Millennium Love Scott 44

by Kenitra

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Well we have reached chapter 44! I can hardly believe it.

Despite the rampant rumors that the group is about to break up, I hope its not true. But, regardless, I will finish the story. In fact, I might even hit 51 chapters instead of only 50!

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Then I did turn to Brian, pulling him close. "This has been a great birthday," I said into his ear. "But do you think we can turn this into a two man party, soon?"

Brian nibbled on my ear. "I think that can be arranged," he murmured.

We finished our drinks quickly then rose. Marcus and Tom followed. This time we left through the front doors. It was great to be out in the fresh air and I realized just how hot and smoky the club had been. The four of us walked to a nearby parking lot where Marcus and Tom had parked. We headed back to the hotel, tired but happy. And I looked forward to a more intimate party with Brian, in our bed.

Chapter 44- Scott

Brian and I had to forcefully drag ourselves out of bed the next morning in order to catch the bus. Fortunately, there were no planned public appearances so we simply threw some comfortable clothes on, grabbed the suitcases and staggered out to the bus. We crashed on Brian's lower bunk and the others thankfully let us sleep.

I woke up a few hours later, but Brian was still sleeping. I remained still, listening to the sound of the bus as it sped down the road, the sounds of the other guys in the back lounge, trying to be quiet, and the sounds of Brian sleeping.

I thought about the previous day and everything Brian had done for my birthday. I knew, more than ever, that I never wanted to be away from Brian. I wanted to commit to him. We hadn't exactly sat down and discussed having a commitment ceremony, but during past conversations I knew Brian wanted the same things I did; namely a home and family.

I tried to think through the upcoming schedule. A trip to Toronto, then to Lexington amidst the tour stops. But I knew we were free over Christmas. I thought about Brian's, our, little cabin at the farm. It certainly would be a perfect place for a mini honeymoon. The main decision I had was whether to surprise Brian or talk to him about it. He had done so much for me, surprised me so much. I decided that it was my turn to surprise him.

I knew I would have to talk to a number of people. Mainly, Jackie so she could help with arrangements. I'd also have to find time to talk to my parents. Hopefully my family would be able to join us. That would make things perfect.

I felt Brian begin to stir, and decided I would call Jackie when I got the chance, to make sure the whole plan would be okay with her, before I started arranging anything else.

I rolled onto my side and looked down at Brian as he gorgeous blue eyes opened. "Hi," I whispered.

He smiled, making my heart flutter. "Hi," he murmured back. I leaned down to kiss him. I would never get enough of kissing him. "Mmmm… that's nice," he whispered. "Do we have to get up?" he asked, stroking my cheek with his warm fingers.

I smiled. "Don't know. How long have we been sleeping?" I asked quietly.

Brian glanced at his watch and made a face. "Its after one. I wonder if the bus has already stopped for lunch?"

Neither of us had eaten since dinner at the restaurant the night before. I knew I was hungry so I imagined Brian was too, especially after the exercise we got when we returned to the hotel from the club.

I leaned down to kiss him again. "Guess we better get up and find out, huh?"

Brian reluctantly agreed. We rolled off the bunk and walked to the back lounge, looking for the rest of the guys.

We found them. Kevin was reading, Nick was drawing, and Howie and AJ were watching a movie.

"Hey," Brian and I greeted them.

The guys looked up. "Finally! Now can we stop for lunch?" AJ asked, looking at Kevin.

Brian and I looked at each other and laughed. "Guess that answers our question," Brian commented. He flopped down on one of the couches and I sat down beside him.

Kevin stood. "I'll go talk to the driver about finding a place to stop, okay?" We all agreed and Kevin left.

"So you guys have a good time last night?" Nick asked, looking up from his drawing.

I smiled. "We had a great time Nick."

"So I heard," he commented dryly.

I blushed. I'd forgotten that Nick's room was right next to Brian's.

Brian, of course, just laughed. "Well, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me," he said. Nick threw a pillow at him. "Seriously Nick, thanks for the help keeping Scott busy while I got everything set up. It was really a wonderful night and we had a lot of fun," Brian said seriously.

Nick just shrugged in that way he has. "No problem. Just remind me not to take the room beside you next time," he added.

We all laughed.

We noticed a change in the motion of the bus and decided to move to the front lounge to see where we were going. The bus was pulling off the highway into a restaurant parking lot. It was decided that myself, Marcus and a couple of the dancers would go get takeout for everyone.

I gave Brian a kiss, wrote down all the orders, then headed into the fast food place. Despite the 'fast food' name, it took about half an hour for us to get all the food we ordered. Everyone was obviously hungry. I carried the bags for the guys, our driver and myself back to the bus. The way the bags disappeared from my hands reminded me of the first room service meal I'd shared with the singers. I did manage to keep Brian's and my food separate.

He was smiling at me happily as I walked to the back lounge with him. We sat down and ate in peace.

A short while later the bus began to move again. We passed the rest of the trip talking with everyone, playing games and watching TV. We arrived late in the day and simply crashed at the hotel. Despite having done nothing but ride a bus all day, we were all exhausted.

The next afternoon, while the guys were rehearsing, I stayed at the hotel, did some work and then decided to call Jackie about my idea.

"Hello?" A male voice answered.

"Mr. Littrell? Harold? This is Scott Waters," I said, unsure that it was in fact Brian's father.

"Scott! How are you? Is everything okay?" he asked.

I smiled. "Everything is great, Sir." I still couldn't quite get used to calling him just Harold. "I'm calling because I was hoping to plan a surprise at Christmas and wanted to talk to Jackie about it," I explained.

"Well, she's right here Scott. Just a moment."

A few seconds later Jackie was on the line. "Scott! So nice to hear from you," she said sincerely, making me smile again. "Harold said something about a surprise?"

"Yes. Brian and I haven't made any plans for Christmas, but I was wondering if we could come to the farm?" I said.

"Of course you can Scott. You needn't asked," she added.

"Well, more that that, I was thinking about inviting my family down, and planning sort of a commitment ceremony for Brian and I," I continued hesitantly.

Jackie was quiet for a moment. "So Brian doesn't know you're planning this?" she asked.


"I think it's a wonderful idea, Scott," she enthused. I was relieved. "What do you need from me?"

"Well, I wanted to make sure it was okay for us, and my family to come, first of all. I was thinking Christmas Eve would be the perfect time for a ceremony, even if it's simply Brian and I standing in front of our families and friends. I guess I'd need some decorations, flowers or something. And rings," I added.

"Scott, would you mind if I took care of the arrangements?" she asked. "I don't want to interfere with your plan, but I could get the decorations and flowers and food."

"That would be wonderful Jackie. I thought I would tell Brian that morning, and we could decide how formal we want to make things," I said.

"May I ask Scott, how formal would you like things to be?" Jackie asked.

I paused. "I'd like someone there to conduct the ceremony," I admitted. "I'm not sure about a minister or anything like that, but someone …someone of authority, I guess that would give recognition to the commitment we were making," I finished.

"Scott, let me make some plans. I'll email you with more details in a few days and you can change things if you like," Jackie suggested. "And I want to send you something I found in a catalogue. Just take a look at it and let me know, okay?"

"Sure. Thank you so much Jackie. I appreciate all of your help," I said sincerely.

"Scott, its no problem. You make Brian happy, that's all that matters," she said softly. "Give me a call in a few days, alright?"

"Okay. Thanks," I said then hung up. I was pleased Jackie was so enthusiastic about my idea. Hopefully Brian would be just as happy. I made sure I had everything from the room, since we would be leaving on the bus immediately following the concert, before heading for the arena.

The concert in Tulsa went great and the guys were excited. It seemed the closer we got to their six week break, the more hyped they got and the concerts became better.

Once on the bus that night, the singers quickly went to their bunks. We would be driving all night and they had a concert the very next night, so they needed the sleep.

I wasn't as tired so I sat in the back lounge, working on my laptop. When the new mail icon flashed I checked my mail. It was from Jackie. I opened the attached image and stared. It was a picture of a set of rings. They were designed so that when worn together they resembled the yin and yang sign. Yet both rings were absolutely beautiful on their own too. Each had a small gemstone in the center. I knew instantly that they would be perfect for Brian and I.

I emailed back to Jackie asking for more information about the rings and how to order them, quickly deciding the white gold with sapphires was what I wanted.

I finally went to bed and snuggled up behind Brian who, although still asleep, moved back against me so the length of our bodies was pressed together. I smiled before drifting to sleep.

While the guys were rehearsing at the arena in Denver, I checked on our flight the next morning and book a hotel room close to the airport. The other guys would be staying at another hotel for the night before the bus headed out for Las Vegas. I also found an email from Jackie. She offered to order the rings for me, so I sent her the information about color and size that she needed. I also asked if she could arrange for tuxedos for Brian and I. I gave her my size and Brian's in case she didn't have it.

Our flight from Denver was delayed by snow, but we finally managed to get off the ground, headed for Toronto. Brian was exhausted after the two concerts back to back, with little real sleep in between, so he slept on the flight. I kept myself busy thinking about what I was planning for Christmas Eve. I even tried writing vows in my head, but the words just wouldn't come out the way I wanted.

The trip took about 4 hours and I was relieved when we landed. Brian had wakened about half an hour before landing but was still groggy.

"Let's go Love," I said quietly as I stood to grab our carry-on bags from the overhead compartment.

He smiled up at me and yawned. "I think when this month is over, I'm going to sleep for at least four of our six weeks off," he commented.

I looked around the nearly empty first class section and leaned closer. "You don't really want to do that. Just think of all the fun that you'd miss," I leered trying to wiggle my eyebrows.

Brian laughed and grabbed his overnight bag from me. We quickly walked off the plane and made it through customs. It didn't take long to spot Drew waiting for us. The advantage of having a tall, read-headed friend.

"Hey Drew," I greeted him, pulling him into a hug.

"Hiya Scott," he said, kissing my cheek. Then he turned to Brian and pulled him into a hug. "Hey Brian, good to see you," he said.

Brian smiled. "Nice to see you too, Drew."

We quickly walked out to Drew's car and got in.

"Sorry I missed your birthday, Scott," Drew commented. "I heard it was interesting," he added as we pulled onto the highway.

I looked over at Brian and grinned. "That it was." It was the only comment I made. It didn't take long to get to Drew's place, where my car was. When I was away for long periods, I thought it was safer leaving it with him. And it made it easier when I flew back in because it was so close to the airport.

Since our flight had been delayed, we didn't have time to stay and chat with Drew, but I promised to call him the next day. I wanted to invite him to Kentucky for Christmas. We drove out of the city towards my house. We would have enough time to shower and change before we had to drive to my parents'. Brian was quiet and I knew he was nervous about what my family would say and how they would react.

There wasn't anything I could really say. But I reached over and picked up his hand with my free hand. I glanced at him and he smiled in gratitude. We drove in silence the rest of the way. At my house, we dumped our bags on the bed and stripped before walking into the bathroom. We really didn't have time for messing around, but I took the time to gently wash him all over. It helped relax him for a while, and I enjoyed it too!

We both dressed in dockers. Brian wore a deep red sweater on top, while I put on a button-down shirt. Before we left, I pulled him into a hug.

"Everything will be fine, Love," I murmured, nibbling on his ear.

He sighed deeply. "I hope so," he whispered.

As I pulled into the driveway I glanced at Brian and turned off the car. I could tell his nervousness hadn't waned. I reached over and picked up his hand. He looked at our entwined fingers then up to meet my eyes, giving me a wan smile. I leaned over to kiss his cheek.

“It's going to be okay,” I reiterated softly.

He squeezed my fingers. “I know, Angel,” he said quietly and looked up at the house. “I just don't want them to hate me or, worse, start to hate you when the media attention hits,” he murmured.

I knew these fears well. He'd voiced them before. He wouldn't stop worrying until he heard it directly from my family. I returned the squeeze. “Come on, Love. No sense putting it off,” I said and released his hand as I opened the door.

Brian sat for a moment then reluctantly opened his door and got out of the car. We met at the hood and I instantly reached over for his hand as we walked along the cement walk up to the front door.

My entire family had gathered inside. I thought some might know what was going on, but I still had to explain it to them. They had a right to know exactly what was coming. Mom met Brian and I at the door.

“Hi boys, come on in,” she greeted us with a smile. I hung up my coat in the front closet and then gave her a hug.

“Hi Mom,” I said as I kissed her cheek.

I turned back to Brian to see him slowly removing his coat. I could feel his anxiety. It was one thing to pull your own family into your celebrity, but he thought it was worse dragging another family, my family into the frenzy. I took his coat and put it on a hanger while Brian turned to my Mom.

“Hi Louise,” he said quietly with a slight smile.

Mom smiled and pulled him into a hug. “Good to see you Brian,” she said sincerely. I smiled at them and took Brian's hand when the hug ended. Mom turned back to the living room. “Everybody else is already here,” she mentioned as we followed her into the room.

Brian's grip tightened on my hand and I squeezed back to try to calm him. I smiled at everyone in the room, Sheri, Liz and Denis, Charlie and Carrie, my two aunts and uncles, and my Dad. We had all thought Andre was too young so he was playing at a neighbor's. I was glad my immediate family was small compared to Brian's. Everyone was looking at Brian and I expectantly. I walked over to the vacant loveseat and pulled Brian down beside me.

“I guess you all know why we're here?” I started. No sense dragging things out. Most nodded. I moved our clasped hands to my thigh and massaged Brian's fingers with my thumb. “Well, just to make sure, Brian and I want to go public. We don't want to hide our relationship any more.”

“Why?” my Aunt Marie suddenly asked. “I mean you are together, why do you want the public to know and judge you?”

I was grateful that the question was simple curiosity and not accusing. Then a thought occurred to me. “By the way Brian, you haven't actually met my Aunt Marie and Uncle Greg before, have you?” I said to Brian. He shook his head.

He smiled shyly as my aunt and uncle leaned forward to shake his hand. “Nice to meet you Brian,” Greg said.

“Thank you,” Brian replied. “I think I can answer your question Marie,” he added. “Over two months ago I nearly lost Scott because I was afraid. Scott is proud of who he is, as he should be. I've always had a more difficult time accepting myself. Even after recognizing that I was gay, I feared losing my family. Fortunately that didn't happen. But the fear never went away. I feared the public finding out, ruining my career and my friends' careers. I didn't want that responsibility. But when Scott left me, I realized that none of that mattered if I was alone. In an ideal world it wouldn't matter to the public or the fans who I love. Or if it did, it would simply be a little piece in the gossip columns; if I were in love with a woman, that's all it would be. I don't want the public to know. Not because I'm ashamed, but because it isn't their business. I simply want to be able to go out to a restaurant for a romantic dinner with the person, the man, that I love and show that love to him. I want to be able to walk through the park and hold his hand. Unfortunately, I recognize the real world. The moment we do that, the media will be like blood hounds, trying to dig up anything they can find.” Brian paused and looked at me. All I could do was stare at him with tears in my eyes. I'd heard everything he was saying before, but I was still amazed by how much he loved me.

Brian looked back to my family. “We can't control the media. You have all seen what the press can do to celebrities. But I'm tired of letting them control my life. I love Scott more than anything or anyone. It's taken me a while to realize that, but its true. I don't want to hide him like a dirty secret. And I shouldn't have to. But Scott and I both love our families. We know that when the media find out, it won't just be us that are hounded. The press will try to talk to you and photograph you. We will do what we can to keep that from happening, keep the focus on us, but we can't promise anything. That's why we wanted to talk to all of you. I've already talked to my family. My immediate family is somewhat used to the press because of Kevin and myself. But I wanted to talk to everyone.”

Brian paused again, unsure of what else to say.

“So what did your family think about this?” Charlie asked.

I decided to give Brian a break. “They had some questions about what they could expect,” I told my brother. “Things like the media following them, or asking questions at their workplace. We know it may not be pleasant at first. But Brian and I are planning to be as open with the media as we can, and hopefully keep the pressure away. However, you may have to get used to reading and hearing total lies about us. You know the trash magazines will pump out all kinds of garbage. You may find that people you think are friends aren't so friendly when they discover you have a gay brother dating a male singer. I hope that doesn't happen. But it could.” I looked at Brian. “What else?” I asked him trying to remember.

Brian frowned. “Hate mail. You may get nasty mail if people know you're related to Scott.”

“These are all the worse case things we can think of,” I added quickly. “Most things will just be annoying, like people asking for money thinking you have access to Brian's funds, or people making rude comments.” I shrugged. “I don't know what else to tell you. We really don't know what will happen until we come out.”

Everyone was quiet for a moment. “That still doesn't really answer Charlie's question,” my Dad suddenly said. “What does your family think Brian?”

I could tell my Dad still had some unresolved issues with Brian but it wasn't the time to deal with them. Brian looked directly at him. “The bottom line was that they are my family and will love me no matter what I decide. The choice is mine…ours,” he amended as he lifted our entwined hands to his lips to kiss my fingers. I smiled at him.

“What about the guys in the group?” Carrie asked.

Brian smiled to himself. “They are behind us 100%. We have been together for seven years. All of us have other projects in the wings. We don't want Backstreet to end, but if it does, it does. They are my brothers and want me to be happy.”

“What about you Scott?” Liz asked me, and I looked at her in confusion. “Are you prepared to face the constant harassment of the media, and fans? You know fans will blame you if the group disbands. The religious fanatics will probably blame you for corrupting a 'good southern boy'”, she said.

Everything she said was true. I knew the risk we were taking. And Brian and I had discussed the possibilities. “You're right Liz. I know people will blame me and hate me. Brian and I have talked about all of this, over and over again. But it's worth it. In the end, it will eventually die out and Brian and I will be able to go on with our lives.”

"We're actually planning on taking the offensive," Brian added. "We have scheduled an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey near the end of the month, that should air New Year's Eve."

"Why New Years?" Mom asked.

"That's the night we plan to be seen in public as a couple for the first time," Brian replied.

There were a few more questions, but the toughs ones had been answered, apparently to everyone's satisfaction.

"Well, I think we've talked enough," My mom finally announced. "Dinner should be ready in a couple of minutes," she said as she rose and went to the kitchen. I felt confident enough to leave Brian for a few minutes and went to help Mom.

"Hey Mom? I have something else I want to talk to you about," I said as I helped her get the food to the table.

"What Scott?" she asked.

"I'd like the entire family, or at least whomever can make it, to come to Kentucky for Christmas," I said. She looked at me in surprise. "I'm going to surprise Brian with a commitment ceremony Christmas Eve and I want my family there for it," I explained.

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me. "A commitment ceremony? Wow. That's great Scott," she said sincerely and walked over to hug me. "I'm really happy for you. We shouldn't have any problem getting there. Does Jackie know?" she asked.

"Yeah. I called her to make sure it would be okay with her. She was thrilled and is helping with decorations and things. But it's a surprise for Brian so don't tell him," I added.

Mom grinned. "Okay. I'll talk to the others once you're gone," she promised.

I kissed her cheek. "Thanks Mom. I'll get the others for dinner now," I said and walked back to the living room.

The rest of the evening was enjoyable. Mom had a birthday cake for dessert and a card that everyone had signed for my birthday. Brian and I talked about our plans to move and how we were looking forward to spending a few weeks alone in the New Year. I had a chance to talk with Sheri, when Brian insisted on helping Mom with the dishes.

She looked at me strangely when I mentioned the surprise I had planned for Christmas Eve, but then she smiled and hugged me.

"I'm so happy for you Scott. You and Brian both deserve some happiness," she said. "And if the family is down there, it will be easier to tell everyone about Kevin and I," she added, making me grin.

Brian was much more relaxed by the time we left and I was relieved. There had been some unresolved tension between Brian, my Dad and my brother, but hopefully things were better now.

It was late when we got back to my place. As we walked into the bedroom, Brian got a wicked grin on his face. He pushed me down onto the bed then crawled on top of me.

"Do you…(kiss)…remember…(kiss)…the night…(kiss)…I crept in here…(kiss)…to surprise you?" he asked.

I remembered the night very well. Backstreet had just performed on the music awards and Brian had driven back here and surprised me. I wrapped my arms around him and rolled us over.

"I remember," I murmured as I licked and kissed down his throat. "You want a repeat?" I asked as I kissed his nipple through the sweater.

Brian sucked in a breath, then moved to roll us back over. "Nope!" he said with a grin. "I'm gonna do what I had originally planned for that night," he announced. "Before I chickened out," he added ruefully.

He grasped my arms and raised them over my head, pressing them against the mattress. "Keep them there," he ordered.

"Yes sir!" I replied saucily. They were the last words I spoke coherently until morning.

We spent our second day just staying around my house. We talked about what to do with the place and I decided that the best answer was to sell. Brian suggested I wait until the new year. Once our story broke, he thought I would be able to get more money for it. I laughed at that but agreed.

It was Brian who suggested going to Kentucky over Christmas. It was perfect for my plans so I readily agreed. I was beginning to get really excited about the ceremony.

I drove into town to get some food for us, and at the same time took the opportunity to call Drew. He was excited about my plans and quickly accepted the invitation. Of course, the fact that AJ would be there, had nothing to do with it! I realized I had my entire family lined up, but had yet to talk to the other singers. Kevin wouldn't be a problem, and hopefully the others would be able to come too. I decided to talk to them when we met up in Las Vegas.

The day was relaxing and both of us were able to catch up on our sleep. We left early on Monday morning in order to beat the morning rush hour and get to Drew's. He was going to drive us to the airport before he went to work.

The flight to Vegas got us into the hotel just after one. Fortunately there was no rehearsal. The guys just had to get to the arena early for a quick sound check. I thought about trying to write vows again, but decided I would wait. It wouldn't be fair to Brian if I had vows written out, and he only had part of a day to decide what to say. Instead, I spent the time enjoying the craziness that is Las Vegas.

To be continued...

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