Author: Angel


Pairing: Lance & JC (of course!)

Disclaimer: Umm duh, of course I don't know (or own, too bad though) N'sync, (or any other boy bands I might happen to mention throughout the rest of the story) if I did I'd be out with them, trying to make sure they fall in love with me, (or at least desire me) not sitting here! So no I'm not implying anything and no I don't know anything either.

Message from the Author: Hey everybody, I got a lot of great responses (keep them coming!) to the prologue so I decided to keep on writing, thanks to everyone who emailed me. Also, I'm going to try and make sure that the upcoming chapters will be longer than the prologue was cus it was pretty short, I think this one is longer too,(I hope:). Oh, and also in the prologue I said JC's eyes are brown but in actuality they're dark blue, so thanks to all the people who let me know about my mistake. Well, Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

`Mmm, he's such a cutie,' JC thought, glancing at the sleeping figure of Lance lying in his arms.

`Look at him, his little pink angel-bow lips curved up into a small smile, his face all smooth with contentment, the sunlight reflecting off his tousled morning hair... Everything about the way he sleeps is just so adorable, his arms wrapped around my neck, his head on my chest, his legs all tangled up with mine, even his toes are adorable, all curled up like that.' This is how JC had woken up an hour ago, himself and Lance all wrapped up in each other. `THIS is how it should be for real' he thought. `This is how I want to wake up every morning. And not because I snuck into his room to watch him sleep and woke him up from a nightmare, but because we're together, because we love each other.... Oh, god, I really do love him so much!!! I want everyone to know how much I love him...' But he just lay there, watching his angel sleep, not wanting to disturb him at all.

He couldn't have said how much time had passed before he was broken out of his silent reverie by the loud, obnoxious ringing of the hotel room telephone. He wanted to get to it quickly before it could wake Lance up, but no sooner had the thought crossed his mind than the phone was answered by an extremely groggy sounding Chris on the other side of the room.

"Hello?" He heard Chris slur into the phone, before clicking it back down on the base.

`A wake up call' he decided. `Oh well, we don't have to be anywhere for hours yet, maybe I'll just skip breakfast with the guys and stay here with Lance, god knows he probably needs the extra sleep after that episode last night.' With that in mind he snuggled down deeper into the covers, pulled Lance tighter against him and started to close his eyes when suddenly he saw Chris looming large above him.

"Chris! Jesus, you startled the shit out of me!" JC exclaimed in a strained whisper, trying not to wake up the sleeping boy beside him and motioning for Chris to do the same.

"I startled YOU! How do you think I felt when I looked over here and saw some guy in bed with Lance! Thank god it turned out to be just you!" Realizing what he had just said and that he didn't want JC probing any deeper into who else it might have been he quickly tried to shift the topic onto JC by adding, "What ARE you doing here in bed with him anyway?" JC just stuttered and blushed heavily for a moment before finally managing to form a sentence.

"I...I...I was in here last n-night and I heard him thrashing around so I woke him up from this nightmare he was having and comforted him, and I...I just thought I should probably stay here with him, in case he needed me, just to make sure he was ok, y'know?" The last part of the lie sounded sketchy even to JC's ears and Chris just looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a small smile seeming to play about his lips.

"And you didn't think I would be able to comfort him if he needed it, so you decided to just have an impromptu slumber party in Lance's bed...and his arms, apparently. Is that it?" Chris said, spying Lance's arms wrapped around the older boy's neck and JC's holding protectively on to Lance's waist as Chris started openly smirking at JC. JC just kept on blushing and stuttering,

`I haven't stuttered like this since I was 15! Snap out of it JC! Get the spotlight off yourself somehow!' and the next words out of his mouth did just that.

"No, Chris, your wrong, that isn't it at all! Besides, that doesn't matter now anyway! But what exactly did you mean about thank god it's me, of course it's me, who else would it be?" JC had originally just intended for the words to take the focus off of him but once they were out of his mouth he immediately became suspicious, `Who else WOULD it be...' he wondered.

Chris was still just so thankful and relieved that it hadn't been who he had thought it was in bed with Lance that he didn't even realize he was answering JC's question out loud instead of just inside his head.

"I just thought, I thought, for a minute there, that it was Brian," he muttered anxiously, looking down at his feet.

"What! Brian! Who the hell is Brian?!?!" `And what did he do to Lance???!!' he wondered, thinking the last part to himself. JC was sure this Brian person, whoever the heck he was, must have done something to Lance for Chris to react so badly to thinking that they were in bed together.

Chris' head snapped up the second he heard JC's words and realized that he must have spoken his mutterings aloud.

"Brian is, I mean was, I mean, ummm...I...I uhh was just worried it was some crazed fan who'd somehow gotten in here or something I guess........." Chris managed to stutter out.

"A fan who just happened to be named Brian? Was that it?" JC questioned, obviously not believing Chris's lame, half-ass attempt at a recovery.

"Uh, yeah, I gotta go!" Chris said, beating a hasty exit to the door.

"What was THAT even all about?" JC questioned aloud after Chris had run from the room. But then he looked down at Lance, who had somehow managed to sleep through the entire thing.

`Poor kid, he must be really tuckered out to sleep through all that.......' JC thought. `Maybe I will go to breakfast after all,' He decided as he heard his stomach rumble rather loudly, making Lance, who happened to be lying on it at the moment, mumble in his sleep something about being hungry. JC laughed. `Yeah, I'll go to breakfast and see if I can squeeze any more information out of Chris, which is unlikely, but at least I'll get to bring my baby back some food.' He smiled, until he realized what he had just done.

"Dammit JC! You're never going to get over him if you keep thinking of him as your baby!" He berated himself aloud, hoping the words might actually seep in and do something if he said it that way. But another part of him whispered back ` getting over him really what you want though? isn't and you know it....'

`Oh well, it doesn't matter right now anyway,' he thought, sitting on the edge of the bed while lacing up his shoes. `I'll just go have some breakfast with the guys and bring back some food for when cutie-pie here wakes up. If I know him he'll have the munchies big time. And we can talk about everything then: last night, who Brian is, me, him, us, if there could ever be an us, and if he`d ever want there to be an us...... of course that's assuming he'll even want there to be an "us" as in friends once he hears what I have to tell him....that I'm so in love with him it hurts...'

And with that thought on his mind he took one last look at the blonde angel tangled up in the cotton bed sheets, opened the door, stepped into the hall, shut it quietly behind him, and smiled. Because no matter what happened now he would always have at least that one night he spent with the love of his life resting peacefully is his arms.

Ok everybody, there it is, I hope you all liked it. I know I'm being bad by still not letting you know why Lance was all flipped out in the prologue but could I help it if he wanted to sleep? ;) But no fears, all will be revealed in time, luckily for you what Lance was freaking out about is going to be revealed in the next chapter, which should be out within the next couple days :). So tell me what you think, and keep those emails coming!