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Well that's how we met and how i got together with danny, anyway back to tonight, i know i said auditions have only just finished but that's not actually right, they finished about four hours ago but we've been playing together and also decided on a name, rooster. Oh here comes tom, harry and dougie, i guess danny must be doing his solo

"hey how'd auditions go?" harry asked, yeah they can be really dumb sometimes, i pointed to the others "shut up emmerson"

"shut up yourself, anyway guys this is nick, greg and sam"

"you guys gonna come out and sing?"

"no it's too soon"

"but you've been..."

"not for me you idiots..."

"i don't mind singing, it'll be fun" sam said

"same here, we're supporting on the rest of the tour anyway" nick added

"i agree, we might as well start a night early" greg finished, thanks a lot guys, tom, harry and dougie are giving me a 'told you so' look, man i'm never gonna hear the end of this

"yeah alright then"

"great, what you singing?"

"staring at the sun" i replied, well this will decide if we make it anywhere, we've only been together for a few hours so if they like us tonight we should do well, in theory at least

"come on danny's nearly finished" harry said leading us to the back of the stage, hey this is a good time to do it, the only light on the stage is on danny so we can get set up without people seeing us, when danny had finished harry started introducing us, not sure why but he's best at this kinda thing "alright cause we love you guys so much we have a treat for you, this is a band that will be joining us for the rest of the tour, they're great guys and their music is the best... except for us", what a tart! "right over here on bass we have greg, on guitar is nick and jake", he ran to the back of the stage for sam, danny looks really surprised, i guess we could've told him telepathically, oh well i'll make it up to him later "and last, keeping everyone together is the main man, on drums is sam", crap why did we let a drummer have this job? "alright everyone go nuts for..." [Rooster] [thanks] "Rooster and staring at the sun", alright here we go, all the times i've done this and this is the first time i'm nervous, i hope they all like us

Daylight, on my shoulder, makes me feel alive.
You kept me standing in your shadow.
And it's a cold, cold place to hide.
I'm running away from this messed up place.
I'm breaking free, Yeah yeah.
I'm tired of staring at the sun.
Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so I can't see.
Stealing every breath I breathe.
You push me into overdrive.
Well i don't need this kinda high. Cause now i'm done
Cause you took everything while i was staring at the sun.
I know, you won't let me.
Just turn and walk away.
You tie me up, kick me around.
Try to kill my dreams and break me down.
But I won't hang around.
I'm running away from this messed up place.
I'm breaking free, Yeah yeah.
I'm tired of staring at the sun.
Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so I can't see.
Stealing every breath I breathe.
You push me into overdrive.
Well i don't need this kinda high. Cause now i'm done
Cause you took everything while i was staring at the sun.
I was staring at the sun.

Well this is going down really well, i just hope they remember us when we bring out the first single... actually this will make a good debut single, i'll have to put it to the guys later.
Daylight on my shoulder.
I know its time to run.
Yes, I know its time to run.
I'm tired of staring at the sun.
Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so I can't see.
Stealing every breath I breathe.
You push me into overdrive.
Well i don't need this kinda high. Cause now i'm done
Cause you took everything while i was staring at the sun

Yeah, staring at the sun.
You took everything while I was staring at the sun.

Yep that definitely went down well, the audience are going nuts [you could've told me you were here] [i wanted to surprise you] [i guess i'll let you off then] [thanks, love you] [jake] [yeah?] [the guys are now leaving the stage], shit! i'm standing here like a right prick, time to run, i put the guitar down and ran off stage, as i got off danny, tom, harry and dougie were then going on

"we're now doing all about you and then we're finished, do the others know you're..."

"yeah that's the first thing i told them"

"what about..."

"second and they're fine with both, obviously or they wouldn't be here"

"cool, see ya in a few minutes", they went onto the stage and i went to find the others, oh there they are

"that was great, roll on tomorrow night!"

"what do you guys think about releasing that as our debut?"

"hey you're the boss"

"yeah we're just the add on's"

"it's up to you", pratts

"don't make me kick your asses, we're in this together no one's boss"

"we're in this together? you make it sound like hell"

"living with mcfly is hell, they're nuts"

"we've only been together for a few hours but it's easy to see we're not completely sane ourselves"

"good point, anyway back to the debut?"

"i'm up for it"

"me too"

"me three"

"i have got a question though" nick said "when did you want us to move in?"

"tonight if you want, you've got some stuff from last night and we can sort out the rest in the morning", man these guys are great on agreeing with each other, we walked off to the dressing room to wait for the others "anyone else need nicotine?"

"yeah go on" sam replied, only him? cool cheap round... bugger i'm out! danny will have some, i levitated his jacket over to me "i take it that's danny's?"

"technically it's mine he just claimed it", ah crap he hasn't got any... oh hang on "all we got is tobacco"

"that's fine", i started to use my powers to roll a few, i figure the others will want one when they're done "has he got any dope in there?"

"samuel i'm shocked!" greg replied

"yeah you're only seventeen, you shouldn't be asking for stuff like that" nick added

"just cause i'm the youngest it doesn't me i'm all innocent and stuff"

"don't take any notice of them sam, they're just old and boring"

"hey emmerson i'm only a year older than you"

"and i'm only a few months"

"you're still boring" i replied getting stuff thrown and me from nick and greg, i raised my hand and stopped it in mid air "didn't your mother ever teach not to throw stuff at a telekinetic?", i levitated a roll up over to sam and when he sparked up his lighter i stole the flame to light mine

"hey!", once i was alight i sent it back to his lighter "thieving git", that wasn't very nice, "have they got any beer?", we gave him a strange look "bollocks, i started drinking when i was nine!"

"nah the label don't like us drinking before a gig, the lame brains think we'll get pissed"

"jake, i'm not sure the label would like you calling them lame brains", bollocks!

"fletch! what're you doing here dude?"

"i'm your manager, why wouldn't i be here?"

"yeah alright don't get smart", oh crap it wasn't in the program for us to perform tonight "we're not gonna get a bollocking for singing just then are we?"

"you personally are gonna get a bollocking for not finding these guys sooner, that was brilliant, who wrote that song?"

"me with the help of JB"

"who's JB?" nick asked

"james bourne"

"as in from busted?", yeah they're as dumb as me, "you know busted too?"

"you're all under the same management" fletch replied

"don't you mean were under the same management"

"the record company are trying to work on charlie"

"it's obvious he is leaving, he hasn't spoken to any of us for weeks", ah man the silence, there's more to fletch coming here than we thought, "alright what do they want?"

"they'd like you to talk to charlie"

"you mean they want me to manipulate his mind to make him stay, i knew there had to be a reason why they'd put a mutant on the books"

"no jake it's not like that..."

"i'll talk to him but that's it, i'm not gonna get in his mind for anything, not even to find out why he's all of a sudden wanted to quit the band", not another silence... ah great! "you want me to go now?"

"if you would", bloody hell, "his new band are performing at this place" fletch replied passing me a leaflet, at least i know where the joint is, "just do what you can"

"alright but you can call the lame brains and tell them i'm not doing anything to his mind", bugger the others haven't come off stage yet, "can you tell the guys what i'm doing and i'll meet you all back at the house", alright let's get this over with, i teleported to the joint charlie's playing at, i walked in and took a seat at the bar, charlie's seen me and if looks could kill! mother fucker why do i let myself get talked into these things? hey at least the barman has come to me "could i get a beer please", he turned around and got one, "what time do the band get off?"

"i think this is their last song", thank god for that, at least i don't have to wait for long, charlie knows i'm here so if he doesn't come up to me i'm not gonna go chase him, i don't know why i let fletch talk me into this... damn it i've finished the beer already! "want another one?" i nodded, he got another beer and i soon downed half of it, man why am i so nervous? this charlie i'm gonna talk to not the queen! alright emmerson just calm down. The band finished and after about ten minutes some guy came up to me "jake emmerson?"

"yeah that's me"

"the band want to talk to you out back", i got up and followed him around the back, he led me up to a door "they're through there", i went outside, charlie and the rest of his band were standing outside, damn here some the nerves again

"why are you here jake?" charlie asked

"i just wanted a chat"

"you mean you wanted to convince me to stay in busted, it's not happening i've had enough of them"

"what james and matt? what'd they do wrong?"

"busted was never more than just a pop band, i didn't want that", he went distant for a second "get the hell out of my mind freak", what the heck?

"i'm not in there..."

"don't act dumb with me! i know someone's in my mind"

"you know i'd never read your thoughts dude...", oh god he looks in pain, "charlie?"

"leave him alone" one of his band shouted punching me, man that hurt! hang on there's a shadow coming from behind those crates, i waved my hand and sent the creates flying out of the way

"what are you doing to him?" i asked

"he's caused pain to a lot of people, he deserves to feel that, i'm making him feel what all his fans have felt"

"not while i'm here you wont", i got into the guys mind and started attacking it... man this guy is strong, thank god i've got phoenix, once i'd given the guy a headache i stopped attacking his mind and he ran off, what a wimp! i turned back to charlie, he looks like he was in a lot of pain "are you alright?", damn it another punch! man now the others are having a go

"never come near charlie again you mutant filth", man why is charlie just standing there? they're still punching me, alright i've had enough of this, i sent out a burst of telekinesis and they went flying away from me, i looked at charlie and walked off, it's only about a half hour walk to the house from here and it'll give time for the cut on my lip to heal, i don't wanna explain this to the guys, man what's got into charlie?

Alright the half hour walk turned in to fifty minutes, for some reason it was taking a while to heal so i had to walk slower, when i got home james and matt were there

"hey how'd it go?" sam asked

"not too good, he didn't wanna talk"

"are you gonna try again?"

"am i hell as like, he seemed like a different guy", i guess that's not what james and matt wanna hear "sorry guys but i don't think he's coming back"

"it's not your fault jake"

"yeah thanks for trying dude", i sat next to danny and he passed me his beer

"thanks", doh i've downed another one... oh the door, greg got up to answer it and came back with charlie, man could this night get anymore crap? "what the hell are you doing here? fuck off!"


"it's alright matt i deserve that", damn right he does, "i take it you haven't told them?"


"told us what?"

"you should've let that telepath carry on"

"i'm not like you, i don't like my friends getting hurt"

"guys what's going on?" dougie asked

"charlie's band don't like mutants and it seems he doesn't either"

"i do like mutants..."

"you called me a freak"


"you just stood there while your band kicked the shit out of me"

"jake i..."

"i don't give a shit! get the hell out of here", so much for not telling the guys what happened and charlie is just standing there, can't he get the message [now!], crap i didn't mean to project that and my eyes have flamed over, well he's now leaving, good! no not good, he looked really sad, man he's my friend "i was hard on him"

"no you weren't, did his band really do that to you?"

"yeah but he done nothing"

"exactly he didn't try stop them, he deserved that" matt replied

"no he didn't, i know he's the one who's quit busted but this must be hard on him too, you guys have made something and he's risking it all to follow his heart, in a way i admire him for it, i know if rooster make it big i wouldn't risk it for anything", i shouldn't have shouted at him... bugger! "i'm gonna find him"

"just leave him"

"james deep down you don't mean that, there's no stopping him from leaving the band but it doesn't mean we can't still be friends"

"his band don't like mutants"

"i don't wanna be friends with his band" i replied "if he comes back you've gotta promise me you won't be off with him", well they've all agreed, except james and matt, this has really got to them "guys?"

"yeah alright"

"but if he says anything against you i'll deck him"

"deal", i left the house and ran down the street, jeez he's a fast walker! bugger for all i know he might have come in a car... nope there he is "charlie", ah crap he's been crying, man i'm a dick "i'm so sorry mate"

"you've got nothing to be sorry about, i'm the one that's fucked up"

"you haven't fucked up"

"yes i have, i've fucked my whole life up, my best mates hate me"

"no one hates you"

"i let them hurt you"

"it doesn't matter, i don't care what they think of me charlie, you're my friend and i love you and no one will ever stop me loving you"

"you really mean that?"

"of course i do", i pulled him into a hug, man he's cold "you're freezing, lets get back to the house"

"no i can't go back there"

"yeah you can, you'll always be welcome there", i pulled away from him, why doesn't he believe me that i don't hate him? i wiped a tear from his eye "i mean it charlie i'll always love you"

"i love you too", what the? he just kissed me, well it was a friend kiss not like a lover kiss "i'm sorry i... man i'm still fucking things up!"

"no you're not"

"if danny finds out he'll kill me..."

"no he won't, if you'd kissed me like he does then yeah he'd kill you but that wasn't anything more than a sign of the love between friends now stop beating yourself up about nothing", he still doesn't believe me, i leant in and kissed him again "see just friends"

"and you really want me to come back?"

"yes, like i said you'll always be welcome there... just, no offence but not your band"

"hey i'm gonna have words with them later"

"no don't"

"there was no need to do what they done"

"i know but don't risk it, the last thing you need now is to have an argument with them", we started walking back to the house, man it's cold tonight!

"you're a great guy", no i'm not, "jake you don't hate me do you?"

"of course i don't, even if i wanted to i couldn't hate you", we soon got back to the house, man it's warmer in here!... why's james sat on the stairs? "james?"

"can i borrow your car please?"

"sure", he finally looked up, man he's crying "what's wrong?"

"kara's finished with me", she's done what?


"all she said was she wanted a clean break and never wanted to see me again, i'm gonna talk to her"

"you can't drive like this, let jake take you"

"i'll be alright"

"charlie's right, let me take you", he got up and took my hand, i teleported us to kara's house.



I c