Millennium Love Scott 39

by Kenitra

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During the last three weeks of November I worked intently with my regular clients to modify their websites, getting the sites ready for the holiday season. Once those were taken care of, I focused on the Backstreet site. I made the changes that had been requested then added the new pages, including a new tour photo page. As I scanned through all the images I had taken on the tour, I couldn't help but smile and laugh as I remembered different incidences that lead to or followed some of the pictures. It made me feel closer to all of the guys and I realized just how much I did miss them, not just Brian.

By the time the thirtieth arrived I was more than ready to see the rest of my 'family'.

Chapter 39 - Scott

I was nervous as hell as I walked through the Orlando airport. It had been two months since I'd left the Millennium tour. Two months since I'd seen Brian. At least seen him in person, since I had watched the replay of the Much Music press conference the guys held on November 11th. I was terrified I would see him and lose all my resolve only to discover that nothing had changed. I could only hope that Nick was right and Brian was making changes.

In the emails I'd exchanged with Brian, he had written that someone would be meeting me at the airport. So once I had my luggage, I began to look around for my ride. I was surprised when my gaze fell on the tall, dark haired, green-eyed man. Kevin wasn't wearing much of a disguise, jeans and a sweater and his reading glasses, but if fans weren't looking for Kevin specifically they might glance past the man. Most fans tend to subconsciously look for five men, often missing the guys when they traveled solo. I began to make my way slowly to where Kevin was standing. But before I reached him, I noticed a girl approaching him. I almost dropped my suitcase when I recognized Sheri.

Kevin looked almost as shocked to see her as I was. They stood staring at each other for a moment before Kevin said something softly and Sheri smiled, walking into Kevin's open arms. I slowly continued walking over to them and was standing in front of Kevin before he opened his eyes and noticed me.

"Hey Scott!" he said quietly. He released his tight hold on Sheri, letting her turn around.

"Hey bro," she said sheepishly.

I grinned. "Hi. I take it Sheri being here is something of a surprise to you Kev?" I asked with a smirk. Sheri blushed and Kevin nodded. "Ya know, I think Blondie has too much time on his hands," I commented. I just knew Nick was behind this.

Kevin laughed and hugged Sheri again. "Maybe. But I really can't complain. Can you?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Nope."

"Do you both have everything?" Kevin asked. Sheri and I nodded. "Okay, lets get out of here. I obviously have the two packages I was sent to pick up," he added.

Sheri walked over to give me a hug. "I'm glad you came Scott," she whispered. She grabbed her carry-on bag while Kevin took her suitcase. I picked up mine and the three of us headed out of the airport. Thankfully Kevin had arranged for a limo so we didn't have to worry about parking. Once the luggage was in the trunk we climbed into the car and it pulled away, heading into the city.

I sat opposite Sheri and Kevin, allowing them a chance to be close; knowing it had been a while for them. Kevin put his arm around Sheri's shoulders and held her close.

"How are you two doing?" I asked quietly. I didn't think Nick would lie, but maybe he had stretched the truth about the problems they were having.

Sheri glanced up at Kevin then looked at me. "I think we'll be okay Scott. Things have been a little rocky, but we've been talking constantly," she said.

"I'm sorry Brian and I have caused you problems," I murmured.

"Hey Scott, stop," Kevin said forcefully. "Yes, having you and Brian hurting has been difficult, but you are not the cause of all our problems. Having a long distance relationship is hard on anyone. I saw Sheri a few weeks ago and we both agreed that we wanted us to work out." He glanced down at Sheri and kissed her hair. "And we will!" he said with certainty.

I smiled. "Good."

We pulled up in front of the apartment building that Kevin, Howie and Brian lived in. That's when I wondered. "Are you guys going to have enough room for everyone?"

Kevin smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I moved out actually. I live two floors down from Bri and D. And they are just waiting for another two bedroom to open in the building then one of them will move. We all need our own space now. We're hoping to be able to spend longer periods of time at home from now on, so the separate space is necessary," he explained.

Kevin spoke to the limo driver then helped Sheri carry her stuff to the elevator. We got on an empty car and Kevin pushed the buttons for both floors. The car stopped for Kevin and Sheri. Kevin paused before getting out.

"You remember where you're going?" he asked seriously. What he was really asking was if I was okay.

I smiled. "No problem Kev, You just worry about Sheri, alright?" He nodded and let the door close.

That's when the nerves hit full force. My insides began to flutter as I thought about seeing Brian again. I wondered how awkward things would be, or if his feelings for me had changed. I jumped when the elevator bell dinged and the door opened. I stepped into the hall. I tried to take a few deep, calming breaths before continuing down the hall. I stopped in front of the apartment door. I knew there was no point in putting things off, so I raised my hand and knocked.

My hand had barely lowered before the door was flung open. My Love was standing before me.

"Angel!" Brian breathed out softly, with a smile. He moved back. "Come in Scott," he said, allowing me to walk into the apartment. He closed the door behind me as I continued into the main room. I set my suitcase down by one of the walls and looked around. The place had been redecorated, I guessed as a result of Kevin leaving.

"Scott?" Brian said quietly from behind me. I turned to look at him. He looked hesitant and worried. "May I hug you?" he whispered.

I immediately stepped closer and wrapped my arms around him. Tears quickly began to fall from my eyes. "Brian my Love. God how I've missed you," I whispered into his ear. He hugged me tighter and I could feel his body tremble against mine.

"Angel, angel, angel…" he repeated softly as he tenderly kissed the side of my neck. I could feel the wetness of his tears against my skin.

We stood there, simply holding each other for a long time. But the time didn't matter now that I was back with Brian. Eventually we both regained our composure and pulled slightly back from each other.

I looked down in to Brian's red-rimmed blue eyes and could see the incredible power of his love for me. I hoped he could see the same emotion in my own gaze. Brian reached up and softly stroked the side of my face. He smiled. "I guess you figured out that I missed you too, huh?" he asked quietly.

I grinned and we both relaxed. Brian stepped back and grasped my hand before leading me to the large couch. It was then that I noticed the tray of sandwiches and drinks sitting on the coffee table. I realized that I hadn't eaten since very early that morning and I was starving.

Brian handed me a plate and poured a glass of lemonade. "If you've been as nervous as I have, I'm betting you haven't eaten much today," he said. I smiled at how well this man actually knew me.

"I haven't," I agreed and picked up half a tuna salad sandwich.

It was enough to simply sit side by side, our thighs touching, while we ate in silence. There would be plenty of time to talk later.

Once we finished eating Brian took the tray back to the kitchen. I let my gaze wander around the apartment again before a movement caught my eye. Brian was standing hesitantly in the kitchen doorway.

"Um…I guess we should talk now Scott," he said softly. I suddenly felt nervous again. I knew he loved me, but was that enough? He walked back over to the couch and sat down, facing me. I turned towards him and he picked up my hands in his, gently squeezing them. "I'm sorry," he said softly. I froze, terrified. "I'm sorry I've been such an idiot. I'm sorry I hurt you and left you no alternative but to leave. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to realize what…who I want to be number one in my life." Brian raised his eyes and looked at me intently. "After two months without you, I realized I would rather never sing another word than continue existing without you in my life." The sincerity and intensity in his gaze brought tears to my eyes.

Brian reached up to cup my face in his palms. "I. Love. You!" His thumbs tenderly wiped the tears that had fallen.

I returned the gesture, cupping his wonderful face and gently wiping away the wetness. "Brian, the last two months have been the worst in my life. I'm sorry that I hurt you by leaving. I…I don't know… I mean…I don't want to force you to come out publicly if that's not what you really want. You know that that isn't what this has been about, right?" I wanted to make sure he knew. It would be even worse later if he were to lose his career and blame me.

Brian simply smiled. "Scott, I know that! This is about me accepting completely, who I am and accepting you as a very big part of my life. I'm ready to do that now." Brian grasped my hands again. He looked down at the ring he'd given me months before and ran his thumb across it. "I want to honor the commitment I made to you when I gave you this ring," he said solemnly.

I was stunned and overjoyed and didn't know whether to smile or cry. So I simply leaned forward and gently kissed Brian's lips. "I would like that," I whispered with a smile.

Brian grinned and hugged me tightly. Then he pulled back and his warm, soft lips found mine. This time, instead of the tentative kisses we'd had so far, we let our passion lead the way. I let myself go and plastered Brian's face with kisses. "God I want you so much Brian. It's been too long," I whispered.

Brian returned my kisses. "I know Angel. We can continue talking tomorrow," he suggested and stood up. "Tonight I just want to relearn every inch of your body," he said huskily. My body definitely liked that idea. I felt my manhood pulse to life. Brian pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall to his bedroom.

We both paused just inside the doorway. I was suddenly nervous and I think Brian felt the same. I turned to him and smiled softly. My eyes and heart couldn't get enough of him. I stepped over to him and put my hands on his shoulders. "Please, let me undress you, Love," I asked quietly. Brian nodded, his eyes never leaving my face.

With slow motions I began to unbutton his shirt. Just when I began to think the buttons would never end, I reached the last one and his shirt spread open, exposing his toned, smooth chest. I inhaled sharply. I'd almost forgotten what an incredible body this man had. I slowly pushed the material off his shoulders and it fell behind him, stopping when the cuffs caught on his wrists. I raised one of his arms up, and kissed slowly down the warm skin from his inner elbow, to the pulse point on the inside of his wrist. I could feel the rapid beat of his heart. I unbuttoned the cuff and let it slip away. I repeated the motion with his other wrist, and before I'd even reached his wrist, Brian was panting and moaning softly. I smiled. I'd also forgotten how responsive he was.

I had the sudden urge to drive him completely wild, make him forget about ever thinking of letting me go - if he ever had. Once the shirt was on the floor, I started to run my fingers over his exposed flesh. He felt so wonderful beneath my hands. I stroked over his shoulders and down his arms to his fingertips. My fingers ran back up his arms then down over his shoulder blades to his waist before moving around to his taut stomach and up to his pecs. I couldn't resist brushing feather light strokes over his nipples; causing them to distend and making him shiver.

"Please Scott," Brian whispered, closing his eyes and putting his head back, exposing his neck. I took the opportunity to lean down and rain kisses over the sensitive flesh of his throat.

"Yes Love," I whispered. I wanted, and needed to make love with this man. My Love. I knelt in front of him and unbuttoned his pants before pulling down the zipper and letting the material join his shirt on the floor. I could see his boxers clearly tenting out in front of me, an obvious wet spot on the cloth. I quickly grabbed the elastic waist and brought the underwear down, careful to pull the elastic over his erection. Brian stepped out of the pile of clothes and stood before me, completely, wonderfully, beautifully naked and erect.

I rose to my feet and carefully pushed him backwards until his legs touched the bed. He fell backwards onto the mattress. He smiled wantonly up at me and I nearly exploded. It had definitely been too long. I had wanted to tease him further by slowly stripping for him, but I couldn't wait. Brian watched me with a smile as I quickly stripped off my clothes before joining him on the bed, naked. We lay side by side, simply staring into each other's eyes.

Brian gently ran his fingers down my cheek. "If I didn't touch you, I would think you were an apparition," he murmured.

I smiled and suddenly rolled over on top of him. "Nope, definitely not a ghost Love," I said then kissed him passionately. Brian responded eagerly.

We rolled back and forth on the bed, neither getting enough of the other. It didn't matter to me one way or the other, but I felt an overwhelming urge to be closer. Before I could say anything Brian spoke. "Please Angel, I want you. I need you. I need to feel you inside so I know you're really here," he pleaded softly.

I stopped our frantic motions with my lying on top of him. I framed his face with my long fingers. "I'm here love. I'm not going anywhere, I promise." I leaned across him, reaching for the small bedside table, hoping Brian still had the necessary supplies. My fingers found the bottle of lube in the drawer and grabbed it.

Brian began to thrust his body up against me; our erections rubbed together sending incredible jolts of pleasure through me. I sat back on my knees and opened the bottle. I poured some into my hand then used the fingers on my other hand to gently prepare Brian. It had been long enough since we'd made love that his muscles had tightened. There was no way I would risk hurting him.

When I was sure he was ready, and he was panting and gasping incoherently, I spread the rest of the slick liquid over my erection. I leaned over him and claimed his lips as I slowly entered him. Brian cried out ecstatically. "God Scott! Yes! I love you so much…more…please! It's been too long Angel, too long."

While our foreplay had been frantic, our lovemaking was slow and gentle. It reminded me of the first time we'd made love, all those months ago, in Brian's retreat at the Littrell farm. Neither of us could last long though. And suddenly Brian tensed, his muscles contracted around my erection. His body exploded in completion, and drew my own orgasm from me. Both of us shouting out our love as we came. I was aware enough not to collapse right on top of Brian. I withdrew my spent cock and flopped onto the bed beside him. I squinted my eyes when I felt the bed move. Brian reached out to the small bedside table and grabbed a towel that I'd not noticed. He wiped his cum from his abdomen. Before he could continue, I sat up and grabbed the towel. I gently wiped between his legs and then cleaned myself before tossing the towel to the floor. Our eyes met and I pulled Brian into my arms. We wrapped around each other as we were meant to. Brian sighed in contentment.

"I don't think anything in the world can compare to how you make me feel, Scott," he said softly.

I softly kissed his cheeks and forehead. "I feel the same, Love. I love you so much Brian. I want to love you every day, be able to see you and touch you every day. Grow old with you," I said softly.

"Sounds perfect to me," Brian murmured before he drifted to sleep. I soon followed, knowing that things were finally the way they were meant to be.

I woke and stretched, momentarily disoriented. Then I remembered. Brian. I immediately reached out beside me, but found only cool cotton sheets. I couldn't tell if he was just in the bathroom, or elsewhere in the apartment. I decided I didn't want to wait; I needed to see him now. I rolled off the bed and made a quick pit stop in the bathroom. I grabbed the pants I'd discarded the night before and pulled them on, not bothering with my boxers.

I padded down the hall, following the sounds I could hear, and found Brian in the kitchen. I paused in the doorway and watched as he put cutlery and two glasses of juice on a tray. He turned back to the stove and I could tell he was making our favorite, an omelet.

I quietly walked over and put my hands around his waist. "I missed you," I murmured. He had jumped slightly at my initial touch but then relaxed into my embrace.

"Sorry Angel. I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed," he said softly.

I kissed his cheek. "I can always go back," I suggested.

Brian turned around and grinned before pulling me against him. "Nope. Now that you're here, I'm not letting you leave my sight." He gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "You can put the stuff on the table instead of the tray," he said as he turned me towards the counter and gave a little push.

I smiled and did as he'd asked. He turned back to the stove and finished cooking the omelet. He cut it in half and put the two pieces on plates, before bringing the plates to the table. He set one plate in front of me then walked behind me, pausing to kiss the back of my neck before he sat beside me.

We ate quickly and silently. But we both kept sneaking glances at the other. When I was finished I took my plate and glass to the sink and Brian followed. Once his hands were empty I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. "Last night was incredible Brian. And I'm so glad I agreed to come here. I've been sad and lonely without you."

Brian gave me a squeeze then pulled back. "I know Angel. And I have plans to make everything better." He glanced at the clock. "There are a few things I want to talk about now, but some of it will probably have to wait until after the concert." He looked at me hesitantly. "Is that okay?"

I smiled and nodded. "Of course Brian. Why don't we both get showered and dressed, and then we'll sit down and talk."

Brian agreed. We decided on separate showers because we both knew we'd be very late otherwise. I finished first and was waiting by the balcony doors when Brian returned. I'd thought about what he'd said before we went to clean up.

"Brian, you do know that I'm not trying to stop or ruin your career, right?" I asked seriously. He looked confused. I sighed and walked over to kneel in front of him. "Before, you were afraid to say that our discussion may have to wait until later. I understand that Brian. Putting aside the celebrity status and public recognition for a moment, singing is your career. I mean, if I had an important presentation to make to one of my clients, you wouldn't expect me to just skip it, unless it were a matter of life, like an accident or hospitalization. As long as we recognize the need to talk, I'm not going anywhere and it can wait until you fulfil your commitment to your band mates, and your fans. Because I know, you are coming home to me afterwards."

Brian nodded. "Okay. It's just…I – I hurt you so much by not putting you first. I don't want to make the same mistake again."

I smiled. "You won't. I won't let you!" I moved to sit on the couch beside him. "So let's see what we can do before we have to go," I suggested.

"Can I… will you hold me while we talk?" he asked softly.

I moved so I was sitting against the arm of the couch, my legs on the seat. I opened my arms and Brian quickly moved into them. He turned so his back was pressed against my stomach. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight. "How's this?"

He relaxed against me. "Perfect." We sat quietly for a minute before he began. "I knew…as soon as you left the tour, I knew I had to do something. I just didn't know what. The first week was bad. I was pretty numb, just following along with whatever Kevin or Nick said." I squeezed him lightly, knowing the pain he'd felt. "When you sent that picture and note on our anniversary, and then the phone call, I was stunned. It was then that I realized how much you were hurting too. That was when I started working on things. I started putting out feelers to find out what the climate was like for coming out. And I talked to the guys. I knew they would support any decision, but I thought they had a right to know, since this could affect their careers. It hurt when you refused to come to the Toronto show," he admitted.

I kissed his cheek in apology. "Sorry Love," I whispered.

"I understood your reasons, but…. Then Nick told me you were coming here. I had to start moving things along. I arranged to have a family meeting while I was at home for Thanksgiving. I told everyone I wanted to go public. There were a few questions, but overall everyone was supportive." Brian paused then turned his head to look at me. "That's what I want Scott. I don't want to do it half way. I want to come out publicly. I hope that is okay with you. I know we'll have to work out the details. But I don't want to hide us anymore."

I grinned and kissed him forcefully. "It sounds good to me," I said softly.

"The first thing we need to do is talk with your family, Scott," Brian said seriously.

I nodded. I knew what he meant. I'd already seen the invasive press in action. They would go into a feeding frenzy when they found out about us. We would just have to make sure they didn't affect our relationship. "We will, Love."

Before we could say anything else, the phone rang. I reached behind me to grab it and hand it to Brian. He spoke quietly and I knew our discussion time was over for now. It was Kevin on the phone. The rest of the day would be a whirlwind. But it was okay. I could see that Brian was serious about his plans, and about me.

To be continued...

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