happened it just did not feel like the right time.

All that is going to change today. I told the other guys that Joey and I were going to spend some time at my house today. I wanted to talk to him about us, and what he wanted for the future. I wanted to know if he wanted kids, because I do and that was one of the reasons I held back on admitting my sexuality for so long. I also wanted to move ahead in our relationship sexually. I was not sure that I wanted to have intercourse, at least be on the receiving end yet, but I was ready for everything else.

I sat with all these thoughts churning around in my mind as the interview progressed. I almost missed the question I was asked, and had to try and put aside all my thoughts and concentrate on the interview. Joey noticed that I was distracted and shot me a look filled with worry and concern, which made me love him even more.

I still can’t believe how lucky I am that Joey and Lance broke up and I got the chance to be with him, and now it looks like Lance is interested in Cole. They would be a great match! Argh gotta stop thinking….interview Josh interview.

FINALLY it is over! Now I can think. I can’t wait til management and the record companies are history, then we can actually go into an interview and actually think about real answers instead of all this bull we have to feed out now.

As we settled into the limo, my thoughts went back to Joey, Lance, and Cole. I know that almost since the day we started the band, I really liked Joey but I just could not allow myself to be gay. Lance was and always will be my best friend in a much different way that Justin, and I wish now that I had talked to Lance about all this a long time ago, maybe I would not have wasted so much time. I just hope that Cole likes Lance as much as Lance appears to like Cole. Lance deserves someone in his life, and no one could ask for much more than Cole.

We got back to the hotel and I grabbed Joey and told him that I wanted to go to my house today for a while. From the look on his face, I could tell that he thought that something was wrong, and so I quickly reassured him that all was well.

I just hoped that things were set up as I had asked them to be. I really had no doubts about it, since my housekeeper had never let me down. When I called her this morning and told her what I wanted she assured me that all would be ready for our very late lunch. “Don’t you think that we should order something to eat before we go?” Joey asked me.

“Nope, we can make some sandwiches and a salad or something at the house. I know that I have all the stuff for them, so let’s go.” I told him with a smile.

We took a cab, since I wanted to drive my car back to the hotel. I think that Justin was planning to do the same later. The limos just called too much attention to us and the hospital did not need to deal with that.

We pulled in, and I paid the driver and we headed into the house. As soon as the door was closed I pulled Joey to me, and brought my lips to his, melting into a hot and passionate kiss. As we pulled out of the kiss, both breathless and flushed, I pulled him to the dining area and told him to sit down. I went out and got the meal I had asked for, ready for us to eat. I then went in and lit the candles and smiled at Joey.

“What are you up to Joshua? You have the fine china set up, and now you are lighting candles?” he said with a grin. “Why Joshua I think you are trying to seduce me.” He finished with a wide grin.

“Maybe I am, and maybe I am not, you will just have to wait and see!” I told him and headed back to the kitchen. I brought the fresh bread, butter, and a salad out next. We poured the wine that had been chilling and started to eat.

“Joey, I have some things I want to talk about. None of it is bad or anything, but I would like to know where you see our relationship going?” I asked.

“Pookie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If I didn’t think I was rushing you and that you would think it was too soon, I would have already proposed to you.” He told me with a sincere and loving look on his face and in his tone.

I almost passed out when he said that. I swear if he would ask, I would say yes in a heartbeat. How can you not love this man?

“I would say yes, I think. In fact the only thing that would hold me back is if you don’t want a family. I mean that is why I denied being gay for so long, I wanted a family and I was afraid I would never have one.” I told him, trying to get him to understand how important this was.

“Josh, I thought you knew I wanted a family. I know that we can have kids the normal way with invetro or whatever and we might still wanna do that, but I defiantly want to adopt a couple of sons. I am not into the idea of little girls, are you?” he asked looking kind of worried.

“No, I am not into the idea of little girls either. I don’t think that either of us knows how to raise a little girl. I am so glad that you want a family too. You said a couple of sons, do you want two or do you want more? I guess I want to know how many kids you want.” I asked.

“Honestly? I would really like to have 4 or so, you know I love big families. The only thing is, I am not too sure about getting an infant. I think it would be better to get older kids, for several reasons. They would be able to tour with us, they would be easier to get since older kids are hard to adopt out, and I would like to get at least one kid that we know is gay.” He told me seriously.

“Yeah, I agree with that. I mean if we get a five year old, he may or may not be gay, but I would like one who already knows they are. I know that so many kids get kicked out because of being gay, and it hurts to think that they have no place to go. I wish there was some way to help more of them.” I told him, tears in my eyes.

“Pookie, look at me! We can’t help everyone, but we will help as many as we can, either by adopting or by donating to groups that help those kids. After we are out from under management and shit, we can donate openly to who we want.” He told me with conviction.

I smiled at him and said, “I know, I just wish it wasn’t that way.” Then I stood and took the salad plates and headed to get the lasagna. I know that this is Joey’s favorite, and I wanted to make this a special meal.

We settled into a nice conversation about the future and kids. We also talked more about the idea of all of us buying a lot of land and building houses there so that we could have privacy and be close to all of our friends.

After the meal Joey helped me clean up despite my efforts to get him to relax, and let me do it. The conversation continued while we cleaned, and once done, I led him to the bedroom instead of the living room. My poor teddy bear looked confused for a minute, and then broke into a huge smile that lit the room like a rising sun.

We walked in and I suggested that he shower in my bathroom, and I would take the one in one in the bathroom next door to mine. I would have loved to have showered with him, but I wanted to clean myself out in case I wanted to have him in me tonight. I have to be honest, and say I really did want him in me, but I was afraid too.

After showering and cleaning up, I headed back to my room, wearing my black silk robe. I walked in a let out a gasp as I took in my teddy bears gorgeous body. Looking at that cute face, moving down over his shaved chest, it was making me harden right away. Then I moved down to his taut stomach and continuing my downward trek took in a site to truly behold, Joey’s rock hard cock. It was beautiful! Not too huge, but not small either. I tore my gaze from his dick and moved down over his thickly muscled hairy legs.

I moved over to the bed and leaned down to kiss him deeply and lovingly. Once again we pulled back breathless and flushed. Joey looked at me with a bit of concern and asked, “Pookie are you sure about this, I mean I don’t want to rush you into anything?”

“Yes I am sure about this, a little nervous but definitely sure about it. I am not sure about some things yet, but I will let you know if I am not ready if I need to.” I told him.

With that assurance, he pulled me into the bed.

Narrator’s pov

Joey pulled Josh on top of him and began to kiss him, running his tongue over Josh’s lips to let him know that he wanted entry, and Josh complied. As the kiss deepened and the tongue battle ensued, Josh was grinding his crotch into Joey’s making them both groan.

Joey soon pulled back and opened Josh’s robe, letting it fall to the sides. “You are so beautiful Josh, I love you so much.” he said as he started to kiss down Josh’s neck and chest.

He wanted to go slow, not only to avoid scaring Josh, but to make Josh feel as incredibly good as he possibly could. He moved up and down Josh’s chest and neck. Tiny little butterfly kisses, little nibbles on the nipples and ears had Josh moaning.

Oh God this is incredible, Josh thought to himself, at least when his brain was working properly. At that moment, Joey nibbled on his nipple again and his brain shut down again, lost in pleasure.

After several minutes of his assault on Josh’s chest and neck, Joey finally moved down further, taking a few minutes to savor the site of Josh’s cock rising proudly in front of him. He slowly and carefully kneaded Josh’s balls as he ran his tongue up and down the bottom side of Josh’s dick.

Joey only had one goal in mind, to rock Josh’s world. The taste of Josh alone was almost enough to set Joey off. If he had to describe it, he would have been unable to, all he could say was that it was a taste that he had known all his life, but had never had before. It was perfect, and Joey was licking it like he did his ice cream cones and enjoying it much more.

For his part, Josh was beyond all coherent thought. He had only had sex twice in his life, and both were with girls during his attempts to be straight. This though was mind-shatteringly great. Then it got even better as Josh felt his whole dick engulfed in Joey’s warm, wet mouth. The only thing Josh could do is writhe on the bed, and let out incoherent moans and groans.

Joey took Josh into his mouth and his mind shut off as well. This cock belonged in his mouth, the sense of rightness overwhelmed him, just as Josh had tasted like he had known it all his life.

Josh tried to gain control of his useless mind enough to hold off as long as he could, so that he could continue to enjoy this wonderful feeling, but he was having little luck in doing so. Joey could tell that Josh was getting closer and closer, and Joey was getting close himself, just giving Josh pleasure had him ready to explode without touching himself.

Far too soon, as far as Josh was concerned, he felt his balls tighten and his cock throb one last time, and tried to warn Joey, but nothing came out of his mouth, but a cute little erp sound, and then loud moans as he exploded into Joey’s mouth. Josh seen the planet melt in front of him, reform and explode as he had the most powerful climax he had ever had.

As soon as Joey heard that cute little erp sound come out of Josh, his balls tightened and as Josh began to unload his balls into Joey’s hungry throat, Joey blew too. Somewhere in Joey’s overworked mind, he was amazed that this climax was unlike any he had ever had, he had never cum so much and never with such power.

Joey kept a little of Josh’s cum on his tongue and moved up to share it with Josh in a loving and passionate kiss. Josh savored the taste of Joey, and himself mixed. They kissed and held each other as they returned to earth after their powerful orgasms.

Josh wanted to give Joey the kind of pleasure he had just gotten, but he knew that he was not experienced enough in giving oral pleasure to do so and he wanted this to be perfect, not a learning experience. He thought only for a few moments and made a decision.

“Joey, I need you to make love to me, I need to feel you inside me, please.” Josh said.

Joey looked at Josh with concern. He knew what Josh was thinking, how he knew he knew, he was not certain, but he did. “Josh are you sure, we can wait on this if you want.”

“Yes I am sure, just go slow and I will be fine.” Josh said with certainty.

Both Joey and Josh had talked about the need to use condoms, and both decided not to use them, since they were tested regularly, and neither had been promiscuous. Heck, Joey was the more active of the two, and he had not had sex with anyone since Lance.

After spending many minutes slowly using his fingers to open Josh up and get him to relax, he finally lubed his cock and telling Josh to push out as he pushed in, and slowly slipped his dick into Josh’s tight love channel.

Josh felt and incredible flash of pain, but only for a brief moment. Joey was very careful, looking Josh directly in the eyes and reading pain in the eyes, stopped to allow Josh to adjust. After several minutes, Joey was firmly embedded in Josh and Josh had the most amazing look on his face. It was a mix of contentment, lust, pleasure and the most intent look of love Joey had ever seen. Seeing that look in Josh’s eyes was almost enough to set him off. They were one, and both felt that Josh’s gift to Joey was a turning point. Nothing would ever be the same again, and both felt it.

Joey tried to make it last as long as he could, but the moans, grunts, and passion filled words of encouragement from Josh made lasting much longer than the 20 minutes he did impossible. Both went over the edge at the same time yet again, with even more powerful eruptions. Soon both were spent, and Joey collapsed onto Josh, not even pulling out, and both soon were fast asleep.

After sleeping for a short period of time, both men woke and started to kiss once again, enjoying the touch and feel of each others lips and tongue. In no time, Joey asked Josh to make love to him.

Josh, after taking the time to make sure that Joey was opened up and ready to go, slowly entered Joey and gave him time to get used to him. He then slowly made love to Joey making sure that he was giving the most pleasure he was capable of giving to his partner. After many long and loving minutes, he filled his partner with his love. Both once again collapsing. This time they caressed and kissed showing each other their love before falling once again to sleep cuddled in each others arms, to sleep quietly til dawn.

Chad's POV

"Howie, Alex, Chad, I would like you to meet Tommy Littrell our new son." said Brian.

Wow, ok so like what was that about? Son? Tommy Littrell? Does this mean he is moving to Florida with us? All those thoughts, and more flashed through my head as I tried to process what had just been said. Finally I settled on saying, "Congrats baby!! I am so happy for you!"

This was quickly followed by the same sort of comments directed at all three of them from the three of us. Then came the hugs, both individual, and group hugs. I had learned very quickly that both groups of guys loved hugs, and I sure was not going to complain, I loved them too, even more so since I had not gotten them since my real folks died.

Finally after everyone had settled down a bit, Brian and Nick had one more announcement. "Hey guys, we have one more thing to tell you. I have asked Nick to marry me and luckily he said yes. We have not set a date, but it will not be too long from now. I want to make him Mr. Nick Littrell before he changes his mind." Brian told us with a smile of pure happiness which matched Nick's. In fact Nicks' smile told me that there was no way that Nick would ever change his mind.

Naturally this brought on another round of hugs. Finally Tommy asked, "Brian, can I call you Dad now? What about Nick, do I call him Dad too, or can I call him something else?"

"Tommy you can call me Dad if you want, in fact I would be honored for you to call me Dad. Nick what do you want our son to call you?"

"Well, I don't think that daddy is right" he said laughing, "but what about Pop? Would that be ok with you Tommy?" Nick asked.

"Yeah I like that Pop, this is so cool. I got me a Dad and a Pop in one day!" he said as he hugged them both and then moved to me and grabbed me and hugged me, then kissed me deeply, so deeply that I was lightheaded, hard and flushed when he finished. That was beyond any doubt the very best kiss he had ever laid on me, and it rocked my world!

"UmmHmm guys?" we both heard.

We broke off our second kiss reluctantly, both blushing madly. "Sorry" We said in unison.

"No problem guys, you know we don't care too much, but we needed to talk about some stuff, so hence the interruption." Brian told us.

"It's ok. What do we need to talk about?" I asked, as we all sat down and I pulled Tommy onto my lap and wrapped my arms around him.

"Well, I need to know if you guys wanna head back to Orlando tonight or in the morning to start with." Nick said.

"I would rather crash for the night and get an early start tomorrow." Alex said. This was followed by a chorus of sounds goods, so that issue was settled.

"Next is about you two guys. We know you are a couple, and we know you are more than old enough to make decisions about sex and who you love and all that, but we have to keep your relationship a secret for a while longer. You will not have to hide if for much longer, but for the next few days, you have to, in fact you have to hide that Lance is your Dad and Cole your Pop Chad, as you have to do the same Tommy." Brian said.

Nick seeing the looks on our faces, quickly reassured us. "Guys it is not that we don't want to tell the world about you, and about each other for that matter, but we have to keep it hidden for just a bit longer. Another reason not to say too much is Chad's situation. We don't know when Cole will wake up and we don't know if he will want to share custody with Lance. I do know that Lance will want to adopt you if Cole will allow it Chad."

"There is no way that Cole would not allow Lance to share custody, if he is anything like you guys have all said. Besides he would get one hell of a fight from me about that if he decided not to share custody. Lance saved me from those people, and there is no way that anyone will ever take me away from him." I stated empathically.

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