Millennium Love Summary 1-35

First, I apologize for the tremendously long delay since I posted chapter 35. I certainly didn't plan on taking six and a half months to get the next chapter out, but my slow recovery, real life and writer's block all played a part in the delay. BUT, the good news is, chapter 36 is just on finished. I only have to finish Brian's version and format both versions for HTML. I will be sending them to the archivist on Sunday!

Remember: THIS IS COMPLETELY FICTIONAL! I don't know the Backstreet Boys and have no idea about their sexuality. This is simply a story!

Meanwhile, because of the long delay, I have tried to briefly summarize some of what has happened in the story so far. (It isn't easy summarizing nearly 150 word pages into 1 page of text!) But here is what I came up with for chapters 1 to 35 of Millennium Love.


BTW the time line...the story begins in October of 1998. Chapter 35 takes place in September of 1999.