Love Brought Us Together

Disclaimer:I don't mean to imply the sexualities or sexual preferences of any of the celebrites I have mentioned in Love Brought Us Together.If anyone who is reading this has a problem with slash fiction or two people loving each other, then this is the wrong place for you to be. Lastly, this is fictional. If you don't know what it means please go look it up.


His breath caught in his throat when he walked further into the room. Nick was facing the balcony and had just finished removing his shirt, which he dropped onto a chair. Kevin stood behind Nick and wrapped his arms around him; bending his head he started placing kisses along Nick's shoulder, moving to suck lightly on his neck again.

Encouraged by Nick's moans, Kevin slid his hands lower from Nick's stomach to his belt and began undoing it. Discarding his belt, Kevin turned Nick around. He cupped his cheeks and gave him a long and soft kiss.

Without words they finished undressing and climbed onto the bed. All was silent except for the sound of gasps and moans. But the silence was soon broken by Nick's screams of `Kevin.'

Chapter Twelve

Kevin sighed in his sleep, scrunching his face when he felt something tickling his nose slightly. The tickling stopped so he snuggled into the blanket. A minute later he felt a tickling sensation along his forehead, down his nose and then against his lips. He sighed and slowly opened his eyes, smiling slightly when he woke up some more and saw blue eyes twinkling back at him. He looked at his husband as Nick kissed the deep red rose in his hand and then lowered it to Kevin's lips, trailing the rose along his lips. Nick moved the rose away and slowly leaned down, brushing his lips against Kevin's. He smiled at Kevin before kissing him again, deeper. They broke the kiss slowly and Nick straightened up again. He was sitting cross-legged on the bed next to where Kevin was laying down.

He tilted his head to the right and smiled down at Kevin. "Good morning," he said softly.

Kevin smiled back a little sleepily and sat up a little, leaning on his left elbow and cupped Nick's cheek with his right hand. "Morning sweetheart." He moved his hand to the back of Nick's neck and guided Nick's face down for a kiss. When they pulled apart, he brushed a kiss on Nick's cheek and then let him straighten up.

"I ordered breakfast. We have rehearsals in an hour and a half so I thought we could have breakfast together...alone."

Kevin nodded, the smile not leaving his face. He sat up and then moved the blankets away. Nick moved and stood up and Kevin turned and stood up. Kevin stretched his long body out and then turned to find Nick watching him. Nick blushed slightly with a smile.

"I'll be right back," Kevin said and after Nick nodded, walked to the bathroom.

Nick felt a pleasant tingle go through his body as he watched Kevin walk naked to the bathroom. He himself had pulled on a robe. He sat back down on the bed and waited for Kevin.

Kevin came out 5 minutes later. Nick stood up and smiled. He walked over to Kevin and took his hand into his own, placing a soft kiss on his lips. He led him to the balcony where he had laid their breakfast out on the table. Once they were both seated next to each other, Nick lifted the coverings of the dishes and kept them aside as steam gently hit their faces.

Nick picked up a fork and used it to cut into the fluffy, light omelette and held it up to Kevin's lips, causing Kevin to smile and open his mouth. Nick slid the fork in and watched as Kevin closed his mouth on it. Nick slowly pulled the fork out of Kevin's mouth, watching Kevin chew it. Kevin picked up a fork and forked a piece of omelette to feed Nick with. When Nick smiled at him after swallowing the bite, Kevin leaned forward and kissed him, gently just licking at Nick's lips before pulling away. They looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before turning back to their food.

"What time did you wake up Nicky?" Kevin asked while cutting another piece of the bacon, tomato, egg, cheese and green peppers omelette.

Nick finished chewing a piece of croissant and shrugged, "Around 7 I think. I just laid there, watching you. Then ordered breakfast at 8 and woke you up when it arrived."

"How come you were up so early? Are you feeling ok?" Kevin asked, a little concerned.

Nick smiled and shook his head, "I feel fine. I feel great, especially after last night." He blushed lightly and looked at Kevin.

Kevin cupped Nick's cheek, "You aren't sore or anything?"

Nick reddened further, "Nope. Well not much. Honestly boo, I'm fine."

They shared a smile and went back to their breakfast, not needing to fill the silence with words.

10 minutes later, both of them relaxed back, Kevin with a cup of coffee and Nick with a glass of fresh mixed fruit juice. Nick finished his juice and looked at Kevin. "You feel like going shopping after rehearsal?"

Kevin set his cup down and held out his hand. Nick placed his hand onto Kevin's, who tugged on his hand, causing Nick to laugh and stand, giggling when Kevin pulled him forward and pulled Nick down to sit sideways on his lap. Nick smiled and snuggled his head on Kevin's shoulder, sighing when Kevin slid his hand into Nick's robe, kissed his hair and started caressing his chest.

"I'll come with you. We can come back here after rehearsals, take a shower and then leave," Kevin said.

Nick kissed Kevin's neck and sighed in contentment. They sat there together for a few minutes before getting up and going into the room to get ready for rehearsals.

Rehearsal was over in an hour and BSB got back to the hotel and went into their rooms. Nick stripped off his clothes and joined Kevin in the shower, wrapping his arms around Kevin's waist from behind and pressing his forehead against Kevin's shoulder. Kevin rubbed Nick's head lightly while letting the warm water wash over them. He slowly turned and pulled Nick into his arms, moving his hands down Nick's back and massaging his ass while sucking on his neck. Nick moaned and slid his fingers through Kevin's hair before suddenly moving slightly.

"Kevin NO! I already have 3 hickies."

Kevin laughed into Nick's neck and kissed his neck. "Sorry baby, I didn't mean to. You just taste so damn good." That said Kevin pressed his lips against Nick's in a deep kiss, sucking on Nick's tongue, causing the blond to moan loudly.

They didn't realize, or care about how much time passed while they caressed, kissed, stroked and loved each other, under the flowing water. But they pulled away slowly when they realized the water had gotten a little cold. Both were panting, their faces flushed, and lips swollen. They held each other gently while they came down from the high rush of feelings they always gave each other. When they felt calmer, they got cleaned up, turned the water off and wrapped themselves in huge, soft towels. After drying off Kevin stood in front of their bag, sorting through his clothes and thinking about what to wear. Nick just got comfortable on the bed and watched Kevin.

"Nicky come here," Kevin said without looking at him, his eyes still on their clothes.

Nick sighed and stood up, walking up to Kevin and standing near him.

"Well?" he asked after a minute of silence.

Kevin looked at him and laughed softly, "Impatient much?"

Nick pouted, "You're being all silent on purpose!"

Kevin laughed and wrapped his arm around Nick's waist, kissing his forehead, and pressing their forehead together, looking into his eyes, "Well...I wanted to ask whether you had any idea if these clothes are clean or not."

Nick kissed Kevin's nose, giggling when he wrinkled it and turned to look into the bag, a look of concentration on his face, which smoothed into an "oh oh" look. He turned to Kevin and smiled tentatively, "I uh kinda didn't realize and just um dumped them all together," he trailed off and then quickly blurted out, "I'm sorry Kevin."

Kevin looked at Nick sternly for a minute, during which Nick sucked his lower lip into his mouth and kept his eyes on Kevin's neck. After a minute, Kevin slid his hand behind Nick's neck and gently applied a little pressure until Nick looked at him. He smiled gently at him, "We've talked about this Nicky."

Nick nodded. Kevin sighed and pulled Nick close, looking into Nick's innocent face, which had a sad look to it at the moment. "I really am sorry Kevin. We can put off our shopping for awhile and I can go do our laundry myself."

Kevin trailed his thumb over Nick's lips before pressing their lips together for a short kiss. "Its ok Nick. I was just pointing out that you didn't separate the clothes. We have clean clothes in the other bag."

Nick sighed in relief and hugged Kevin, who smoothened the back of Nick's hair.

After a few minutes spent just reveling in the feel of each other, Kevin spoke softly, his mouth close to Nick's ear, "Ready to go shopping?"

Nick nodded his head, which was resting on Kevin's shoulder. They pulled apart and Kevin lifted their other bag, unzipping in. Together they pulled out clean clothes and got dressed.

Once they felt they had everything they needed, they left the room and walked to the end of the hallway. Near where the elevators were situated our bodyguards were sitting and patiently waiting for us. They escorted us to the parking lot and to the van waiting for us.

"So do you guys need something or are we just browsing?" Carl asked, 5 minutes into the trip.

Kevin was sitting with his head leaned back against the headrest, his eyes closed. He opened them when and straightened he heard Carl. Nick, who was sitting next to the window and looking out, spoke without turning his head away from the cars and scenery passing them by. "Probably just a browsing trip. Though there is a possibility I will drag you to many stores with me."

Kevin closed his eyes and leaned his head back again, a smile on his face at Nick's mischievous tone.

Carl groaned. "You take Loonie with you, I'm not going with you. I still have nightmares about the last time."

Nick grinned and turned to smile sweetly at Carl, "Sorry, but I'll be taking Kevin with me, so you'll have to come protect him!" Nick nodded, trying to look earnest and innocent. But Carl was having none of that and just groaned. Nick just giggled and went back to looking out the window. "Kevy? You'll come with me right? You won't send me all alone with Loonie right?"

Kevin spoke without moving, "Of course I will Nicky."

15 minutes later, Nick was standing in a music store, his eyes scanning over the CD's, seeing if anything would catch his eye. Kevin came over and moved with Nick, who was slowly strolling past each section, his eyes flying over the CD titles, to see if he wanted any. In the end, neither of them bought anything from there and they left, moving along clothing stores and the food court. Kevin stopped at a bookstore and went inside to check out the books and Nick followed him quickly. He watched with a adoring smile on his face, directed towards Kevin who was intently looking through the books. Kevin caught Nick looking at him from the corner of his eye and turned his head to the left.

"See something you like Nicky?" he drawled softly.

Nick smiled wider, "You look cute."

Kevin inclined his head, "Thank you. You look cute too."

Loonie, who was standing near by, laughed softly at their behavior. They really were very cute.

In the end, Kevin ended up buying two murder mysteries and another book, before they were ready to leave. Nick decided he didn't want to see anymore of the mall, so they made one last stop at the food court to get some fries before walking out and to the van.

Once they were in the van and on their way back to the hotel, Kevin turned his attention from watching Nick and Loonie munch on the fries, to Carl. "Did you get the stuff AJ wanted?" he asked.

Carl nodded and handed over a bag to Kevin. "They didn't have the razors he wanted though."

Kevin shrugged lightly and kept the bag aside, "I'll give him some of mine. No biggie."

Suddenly a french fry was pressed against his lips. Kevin smiled and opened his mouth so that Nick could feed it to him and kissed Nick's finger quickly, causing the blonde's smile to widen. He then turned back to finishing his snack. Kevin shook his head lightly at Carl in amusement and both watched as Loonie and his young charge quickly finished eating.

When they reached the hotel, Carl instructed the driver to go directly into the underground parking lot. Within a few minutes all four of them were in the elevator. Nick was yawning and leaning against the elevator wall. Carl looked closely at him.

"Hey kid, did you get any sleep last night?" he asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

Nick blushed and stuck his tongue out at him, before wrapping his arms around Kevin's arm.

They laughed and walked towards Nick and Kevin's room. Upon entering their room, Nick immediately took his shoes off and crawled onto the bed, starting to get comfortable before Kevin gave him a look that made him groan and start to sit up.

Carl and Loonie laughed while leaving the room. Nick pouted. Kevin just shook his head.

"Not going to work Nick. You cannot skip lunch," he said in a firm tone.

"But Kevin..." Nick whined.

"No way Nickolas. You are eating lunch and only then can you go to sleep and that's final."

Nick frowned and crossed his arms over his chest, "Fine. What are we having?"

Kevin leaned against the wall, "That depends on whether you want to go to the restaurant or eat here."

Nick shrugged, "I'm fine with whatever you want," he said while leaning back against the pillows piled against the headboard.

Kevin nodded and picked up the room service menu, bringing it and sitting next to Nick. He held the menu out to Nick who didn't bother taking it; just scanning the contents while Kevin held it.

"Chicken salad sandwich," Nick said softly. All traces of his earlier pout had vanished and now he just looked sorry for his behavior and tired.

Kevin ordered both their lunches and took his shoes off, getting comfortable. He gently wrapped his arms around Nick and held him.

"Baby, you know I don't like having to force you like this, but you cannot ignore your body like this. You are so used to skipping meals because of some reason of the other. But it's very bad for you. We keep hectic schedules and you have to eat at regular intervals if you want to stay healthy. You know you need to keep your strength up. Howie's not going to let you work out with him if you don't eat properly.

"He's letting me eat whatever I want, how will that help?"

Kevin smiled at Nick's way of ignoring his progress. "Nicky, you aren't on a strict diet anymore darling. You can eat whatever you want now, that's true, but in moderation. Brian and you used to eat pizza practically every second or third day if not everyday, now you don't do that anymore. You eat healthy food, you work out. Its good for you. You are allowed to eat whatever you feel like. But you can't stick to this workout schedule you have if you miss meals ok?"

Nick nodded and yawned tiredly, making Kevin laugh.

"Eat and then take a nap. We don't have to be at the arena for another few hours."

Nick nodded tiredly, "Are you going to nap with me?"

Kevin gently brushed Nick's hair back from his face with his fingers, "If you want me to I will."

"You got something else planned?"

Kevin nodded, "I knew you were going to sleep after lunch so I told AJ I'd spend the afternoon with him. I can stay with you if you want."

Nick shook his head, leaning back against Kevin's strong chest, "Just stay with me until I fall asleep, and then go."

Kevin nodded. They sat together in silence until there was a knock on the door. Kevin stood up to answer it and let the room service guy in. After tipping him, Kevin brought their food over to Nick.

They finished their lunch and Nick stretched his body. Without getting off the bed he pulled his t-shirt off and then wriggled out of his jeans before snuggling under the covers. Kevin laid down next to him and stroked his back while Nick got comfortable on his side, facing Kevin. Kevin kissed Nick's cheek and stroked his back, waiting for him to fall asleep.

15 minutes later Kevin kissed Nick's hair and carefully got off the bed, so as not to disturb Nick.

He slipped his feet into a pair of black Nike sandals and grabbing his cell phone and key card, quietly left the room.

He smiled when he saw Carl sitting outside the room in a chair.

"Hey Kevin, ate your lunch?"

Kevin nodded and smiled, "Yup, you?"

Carl nodded too, "Yeah, finished awhile ago. You going somewhere?"

"Just to Howie's room. I'm not leaving the hotel, don't worry."

"And Nick?"

"Asleep. So...why don't you go relax?"

Carl stood up, "You sure he's asleep?"

Kevin smiled, "Yeah, I'm sure."

"Ok. Gimme a call if you need me. Someone will be at the end of the hall keeping watch," Carl said, while indicating the area near the elevator that held couches.

"Alright. See ya later."

Carl watched and waited as Kevin knocked on Howie's door and went inside a few seconds later. He then pulled out the extra keycard for Kevin and Nick's room and clicked the door open. Quietly he checked to see if Nick was indeed asleep, then as silently as he entered he left, making sure the door locked behind him. He walked to the end of the hallway where he saw Justin's bodyguard settled comfortably on a sofa, reading a magazine.

"Hey Carl you leaving now?" Mike asked.

Carl nodded while pressing the button to call the elevator. "You're going to be here?"

Ron nodded, "Yeah."

Carl stepped into the elevator, "Alright, I'll see you later."

Mike waved at Carl as the elevator doors closed.

AJ smiled as he closed the doors behind him. Kevin sat down on the sofa and stretched his long legs out.

"I was just finishing lunch. You want something to eat Kev?" AJ asked as he sat cross legged on the bed and started eating again.

Kevin smiled, "Nah. I already ate."

"Where's Nicky? Is he coming?"

Kevin looked at AJ, a slight frown on his face. "He's sleeping. Besides, I thought you just wanted us to hang out together, you didn't say anything about Nick."

AJ blushed, "Sorry. I just...usually...well..."

Kevin gave Howie his complete attention. "AJ I wanted to spend time with you too."

AJ sighed, "I just, I wanted to spend time with you but I know you and Nicky don't get much time to just hang out, so I wouldn't mind if Nick had come too."

Kevin smiled gently at AJ, "Nick and I spend time together last night and this morning. We can stay away from each other for awhile you know."

"Are you sure? I mean I know that lately he's been doing better but he prefers to have someone with him and..." AJ trailed off as Kevin stood up and walked toward him, taking a seat on the bed, facing him.

"Relax AJ. He cannot have someone with him all the time. His doctor wants him to be able to be alone too."

AJ sighed and nodded. He finished his lunch and he and Kevin sat down on the couch.

A couple of hours later, Nick woke up slowly. He checked the time and lay in bed for a few minutes before getting up and going to the bathroom.

He came out feeling awake and refreshed. He changed into a pair of dark blue track pants and a red t-shirt, throwing a couple of things into his backpack before sitting down to wear his socks and sneakers.

Once he was ready, he left his room, making sure the door locked behind him and looked up and down the hall. When he walked passed an open doorway, he looked inside and saw Lance Bass sitting on the foot of the bed and sipping something from a cup while watching tv. He smiled and knocked gently on the doorway, waving when Lance looked at him.

Lance Bass felt a smile break out across his face when he saw Nick Carter Richardson in his doorway. He felt the day's, week's, past month's tensions leave him and an incredible lightness fill his heart at the blue eyed young man's sweet and tentative smile.

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