Love Brought Us Together

Disclaimer  :   Hello!!!! This...Love Brought Us Together is NOT real.It is fictional,as far as I know.It doesn't mean to imply anything about the sexualities of Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys or anyone else mentioned in this story.


Chapter Seven

When the guys were told to go backstage to get ready AJ and Howie went inside and Brian went to call Nick and Kevin. He went to the bunks and saw Kevin holding Nick in his arms. Both their eyes were closed.

"Nick? Kevin? Come on we have to get ready," Brian, said.

Kevin looked at Brian and smiled. He softly started talking to Nick, "Come on sweetie. Get up."

Kevin sat up slowly and pulled Nick up too. Nick opened his eyes and looked at Kevin. Kevin kissed him lightly and got out of the bunk, then held out his hand to Nick. Nick caught his hand and got out off the bunk and blinked a few times.

Brian left and Nick went to wash his face. He wiped his face and pulled on his shoes, then went to the front of the bus. Kevin was waiting for him in the kitchen area of the bus. He smiled when Nick smiled at him. He held out a glass of juice for Nick, who drank it. Then they went inside the arena, backstage.


I looked at Nick who was walking next to me. He hadn't said anything since about half an hour now. I let him be for now. Once we entered the dressing room, we had to separate. Nick went over to where Brian was standing with our wardrobe in charge, Lauren. I went to one of the others who handed me my clothes for the first few songs.

After I changed into black jeans and a white wife beater, I sat down on one of the sofas and waited for everyone else to get ready. Our makeup people came in then and smiled when they saw me.

"Good, you are ready. Get in the chair," Michael said smiling at me.

I sighed in resignation and sat down in a chair in front of the mirror.

"Where's Nick?" he asked while working.


A few seconds later I felt someone softly whisper in my ear, "Wrong answer."

I opened my eyes and smiled into the mirror. Nick was standing next to me with a sweet smile on his lips. He ran a hand down the back of my neck and sat down on the table in front of me so that I could see him. He leaned back against the wall and ran a hand through his hair.

I frowned when I saw he was only wearing his jeans, "Where's your shirt?"

He shrugged, "The wife beater they gave me is the wrong size so I was told to 'wait like a good little boy,' till they find mine."

Sometime later, Brian, Howie, AJ and I were standing near the stage entrance and waiting for Nick. Nsync was beginning 'I Want You Back' after which we had to go on. There was a commotion before Nick came around the corner and stopped in front of us. Before anyone could say anything, stagehands descended on him, giving him a battery pack and adjusting his mike. When they were done they moved off and Nick came towards us.

The five of us said our normal before show prayer. Then Nsync came off and our music started.


The concert had been over for about an hour and a half now. We were on the bus and on our way to our next destination. We were going to stop to pick up some food soon. Everyone had decided to get some Chinese food and for whoever didn't want Chinese they would get McDonalds or something.

I was bored. I didn't know what to do. True I was tired now that the andrelain rush was coming down but I had to stay awake until I ate something. I put my head in my hands and rested my elbows on the kitchen table, and wondered what everyone else was doing.


I was laid out on the ground on my side with my head in my hand. I was leaning my elbow on a pillow. AJ and I were watching TV, while Brian, Kevin and Howie were somewhere in the front of the bus.

I stood up and went to the bunks to get my game boy. I saw Brian talking on the phone in his bunk. He smiled at me and continued talking. I smiled back and opened my bag trying to find my game boy. When I realized it wasn't there, I figured that Kevin must have put it in a different bag. I went back to the back of the bus and continued to watch TV with AJ.

About ten minutes later the bus stopped and Brian poked his head into the room smiling at us, "J, Nick, we're here."

We got up and started going out of the room. I followed AJ and Brian off the bus and looked around. I felt two strong arms come around my waist and smiled, while leaning back against my husband. Kevin lightly kissed my cheek and my ear then whispered to me.


I rested my hands on his hands that were on my waist, "Hey."

We were told to go inside the place where we were going to be eating. We were shown towards a table and we sat down. Our bodyguards had already grabbed something to eat earlier. I got into the booth and Kevin slid in next to me. It was a big booth so AJ, Brian and Howie could sit on the other side.

Kevin, Howie and Brian started going through the menu. Kevin moved the menu towards me a little. I blinked a couple of times and tried to read the menu but gave up when my head started to ache and the words started to blur.

"How about we order and you relax your eyes?" Kevin softly said to me.

I smiled and nodded while folding my arms on the table and resting my head on my make shift pillow. I closed my eyes and listened to the rest of the guys decide what to order. A little while later, I felt someone caressing my hair.

"Come on hun, I want you to eat something," Kevin said.

I raised my head and blinked a couple of times. Kevin had something in a plate and forked it. He blew on it and held it to me. I took a bite and chewed tentatively. Kevin put the rest into his mouth and looked at me while chewing.

I nodded, "Its good."

Kevin put some on a plate in front of me and smiled, "It's a bit hot and spicy ok?"

I nodded and started eating. It was reddish in color and I was waiting for it to cool a little before I ate it. But it was also a little spicy. It tasted very good but I needed some water. I looked around and to see if I could ask for some water.

I felt Kevin's eyes on me and looked at him. He smiled and silently held out his glass of ice tea to me. I smiled and took a few sips before my mouth stopped burning. I stayed pretty quiet during dinner, just listening to the other guys talk. Kevin made me taste whatever they had ordered and given me a little of everything to eat.

By the time we were done with dinner my head was hurting quite a bit. The *NSYNC guys were still eating so we went to our bus. Kevin came with me to the bunks area and stood watching me.

"You ok baby?" he asked softly.

I turned around and faced him, then covered the distance between us and hugged him. He held me to him and gently ran his hand up and down my back. I pulled away and smiled a little.

"I just have a slight headache again," I said softly.

Kevin sighed and kissed my forehead, "Does it hurt a lot?"

"No," I said while turning away from him and going to the extra bunk.

I pulled my bag in front of the other bags and opened it, then zipped it shut again seeing as how I didn't really need anything. I felt Kevin put his arms around my waist and pull me back against him. I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Why don't you go to bed?" he asked me.

"Kevin why is this happening?" I asked him.

He turned me around and cupped my face in his hands; "I'll call the doctor and talk to him in the morning. For now, you just get some rest ok?"

I nodded my head slowly and started to move away from him before he stopped me with a hand on my arm. I turned back to look at him. He came closer to me and kissed me, then smiled. I smiled and went to brush my teeth.

When I came out of the bathroom I didn't see Kevin near the bunks so I assumed he had gone outside or was somewhere on the bus. I pulled off my jeans and t-shirt, folding them and keeping them in the extra bunk. I saw a white t-shirt kept on my bag and smiled while putting it on, knowing that Kevin had left the t-shirt for me.

I got into Kevin and my bunk and pulled the blanket over me, then closed my eyes.


I came onto the bus 20 minutes later, when the Chris,Joey,Justin,Lance and JC were ready to leave. I went to the bunks area to check on Nick and found him cuddled up with our blanket. I changed my clothes and got into the bunk below his, thinking it was better not to disturb him since he was asleep.


I woke up the next morning at around 6:30am. I realized it was too early for me to be up and went back to sleep. I woke up again at around 8:00am.

After I had gone to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, I pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt. I went to the kitchen area and started the coffee maker. I saw a box kept on the table and pulled it open, smiling when I saw the doughnuts, bread rolls and other things that were in the box. Our bus driver, Jim, must've probably picked them up for us when he had gone for his coffee.

A few minutes later Howie joined me. Howie smiled and sat down opposite me. When the coffee was ready I poured us a cup each and sat down. We weren't talking much because we had just woken up. We looked up a few minutes later when we heard a sound.

Nick was standing a little away and looking at us while pulling his t-shirt over his head. He came towards us and sat down next to me. I put my hand on Nick's cheek and slowly brushed my lips against his, then smiled. Nick smiled back and turned to Howie, who was smiling at us.

Howie said he was going to call someone and went to the back of the bus. Nick absently picked up my cup of coffee and took a sip. He set the coffee cup back on the table and realized what he had done. I started laughing while Nick made faces.

"Its so bitter," Nick said while taking a bottle of orange juice from the fridge. He sat back down and poured some into a glass then quickly drank it, trying to get rid of the coffee taste from his mouth.

"I love you."

Nick turned when heard me say that and smiled, "I love you too. But why didn't you sleep next to me last night?" Nick asked with a pout, while crossing his arms in front of his chest.

I smiled at how adorable he is and put my hand on the back of his neck, which immediately had the effect, I wanted. Nick closed his eyes and sighed. He loved it when I touched him there.

"I didn't want to disturb you. Can I make it up to you?" I asked softly.

Nick slowly nodded his head. I turned him to face me and kissed him. I slid my tongue into his mouth, exploring every inch of his sweet mouth. I broke our kiss and trailed kisses over my angel's face then moved onto his neck. I placed soft kisses along his neck and sucked his earlobe into my mouth, sucking on it. Nick moaned softly and put his hand on the back of my head. I could hear Nick's breath coming in short gasps and truth to be known I couldn't breath any easier either. I kissed along Nick's jaw and back to his sweet pink lips. I pulled away only when I couldn't go any longer without air. While taking deep gulps of air I looked at Nick, his eyes were still closed, his mouth slightly parted and his face flushed, as I knew mine was too.

I ran my thumb along his lower lip and looked at him intently. When I had kissed him I was only intending to kiss him...lightly. Not get so into it...but I always couldn't help kissing him more and more and more.

Nick opened his eyes and looked at me with love shining in his always. He put his hand on my heart without breaking our gaze. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly few times. I knew we couldn't go any further though I wanted to so much.

"Why couldn't we have gotten our own bus?" Nick said softly.

I chuckled and wrapped my arms around him, "You know why baby. Though I was thinking the same thing right now."

After a few seconds I asked, "Why don't you eat something?"

He shrugged and I released him from my arms, "I don't feel like eating anything."

"Nick, you know you have to eat something," I admonished him lightly.

He sighed and looked at me with a smile on his face, "I know. I was trying my luck."

I smiled and kissed him on the forehead.


I came into the kitchen area and saw Nick and Kevin. Kevin was leaning against the window and Nick was sitting next to him. Kevin was feeding Nick something. I smiled and cleared my throat, drawing their attention to me.

"Morning guys," I said while getting a cup of coffee.

"Hey Brian," Kevin said.

"Morning Bri," Nick said.

I sat down across from them and Kevin turned a box towards me. I looked in and pulled out a chocolate doughnut and a bread roll and kept them on a plate. There was butter and jam on the table too. Kevin held something else towards Nick's mouth. I watched as my best friend reluctantly ate it. Kevin pulled Nick into his arms and settled back to drink his coffee.

"How long have you guys been up?"

Nick opened his eyes and looked at me, "Almost an hour I guess."

"When are we stopping?" Nick asked.

Kevin kissed Nick's hair, "In a little while baby."

Nick sighed and stood up, "I'm going to watch TV or something."

We watched as Nick walked away. I looked at Kevin to see him frowning.

"Something wrong Kev?" I asked him.

He sighed and looked at me, "Nick has started getting headaches again."

I closed my eyes then opened them again, "Is he going to go to a doctor?"

He shook his head, "Its better he goes to our doctor back in Orlando. I'm going to call him today though and tell him that Nick has started getting headaches again."

I nodded and looked out the window, hoping Nick wouldn't have to go through all that again.


I gave Brian Company while he ate something and I hadn't eaten anything much before cause I had been coaxing Nick to eat so I ate too. Brian went to the bunks and I went to the back of the bus a little while later. AJ was just waking up when I passed the bunks. I opened the door to the lounge room or whatever we were supposed to call the room at the back of the bus and looked inside, then went in.

Nick was sitting on the floor and playing with his wedding ring while the TV was on. I went and sat down on the couch and he turned his head and looked at me. He quietly got up and came and sat down next to me. I pulled him closer to me and started stroking his hair. After a few minutes he shifted and laid his head down on my lap.

We stayed that way for the rest of the time it took to reach the arena. I kept caressing his cheek or hair, knowing it would comfort him.


"Guys, ya'll wanna go out somewhere?" I asked AJ and Howie who were sitting with me in the kitchen area of the bus.

AJ shrugged and Howie said, "I don't feel like going anywhere."

Just then Lonnie came onto the bus and smiled at the three of us, "There is a park a little away from here. I think they have a basketball court. So if you guys want to go, we can go after half an hour."

I brightened up, "I want to go."

Lonnie nodded and stepped off again.


I leaned down and kissed Nick's forehead. Before I could straighten up though, Nick put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I sighed and pulled away after a minute. Nick smiled and continued tracing designs on my chest, while I continued stroking his soft blond hair.

There was a knock on the door. I didn't bother looking away from Nick, "Come in."

Brian entered and leaned against the door, "Hey you two. There is a park nearby and there may be a basketball court there. Lonnie said we could go. Ya'll wanna come?"

Nick smiled and looked away from my chest and looked into my eyes. I smiled and nodded, knowing he wanted to go.

Nick turned his head and looked at Brian, "Definitely. When are we going?"

Brian grinned, "How soon can you be ready?"

"Give me a few minutes."

Brian nodded and went outside. Nick slowly sat up and ran a hand through his hair, then stood up. He turned to me and smiled. I stood up and went with him to the bunks. He opened up his bag and pulled out shorts and a t-shirt, then quickly changed his clothes. He sat down to pull on his socks.

"Your not coming?"

"I'll stay back. You go enjoy yourself though and be careful."

Nick pulled on his shoes and quickly laced them up, then stood up and stood in front of me, "Yes I'll be careful. You worry too much you know," he said, then raised his head and looked into my eyes.

I put my arms around him and looked into his twinkling eyes, "I know baby."

I ran my hand through his hair and held onto the back of his head then kissed him. I kept exchanging soft, loving kisses with him, as much for his comfort and mine. I knew he was scared because his headaches were starting again.

Nick put his lips near my ear and whispered, "Rok is waiting for me."

I answered with a, "Hmmm."

"I should go."


Suddenly AJ came in from the front of the bus, "Guys come on we're waiting."

Nick sighed and brushed his lips against mine, "I'll see you later. I love you."

I smiled and kissed his forehead, "I love you too."

He smiled and turned away to AJ. He took his cap and walked away with AJ. I went to our bunk and took out my cell phone. I went to the back of the bus and sat down on the sofa and dialed Dr. Mark Sternson's number.


I kept an eye on Nick while we were going to the park. Lonnie, Q and Sam came with us. AJ was coming along because he was bored. Nick was smiling and laughing at something Sam was telling him, his baby blue eyes shining. I smiled, happy that Nick was happy.

When we reached the park, Nick and I ran around for a little while, thus irritating our bodyguards. When we went out they felt better only when they had us in their sights. But it was morning and most of the teenagers were in school. There was only a couple of woman and men with their babies walking around so it was ok.

We reached the basketball court and it was empty. I asked the others if they wanted to play. In the end Nick and me ended up playing one on one.


"Hello? Dr. Sternson's office, may I help you?"

"Hello, I'd like to speak to Dr. Sternson please," I asked politely.

"I'm sorry, he isn't in yet. Would you like an appointment?"

"No, that's ok. Thank you."

"Alright, have a nice day."

"Thanks, you have a nice day too," I said and clicked off the phone.

I thought a few minutes then dialed the doctor's home number. It rang a few minutes before a woman answered.


"May I please speak to Dr. Sternson?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, he isn't home right now. Is it important?"

I smiled at the concern in the woman's voice. Dr. Sternson or Mark as he had told me to call him, only gave his home number to particular people. He had given it to me because he had treated Nick. We couldn't just take appointments when we needed him so he had given us his home number and cell number.

"Not really. I just needed to talk to him about something. I'm sorry to bother you."

"That's alright. Would you like to leave a message?"

I thought quickly and said, "Yes. Could you please tell him that Kevin Richardson called?"

"Kevin Richardson? Sure."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome."

I clicked off the phone and stood up, wondering what to do now. Just then Carl came in and told me that Jennings wanted to speak to me. I sighed and went to wear my shoes. Well that answers my question about what to do now.


I was laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes. Seeing Frick and Frack one on one after so long was truly a treat. They were very competitive, but their friendship was so close that problems had to erupt.

Nick and Brian when they were on the same team defended each other's actions, standing behind each other until Kevin, Howie and me or all of us had to give up. But when they played against each other, they went all out, but still sometimes they ended up defending each other's action when we called on them.

Sam, Lonnie, Q and I had appointed ourselves as referees. Right now Brian had just defended Nick's action, saying he hadn't fouled. We had given in to him, but he had realized that by defending Nick he was behind by 7 points now. Brian and Nick had playfully started fighting with each other, which led them to their current positions...on the ground, rolling around wrestling with each other.

Finally after a few minutes Q and Lonnie stood up and pulled the two apart. Nick and Brian were gasping for air and laughing hysterically. It never amazed me how much those could enjoy themselves when they were together. Nick and Brian brushed off their clothes and continued their game.


Lance, Justin, Joey, Chris and I were standing near the entrance of the arena from backstage, waiting for the BSB to come. Jennings seemed to be stuck on the point on holding a meeting. I sighed and waited, ignoring Justin's pouting face. He and Joey had been about to go watch a home video that Justin's dad had made for him. I couldn't tell Justin to stay on the bus because I didn't want him to get into trouble later.

I saw Howie and Kevin step off their bus and make their way over to us. When they reached us, Kevin looked at Justin and raised his eyebrows.

"Where are AJ, Nick and Brian?" Joey asked.

"They went to nearby park to play basketball or something. Nick, I think, came by your bus but your bodyguard said no one was on the bus," Howie said.

Lance sighed, "We had to practice our dance steps."

"So the three of them won't be attending the meeting?" Chris asked.

Howie shook his head, "Jennings should learn not to come up with these sudden urges to have meetings."

I looked at Kevin who was looking a little distracted. I turned my attention to the conversation going on around. Justin was saying something.

"Can I go back to the bus then? If it's ok that Nick, Brian and AJ don't attend then it's not necessary for me to attend. Can I go please, please," Justin said trying to convince us.

"Justin it's not the same thing. They weren't aware Jennings was going to call us," Joey said.

"Ah what the hell, go Justin. We'll tell him your busy," Chris said.

Justin beamed a smiled at Chris.

"Hey then why can't I go too? I was going to watch the video with Justin too," Joey said.

Chris started laughing, "You go too then."

I watched as Justin and Joey bounded away to the bus and got in.

"Let's go and get it over with," Howie said.

We went inside and met Jennings who was sitting in one of the rooms located backstage. Kevin, Chris and I sat down one sofa while Lance and Howie sat on the other. Jennings was sitting on a chair a little away from us.

Jennings made small talk for a minute with us before going back to reading the newspaper. It seemed like he was waiting for something...or some people.

A few minutes later Kevin said, "Would you mind telling us why you wanted to speak to us? We don't want to hang around here all day."

Jennings looked up and met Kevin's eyes then scanned all of us before turning back to Kevin and saying, "I'm waiting for the five people that are part of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync."

"They are not coming," Kevin said.


"I said they are not coming," Kevin repeated as if he was talking to an idiot.

I was a little surprised. Kevin was normally very polite, but he sounded as if he was keeping a tight rein on his anger and irritation right now. His voice was very authorative. He had never used this voice with us. I wondered what Jennings had done to make Kevin angry.

"Why aren't they coming? I said that I wanted to talk to the Backstreet Boys and Nsync. And the five of them are included in that."

"Yes they are, but if you want to hold these meetings, then you have to give us previous notice. We can't leave whatever we are doing at the drop of a hat just because you have called us. We don't have to answer to our managers this way, neither do we have to answer to you," Before Jennings could say anything Kevin held up his hand and continued, "And as soon as our managers are here, you can hold these meetings with them. We will not be attending them unless our managers think it is important. I am only speaking for the Backstreet Boys though," Kevin said and looked at Lance, Chris and me.

"We agree with Kevin," Chris said.

Something in the tone Chris used, made me really wonder even more what Jennings had done to annoy not only Kevin but Chris as well.

Jennings looked shocked to say the least, then quickly tried to compose his face, but I could see that he was very surprised and off balance because of what Chris and Kevin had said.

"May I at least ask where the other five are?" Jennings asked.

"Brian, Nick and AJ have gone out and Justin and Joey are resting," Kevin answered with icy politeness.

Jennings was still trying to absorb the change of events. He didn't have that smug expression on his face that he's been wearing since we had met him.

"I wanted to talk about a few things with you people. And on the top of my list is why the Backstreet Boys wanted another bus," Jennings said with some of the smugness returning to his face.

Kevin looked at him like he was stupid, "And why and how does this include Nsync? Never mind I don't want to listen to anything you might have come up with. We wanted another bus so that Nick and me could have our own bus."


"First off that's none of your business, but since you are so damn curious, its so that Nick and I could have some privacy. We had three buses when we did our Millennium tour so that Nick and I could have our own bus."

"You two were newlyweds then," Jennings said stupidly.

"The four months they have been married, most of the days have been spent working and being on tour," Howie answered.

Jennings waved his hand and nodded then said, "The other thing is that I don't think you guys are appreciating how much excitement has been generated because of this tour. 98 degrees, Aaron Carter, Britney Spears are going to be joining the tour, so this tour is going to be very anticipated in every city we hit. Nsync should have rehearsed their dance moves yesterday when they were a little off, instead of doing it today."

"The reason we rehearsed today was because our choreographer Darren, was going back to Orlando today to help Britney with her dance moves. He wanted to have a rehearsal before he went. If we were off we would have realized it ourselves and Darren would have told us. We don't need you to tell us whether or not our moves were off, since that's not your job," Chris said.

He had adopted the same icy politeness as Kevin's. I wondered what the hell Jennings had done to them.

"Ok the Backstreet Boys. All of you sing a few songs when all of you are playing some instruments. Why haven't your included that in this tour?"

"We were told to do some of our most wanted songs. Our songs list has been approved by Jive, who were with us when we completed the list," Howie said.

"Anyway how do you expect us to even practice on the instruments, when you start insulting when we even touch them?" Howie said, anger apparent in his voice now.

Jennings looked shocked before looking away from Howie and looking at us. He kept looking away from Kevin, by moving his eyes to Chris and me.

"I-I didn't um..." Jennings trailed off.

"Be very careful about what you say Mr. Jennings. I am not going to tolerate lies," Kevin said.

There was anger in his soft tone, such anger that Jennings was looking decidedly uneasy right now.

"I just told him that. I didn't think he would tell anyone," Jennings almost mumbled.

But we heard him loud and clear.

"You didn't think Nick would tell us? We're his best friends. You really thought he wouldn't tell us?" Howie asked.

Jennings looked at a loss for an answer.

"Even if he wouldn't have said anything, our band members were on stage with Nick so were some stage hands and technicians. And Chris was there too," Kevin said.

Jennings's eyes flew up to Kevin's then he quickly looked at Chris.

"I think this meeting is over. Mr. Jennings don't even think of calling anymore meetings. You don't realize that your job is not to trouble us. You even went as far as to call a meeting at 5:00 in the morning and have us woken up from sleep. And you told Nsync not to leave their bus. You don't have the authority to do that," said Kevin.

Kevin stood up and looked at Jennings one last time before striding over to the door, opening it and going out. We followed him without a word.


Nick was standing a little away from Brian and dribbling the ball. He took moved around and tried to go in for a lay up. He had been standing at the extreme right of the court while we were sitting on the left side. I saw as he ran then seemed to trip. He fell forward and the ball flew out of his hands. Nick fell forward on the ground very close to the grass on the side of the court.

Brian quickly ran towards him and we did the same. When we reached him, Brian was helping him straighten up. Nick was breathing heavily and closing his eyes in pain. The back of his right hand was cut and bleeding. Q gently moved Brian and helped Nick stand up since he was taller than Nick and could support Nick's body. When we checked Nick over we saw he had a few scratches on his legs and arms. But his hand was bleeding a lot. He must have cut it pretty bad.

Q decided to take Nick to the hospital when Nick's hand didn't stop bleeding even after we had poured some water over it. In Nick's case proper precautions were always taken because of all that he had gone through.

"Take AJ and Brian back to the arena. I'll take Nick," Q said to Lonnie and Sam.

"No way, I'm going with you and Nick," Brian protested.

Q quickly agreed knowing Nick needed Brian to be there with him and Brian needed to be with Nick. I kept my mouth shut knowing not to push my luck. Q got a taxi and they went. Sam, Lonnie and I went back to the arena.


We caught up with Kevin and went to their bus with them. I explained to JC and Lance what Jennings had said to Nick and Kevin told us how upset Nick had gotten because of that.

Just as Howie finished telling us how Nick had been crying the bus door opened and AJ came in. He saw us and smiled a little.

"Hi J," Kevin said.

"Hi everyone," AJ said.

"Where are Nick and Brian?" Lance asked.

"Um, they have ah, gone to the hospital," he said quietly.

"What? Why?" Kevin demanded.

"Nick fell while playing basketball and cut his hand, the back of his hand," AJ said, pointing to the back of his right hand, "It wouldn't stop bleeding so Q and Bri took him to the hospital.Kevin look they'll be back in a little while I'm sure," AJ said quickly.

Kevin took a few deep breaths and nodded. He looked pale. He pulled out his cell phone and pressed a few buttons, before putting the phone to his ear.

"Brian? Where's Nick? Is he ok?" Kevin asked.

I wondered briefly why AJ was looking so panicked. Kevin I could understand why he wanted to seek reassurance. He loved Nick very much and wanted to know if he was ok.

"Ok. Thanks Bri," Kevin said and clicked off the phone.

Howie looked inquiringly at Kevin, "Is he ok?"

Kevin nodded, "He's with the doctor now. They'll be back in a little while."


I gently rubbed my hand up and down Nick's back. His body was tensed up and his beautiful baby blues were dark blue right now. His face was very pale. The doctor had stopped the bleeding and cleaned up the cut then bandaged it. He then cleaned up the scratches on Nick's leg and arms.

Nick was gasping for air when the doctor went away for a minute. I knew it wasn't only from the pain but also because I knew he was remembering the last time he himself had been in a hospital, which was not too long ago.

I kissed his hair, "Shh Nicky. Take a few deep breaths ok?"

A nurse asked Nick if he wanted some water and Nick quickly started shaking his head. The doctor came back and told Nick he could leave. I had already filled in all the necessary forms so we left. Nick hadn't said much except answer the doctor's questions since he had entered the hospital.

15 minutes later we got out of the cab and walked up to our bus. Q went somewhere and Nick and me went into the bus. We went a little further to the kitchen area and saw Kevin, AJ, Howie, Chris, Lance and JC sitting there. As soon as Kevin saw Nick he stood up. Nick was looking down and didn't see anyone.

"Nick?" Kevin asked softly.

Nick immediately looked up when he heard Kevin. He was still looking very pale. Kevin stepped forward and carefully pulled Nick into his arms. Nick rested his head on Kevin's shoulder. After a minute he pulled away.

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