Love Brought Us Together

Disclaimer  : Hello!!!! This...Love Brought Us Together is NOT real.It is fictional,as far as I know.It doesn't mean to imply anything about the sexualities of Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys or anyone else mentioned in this story.


Chapter Eight


I kissed Nick's forehead.

"I'll be ok," Nick whispered into my ear.

I looked at Nick's face carefully and saw that he was still pale and he looked a little shaken up. I cupped his cheek and ran my thumb along his cheek.

"You sure?" I asked him softly.

He nodded, "I'm gonna go take a shower ok?"

I nodded and slowly released him. He smiled at everyone and went through the door.


I went into the bathroom after taking some clothes from my bag. I showered carefully, so that I didn't wet the bandages on my right hand. The scratches on my arms and legs got wet and stung like hell, but I just took a few deep breaths and tried to ignore the pain. Once I was done, I quickly tried to dry myself off. I pulled on my boxers and went out of the bathroom.

I saw Brian taking some clothes out of his bag.

"Hey Bri," I said softly.

He turned around and smiled when he saw me, "You ok Nicky?"

I nodded and smiled. I put my towel on my bunk and slowly slipped into my jeans. I took a maroon t-shirt and slowly pulled it over my head. Once I was dressed I waved to Brian who was going into the bathroom and went to the front of the bus, knowing that Kevin would be still worried about me. I smiled at the thought of being loved so much and the warm feeling of love invaded me.

I walked into the kitchen area and saw Kevin, Chris and Howie still sitting there. When I came in they looked at me and smiled. I smiled back a little and sat down next to Kevin. He put his arm around my waist. I turned a little so that he could put his other arm around me too. I settled back with my back against his chest and my head on his shoulder.

Kevin kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "You ok? Need anything?"

I turned my head and looked at him, "No I'm ok. My hand just hurts a bit." I rested my head against his shoulder again and he kissed the back of my head.

"What're we doing for lunch today?"

We turned our heads to look at AJ who had just come in from the back of the bus. I sighed; I didn't really feel like going out. The doctor had given me some medicine, which was numbing the pain a little. I knew it would make me sleepy soon. But I just shrugged and moved a little restlessly in Kevin's arms. I was still feeling unnerved because of my visit to the hospital. Added to that, I hadn't been able to be alone with Kevin.


I was listening to AJ, Chris and Howie discuss where to go to eat, but I was concentrating on Nick. He had started moving about restlessly in my arms. Even though he was settling down again in my arms, I could feel the tension in every part of his body.

I tightened my arms around his waist a little and bent my head a little, placing a soft kiss on his neck. I kissed his ear and whispered, "Are you in a lot of pain baby?"

He turned his head, which caused our lips to brush against each other, "Not a lot. My hand kinda feels numb right now." He smiled a little and closed the few inches of space between our lips. He lightly licked my lips and pulled away, smiling playfully at me. I smiled slowly and pressed another kiss to his lips. Normally I wouldn't really have kissed him in full few of people...well in front of Chris. AJ, Brian and Howie were used to us kissing. But I knew some people did feel uncomfortable even after they accepted two men together. But I didn't care right now. All I cared about was my sweet, handsome husband. And besides, I knew Chris completely accepted us. I could read him easily and knew he was happy for us.


I smiled at Nick and turned, "Yes AJ?"

"Any suggestions about what we do for lunch?"

I shrugged, "Ya'll decide. I don't mind anything."

AJ nodded and looked at Nick, "Nicky do you want anything in particular for lunch?"

Nick was trying to come closer to me. He sighed and looked at AJ, "Nope. Whatever you guys decide is fine. Now don't disturb me." With that said Nick shifted about a bit more with us watching him. Finally he sighed and gave up, deciding that he wouldn't be able to get comfortable. He pulled away from my arms and put his head on the table, using his arm as a cushion. I smiled and put my hand on his neck and slowly started massaging his neck. In a few seconds he groaned then sighed and moved his head.

I looked at the AJ, Howie and Chris and continued to massage Nick's neck and slide my hand into his hair, knowing that he wanted and needed my touch. "Have you guys decided what ya'll want to eat?"

AJ smiled, "yup, we want Chinese again."

I nodded, "Take out? Or ya'll want to go eat someplace?"

They looked at each other then Chris answered, "Take out."

"Ok. Ask everyone what they want. Make them write it down or whatever and go get everything."

AJ went and asked Brian, who by now had come out of his shower and was cooing into the phone with Leighann as AJ put it, what he wanted. AJ, Chris and Howie wrote down what they wanted and passed the sheet of paper to me. I thought and then wrote down some stuff. AJ and Chris went to ask the other four guys from Nsync what they wanted to do about lunch.

Howie looked at me and motioned to Nick. I smiled and stood up. "Nicky come on stand up."

Nick sighed and reluctantly stood up. I put my hands on his shoulders and guided him to the back of the bus and to the back room. I shut the door behind us and let go of his shoulders. He turned around and hugged me to him, putting his arms around me. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed his forehead. I kissed him lightly on his lips before he put his hand at the back of my head and pressed his lips to mine. I sighed and deepened the kiss, slowly sliding my tongue along his lips and into his mouth. I felt him pressing his hand on my neck, when suddenly he pulled away.

"Ouch," he said softly while holding his hand. I gently took a hold of his right hand and moved my thumb along his wrist. I raised his hand and gently blew on it. I looked into his eyes. He smiled a little, "I'm fine."

I sighed and pulled him back into my arms, placing a soft kiss on his lips, "Its ok to tell me you're in pain baby." He sighed and buried his face in the crook of my neck, "I hated going to the hospital Kevin. I felt like I couldn't breath in there."

I felt my heart breaking at how vulnerable he sounded and looked. I just wanted to hold him in my arms,take him away from the world and keep him safe.

I started to pull away from him a little so that I could look at his face,but he tightened his arms around me waist and back. I knew his hand must be hurting pressing so tightly against my back.

"Shh,its ok honey,I'm not going anyway.I just want to look at you,"I said softly.

I felt him relax his grip on me a little,then he pulled away from me a little.He moved his right hand away from my back and held it against the side of my cheek.I could feel the gauze against my cheek,but I didn't say anything,just continued to look into his eyes. He sighed and asked,"Have you looked at me enough now?"

I smiled,"I can look at you for hours together and it still wouldn't be enough. Even when I close my eyes I can see you in my mind and heart."

He blushed and smiled.His first real,bright,happy smile since coming back to the bus.He curved his left hand around the back of my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I was a little surprised at the passion in the kiss but didn't question it,just responded to it. I pulled him closer to me,bringing our bodies into almost complete contact with each other.I broke the kiss when Nick swayed a little in my arms.I tightened my hold on him and looked into his eyes.He wasn't able to focus on me completely,I knew it was more than my kiss that made him dizzy.

"Did the doctor at the hospital give you any medicines Nick?"

He blinked a couple of time and sighed,"Uh huh.They gave me the same ones I took before,the one that makes me dizzy real fast." As he was speaking I could feel and see that he was tired,the medicines were taking effect.I smiled and pulled him over to one of the couches. I lay down and he lay down in front of me. I put my arm around his waist and hugged him to me.

"The food'll be here in a little while. You think you'll be able to stay awake a little longer?"

"Hmmm. I'll try,"was all I could get out of him.

I placed soft kisses on his neck and closed my eyes.


A little while later I heard a soft knock on the door and then Howie stuck is head in. He looked at us and smiled. I slowly sat up being careful not to disturb Nick.

"The food's here Kev," Howie said softly.

I nodded and smiled, "Thanks D."

Howie just continued smiling and shut the door. I turned my head to look at Nick who had turned and was looking at me with sleepy eyes. I cupped his cheek with my hand and watched as he slowly became more alert. He sat up after a minute and leaned his forehead against my chest.I put my arms around him,just waiting for him to want to move. After a few minutes he pulled away and slowly raised his head to look at me.

I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his. He was smiling with his eyes closed when I pulled away. I stood up and held out my hand to him. He opened his eyes and took my hand then stood up. I steadied him and we walked to the front of the bus.

Howie and Chris were in the front of the bus when we walked in. Chris smiled at us. I wrapped my arms around Nick's waist from behind and he leaned back against me,letting me support some of the weight of his body.I pulled him closer to me letting him rest most of his weight against me and kissed the back of his head.

"We're all eating outside,"Howie said while taking out some sodas from the fridge. I looked outside and saw that it wasn't too sunny. I nodded my head and heard Nick sigh softly. I kissed the side of his neck and slowly massaged his stomach through his t-shirt,feeling the tight muscels that he's worked so hard for.

"You feeling up to eating,"I whispered in his ear,delighting in the way he shivered when my breath passed over his skin.

"Yeah,"he whispered back.

I knew I shouldn't try teasing him,but I couldn't help it.I also knew that eventhough he was sleepy now,he was going to pay me back for this later.And boy was I looking forward to it.

"You two need any help?"I asked Howie and Chris,who were carrying sodas and chips and lord knows what else.

Chris handed me a bag of sodas and we left the bus.I turned and watched Nick slowly come down the steps of the bus,sleepily rubbing his eyes. He smiled when he saw Q standing near him. Q smiled at me and put a hand on Nick's back,guiding him towards where everyone was sitting. I smiled and walked ahead with Chris.

"How is he feeling?"Chris asked me.

I turned my head and smiled at Chris, "The pain killers he's taken are making him tired. But he seems to be ok."

Chris smiled, "Good. I was worried about him."

"God I wish we didn't have a concert today. He just needs to sleep for awhile then he'll be fine."

"He'll be fine. He looks fragile Kevin but he's very strong."

"I know that,"I whispered. "He's survived everything,"I said more to myself than to Chris.

"Kevin come on,he's ok now."

I took a deep breath and smiled. We reached the area where the other guys were spread out and sat down,setting our bags down. Everyone started telling us what they wanted and we started handing out the sodas or bags of chips. Nick came and slowly sat down. Q kept a hand on his shoulder to steady him.Once Nick was sitting he smiled at us and walked away. Nick sat down cross-legged and started rubbing his eyes again.I pulled his hand away from his eyes and held it in my hand.

I opened a can of Pepsi and held it out to him.He took it from me and held it,then looked at Howie.He tapped Chris's shoulder and once he had his attention pointed to Howie.Chris smiled and called Howie,who turned and looked at us. Nick held up the can of pepsi;Howie smiled and nodded his head.Nick smiled back and took a small sip of his drink.

I put some rice on a plate,alongwith some vegetables and some other stuff and looked at Nick to see him looking down. I tilted his head up to me and looked into his eyes. I held the plate out to him,which he took reluctantly. I kissed his forehead and started putting some stuff on another plate for myself.


Everyone had finished eating and we were just soaking up the sun and relaxing."Kevin,"Nick whispered in my ear.I turned my head and looked at my angel. With the sun shining down on him,his blond hair shining,he really looked like an angel.

He smiled,"I'm going back to the bus ok?"

"Want some company?"

He nodded shyly.It still amazed me that Nick was shy around me.I stood up and held out my hands to him.He put his hands in mine and stood up.I let go of his right hand and entwined the fingers of his left hand and my right hand together.We slowly walked back to the bus.Both of us were silent.When we reached the bus,we went inside and to our bunk. We took off our shoes and got into the bunk.

Nick settled down and I hugged him from behind,spooning him.I pulled our blanket over us,but mostly over Nick and slipped my hand under Nick's t-shirt and rubbed my hand lightly over his stomach.Nick sighed and snuggled closer to me.I kissed his neck and slowly caressed his stomach.A little while later I felt his breathing deepen and knew he was asleep.I gently continued to caress his stomach even though he was asleep and sighed.

I closed my eyes,knowing that I might as well get some sleep too.If I moved anytime soon,Nick would definitely wake up.



I came into the bus and passed the bunks area on my way to the lounge area to watch some TV.I peeked into Kev and Nick's bunk and saw them both fast asleep.Nick was more or less cuddled up in their blanket and in Kevin's arms.I smiled and placed a quick kiss on Nick's forehead then went on my way.

Howie and Aj joined me some time later and we were just hanging around.We were all feeling too relaxed to do anything right now so we just stayed in the room so that we didn't disturb Nick and Kevin.



I opened my eyes and stretched a little.I was lying on my back now and Nick had his head on my shoulder.I gently moved his hair away from his face and kissed his cheek.I laid his head on the pillow and sat up.I carefully got out of the bunk and Nick immediately pulled the blanket closer to him.He turned towards me and curled up,still asleep.

I washed my face and went to the back of the bus where I assumed the guys were. I opened the door and saw Brian and Howie sitting on the couch and watching TV and AJ was lying down on the ground.

I waved at them and sat down on the couch between Brian and Howie."Hey Kev.Nick still asleep?"

"Yeah,fast asleep."I checked my watch and saw that it was 3:15pm.I decided to wake him up in at 4:30pm if he doesn't wake up on his own.




I opened my eyes and looked around,missing the warmth of Kevin's arms around me.I sighed and started to sit up,leaning on my hand.Too late I realized that I was leaning on my right hand.I closed my eyes as pain started to shoot up my hand and arm.I bit my lip hard and cradled my right hand in my left hand.I gently blew on it to try and stop it from stinging so much.I took a few deep breaths and opened my eyes and looked at my hand.It didn't look like it was bleeding so I carefully moved the blanket away from me and got out of the bunk.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face.It was a little awkward having to be able to use only one hand easily but I had no choice but to deal with it so I did.I brushed my hair and went to the kitchen.I found my sandals near the couch there and slipped them on then left the bus.

General point of view

Q,Mike,Carl and two other Nsync's bodyguards were standing at one side and talking when Carl saw Nick slowly getting off the bus. Nick saw them and Carl waved at him.Nick smiled and slowly came over to them.

"Hey guys,"he said in his soft voice.

All the five big guys smiled and the young blond,who was looking a little hesitant at being around them.

Q smiled, "Nick you already know Mike. These two lugs are Ken and Darren."

Ken smiled and held out his hand to Nick who smiled back and held out his hand then realized that his hand was bandaged up. Ken gently took Nick's hand into his own and shook it.Darren followed Ken's example. Nick smiled at them and looked around.

"Where are the others?" Q asked.

Nick looked at him and shrugged. "I woke up a while ago and no one was there. Maybe they are in the lounge room."

"Did you let them know you were leaving the bus?" Q asked.

Nick slowly shook his head and spoke before Q could say anything; "I know I'm going to feel smothered in there. With what happened this morning they are all acting all calm but they keep looking at me and its,its..."Nick sighed and trailed off,looking down at the ground.

"You want to go anywhere? Get something to eat?" Q asked.

Nick nodded but kept looking down. "We have another hour before we're needed inside.I want to go back to the park."

Q exchanged a quick look with the others. "Ok Nick."

"I'll come with you two," Mike said.

Q took Nick and walked to the van parked for them to use. Carl turned to Mike, "Just keep an eye on him ok? He's upset."

"Is he ok?"Mike asked.

Carl smiled, "Yeah,he's just shook up as I'm sure they other four are too. Nick going back to the hospital brings back bad memories.He wants to be left alone but at the same time he gets scared of being alone so someone always watched over him. Right now he only wants Kevin or Howie around him."

"I've seen a few of Backstreet's interviews and Nick's voice seems different right now.I can't get what's different though," Ken said thoughtfully.

Carl smiled, "This is how he talks. He's talking softly now.In interviews he raises his voice a little bit. But he's usually so soft we have to pay proper attention when he speaks otherwise we sometimes miss what he says."

"You watch over Nick?"Ken asked.

Carl smiled, "Not really. I get Kevin. Q has Nick but those two are around each other so much that we're most of the time around both of them."

The three of them continued talking while Mike walked towards the van.


10 minutes later they were in the park. Nick was sitting on the grass and staring straight ahead but not looking at anything.He seemed focused on something going on inside his head. Q and Mike were standing a little away from Nick.

Mike put his hand on Q's shoulder and motioned to Nick.Q sighed, "I don't like the way he's behaving Mike.It's too much like how he had become before.I've known this boy since he was a teenager.It hurts to see him like that."

45 minutes later...

They turned to look at Nick and were surprised to see Nick looking at them.His baby blue eyes unfocused and shining with unshed tears.Q slowly approached him and knelt down next to him.

"I wanna go back.I want to go,"Nick's voice was hoarse because of unshed tears.

Q helped him stand up, "Ok kiddo.We'll go back now. You want me to call Kevin?"Q asked gently.

Nick shook his head.They started walking but when Nick saw Mike he shrank back. Q caught him before he fell and wrapped his arms around Nick's shoulders.

"Its Mike Nicky. He's Justin Timberlake's bodyguard remember? He won't hurt you."

Nick looked at Mike,who smiled at him. Nick smiled slightly back and went with them to the van.


Back at the arena the guys from NSYNC and BSB plus their bodyguards watched as Kevin paced worriedly because Nick had gone out. When the door opened no one noticed until Mike cleared his throat. Everyone's heads snapped towards him.

Kevin immediately strode up to him, "Mike where's Nick?"

Mike smiled, "He's in the other dressing room.Why don't you go there and the rest of you start getting ready?"

Kevin was out the door before Mike even finished speaking. He went into the other dressing room and looked around.He saw Nick sitting on the couch.and was playing with his wedding ring,as usual. Nick always played with his ring.Kevin went and sat down next to him.Nick turned around,pushed Kevin so that he was comfortable on the couch and laid down in his arms.


I held Nick gently in my arms and slowly caressed his stomach through his t-shirt.Nick took my hand and placed it under his t-shirt on his stomach.I understood that he wanted my touch and lovingly moved my hand up and down his chest,under his t-shirt.I could feel the muscles he had developed in the last few months.He had lost a lot of weight,but carefully under the watchful eye of Howie. He went to the gym with Howie 6 times a week, with the exception of Sunday, which he kept reserved only for me. I still don't know why he doesn't come to the gym with me or workout with me, but I've learnt to accept it.

I came out of my thoughts when I felt Nick sigh. I looked down at him; his head was resting on my chest. I smiled and bent a little to kiss the top of his head. I was rewarded by him turning his head and giving me a sweet smile.


"Hmm..." Nick murmured softly.

"Have you looked at yourself, your body in the mirror yet?"

I could feel him tensing up slightly, then he relaxed.

"No, but I will soon. Lauren is going to take my measurements for alterations again." I could feel the smile in his voice.

"I am so proud of you honey. You decided what you wanted and stuck to it." I hoped to God he could hear the pride in my voice, pride for him.

"Thanks Boo. But I couldn't have done it without you. You and Howie didn't let me cut down on my food, just changed what I ate. You've helped me so much that I don't know what I would have done without your support."

"Baby you always have my support. I love you."

Nick turned around and looked into my eyes, his own sparkling with tears, "I love you too Boo."

I wiped away the tears that spilled down his cheeks. "No tears baby. You know I can't stand to see you cry."

Nick closed the distance between us and kissed me. He ran his tongue along my lips and pulled away, licking his lips.

"Baby steps, angel, baby steps."

Nick smiled when he heard this and stood up. "I'm washing my face and coming ok?"

I nodded and watched him walk into the bathroom. He still got scared sometimes, but I knew he just needed a little time. Before we had "come out" publicly, we were always kissing and cuddling. And Nick would initiate a kiss quite often. But after we came out due to a number of reasons that I'd rather not remember right now he had withdrawn into himself. He would always return my kisses but it took him sometime to kiss me out of his own free will.

We had not been intimate with each other, preferring to wait until we got married. On our wedding night, he got up the courage, got over his fears and asked me if he could make love to me.

He's still not like my old Nick, but he's getting there.


I turned my head to look at Nick. He was standing a little away from me, a peaceful expression on his face.


He smiled that oh so cute shy smile, "Could you get my clothes for me? I don't want to see everyone yet."

I moved forward and ran my fingers down his cheek, "Sure hun."

I started to move towards the door. "Kevin wait."

I turned around and Nick moved to stand in front of me. He slowly cupped my face and kissed me. He licked my lips. When I opened my mouth he slowly explored my mouth with his tongue, then massaged my tongue with his own. He slowly pulled away and smiled shyly at me. He placed a quick kiss on my lips and stepped back. "Thank you."

I smiled and left the room.


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