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As we rode to Justin's house, I thought about what the future would hold. I was a bit nervous about it all, but I guess that was to be expected. There were tons of changes getting ready to happen in our lives and that is something that always makes me nervous, and it all begins tonight.

I know I was really looking forward to buying a home, and I knew that the rest of the guys were too. I just hope that we can find homes in the same area. Howie suggested that if we could not find them in the same area that maybe we could all build in the same area, and that is an idea that I have been bouncing around my head too. I guess we will just have to see what happens.

Once we got to Justin's I rang the bell and wondered what the night would bring. Justin opened the door with a big grin, and welcomed us into his home. "I was beginning to think you guys had gotten lost, or that you plane was delayed."

"No we all wanted to go and clean up and rest a little before we came over." Howie said.

"I can understand that, I hate to have to rush around after a flight too." Justin said knowingly.

As we continued into the house I noticed how nice the place was, not messy, but certainly lived in. It seemed to be a home, not just a house. Had I not already known Justin, his home would have told me a great deal about him. Well I guess it would have told me a lot about Chris and Justin, since they were a couple.

"Guys I would like to introduce you to Cole, the guy who is going to be our stage manager and the main planner for the concert. So far he has done a great job and I am sure you will like him. Cole this is Howie, Brian, Nick, Alex, and Kevin." Justin introduced as we all shook hands.

The greetings were made and we all sat down and began to chat about the songs we wanted to do and the order we wanted to do them in. Cole had good ideas and he actually listened to what we had to say, instead of just hearing it and ignoring it. Within a couple of hours we had all the songs and the order all worked out and then we could just set around and talk.

As we sat there, all of us BSB guys noticed as Chris put his arm around Justin and pull him in for a kiss. Everyone noticed that we sat there is shock and to shock us even more, Josh leaned over and kissed Joey! Then all of them started to laugh at us.

"I guess we shocked ya huh? Sorry about that, that was not the intention. Cole knows about us and in fact he is the one who got Josh and Joey together just a little while ago. Cole is cool and you can trust him with anything." Chris told us with a smile.

"One thing guys don't tell me secrets! I refuse to keep them. I will keep a secret birthday party, or dinner, etc. secret and I would never say anything about these guys sexuality cause I do not out people, but other than that I will not keep something quiet. You also need to know that I am gay too." Cole told us forcefully.

I must say that he impressed me with his honesty. I could understand why the N'Sync guys really liked this guy. He was real, honest and most of all he was himself which is sadly something that we could not be, at least yet.

"Hey that is great, at least Nicky and I don't have to hide our relationship then!" Brian said gratefully.

"I guess it is best to get it all out so none of us have to pretend about anything. I guess with Josh and you being gay, that makes everyone in this room gay." I said and Cole, bless him, looked completely shocked.

"Wow, I just keep getting the shit shocked out of me this evening. I guess I should not be shocked by all that I have found out, but I guess I have been snowed by your PR just like most everyone else." Cole said.

I kind of zoned out again as I thought about all the changes that were going to be occurring over the next weeks and months. I am pretty sure that at least some of us would be coming out, others would be keeping that to themselves I was sure. I don't think it matters one way or the other. It looks like the nascent relationship between Howie and Alex was getting stronger, and Brian and Nicky loved each other more every day if that was possible. I hoped that Howie and Alex would build that kind of relationship, but only time would tell if they could or not. It may be easier for them to do so, once we were rid of management.

I personally would be thrilled to be rid of those leaches. I still can't believe that between both of our managements, they forced three marriages only to have to deal with three divorces. At least there are no marriages to deal with now. I know that Brian and I were absolutely disgusted with ours, and Lance told Brian that he was ill every time he had to go home and be in the same house.

I was brought back into the present when I heard someone mention buying homes. "Well we were kind of hoping that we all could live in the same general area, but I don't know how realistic that would be." Howie said.

"Honestly it is not very likely unless we all bought homes in a new development, and I have no desire to move to a new development, since the security could be a problem and I like having mature trees and stuff in the yard. The only other choice would be to buy a huge chunk of land somewhere and build new homes, and kind of create our own development. I would be more open to that, since we would not have to clear cut the land to build there." Justin said.

"I am inclined to agree with you there Justin, in fact truth be told, I would rather build and keep the character of the land, and have it built the way I want, than to get something that was built to a cookie cutter design and destroys the land." Brian said.

"I agree with you both, but I guess the question is would you guys be interested in moving?" I asked.

"Another question would more of a couple question. I mean would the couples want to build a house or would they want separate homes? That is something that we should all think about, at least those of us who are couples." Chris said.

"Well at least we will have time to think about it, since we really can't do anything until after the first of the year." Justin said.

None of us really wanted to go into why that was, at least not with Cole there. Not that he was a bad guy or anything, but there really was not a need to go into that yet.


As we all sat and talked about the songs and various other subjects, I sat in thought. I drifted in and out of the conversation, taking part enough to keep everyone satisfied. I thought back to the first time I laid eyes on Cole, I was taken by his openness and honesty right from the start.

Cole was not the kind of guy you would call drop dead gorgeous or anything, he was more than that. He was good looking certainly, but he was so much more than looks. His honesty and openness as well as his looks added up to a really good guy. I am sure there is much more to him than the little I have seen so far.

I love his wonderfully deep and expressive green eyes. His smile is amazing and his laugh is like music to my ears. I wonder if he would go out with me if I could ever get up the nerve to ask him. I just do not know if I would feel comfortable asking him out. I think I would rather wait til we are rid of management so that I can take him on a real date so that we do not have to hide. Then again, if I wait to long, he may find someone and I would lose out.

Argh, I hate it when my mind runs around in circles. One of these days, I swear I am going to stop thinking everything to death. It seems that I do that with everything these days. I think it is just a symptom of all the changes that are taking place or will be taking place in the near future. I have always been a bit leery of huge changes and so I tend to try to find ways to protect myself and it seems one of those ways, is to think everything to death.

As the conversation came to the idea of building new homes, I got very interested because I really liked the idea of all of us living near each other and liked the idea of us building our own homes even better. It would certainly allow us to live in a secure area which is something that I would really like. I guess this is another one of those things that we will have to decide after we are rid of management.


I swear I am beginning to wonder if these guys have made it their life mission to give me a heart attack from all the shocks they have been throwing at me. I was still reeling from all of N'Sync being gay only to find that all of BSB were as well. How many of these shocks would I have to take, I wondered.

Too many shocks in one day, hell in just a couple of hours, and I was just coasting along and trying to make sense of all the things I had learned that day. I had caught hints that something was happening after the first of the year and that was brought out even more when they were talking about building homes.

I don't even remember what we had for dinner, although I do remember that it was good and that Justin was the one who cooked it. Of course that was another thing that was a surprise; Justin could cook, and was very good at it.

By the time I left to go home that evening, I had a lot of things to think about. I was just amazed and very proud that these guys felt that they could trust me with the information about their sexuality. It was kind of nice to feel like I had made some friends and those friends trusted me.

I guess my lack of friends really hit me when I got home and I got really upset. I wondered what I was doing wrong. As I sat there thinking about it, I realized that I had really shut myself off for a long time. I mean even in college I had a few friends, although not many. It was since the whole deal with N'Sync started, that I had shut myself away and buried myself in work.

I tried to figure out why I had climbed into my shell and decided not to let others in and could not come up with a good reason. I resolved to try and come out of my shell and to start the process, I called Rose and Will to bring them up to date on my life and thank them for the money. After lots of tears and long explanations about why I cut myself off from the world, I headed to bed feeling much better about myself.

As the days leading to the concert passed and the final plans were laid, I continued with my plan to come out of my shell. I hung out with all the guys when they invited me to do so, and even went out for drinks with a few people from work a couple of times. I could not believe that a few simple changes could make me feel so much better, not only about myself, but about life in general.

Finally the day of the concert arrived and I was busy as hell. All the arrangements had been made and BSB were in the park and just waiting to join the guys on stage when called. All the cameras were in place, and all was ready. The guys had finally arranged or their management had arranged, I was not clear which, to have a commercial free 2 hour concert.

The concert started with the guys rising out of the floor on pedestals, which rose 35 feet into the air, doing Space Cowboy. They moved to Joy to the World at which point BSB joined in the vocals, though not yet on stage. After Joy to the World, the first notes to Larger Than Life started and BSB joined the guys on stage and the crowd went absolutely wild. I had never seen anything like it.

The concert progressed with all 10 guys blending perfectly, doing a mix of N'Sync and BSB songs as well as Christmas songs. It was a fantastic show and the crowd was wild. I had never seen anything like it, and I doubt that the guys had either. I had to admit to myself that I had really done a good job putting this show together, even though I knew that the BSB being there was the added icing on the cake for the show.

As soon as the guys came off stage and I had a chance to get away from all the tasks I had to perform for the show, they all gave me hugs. I was floating and they were too. It was an amazing feeling, too bad it was not to last.

Shortly after we were all in the dressing room, whooping and carrying on, the door flew open and N'Sync's PR bitch came storming in, followed by my boss and her boss. The bitch came to a stop in front of me and flew into a rage. By the time she was done, my boss informed me that I was fired. They then all stormed out of the dressing room, leaving us all standing there stunned.

Joey was the first to react. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed a number and we all listened to his end of the conversation. "Johnny, Joey here.' `yeah it was a kick ass show' `we did it on purpose, but the guy here that handled the show just got fired cause Mandy threw a fit. I am telling you right now, you can cancel every appearance we have, because we will not be attending any appearance until Mandy is fired. Cole got fired because of her and all he did was follow out wishes. Fire her or start canceling shit." He said then hung up.

He then told us to follow him. He led us all out to find Mandy and when we found her, she was still with my boss and her boss. "I just thought I would let you know Mandy that you are not going to be working with us anymore, in fact you will not be working with out management either or else you will be explaining why we are canceling every appearance we have.' He then turned to my boss and her boss and told them, `as to you guys, well from now on at each and every concert and every interview we are going to tell all our fans to boycott this company, and we will continue that until Cole not only gets his job back, but gets a letter of apology, and a raise for the fantastic job that he did on this concert." Joey finished and he was very angry.

At that moment Mandy's cell phone rang and when she answered, the color drained from her face and she closed her phone without another word. "You damned faggots just cost me my job!" she screamed. She threw the phone at Joey and stormed off.

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