Love Brought Us Together

Disclaimer:I don't mean to imply the sexualities or sexual preferences of any of the celebrites I have mentioned in Love Brought Us Together.If anyone who is reading this has a problem with slash fiction or two people loving each other, then this is the wrong place for you to be. Lastly, this is fictional. If you don't know what it means please go look it up.


A couple of hours later Nick emerged from the hotel bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and steam following him out of the bathroom. 

He wiped his body until he was mostly dry and slipped into a pair of blue boxers, followed by gray pants. After fixing on his black belt he sprayed some deodorant and perfume on himself, then pulled on a soft blue button down shirt. 

He was sitting on the bed and pulling on his socks when Kevin walked into the room and smiled at the sight of him.

"Just give me a minute and I'll be ready."

"Take your time honey," Kevin said and leaned against the desk.

Nick stood up and slipped into his shoes. After rubbing the towel against his hair a little, he ran his fingers through his hair before brushing it back. He quickly slipped his watch on, put his wallet and cell phone into his pockets, before standing in front of Kevin with a smile on his face.

Kevin's smile widened and he leaned forward to lightly brush his lips against Nick's. He caught Nick's hand with his own and entwined their fingers, walking to the door with Nick.

10 minutes later they were safely in the limo, headed for the restaurant.


Chapter Eleven


Nick settled comfortably in the limo and leaned back, letting his eyes roam over Kevin, taking in his black pants and gray shirt. Kevin caught his eye and winked, causing Nick to blush a little while smiling. He stretched his arm out and Kevin understood. He caught Nick's hand into his own and held it, laughing softly when Nick's grin became even bigger.

They stayed in silence the rest of the way to the restaurant, content in themselves and each other.

When the limo glided to a stop and the door was opened Nick got out and looked around him while waiting for Kevin to join him. He flashed Kevin a warm smile, who as always couldn't resist smiling back. Kevin gently put his hand on Nick's back as they walked into the restaurant together. After checking to see that their table was reserved and waiting, they were led to a corner table at the back where they were granted full privacy. Hanging vines and flowers in strategic places ensured that no one could see their table and they couldn't see the other diners. All in all it was a romantic atmosphere. Nick slid into the half round booth and Kevin slid in next to him. After nodding at the waiter who was standing by their table, they both accepted the menus.

Nick looked around him and grinned happily before turning to Kevin and kissing him full on the lips. When they broke apart Kevin blinked before letting out a soft, surprised laugh, knowing the kiss was for bringing Nick there.

They both turned to their menu and read over everything, deciding what to eat.

Kevin inclined his head a little towards Nick, without lifting his eyes off of the menu, "Anything catch your eye Nicky?"

Nick hmmmed, "I was thinking of going for the chicken sizzler with rice. But I don't know if I will be able to finish it. You?"

"I think I'll go for the same and you will be able to finish it. There's no hurry baby, you can eat slowly."

The waiter came over and Kevin placed their orders.

"Two chicken sizzlers with rice in pepper sauce. One portion of garlic toast."

The waiter quickly jotted what they wanted down. "Anything to drink sir?"

Kevin looked at Nick who smiled, "You can have alcohol Kev, its ok." Turning to the waiter he said, "I'll have an iced coffee."

"I'll take an ice tea."

The waiter nodded and walked off.

Nick turned to Kevin, a small frown on his face, "Kev..."

He trailed off when Kevin gently placed his finger against Nick's lips, "Shh. I won't enjoy alcohol with this kinda food baby. Maybe later. Don't worry about it." He kissed Nick softly, licking Nick's lips softly before pulling away.

"How did you manage to make Loonie stay back?" Nick asked softly.

Kevin placed his right hand on Nick's left thigh and gently caressed his thigh, "I managed to convince him that we would be alright and that I could protect my baby boy on my own from over zealous girls and guys."

Nick started laughing and looked at Kevin amidst his laughter, "You didn't!"

Kevin shrugged and started laughing too, "I did."

Nick lightly punched Kevin's shoulder, "I am not a baby that needs protecting."

Kevin caught Nick's hand and entwined their fingers while looking into Nick's eyes, "You're MY baby and there are a lot of people who would love to steal you away from me to have for themselves," Kevin said softly.

"I wouldn't wanna be with anyone but you. Even if someone steals me as you put it, my heart would remain with you and without my heart my body is just that, a body," Nick said shyly.

Kevin tightened his fingers on Nick's hand and kissed the back of Nick's hand that he was holding.

They moved a little away from each other when the waiter came to set their drinks down on the table. He smiled at them and left. Nick turned his head and kissed Kevin's cheek, before stirring his drink. They each picked up the other's glass and tasted it before passing it back and picking up their own drinks and taking a sip.


Kevin turned to give his husband his full attention when he heard the hesitancy in his voice, "Hmm?"

"You don't mind that I told the guys they we just wanted to go out alone, did you? Because as nice as it is hanging out with them and everything, I just haven't gotten you to myself lately," Nick finished, all the while looking into Kevin's eyes.

Kevin smiled reassuringly at Nick, "Nick, I was going to suggest the same thing. Ever since the incident with Jennings, its like the guys have gotten spooked all over again and want to spend all their free time with us, which I am all for. But I WANT to spend time alone with you when we aren't too tired to even talk or do more than sleep or cuddle. Don't worry about it sweetheart. On this tour there is an even bigger chance of someone running into us all the time. If we aren't eating with the guys then we seem to be spending our time with Chris. I'm all for all of that but I want you to myself too." He lowered his voice; "I want to be able to focus my entire attention on you, without having to worry about being rude or something to anyone else." Kevin slowly pulled Nick's face close and placed a gentle kiss on Nick's lips.

Nick's eyes and his smile brightened and Kevin knew he had laid Nick's doubts to rest. Smiling at the younger man he settled back in the booth, letting his hand rest on Nick's thigh again.

A few minutes later the waiter returned with two sizzling platters, which he set before them and a plate of garlic toast, which he also placed on the table and with a smile, and `enjoy', he was off.

Nick and Kevin placed their napkins on their laps and moved their food around a little with their forks in order to cool it a bit. Steam was all over their plates. Their food consisted of french fries, rice, vegetables, chicken pieces, cheese and all of it was cooked in pepper sauce. Kevin forked a french fry onto his fork and blew on it a little to cool it, then held it up for Nick. When Nick opened his mouth, Kevin checked to make sure the fry wasn't hot enough to burn Nick's mouth and gently pushed the fork into Nick's mouth, smiling and waiting for Nick's response once Nick has closed his lips around the fork. Nick opened his eyes and smiled.

"Its delicious."

Nick in turn forked some rice up and fed it to Kevin. Once Kevin had swallowed he leaned forward and kissed Nick's forehead. "Eat before it gets cold."

They both laughed softly, knowing their food wasn't going to get cold for at least an hour.

While eating they kept stealing bites from each other, as well as from each other's plates just because they felt like eating out of the others plate. Halfway through his meal Nick leaned back and took a deep breath. Kevin too leaned back and looked at Nick.

"I'm full Kev, I don't think I can eat anymore."

Kevin smiled, "Its ok baby. Rest a little, you can take a break and then eat some more." When Kevin saw Nick about to protest he spoke, "Nick you know if you don't eat more you will be hungry later."

Nick sighed and nodded, a smile forming on his face. Kevin smiled and went back to eating, slowing down so that he wouldn't be through with his dinner before Nick started eating again. Over the years he had learned to gauge when Nick was REALLY full and when he just needed a bit of a break while eating.

Nick sat back up and picked up his fork, starting to eat again.

After a little while both of them had finish eating. Nick, who had never before managed to finish a sizzler by himself and hence always shared with someone had actually ordered his own and managed to finish almost all of it. Kevin smiled at him, proud of Nick for what people might feel is hardly an accomplishment, but for Kevin anything Nick achieved, big or small was significant. He pressed a quick kiss to Nick's cheek.

They decided against having any dessert since both were feeling too full from the meal and asked for the check. When they had paid and were getting up to leave, their waiter shyly came up to them and congratulated them on their commitment ceremony and asked them for an autograph. They both smiled and thanked him before writing out their autograph for him.

Once they were settled back in the limo Nick stretched and shifted around until he was sitting close to Kevin. Kevin pulled Nick so that he was sitting with his back against Kevin's chest. He lowered his head and pulled the left side of Nick's collar aside, then started placing a series of kisses along Nick's neck, causing Nick to giggle softly and lean his head more towards the right. Kevin gently bit Nick's soft skin and started to gently suck on it. He grinned at Nick's response and opened some of the buttons of Nick's shirt; slipping his hand into Nick's shirt he rubbed his chest. Nick moaned softly and arched into his touch. Kevin twisted Nick's nipple and kissed Nick so that Nick was moaning into his mouth.

Kevin broke their kiss when he felt the car slowing down. He quickly buttoned Nick's shirt back up and placed a soft kiss on his lips.


Kevin groaned aloud when he looked into Nick's desire filled eyes.

"Just a few minutes baby."

Nick sighed and ran a shaky hand through his hair and tried to look presentable. They left the limo and walked into the hotel, through the lobby and into the elevator, which was thankfully waiting and empty. Kevin pressed the button for their floor before pressing Nick against the wall of the elevator. Nick moaned at the feeling of both their bodies pressed together. Kevin quickly claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. When they broke their kiss, Kevin attached his lips to Nick's neck and started sucking and nibbling on the soft skin, causing Nick to gasp and slide his hand into Kevin's hair.

When the elevator dinged and stopped at their floor, neither paid much attention. Kevin trailed kisses up along Nick's neck, snaking his tongue out and licking Nick's skin on the way. He pressed his lips against Nick's again, licking his way into Nick's mouth.

A throat being cleared rather loudly forced them to break their kiss. Kevin sighed in frustration and looked at Nick who blinked and smiled slowly, licking his lips. Kevin placed a petal soft kiss against Nick's lips before putting his arm around Nick's shoulders and pulling him close again. They turned and saw Brian with his arms crossed across his chest, staring at them with a smirk on his face and Justin and Joey. Justin was grinning and Joey looked flushed. Kevin just shook his head and laughed before pulling Nick out of the elevator and towards their room.

"We're going down to the restaurant, feel like joining us?"

Kevin, who had been unlocking their room door, smiled at Nick who went in and turned his head to answer Brian, "Thanks but we got something planned." He smiled and went into the room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

His breath caught in his throat when he walked further into the room. Nick was facing the balcony and had just finished removing his shirt, which he dropped onto a chair. Kevin stood behind Nick and wrapped his arms around him; bending his head he started placing kisses along Nick's shoulder, moving to suck lightly on his neck again.

Encouraged by Nick's moans, Kevin slid his hands lower from Nick's stomach to his belt and began undoing it. Discarding his belt, Kevin turned Nick around. He cupped his cheeks and gave him a long and soft kiss.

Without words they finished undressing and climbed onto the bed. All was silent except for the sound of gasps and moans. But the silence was soon broken by Nick's screams of `Kevin.'

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