Millennium Love Brian 51

by Kenitra

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Well, what can I say? This is it, the final chapter in the saga of Scott and Brian.

I want to sincerely thank every single person who has emailed me about this story during the past two years. Its a wonderful feeling to know that so many people from around the world, of different ages and genders, have all enjoyed reading about Scott and Brian.

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I turned to Scott and held out my hand. Together we walked back into the house. Mom was waiting for us.

"So how did things go?" she asked anxiously.

We smiled. "I think it went really well," I said.

Scott nodded. "I think so too. She asked good questions, and let us explain things."

Mom smiled. "Good. I'm glad. Do you two have everything packed yet?" she asked. We were scheduled to fly out later that evening. I nodded to answer Mom's question. "Okay. So go enjoy the rest of the afternoon! I'll call you when its time to go to the airport," she said with a smile.

Scott and I walked upstairs to our bedroom. We were both excited about moving into the condo and getting it fixed up, so we lay on the bed and talked about it until we left.

Our flight was at eight and we were back in the apartment in Orlando by ten thirty. The next day was going to be busy so we both simply stripped and fell into bed.

Chapter 51

The morning of the 29th, My alarm went off early. I reached over and shut it off. Scott and I both groaned and snuggled closer, neither of us wanting to get up. Before we could fall back asleep, the phone rang.

Since the phone was on Scott's side, he rolled over and grabbed it.

"'lo?" he mumbled.

"If you two aren't up and ready in an hour, I'm going to dump ice on you!" I could hear Kevin's voice through the receiver.

"Grrr. Go 'way Kev," Scott muttered.

"Hey, you guys were the ones who wanted to get up early and get things done. Don't blame me! Nick, D, Nora and Melissa will be here in an hour. Sheri and I will be up in forty-five. Be ready!" he instructed and hung up.

Scott banged around until he found the phone base and hung up the phone.

"Kev?" I mumbled.

Scott rolled over so he could look at me. "Who else?" he asked with a grin.

"I thought fixing him up with Sheri would relax him a little," I said, moving over to snuggle again.

Scott laughed. "Are you kidding? Sheri is the main organizer in my family too. I think we've just made them both worse!"

I laughed softly and leaned up to kiss him. "Mmm, nice. Wish we could stay here all day."

Scott returned the kiss. "Me too. But at least once we get settled into the new place, Kevin won't be just downstairs to threaten us," he said.

We both laughed then I rolled over to get up. "Well, lets at least enjoy a shower together before we have to get to work," I suggested.

Scott followed me into the bathroom.

We were both dressed in shorts and T-shirts, ready to work, when Kevin and Sheri arrived. We all greeted each other, then sat down in the kitchen while Scott and I ate some breakfast.

"So what needs to be done here?" Sheri asked looking around.

I shook my head. "Not much. We have a few personal items to throw into one last box. But the rest of the things belong to Howie. So we just have to move all the boxes in the living room, and the furniture," I explained.

"The new furniture is suppose to arrive this afternoon at three. So hopefully we'll have everything else moved by then," Scott added.

Kevin nodded. "Sounds like you two have everything planned. And you didn't even need my help," he said with a grin.

We laughed. "Some of your organizational skills must have rubbed off," I quipped.

Scott and I were just clearing the table when we heard the apartment door open. Our other helpers were just arriving.

"Morning guys and girls!" I said as we walked out to greet them.

Once everyone had said hello we got down to business. "So Howie, you were able to get the moving truck?" Scott asked. We had booked one, and it was right on Howie's drive over so he offered to pick it up.

"Yup. No problem. Its downstairs," Howie replied.

Scott nodded. "Great. I would think that we should be able to get everything in one trip then, especially if we put some of the smaller boxes and breakables in cars. So the only big stuff we have are the bedroom suite, coffee table, and a couple of chairs. Everything else is, or will be in boxes or plastic bins," he explained.

It was decided that the first items to load on the truck would be the two chairs in the living room, while Scott and I finished in the bedroom. We took the bedding off and took the bed apart. Any odds and ends we found we threw into one box we had set aside. When we were done, the chairs were already loaded, so everyone moved to the bedroom to grab the mattress, box spring, frame, dressers and end tables.

The rest of the things were loaded quickly as the boxes were easier to move. I made sure everyone had the new address since Howie and Melissa were taking the moving truck, while Kevin, Nick, Sheri and Nora were going in Nick's car.

We weren't too worried about missing things in the apartment, since Howie was maintaining it for a few more months. Scott and I led the way to the new condo. We had Howie pull the truck into the spot at the front designated for moving trucks. It allowed quick access to the elevators, yet was under the watchful eyes of the security guard.

Scott and I decided to show the other six people around our place before we started moving so the eight of us took the elevator up to our floor.

I paused at the front door. "Just remember, we did say it was large," I said. I opened the door and let the others go in first. Scott grinned and wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we followed.

"Oh my God!" Sheri gasped.

"Wow!" Nora and Melissa said together.

Howie just whistled.

"So when can I move in?" Nick asked as he stood in the middle of the empty living room and looked around.

"Any other places in the building for sale?" Kevin asked.

"No!" Scott and I said quickly and loudly.

Kevin laughed. "Just kidding. This place is incredible guys. You done good!"

We showed them around and they were all impressed. Finally we started to unload the truck and cars. The boxes were taken to the designated rooms, while the bedroom suite went into the larger of the two extra bedrooms. We left the chairs downstairs for something to use until the new furniture arrived.

Once everything was inside, we moved the vehicles to visitor parking then ordered pizza. We sat around on the floor, or the stairs and ate. We had brought some soda from the other apartment, so we had that and water to drink.

"What are you going to do with your place, Scott?" Nora asked while we ate.

"I'm going to sell it next year," he said. "It's in a pretty popular cottage area so I shouldn't have much trouble. Especially selling it furnished," he added.

"Furnished? You're not going to bring your things here?" Sheri asked.

Scott shook his head. "No. I mean there are a few things that have meaning, but when you think of the cost of shipping large things here, it makes more sense to sell it in Canada and get the money. Then we can buy whatever else we need down here."

We finished the pizza and said goodbye to Howie, Melissa, Nick and Nora. They all had plans for the rest of the day, but we would see them New Years Eve. Everyone was coming over to watch the Oprah special, and then all eight of us were going to the fundraiser that night. AJ was still on his Johnny NoName tour and it was decided having one Backstreet Boy coming out was enough.

Kevin and Sheri stayed and helped us unpack the boxes. We put pads of paper in each room so we could write down anything that we needed to get. When the security guard downstairs called us to tell us the new furniture had arrived, most of the boxes were empty.

There were four deliverymen so we didn't need to carry any of the heavy pieces. We moved my chairs upstairs putting one in each of the spare rooms. Then we sat and waited as they brought the new things in. The two living room sets were used to set up two different areas, one around the fireplace, and a second in front of the TV. The new bedroom suite had a king size bed with oak headboard and foot board. Two large dressers, and matching bedside tables. The small end tables we'd ordered were placed in different locations, but were easily moved later.

We thought everything had arrived, but the deliverymen said there was more. Scott looked at me.

"Don't look at me," I said with a shrug. "I didn't order anything else!"

We waited. A few minutes later they brought in two round tables with glass tops and rattan bases. There were four high-back swivel chairs with each one. The chair cushions had a nice neutral fern design. The sets were wonderful.

"Is there an invoice or something to say who they are from?" Scott asked one of the men, although after seeing the furniture I had an idea.

He grabbed a clipboard and handed it to Scott. He looked then grinned and shook his head.

"What?" I asked.

"The parents," he said. I understood his explanation. The sets were similar to the one in my parents' sunroom. "So where should we put them?"

"One in the sunroom, one in the bedroom?" I suggested. They were the obvious choices.

We directed the men to take one table and two chairs upstairs, while the other table and six chairs went to the sunroom.

"So is that all?" I asked.

One man shook his head. "No. One more item. Well, nine pieces but it goes together."

So we waited. This time they brought in a beautiful oak dining table and chairs. The table was large but easily fit our dining area. There were eight solid oak chairs with it.

Again we were stunned. "So who is this from?" I asked.

We looked at the clipboard. 'Happy housewarming, from the other Eight!' We looked over at Kevin and Sheri and found them grinning.

We thanked the deliverymen and tipped them generously for arriving on time and moving the furniture without any damage.

"Thanks for the table, guys. Bri and I really appreciate it," Scott said to Kevin and Sheri.

They shrugged. "You know it was selfish. Now we can invite ourselves over for dinner anytime," Kevin added. I stuck my tongue out at my cousin.

We sat at the new table and talked for a while then Sheri and Kevin left. They had their own plans for the night.

Once they were gone, Scott and I flopped down on one of our new couches. It was wide with a fairly high back and big soft cushions. There was enough room for us to lie on our sides facing each other.

"I can't believe we're actually here," I said softly with a smile.

Scott leaned forward and kissed me. "Who would have thought that I would be living in Orlando, in a wonderful condo with my gorgeous, amazing husband," he responded.

"Guess we're both just incredibly lucky," I whispered before kissing Scott again.

I rolled over so we were spooned together. We lay there for a while watching the flame in the gas fireplace.

"So what do we have to do tomorrow?" Scott asked softly, not wanting to destroy the mood.

"We have to get you fitted for New Years," I replied. "I have a tailor here and he has a few tuxes in your size. So you need to try them on and decide which one you want to wear. There shouldn't be any major adjustments needed."

"Okay, we'll do that in the morning, then pick up a few odds and ends we need here. Maybe get some food too," Scott added.

That was enough planning.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening in the new house. We ordered more food for dinner later then tried out the large whirlpool bathtub in our bathroom.

Our first night in our new home we made gentle love to each other in our new bed.

The next morning we were wakened by a brilliant sunrise that lit up the entire bedroom. I realized that during the summer we'd have to keep the blinds closed unless we wanted to wake up at five am. In winter, it wasn't so bad with the sun rising just before eight.

After a shared shower, we wandered around the place gathering the lists we'd made the day before and adding things to them. We decided to stop for a quick breakfast then get to the tailor's early. Once that was done we could buy whatever we wanted for the house and spend the rest of the day working around our home.

I drove through a fast food drive-thru ordering us breakfast sandwiches and juice. Scott laughed at me, but I knew he understood me desire to avoid the crowd of teenagers likely inside the restaurant. We sat in the parking lot to eat then continued downtown.

We walked into the clothiers store and I greeted the man by name.

"Hello Mario, how are you?" I said, shaking the man's hand.

"Very good, Mr. Littrell, and yourself?"

I held out my hand to Scott and he stepped forward. "Well, considering that I just got married less than a week ago, I'm doing great. This is my better half, Scott Waters," I introduced Scott.

I knew Scott was surpised by the introduction. But I'd known Mario for years, and his gaydar was working fine, so it wasn't really a big surprise to him. Scott shook Mario's hand. "Nice to meet you."

"You too, Mr. Waters. You two make a stunning couple," he added. He led us to the back. "Brian called a couple of weeks ago about tuxedos for you. I have a number of them here." He looked at Scott closely. "Yes, for the size Mr. Littrell suggested, I don't think we'll need to alter much. Maybe a small tuck here or there. But lets start with color."

"Black," I said quickly. Scott looked at me and I smiled. "Trust me." Scott shrugged. He knew I was the expert as far as clothes were concerned.

Mario pulled a rack of tuxes forward and ran his fingers down the selections. "Did you have a specific designer in mind?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Not really. I want it formal, but modern formal. So even though the event is 'black tie', a tie is not mandatory depending on the style," I explained.

Mario nodded and pulled out a selection, hung it up, and then returned to pull out three more choices.

Scott tried each one on becoming amused by the comments Mario and I were making about each one. I could tell it didn't matter to Scott which one he wore. But I wanted him to look perfect. The decision finally came down to two.

"Which one do you like Scott?" I asked.

Scott shrugged. "Honestly, I can't really tell the difference," he admitted.

I grinned. "Okay. The deciding factor, take off the jacket," I instructed. Scott did. "Now turn around." He did. "Good. Now put the other one back on and do the same thing."

Scott followed my instructions and then faced me. I was nearly laughing. "The first one it is."

"Why?" he asked.

"It shows off your 'assets' better," I managed to say before bursting into laughter. Scott blushed deeply as I knew he would. Then he laughed.

"And what exactly are you planning on wearing?" he asked, suddenly realizing we hadn't discussed my wardrobe.

I smiled secretly. "It's all taken care of. Right Mario?" I asked.

Mario simply smiled.

Scott changed back into his street clothes and we made the final arrangements for the tux. Nothing needed to be altered, so we paid for it and arranged to have it delivered later in the day.

I pulled out my baseball cap and reading glasses for a disguise before we hit the mall. The place was booming with post Christmas sales so we managed to make our purchases without anyone recognizing me. After the mall we stopped at the grocery store and bought a huge order of food that would hopefully do us for a couple of weeks. Neither one of us wanted to have to go out immediately after the story broke.

When we arrived back at the condo, we discovered there was a delivery for us. It was the copy of the interview Oprah had promised to send us.

We carried everything inside and unpacked, putting the groceries away, and the other things we'd bought like a broom, and extra towels and bedding. Finally we paused and sat at the kitchen table staring at the wrapped video.

"I don't think I want to watch it," I said softly. "At least not yet."

Scott nodded. "I'd rather wait until tomorrow and just see it with everyone else."

We were in agreement, so he took the video out to the entertainment center and left it there. We continued working on getting things the way we wanted them around the house. The tuxedo was delivered later in the afternoon, along with my clothes. They were in a dark bag so Scott couldn't see what my clothes looked like. And I wouldn't let him peek.

"You'll see tomorrow Angel," I said, taking the bags up to the walk-in closet in our bedroom.

That evening we tried out the hot tub. It was wonderfully relaxing so we sat there and talked quietly late into the evening as we shared a bottle of raspberry wine.

New Years Eve morning we fooled around in bed until almost eleven.

"Are you absolutely certain about tonight?" Scott asked me softly as he ran his fingers up the sweat-dampened skin of my back. I was lying on my stomach, relaxing after making love to Scott. Scott was a nearly boneless mass laying on his side looking at me.

I turned my head so I could look at him.

"Scott, my beloved, my angel, I've never been more sure of anything...except when I agreed to marry you," I added with smile. "I'm proud of you and proud of us. We have nothing to be ashamed of and I'm not going to hide anymore."

Scott leaned down to kiss me.

"What about you Scott?" I asked, rolling over so I could look at him intently. "I mean, I'm definitely more used to being in the spotlight. This is going to change things for you."

Scott kissed me again. "I'm sure, Love. That's not to say I'm not nervous, because I am. But I agree that we don't have anything to be ashamed of. I'm proud of our love and our life together."

We kissed again, then Scott's stomach growled. I laughed. "Guess that's a sign that we should get up," I commented.

Scott agreed. We threw some track pants on and walked down to the kitchen. Now that the cupboards were full we could make whatever we wanted, so we cooked up a full-scale breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns. We saved meals like that for special occasions and this was one of them.

"Do you want to get dressed and go investigate the grounds more?" I suggested.

"Sounds good," Scott quickly agreed. I thought this would provide a diversion so he wouldn't sit around thinking about the upcoming evening and getting more nervous.

We each took a shower and dressed in jeans and sweaters. Scott made sure to grab his keys and phone as we were walking out the door.

As we waited for the elevator, I reached over and grasped his hand, twining our fingers. Scott looked at me and I shrugged. "What are a few hours going to do?" I commented. Scott smiled and squeezed my hand.

We first wandered around the main floor of our own building discovering the weight room, showers and sauna. I knew we'd both make use of those facilities. We went out the rear door of the building into the yard. It was like a square courtyard, bounded by the condominium buildings on the short sides and a row of three story town homes along each of the long sides. The buildings were all attached so the only way into the courtyard was through a building. Larger equipment could be brought in through the underground garage of the larger buildings.

We followed the stone path as it wound its way through the yard. The area was larger than what Scott had first thought, about four football fields long between the larger buildings, and nearly the same between the townhouses. There was a large, heated swimming pool for all the residents as well as two tennis courts. The paths were wide enough for joggers to get by. There were numerous large trees with benches below where people could sit and relax. We also noticed three separate water fountains. It was quite beautiful.

I led us over to a bench near one of the fountains. "I had no idea all of this was here," I commented as I looked around.

Scott leaned over and kissed my cheek. I turned and smiled at him. "I didn't know either. I think this place is like our own little paradise," he said softly.

I stroked his cheek with my fingers.

"Oh! Fresh meat!" a voice said behind us.

Scott and I turned to find two men approaching. One was tall, dark haired, with a goatee. The other was a little shorter, dark hair and glasses.

"Sorry to interrupt," the shorter one said. It had been his friend who had first spoken.

They reached the bench we were sitting on and sat on the edge of the fountain. "We were sitting outside and noticed you two walk by and thought we should introduce ourselves. I'm Benji and this is my partner Jay," the one with glasses, Benji, said.

Scott smiled at them. "I'm Scott and this is my husband Brian," he said. I felt a wave of pride course through me at hearing those words.

"Husband! Ha, told you I was right," Jay said to Benji.

Benji sighed dramatically, "Oh, sure, just dash my hopes of getting myself a Backstreet Boy. May as well kill myself now!"

Scott and I laughed.

"Seriously guys," Benji said. "We just wanted to welcome you to what we call 'a little piece of heaven'. Where did you move in to?"

"We just bought number 506 in the north building," I replied.

"Oh, wow. That place is huge. It's a great place though. I'm glad Peter found some good people to take it."

"So are you really married?" Jay asked. I could see him looking at our rings.

"Yup. Had a minister and everything, Christmas Eve," I replied.

"Cool," Jay said.

"Well, we'll leave you guys in peace for now, since you're basically on your honeymoon still," Benji commented.

"It was nice meeting you both," Scott said as he stood and shook hands with them.

"You too," Jay said. Benji echoed the sentiment.

The two men started to walk away. "Oh, hey guys?" I called out. They paused and turned. "Don't know if you've heard about the Oprah Winfrey special on TV tonight. But I think you'll find it quite interesting," I said with a smile.

Jay grinned first and leaned down to whisper something to Benji. "We'll be sure to check it out," Jay said. "And by the way, we're in 12 East, if you ever need anything," Jay added. He put his arm around Benji's shoulders and they walked away.

Scott and I turned to look at each other and we both grinned. "I really think I'll like this place," I said. Scott definitely agreed.

We sat by the fountain for nearly an hour before finally heading back.

We fixed a light meal then took our time getting ready. I took my tux into the bathroom to get ready while Scott dressed in the bedroom. Once I was dressed I opened the door and walked out.

Scott heard the door and turned to look. He was obviously pleased with the white tux I'd chosen. I know I was very happy with how he looked in his black tux. He looked absolutely gorgeous.

Scott walked over to stand in front of me. "Wow!"

I grinned. "Is that it? Just 'Wow!'" I asked. "I mean, looking at you I can come up with, incredible, amazing, absolutely gorgeous. And all I get is a wow!"

Scott leaned forward and covered my mouth with his. I stopped talking. Scott ravaged my mouth with one of those 'punishment' kisses until we were both breathless. When he stopped I looked up at him with glazed eyes.

"Okay, wow works," I commented.

Scott laughed and pulled me into a hug.

We walked downstairs in time to answer the door. The others had all arrived at the same time. Kevin, Howie and Nick all looked sharp in their black tuxedos, while the girls looked beautiful. Sheri was wearing a deep red gown that highlighted her pale skin and long dark hair. Nora looked fabulous in basic black, very simple and classy. Melissa wore a silver gray dress that flattered her figure and matched Howie's accessories, like his cummerbund. Together we were one good-looking bunch of people.

After greeting everyone I offered wine or champagne to whoever wanted it. They all check out the condo, seeing how we had decorated and changed things. As seven pm approached we gathered around the television in the living room.

Everyone was silent when Oprah appeared on the screen.

"A few weeks ago, I received a phone call, asking me if I would do an interview. When I learned what the interview was about, I quickly said yes. I was honored that I had been asked. Regardless of your personal opinions on the issue, what you are about to see is about love and courage. I'll leave the remainder of my comments until the very end." With those words the screen changed and showed a picture of the farm. Then changed again to show Oprah as she had been in the study.

Scott and I knew what was said, but it was still strange to watch us together on the screen. I spent my time splitting my attention between the screen, and the people in the room. Watching their reactions was interesting. I think the interview gave them a clearer idea of what Scott and I went through.

When the taped interview ended, the screen returned to Oprah. "Now, I know the American public have their own views on the entire issue of homosexuality. And, right or wrong, people are entitled to their own opinions. My one wish is that after viewing this interview, some people will rethink their views. These two young men have done nothing wrong, have not physically injured anyone. They simply want to share their lives with one another, and find happiness. How can a love that strong and true, possibly be wrong?"

At those words, the credits started to roll. I wasn't quite sure what to say.

"I think," I started then paused. "I think Oprah's words did more, and will have more impact than the interview itself," I commented, truly pleased by her eloquent words.

Scott squeezed my hand and nodded. "I hope that whether it was Oprah, or us, that people at least listened and that at least a few readjust their thinking."

The others expressed similar comments and congratulated us on the interview.

It was finally time to go to the fundraiser.

Everyone gathered coats and purses as we left the condo and walked around to the elevator.

"Hey guys," Kevin said. "We were talking before we got here and thought that Sheri and I would ride with you, while Nick, Howie, Nora and Melissa would take the other car. When we get there, we thought we'd let you two exit first."

Scott glanced at me to see what I thought.

"We're not trying to abandon you," Nick added. "We'll pull up just behind you guys, and walk inside together. We just thought to give you your time in the spotlight."

I nodded. "Okay. It makes sense. If the media know about the interview, and I'm sure they do now, they'll just try to get around you guys to get to us."

We walked out the front door of the building and found the two limos waiting. Kevin, Sheri, Scott and I stepped into the first one. Scott and I sat close to each other and he was holding tightly to my hand.

He was definitely nervous. The rest of us talked about different things, trying to take his mind off it. I thought about everything we'd been through, the good and the bad. It had been a hard struggle at times. But in the end, it was all worth while. I thought about how much I loved him, and I knew he loved me.

The car slowly pulled up in front of the concert hall and stopped. I looked over at Scott. "Are you ready Angel?" I asked. His eyes were shining with love and trust. He took a deep breath and nodded his head. There was no going back.

The door opened and I stepped out. I ignored the sounds behind me and turned to offer my hand to Scott. He grabbed it like a lifeline. That was fine, because I had no intention of ever letting go. The flashbulbs went off non-stop and a murmur went through the throng of reporters and fans. I kept my eyes on Scott and when our eyes met, I could see the love and pride and peace in his eyes. I smiled and he squeezed my hand, returning the smile. Ignoring the questions being fired at us, we went into the party, hand in hand, to welcome the new Millennium and a new future together.