Love Brought Us Together

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Chapter Fourteen

Kevin and Brian rushed into the room where they were immediately attacked by stylists and people from wardrobe. Kevin grabbed the clothes they handed him and went behind a screen to put them on. When he emerged a few minutes later he was immediately dragged into another room for make up. He tried to look around for Nick but couldn't see him in the brief look he was able to take around the room.
The concert that night went as well as the previous ones despite the fact that Brian, JC, Chris, Justin and Kevin arrived at the venue late. 
Kevin wrapped his arms around Nick from behind and pressed a light kiss to his neck. Nick smiled and turned his head, meeting Kevin's lips for a soft kiss. Nick turned slowly and slid his arms up Kevin's chest to wrap them around his neck, pressing against him for another kiss.
Brian dragged his bag out of his room and shut the door. He smiled when he saw that Howie was already in the hallway with his bag.

"Hey Howie," he said with a smile.

"Hey Bri," Howie said.

Before anything more could be said, Carl came up to them. "Good, you guys are ready to go. Where are the others?"

Brian shrugged.

Howie looked at him, then at Carl. "AJ, Kevin and Nick are still in their rooms."

As soon as he finished speaking, a door opened and AJ came out, pushing and dragging his bags.

"Alright well someone should be up in a minute to take your stuff down to the bus. We need to leave soon," Carl said. Then he went and knocked on the door to Kevin and Nick's room. AJ smirked when Carl turned to look at them after the door hadn't been opened even after a minute. He sighed and turned to knock again, harder and louder.

"WHAT?", was heard from inside the room.

AJ started laughing outright at the distinctly annoyed voice of Kevin Richardson. Carl turned and mock glared at him before turning back to the door.

"Kevin, it's Carl. Are you two ready to leave?"

There wasn't any reply for another minute before the door was yanked open. Kevin stood there in a pair of jeans.

"We're almost ready ok? We need another 10 minutes or so. Bye." With that said he shut the door fast, luckily at the last moment slowing the force with which he was shutting it so that it didn't slam.

Carl led a laughing AJ, Brian and Howie away while a bellboy collected their bags and followed them.

Kevin shut the door and turned around to see Nick curled up on his side giggling. Kevin growled and pounced on him, making him turn onto his back, gasping for breath while still giggling. Supporting his weight by holding himself slightly above Nick's body Kevin just kept looking at Nick while Nick tried to stop his giggles.

"I'm glad you find me so amusing baby," Kevin said softly once Nick's giggles had tapered off and Nick was staring mesmerized into Kevin's eyes.

Nick giggled again and slid his hand onto the back of Kevin's head, tugging his face closer and rubbing their noses together. In a quick move Kevin turned them over so that Nick was on top. He tugged Nick's surprised face closer and pressed their lips together while sliding his hands down Nick's back and over his smooth ass which was left bare when his towel slid open. Nick moaned into the kiss and pressed against him. They broke the passionate kiss when the need for air became urgent. Before their lips could meet for another kiss though, three rapid knocks sounded on their door, along with Carl's voice telling them to hurry up.

Nick nuzzled his face against Kevin's neck and rested his body completely on Kevin's.

"Kevin you gotta stop that...please," Nick whispered into Kevin's ear.

With a small smile Kevin stopped massaging and squeezing Nick's ass and hugged him tight. Nick raised his head and kissed Kevin's cheek, before slowly and carefully getting off of Kevin and off the bed. When he was standing beside the bed he realized that his towel had come off and he had forgotten to wrap it around himself again, so basically he was standing there naked. He looked at Kevin, and smiled slightly when he saw Kevin watched him with a mixture of love and lust in his eyes.

Kevin slowly sat up with a smile on his face. Nick backed away a little with a slight blush on his face and reached for his clothes that were kept on a nearby chair. He began dressing hurriedly when there was another knock on the door, followed by Carl's voice, reminding them of what time it was. Kevin walked over to where Nick was standing and tugging his jeans on. Kevin pulled on a black tshirt just as Nick tugged a yellow tshirt over his head. Both of them sat down to wear their sneakers before checking to see that they had everything packed. They had already had their bags sent to the bus and had opted to just keep a smaller bag with their clothes in it. Every few days they took all their bags to their room with them, usually just to take out clean clothes and fill into their small bag.

"Got everything Nick?" Kevin asked while slipping his wallet and cell phone into his pockets.

"Yup," Nick distractedly replied while putting his own wallet and cell phone into his pockets and then brushing his hair. He tossed his hairbrush into his backpack and zipped it shut.

They shut off most of the room lights, leaving just the one near the door switched on. Carl smiled when they stepped out the door and shut it behind them. Kevin waved him back when he reached to take the bag from him.

"I got it Carl, don't worry," he said with a smile.

Nick yawned and shivered slightly.

Carl chuckled. "The guys are already downstairs in the coffee shop. Let's go."

They nodded and walked with him to the elevators and stepped into the one that was waiting on their floor. Nick drew their attention from watching the elevator go down each floor by yawning again and shuddering slightly.

"Are you cold sweetheart?" Kevin asked softly while looking at Nick.

Nick shook his head as he yawned and shuddered again. "Well maybe a little," Nick said with a small smile.

Kevin watched Nick tug a denim jacket out of his backpack with a tender smile on his face. When the elevator reached the 1st floor where the coffee shop was located all three men stepped out. Carl followed them until Nick and Kevin walked into the place, then he waited until he caught another bodyguard's eye before going back into the elevator and to the basement, where the buses were parked so that he could see that all their bags were safely in.

Brian smiled when he saw Nick and Kevin walking towards the table where he, along with Howie and AJ were waiting for them. Kevin was walking in his usual confident stride while Nick was distractedly playing with the zipper of his jacket and looking around, smiling dreamily.

Kevin and Nick sat down next to each other to a chorus of 'hi's and 'hellos' which they returned.

"What's with the smile Nick?" Brian asked.

Nick&'s smile changed from dreamy to sweet, "I'm just happy...happy happy happy," he giggled and picked up his water glass, gulping it down.

"Slowly!" came the reprimand from the other four.

He finished drinking the water and set the empty glass on the table, looking at them like they were weird, "It's just water!"

Howie, AJ and Brian laughed while Kevin chuckled and slid his left hand down Nick's thigh and squeezed his knee. A waiter came by and handed Nick and Kevin menus. Kevin quickly scanned it and looked at the other guys.

"Have you guys ordered?" Seeing them nod, he turned his attention to Nick. "Baby?"

Nick turned his head and smiled at him, "Tomato soup."

Kevin tilted his head slightly to acknowledge what Nick wanted and beckoned the waiter over to him and ordered their food.

Nick started playing with the salt and pepper shakers to amuse himself while the other four relaxed in silence with the occasional comment tossed out. When Nick's soup was set in front of him he immediately attacked it. Grabbing the salt and pepper shakers he shook them slightly and upturned them over his soup before setting them back down. Mixing the soup with a spoon he began sipping it, being careful not to burn his tongue. Kevin smiled and set a plate of crusty bread in front of Nick and began eating his own food.

Nick started playing with the salt and pepper shakers to amuse himself, AJ sat back in his chair and closed his eyes and Kevin, Howie and Brian started discussing the next few day's schedule. In a few minutes all their food was on the table. Brian, AJ and Howie had already started eating their food. Since they had ordered before Nick and Kevin, they got their food faster. When Kevin and Nick's food arrived they quickly had a bite of the others food before eating their own, occasionally taking a bite out of the others food or Kevin feeding Nick a little bit of his food.

Since Nick was only having a bowl of soup, he finished before the others and sat back in his chair. He looked around the almost deserted coffee shop sleepily. He smiled when his eyes rested on a familiar blond head. He stood up and pushed his chair back into its place. Bending slightly he spoke softly into Kevin's ear.

"Kevin I'm going over to say hi to Lance ok?"

Nick waited to make sure Kevin knew where he was going before grabbing up his backpack and walking towards Lance's table. He nodded his head towards Loonie before tilting his head in Lance's direction. When Loonie nodded back, Nick smiled at him and blew him a kiss to which the big bodyguard chuckled and shook his head at his antics.

Lance ran his fingers through his hair, making sure he'd washed all the gel out of his hair. Taking advantage of the fact that his hair was damp he spiked it up. He pushed his hair brush into his bag before zipping it shut. Pocketing his cell phone and making sure he had his wallet, he checked the room over one more time to make sure he had taken all the papers and floppy discs he had scattered around the room while working. Satisfied he had all his belongings he picked up his backpack, caught the handle of his big trolley bag and began pulling it with him out the door. Once out, he shut his room door and started dragging his bag behind him towards the elevator. He smiled when he saw his bodyguard standing near the elevators.

"Hi Lance, have you eaten?" Wes asked as he took Lance's big bag from him.

Lance sighed and shook his head as he stepped into the elevator and leaned tiredly against the wall. "Have the others eaten?" He asked softly.

Wes nodded, "All of them have already eaten and gotten on the bus. How come you took so long?"

Lance rubbed his hand tiredly over his face, "I was talking to my mom and lost track of the time. I'll eat quickly."

Wes shook his head, "Take your time kid. The Backstreet Boys have just gone down a little while ago. Nick and Kevin went down less than two minutes ago. We'll only pull out once both groups are ready to leave."

Lance sighed in relief. He hated keeping anyone waiting or rushing through his meal when he shouldn't have to, like after a show. Wes escorted Lance to the coffee shop before turning to leave.

"You'll be ok here by yourself Lance? There's ample security inside. I'll settle your bag into the bus and come join you ok?"

Lance nodded, but stopped Wes before he could leave. "Hey Wes, could you please take this with you too?" he asked while holding out his backpack.

Wes nodded and took the bag, swinging it onto his shoulder and left with a wave. Lance rarely ever handed his backpack over to be kept with his bag. The kid must be really tired today, he thought with a sigh.

Lance entered the coffee shop and took a corner table. He quickly scanned the menu and ordered a grilled chicken salad sandwich and a chocolate milkshake. Looking around the coffee shop he noticed that a couple of tables were occupied by people. He spotted the Backstreet Boys almost immediately. They were sitting together eating their food. Brian and Howie were taking bites from each others plates and Kevin was coaxing AJ into eating a little bit of what was on his plate. Nick was happily drinking a bowl of some sort of soup and munching on some crusty bread. Lance smiled at the waiter who brought his food and with one last look at the table of guys he began to eat his food.

Lance looked up when he felt a shadow come over his table. He looked up and smiled when he saw Nick Carter standing there.

"Hi Nick," he said softly.

"Hi," Nick said shyly. "Can I um sit with you while you eat? I uh didn't want you to eat alone."

Lance smiled, feeling his spirits rise, "Sure Nick."

Once Nick was sitting across from him and he had finished chewing a bite of his sandwich he said, "Thanks. For coming to give me company."

Nick smiled, "You're welcome."

They sat in companionable silence...Lance eating and Nick watching him while passing the occasional comment. Once Lance finished his food they sat there discussing the nights show until Kevin came up to them.

"Hey Kevin," Lance said when he saw him walk up to them.

Nick turned his head and smiled, "Hi Kev."

Kevin smiled at both of them, "Hello. Ready to go?"

Both nodded and stood.

"Where are the other four?" Kevin asked Lance.

Lance shrugged lightly, "They're already in the bus."

"Then why'd you eat here all by yourself? You should have come and joined us Lance," Kevin told Lance softly.

Lance bit his lower lip.

"Aww Kev don't make him feel bad," Nick said quickly in a teasing tone and put his arm around Lance's shoulder, "he won't do it again, will you Lance? You don't wanna make Kevy Kev mad at you," he said in an exaggerated frightened tone.

Lance and Kevin laughed.

"I won't do it again Kevin," Lance said sincerely.

Kevin nodded once with a smile to acknowledge what Lance had said.

The three of them headed towards the elevator that would take them to the lower level parking lot when Nick suddenly started moving towards the left. "Bathroom," was all he said as he quickly rushed away.

Loonie came up to them but instead of stopping just followed Nick. Lance and Kevin were standing in a corner near the vending machines and elevators when Kevin suddenly started feeding money into the machine. He made a selection and once he got what he wanted, put in more money. By the time he had taken out a selection of candy bars Nick was back by their side and resting his chin on Kevin's shoulder. Kevin turned his head and pressed a kiss to Nick's forehead before the four of them got into the elevator. Lance watched as Kevin silently handed the chocolate bars over to Nick, who put them into his backpack.

"Where's Chris?" Nick suddenly asked Lance.

Lance shrugged, "I guess he's on the bus."

"Oh," Nick said and blinked.

Loonie looked at Nick with an expression on his face as if he was studying a cute little new species that he had discovered. Lance saw this and burst out laughing. He shrugged and kept laughing when the other three looked at him. Loonie smiled and winked at him, letting him know he had caught on to why he was laughing and joined in his laughter. Nick looked between the two of them as if he was watching a very fascinating tennis match while Kevin just smiled slightly.

When the elevator opened in the basement parking lot, Loonie led the three men out. Kevin automatically moved closer to Nick, who turned his head and smiled at him, getting a gentle smile in return. Nick turned to look at Lance, who was looking right at him. Nick blushed and took Lance's right hand into his own, swinging it back and forth as they walked. Kevin looked at Lance to check his reaction to Nick's holding his hand. Lance was looking at Nick with an expression of shocked happiness on his face. Nick was obliviously walking along, swinging his and Lance's hand high up back and forth while humming softly. Kevin smiled and shook his head slightly before looking forward. Nick led Lance to their bus before blinking in surprise when Lance tugged slightly on their hands. He stopped walking and turned to look at Lance.

"I have to go on that bus Nick," Lance reminded him softly.

Nick blinked as if to process what Lance had said before an expression of understanding came over his face. "Sorry Lance, I didn't realize where I was going," he said with a tinge of pink in his cheeks.

Lance laughed softly and cupped Nick's cheek gently with his free hand and smiled, "It's alright. Goodnight."

He pulled back and turned to Kevin, smiling slightly at the older man,"Goodnight Kevin."

Lance started walking to his bus.

"Goodnight Lance. Sweet dreams, be peaceful."

Lance stopped before entering the bus when he heard those softly uttered words. He turned his head to the left and smiled...a bright, sincere smile and mouthed 'thank you' before being ushered into the bus.

Nick turned suddenly after the door to their bus had been closed and almost bumped into Kevin. Kevin slid his hands over Nick's hips and tugged him closer, pressing them together. Nick slid his arms up Kevin's chest and wrapped them gently around Kevin's neck. "I love you Kevin," Nick said softly.

Kevin smiled and pressed his lips against Nick's in a slow, warm kiss. "I love you Nicky," he said when he pulled back.

Nick buried his face in Kevin's neck, nuzzling it gently. Kevin closed his eyes and slid his right hand into Nick's hair, his left arm wrapped around his waist. Nick's hands slowly moved from around Kevin's neck to his ass, squeezing gently. Kevin sighed and closed his eyes. Nick began kissing around Kevin's neck, pressing his hips into Kevin's. Kevin bit his lip to keep from making any sound. All he wanted to do was tear Nick's clothes off and love him.

Nick nibbled lightly on Kevin's neck. He unbuttoned a few of the buttons of Kevin's shirt and slid the shirt off one shoulder before kissing along his shoulder. He stopped sucking on Kevin's shoulder when he heard a throat being cleared.

Kevin opened his eyes slowly and saw Howie standing a little away, looking at them. He wrapped his arms around Nick when Nick turned around, letting Nick lean back on his chest.

"Sorry Howie," Nick said softly, unable to look Howie in the eye.

Howie smiled, "No need to apologise. If anything, I should be the one saying sorry for interrupting you guys. I just wanted a drink of water. Why don't you guys go to the back room. It's empty. Brian and AJ were tired out and are already asleep."

Once Howie drank water and went back to his bunk Nick turned around in Kevin's arms again and looked at him. "I don't know what's come over me. I just always want to touch you."

Kevin cupped his cheeks and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, "Baby we've not had to control ourselves during the last tour. We were making love every single day. Being on one bus now is affecting our freedom. I am sorry though," Kevin said softly, making Nick look at him in confusion. "I shouldn't have started making love to you after our shower when I knew we didn't have the time to finish it. I've left us both feeling restless."

Nick shook his head, "No. I just, I'm used to having your attention and body anytime I want it. This waiting until we are all alone going to take some getting used to."

Kevin sighed and kissed him again, "How about as soon as we reach the next hotel, we make the time to be together for a couple of hours?"

Nick smiled and nodded before a mischievous look came into his eyes. "Kev," he whispered softly, "can I at least give you a blow job now?"

Kevin bit his lip and closed his eyes. Nick grinned and dragged him to the back of the bus, locking the door behind them and pushing Kevin to sit on the couch before kneeling in front of him. Kevin's breath caught in his throat in anticipation as Nick hurriedly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, reaching his hand in and gently pulling Kevin's erection out and bending down to it.

Brian's eyes fluttered open. He wondered what time it was, but assumed it was still early since the nightlight was on. He allowed his gaze to move over the bunks opposite him. Howie was fast asleep in the lower one. Moving his gaze upwards he saw Nick's sleeping face. But instead of looking content in his sleep as he usually did, Nick's face had a little restless look to it. Brian frowned, wondering if he was feeling alright. Just then Nick tugged on Kevin's arm that was wrapped around his waist and brought it up to his face. He held onto Kevin's hand and snuggled his face against Kevin's hand. Brian smiled at the gesture and closing his eyes, turned over to go back to sleep.
Kevin sighed softly and opened his eyes, blinking and waking up. He slid his hand up Nick's back when he discovered the warmth on him was due to his husband sleeping halfway on him. Nick made a soft cooing sound in his sleep and rubbed his cheek on Kevin's chest. Kevin slid his hand into Nick's hair and gently rubbed the soft, silky strands.

"Nicky," he said softly, "Nicky."

Nick's sleep fogged mind registered someone's voice saying his name softly in a slight sing song way. He opened his eyes when it registered to him that the voice was Kevin's. He lifted his head and looked into Kevin's smiling face, feeling a smile spread over his own face. Kevin leaned his head up and forward and placed a kiss on Nick's forehead.

"I didn't want to try and shift you while you were asleep. I might have ended up hurting you. I'm sorry I had to wake you darling," Kevin said.

Nick smiled sleepily, his mind focused on Kevin's pretty eyes. When what Kevin said registered in his head he woke up a bit more. "I'm sorry." He yawned. "Sorry again," he said, for yawning. He turned carefully to the left and slid off Kevin, pressing his back against the bunk, giving Kevin space to move out of their bunk.

"You going to go back to sleep baby?" Kevin asked.

Nick shrugged and yawned again. "I don't know. I don't think so. I'll get up in a few minutes."

Kevin nodded and slid out of their bunk and went into the bathroom. He shut the door but left it unlocked in case Nick wanted to come inside. As he brushed his teeth after using the loo, his mind went back to last night. He felt a shiver travel up his spine, remembering how eager Nick had been. Just then the door opened and Nick peeked his head in.

"Is it ok if I come in?" he asked.

Kevin nodded and continued brushing his teeth. Nick came in and shut and locked the door behind him before taking his boxers off and relieving himself. Kevin's mind returned to thinking about Nick sucking him when he saw Nick's cock. He spat the remaining paste from his mouth and rinsed his mouth out.

"Do you think I need to shave?" Nick asked, nudging Kevin slightly and standing next to him, staring into the mirror above the sink while washing his hands.

Kevin stared into their reflection, his eyes focused on Nick's face. "No baby, give it another few days."

Nick shrugged, "Alright." He picked up his toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it before shoving it into his mouth.

Kevin smiled and turned to go behind the curtain and take a very quick shower when Nick's hand holding onto his stopped him. He turned to see Nick looking at him through very awake blue eyes.

"Don't shower without me," Nick said.

At least that's what Kevin assumed Nick meant because what he said sounded more like 'Doft dowder doubt dee'. Kevin smirked and leaned his shoulder near the sink, watching his husband brush his teeth.

Once Nick was done, he quickly rinsed his mouth and washed his hands before straightening up and smiling at Kevin. Kevin just laughed, stepped behind the curtain and held his arms open. Nick quickly followed Kevin and smiled when he saw him standing with his arms open. Immediately Nick wrapped his own arms around Kevin and pressed himself against Kevin.

"No getting frisky Nicky," Kevin whispered softly in his ear.

Nick chuckled and kissed Kevin's shoulder, "I just wanted to shower with you. I'll behave myself, I promise."

Kevin smiled and turned the water on, adjusting the temperature and picking up his washcloth and soap, watching Nick do the same. They quickly soaped themselves and washed off. After quickly running towels over their bodies and hair, they wrapped the towels around their waists and came out of the bathroom. Howie, who was waiting for his turn to use the bathroom smiled when he saw them come out together. Nick, on seeing Howie, blushed and hid behind Kevin. He wrapped his arms around Kevin's waist and pressed his hot face against Kevin's back much to Kevin and Howie's amusement. Howie shook his head and walked into the bathroom.

Kevin turned around slowly and cupped Nick's face in his hands. "You are so adorable," he whispered before slowly kissing Nick.

Nick quickly got over his embarrassment and kissed him back, sliding his hands into Kevin's wet hair. When Nick moaned softly Kevin pulled back. At Nick's whimper he covered Nick's mouth with his palm and indicated AJ and Brian's bunks, where the two men were asleep. Nick tried to bite his lip but since he couldn't with Kevin's hand covering his mouth, he settled for blushing again. Kevin just smiled and moved his hand before tugging Nick close and hugging him.

"I love you," he whispered softly in Nick's ear.

"I love you too Kev," Nick whispered back.

Kevin released Nick and went to the spare bunk. Opening their bag he pulled out clothes for them and indicated that Nick should follow him into the back so that they could dress without disturbing the other two.

Aj yawned and stumbled to the front of the bus sleepily. He laughed at the scene in front of him. Howie was drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper while across from him, Nick and Kevin were busy playing a game. Kevin had his arms wrapped around Nick's waist, Nick in turn was sitting with his back pressed to Kevin's chest. Nick got very animated when he played his games. He kept swaying slightly from side to side, his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth. Kevin was moving in time with Nick, his eyes fixed firmly on the screen with Nick's, encouraging him and cheering softly for him.

Kevin raised his head when he heard AJ's laughter. He smiled, "Morning Alex."

AJ yawned wide, causing Howie and Kevin to laugh. AJ went straight to the coffee pot and poured himself a big cup before going and plopping down next to Howie. AJ just nodded in return to Kevin&'s greeting before taking a big gulp of his coffee. There was a loud beeping sound from Nick's game before he shut it off while a triumphant smile on his face. Kevin smiled indulgently at him, hugged him tighter for a few seconds and kissed the side of his head before letting him go.

Dedication: This chapter is dedicated to all those people who emailed me, encouraging me to continue writing. And to all the friends I have had the honor of knowing over the last 5 years. I will miss those of you who have moved on from this world. I hope all of you are at peace.