Love and Pleasure

by Kenitra

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This is just a little story I wrote a couple of months ago. Its in first person and present tense, a little different for me. Also, it has not been edited!

WARNING Contains fisting, but in a very loving setting!

Anyone want to guess who the two characters are? ;=D

P.S. More Millennium Love in a couple of days for those reading it!

A  Don't know them, never met them, never will!
B  Under age...don't tell me. I don't want either of us to get in trouble!

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As always, thank you for reading!

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I arrive home to find you have left a note for me at my apartment. I read it and my body shivers in anticipation as I follow your instructions. I shower, washing myself carefully inside and out. I dress in casual clothes, knowing that once I see you, my clothes wouldn't remain on for long. I know that whatever you have planned will be exquisite pleasure.

I quickly dry my short blond hair and apply some of your favorite after-shave. I take one last look in the mirror before turning out the lights, grabbing my keys and locking the door behind me.

I drive carefully over to 'our' place. Our secret apartment that no one else knows about. I feel my pulse rate increase as I get closer. It has been too long, nearly a month since we've been together. I didn't know you were back in town. You weren't due until next week.

I finally reach the parking lot of our place; a converted warehouse with a dozen loft apartments. You had surprised me with the place nearly six months earlier. It is your building and you had overseen the construction – soundproofing and all!

I quickly lock the car and walk around to our private side entrance. A glance at my watch shows I'm right on time. I slide my key into the lock and open the door. I can immediately smell the scented candles you have set throughout the apartment. I close and lock the door behind me, setting my keys on the small end table, before turning around to face the room and you.

My eyes take in the dimmed lights and the flame flickering in the gas fireplace. The temperature is just right. I can't help but glance at our 'play corner', an area set near the outside wall of the apartment. In the dim light I can see the toys set out on the pine chest, and the leather sling hung from the ceiling hooks. I shiver in delight and turn my head as I sense you.

My senses aren't lying. There you are, standing at the top of the stairs silently watching me. I catch my breath as you descend towards me; your bare flesh glistens softly in the flickering light. Your manhood, already erect, leads you to me.

Our eyes meet, deep teal to pale green. A smile crosses your wonderful lips setting the room aglow.

“God I've missed you lover,” you say softly, reaching out to stroke my cheek. I shiver and lean into your touch. My own hand reaches up to touch your face.

I smile. “Not as much as I've missed you,” I murmur.

You pull me into your warm embrace and I wrap my arms tightly around your muscled torso. We stand quietly, simply enjoying the closeness and warmth of each other. Finally I pull back and meet your gaze.

“I thought you'd be gone until next week at the earliest,” I say, unable to resist reaching up and running my hands through your nearly black hair.

You grin. “I just told you that so I could surprise you!”

“And what a wonderful surprise it is,” I murmur as I run my fingers down your firm chest, over your taut stomach down to lightly stroke your pulsing manhood. When I try to do more, you gently move my fingers away.

“Not yet baby,” you whisper. Your hand reaches for the waist of my shirt and I raise my arms as it is pulled off. I feel your long, lean fingers stroke through my spiky hair, down my cheek to my pale chest.

“Oohh,” I gasp in pleasure and surprise as you gently flick one of my hardening nipples with your thumb. Your hands return to me, skimming over my shoulders as you walk behind me.

“I love you,” you whisper and I shiver. “Will you let me pleasure you tonight?” you ask softly. “Pleasure you until you can't even remember your own name?” I moan softly and shudder in anticipation at your words. “Then tomorrow will be for just you and I,” you add. I smile to myself knowing you mean a day of cuddling and tender kisses interspersed with conversations about our lives. I'm glad you want to wait until tomorrow. My body has been missing you, craving your touch and now you're going to give me what I need.

You walk back around me and raise my chin so our eyes meet again. “Do you want that?” you ask me intently needing my permission before you will continue.

I smile tenderly at your concern. “I can't wait my Love,” I murmur.

You gently grasp my hand and lead me towards the play area. I follow excitedly. What we have isn't about dominance and submission. It's simply about pleasure, giving and receiving, and love. It's always about love. And tonight I am lucky enough to be the object of your attentions.

You stop me at the edge of the vinyl flooring. Without speaking you slowly unbutton and unzip my jeans, pushing them off my hips. I delight in your little gasp of surprise when you discover I am not wearing underwear. I kick off my shoes and you pull my jeans the rest of the way off. Now we are both naked.

Without hesitation I follow you to the sling. It had taken us a long time to find one that was comfortable for both of us. In the end, we had it custom made. It didn't have restraints but soft leather grips for hands and cups for ankles. I turn around and sit down on the soft, flexible leather, grinning up at you as I wiggle into a comfortable position before leaning back. I grasp the handholds and raise my legs. Tenderly lifting each ankle, you ensure they are resting comfortably. I relax completely, allowing my body to be supported by the sling.

My eyes follow you to the electric switch, which raises the sling to the right level for you. You are a few inches taller than I am so the electric controls are a necessity.

When you return you pause to grab something from the top of the chest. You place the cock ring on my chest and I shiver again.

I close my eyes and breathe deeply, dropping into a near trance like state. I know you can tease and torment me, keeping me on the edge for hours, driving me crazy if you want to. And you know I love it!

I feel your hands lightly stroke my legs, down the back of my thighs to my heels. I shudder at the sensation. I keep my eyes closed, just wanting to feel, feel everything you do, every touch you give.

Somehow you know what I want. You lean between my spread legs, grabbing the chains of the sling so your weight isn't resting on me. I feel your breath on my face. “Do you want the blindfold tonight, Beautiful?” you whisper.

I keep my eyes closed and smile. That is the answer you wanted. I feel you move away from me, but it is only momentary before I sense you beside my head. You carefully move the thick blindfold into place. “Okay?” you ask and again I nod.

I shiver as you run your fingers down the length of my body, stroking my flesh to a fiery heat, but avoiding my arousal. It has begun. I relax back and wait for whatever sensation you decide to give me. I listen to you move around me, then a sudden cold wetness across my right nipple makes me jump slightly before I sigh with pleasure. The touch leaves and I moan my disappointment.

I gasp and shudder as the next sensation hits; a sharp pinch of my other nipple from one of our nipple clamps. It is not tight enough to cause real pain, just a strange but good feeling.

Your hands begin to quickly and lightly roam my body. I try to predict where you will touch me next but I can't. Suddenly you stop. I whimper softly. A few seconds later you grasp my erection and I'm engulfed in a hot, tight wetness. I scream your name as you milk me, swallowing my entire length over and over again.

You know I can't resist that and within seconds I explode, pumping my seed down your waiting throat. I'm flying and my body is twitching and throbbing. I hear you whispering your love for me as I slowly calm down. Your hands never stop their gentle motion, sweeping over the entire length of my body.

I finally settle back, only to hear you laugh softly. I wonder what you have planned. Fortunately I don't have long to wait. I feel the cock ring lifted from my chest and fastened around my softened erection and balls. Then I feel one of your long elegant fingers gently probe my exposed opening. The finger is slick with cool lube and I can't help but gasp softly. You use your other hand to tenderly caress my inner thighs, calming.

“Shh, love. This is only the beginning,” you whisper, sending shivers throughout my body. I relax back in the sling, letting the soft supple leather support me as I simply let myself feel.

Your finger slides easily into my hot, tight channel. The muscles of the ring automatically clench, but I force them to relax, letting you push further inside. You slowly spread the slick lubricant around inside, making sure all sides of my tunnel wall are coated. You regularly pull your finger out to add more slickness.

I quickly become impatient, wanting more and begin to thrust against your finger. You quickly withdraw.

“No, Baby. I'm in control here,” you say firmly. I moan, but nod in acknowledgement. I force my body to be still and you return your finger to my hole.

Finally, after seemingly hours, you slide a second finger in beside the first. My body and anal muscles are so relaxed that I barely notice the change. There is no pain and a minimum of pressure. You stroke the fingers deeply into me. I shriek and buck when you suddenly brush over my prostate. You pause and wait for me to still again.

“Oh you are so hot, babe. I love to feel your tightness around my fingers. And its only going to get better, isn't it baby?” you whisper as you continue to work.

I moan again but concentrate on remaining still. I don't want you to stop.

A third finger added to my hole puts gentle pressure on the muscles, forcing them to stretch slightly. The tightness feels incredible. You know how sensitive I am, especially after orgasm, and you know what your fingers do to me.

When you add the fourth finger I gasp again. I know now what is coming and can barely restrain myself from thrusting against your hand. You have liberally covered your fingers and my channel with lube and begin to vigorously thrust your four long fingers in and out, occasionally pushing against my button and making me shudder.

“Shall I make you come again baby?” you ask softly. I can hear you rising from your chair between my spread legs. I imagine you are watching my face to see my answer.

I am barely coherent, but know enough to shake my head. I want, need the massive explosion I know is coming. It will be even better if I wait. I can tell you are smiling at me before you sit back down, gradually slowing the movement of your fingers.

I moan loudly when those digits are withdrawn, leaving me empty and gaping.

“Its coming love,” You murmur. Not soon enough.

A few seconds later I feel your fingers return to my entrance. You curl your fingers together and push gently. I begin to shiver as you slide into me, first knuckle, second knuckle…then I know you've reached the widest part of your hand, the part with the thumb knuckle. You maintain a constant pressure as you work into me.

“Push out baby,” you whisper and without thought I obey. Your hand slides the rest of the way inside and I explode into fireworks.

“Oh god, oh god,” I gasp. I can feel your fingers inside me as you curl them into a fist. The muscles at my entrance are tight around your broad wrist. You remain still until I calm down.

I remember the first time we had done this and how much it had hurt, at first. But the pleasure made the momentary pain worthwhile. And this time, I barely notice the pain. My body is coursing with energy like a fallen live wire. Every part of me is over sensitized and I know the best is still to come.

I clench my hands around the holds as you slowly probe deeper inside. I feel you push straight in a short distance, then turn your wrist sideways and pull back slightly; your heated skin strokes every part of my channel. The width of your fisted hand pushes the muscles back, giving me jolts of unbelievable pleasure. I can feel it as your hand moves deeper into me. I love the connection we have when you do this for us. The love and trust shared in this act overwhelms me.

Suddenly your knuckle brushes against my prostate, and my hips jerk up. I realize I am panting and gasping heavily. Tossing my head from side to side, I start to beg. “Please. Please!” My cock is straining against its bindings, my balls are pulled up as tight as the leather strap binding them will allow. My body wants to explode in orgasm, but it can't.

“Can you feel me inside you baby?” you ask softly as you continue the slow and gently punching motion. Each thrust brushes my pleasure center sending sparks throughout my body. Suddenly I feel a new sensation that makes me scream your name. You have picked up the multi-tailed suede flogger. The soft blows falling on my sensitive nipples are like a pounding summer rain. The flogger doesn't bruise, cut or leave welts it just takes my sensitive flesh to the point where pleasure and pain mingle. You can't tell one from the other. All I know is that my entire body is on fire.

After only a few strokes of the flogger I am sure I will lose my mind. A few more strokes then you toss it away. The motion of your hand inside me begins to pick up speed. Before I can react, my body is confused, the flogger has stopped, my skin is sparking, I'm sure I could see electrical currents running over me if I could look. I hear a snap as the cock ring is popped open. At the same time, you open your hand inside me and push your index and forefinger against my prostate.

I lose all coherence as I scream and thrust and buck and cry, not sure which sensation is which. My entire body is one giant pleasure center. I see fireworks behind my closed eyes before my body is overwhelmed. I black out.

When I return to myself, I realize that the blindfold is gone. I feel your hand gently stroking my inner thighs as you whisper to me. Your other hand is still inside. I realize you had to wait because my muscles are so tightly clamped around your wrist.

“Are you back with me now baby?” I hear you ask softly.

I look down my body towards you and manage a smile. I concentrate on relaxing and soon feel you slowly pull out. My body still feels like jelly and I collapse back against the leather. My eyes follow you as you step over to the chest, where I notice for the first time a bowl of water. You soak a soft cloth and wring it out. You walk back, smiling at me lovingly. The warm cloth caresses me as you wipe away the evidence of my massive orgasm. Then you rinse the cloth before returning to wipe the remains of lube from between my legs.

I notice your erection bobbing in front of you still red and weeping. I'm too tender to take you inside me, but I still want to give you pleasure and release. You help me sit up before pulling me to my feet. My legs still feel like rubber, so you keep your arm around my waist and I'm grateful for your strength. Slowly we walk up the stairs to the loft bedroom.

Together, we tumble onto the large bed. I roll onto my back and stare into your gorgeous, expressive eyes.

“Come here love,” I murmur, with a smile.

You grin, and straddle my body. Slowly you work your way up until your knees are either side of my head, and your manhood is in front of my face. I can't resist sticking out my tongue and tasting your sweet nectar as it drips from you. I love the little sounds of pleasure you make for me. I know you are close and I don't want to torment you. At least not tonight! I lift my head and easily take your length into my mouth. Again I'm reminded of earlier times when I was sure I would never be able to take all of your impressive length. But after nearly a year of practice, my throat opens automatically, allowing me to give you the most pleasure.

I simply hold you deep in my mouth, until you realize what I want. You smile down at me and begin to move. You fuck my mouth, quickly increasing the speed of your thrusts as you race towards your completion. I reach around and grab you butt, helping you keep your balance as your thrusts become erratic. With one more hard thrust into my mouth, you begin to cum. Eagerly I swallow everything your body offers, loving the taste and smell of your seed.

You manage to pull out and move to the side before collapsing onto the bed beside me. I roll over so we are face to face. You reach out and brush a finger over my swollen lips.

“You okay baby?” you ask softly.

I smile at your concern. “I'm perfect, Love. Thank you.”


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