Millennium Love Brian 49

by Kenitra

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Wow, only two more to go after this! Chapter 49 is the that means SEX!

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I nodded. "There is one more personal thank you Scott and I would like to make. A few weeks ago I came up with the idea of surprising Scott with a commitment ceremony. As it turns out, Scott had the same idea. Both of us turned to my Mom Jackie, for her assistance. And despite having to try to keep everything a secret and deal with two different sets of instructions, she pulled it off. She blended what I wanted with what Scott wanted, right down to our beautiful rings. You are amazing Mom and we love you," I said emotionally. I glanced around until I found her. She was obviously moved by what I'd said. "I think that's it. Now, for those who want to dance until dawn...keep on going. But I think now is the perfect time for my husband...doesn't that sound nice...and I, to move our fun upstairs!" I finished and people laughed as I dumped the mic and pulled Scott towards the stairs.

Hand in hand we walked upstairs to our bedroom, entering the room together, for the first time as a married couple.

Chapter 49

Despite my anxiety to get Scott alone all day, we weren't in a huge hurry to rush upstairs and hop into bed. We'd slept together many times, but this time we both wanted to savor it, simply take our time.

When we walked into the bedroom we found another surprise. Someone had placed small candles in holders around the room. With the lights off the flames flickered around the room, giving it a truly romantic setting. I noticed a box of bottles of lube sitting on the bedside table. Scott, my husband, turned to me.

He reached out to caress my face then pulled the end of my bowtie to undo it. I reached up and copied his movement, undoing his tie. Scott moved down and unbuttoned my jacket then started on my shirt.

"So what did you get from Kevin and Harold," Scott asked softly, not wanting to make too much noise and break the mood.

I grinned. "Ah, they got you too huh?" I asked quietly. Scott laughed and nodded. I started to undo his jacket and shirt. "I got a picture of Kevin, Harold and I from when we were all just little kids, I guess that was the old thing. A box full of massage oils, some scented and some edible." Scott grinned at that. I continued. "A fur-like mitt that I was told feels incredible on bare skin. And instructions that Drew wants it back in a few weeks, so if we like we have to get our own."

Scott laughed aloud. "What was the blue thing?" he asked.

I blushed as I remembered the gift. "A blue d...." My voice trailed off and Scott couldn't hear me.

"A blue what?" he asked.

"A blue *dildo*," I whispered.

Scott laughed again and pulled me into a hug. "I don't think we'll be needing that since neither of us ever seems to have a problem," he commented. I laughed at that.

We resumed undressing each other, reaching for the cummerbunds then the pants. "And what did you get?" I asked.

"I got a picture of Drew and I from our university days. We were going to a Halloween party, in drag."

I stopped moving at that comment. "Drag? This I can't wait to see!" I exclaimed.

Scott grabbed me before I could move away. "Hey! Hey! You can see me in drag some other time. You're interrupting our wedding night!" I giggled and we continued. "I got a box full of different lubes. We can try some out tonight. I apparently 'borrowed' some padded handcuffs from Drew, and gained a blue blind fold for our enjoyment."

I pushed his pants and underwear to his ankles then knelt down to pull off his shoes and socks before removing the lowered pants. I stood and looked at him. "You think they are trying to tell us something?" I asked referring to the gifts.

Scott leaned forward to kiss my nose before copying my movements and ridding me of the rest of my clothes. "I think they don't want our sex life to get boring. What they don't know, is that I could never get bored with you," he said seriously.

I stepped forward and pulled his head down so our lips could meet. Scott lifted me in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Scott walked us over to the bed and carefully laid me down. His fingers brushed the flushed skin of my cheek.

"I want you to make love to me," he whispered. The lust surged through me.

I pulled him down on top of me then rolled us over so I was straddling Scott. "I think I can manage that," I said with a twinkle in my eyes. "As long as you reciprocate a little later," I added.

Scott grinned up at me. "Deal!"

I leaned down and started to kiss him gently yet with passion. As I kissed him, I reached over to the box of lubes and grabbed one. I poured a little onto my fingers and began to probe his entrance. Scott finally noticed what I was doing and raised his legs, but refused to relinquish my mouth. My fingers gently and carefully prepared him.

Our lovemaking was slow and tender filled with love and a deeper emotion that made both of us feel more connected than ever before. After I made love to Scott, we lay on the bed wrapped around each other as we calmed and regained our strength. When Scott made love to me later he cradled me carefully in his arms as though I was the most precious thing in the world.

We slept after that. Sleeping until late in the morning when we made love again before showering and dressing. I think we both felt the new connection. Whatever it was, neither of us wanted to be more than arm length away from the other, preferably we were touching. Once dressed we clasped hands and went downstairs.

The decorations for our wedding had been moved, as had all of the extra chairs and tables. The living room was back to itself, with the huge Christmas tree returned from the veranda to its place beside the fireplace. There were dozens of brightly wrapped gifts surrounding the base of the tree.

I'd honestly forgotten that it was Christmas. Scott and I turned to each other at the same time. "Merry Christmas!" we said together.

Scott leaned down for a kiss. "You are the best gift I could have ever imagine," I whispered. The look on his face made me melt.

"You read my mind," he told me softly.

We both smiled and continued walking into the kitchen where we could hear sounds of activity. Mom, Carrie, Liz and Louise were working in the kitchen creating a huge platter of Eggs Benedict. Harold Jr. and Denis were setting the table with Andre watching, while our Dads and Charlie were out on the veranda.

"Merry Christmas," Scott and I said, again in unison.

Everyone turned to us and a chorus of 'Merry Christmas' and 'good morning' resounded through the room. Scott and I smiled at everybody, although I noticed one person missing

"I see almost everyone is here," I commented. Scott looked around and realized I was right when he noticed that Sheri was missing.

"Where's Sheri?" he asked aloud.

Louise turned to us to answer. "She decided to spend Christmas day with her boyfriend and his family," she said pointedly.

Scott blushed. "I see she told you huh?"

Louise nodded. "Yes. At least it didn't take me nearly a year before I met Brian," she stated. She was obviously a little upset that Kevin and Sheri had been dating since the previous New Years and they hadn't told her.

Scott walked over and gave her a hug. "She didn't mean to keep it from you for so long, but my problems created additional complications for them. Don't be upset."

Louise hugged him back and smiled. "I'm not really upset. I know this year has been crazy for all of us. But I like Kevin so I'm happy for both of them," she said.

Scott kissed her cheek. "Good." He turned and found me right beside him.

He put his arm around my shoulders. "Breakfast is ready!" Carrie announced. Denis went to the door and called in the three other men for the meal.

It was a boisterous and fun meal. Scott and I were ribbed about the gifts we'd gotten from our best men, and about how quiet we were the night before. By the end of the meal I was sure I was beat red and I know Scott was too.

Everyone helped clear the table and then the entire family continued into the living room for presents. Most of the larger gifts were toys and clothes for Andre, the only child in the family.

Scott and I had picked up small but meaningful gifts for everyone during the tour and each one was genuinely appreciated. Scott and I gained new sweaters and shirts from our gifts.

Richard and Dad stood up at the same time and walked over to Scott and I. They handed us each an envelope. We looked up in surprise.

"What's this?" I asked in confusion.

Dad smiled. "Consider it a combination wedding and Christmas gift," he said. Richard just smiled.

I glanced at Scott and we opened the envelopes simultaneously. Inside was a card printed from a home computer. I looked over and Scott had the same thing. I opened my card. Inside was printed "Wedding expenses (rings included): PAID IN FULL love from your family. Congratulations!"

I was stunned. I know the rings alone were not cheap, let alone the catered food and the table and chair rentals. A look at Scott showed he was surprised too. "Um, wow! I can't believe this!" he said.

"I don't know what Scott and I did to deserve such an amazing family, but we're not about to complain! Thank you, all of you, so much!" I said.

Scott grinned and looked around the room, then nodded in my direction. "What he said!"

Everyone laughed and Scott turned to tuck his head against my neck as he blushed.

After the presents were opened, people wandered off to different places. Our moms and Scott's sister-in-law went back to the kitchen to check on the food for Christmas dinner. Dinner was planned early, around two pm, so Scott and I could get out to the cabin before dark. Liz and Denis sat down on the floor and helped Andre open a few of his new toys.

Since we had a few hours until dinner, Scott and I sat in the library with my Dad and brother, and Scott's Dad and brother. We showed them the floor plan for our new condo and talked about all the things we wanted to do. They were impressed with the entire deal from the price we paid to the size and the layout.

After talking for over an hour, Scott and I decided we should spend some time with the ladies so we joined them in the kitchen. We were immediately put to work setting the large dining room table for the meal. Kevin, Sheri, Drew, and AJ were also joining us for dinner so there would be sixteen of us.

The smell of roasting turkey and ham, stuffing and all the other great Christmas dinner smells permeated the kitchen and the rest of the house, drawing everyone eventually into the kitchen. It was nice to see Kevin and Sheri acting as a couple around the rest of the family. They both looked extremely happy.

Dinner was, not surprisingly, absolutely delicious. And with our close family members and friends there to share it, it was a meal I would always remember.

Afterwards, Scott and I went back upstairs to our bedroom to pack a few things to take to the cabin. We packed clothes and I secretly put in the fur mitt along with some massage oil and the blue dildo. If the opportunity presented itself, I thought we could have a little fun.

We grabbed the bags and made our way back downstairs. The family was waiting in the front foyer for us.

"We brought your ride around front for you," Kevin said.

Thanks Kev," I said.

We walked through the front door and stopped. There at the foot of the stairs was a small, enclosed carriage with a horse attached. Scott looked at me and together we looked back at the family. They were spread out along the railing of the veranda, smiling at us.

"What?" Kevin asked innocently. "You guys didn't get the car with tin cans and a 'just married' sign, so we thought this would work instead. The ATV is already at the cabin for when you come back."

I walked over to my cousin and hugged him. "Thanks Cus." I looked at the others. "Thanks, all of you. This is wonderful." I walked back over to Scott. "This okay?" I asked softly.

He smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I've never been in a horse drawn carriage before. It should be fun!"

We took a couple of minutes to walk around the horse and carriage, grinning at the just married sign attached to the back. Scott turned back to the people standing on the veranda. "I guess we'll see you all later. We should be back here on the 28th then back in Orlando on the 29th. We do have Brian's cell phone for emergencies. Thank you for everything!"

He turned around and stepped up into the back part of the carriage. I climbed in behind him. We set our bags on the rear-facing seat, and sat together on the front facing seat, pulling the blanket someone had left, over our laps. Kevin closed the door and climbed into the driver's seat. A few seconds later the carriage started to move.

Scott leaned closer to me, resting his head against against. "This is romantic," he whispered.

I reached under the blanket to grasp his hand, entwining our fingers. "Wonder what Kevin would say if we started to make love back here?" I said softly.

Scott giggled. "I don't think I want to know, because I know it would get back to Sheri and probably my Mom too!"

We cuddled quietly and looked out the windows at the landscape as Kevin followed the ATV trail to the cabin. The trip took about half an hour, and I was glad when the carriage finally stopped. Being so close to Scott in the carriage made me hot. I wanted to make love to him, immediately. We stepped down and grabbed our bags.

"Thanks Kev! See you in a few days," I said as Scott started to drag me towards the cabin. Kevin laughed and turned the carriage around to return to the house.

Scott fumbled with the lock but finally manage to open the door. We tumbled inside, falling over each other. His hands were running all over my body seeking out bare flesh. When he couldn't find enough, he reached down and pulled my shirt up over my head. He spun me around and pressed the length of his body against my back, bending down to nibble on my ear. I was incredibly turned on.

"I want you," he said huskily.

I laughed softly and reached behind my head to pull him closer. "I'm all yours," I murmured.

He walked me forward towards the bed. At the same time his hands worked on undoing my belt and pants. We stopped at the end of the bed and Scott pushed my pants to my ankles. He turned me around to face him and then pushed me backwards. I fell onto the mattress and Scott, still clothed, crawled on top of me. He nibbled along my jaw and back to my ear. I felt his hand at my groin and he rubbed across the head of my erection.

"I want to fuck you into oblivion," he whispered. "Do you want that?" he asked, squeezing the head of my penis. I groaned and bucked into his hand. I was so turned on I would have agreed to anything. "Do you?" he asked again.

I opened my eyes and stared at him with lust and need. "Yes!" I gasped out.

Scott smiled and leaned down to kiss me before rolling off the bed. I watched as he quickly stripped. My skin was hot and sensitive and I tried to find a comfortable position. I forced myself not to stroke my erection. Scott ran over to our bags and dug around for the bottles of lube. He grabbed one then grabbed a small plastic bag from his bag before he rushed back to the bed. He quickly pulled the remainder of my clothes off then paused to stare down at me. He looked so beautiful, green eyes sparkling and skin flushed as he looked at me.

I looked at and licked my lips. I couldn't wait any longer. "Now Scott! I need you now!" I whispered. That pressed him into action. He knelt between my legs and I raised my feet to rest them on his shoulders, giving him complete access to all of me. His eyes flared with desire. Gorgeous! He poured some of the slick lube onto his hand and rubbed his hands together. With one hand he began to probe my opening, while his other hand grasped my pulsing erection. One finger slid easily into me and then he moved his other hand to spread my cheeks wide. That was incredible and I gasped at the new sensations. I couldn't stop from reaching down and stroking myself.

Scott looked at me, then at the plastic bag beside him. He leaned up over me between my legs. "No touching yourself!" He instructed. "And if you can't obey, I'm going to cuff your hands," he told me.

I looked at him in surprise, but my body was definitely turned on by the thought. I wondered what it would be like, and I knew Scott would never hurt me. I decided to go for it. "Maybe," I paused to lick my lips. "Maybe you should cuff me, just in case?" I suggested.

Scott grinned and reached for the cuffs. They were soft leather on the outside, fur on the inside with velcro closures, so they were easy to open. He held them so I could see them. "You sure?" he asked seriously. All joking aside I knew he needed real permission before he would proceed.

I grinned and nodded. He reached above my head and threaded the chain between the cuffs through the boards on the headboard. Grasping one of my hands he gently enclosed it in the cuff making sure it wasn't too tight. He moved my other hand up and repeated the move, pausing to kiss my palm as he did.

He moved slowly back down my body, stopping at my ear to whisper. "Just say 'stop' if it gets to be too much." I nodded.

Scott moved back to a kneeling position between my legs and looked up at me. My chest was taut because of the position of my cuffed wrists. He looked like he wanted to devour me and I shivered slightly. He poured more lube onto his hands and resumed his ministrations, gently opening me up while stroking and teasing my erection. The intensity seemed to increase, knowing my hands were trapped, and I twisted and gasped with the pleasure. I could feel the sweat start to form on my skin as Scott teased me. My hips began to thrust up trying to get him to hurry.

I could feel my orgasm approaching and just when I thought I was going to explode, Scott released my cock. I cried out at the loss of sensation. "Soon, my Love, soon," he murmured, petting my fluttering stomach. He continued focusing on opening me up. Finally he removed his fingers and slicked up his engorged erection. I sighed and closed my eyes, waiting for the pleasure to come. Scott leaned forward, resting his shoulders against the back of my thighs. "Brian! Look at me Brian!" he commanded. I forced my eyes open and met his gaze. That's when he thrust into in one, long slow thrust. It was incredible and I arched up off the bed.

"Oh God!" I gasped.

He paused for a few seconds to make sure I was okay before he started to move. He used long, slow strokes, dragging across my prostate every time he thrust. It was driving me nuts. Soon my body was shuddering, my hips were thrusting back to meet him and I was softly keening with the overwhelming pleasure.

It was like Scott was focusing solely on giving me pleasure. Every thrust was intended to brush my prostate and send jolts throughout my body. Scott started to thrust harder and faster. I began to pant.

"Oh! Oh ! Oh!" I gasped. I was unconsciously tugging at the wrist restraints. I wanted to touch myself, bring myself over the edge, but I couldn't. I hoped Scott would do it for me, but he watched me intently, refusing to meet my silent demand. He was going to make me cum without any contact on my cock.

As he increased his pace again, he leaned down and kissed me, our tongues tangling. I thrust my tongue rapidly in and out of his mouth as my arousal increased and I couldn't do anything about it.

Scott finally reached down and stroked along the bottom of my penis. Then he thrust one last time and exploded at the same time I screamed and started to cum.

Scott held me close as both of our bodies shuddered and quaked through our orgasms. When Scott finally stopped, he reached up to open the velcro, releasing my hands before he collapsed on top of me.

We lay there, both breathing heavily waiting for our pulses to calm and our bodies to stop twitching. Eventually Scott rolled off of me, carefully pulling out of me. I moaned at the loss anyway. I knew I was going to be a little sore after that.

I remained on my back as Scott rolled to his side. He gently stroked his fingers down my chest making me shudder again.

"My whole body feels like one giant nerve," I murmured. Scott bent forward to kiss one of my nipples and I arched into his mouth. "Oh God Scott!" I brought one of my hands down to stroke through his hair. "You are a sex demon! I don't think my body will ever feel the same again," I bemoaned.

Scott laughed gently and lay down, resting his head on my shoulder. "So it was good huh?"

I laughed. "Incredible, just like you."

We were quiet for a few minutes before both of us noticed something different about the cabin. There was a quiet hum coming from somewhere. Scott raised his head to look at me, but I just shrugged. Curious, he rolled over to look around and noticed the differences in the cabin. Someone had tidied up, and changed some of the old furniture adding new pieces designed to look rustic. I glanced towards the little kitchen area and saw even more changes. A pipe had been added along the wall, obviously coming from the bathroom. It must be for water. The kitchen was where the sound was coming from.

Scott eventually rolled off the bed to investigate. In the far corner, under the counter along the outer wall of the cabin was a small refrigerator. He opened it to discover it was full of food, and working.

"Where is the power coming from?" I asked as I came up behind him. He glanced up at me and shrugged.

We walked over to the bed and pulled some clothes on before walking outside. Once there we noticed the electrical cord we hadn't noticed when we arrived. We followed it around the hill a short way until we reached a small wooden shed.

"That shed wasn't here before!" I commented.

Inside the shed we found a small gas powered generator with a number of extra gas cans. We simply looked at each other and shook our heads. We had been prepared to rough it, but our families obviously had other ideas.

We walked hand in hand back to the cabin. It was starting to get cool inside now that we were calmer and dressed. I started up a fire, while Scott rummaged through the box of food on the counter and in the fridge.

Soon the little cabin was cozy warm. Scott decided that since we were alone, there was no need for clothes. He pulled a blanket from the pile at the foot of the bed and spread it on the floor by the fire, then stripped off his clothes. I watched him and grinned before following suit.

"How about a quick shower, then we can sit out here to dry off and have some wine?" I suggested. Scott nodded and took my offered hand, following me into the natural bathroom.

The water was refreshing, exactly the same temperature as it always was. We just used our hands on each other running the water over skin to wipe away sweat and the remnants of our earlier lovemaking.

Once we were sufficiently clean, we stepped out of the small waterfall onto a mat. We grabbed a towel each and quickly towel-dried our hair before walking naked out to the wood fireplace and the blanket Scott had spread in front of it.

I detoured to the new mini fridge and grabbed a tray of chocolate covered strawberries to nibble on while we drank the wine. We stretched out on the blanket leaning against pillows propped up to the foot of the bed, the wine and food beside us.

We sat there for about an hour, listening to the fire crackle, talking in hushed tones about one thing or another that we wanted to do with the condo.

We finished the bottle of wine and I stood, turning to offer Scott my hand. I pulled him against my chest into a tight hug, then we walked around to the side of the bed. I reached up to stroke his cheek.

"My turn," I said softly with a grin.

I waited for Scott's consent and he nodded.

I directed Scott to lay back then I knelt on the bed beside him, raising his arms above his head so I could fasten the cuffs. I was surprised how erotic I found the few toys that we had but I knew I didn't want to get into 'the scene' and I was sure Scott felt the same.

Once he was cuffed, I walked back to our bags and pulled some things out, including the blindfold and the gifts I'd received from my best men. When I returned to the side of the bed I showed Scott the blue silk scarf.

"Can we try this?" I asked softly.

He smiled up at me. "You can try anything you want. I trust you Love," he replied honestly.

I couldn't help but smile, tremendously moved by the statement and Scott smiled back. Nevertheless, I fastened the blindfold loosely so if Scott turned his head and rubbed against his arm it would come loose. I moved around the bed staring at his restrained form, trying to decide what to do next. I could tell he was listening, trying to figure out what I was doing. I paused and put my hand on his chest, making him jump.

"You okay?" I whispered.

He nodded. "Yeah."

I slowly massaged his chest with my hand, calming him. After a few minutes, I paused and picked up the fur mitt. I started with one of Scott's feet and slowly worked my way up one leg, then the other. I watched Scott's reaction as he realized what I was using. I could tell the fur felt incredible on his skin. I quickly figured out how much pressure to use so that it didn't tickle, yet still felt incredible to him. It didn't take long before he was shivering under my hands. After stroking over his legs, I skipped his leaking erection to stroke his arms. When I finally brought the fur over his chest he was twisting and moaning.

"Don't stop Love," he pleaded. "Oh, it feels...ah its incredible...I'm..." I stroked the fur over his cock and he screamed and bucked up into my hand. I knew he was close, but I wasn't ready for him to cum yet. I took the mitt away and grasped his penis just tight enough to dissuade his orgasm. He cried out in disappointment.

"Shh, Angel," I whispered, leaning down to softly kiss his parted lips. "There's more to come." I moved off the bed for a moment to grab the other part of my gift, and a bottle of lube. I hoped Scott would like what I had planned. I moved back to kiss him again. "Can you raise your knees?" I asked.

Scott nodded and lifted his legs, planting his feet flat on the bed. Again I moved, this time to a position between his legs. He was so beautiful spread open for me like that. I slicked up a finger and gently started to probe his entrance. He spread his legs wider for me and I smiled. My finger slid inside and Scott clenched his muscles. I gently rubbed his stomach.

"Relax Angel, you'll like this, I promise," I murmured. Scott followed my instructions and relaxed his body. I moved my hand and returned with two fingers. When I hit his prostate he jumped and moaned. I could tell he was very close to the edge.

I returned with three fingers but Scott didn't object. I was using lots of lube and going slowly. And he was more than ready. He groaned in disappointment when I pulled out. I quickly lubed up the blue dildo, and put the mitt back on one hand. I leaned down and then all at the same time, cupped his balls with the mitt, took his penis in my mouth and slowly started to insert the slicked dildo. I could tell he was overwhelmed by sensations and didn't know which pleasure center to react to. He started to thrash around on the bed, struggling slightly against the cuffs while thrusting up into my mouth. At the same time he was trying to push down on the dildo so it would hit his prostate. It was incredible to watch him experience the overwhelming pleasure and I could feel my own excitement reaching a peak. It didn't take long for him to explode. His body shuddered as he pumped his warm juice into my mouth. He finally collapsed back on the bed, exhausted.

I waited until he relaxed then slowly removed the dildo. I moved up the bed and pushed the blindfold off his eyes. I grinned down at him. "Okay?" I asked softly.

He returned the smile. "Better than okay," he replied. I reached up and undid the cuffs, before lying down beside him. I could tell Scott was feeling boneless, but he managed to turn his head to look at me. "What about you?" he asked softly. I blushed, quickly and deeply. He looked down my body to find my penis was limp.

I shrugged. "Watching you, and pleasuring you, turned me on, more than I thought," I admitted. He reached over with his arm and pulled me against his side.

"Thank you! I love you Brian," he said softly.

I snuggled against him. "I love you Scott," I murmured.

We dozed for a while before reluctantly getting up, washing again and changing the bedding. I added some more wood to the fire so it would go most of the night. It was only eleven, but both of us were exhausted so we crawled into the bed under the heavy, warm quilts and snuggled together as we drifted to sleep.

The next two days sped by. We spent our time talking and sleeping, eating and walking, and of course, making love. We talked about the upcoming interview, our plans for New Years, our new home and our long term hopes and dreams. We walked around the farm following trails formed by horses and ATVs. The weather was cold, but clear. Our lovemaking was as wonderful as always. I was sure it kept getting better as we learned more and more about each other's responses.

It was wonderful to be totally cut off from the rest of the world with only Scott as company. It allowed us to focus completely on one another and we became closer than ever before.

The morning of the 28th dawned sunny and cold. I woke up with an urgent need for the bathroom and crawled out from beneath the warm blankets. The fire had gone out in the early morning so the cabin was cold. There wasn't much point in lighting a new fire since we would be leaving in a little while.

When I came back I could tell that Scott was awake, and thinking. I had an idea what was on his mind.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked softly from beside the bed. He hadn't heard me return from the bathroom.

He looked up at me and I was again awed by how lucky I felt. My incredible husband. I loved thinking about him like that. He smile ruefully. "The interview," he replied. I had been right.

I sat down on the bed and picked up his hand. "Regrets?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No! You know that Bri. Just nerves," he told me honestly.

I leaned forward to kiss him. "It will be okay, Angel. I promise." I stood and offered him my hand. "Let's go shower and get dressed before we freeze!" I said with a grin.

He smiled and followed me into the bathroom.

We stood in the doorway and took one last look around the cabin. So much had happened every time we'd been there that it held a special place in our hearts.

"We'll be back soon," I said softly, talking to Scott and the cabin. We walked outside and I closed the door, putting the padlock in place. The ATV and trailer were loaded with everything we could fit. The small fridge would have to be picked up by my Dad later.

We both put our helmets on and mounted the ATV. Scott wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I'll never forget these last few days," he said softly.

I patted his hand. "Me neither."

I started the engine and soon we were heading back to the house and reality.

To be continued...

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