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This story will be written with different points of view (POV), first person, and third person (narrator). The changes in POV should be easy to follow as I will try to clearly mark them.

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I got to Orlando and checked into a small motel. I knew that I would have to find a place to live so I went to get an Apartment Guide™ and a local newspaper. After checking around for a nice place, I found that I would have to settle for something that was not what I would have preferred, since the cost of apartments was so high. I finally settled into a small studio apartment and started to look for work.

I knew that I could do almost any kind of work, but I really wanted something in the media or recording business. I was surprised that in no time I had a halfway decent job with Disney™. I worked in the publicity department, doing odd jobs. I would arrange things for special visitors or VIP's when they wanted to come to the park. Many times those visits would be used to publicity for either the company or for the visitor.

I was making a decent living, but really wanted to start my own media company. I had lots of ideas, but no money to bring them to fruition. I had even tried to get a business loan, but that is almost impossible in Florida, unless you have lived here forever or have lots of money. ^^sigh^^

One Tuesday I came home from work, and was fixing myself some dinner, and the doorbell rang. As I wondered who could be at my door, I was surprised to see a UPS® driver at my door. I quickly tried to remember if I had ordered something as I signed for the package, but could not think of anything.

I sat down and slowly opened the smallish box. Inside I found a letter, and a check as well as a couple of small decorative items. I read the letter and was shocked, and elated to find that the lawsuit had been settled and discover the terms of the settlement. The letter also told me that they could have sent a larger check, but they knew I would not accept it. I was told in no uncertain terms that the amount they sent was not negotiable! When I opened the check, I found that they had sent me $200,000!!

Knowing that even that amount of money was not enough to start my business, I decided to invest it and hope that I would be able to make it grow enough to be able to build my own business. I contacted a broker and set all that up the following day.

The rest of the week went very well. I wrote a very long letter to Rose and Will and tried to explain my lack of contact, and hoped that they would understand. I thanked them profusely for the money and told them that it had been invested, and not spent foolishly.

The following Monday, I was called into my bosses office. "Hi Abby, you wanted to see me?" I said as I walked into her office. To explain why I was not nervous, Abby was the nicest, kindest person you would ever want to meet, unless you crossed her, and I knew that I hadn't done that!

"Hey Cole, I needed to let you know a few things. Someone, somewhere higher in the company decided to set up a concert here for Christmas Eve, and naturally they did not bother to let us know about it until now!' she said with a growl. `With everything else going on over the holidays, I just do not have time for this, so I have decided that this is going to be your baby." She told me with a smile.

"ARGH!!! Ok, so let me get this straight, I have to prepare for a concert in 3 weeks and I am essentially going to have to do it alone?" I asked her. My mind turning at a furious pace, thinking that I could do this and maybe get a promotion out of it. "Yes that is exactly what I am telling you and it gets even better.' She smirked, and I groaned. `Their tour and stage managers quit at the end of their last tour, so we are in complete charge of the entire show. Or rather you are!" She finished and handed me a huge stack of information.

I was excited and she knew it, I thanked her and almost ran out of her office back to mine. As soon as I set down and started to go through the information, I wanted to run back to her office and tell her I could not do the job. Of course I didn't do that since that would end any chance of a pay raise or promotion. I just hoped I would be able to get through this!!

I noted that the group wanted to meet with the person in charge as soon as they could. I called the groups management to set up the appointment for Thursday and then started to go over everything else. All the while I was trying to figure out a way to avoid meeting them, knowing that just was not possible.

Over the next couple of days I got as much done as I could so that I would have some ideas and some plans in place before I talked to the group. I knew that they would be filming the show and so I picked 2 spots that the show would be best held and decided to let them group decide which of the 2 they would use. I know that the number of people who may show up could really present some problems, so I had a long talk with security and they assured me that they could take care of the situation in either place.

As I lay in bed Wednesday night thinking about the meeting the next morning, I got more and more nervous. I wondered what they would say, how would they react to having to work with me? How was I supposed to face them? Argh this is just frustrating.

I woke at my usual time, not really awake and soon was in the shower. I was in a great mood, until I woke up enough to remember who I would be meeting today. As soon as I remembered, I just wanted to crawl back into bed and die. Ok snap out of it Cole, you can do this. I told myself repeatedly.

I ate and then headed out to the office, feeling like I was heading to the execution chamber. It was not even that I felt that the meeting would not go well, it was basically my own pride that was causing the trouble. I knew that I had acted badly and did not want to have to apologize, and face the smug looks I was sure they would give me. Soon I was in my office trying to make last minute preparations for the meeting.


Some wise guy in management decided that we should so a concert at Disney on Christmas Eve and broadcast it and all that crap. I was furious and so were the other guys. We talked and made a decision, we told management that we would meet with the planner and would only do the concert if we were satisfied with the arrangements. They did not like it, but we had put up with enough and we had all decided that we needed to take another stand with them. They had thrown a massive fit about the concert for Cole's friends, but in the end we had helped them and that was all that mattered.

None of us really wanted to meet the guy that we were sure would be another Disney™ idiot. I had also brought up an idea with the guys that I thought might be helpful. We had all agreed that if by some miracle we actually did do this concert, we would really piss off management if we could get the Mouse people to agree to the idea.

I guess that the thing about this whole concert that pissed us off was that it was during our holiday time and we all wanted to spend it with together and with friends, if we had any. It is really sad that none of us had parents that we spoke to, even if we all did have at least one family member that we were still close to.

Well the day arrived and we all met for breakfast and then headed over to the Mouse offices to meet the guy we were to supposed to meet. All we knew was that we were meeting a Mr. Rogers. When we got to the building and signed in with the security woman, she told us to head to the tenth floor and tell the person at the reception desk who we were to meet.

 The guy at the reception desk was young and kind of attractive, but I think that was mostly due to his smile and good mood. He seemed to have no clue who we were and that suited us just fine. He told us to have a seat for a moment while he informed Mr. Rogers that we were there. A few short minutes later he lead us to a conference room and asked if we would like anything to snack on or drink. We told him what we wanted and he informed us that Mr. Rogers would start the meeting very soon.

Once snacks and drinks were passed out, the lights dimmed and a large screen that we had not noticed before light up, as hidden speakers came to life. "Gentlemen, as you can see with this aerial shot, there are a couple of places that you could do the concert, or at least do it much easier than others.

As the presentation continued, I noticed that we all had a look on our faces. We were all thinking the same thing. We knew that voice, or at least it seemed to be familiar in some way. I kept trying to place it and then finally gave up with a shrug of my shoulders. I guessed we would find out at some point who it was.

I will say that the presentation was great. I mean it was well thought out and very well put together. As I looked at the guys, I could see in their faces that they thought the same, and I knew that we would be doing the concert.

As the presentation concluded, the voice said, "Gentlemen, I am sorry that the presentation was not very good, but I was only told about this concert a few days ago, so I have had to rush. I hope that you know I will give the actual concert far more attention. I will join you in just a couple of minutes."

I almost laughed out loud, but something told me not to. We all looked at each other in shock, actually. That had been one of the best presentations we had ever been given, and he says this is not his best? "I can't even begin to imagine what his best would be then." Justin said quietly, and we all agreed.

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