Love and Music

BY: Wildheart

Subject: Boy bands

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17


This is a story about friendship, love, romance, and family. While it will in time, also include making love, this is certainly not a sex story. You really should be legal to read this story and of course if you are not, then at least do not get caught! Seriously, by reading this story you are agreeing that you are in fact of legal age, where you live, to be reading it. You may contact me at: if you have comments, suggestions or whatever.

This story is being written with different points of view (POV), first person, and third person (narrator). The changes in POV should be easy to follow as I will clearly mark them.

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Cole's POV

I had been hearing a voice off and on, a deep voice. I had heard others, but only a couple. It only seemed to me that I heard those voices when the deep voice was there too. I had no concept of time, so I have no idea how long I had been hearing the voice before I finally realized that voice belonged to Lance.

Once I figured that out, I listened closely. I did not know two of the voices, but Lance told me that one was my little brother, and the other was his boyfriend. This really confused me since I did not have a little brother, at least that I knew of. One thing that Lance did, I noticed after some time, was that he always told me the same things over and over again. This was a good thing for me, because I seemed to have missed a lot of stuff.

I finally figured out that my little brother was my cousin Chad. Of course, I was not sure how he came to be my little brother at that point. Once I had that figured out, I had to figure out how he was here. I mean he could not be here with my parents, and have a boyfriend. Not a lot made sense to me at that point.

After another timeless period, I finally found out, or figured out that Chad was not only my cousin, and brother, but apparently somehow my son! Now even in this somewhat confused state I was in, I knew I was gay and could not have a son. I just wished I could make sense of everything.

I could feel Lance and Chad when they held my hand, but could not feel it when anyone else did. Lance kept telling me to wake up, that he needed me, but I was awake, at least I was hearing him right, so I must be awake. Then I wondered if I was awake, why couldn’t I see anyone? That scared me, and for another one of those timeless periods, I was unable to hear anything.

Finally, I was aware more often, and seemed to be able to hear more, and make sense of what I was hearing and retain it. As time passed I was able to work out that my parents had abused Chad, and Lance had saved him and gotten Lance and I joint custody. Lance assured me that he would sign over full custody if I wanted him to do so. Chad on the other hand told me in no uncertain terms that I had better not ask Lance for full custody, since Lance had been the one who rescued him from our folks. Well of course I would not ask Lance to give me full custody; I felt that anyone who took on my folks and won deserves it.

I also became aware that Danny, my best friend from back in high school was there. At first I was really pissed he was there, but I came to realize that he was there a lot. He would not be there if he did not care about me right? At some point I heard him telling someone the whole story from back then, and heard him say he was gay too. It took a bit to process that information. He went on to tell them that he did it because he was afraid of what his folks would do to him. Of course, in the long run, he said it did not help as they eventually disowned him anyway.

Then one day the TV was on and I heard all my friends. I could not believe what I heard. Chris asking Justin to marry him? Oh wow, something must have changed!! As they continued to talk, I noticed that someone was crying. In time the TV was turned off and I heard Chad and Tommy telling Danny to let it all out. I knew what he was crying over, and I struggled with all my might and finally I got my eyes open and heard my own voice. “Danny please don’t cry, it is ok. It is ok Danny it is all in the past.”

Course that took all my strength and I collapsed back into oblivion.

During that time that I was in and out of awareness, I remember hearing the voice I associated with Lance and he was singing the Stevie Nicks songs I love. I know I heard it, even though things were kind of a jumble. It is strange, but I felt things stirring somewhere in my mind and heart, but did not really think too much about it at the time. I mean I had so much to think about and try to understand, I just did not have time to think about anything else.

I fought back to where I could hear and understand what was going on around me again, only to hear someone crying. I tried to figure out who it was and had no luck. Finally I heard Chad speak. “Dad, it will be ok, he will wake up. I know he will be ok, I know you are worried, and I am too... but I know he will be fine.”

“I know he will be Chad, but it has been days since he woke up, and the docs said he should have been awake by now. I just want him to get better. I know you do too. I need to tell him so many things, and I don’t want to do that while he is in a coma. I doubt he could hear me anyway.”

The pain and hurt in his voice touched me deeply. I took every ounce of strength I had to open my eyes, and when I looked up, I saw him sitting there beside me. I tried to talk again, but all that came out was a grunt. It was enough though, cause both Lance and Chad heard me.

“Omigod he is awake.” Chad shouted. He ran from the room and came back seconds later dragging a nurse. He smiled at me and asked me how I felt. I again tried to talk, but was unable to.

The nurse smiled again, and said. “I bet you are thirsty and need to wet your throat to speak. Let me run and get some ice and some water. Stay awake for me.”

For the short time he was gone, no one said a word, but both Lance and Chad were crying. I tried to figure out why they were crying, but had no luck. I did remember waking once before, and I knew that I had said something then, but could not really remember what it was all about right at that moment.

When the nurse came back he gave me an ice chip to suck on first then slowly let me have a drink of water. It felt wonderful, tasted fabulous, and worked wonders. I was soon able to talk, though my voice was still pretty scratchy.

“Hi Lance, hi Chad. I am sorry you were worried about me.” I said.

Once the nurse heard me talk, he asked Lance and Chad to leave the room so that he could examine me, they did not look happy about it, but the stepped out. The nurse checked my vitals and did some poking and prodding, then started to ask me questions.

“Do you know your name?” he asked

“Cole” I answered.

“Great, do you know where you are?”

“Well, a hospital obviously, but as to which one, I have no idea.” I answered.

“Well you are at ORMC, but I would not expect you to know that. Do you know what happened?” he asked.

“Not really, I remember the concert, and talking to the guys afterward, maybe we hung out somewhere, but I am not sure.” I told him honestly.

“That is better than I had hoped. I will let your friends back in now, and let the doctor know you are awake. I know that you may get tired, and you may still slip back into unconsciousness, but that would be somewhat normal. I am hoping that you will just sleep normally.” He told me as he got ready to leave the room.

It was several minutes before Lance and Chad came back into the room, so I assumed that the nurse was talking to them. When they did come back into the room, Lance sat on one side and Chad on the other. They both took a hand and held on for dear life. Lance was still crying and so was Chad. I still was pretty confused, but not as much as I had been. Bits and pieces of things I had heard started to settle in, and they started to make some sense.

“Guys, I need you to calm down a bit. I need to know some things, and I need you guys to help me. I seem to have heard some stuff, but right now it is a little disjointed. I need to know if I am actually remembering things, or if it is all in my head. I assume your name is Chad, right?” I asked.

“Yes, my name is Chad.” He told me.

“Ok Chad, now the important stuff. I seem to remember you referred to as my brother, as my son, and I am pretty sure you called Lance, Dad." I laughed. "Now please tell me how any or all of these are possible. I mean, I don’t have a brother, and I know I have no son.” I finished.

“Ok, all those are true, and I will try to explain it to you. I was your brother; your folks adopted me when my folks died. When we came here to see you, Lance, and some of the other guys found out that I was being abused by Bernie. Somehow they made Bernie and Rachel give up custody of me. Dad, maybe you should explain the rest.” He told me.

“Well, when I found out that he was being abused, I got it all in a report and had the attorneys get all the adoption paperwork done. Then all of us met with them, and told them that they needed to either sign over custody or face prison for the abuse. They caved in and signed custody over to you and me. I was told that it would have to be joint custody at least until you woke up. So you are his father and were his brother.” Lance told me quietly.

“Pop, I want to tell you this now, Dad is willing to give you full custody, but I want you to know how I feel about it.’ he started and Lance tried to interrupt, but Chad would not stop. ‘No Dad, I have to say this. I do not want to give up my Dad. I will fight you if I have to, but Lance will always be my Dad.” He said fiercely, and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was dead serious.

“Chad, I would not do that to you. I am not sure about all this stuff right now, since my mind seems to be only working at about half capacity, but I would never ask you to give up someone you think of as your Dad. Now what is with this Pop stuff?” I asked, still trying to process everything.

“Well, I thought we would all get confused if I called you both Dad, so I decided to use Pop like Tommy does. Oh, I guess you don’t know who that is do you?” he asked.

“I am not sure, but I think that he was here, and I think I heard his voice. Other things seem to be there, but I can’t put it all together right now, so just try and explain it to me, please.” I said.

“Ok, Tommy is my boyfriend. We have been together for a while, though it was hard to do with Bernie and Rachel. When the guys went to get my stuff, they ran into Tommy. To make a long story short, Brian and Nick have adopted him and he lives here now.” He told me, as I tried to take it all in and make sense of it. I think he and Lance could see that I was a bit overloaded, and they tried to tell me to rest for a while, but I needed to know some things, I just had to.

“Guys, listen I need to hear some of this stuff. It will help me sort out all the things floating around my head. I seem to remember stuff, but some of it seems a bit unreal and some seems confusing. I just need to try and understand.” I told them, hoping that they would understand.

“Ok, we will try to answer your questions Cole, but please don't try to overdo it cause we want you to stay with us this time.” Lance said as the tears started to roll down his face again.

“Hey, no more tears. Ok, do I really remember Danny being here? If I remember things right, then I have my friend back. Is that a real memory?” I asked almost hesitantly. I was afraid that it was my imagination.

“No, you remember that correctly. Danny was a mess when he found out all that had happened. He felt horribly about it all, from past to present. I know he is hoping that you will forgive him, and wants to try and be your friend again.” Lance said.

Over the next hour, we talked and between the both of them, Lance and Chad filled me in on most all that had happened since the wreck. I was getting very tired, and told them that I wanted to try and sleep for a while. I think that they were a little concerned that I would slip back into coma or something, but I was pretty sure that wouldn’t happen again.

Lance's POV

I know that I was slowly coming unglued. I mean it had been over a week since Cole had woken up for that brief moment, and no one seemed to understand why he wasn’t waking up. I was trying to stay strong for Chad, but it wasn’t working too well.

I think that night I lost the battle for a little bit, and Chad ended up having to comfort me. My feelings were a jumble, I knew that I had fallen for Cole, and really had no clue as to when or how. I just knew that I could not lose him, when I had not even had a chance to love him. I also didn’t know how I was going to handle it if Cole wanted full custody of Chad.

Suddenly, both Chad and I heard a grunt and quickly looked over, and Cole’s eyes were open. OMIGOD, he is awake! kept running through my mind over and over. Chad had the presence of mind to get a nurse. In no time we were talking, and trying to explain things to Cole. One thing he said was that he would not try to take Chad away, and that alone was a huge relief to me. I know it seems silly, but the time that he and I had spent here in the hospital had allowed us to bond in a way I would not have thought possible.

We must have talked for well over an hour, when Cole finally told us he needed to sleep for a while. I was kind of worried about that, but I could tell that he was very tired. Chad and I sat quietly until Cole was breathing regularly and it was obvious that he had fallen asleep, but just asleep and not back into coma or something.

At that point, I told Chad that I should call the guys and have them all come in. I walked out and went to the phone, and found myself with a huge grin on my face. I could not seem to stop smiling. Cole was AWAKE, he was back!!! I called the house and Justin answered after many minutes.


“Hey Just! Cole was awake for over an hour. He is sleeping now, but you guys need to come over as soon as you can.” I told him excitedly.

“Did you say that Cole was awake? I mean is he out of the coma for good?” Just asked me and I could hear him grinning.

“Yeah, he seems to be out of it for good. I waited until I was sure that he was just asleep, before I called.” I told him.

“ALRIGHT!! We will be there soon. I will go get everyone up and moving. It’ll be a while, but we will get there as soon as we can.” He said and hung up before I could answer.

I was walking back to Cole’s room, when I decided to stop in the chapel. I went in and knelt for a bit before I said anything. “God, I want to thank you for giving Cole back to us. We all need him in our lives, but Chad needed him more than any of us, and I thank you for allowing him to be here for Chad.”

With that, I walked back to Cole’s room, and quietly told Chad about the call. He hugged me tightly, and cried for a while. I knew that he was much more worried about losing Cole than he had let on and now all the pain, worry, and stress was coming out through his tears. I just held him and told him to let it out.

About two hours later the rest of the guys showed up, including Danny. We all sat quietly in the room, whispering or talking in low voices, so that we did not wake Cole. Rose and Will showed up about 15 minutes later.

Cole slept for another hour or so, then slowly woke up and looked around. He appeared a bit confused at first. Well, he appeared confused for a little while, til he woke up completely and reintegrated his memories or something. It was odd to watch, and a bit scary too.

Finally he looked around the room, and spotted Danny trying to avoid being noticed. “Danny, get over here. I want to talk to you.” He said with as much force as he could muster, which frankly wasn't much.

I jumped up and got him some water, as it looked like he could use some. He smiled at me, and drank half the glass before he stopped. Danny was standing beside me looking like he was ready to break down again.

“Danny, I know you think you need to apologize and all that, but there is no need. I think even back then, I knew that you had a good reason for what was going on. I have never hated you as I did some of the others. I want to make it clear, from today on, the past is just that, the past. It is over and done, we will pick up our friendship again, and just forget the bad shit. Do I make myself clear?” he asked.

“Yeah... yeah you are being clear Cole. God, I have missed you! I was terrified I would lose you before we could see if we could fix things.” Danny said then broke down, and started to cry again. Cole motioned him down and held him as well as he could.

I looked around the room, and saw that not one person had dry eyes. Some, like Justin, Josh, Chad, Brian, and Nick were crying openly, while the others just had tears running down their cheeks. Kevin looked like he was torn, like he wanted to go and comfort Danny, but not wanting to come between Cole and Danny. I was kind of surprised to see that. I guess I must have missed something, because Kevin definitely was looking like a guy in love. I quietly hoped that Danny felt the same.

Finally Danny calmed down and told Cole that he was thinking about moving his company here, so that he could be close to all of us. I thought to myself that was not the only reason he wanted to move. Looks like I will not have to worry, because the look he shot Kevin when he said that, was just as full of love as Kevin’s had been.

Next Cole said, “Ok where is my son’s, wow I can’t believe I have a son, boyfriend?” Looking around for Tommy who suddenly looked like he wanted to curl up and hide, but he slowly walked over to Cole’s bed.

“I guess that would be me, I’m Tommy, and it is nice to meet you.” He said with a shaky voice.

“Hi Tommy, it is nice to meet you too. Just wanted to meet you, we can talk more later and get to know one another, but I promise you I don’t bite, just relax.” He said laughing.

When Cole laughed my heart soared. I wanted to laugh out loud with joy. As silly as that sounds it is still true. His laugh was just what I needed. I was starting to get tired. I had not been sleeping well, and his laugh brought me wide awake once again, but I knew that this time when I laid down to sleep, I would sleep soundly for the first time in days and days.

Chad's POV

The night, well I guess it would be day since it was early in the morning, that Cole woke up for good was the happiest day of my life. I mean the day Tommy said he would be my boyfriend, and the day he moved here with me are right up there too, but Cole was to be my Pop, was my brother, and I had not even had a chance to get to know him. Now I would and I was thrilled beyond words.

During the time that Pop was in the coma, I noticed that Dad seemed to be falling for him. I kept quiet about it, since I didn’t want to scare Dad off or anything. I do know that I hope they get together, since that would mean that both Dad and Pop would live together, and I would have a real family again.

I was thrilled when Pop said that he would not ask Dad for sole custody of me. I did not want to fight with him, but I really would not have wanted to give up either of them. I knew why Dad had felt that he needed to make the offer, but that did not change how I felt about it.

Having Cole wake up was like a late birthday present for me. I guess that if he had woke up on my birthday, it may have even been better, but a few days late is not a big deal. I know my thoughts were rambling around touching on everything.

I wanted to show Pop the car that Dad and Justin had gotten me, even though I couldn’t drive it yet, but it would not be long til I could get my license. I wanted him to drive it, and teach me to drive. Dad had offered, but I told him that I would wait for Pop to teach me. I asked him if that would be ok, and he said it would be fine. I just had a thought though, why couldn’t they both teach me? I’ll have to ask Dad about that later.

There were so many things that I wanted to talk to Pop about. I wanted to talk to him as soon as I could about sex. I wanted to make love with Tommy and I wanted to know what I should do. Tommy and I had fooled around some, but we had never really made love. Time had been so short and there was always the danger of being caught that quick hand jobs were all we had done.

I know, most kids would not want to talk to parents about sex, but I decided that I needed to know if Pop would object to me having sex. Dad had already made it clear that he had no problems with it. Dad had told me that he would give us any advice we needed, and would arrange for us to have time alone if we wanted.

I knew that I was tired and I told Justin that Dad was exhausted, and he needed to get some sleep. All you had to do was look at him and you could tell, I mean he had huge black circles under his eyes, looked haggard, but he was full of energy now.

Justin suggested that Lance and I go home and get some sleep, and after a bit that is what we did. I honestly do not remember the ride home, or going in the house. All I remember is that I went to bed at noon and woke up at 9 that night, but Dad did not wake up until 10 a.m. the next day.

Justin's POV

The last couple of weeks have been the best in my life, but also full of worry and concern. The worry and concern was naturally for Cole, but also to some extent for Lance. He had been running himself ragged, and it was showing. He spent every night at the hospital, and the most of the day trying to keep up with things that needed to be done. We tried to help, but there was only so much we could do.

Lance and I went and picked out a BMW for Chad’s birthday. We both knew he wanted to get his license, and we wanted him to have a nice, sporty, but safe car. I think that we must have spent most of the day looking at cars, and it was fun. Lance is much more fun than any of us gave him credit for. I guess we just never gave him a chance.

Then we had the press conference, and Chris asked me to marry him. WOW! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was the most amazing experience I had ever had. Chris is my world, his smile is like the sun rising to me.

When we got back from the press conference, I had planned to attack Chris, and drag him to the bedroom. However, it was then we found out that Cole had woke up during the conference. We all went to the hospital, but the doc told us that he had slipped back into the coma. He thought is was a good sign that he had come around, even if it was only for a short time.

Over the next several days, when Cole did not wake back up, we all began to really worry. The doc could not explain it, and that made it even worse. I think it was then though that we all realized that Lance was in love with Cole. He was almost a basket case anytime Chad was not around.

When Lance called and told me that Cole had been awake for over an hour and was just sleeping now, I could hear the absolute joy in his voice. I ran around waking everyone with the news. I am not sure how it is that we all felt as much for Cole as we did, but there was not one of us that did not consider him part of the family.

After visiting for a while, Chad told me quietly that Lance needed to get some sleep, and it was also obvious that Chad did too. I suggested that Lance and Chad go home and get some sleep. Chris bless his heart took them home.

As soon as they had gone, I looked at Cole noticed a little of the sparkle in his eyes had went out when Chad and Lance left. I think I knew that Cole loved Lance just as much as Lance loved him, at that moment.

I walked over and sat next to him. “You love Lance don’t you?” I asked him quietly so as not to be overheard.

“What do you mean? I don’t know, maybe I do, I still have a lot of things confusing me. I don’t think it would matter even if I did. I mean he is gorgeous, a big star and I am just me. I am sure he would not be interested.” He told me.

“Cole, did you look at Lance? Did you see how exhausted he looked? Do you realize that he has been at your side at least 12 hours a day, plus doing all the stuff he had to do. I am not telling you this to make you feel bad, but you need to know that by is head over heels in love with you. There is not one doubt in any of our minds that he is in love with you, just as we are all certain that he done all he did for Chad, simply because of you.” I told him.

He looked at me, eyes getting bigger and bigger as I spoke. “You really think he loves me? Oh man, that would be wonderful.” He stammered.

“Yes, I am really sure. All of us have been talking about buying a lot of land and building kind of our own gated community, so that we could all live near one another, and not have to worry about fans and stuff. I know that Lance has plans for a house for you, him, and Chad. Of course, it would be next door to Brian and Nick, cause of Tommy.’

I think he had it in mind to build a large cottage for you if you refuse to live with him, but I don’t think that he has to worry about that, does he?” I finished.

“I can’t afford that, well I could, but I have been saving for a business. Oh man, I am still kind of confused.” He said honestly.

“Cole, no one would want your money, we have scads of it. Lance has been investing all of our money for years and we are all multi-millionaires because of it. Hell Nick was doing the same for the BSB’s, and they are all set too. As to your company, we may want to talk more about that. I think you may want to invest your money in a new company, along with us. I know this is a lot to throw at you all at once, but you need to know that money is not an issue, plus you may be involved or running our new management company.” I told him all in a rush.

“Ok, this is all coming too fast. I guess I don’t have a problem living with Lance, but I think we will have to talk a great deal about a lot of stuff before that happens.” He told me.

We spent the rest of the day at the hospital with Cole, though he did fall asleep a couple of times. The doc told us that they would start physical therapy on Monday. He told us that the bones in his right arm and legs were almost completely healed, which surprised him a little. The only thing that he could figure was that the prolonged time in coma had allowed Cole’s body to concentrate on healing. He told us that Cole would be allowed to go home after two weeks of therapy, but would still have to take it easy, but only if he continued to improve.

Cole's POV

The time seemed to drag on, it wavered between being bored, being in pain in PT, joyful when Lance was there or when Chad was there, to excited when Justin and the guys were there.

That first week PT was hell, but it was even worse the second week. The first week they were just loosing the muscles, but the second week they took the casts off, and I had to start using my legs and arm. I will say that they knew what they were doing. I was able to walk again, though not for long, and not really well, by the time I was able to go home.

I had figured out that Justin was right, I loved Lance with every fiber of my being, and had no idea how or when I fell in love with him. I can only guess that some of the still confusing things that happened while I was in the coma, led me to fall in love with him.

I had never thought about having kids, but now that I seemed to have one. I was thrilled about it though. Chad is an amazing kid. He is like a kid in a candy store when the guys hug him, his whole face lights up. The only rival for the smiles Lance and I get are the smiles that Tommy gets. There is no doubt in my mind that those two love each other fully, and utterly.

I have even thought about maybe adopting more if Lance would be interested. We have not talked about that yet. Of course we have talked about him and I and decided that we wanted to explore our feelings for each other. I know that I love him and he says he loves me. I guess we will see where things go.

I also have to say something about Justin. I know I have a connection with him of some kind, we have just connected well, and for some reason when he talks to me about things it all makes sense. He is a great guy and I am thrilled to call him my friend, and even more thrilled that he and Chris are getting married.

I have become close to Brian and Nick as well, but maybe that is because of Tommy, I am not sure. The three of us have talked, because we know that Chad and Tommy will be wanting to have sex and time alone and all. We have all agreed that if they want to have sex, they will, and it would be better to give them good advice and allow it, than to have them hide it. Lance had told me he agreed.

I can tell Chad wants to talk about something, and I am betting it is the sex question, but he has held back so far. The only thing is that when I get home, we will all be living at Justin’s, and they will not have a lot of privacy. I will think of something.

All the guys have put their houses up for sale, so that is one reason we are all staying at Justin’s. They cleared out all my stuff and moved it into storage, except a few clothes. Justin told me that he donated the rest of my clothes to charity, and I about flipped.

He told me I needed new things and he was going to see to it that I got them. After arguing for a while, Lance told me to just give it up. He told me that no one could stop that shopping machine that was Justin. We all laughed, and I gave in.

Today I checked out of the hospital, and I get to go home!!!! Only Lance was there to get me, which surprised me. Of course when we pulled into Justin’s, I found out why. The big banner that said WELCOME HOME COLE may have been an indication.

When I got inside, I got hugs from everyone, and the party went into full swing. One thing I did notice is that none of the guys were drinking. I asked Lance and he told me that most had given up booze either after Alex had his problem or after the drunk driver had hit me. He said that they still had a glass of wine with a meal or whatever, but the partying type of drinking was history.

They had set up a bed for me in the dining room, so that I would not have to try to climb stairs yet. I was glad about that, since just getting around was still a bit of trouble.

We had a great day that day. I got to talk to Rose and Will, spent a long while talking to Danny, found out that he was head over heals in love with Kevin. Well, I already thought that may be the case, be he confirmed it. We had a chance to really put the past behind us and it felt wonderful to have my best friend back.

Copyright 2004 by WildHeart