Millennium Love Brian 45

by Kenitra

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So here is the big number 45!

Only six more chapters after this! The next chapter won't be posted quite as quickly. I have most of the remainder written, but I keep finding little details that I have to go back to previous chapters to fix. So I want to completely finish writing the story before I post chapters 46-51.

Thank you to all those who have written. Please keep writing! It always makes my day and encourages me to write when I find email in my inbox!

P.S. For those wondering, the actual wedding takes place in chapter 48... so I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little while!

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The flight to Vegas got us into the hotel just after one. Fortunately there was no rehearsal. We just had to get to the arena early for a quick sound check. While there, AJ called Drew so I was able to invite him to Kentucky for Christmas. I had to force myself to concentrate instead of thinking about the upcoming ceremony. I just wanted everything to be perfect.

Chapter 45 - Brian

After the two Las Vegas concerts, Scott and I packed our carry-on bags again for our trip to Kentucky. Before we left early the next morning, Howie gave us a folder with twenty-five potential apartments, penthouses and condominiums for us to look at. His friends had faxed all the pertinent information about location, security, size, amenities and cost. A floor plan was also included. We took the folder with us, deciding to look through them while we were in Kentucky.

I was glad that I'd already told my family about our plans. I was so nervous facing Scott's family I was happy he didn't have to go through quite the same thing. I knew some people still had questions, but at least the biggest things were already out in the open. I was really looking forward to the visit because I would have a chance to finalize the plans for Christmas Eve with my mom.

The flight went quickly as Scott and I did a preliminary run-through of the 25 potential places. We quickly eliminated about five because we felt they were not secure enough. For the rest, we decided to individually read each of the files, and rate them. Then we would compare which ones we rated best and look at those ones more closely.

It was nice to see Mom and Dad waiting for us at the airport.

"Mom! Dad!" I greeted them, quickly giving my mom a hug before moving on to hug Dad.

"Hi Jackie," Scott said, kissing her cheek and giving her a hug.

"Scott, its good to see you," she said sincerely.

Scott smiled and moved to Dad. "Hi Harold," he greeted him, shaking his hand.

"Good to see you both," Dad said with a smile.

"Let's get going," Mom said, leading the way to the car.

Dad opened the trunk for our bags, then everyone got in the car, my parents in the front, Scott and I in the back.

"So how have things been going?" Mom asked as she turned slightly in her seat.

"Great Mom," I answered. "The tour has been going well, but we're all looking forward to some time off. We're looking forward to being here over Christmas too. Also, Scott and I were up to Toronto on the weekend to visit his family," I added.

"Oh?" Dad commented. "And you told them about your plans?"

Scott and I nodded. "We thought it was only fair to talk with them the way Brian talked with the rest of his family. We wanted them to have as much warning as possible," Scott said.

"How did they react, Scott?" Mom asked him.

"They are okay about it," Scott said truthfully. "I mean I think even though Brian and I told them what they can expect, until some of it actually happens, its hard to imagine," he tried to explain.

Mom and Dad both nodded having experienced some of it themselves. "That's true Scott. I know we were shocked when we found people trying to dig up our lawn just because we were Brian's parents," Dad added.

"If any of your family have questions or concerns Scott, feel free to have them call us," Mom said. "We know some of the pitfalls of having a celebrity in the family. Even though this won't be quite the same, we still might be able to help."

Scott smiled. "Thank you Jackie and Harold. I'm sure my folks will appreciate the offer," he said sincerely.

For the rest of the drive to the farm we chatted about a variety of things from the unseasonably cold weather to a brief debate over politics. I was so happy Scott was getting to know my parents.

Once at the farm, Jackie let Scott and I settle into our room, letting us know they were having a late lunch just after one. Scott and I flopped down on the bed, tired from the late night followed by our early morning.

I rolled over on top of Scott and wiggled to get comfortable. "Mmmm, this is nice," I murmured.

Scott put his arms around me and just held me. "Maybe after lunch, Jackie and Harold wouldn't mind if we come back up here and have a nap," he suggested.

I raised my head and softly kissed his mouth. "Just a nap?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

Scott gently swatted my butt. "Does your mother realize what a dirty mind you have?" he asked me with a grin.

I smirked and wiggled against Scott, wanting him to feel the start of my erection. "You've never complained before," I commented and wiggled more.

Scott groaned as our erections rubbed together. He tried to glare at me but I just smiled innocently. "Am I going to have to punish you again?" he asked.

I knew he was joking and wondered what he would do. I pretended to be scared and quickly jumped off of the bed and Scott. "Oh, no! Not that Scott!" I pleaded, all the while wearing a big grin on my face.

Scott rolled off the bed and started stalking towards me. "I think you need to be taught a lesson about teasing, young man," he said, trying to sound serious, and not laugh.

I giggled and raced out of the room. "You can only punish me if you catch me!" I called.

I ran around to the stairs, down the stairs and along the hall to the kitchen. I saw my parents there so I ran over to my Dad, ducking behind him.

"Save me Dad," I begged from behind him.

Scott entered the kitchen and looked at my parents. They were staring at us as though we were crazy.

"What do I need to save you from, son?" Dad asked with a serious tone.

"Scott wants to punish me," I explained, keeping my eyes on Scott, grinning the entire time.

"Oh? And what did you do Brian?" Mom asked, getting into the game.

"Nothing! Honest!" I pleaded.

"He teased me mercilessly," Scott told them gravely.

"Ah." Dad suddenly reached around and grabbed me. He thrust me towards Scott. "Then the punishment is obviously deserved." Scott grabbed me by the arms and pulled me to him. "I'm happy to see you are taking charge of him Scott. He always was such a wild child," Dad added.

I was stunned. I couldn't believe Dad had surrendered me so easily. Scott held me close. "I promise he'll receive a punishment he won't soon forget," Scott vowed. I wondered what he had planned.

Scott turned around and escorted me out into the hall. Then he pushed me gently against the wall and proceeded to ravage my mouth until we were both breathless and I couldn't remember my own name. If this was punishment, I'd take it any day!

Scott pulled back to look at me. I stared up at him, blinking trying to focus my eyes and my brain on what was happening. All I wanted was for Scott to kiss me like that again, but he didn't. He took me by the hand and led me back into the kitchen and over to a chair. Dad was already sitting at the table. Scott kissed my cheek and walked over to where Mom was.

"Anything I can help you with, Jackie?" Scott asked. I listened absently to the conversation, still caught up in the feelings from that powerful kiss.

"No, I think you've done your job for the day!" Mom replied.

They both laughed. Scott brought a tray of sandwiches over to the table while Mom brought the crock-pot full of homemade vegetable soup with her.

I barely paid attention to the meal, not saying more than 'please' and 'thank you'. I still felt dazed from Scott's kiss. The feeling gradually faded, but I didn't want it to.

After the meal, Mom pushed us out of the kitchen. "Go on, get! Why don't you two go have a nap? You both look tired," she said with a twinkle in her eyes. "Dinner will be around seven," she added. I blushed when I realized what she was suggesting.

Scott pulled me back up the stairs and into our bedroom, making sure the door was locked behind us.

He walked up behind me and wrapped his strong arms around my chest, leaning down to rest his chin on my shoulder. "How you doing, Love?" he asked softly.

I covered his arms with my own and leaned back against him. "I hope you don't plan on kissing me like that on a regular basis or I'll turn into a blubbering idiot," I commented.

Scott kissed my ear. "I think you're safe. I'll just keep those kisses for when you really need to be punished," he whispered.

I turned in his arms and wrapped my hands around the back of his head. "Well, maybe you could surprise me once in a while too," I suggested. "Otherwise, I might be bad all the time," I added slyly.

Scott laughed and grasped my butt, lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he walked us over to the bed. He gently laid me on the bed and lay down on top of me. He leaned up on his elbows and stared down at me.

"Surprise!" he said softly as he leaned down to kiss me again.

We quickly lost ourselves in each other, forgetting everything but our own pleasure and giving pleasure to one another.

I felt the bed move as I started to wake a few hours later. I moved to drape myself over Scott.

"Where were you?" I asked sleepily.

Scott kissed my hair. "Just downstairs. I woke up a little while ago, but didn't want to wake you," he explained.

I rolled onto my back and stretched. "Mmmm. What time is it?"

Scott looked over at the alarm clock on the bedside table. "Just after five," he said.

I rolled onto my side and snuggled against Scott, putting my head on his shoulder. "'Kay." I was falling back asleep. "I wish we had time to go out to our cabin," I murmured.

"Me too," Scott agreed, stroking the skin of my back with his fingers.

"Maybe we can spend a couple of days there after Christmas," I suggested. I thought I'd see what he thought, since that was my plan anyway!

"Sounds good to me," Scott agreed.

A few minutes later I rolled over and pushed myself up. I walked towards the bathroom knowing Scott was watching me. I stopped and looked back at him. "Join me in the shower?" I asked softly.

Scott grinned and jumped off the bed. His clothes dropped to the floor as he quickly followed me into the bathroom.

After our shower, we dressed and went downstairs to find my parents. Scott brought the folder of potential homes with him. He thought Mom and Dad might like to see what places we were looking at, and perhaps offer comments since they had bought a number of homes during their lives.

The four of us sat around the kitchen table talking about the positives and negatives of each place. When the doorbell rang, a couple of hours later, we had compiled a list of our top ten choices. My parents had some good insights that helped us make our choices.

Dad went to answer the door while Mom checked the dinner. A few seconds later, Dad returned with my brother and my Aunt Ann. Scott and I greeted both of them.

The six of us sat down to a wonderful meal of roast chicken, baked potatoes and mixed vegetables. It was simple but delicious. We talked about plans for the upcoming break. Ann asked if we knew what Kevin was planning. It was hard not to mention Sheri, but I knew Kevin wanted to tell his Mom himself.

"I don't think I told any of you about the interview we're doing," I mentioned as we sat around the table after dinner drinking coffee or tea. "We're planning on doing an interview with Oprah Winfrey, on the 28th, here," I added and looked at my parents.

"Oprah? That is impressive," Ann said.

Mom and Dad nodded. "Very. Nice of you to tell me," she added with a grin.

I blushed. "Sorry Mom, but I sort of forgot. Been busy thinking about other things. Is it okay?"

Mom nodded again. "Of course Brian. I can either leave the place for you and Scott, or I could stay and provide coffee and snacks. Whichever you like," she added.

I looked at Scott. "I think we'd like you to stay," I said and Scott nodded in agreement. Having Mom would be helpful too if Oprah wanted to verify that we had family support.

"Where were you going to do the interview?" Dad asked.

Scott and I looked at each other. "We hadn't really thought that far," Scott replied.

I thought about it then grinned. "Upstairs office?" I suggested.

I could see Scott think about it. That room did have some of our history, from when I secretly watched Scott arrive the first time he visited, to first real argument after shopping. Scott smiled to himself. I just knew he was thinking about the time we'd tried to make love there and were interrupted by the phone. "Perfect," he said aloud.

After helping Mom clear the table we all went into the living room and talked late into the evening. Eventually both Scott and I began to yawn so we excused ourselves and walked up to bed.

The next morning I woke up before Scott. I was relieved because I hadn't had a chance to talk to Mom about how the arrangements were going. I quietly wiggled off the bed and threw some track pants on before slipping out the door.

I found Mom humming along to the radio as she worked around in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She looked up as I walked in. "Morning Mom," I greeted her, walking over to kiss her cheek.

"Good morning Brian! Sleep well?" she asked as I poured myself some coffee.

I grinned and nodded. "Yeah, very well. Although I'm glad I woke up now because we haven't had a chance to talk yet," I added.

She smiled and poured herself another coffee. I followed her to the kitchen table and we sat down. "So I guess you want to know how the arrangements are going?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yeah. I know I left you in charge of a whole lot of things. I hope you aren't having any problems?" I asked.

Mom shook her head. "No, honey, no problems. I've booked hotel rooms using Scott's last name, so any friends or family can get a room all on the same floors. Aside from that, the tuxedos are almost ready, I have a plan for decorations, but we won't put them up until that morning. Any favorites in food that you want?" she asked me.

I shook my head. "Not really. I know you've helped out with weddings at the church so you know what people serve," I said. Then I frowned. "Are you really okay with all this? I mean, I know you accept me, but that's been while other people don't know I'm gay. Once this story comes out, things are going to change for you."

Mom smiled at me and patted my hand. "Brian, you know that at first, even though I continued to love you and support you, it took a while to deal with. And I knew that I couldn't go to our church for comfort. But I did find other sources. There are incredible resources around for friends and family members of gay people. The internet was especially helpful. I'll be honest; I haven't gone to our church in many months. I found that no matter how much I liked the church, the minister and the people, I could not in good conscience go somewhere that told me my son was an abomination." She reached up to stroke my cheek. "Because I know for a fact that it isn't true. My son is a wonderful, talented, caring man. And my son has found himself an equally wonderful, gentle sweet man to love." I felt tears prick my eyes but didn't try to stop them. "And despite my strong beliefs, even yet, in the church, I came to the realization that love truly is all that matters. It doesn't matter the color, race or gender. God is love. And if two people find real love, then how could anyone argue against God?"

I was stunned and happy that my mom had resolved all these issues. It had always been a concern for me, so now I could relax. "Thanks Mom. I'm glad you found peace for yourself. Sometimes I can't believe how fortunate Scott and I have been. Both families are so wonderful, its something we'll never take for granted."

Mom stood up and walked over to kiss the top of my head before walking to the sink with her cup. "So anything else you want to know about the plans?" she asked.

I thought for a moment. "Rings? Oh and the cabin?" I said. "I was hoping we could honeymoon in the cabin for a few days. Probably from Christmas day until the 28th," I added.

Mom nodded. "That sounds good. I'll have your Dad and brother go out and check the place, stock some food, a couple of days before. As for the rings, they are supposed to be ready on the 23rd, so I'll pick them up for you," she said as she started to cook up some pancakes.

"Great! Thanks for all the help Mom. I really appreciate it. What with the tour and our plan to move, things are just crazy," I said.

Mom looked up at me and smiled. "It's my pleasure Brian. Now why don't you go wake up your man? Breakfast will be ready in about 20 minutes or so."

I grinned, walked over to kiss her cheek, then ran up the back stairs to the upper hallway. I quietly walked into the room to grab my cell phone them walked down the hall to the study. I called AJ's answering service. While I was in the kitchen, I'd heard the song I had heard a few weeks ago. I wanted to use it in some way during our commitment ceremony. I knew AJ would be able to get a copy as long as I had the artist and song title. Once I left the message for him, I returned to the bedroom.

I walked over to the bed. I sat beside Scott and leaned over, gently kissing him. When he started to wake, I pulled back and smiled at him. "Morning Angel," I greeted him, adding another kiss to his wonderful lips.

Scott smiled and stretched before wrapping his arms around my back. "Morning Love," he murmured.

I tucked my head under his chin. "Mmmm, as nice as this is, Mom has breakfast almost ready," I said softly.

Scott sighed. "And then we have to get going in order to get the flight to Seattle," he added.

I raised my head and looked at Scott. "Yeah, but just think, only two more concerts then six weeks for us!" I said enthusiastically.

Scott had to grin and leaned forward to kiss me. "I can't wait!" He rolled me over and we both got off the bed. Scott grabbed some clothes and pulled them on. "We can clean up after we eat," he suggested. I nodded and together we went downstairs.

After a large, wonderful breakfast, Scott and I only had time for quick showers in two different bathrooms before we had to jump in the car so Dad could take us to the airport. We both thanked Mom for having us and kissed her before we left.

After our hugs and 'goodbyes' to my Dad at the airport, we settled down for the long flight to Seattle. It was going to take nearly six hours, putting us in the city in mid afternoon. I had managed to get out of rehearsal and sound check, so once we landed we went directly to the hotel.

Once in the room, I crashed, trying to get in some extra sleep before the concert.

To be continued...

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