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Chapter Nine


I was in that stage of waking up when everything seems fuzzy. I yawned and opened my eyes, blinking rapidly to clear my eyes and get them adjusted to the light sunlight in the room. The curtains were pulled shut so that only a little sunlight came into the room. I turned and lay down on my back, keeping my right arm behind my head and my left arm by my side. I pulled the blanket higher up on my body and sighed. I didn't remember closing the curtains the night before. I smiled; Nick must have closed them when he woke up. I turned and checked my watch, which was kept on the side table and saw that it was almost 7:30am.

I sighed and waited for my baby boy to come back from the gym. He'd left the room a little after 6am and I missed having him in my arms. After the concert last night everyone had come to see if Nick was doing ok. Brian, Howie and AJ had come by and we'd ordered room service and just hung out together for a while so that they could make sure and see for themselves that Nick was ok.

We'd been watching a movie. Howie and I were sitting on the sofa, AJ was sitting on one of the armchairs and Brian and Nicky were sitting on the ground in front of the sofa. Nick was sitting in between my legs and kept tugging at my legs, his head was resting against my knee while I played with his hair. Eventually the day's events had caught up with him and he'd fallen asleep. I smiled at the memory. He'd been half asleep when the guys left and I helped him stand up and undressed him. The look in his eyes...I don't know what was happening but Nick was beginning to completely trust again.

Before I could think any further I heard the door softly click open and then softly shut again. I closed my eyes, and then peeked a bit to see what my boy was doing.

He kept the keycard on the table and looked at me, then smiled and turned. He took out his cell phone from his pocket and then took off his watch, leaving them on the table. He took off his shoes and socks and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start a few seconds later. I opened my eyes and got out of bed. I slowly walked towards the bathroom and pushed open the door since Nick hadn't closed it completely. I saw Nick's silhouette though the shower curtain and smiled.

I opened the shower curtain a little and looked in. Nick was leaning against the wall, the water falling on him. His eyes were closed and he looked tired. I smiled, knowing that he must've sensed I am near him. As I entered the shower area he opened his eyes and looked at me with his sky blue eyes. A gentle smile spread across his face, encouraging me to take him into my arms.

We both took a step forward and Nick settled into my arms. I silently urged him to put most of his weight on me as I felt a shock course through me. Nick giggled softly and rubbed his hands up and down my back while moving backwards. I reached out and turned on the hot water and turned off the cold water a bit, sighing when I felt warm water course over our bodies.

Nick lifted his head off my shoulder and looked at me with an angelic smile on his face, but I could see the playful expression in his eyes. I smiled and hugged him tightly to me, pressing the length of his body to mine. If this incident would have happened before Nick would be apologizing for not telling me the water was cold, but now...I don't know what was helping him change back into the old Nick so much but I was glad.

Nick pulled back a little and reached behind him for the shampoo bottle. He started lathering up his hair and asked me, "Why didn't you say anything when I came into the room?"

I smiled and took a little bit of shampoo and worked up lather in my own hair, "I didn't feel like saying anything. I was hoping you would come back to bed," I sighed pitifully, a sound which made Nick smile, "But since you didn't I got up."

Nick closed his eyes and started rinsing out the shampoo from his hair; once he was done he moved aside as I stood under the shower spray and said, "I was all sweaty. I wanted to take a shower first. Then I wanted to cuddle up close to you and go back to sleep. I am so tired."

I finished soaping up my body and rinsed away the soap suds, then started soaping him up, motioning for him to continue speaking. But he shrugged, as if he didn't have anything more to add.

I moved him under the shower, "You want to go back to sleep until we have to leave?"

Nick came back into my arms and sighed. The sensation of Nick's breath on my neck sending shivers through my body and causing a smile to light up Nick's beautiful face. "I want to go back to sleep, in---your---arms---until---we---have---to---leave," Nick said while placing tiny kisses across my neck, ear and cheek. He made his way to my lips and closed his eyes while softly kissing me, then moving onto kissing my other cheek. He slowly trailed kisses across my cheek and ear, then he promptly sucked my earlobe into his mouth, sucking on it very slowly. I sighed and held onto the back of his head. He nuzzled his face into my neck and placed a soft kiss on my neck.

I could feel the water starting to cool so I slowly made Nick look at me. His beautiful eyes were sparkling like the ocean does under sunlight early in the morning. His soft hair was smoothed away from his face, his eyes peaceful, and his lips a ruddy red color. "Let's go back to bed baby boy."

Nick smiled and reached behind him to turn off the water. We stepped outside the shower area and grabbed the towels off the rack. Nick wrapped his around his waist after wiping his face and squeezing the excess water from his hair with his hands. He grabbed my hand and stepped out into our room, shivering a little when the cold air in the room washed over his body. I could see goose bumps on his arms.

I smiled and started drying my body, feeling the cool air surround my flushed body. When I was done I wrapped my towel around my waist again and looked at Nick. He hadn't bothered to dry himself off, he was standing with his back to me, and his arms spread at his sides. I moved forward and wrapped my arms around his waist and chest, resting my chin on his shoulder. He turned his head and kissed my forehead.

"Come on dry off Nick," I whispered into his ear, "You'll catch a cold."

"But I like being in your arms. I don't wanna move," Nick said in a little boy voice.

My smile widened at the playful mood he seemed to be in and I decided to just go along with what he wanted, "You dry off and I'll hold you in my arms in that bed," I kissed his cheek then whispered into his ear, "without anything between our bodies."

I felt Nick shiver at my words and I saw him close his eyes, a slight blush spreading across his cheeks. I laughed softly at his reaction. We could be in the middle of a passion filled night or day and I could still say something that could make him blush. I loved that innocence about him.

Nick straightened up and quickly dried himself off. Well, I thought, the air had dried most of him off anyway. He rubbed the towel through his hair while I ran my hand through my hair and went over to the bed. I straightened it out a bit and turned back to Nick, only to find him standing close behind me. He was running his hand through his hair, straightening it out. I tossed my towel at the foot of the bed and got under the covers. Nick did the same and lay down beside me, turning so that he was lying on his stomach, horizontally on the bed with his head on my stomach a pretty pout tugging at his lips. I smiled and trailed my finger over his cheek and around his lips. He knew exactly what that pout did to me. I waited to see what he wanted.

"You know something," he asked softly while trailing his finger over my chest, "You didn't give me my good morning kiss today."

I chuckled, "And is that the reason you are looking at me which that expression on your face?" I teased him.

He nodded, still pouting.

"Well we can't have that now can we. I need to see your smile. Come up here," I said while tugging on his arm lightly. He grinned and moved up so that he was lying beside me. I looked into his eyes and cupped his face in my hands and gently pulled him closer to me. I raised my head up off the pillow a little and closed my lips over his. I lightly moved my lips over his, moving one of my hands into his soft hair. I pulled him closer to me and he lay down so that he was laying half way on top of my body. He let his hand rest over my heart and moaned softly when I ran my tongue over his lips. He opened his mouth and I slid my tongue into his mouth, that oh so sweet mouth and explored it. He moved his tongue over mine and massaged my tongue with his own. We pulled away when we were both breathless and absolutely needed to breathe. Nick turned and rested his head on the pillow and I turned too so that I could look at him. His face was flushed, his lips pink and parted, his eyes dark with desire. I'm sure I was looking much the same way.

We were looking into each other eyes and once we were breathing relatively normally, Nick moved forward and I lay down on my back. He lay down on top of me, the entire length of his body pressed against mine. He shifted a little so that our erections brushed together. Nick moaned and closed his eyes while I felt my breath catch in my throat.

Nick opened his eyes; I could see the love, lust and desire and a little bit of fear in his eyes, "Kevin please."

God, I wanted him so much right now. Just knowing he wanted me to make love to him, it made my heartbeat speed up. But I knew we couldn't, not right now. He was exhausted; he needed to sleep more than he needed sex. Damn me and my inborn protection for this boy.

Nick clearly read what was going on in my mind and sighed, but the fear that had come into his eyes after he had spoken before was slowly giving way to relief because though he had asked me to make love to him he realized what he said after he said it. He was getting over his fears but this was too much for one day. But to his credit he tried to fight his fears. He gave me his trademark puppy dog eyes.

I sighed and smiled, "You need sleep more than you need sex baby boy."

"But Kevin..."

I trailed my finger over his lips, "This is good. We'll both improve our self control," I said while laughing.

Nick grinned and kissed me quickly, "How is it that you always know what I'm feeling," he asked then kissed me again before I could answer.

"Because I love you. You are my heart and soul. You always know what I'm feeling too," I then pointed out.

He smiled and kissed me softly one more time before slowly sliding off of me. We both groaned at the sensations that move did to our body. I started turning around to hold him but his hand on my waist stopped me. He gently nudged me, "Turn over, I wanna hold you today," he whispered into my ear.

I smiled and turned onto my side, Nick's arm came around me and he held me around my waist. I could feel his breath against the back of my neck. I suddenly realized something.


"Hmm?" He had placed his hand over my heart and was holding onto me. I could feel his erection against my butt.

"How come your hand didn't hurt you when we took a shower?"

He placed a kiss on my neck, "Howie cleaned it out before we came up and put water proof bandages on it."

We continued talking for a little while longer before we fell asleep.


I was putting my clothes back into my bag when I heard a knock on my door. I turned and walked to the door and opened it. Lonnie stood in front of me, a smile on his face. I stepped back and waved him into the room, then went back to folding my clothes and putting them into my bag.

"Hey Lonnie."

"Hey Brian. All set?" Lonnie asked while sitting down on the bed.

I turned around and flashed a quick smile at him, "Almost. What are the others doing?"

"Well, AJ has gone to Kevin's room and Howie has gone downstairs."

I zipped up my bag and turned around to face Lonnie, "What about Kevin and Nick?"

Lonnie shrugged, "Kevin's awake, but I think Nick's still sleeping."

I smiled and looked around the room to see if I had taken everything. I put my wallet in my pocket and pocketed my cell phone. "I'm ready."


I knocked on the door to Kevin and Nick's room. I was bored and if I stayed in my room I would fall asleep. At least I could hang around with the happy couple and stay awake. The door opened and I saw Kevin standing in front of me, dressed in blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt. He smiled when he saw me.

"Hi AJ. Come on in."

I smiled and stepped inside the room, then shut the door, following Kevin into the room. I stopped short when I saw Nick with his eyes closed, cuddled up under the covers. Kevin was putting clothes into his bag. He turned and leaned against the desk looking at me.

"Why are you so quiet?" he asked softly.

I looked at him and smiled, "How come Nick is still sleeping? Is he ok?"

Kevin smiled, "He's perfectly ok. He's just being very stubborn about getting up today. He got dressed after I woke him up. When I went to shave he was back in bed," he finished speaking with a smile on his face while looking at the blond haired wonder, who was sleeping.

AJ grinned and kneeled down on the bed, inching close to Nick's sleeping form. It was pretty normal for one of us to wake up one of the others when we were on tour. But when Kevin and Nick came on tour after their honeymoon we had to get used to the fact that we could still go into their room whenever we wanted to, nothing much had changed. The only difference now, was that Kevin and Nick just needed some time to themselves. But they always took out time to hang out with us, I thought with a smile. Now I am comfortable with the fact that it was ok to wake up Nick or Kevin, that didn't have to be either Kevin or Nick's job.


I crossed my arms against my chest and watched as AJ kneeled on the bed over Nick. "Nicky? Nicky wake up."

Nick shifted and sighed in his sleep. I knew he was just in a light sleep so I waited.

"Nick come on wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up," AJ said in a singsong voice. I moved forward and sat down on the bed, leaning against the headboard. AJ grinned at me from the other side of Nick as Nick started to wake up. He saw me and snuggled closer to me, putting his head in my lap and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Leave me alone. Bug Kevin."

AJ and I started laughing. I smoothed Nick's hair and rubbed his shoulders that were left bare now that the blanket had slipped a bit from around him.

"Baby come on, we're going to get late. You can go back to sleep on the bus if you want," I said.

Nick sighed and opened his eyes. I'd not opened the curtains, only switched on a few lights in the room. He slowly sat up. He saw AJ and smiled.

"Are we really going to be late?" he asked after clearing his throat.

AJ smiled, "No. We have another 20 minutes before we have to be down."

Nick turned his head to look at me. My right arm was across my stomach. He moved it aside and leaned against my chest. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the side of his head. His body was warm because he had been snuggled up under the blankets.

"Do we really have to leave?" he asked while looking at AJ.

AJ grinned from his position on the bed, where he was sitting, "Well we could perform without you, but then little 12 year old girls would cry and cry because Nick Carter didn't come and Kevin would sulk because you aren't with him. And as you know a sulky Kevin, equals to trouble for all of us," he said with a laugh.

Nick smiled and closed his eyes. I kissed the side of his neck, "Come on. Put on your t-shirt, wash your face, get your shoes on and lets go."

Nick sighed a slowly got out of bed. He was wearing blue jeans but had gone back to sleep instead of wearing his t-shirt earlier. He went into the bathroom and I turned back to AJ.

"Have you eaten breakfast?"

AJ nodded his head, "I ordered room service. Howie is downstairs eating right now and Brian I think ordered room service too. Have you guys eaten?"

I shook my head, "No. I woke up a little while ago, but I didn't feel like eating and Nick went back to sleep."

I started to stand up when there was a knock on the door, but AJ waved me back and stood up. He opened the door since he was closer to it. Carl came into the room after shutting the door behind him.

"You guys ready?" he asked.

"Almost," I answered while putting my shoes on.

The bathroom door opened and Nick walked out, looking awake. He waved at Carl and put our toiletries bag into our clothes bag, then zipped it shut. He saw a t-shirt kept on the table and picked it up, then waved it in front of me. I nodded and he slipped it on. He brushed out his hair, and then put the brush into his backpack. We looked around the room to see if we had out everything in our bags.

"Where are my glasses?" Nick asked softly.

I smiled at him, "In your backpack." We picked up our bags and switched off the lights in the room before leaving it. Between us AJ had 2 bags, I had two duffel bags and Nick had his backpack. Carl took one of the bags from AJ and me. Nick took my right hand into his left one and started lightly swinging our arms back and forth. I looked at him and smiled. When we reached the elevator, we saw Q standing next to it. We had to wait for it to reach our floor; Q was standing in front of Nick and me and talking to Carl. Nick swung our arms a little higher, gently hitting Q's back with our joined hands. He quickly pulled our arms back before Q could turn around. Q turned around and gave us a look, which Nick didn't see because he was looking down. Once Q had turned around, he once again swung our arms higher again, hitting Q's back. Q turned around and stood with his arms crossed across his chest, pointedly looking at me, then at Nick's and my hands entwined together. Nick was once again looking down.

The elevator reached our floor and we got in. Nick and I were standing towards the back of the elevator. Nick sighed and turned towards me. He put his arms around my waist and buried his face in my neck. I smiled and put my arms around him.

"What were you trying to do?" I whispered into his ear.

I could feel Nick's smile against my neck, "I haven't really tried Q's patience in awhile so I was trying to do that."

I slowly rubbed his neck, "I don't think you quite achieved that honey. He's smiling at you, well at us."

Nick's smile widened, "I still have more than half the day."

The elevator reached the lobby and he reluctantly pulled away from me. I placed a quick kiss on the side of his mouth before picking up our bag.

Q turned to us once we were out of the elevator. "Give me your bags, I'll keep them on the bus."

We gave him our bags, Nick smiling very innocently, a smile that let us know something mischievous was going on in his mind. AJ, Nick and I went into the hotel restaurant and found an empty table. We had enough time to get something to eat before we left. I took the menu and scanned through it, Nick had his head on my shoulder and was looking at the menu with me.

"What do you feel like having?" I softly asked Nick.

"Chocolate milkshake," Nick replied back.

"AJ you want anything?"

AJ nodded, "Coffee."

I ordered a milkshake for Nick, coffee for AJ and myself. I was talking to AJ about something and Nick was listening to us, while playing one of the games on his cell phone. When our coffee came I added a little sugar to it. Nick sighed and stirred the coffee before slowly taking a sip then grimacing at the taste of it. He passed the cup to me, while AJ started laughing. I smiled at him and took a sip of my coffee. His milkshake arrived a few minutes later. He examined it first then stirred it before passing it to me. My taste was going to be shot to hell now after drinking hot and cold. I took a tentative sip of it, because sometimes it turns out to be too sweet or chocolaty. But this was pretty good, not too sweet to. I placed the glass in front of him on the table and smiled at him. He smiled back and picked up the glass, stirring it again with the straw then he started drinking it.

"Nick slow down," I admonished him gently.

He smiled and began drinking more slowly. Once we were done I paid our bill and we left. The buses were waiting at the back entrance for us. I was walking with AJ towards the buses; Nick was lagging behind us because he was concentrating more on the game he was playing than on where he was walking. We stopped and waited; someone had to tell us where to go because people were running around getting things ready. I couldn't see Brian or Howie anywhere. I felt Nick stop behind me and rest his forehead on my shoulder; he was still looking down and playing some game. I rubbed my cheek against his hair and waited. I saw Sam waving us over to our bus so I moved forward, Nick who had been resting a little of his weight on me stumbled a little before straightening. When I turned around he mock glared at me and ran forward. By the time we reached the bus, Nick was already inside.

I followed AJ onto the bus. AJ went into the backroom while I sat down next to Nick on the sofa. He turned to me and smiled, then lay down with his head in my lap. I chuckled and caressed his cheek. He turned his head and buried it against my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair and rubbed the back of his neck, eliciting a sigh from him.

"Are you planning on going back to sleep darling."

Nick turned his head and smiled at me, "Well if you can think of anything better to keep me occupied..." he let his sentence trail off with a sweet and sexy smile on his face.

I smiled and pulled him up, slowly pulling him closer to me and kissing him.



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