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As Friday wore on, I continued to run thoughts around in my head. Suddenly, my thoughts flashed to something I had been thinking the night before. I had been reading a few stories on the internet about the boy bands. I had stumbled onto this site a few weeks before and really liked a few of the stories I had found there. I guess I really only had problems with the stories that had been abandoned and the need to add tons of angst and pain to the stories, as well as the idea that all gay guys were sex crazed and screwed in the head. The thought I had then was about how the writers made these guys idiots who let pride get in the way, or who would not be honest and talk about things.

That thought floated around for a few minutes and I realized that was exactly what I had been doing. I had intended to act like an ass so that I would not have to be friends with the guys, simply because I was embarrassed about the way I had reacted when I met them. Ok so I was going to be an idiot myself. Well I suddenly decided I am not going to do that, I am going to go into this meeting and just be open to whatever happens. I mean it is not like I had so many friends that I could just throw away possible friends.

Once I had made that decision, the rest of the day went much better, I was in a much better frame of mind, and was not being a bitch to those around me. I am pretty sure that they were thankful for that, and I really did feel bad for the way I had been acting recently. I think that it was at that moment that I decided that I was not going to let the past get to me anymore, and I was not going to let pride and stubbornness rule me anymore.

At 5:00 my phone rang and I was told that a car was waiting for me. I was a bit puzzled for a minute, and then remembered that I was supposed to be picked up. I quickly grabbed my briefcase and stuffed some things I would need in it and headed out the door. As I rode the elevator down, I thought about how much I was now actually looking forward to this evening. When I walked out the door and saw a limo sitting there, I stopped in my tracks and stared at it. I had not for a moment thought that they would send a limo for me! I shook off my temporary immobility and walked to the limo as the driver asked me if I was Cole. I said yes and he opened the door and I climbed in.

As I settled myself, I noticed a note. I looked at it and it simply told me that the driver was to take me home and let me change into comfortable clothes, and then he would take me to Justin's house for dinner and the meeting. The privacy window was lowered and the driver asked for directions, which I gave. Soon I was showered and dressed and back in the limo. In what seemed like no time, especially for Orlando, we pulled into an upscale part of a subdivision that I knew well. As we drove. I looked around trying to see the homes. You could not see most of them, as they had large fences or shrubbery and trees around them. Only a few minutes later we pulled into a driveway and stopped at the gate. The driver pulled out a card and slid it into a slot in the box and then pulled it out, as the gate started to open.

We pulled in and continued down the drive. It seemed that the drive was a quarter mile long, and tree lined as well. When we pulled up to the house, I was shocked to find that it was not a huge mansion, but was still pretty big. I certainly did not expect to see a relatively normal looking house there, I had expected one of those big ostentatious homes you se on MTV® all the time. As I got to the door, it flew open and there stood Justin with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey Cole, I'm glad you came. I know that you didn't seem to be too thrilled with the idea when we brought it up." Justin told me.

"Hi Justin, you're right about that, I was not too thrilled about it, but I have been thinking today and decided that I was just being a jerk, so I hope that we can kinda start over." I said with a bit a blush.

"Sure, that isn't a problem. Hell we were jerks too, so we are even." He told me with a huge grin.

About that time, I heard someone who sounded like Chris say, "who is it honey?" Then Chris walked up and seen me as the color drained from both Chris and Justin's faces. My mind was at a standstill, I was so shocked. I did hear Chris mumble, "Omigod, I thought it was Josh."

After a couple of minutes my mind started to work again and I started to giggle. I swear I could not help it, I just lost control, and soon my sides were hurting from my belly shaking giggles. My giggles started Justin and Chris off and they were laughing hard as well. After a few minutes we calmed down and finally Justin seemed to remember that we were standing in the doorway and he invited me in.

Once we were in the family room, I looked at Justin and Chris and asked how long they had been together and assured them that I would not say anything about them to anyone. "Well we have been together for a little over 5 years now." Chris told me with a happy smile on his face.

"Cool that is really great to hear. I can imagine how hard it would be to date someone while being on the road all the time, and even worse to be gay and have to hide it and all that." I said.

"Yeah it is hard to keep feelings hidden, but that is gonna change soon. You were going to find that out later tonight anyway. We have a lot" Chris started to say, as the doorbell rang. He smiled and said sorry as he got up to answer the door.

A couple of minutes later in walked the rest of the guys. They all smiled and said hi. I shook hands and said hi as well. As we all sat down I noticed some looks as Chris and Justin sat down together, but nothing was said. We started a bit of small talk, but when Chris put his arm around Justin, everyone got very quiet. I looked at them and started to giggle again.

"He knows about us guys, so relax." Justin told them, then he started to giggle again as well. In time we were all laughing and the tension in the room dissipated. Eventually we all calmed down and relaxed.

"Cole we wanted to apologize to you for the way we acted when you told us you were gay. It was not that we did not accept it, obviously. It was that you were able to be so open about it, and it shocked us. We had all gotten so used to being in the closet and having to hide, that it was a shock to us that someone would be open about it." Joey said, then stopped, and added, "Well all of us except Josh, since none of us has any idea if he is gay, straight or into animals." He added with a smile at Josh.

"Ok hold on a second, you mean you are all gay? Well I mean you are all gay except Josh, who may be? I asked as my mind once again went into a tailspin. I am so glad that I did not walk in here and start off being an asshole like I had planned. I simply could not believe that all these guys were gay! Well maybe Josh wasn't but since he doesn't seem to be saying anything one way or the other I don't know what to think. Of course my mind was thrown again with the answer to my question.

"Yeah we are all gay." Josh answered with a smile on his face. I just stared at him a second and then looked at the rest who sat there in as much apparent shock as me. Josh looked like the kid who just walked into the candy store and was told he could have as much candy as he wanted.

All of a sudden everyone started to talk at once and I completely lost track of what anyone was saying. I was still trying to process the knowledge that all the members of N'Sync were gay. Suddenly the thought struck of all those teenage girls who would just have a cow if they found out, and I started to laugh again. I guess I must have seemed to be a bit thrown off or something, because soon everyone was staring at me. "I'm sorry; I just had this image of all the girls out there who would be having cows about this. I could just see the looks on their faces."

"Well we will find out soon enough what they think. Of course we had not really planned to talk about it til later, but we will be coming out soon. I guess though that we need to wait to go into all those details til after dinner. The others should be here soon." Joey said.

"So are Lance and you together Joey?" I asked and as soon as I said it, I could feel the tension in the room thicken. I knew right then that they had been together, but must have broken up. "I'm sorry guys; I did not mean to bring up something bad."

"No it is ok, we were together but we broke up and it was kinda rough for a while. I think we have gotten past that now, but as you can tell it is still a tender subject." Lance said.

As we continued to talk, I noticed that Josh kept looking at Joey and I could see by the look on his face that he had feelings for him. I wondered if he would ever say anything about them, but then thought that maybe the break up of Joey and Lance made him a bit gun shy about the whole thing. As the conversation continued around me, I was lost in my thoughts. I thought back to my earlier thoughts about those stories and all that I had thought about while reading them. I came to a decision about that, then moved on to other thoughts.

Lance was what my mind moved to, as I thought about him being gay and single. I was still a bit shocked by the whole thing. I loved Lance's eyes and his voice, his smile and a lot more. I sat there kinda stunned at my thoughts. I shook my head and decided to go ahead with the decision I had made a few minutes before.

I looked over at Josh and he was still looking at Joey, but was not staring, just looking out of the corner of his eyes. "Josh I read some stuff last night that made me think and because of that, I decided to put my pride and stuff aside tonight. I also decided that being honest and saying what I was thinking was better than keeping it all inside. I know you have some feelings for Joey, it is obvious so do not try to deny it, I've sat here and watched you watch him for the last few minutes and I can see the look in your eyes when you do. Don't let Joey and Lance's break up scare you away."

Everyone looked at me and then at Josh, who had suddenly turned into a fire engine. Joey looked at Josh then me, then back to Josh as a big grin spread across his face. Suddenly Joey leaned over and whispered something to Lance, who smiled and nodded his head. Joey got up and walked over to Josh, grabbed his hand and they walked out of the room.

Lance looked at me and smiled, and I swear my brain turned to mush for a moment. "I have been wondering when they would get together. I am glad you said something. Joey has always had a thing for Josh and it was getting to the point that I was about to say something to them about it too."

"I was afraid you would be pissed about me saying something, but I just made up my mind this afternoon that I was going to be honest about everything. I will not keep secrets and all that shit, well except the whole gay thing! I would never out someone." I said.

As we talked for a few more minutes I suddenly was curious about something. "Hey I noticed that Joey has been the one I have been talking to about everything. Josh seems to be the joker and well you are all different than what you were supposed to be. What is the deal with that?" I asked.

"I know, I am supposed to be scoop, Chris is supposed to be the joker and childlike, Justin is supposed to be innocent or stuck up depending on what you believe, and Joey is supposed to be the loveable idiot and Josh is supposed to be the serious one. That is all bullshit! Joey is our organizer, he is really our "scoop", Josh is more of the joker, but none of us are really into the practical joke thing that we are all supposed to love. Justin, Chris and I are just pretty much ourselves. Josh does not sleep all the time like he is said to do. Justin does not have to have a bowl of cereal to get going in the morning, just a nice cup of coffee and he is ready to go." Lance said.

"Wow, why do you guys let them distort you so much? I mean what does it matter which one of you this the details person? That just seems insane to me." I said.

"Well when we started Lance was kind of the outside guy, and for some reason they decided that he would appear more part of the group if he were the go to guy for everything. Of course he never was an outsider; I mean from the moment we all met we were a family. I don't know how to describe it, except to say that we all clicked from day one." Chris explained.

As we continued to chat, Josh and Joey walked back in and sat down together. I looked at them and they smiled at me. Everyone was looking at them, waiting for them to say something. "We are going to give it a try, but we are taking things slow." Josh said with a grin.

After lots of hugs and congratulations, we all sat back down just as the doorbell rang. "Great that must be them." Justin said as he got up to answer the door.


As I sat waiting in the VIP lounge waiting for our flight to be called, I let my thoughts wander over the last few months. Alex being in rehab, finally admitting he was gay, management giving us a hard time for allowing Alex to go into rehab. I guess that was the breaking point for all of us. We knew that they were cold-hearted bastards, but to put publicity above Alex's health was just too much. It was shortly after he entered rehab and management had blasted us about it that I talked to Joey when he called to tell us that they were all thinking about and praying for Alex. Sometime during that conversation it came out that they were having trouble with their management too, and they were going to drop them. He told me about the automatic renewal in the contract and suggested that I get ours checked out. It was funny that both groups' contracts ended on the same day.

I had it checked and they had snuck the same thing in ours. I told the rest of the guys about it and we decided that we too were going to end out contract, we had enough and that was it. Over the course of several phone conversations, the Disney™ concert. We plotted and planned and decided on a course of action. Then suddenly Joey called all excited telling me that the guy who would be the mastermind for the concert was someone they knew and he would help.

I thought about all the crazy ideas we had talked about, and then wondered if some of them were really all that crazy. I was really looking forward to this concert. The shock to our respective management would be a cool thing to see!

Finally our flight was called and we all headed out. As we took our seats, I looked at Brian and wondered yet again how he was dealing with his families' denial that he was gay and in love with Nick. That Brian was a family oriented type of person, who dearly loved his family is not media hype, or it wasn't until he came out to them. I had worried about him, but he seemed fine. After he came out to his family and they treated him so badly and Nick even worse, he was down for a couple of weeks. One day he came into the hotel room for breakfast and he was fine. When I asked him about it, he just told me that he could not change and if his family could not deal with it, then that was their loss and not his.

He also told me something that shocked me to the core for a few moments, til he explained it further. "I sold the farm and had the attorney send notice to my parents. I want them out of my home." He said. "This is my life and I will not feel uncomfortable in my own home. I sold the farm to Freelance, and the agreement is that I buy it back in 30 days. Of course the whole transaction is fake, since only $10 is changing hands." He told me with a giggle.

There were a flurry of phone calls from his family about the sell of the farm and it seemed that all of them were furious. Brian did make arrangements to buy another, smaller farm and have the house remodeled for his parents. He just made sure that it was not close to his.

The flight finally took off and I sat back to take a nap.


I noticed Howie looking at me, yet again once we were on the plane. I knew he was thinking about the whole thing with my folks, he is such a worrier. I have tried to tell him that I am fine, but I don't think he believes me. I also know that he thinks that kicking my family off the farm was mean and spiteful, but I had to do it. I have loved that farm since I laid eyes on it and it was my refuge. On top of that Nicky loved it too, and I was not going to give it up.

I remember that hurt I felt for almost 3 weeks after my family denied me being gay. They were rude and mean to Nick, they were not all that nice to me. I just could not get over how they acted. I told them I was gay and they spent the next hour telling me I wasn't and not to mention it again. The day we left, I told them that they needed to think about how they were treating me, if they could not accept that I was gay, and that Nick was my boyfriend, then they would not be hanging around me. My father told me that I would want to come home sometime, and that made me think about getting them off the farm.

I just had to figure out a way to get them off the farm without it being a big nasty public mess. I called Lance and asked him about what he had done when he had kicked his cousin out of his house in Mississippi. He told me that he had just sold it, since it really had no meaning to him, then he asked me why. I told him the story and he told me that Freelance would buy the farm, and then sell it back to me. He told me that we could write up a contract and go from there. We talked about money and just decided that a small amount of money, enough to make it legal would suffice. The rest, as they say is history.

I looked over and Nicky and wondered how I had gotten so lucky. It was just so hard to imagine that we had been together for almost 6 years. It seemed that each day I loved him more and more. It is kind of funny, we would have little spats, but we never seemed to be able to stay mad at each other long enough to finish an argument. I loved everything about him, from his wonderful expressive eyes, deep and caring heart, razor sharp intelligence (which very few knew about), his soft silky skin, and his incredible ability in bed. : - )

I looked at my cuz and felt a surge of love for him. He and my Aunt Ann were the only two members of my family that I still talked to. Ann had stopped talking to the rest of my family when they treated her as though it were her fault that both Kevin and I were gay. Oh well, at least I had some family that I still loved and respected, I mean I still loved my family, but I no longer respected them.

I can't wait until we drop management and all, so we can just enjoy some serious down time. I know that it will be fun to hang out with the N'Sync guys, while be both have down time. I know that some of us are buying homes during our down time and finally getting out of apartments. Orlando has some really nice homes, but what would be really cool is to have all of us living in the same neighborhood.

My mind finally decided to relax and let me get a nap. I must have slept through the landing, because the next thing I knew, Nicky was waking me up to get off the plane. After getting out luggage, we headed to the car that Joey had sent for us. We had time to check into our hotel and shower before heading out.

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