Love Brought Us Together

Disclaimer:I don't mean to imply the sexualities or sexual preferences of any of the celebrites I have mentioned in Love Brought Us Together.If anyone who is reading this has a problem with slash fiction or two people loving each other, then this is the wrong place for you to be. Lastly, this is fictional. If you don't know what it means please go look it up.

Chapter Ten

Brian walked into the lounge area of the bus in search of something to eat since it was almost lunch time. He smiled and slid into the seat next to Nick, who was busy moving a pencil over paper.

"Hey Nicky, whatcha doing?"

Nick completed a few more strokes before turning his head and smiling at Brian.

"Hey Bri. Just had something in mind so I wanted to get it out into paper."

Brian let his eyes roam over the paper and smiled when he saw that Nick had drawn his and Kevin's pool area. Brian ran his hand through Nick's hair, smiling when the blond laid his head on his (Brian's) shoulder. He could see that Nick looked tired. The past few days having taken a lot out of him.

Brian kissed Nick's soft blond hair, "Hungry Nick?"

Nick sighed, "Not really."

"I'm getting something to eat then."

Nick straightened up and smiled at Brian as he went about making a light sandwich. He sat back down at the table and set a glass or juice on the table in front of Nick who took a small sip. Brian ate half his sandwich and then held it up to Nick's lips and smiled encouragingly, causing Nick to grin and take a bite. Brian laughed when he saw Nick's face light up. He leaned over and kissed Nick's forehead. The two sat in comfortable silence, Brian feeding Nick bites of his sandwich.

Brian was happy. He hadn't gotten much of a chance to 'baby' Nick lately, because Nick wasn't feeling up to being away from Kevin. He fed Nick the last of the sandwich. As soon as Nick's mouth closed over the piece a voice was heard.

"You trying to steal my husband Rok?"

Brian laughed and turned to smile at Kevin, "Now would I do that?"

Nick smiled at Kevin and hugs Brian's left arm to himself, laying his head on Brian's shoulder again. Kevin leaned over and ran his thumb over Nick's left cheek and straightened up.

"I actually came over here to see if you guys were hungry. We're going to stop in about 45 minutes."

"We just ate a snack so we're good until we stop," Brian said.

Kevin smiled and nodded before turning to go towards the back of the bus again, when Nick's voice stopped him and he turned towards Nick again.

"What are you doing now Kev?"

"Well...I finished making my phone calls, I'm just going to maybe read a little now or just watch some tv."

A minute of silence followed with Nick not looking at either of them.

"You want to come with me baby?" Kevin asked.

Nick bit his lip and looked between Kevin and Brian, unsure about what to do. He wanted to just curl up and be AROUND Kevin so much, but he didn't want to hurt Brian's feelings by not spending time with him, since they didn't get much time together lately anyway.

Kevin sensed his confusion and smiled, "Nicky," he said softly, "you can stay with Brian if you want honey. Or...Brian can come along to the back too and we can all watch TV together," he finished by throwing a wink at Nick who had raised his head and was looking at him.

Brian smiled and stood up, moving towards the back, knowing they would follow. Nick stood up slowly and smiled at Kevin in thanks. Kevin just wrapped his arm around Nick's waist and kissed his forehead, before they both walked towards the back room.

20 minutes later Brian was on the phone with his girlfriend, Nick was reading a comic book and Kevin was reading his book. Howie and AJ were in their bunks trying to catch up on some sleep. 

Kevin's right hand was resting on Nick's stomach under his t-shirt. Nick distractedly rubbed his head against Kevin's chest, causing Kevin to kiss Nick's soft hair.


Kevin looked at Nick, who had raised his head to look at Kevin. Kevin smiled and brushed a kiss against Nick's lips.


"I was wondering, since we are going to be in the hotel tonight, you wanna go out?"

Kevin traced Nick's lips with his thumb very gently, "Sure baby. Where would you like to go?"


Brian, who had just gotten off the phone, heard the last few exchanges between them and said, "That sounds like a good idea."

AJ, who had entered the room and caught Brian's comment, grinned, "Yeah, where should we go?"

Nick smiled softly and shook his head, "This is a private dinner guys. Just Kevin and me." He winked at them and snuggled the side of his face against Kevin's chest, then went back to reading his comic.

AJ pouted, "No fair! Don't you love us Nicky?"

Nick smiled, and without turning his head, answered, "Of course I do Alexy, but I just need to spend time away from you for my sanity's sake. Kevin will work as an ok distraction."

Nick yelped when Kevin's hand tightened on his stomach. Kevin slid his hand higher and brushed against Nick's nipples, causing the blond to moan and arch up. Kevin quickly moved his hand back to Nick's stomach and smiled sweetly at him.

Nick pouted up at him, causing Kevin to grin and tickle his stomach lightly. They broke out of their private world when AJ spoke.

"Oh stop it! Kevin stop making Nick horny. Wait until we get to the hotel so you can ravish him without the rest of us having to witness it."

Nick giggled and went back to reading his comic book. 


Nick sighed and keeping his comic aside, turned and snuggled his face against Kevin's thigh, closing and resting his eyes. Kevin bent down and kissed Nick's cheek, making the blond smile and straightened up. He slipped his hand back under Nick's t-shirt to rest on his stomach and gently rubbed it.

A few minutes later AJ and Brian left the room, because AJ was hungry and whining.

Kevin gently rubbed Nick's hair.


Nick made a hmmmmm sound and stretched, then made some more 'hmm' & 'umm' sounds and settled again, wrapping an arm around Kevin's leg.

"Are you planning on falling asleep on me?" Kevin asked.

"Why? You don't want me falling asleep on you?" 

Kevin could hear the pout in Nick's voice.

He laughed softly and rubbed Nick's hair, "I meant, are you going to fall asleep? What about lunch? We'll be stopping soon. And as for falling asleep ON me, well I am can use me as your pillow anytime."

Nick reached for the hand stroking his hair and placed a kiss on Kevin's palm, then released his hand again.

"I don't think I will fall asleep right now. But I KNOW I will sleep later." 

After a few minutes of silence he asked, "So...what do you think about us going out for dinner?"

"I think its great. We haven't been getting much time together alone, and the time we DO get, we're too tired to do anything but sleep or rest. Now all we need to decide is where to eat. I'm leaving that choice up to you. Do you want to go to a restaurant where we're known and will be assured of our privacy? Or a small, cozy place where we are taking the chance of having fans around but which is more comfortable than most places?"

Nick curled his long legs and sighed, "I'll think about it."

20 minutes later the bus stopped and 10 minutes after that Carl knocked and came into the back room, smiling when he saw them.

"Hey guys, we're all set for lunch. Coming? Or should I get you two something here?" he asked softly, in case Nick was sleeping.

Nick's eyes opened and he smiled at Carl. Carl smiled back and waited for their answer.

Kevin looked down at Nick and they quickly had a silent conversation before Kevin raised his head again.

"We'll be out in a minute."


A couple of hours later Nick emerged from the hotel bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and steam following him out of the bathroom. 

He wiped his body until he was mostly dry and slipped into a pair of blue boxers, followed by gray pants. After fixing on his black belt he sprayed some deodorant and perfume on himself, then pulled on a soft blue button down shirt. 

He was sitting on the bed and pulling on his socks when Kevin walked into the room and smiled at the sight of him.

"Just give me a minute and I'll be ready."

"Take your time honey," Kevin said and leaned against the desk.

Nick stood up and slipped into his shoes. After rubbing the towel against his hair a little, he ran his fingers through his hair before brushing it back. He quickly slipped his watch on, put his wallet and cell phone into his pockets, before standing in front of Kevin with a smile on his face.

Kevin's smile widened and he leaned forward to lightly brush his lips against Nick's. He caught Nick's hand with his own and entwined their fingers, walking to the door with Nick.

10 minutes later they were safely in the limo, headed for the restaurant.


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