Millennium Love Brian 42

by Kenitra

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Yahoo! Happy Birthday to Millennium Love!

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Chapter 42 - Brian

After the seriousness of our morning conversation, I was finally able to relax. I was sure Scott knew just what we could face by going public. Hopefully we would always be able to face things together. We cleaned up after our make-out session on the couch, had a nap then started to make some lunch. It was fun just to be able to relax and hang out together without the pressures of the tour and the other guys.

"Hey Scott! What do you think of this apartment?" I asked, bringing up something that had been on my mind for a few days. I was standing at the stove, stirring soup and looked over at Scott as he set the table.

"What do you mean?" he asked curiously.

I turned the soup down and leaned against the counter looking at him. I shrugged. "I don't know. I've lived here for almost five years. It was great when we first moved in, but..." I trailed off. Scott walked over to stand in front of me.

"But what Love?" he asked, brushing some of my hair from my forehead. I loved it when he touched me so gently, so lovingly.

"What would you think about finding a new place? One that is ours?" I asked hesitantly.

I watched Scott think about it for a moment. "I love that idea, Brian," he said truthfully. "But only if we agree to be full partners," he added. I started to protest, but Scott stopped me. "Brian, I know you have money. And you know that money is not why I love you. I make a good income doing the websites, and even a better income working for Backstreet. I have money saved. The one thing that would really piss me off is if the media were to start calling me a kept man. I am my own man and proud of who I am. I want to be your partner in life. I know there will be times that we will have to rely on your finances, but I don't want our new home to be one of those times. Can you understand that?" he asked.

I listened to argument, understanding where he was coming from. But there were other considerations. I smiled. "Anyone ever tell you that you're stubborn," I asked, leaning forward to kiss him. He laughed. "I do understand what you are saying Scott. I really do. But we may have to compromise a little." Scott started to object but this time I stopped him. "Scott, do you have any idea what an apartment or condo costs in this town? And unfortunately, we just can't move into any old building. We would need to find one with at least the same amount of security as this one, and I would prefer even more. I don't want to risk some nut breaking into our home and destroying our things, or worse, hurting you. Can you understand that?" I asked gently.

I could see Scott processing my words. Finally he nodded and pulled me into a hug. "You're right Brian. I hadn't thought about security. And I would die if someone broke in and hurt you."

I gently kissed him and walked back over to the stove. I poured the heated soup into bowls and brought them to the table. We started to eat.

"I have an idea," I said a couple of minutes later. "Howie deals a lot in real estate, so he knows some good brokers. Why don't I get a couple of names from D, and have the brokers compile a list of potential properties, either apartments or condos. Then we can go through the list comparing prices, security, and other amenities. After that we can look at the short list of places and make a decision, that's agreeable for us both."

I thought it was a reasonable solution and I could tell Scott liked it when he smiled. "Sounds like a plan to me."

I smiled back. "Good. Now what about your family?" I asked, changing the subject. "We really need to prepare them for what could happen."

Scott nodded in agreement. "I know. Do you have a copy of your schedule? Maybe if you have a couple of days off in a row, later in the month, we can take a trip up? I'll call my parents and see if they can get all the immediate family together."

I smiled at him happily. "You want me to come too?" I asked as I walked over to grab a folder from the edge of the counter.

Scott laughed. "Of course!" I handed him the folder. "I don't want to go anywhere without you, if I can help it," he admitted. How could I not love the man? He was so sweet! I kissed his cheek and sat back down. Scott opened the folder to look at the upcoming schedule. I knew we had eight more concerts before the break, but I couldn't remember when or where each concert was. Scott pointed out a break that fell on a weekend. "What about here, the eleventh and twelfth? It would probably be easier for everyone to come home on the weekend," he added.

Scott looked over at me and I nodded. "That looks okay. And it gives us your birthday to spend in New Orleans," I said excitedly. We'd have to go out and celebrate.

"That should be fun," Scott agreed.

"Good. I'll let Kev know," I said as I looked at the clock. "Do you think they are awake yet?" I asked. It was after one in the afternoon.

Scott laughed. "They better be! Why don't you call Kev and I'll book us some seats," Scott suggested. He looked back at the schedule. "We'll be flying out of Denver so that shouldn't be a problem. And our return flight will be to Vegas."

I agreed and went to grab my cell phone. I watched Scott grab his laptop and set it up on the coffee table. When Kevin answered the phone, I quickly told him our plans. He couldn't see any reason to object, although he suggested a trip home might be an idea too. When I hung up I grabbed the schedule from the kitchen table and walked out to where Scott was sitting.

"Scott, what would you think about going to Kentucky on the 15th and 16th?" I asked.

"Fine with me," he answered. "Want me to book us flights now?" I nodded. A quick search found us a flight into Kentucky. "Bri, where is the last stop?" Scott asked.

I glanced at the schedule. "Seattle."

Scott finished booking all of our seats, while I returned the schedule to the folder. "Done!" Scott announced.

I walked over to hug him. "Good. Kev and Sheri say 'hi', by the way."

Scott turned the chair to face me and I stepped between his spread knees. He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned his forehead against my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair, and I thought about the first time that I'd done it. I could tell Scott was thinking about the same thing. He shuddered.

"You know, we are going to have some serious jet lag by the end of this month," he murmured.

I laughed softly. "Maybe a little. But it will be worth it to have everything in the open with our families. And we can spend the holidays just relaxing."

Scott lifted his head up and kissed my stomach before looking up at me. "We could always get a head start in the 'relaxing' department," he leered.

I giggled and stepped back, pulling him to his feet. I reached out and cupped his swelling cock. "Hmmm, I do think you need some help releasing some tension," I murmured as I rubbed him.

Scott moaned softly. I took his hand and we walked back to the bedroom.

We didn't leave the apartment for over 48 hours. We spent the time talking to each other about anything and everything. We had some catching up to do, talking about the two months we were apart. We talked about hopes and plans for the future. And we made love. We made love with our hands and mouths, as well as bodies and souls. I'd never felt closer to Scott than I did during those couple of days. We were completely in sync.

We finally had to move on the 4th. We had a flight out to Louisiana late in the morning. It was only a short little hop, but then we had rehearsal in the afternoon.

We met up with Kevin and Sheri on the way down to the limo. Sheri had to catch a flight back to New York for exams. It was good to see them so happy. Obviously any problems they'd had, had been worked out.

"So when are you two coming clean with the folks?" Scott asked as we settled in for the ride to pick up the others.

Sheri and Kevin looked at each other. "We were thinking over Christmas actually, Scott," Sheri said as she looked over at Scott and I.

We both smiled. "Good," Scott said.

We arrived at AJ's to find Howie and Nick waiting there as well. Melissa was back at work and Nora had to return to school. So we picked up the three singers and Drew before heading towards the airport. It was obvious how happy AJ and Drew were. Both of them deserved some happiness. Although I think everyone was surprised when Drew mentioned his plans to move. But it would be good for Scott to have his friend in the same city, if there were times he couldn't travel with us.

Drew and AJ, and Kevin and Sheri all had emotional good-byes to make. I was grateful that I didn't have to say 'goodbye' to Scott. The flight to New Orleans was short, and we were immediately whisked off to the arena for rehearsal. I knew I had two options. I could either loose all concentration by looking at Scott as he sat in the stands, or I could throw all my concentration into the dancing and singing. I chose the latter, forcing myself not to look at the seats, instead just listening to the music and throwing myself into the beat.

Rehearsal went surprisingly fast and before I knew it, we were done for the day. I finally glanced down at Scott. He realized we were finished and came up on stage to join us. We smiled at each other an Scott leaned forward to kiss me softly.

"You looked good up here," he said quietly.

I grinned. "I had extra motivation today!"

Kevin was talking so we turned to listen. "That's it for today guys. Our press conference was rescheduled for tomorrow so it's going to be a little crazy. We'll meet the press in the am, the fans in the pm before the concert. Monday won't be as bad, with just a couple of radio shows in the morning."

We all groaned.

"I am so looking forward to six weeks off," Nick muttered as we walked off the stage.

Scott walked up and put his arm around Nick's shoulders. "You know damn well Nicky that you'll be bored to tears in less than a week," he commented.

The rest of us laughed and Nick scowled at Scott. Scott just grinned and gave him a one armed hug before dropping back to walk with me. The six of us, plus security took the car to the hotel. It obviously hadn't leaked out yet which hotel we were staying at because there were no fans staking out the entrances. We met one of the assistants at the front. She'd already checked everyone in and handed out the keys to the rooms. The hotel didn't have large suites, so Backstreet management had booked a couple of floors for everyone, with us and security on one floor, and everyone else on another.

Scott had been registered in the room across from me, but didn't even look at it, instead following me into our room. Both sets of luggage were already in the room.

I flopped down on the bed while Scott wandered over to the foil-wrapped basket sitting on the small table by the window. Hotel management had sent a large fruit, cheese and cracker basket to each of us. Scott noticed wrapped chocolates as well and grabbed one to munch on.

"So what's the plan for tonight Bri?" he asked as he joined me on the bed.

I shrugged, then yawned. "Not much I think. After the last few days, I need to get back into the touring mindset." I rolled onto my side to look at Scott. "I think tonight we'll have dinner with the guys, then just veg. That okay?" I asked as I reached out to run my fingers down his cheek.

Scott moved his head and grabbed my fingers with his mouth. He nibbled them gently, then sucked on them, turning me on until I had to groan with pleasure. Then Scott released them, and just grinned. "Sounds good to me, my love," he replied. The tease!

Before he could roll off the bed, I pounced. I straddled him, holding his arms against his sides. "You think I'm going to let you get away with that?" I asked with a smirk. My erection was pressing against his stomach. Scott pretended to struggle, but it didn't take much for me to hold him tightly. "Uhn-uh. I think you need to be punished," I murmured as I lowered my head.

Our mouths met and Scott stopped struggling, instead wanting to devour me. I eventually released his hands and he wrapped his arms around my back. I maneuvered to stretch out on top of him. Because of our different heights, in order for our groins to meet, my head only reached Scott's upper chest. But that was okay with me as I occupied myself by pinching and pulling his nipples through the material of his shirt, while our lower bodies ground against each other. It was quick and dirty, but oh, so much fun! We humped and rutted against each other forcefully, yanking our orgasms from each other.

Both of us shouted out at our release. I collapsed onto Scott, boneless. We lay there panting, our nerve endings sparking with each movement, until gradually our minds returned to our bodies.

I eventually rolled off to the other side of the bed. "Wow," I muttered.

Scott managed to giggle. "Yeah," he added. Neither of us was ready for a higher level of conversation. I think we both drifted off to sleep for a few minutes. Finally Scott stirred and climbed off the bed. I rolled my head to look at him. He looked absolutely edible, still flushed, lips kiss-swollen, and hair messed. I wished he would just come back to bed.

He held out his hand to me. "Come on love, I'll wash your back," he suggested.

I grinned and took his hand. We took turns stripping each other before walking into the bathroom.

Aside from a few wandering hands, we managed to shower without delay. Once dry, we threw on some old, comfortable clothes before walking across the hall. Since Scott wasn't using the other room, we had designated it for meals and meetings. The others were already there waiting for us, and I managed to ignore their not so hidden smiles.

Dinner was ordered and we sat around talking, and catching up. I talked to Howie who was more than willing to help us find a new place to live. He promised to call some of his contacts on Monday. I knew there was another issue that we needed to discuss as a group too.

"Guys, can we talk seriously here for a few minutes?" I eventually asked from where we were sitting on the bed. The others quieted and turned to look at us. I smiled. "Okay, good. Scott and I were talking a couple of days ago, about us going public. We were thinking about going on the offensive before the tabloids can strike," I said.

"What did you have in mind?" Howie asked.

"I was thinking, and I think Scott had the same idea, of contacting one media program or person, and giving them an interview," I answered.

"So aside from being on TV, when were you planning on being seen in public?" AJ asked.

Scott looked at me. We hadn't really discussed that, but I had an idea. I smiled at Scott. "I have the perfect opportunity, if Scott is willing?" Scott nodded. "New Years, there is a charity gala for a number of children's charities in Orlando. There will be a bunch of other celebs. I was planning on stopping by anyway to give a check. But I think this will be more fun."

Scott grinned. "You just want to show me off," he joked.

I leaned in for a kiss. "You got it!"

"It will be tough keeping the reasons for the interview a secret," Kevin commented. "You know how the networks like to promote their shows. And the best time to air it would be New Years Eve or the next night, before too many rumors start going around."

Scott nodded. "I agree Kevin." He looked around at us. "So who do you know in the press that you like, and will not have a problem with us? And preferably not anyone at MTV."

"Rosie?" Nick suggested.

"I like her, but I think someone a little more ...serious? Someone more known for interviews," I commented.

"Barbara Walters?" Howie suggested.

Scott made a face. "She's good, but maybe too serious?"

I agreed.

Kevin got a grin on his face. "Oprah!"

Scott and I looked at each other. "Perfect!" we said simultaneously. "I like her, and she's done some great interviews, but also knows how to have fun," Scott added. "Do you know her?"

We all nodded.

"Yeah we've met her at events a few times and were on her show once. I think she would be ideal, if she'll do it," I replied.

"Why don't you call the firm, see if someone can get in contact with her people? But tell them not to give any details. Maybe get Oprah to call you?" Kevin suggested.

"Sounds good," I agreed. "Okay, if that's settled, then we have another issue to decide." Everyone turned to look at me again. I grinned. "Someone has a birthday in a couple of days and we need to decide what we're going to do to celebrate!"

Scott groaned and we laughed him. The guys started throwing out suggestions, which we debated, while Scott just sat back and listened. It really didn't matter to me where we went, as long as I was with Scott.

The rest of the evening we simply hung around the hotel, talking, eating and watching a little TV. It was great to be back with Scott and I knew the guys were glad he was back too.

The next morning the alarm went off too early. I wished I didn't have to leave, but we had a busy day. Scott was still sleeping so I got ready, only waking him for a kiss right before I left. We had to go to the arena for clothes and make-up, to give the press the real publicity shots that they wanted.

While I was waiting my turn at make-up I called management and talked to one of Jeff's assistants. She said she would contact someone at Harpo, and try to get Oprah herself to call me. I hoped it worked out because I knew Oprah would do a good interview and a fair one. It sort of hit me then that I was really going to do this. But unlike the previous months, panic didn't follow the thought. Instead I thought about Scott and our love. I knew I was doing the right thing.

The photo shoot was long and boring, but we made it through it. The press we slightly better about the questions they asked. I guess we'd finally answered our quota about underwear styles!

We were able to grab a quick lunch before getting ready for the fan meet 'n greet. The five of us found a quiet room to sit in while we ate. I'd finally come up with part of a plan for Scott.

"Do you guys remember what we did to Nick on his birthday?" I asked.

The others all nodded. And Nick blushed as he remembered the baby pictures flashing on the giant screens while the entire audience sang happy birthday to him.

"I thought we could do that to Scott," I added. "I don't have any baby pictures, but I think we should still get the crowd to sing to him. What do you think?"

The guys liked the idea. Kevin said he would tell the stage crew to expect it, near the end of the concert.

After lunch I mentioned the plan to Marcus so he could make sure Scott was in the wings watching the concert. Once the fan greet was over, I called Scott, asking him to come early to join us for dinner.

The usual buffet feast was spread out in a large meeting room upstairs in the area. Scott and I watched as AJ and Nick tried some of the more local faire, spices and all, only to laugh as they guzzled glass after glass of water. The rest of us stuck to the foods we knew.

The concert was a typical one. I was conscious of Scott sitting off stage. I had to force myself not to look when we sang It's True. I was crying and I just knew Scott would be too. A couple of songs before the end, we changed the normal routine. The music stopped and we waited for the noise to calm down a little. I glanced off stage and saw Scott and Marcus talking. Scott glanced out at me as Nick started to talk.

"Hey New Orleans!" Nick shouted. The crowd screamed. "Last January, during a concert, the guys surprised me by having the crowd sing happy birthday for me," he continued. "Well, it just happens, that in a couple of days, the man behind that surprise, has his own birthday." I could tell Scott was groaning. Marcus was laughing at him.

"So, we were wondering if y'all could help us sing to our web master and dear friend, Scott," AJ added.

Scott was giving me the 'evil eye' but I just ignored it.

I looked at the audience. "But," I spoke up. "I guess we should get him out here on stage first, right?" The crowd screamed again. I was secretly pleased that the crowd was going along with the plan so well. I looked over to where Scott was sitting. "Scott, would you come out here please?" I asked. I was grinning at him wickedly. I knew he was beat and so did he. Marcus was standing guard right behind him, making sure Scott didn't run.

He slowly walked towards us. As he got near the center of the stage, Kevin and Howie started to sing, drawing the crowd in too. Once he reached me, he pretended to smile, knowing he was probably on one of the large video screens. "You have no idea how much you'll pay for this," he said, trying to sound threatening. All I did was laugh.

Scott stood there and grinned as about fifteen thousand fans, the guys and I sang to him. It was something I knew he wouldn't soon forget.

To be continued...

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