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Still slightly in shock, we waited for the person behind the voice. As the door opened we were all even more shocked to see Cole standing there. Of course none of us had forgotten him, but we certainly didn't expect to see him here of all places. "Hi ya'll, how are ya doing? I hope that the presentation was not too bad. I just didn't have a lot of time to put it together. I can assure that the concert will come off much better than that presentation. If you would rather have someone else to work with, just let me know and I will assign someone else to work with you." Cole said in a rambling and nervous way.

We all looked at him like he had grown three heads and horns. "Why on earth would we want someone else? That presentation was the best we have ever seen and we have seen a lot of them." I said. "That is an understatement." Lance said with a giggle.

"Then you guys need to get someone else to be giving your presentations. Trust me, if I had more time, I would have at least been able to make it a little better." Cole said. "I guess that we need to try and determine which location you wanna use and then we can start the planning process from there."

"I like the lake location at Epcot® and I would bet you guys do too, don't you?" I asked as I looked at the others.

Everyone agreed with me, and so that is where we decided to have the show. The guys then looked to me and waited for me to start the discussion about what we had planned, so I sighed and started. "Cole, we did not wanna do this concert, and really had no intention of doing it, but you have convinced us. That said, we have also decided that it is time to end the little supposed war between the boy bands. We are friends with the BSB and both groups are tired of our managements trying to make it seem we are at war, so all 10 of us have talked. We decided that this will be a joint concert, but word of it can't get out and no one in management can know about it. We will plan like we would normally, but we need separate plans that only those of us in this room, and the BSB know about. We wanna do a mix of our songs and theirs as well as a lot of Christmas music. Do you think it possible to do?"

"Wow, ok let me think for a minute. You want both groups to perform and you want that kept quiet til you are on stage?" I asked; only to get nods from all of them. "I think we could do that, but I will have to think about it more to go over the logistics of it. Now I understand that this is to be a concert and TV special as well, so I need to know if you are going to do a full two hour show or longer, and I need to know what you will want to do during commercial breaks."


Basically we sat the whole meeting with Joey and Cole talking and planning. I was glad that I did not have to be up on all those details! I let my mind drift, and thought back over the last few months. Things had been tense for a while, but after lots of talking we had worked passed it. I shivered a little at what could have happened when Joey and Lance broke up, but thanked God that we were all still friends and that I still had my Chris. I wished that my mind would move on, but it seemed to want to drift over everything. Josh was a lost puppy, no one knew who or what he wanted, he seemed to be asexual. We have no clue if he is gay or not, since he dates no one.

Thoughts turned from Josh to this concert. This would be the first wake up call to management. They have no idea that they are being dropped at the first of the year. Of course BSB were dropping their management as well. Both of us had had it with all the crazy schedules, the lying, and all that. This concert is just one of the nasty little paybacks that they had been throwing at us since we held the concert for Cole's friends. They did not want us to have that concert and had a hissy fit about it, and ever since they have been petty and spiteful.

Johnny had been good to us in the past, but he had let all this happen and we just can't allow that anymore. We had all agreed and even though we had not checked into new management yet, we had decided that we would send the termination letter on January 2nd. Joey had it checked out and found that they had slipped a little surprise in our contract, and for some reason out lawyers did not tell us about it. Our contract goes into automatic renewal on January 4th if we do not notify them in writing beforehand. We have the letter ready, and it will be filed in the court clerks office and delivered to Johnny in plenty of time.

It is almost a dream to think that we will have time off with no worries about a new record, packing for any reason, just time to hangout and chill. I guess we will go looking for a new record company and a new management company at the same time. I am just so thrilled that we have no contracts and have nothing, absolutely nothing we have to do, until WE want to.

I leaned over to Chris and whispered that we needed to take Cole out to eat and tell him about all of us, and put the nasty part of our past behind us. He nodded and he whispered to Josh. As it went around, I saw that it was agreed on. I hoped that he would be open to listening to us.

Soon the meeting was over and Joey and Cole had agreed to most everything, but there would still have to be more meetings. I hate meetings, but at least Cole was prepared and knew what he was talking about.

"Cole, you are coming with us to lunch and we will not take no for an answer, if I have to get your boss to order you to go, I will!" I said, knowing that he would have no choice.

"I am afraid you will not have much luck with that, I have to meet my boss and her boss and whoever else is coming, for lunch. Sorry about that, but there is no way to get out of that lunch." He said with a smile. I would be willing to bet that he will try to avoid us as much as he can. He is stubborn and he thinks that we hate him. I hope we can get this fixed soon, cause Cole is too nice a guy for this crap.


I was so glad that this meeting was over! I was also very glad that I had to go to the meeting, which I had not been looking forward to. I didn't want to go out to eat with them, or do anything else with them for that matter. I couldn't think of a way to apologize for making an ass of myself and I certainly would not beg to be forgiven.

My day seemed to drag by and that meeting with upper management had been worse than I could have ever imagined. They were concerned about costs, about every little detail and I could not give them those answers until final plans had been made. I went over all the plans that had been made so far and told them that I would be meeting with the group several more times to finish plans.

Then I had to try and figure out a way to get the BSB in without anyone knowing about it. I thought and thought, and I could only come up with one way to do it. I certainly did not want to do it, but really had no choice. Over the next few days, I met with the group again and we fleshed out all the plans and soon were done, with the exception of the song list, which I had to have. I asked about it and Joey told me that we would have to sit down with BSB and decide the list!

This was really bad; I knew there was no way to meet them at work, so that meant I would have to meet them privately, which I had been trying to avoid. At the last meeting the following week, only one week before the show, Joey told me that I would be picked up after work Friday, to meet with both groups. I could not say no, since it had to be done and my bosses were about to rip me open for not having the song list.

All day on Friday I was cranky and nervous, basically a stone cold bitch. I knew that this meeting would go badly; there was just no way around it. I would not beg and I did not want to be friends. I wanted to get it over with and go on with my life, no matter how pathetic it was.

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