This isn't my first attempt at writing a story but it's the first one that's actually made it anywhere. I couldn't decided whether to write about mcfly, rooster or the x men so i thought what the hell i'll do one about all three. The rooster in this story are based on the real rooster ( but at the same time they will be different. Obviously there's mutants in this story and telepathic conversations will be indicated [like this]. The story will be told from the point of view of the main character, although sometimes it will change to other characters but it will be clear when it does change. I hope you like it and if you do, or don't please email me

Disclaimer: The X Men are owned by Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. I haven't met Rooster and i don't know them Although I've met McFly, I don't know them and this story isn't in any way implying that either bands are gay. Alright now that cack is out of the way, here's the story, enjoy!


My name's Jake Emmerson, i've just turned 19 and i'm a mutant. Yeah i know you're thinking freak but we're not all bad, the school i grew up in was for mutants and not one of them was bad, the teachers and a few of the older students formed a team called the x men, they constantly helped normal humans from the few bad mutants that wanted them dead. I never made it into the x men cause i left three years ago, see most mutants come into their powers when they hit puberty but i've always had mine so i spent most of my life in the school and professor xavier couldn't help me anymore than he already had so i decided to leave and come across the pond here to england. I guess you're wondering what my power is? well it's a bit messed up, my old girlfriend, rogue, her power is when she touches another mutant she absorbs their power for a short time, mine is like that but i just need to be near someone and i permanently keep their power, i've gathered some crazy stuff over the years and there's a lot of powers that i don't know about too, one of the teachers at the school had a ancient god like entity in her called phoenix, she was some powerful stuff and although i haven't got any of the phoenix itself, i have got it's power which is sometimes scary cause it talks in my head, it tells me stuff about people that i don't really wanna know but it does make my telepathy and telekinesis very strong, i haven't done this but i could completely shut down someone's mind if i wanted to. A few other powers i've got are the ability to control the weather, which is handy when it starts pissing down while i'm out running, i can freeze moisture in the air, create and control fire, teleport, shoot bolts of energy out of my eyes and freeze time, that's handy when i over sleep. At the moment i'm waiting for my boyfriend to come off stage, his name's danny and he's in a very big band called McFly, i guess you've heard of them, i've been supporting them on tour but i couldn't do it tonight cause i'm forming my own band and auditions have only just finished, anyway the night i met them has to be the most crazy night of my life! it was just over a year ago now and i'd gone to see them in Newcastle with a mate from work...


Man these Travelodge rooms are nice, the beds are as soft as shit, i could stay on this all night... damn it someone's at the door, hell i don't wanna get up! this better be worth it, i got up and answered the door, it's only mark

"we better get going soon mate"

"what're ya on? it's only half four, they don't open the doors until six"

"look out of the window" he replied, i walked up to the window and there's a massive queue on the A1 "there's been an accident and apparently the queue's about three miles long", crap he's right, i don't even know where the arena is so it's gonna take a while anyway

"i've just gotta do my hair and then i'll be ready"

"so about five seconds then?"

"very funny, i'm gonna do it the normal way"

"alright, give me a shout when you're done" he left the room and i went into the bathroom, well i was gonna do my hair the normal way but i want it longer, this is one joy of being a mutant, i can change anything about my appearance with a thought, so i'll make my hair longer and change it to black with blonde highlights, i haven't had it this way since i lived in America. Now for the clothes, at the moment i'm just in blue jeans and black shirt, well the jeans can go black and a bit tighter and the shirt can turn into a white t shirt... no plain white is boring, i know we'll have a phoenix on the back, there that'll do, time to call mark, another joy of being a mutant [ready] [meet ya outside], okay car keys, fags and a spray of joop, the girls love this stuff, i think that's all i need, i left the room and mark was waiting in the hall "normal way my arse"

"i changed my mind, sue me"

"on our wages? we wouldn't be able to afford five minutes with a solicitor!"

"damn right, ya know it would be cheaper if we teleported to the arena", actually are wages are very good but everyone likes to moan about pay

"jake you made your car so it's powered by thoughts, how the hell are you gonna get cheaper than that?", he's got a point there, i bought a Mazda RX8, i suppose you're wondering how someone my age can afford a car like that? it's a long story but when everyone found out i was a mutant the town paid me to leave, yeah they're scumbags! anyway i used one of my powers to change the car from using petrol to being powered by thoughts, as long as there's at least one person within a mile it'll have power, which is easy cause there's gotta be a driver so it's always got thoughts to run on. We locked the rooms and went down to the car park, there's a few lads hanging around the car, one of them put his hand on it, now do i use my telepathy to turn the alarm on? nah he's not worth the energy

"scratch the car and you'll spend the next year in hospital", that's got them away from it, we got in and set off, oh yeah i haven't got a clue how to get there, again with my powers i made one hell of a kick ass computer system in here "computer set a course for the metroradio arena", now the car could drive itself but that aint much fun so it'll just shout out directions for me, man i love being a mutant, i don't know why some of us say it's a curse, yeah a lot of people hate us but we're just ordinary guys really and not everyone hates us, look at mark, the only problem he has is he wants to be mutant, i could arrange that for him but i feel if he was meant to be a mutant he would be, i haven't got the right to alter nature so he'll just have to put up with being a human.

That was a stupid mother of a traffic jam! we were sat in it for an hour, man i knew we should've teleported, it would've been quicker and i could've spent more time on that bed, alright time to park up... that would be easier if i knew where there's a car park, okay back to the car "computer, find the nearest car park", damn! it said there's one to our left, well the council should put more signs up. We parked the car and started walking to the arena, oh a starbucks "wanna coffee?" i asked mark

"i think that's the best idea you've ever had mate", he thinks he's funny, we went inside and faced another queue, i'm starting to get pissed off with queuing now! wouldn't life be so much easier if you didn't have to queue up for stuff? here we go finally reached the end and this girl serving us real cute

"alright could i get a latte with two sugars and a black decaf no sugar please", she turned around to get the drinks, man that is one nice butt! that's what wet dreams are made of [stop staring at her arse, pervert] [i can't help it! she's got a nice ass] [why can't you yanks say it properly? it's arse not ass] [hey it's you english that get it wrong], crap she's back, i paid for them and we fought our way out of there, we walked to the arena and sat on the bench at the top of the steps, why are girls screaming already? they haven't even opened the doors yet and even if they had, what is the point in screaming? it just gives everyone a headache... i need a smoke, i pulled the packet out of my pocket and offered mark one, i love winding him up

"you shouldn't smoke jake, it's bad for you"

"it doesn't matter how many of these things i smoke my healing factor will always make up for it", oh yeah that's another thing, i absorbed the power from another teacher who had claws and his bones were laced with some kind of metal called adamantium and he had an accelerated healing factor, he could be shot a hundred times and after an hour or so he'd be completely healed, i took a mouthful of coffee and mark pulled a face "what?"

"how can you drink black coffee with no sugar? it must be like tar"

"see i don't need sugar cause i'm sweet enough already"

"whatever", ah he's just jealous cause girls are always saying i'm sweet.

We sat outside chatting until quarter past seven, we decided that if we went in earlier we'd get pissed off with screaming girls, i guess you could say what's the point in us coming to a McFly concert if we hate screaming fans but we love their music and hopefully it'll be worth the headaches.


Oh yes it was definitely worth all the screams, the band were fucking brilliant! the atmosphere was out of this world, i'm gonna come see them again next year! this has been the best night out ever, well apart from only just getting out of the car park after an hour of waiting, i'm looking forward to going to bed. When we got back to the Travelodge, we parked the car up and walked over to the petrol station to get a drink

"hey look over there" mark said, i looked to were he was pointing "isn't that McFly?", shit he's right that is them "let's go ask for autographs"

"sod off, i'm not looking like a star struck fan, anyway it's nearly midnight and they're probably too knackered for idiots like us asking for autographs"

"yeah i guess you're right" he replied, it's not often he agrees with me, we went into the shop and bought the drinks, as we were leaving mark stopped me again "hey those guys are asking McFly for autographs", i looked over, nah i don't think they're asking for autographs, it looks more like they're annoying them, normally i'd do something but those guys have bodyguards to deal with nuts... accept they're not ordinary nuts, they're mutant nuts and no bodyguard can protect against powers, unless he's mutant too which is highly unlikely, oh well i guess it's up to me, i passed my drink to mark "what ya doing?"

"they're mutants", the x men saved people but all they had was a uniform, their faces are on full show and not that i'm trying to be batman but i don't want people seeing my face so i wear a mask, all that's showing are my eyes and hair, which i always changed to red like miss greys. alright i'm suited up so time to give my services, i teleported over so i was between McFly and the dorks "haven't you got anything better to do on a Friday night?", the only thing about this uniform is no one ever takes me seriously, i guess my sarcastic comments don't help much but hey that's just me

"aren't you a little late for Halloween? why don't you just get out of our way so we can kill these pathetic humans?"

"most people would go clubbing but you guys prefer to kill people just because they carry a different gene? it may just be me but i'd be calling that pathetic not four guys that make good music, have you heard any of their stuff? it's decent!"

"alright we were just going to kill them but it seems we'll have to get shot of you first" the leader replied, this should be interesting, his eyes are starting to turn red, good god i've seen this so many times, i'll have to call cyclops and let him know his power isn't unique, i put a shield up and then he fired, oh come on is this full blast? it's like a fly has just hit the shield, it's taken him nearly two minutes to realise nothing's happening "i don't get it, i've blown a hole in a building with that but you didn't even flinch"

"yeah see one of my old teachers has optic blasts going on too and his are about ten times stronger than that, anyway as much as i'd love to continue this game, i'm kinda tired so i'll make it easy for you, have you ever been to Cornwall? it's a lovely place", before they could come out with anything i sent them teleporting off, i turned to face McFly, i can't believe i'm so close to them but can't do anything, man life sucks sometimes! "i know those guys were messed up but not all mutants are bad and that was great show tonight", it would be nice to see what they say but it would probably be something like what's your name and i'd most likely shout out Jake Emmerson so time to teleport round the back of the petrol station where no one can see me, i changed my clothes and hair back and then walked around the front to meet mark, McFly have already disappeared

"still you didn't ask for an autograph, they would've given you one i mean you did just save their lives"

"why are you so worried about an autograph? you'll only lose it the time we get home tomorrow", he can't answer that cause he knows i'm right, both of us are terrible for losing things, i nearly lost the tickets for the show, it took me an hour to find them. We walked over to the Travelodge and guess who were checking in, yep McFly, they'd all got keys but danny was still at the reception, as we walked passed i heard him say something like, what do you mean there's been a mistake and there isn't anymore rooms, i guess i could help them out again, although they don't know it was me the first time, i went back over to him "hey sorry i heard what you said and if you want you could take my room and i'll share with my mate", alright how lame did that sound? well it did the trick

"are you sure?", oh god danny jones just spoke to me... yeah alright i am a star struck fan

"yeah we don't mind..." [speak for yourself mate] "...i just need to get a few things out first"

"thanks man" he replied, we went upstairs and the rest of the band and mark went off to their rooms, i opened the door to mine and we went in, i gathered a few clothes and toothbrush out of the bathroom "are you sure about this cause i could always share with one of the others"

"yeah it's no problem, the only thing is i smoke and he doesn't but that just means i'll have to wait until the morning, it's no biggie", he went silent for a minute and i was about to leave when he spoke again

"hey i smoke too", well that's a bit of useless information "if you want to we could both stay in here?", did he just say us share a room? what's he on?

"don't be daft, you don't want me around, you must be tired after that performance"

"actually i'm on a hype and i don't think i'll sleep just yet, it would be nice to have a bit of company"

"are you sure about this?" i asked, he just nodded "alright i'll just go tell mark", am i dreaming? this so cool! i put my stuff down and left the room and went knocked on mark's door, it was a minute before he opened it "hey change of plan, i'm staying in there now"

"what has he got another room sorted?"

"no he asked if i'd stay in there with him"

"yeah whatever"

"nah i'm serious, he reckons he's on a hype and could do with some company", mark just stood there looking gormless "don't look so shocked, i either stay in here with you or share a room with the coolest guy in pop, it's an easy choice"

"yeah alright sod off"

"see ya in the morning", i went back to my room and when i got in danny was looking at me like i had two heads


"you're welcome"

"you don't know what i'm on about do you?"

"haven't a clue", he stopped staring at me in a strange way and smiled

"thanks for saving our lives early", oh fuck what happened there? no one has ever found out it's me!

"how did you know it was me?"

"well your height and build but that could've been a coincidence, what gave it away was your eyes, there's not many people with intense blue eyes", my eyes? all the times i've done that kind of thing and it's my eyes that gave it away? next time i'll have to change the colour

"maybe i should go stay with my mate"

"no don't!" he replied quickly "i haven't got a problem with mutants especially one as cool as you", as cool as me? see i'm many things, cool isn't one of them

"and you really don't mind sharing a room with a freak?"

"please don't say that! you're not a freak!", alright that was kinda harsh and he's crying, i went up to him and hugged him

"are you alright?", that's stupid of course he's not alright, he's crying you pratt

"my best mate was a mutant and he got so much hassle from it that he killed himself, i just don't like it when people give mutants shit and when you called yourself a freak, just because you have powers it doesn't mean you're a freak"

"sorry i didn't realise"

"not many people do, the guys don't know about it, they haven't got a problem with mutants either but it's not exactly something you shout about", i don't remember doing it but we're sat on the bed, that reminds me, i fished around under the bed and got two bottles of beer, i used telekinesis to take the caps off and was about to pass one to danny when i realised they're warm and will taste like piss, i'm glad he hasn't got a problem with mutants, i blew over them and gave them a nice chill "how'd you do that?"

"It's one of my powers"

"one of them?"

"yeah i'm a bit messed up, when i stand near other mutants i sort of copy their powers and i can call on them when ever i want, it's handy sometimes"

"like now" he replied, he is such a cool guy, i've only just met him but i can be totally open with him about being a mutant, there's not many people i can do that with "hey i've just thought, you saved my life, we've been talking for half an hour and we're about to share a room but i don't know you're name or how old you are"

"oh yeah we haven't covered that one yet, jake and eighteen"

"just jake?"

"jake emmerson" i replied, now he's giving me that strange look again "what?"

"that was my mates name, what are the chances of that?", actually that is rather freaky, i need a smoke... oh yeah he smokes too, now where did i put the ciggies? in my jacket, i levitated my jacket over and got them out, bugger i must have left the lighter in the car... i keep forgetting i can use my powers in front of him, i took out two ciggies and gave one to danny, i lit a ball of fire in my hand and held it out so he could get a light, once we were both done i put it out "you are quality"

"nah you're the quality one"

"alright i can see this isn't gonna go anywhere, we're both quality"

"yeah that'll do" i replied, this is turning out to be an even better night than i thought it would "so where are you guys off to tomorrow?"

"actually we've got another gig here tomorrow night, this one sold out in about three minutes so we decided to change the dates around and get another night in here, what about you?"

"we're going back home in the morning"

"hey just an idea, it's Saturday tomorrow and i guess you guys haven't got work so if you want to why don't you stay and we could all hang out and then we'll give you backstage passes to the concert, we're staying here tomorrow night as well and then you could head back Sunday", danny jones is asking me if we want to hang out with them for the day... who the hell wouldn't want to?

"yeah that would be great", better ask mark first, well i'm not going over there again [hey danny just asked if we wanted to stay here another night cause they're doing another gig and he thought we could hang out tomorrow] [i'd love to but i told Kelly i'd be back in the afternoon] [alright it doesn't matter] [you could stay though, just teleport me home in the morning] [are you sure?] [yeah] [thanks mate, see ya in the morning] [night] "mark needs to head back tomorrow but if it's alright i'll stay"

"of course it is, in this trade we don't really make many friends so it'll be nice to hang out while we can", was he just stating me as a friend? "that's a point", he pulled his mobile out and gave it to me "just put your number in there", alright then, i took mine out and gave it to him

"you too", okay another freaky thing, we've got the same mobiles and mine's now going off, it's only a text i'll read it later

"you've got five colours as a message tone?"

"yeah what of it?"

"you must really like us" he replied passing me the phone back, good timing i've just finished with his

"i've always liked you guys, you're music's unique"

"i think you're the only person who's said that, most people think we sound like busted"

"nah do ya hell", neither of us wanna sleep yet but i can see when we do there's gonna be a rush for the shower "i think i'll hit the shower", i put my cigarette out and went into the bathroom, i turned the shower on and got undressed, another good thing about these places is there's always hot water so you don't have to wait. Once i was done, i dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my waist "hey are you hungry?"

"yeah i am actually"

"wanna Chinese?" i asked

"that would be great", i used my powers to change the towel into jeans and t shirt "so that's how you managed to change so fast earlier"

"yeah it's cool, so what do you want?"

"just some noodles or something", sorted, i used my telepathy to find a Chinese takeaway and teleported to the alley next to it, i went in and for the first time tonight there isn't a queue, i went up to the counter and looked at the menu, man i can never decided what to have and they don't give you a chance to look before asking for the order

"could i get two large portions of beef noodles and two fortune cookies please", i hope danny isn't a veggie, it amazes me how they can remember the number of the food and the price, i can only just remember works phone number "oh and could you chuck in two sets of chopsticks please". I can't believe it took nearly twenty minutes to cook that! what were they doing building a fire or something? i walked back to the alley and teleported to the room, danny was sat on the bed just in boxers, he must've just had a shower "sorry i took so long, i think they had to rub two sticks together to build a fire"

"you're a nut"

"thanks", i put the bag on the bed and then took my t shirt and jeans off, i sat on the bed next to danny and then gave him the grub

"oh how much do i owe you?"

"nothing", he gave me harsh look "i'm serious, you got me out of having to share a room with mark so it's the least i can do"

"alright but i'm getting dinner tomorrow", i really do like him, for someone famous like him he's such a normal guy, coming here tonight was definitely a good thing to do! When we'd finished the noodles we opened the fortune cookies, they do stuff these things with some rubbish "what's yours say?" danny asked, i passed him mine and he gave me his, that figures, 'soon you will find happiness with a new love', yep they really do put shit in here "what a bloody con! they've given us the same message!"

"not only that, what's all this crap about a new love? i'm still waiting for an old love"

"so you haven't got a girlfriend then?"

"not since i lived in America, i went to a school for mutants and got together with a girl there, here power was like mine but she had to touch someone to get there power and she didn't keep it for long and it was sort of like a death touch, she absorbed their life-force and if she held on too long she'd kill them"

"poor sod"

"yeah but with my power being like that it never affected me and we were both lonely so it just kinda happened, i did love her but it was more like a friend love, anyway what about you?"

"nothing since we started, most girls just want to be with us cause of the fame and the few that aren't bothered about that don't last cause we're always so busy, people think pop stars have it easy but we don't"

"well they're just narrow minded spit for brain morons"

"exactly" he replied, i need more nicotine! i levitated my fags over to the bed "no it's my turn", tough! i used my telekinesis to put one in his mouth, "i'm gonna slap you", i made another ball of fire "don't you use a lighter?"

"yeah i just left it in the car"

"you're definitely a nut!"

"hey you're not completely sane yourself"

"wanna make something of it emmerson?" danny replied throwing a pillow at me, he then picked up another one and threw it but this time i caught it in mid air "no fair! that's cheating", actually he's right that isn't fair... hang on i'm sure when kelly was reading a magazine that had a McFly interview it said danny's ticklish, one way to find out, i dropped the pillow then pounced on him and started tickling him, yep he is "you sod!", alright that'll do for now, i got off him and dropped onto the bed next to him "weirdo"

"idiot", this is so messed up! it feels like i've known him for years not hours, it took four weeks for me to talk to anyone at xavier's cause i was really nervous and they were mutants like me, but with danny i'm not nervous at all... bastard just punched me "what the heck was that for?"

"i was talking to you", was he?

"sorry i was thinking"

"steady on"

"bitch!" i replied hitting him back "want another beer", i'll take that grunt as a yes, i leant over the bed to get a couple more bottles, another thing about being a mutant i can sense when people are behind me, i think he's gonna try give me a weggie, i half somersaulted off the bed "don't even think about it jones"

"man you must be a telepath"

"yep and apparently one of the best"

"what's that mean?"

"the head at school was the worlds strongest telepath and i absorbed his power, he always said over time i'd become as good as him"

"my mate was a telepath too, it saved on phone bills" he replied, he's got a point there, mark's number isn't in my phone cause i never call him, what was i doing? that's it beer, i got two bottles and jumped back on the bed, i gave danny his and then he passed it back to me... oh yeah piss warm, i chilled it and gave it to him again "thanks"

"you're welcome", oh bugger i've just downed that bottle in one go, i'm gonna be peeing all night! actually the night will be over soon "damn look at the time! we better get to bed or you'll fall asleep on stage"

"yeah good point", danny replied, he then started to get up

"hey where ya going?"

"you're a great guy but i'm not sharing the bed with you"

"i don't mean that ya tit, i'll take the sofa"

"no you paid for the room", i used my telekinesis to bring him back to the bed "hey!"

"you're the star so you get the bed and no more arguing"

"thanks" he replied, i got up and went over to the sofa "we haven't really thought this through, there isn't another cover"

"doesn't matter, i'm a mutant, i don't have to feel the cold if i don't want to"

"after tomorrow, when you go home and we go to the next gig, you will keep in touch won't you?"

"yeah of course i will, as long as you guys want me to"

"definitely and when we get the odd day off we can meet up right?" he asked, he's sounding sad, he thinks that i won't want to or something

"damn right"

"cool", well that's lightened him up, "night"

"night mate", alright he's a pratt! "danny, lights", he turned them off and then we settled down. He must've been more shattered than he was letting on, it's only taking him five minutes to fall asleep, at least he doesn't snore.


Well that's the first part, please let me know if you like it,