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Pairing: Lance & JC (yeah, with even a kind of a sex scene!) and a NEW COUPLE!

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Chapter 10

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

As Joey walked down the hall he smiled, and began to hum a tune. After all, things were certainly beginning to look up, especially after the trauma of yesterday. Joey inserted his key card into the lock, quietly opening the door once the light turned green.

"Oh Justin, I'm back." He sang, turning around to close the door.

He was incredulous when he saw Justin lying there on the bed.

"And you're asleep." Joey sighed. `Here I had a whole nice breakfast planned out and he has to go and fall asleep!'

"Jeez, Just, I was gone for like what- 2 minutes? And you fall asleep!" Joey sat down heavily on the bed. "Ahh well, you're still young and growing, I guess you need it." He consoled himself, and began stroking Justin's toned leg, munching on a glazed donut.

"Nice leg." He commented, still chewing. Joey began to stroke farther and farther up, pushing the blanket as he went, not even realizing it until he felt the silky smooth skin of Justin's upper thigh.

"Oops, sorry Just, probably shouldn't be doing this while you're sleeping." Joey muttered, but didn't stop. "God, 'specially since you don't appear to be wearing any underwear!" He exclaimed, realizing that even though the blanket was still covering Justin's most important parts, he had gotten well past where the boxer-briefs should have begun. He quickly extracted his hand from the younger boy's strongly muscled thigh and covered it back up.

Justin stirred.

"Why did you stop?" He asked, one eye fluttering open to pin Joey down.

Joey freaked out, literally flinging himself backwards off the bed.

"Joey! Joey!" Justin shouted, scrambling towards the edge of the bed to see if his friend was all right.

"Ow, that seriously hurt." Joey groaned, slowly sitting up, and rubbing the back of his head where he had hit the ground.

"Yeah, no kidding, are you alright?" Justin asked, concern apparent on his features.

Joey gave him a sarcastic glance. "Justin, what exactly do you think `Ow, that hurt,' means?" He questioned, looking up into Justin's wide cornfield blue eyes.

Justin suppressed the urge to call his friend a jackass, instead rushing around to examine the back of Joey's head. "I meant, are you bleeding or broken or anything?" Justin explained as he parted Joey's longer-than-normal hair, feeling along with the tips of his fingers. He didn't feel any blood. `That's a good sign at least, but he still might have a concussion.' Justin thought, trying to remember back to the first aid course he and Lance had decided to take after the last time one of the other band members had fallen and hurt themselves.

"How do you feel, dizzy at all?" He asked, still sliding his finger's through the older man's hair, now just because he liked the feeling.

"No, Just, really, I'm fine." Joey replied, getting to his feet. But dizziness overcame him and he began to fall back down, luckily Justin saw it coming and caught him from behind, keeping the two of them on their feet by clutching Joey around the waist as well as under one arm.

"Yeah, ok Joe, that's what I thought, I think you have a minor concussion, why don't we take you and lay you down in bed and then I'll go get some aspirin for you to take, and you'll be good as new in a few hours, how's that sound?" Justin spoke the last words softly, as if to a child.

"Bed isn't very exciting." Joey mumbled, feeling rather foolish as soon as the words had exited his mouth.

Justin chuckled softly, he kinda liked slightly-dizzy-Joey.

`But he's getting way too heavy.' Justin decided.

"Tell you what, how abouts I get in bed with you, will that make it less boring?" Justin smiled as he asked, because he knew what the answer would be.

"OK." Joey replied, giggling, not even caring that Justin could tell what his motives were.

"K, sounds like a plan then." Justin said, laughing again as he hauled the other man bodily towards the bed. After he got Joey settled in, with much giggling from the older man and a multitude of groans from Justin, the blonde singer turned around to go retrieve the aspirin from his bag.

"Hey, where are you going? I thought you said you would stay?" Joey asked in a slightly hurt tone as he saw Justin begin to turn away.

"I need to get the aspirin, remember?" Justin replied, already standing at the dresser, not bothering to take his eyes off the pill bottle to speak. Joey, meanwhile, decided to just enjoy the view, seeing as how Justin was leaned quite far over, with his tight little butt facing Joey.

`Hmmm, turns out he is wearing underwear after all.' Joey thought, spying Justin's crimson bikini briefs peeking out from beneath his oversized nightshirt, not realizing he had just said something to the same effect aloud.

Justin heard, but wasn't agitated. He had, after all, been awake while Joey was oh-so gently rubbing his leg, and said as much as he made his way back to the bed.

"Of course I had underwear on, I am capable of wearing underwear with less coverage than boxer briefs, y'know?" Justin replied, calmly setting the two aspirin down on the bedside table and heading into the bathroom to grab a glass of water for Joey to swallow the pills with.

Joey, however, was practically sputtering in his surprise. `God Dammit! I thought he was asleep when I said that!!!!!!' Joey raged, wanting to clout himself on the head for being so damn stupid. "You were awake when I was doing that???" He exclaimed, barely able to control his own speech.

"Of course I was awake." Justin replied evenly, sticking his head out the bathroom door so he could look the brunette in the eyes. "Did you expect me to sleep through someone practically feeling me up?" He continued serenely, stepping out of the bathroom, and walking briskly towards the bed.

This made Joey go off into a new series of gestations while Justin sat on the side of the bed and gently propped the other man up, passing him both pills and water. "Take these." He said softly. "They'll make you feel much better, and after a little nap your head won't hurt at all."

`He's not freaking out, that's probably a good sign.' Reasoned the rational part of Joey's mind, while the rest of him still struggled to regain control. Finally he managed to move his mouth around the correct words.

"Why didn't you stop me?!" He practically yelled, pushing away the water and aspirin and looking Justin straight in the eye.

Justin raised his eyebrow quizzically, as if he were surprised by the brunette's question. He appeared to consider each possible answer carefully, weighing how the words sounded in his mind, before finally responding.

"Why? Because I liked it, of course." Justin answered, in a tone that asked `Why else?'

"You, you liked it???" Joey asked, disbelieving.

Justin merely laughed.

"Of course I liked it, why else would I pretend to be asleep until you stopped, and then complain when you did?" Justin said, so matter-of-factly that it became simply a statement, nothing more.

"How-how long were you awake???" Joey questioned, still in shock.

"The whole time, really I had only laid down to rest my eyes, and I was going to say something when it started, but your hand felt too nice." Justin explained, blushing as he realized how that had sounded.

"Are you serious?" Joey was dumbfounded by the blonde's startling confession.

"Well, yes, your hand was nice and rather warm, and you certainly seemed to be enjoying it." Justin said, rather defensively.

"Well, I was." Joey reassured him quickly, not wanting Justin to get the wrong idea.

"Yeah?" Justin asked in a small voice, suddenly unsure of himself.

"Yeah." Joey smiled, and grabbed the glass of water and the two pills, swigging them down. "You come here to me." He said, smiling, holding out his arms to Justin, who was still seated on the edge of the bed.

"K." Justin scrambled to him, flashing his friend a child's smile, one Joey found he couldn't resist. The brunette pulled the younger man under the covers, hesitating before scooting the blonde back into him and moving to put an arm around Justin`s waist. "Is this ok?" He whispered, wanting to be sure before he started anything.

"Of course." Justin somehow seemed to sigh the words, just as softly, and contoured himself to Joey's body, so that there was no mistaking he liked their current position.

"Oh, and Joe?" He asked, so quietly he was barely even heard over the rustling of the covers.


"I'm glad you like my legs."


Joey knew the half smile flitting across Justin's lips; he didn't have to look to know it was there.


Meanwhile, in Lance and JC's room...

The words had been said, it was farther than either boy had ever gone, and now they didn't know what to do. Lance began to lean forward, so slowly, as if afraid to go any farther. JC understood, and leaned in, catching Lance's lips in a tender kiss, not passionate, only loving, soothing, and reassuring.

"I love you, JC, more than anything." Lance said it once again, to be sure of its reality, to know he had actually let the words escape his lips.

JC broke from the kiss, planting a hand gently on Lance's cheek, whispering to him, stroking his soft skin, letting Lance know he wanted this to last a life time.

For long moments they stayed like that, neither caring to break the comfortable silence. Finally, JC spoke:

"We should probably clean up the breakfast dishes before we roll over into them or something."

Lance laughed, and JC reflected that that was the first real, happy laugh he had heard from Lance in weeks, months even. He decided then to do everything he could to make sure that laugh was there every day for the rest of both their lives.

"Ok babe, let's clean up, and then maybe lay back down? Cus I'm still a little tired." Lance asked, explaining why, even though they both knew it wasn't necessary.

"Yeah, that sounds good, we even have time for a little nap before we have to meet the guys for lunch." JC agreed, already relishing the thought of once again holding Lance snug in his arms.

"Are we going to tell them at lunch?" Lance asked, already thinking ahead, as always.

JC hesitated a moment, a little blindsided that Lance would want to tell the band this early. `I mean after all, we've only been together for like 12 hours!' He thought, but then realized it didn't matter anyway, the guys pretty much all knew already.

"Yeah, ok, we can at lunch." He said aloud, slipping an arm around Lance's waist and lifting them both up.

"How do you think they will take it?" Lance questioned, wanting to be sure they were making the right decision.

"Well, seeing as how they all know I'm bi, pretty well, I'd imagine." JC replied, flashing a small smile at Lance, who had clasped his arms around the older man's waist.

"Yeah, that's true, and Justin and Joey know about me." Lance agreed.

"Oh, believe me, Chris knows too." JC replied, pausing to wonder how it was that both Justin and Joey knew, but not Chris. However, he decided to pursue it later, along with other things.

"Yeah, I guess that's true, especially after this morning." Lance said, looking up at JC and scrunching his nose in a small grimace the brunette found adorable.

"Yeah, I'd say so." JC laughed, recalling with fondness the look on Chris's face as he had hurriedly gone back to his own room.

"And I know Joey will be ok with it, -" Lance added, mentally checking him and Chris off the list.

"Which only leaves Justin." JC finished for him, adding his own opinion as well. "And I imagine he will be ok with it."

"Albeit a little jealous of me usurping his best friend's affections." Lance agreed once again.

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that being an issue, have you SEEN some of the glances he's been directing Joey's way lately?" JC asked, moving to pick the dishes up off the floor, while Lance cleared a space on the dresser top for them.

"No way! Really?" Lance exclaimed, spinning around to look at his boyfriend.

"Yes! Duh! How could you not see it, my silly little Lancey-Pooh?" JC asked, gliding across the room to give his baby another little tender kiss. Lance laughed aloud again, a deep, hearty laugh.

"I don't know, too caught up in other things, I imagine." He said, returning the taller boy's kiss with one of his own, allowing his lips to slip open and JC's tongue to slide through.

"Oh? What other things?" JC asked breathily, still involved in Lance's tender mouth.

"You." Lance didn't need to lie, though that hadn't been the only thing he'd been thinking of when he said it.

"Mmmmmm." JC broke off their kiss, so that he could look at Lance's face. "Do you think Joey will reciprocate?" He asked. "I don't want to see Justin get hurt." Lance could hear the worry in JC's voice; he knew how deeply the older boy cared for Justin.

"Well, I know Joey likes guys as well as girls, if that's what you mean, I don't know if he has the hots for Justin though. But then again, have you ever seen Justin not get something he wanted?" Lance asked, not thinking until after he had said it that maybe Joey hadn't wanted anyone else to know. But JC seemed to understand that, not questioning it. He only laughed.

"Yeah, that's true, if there's one thing to be said for Justin, it's that he knows how to get whatever, or whomever, in this case, he wants." JC's last words were muffled as he received another kiss from the blonde boy standing in front of him. JC smiled and broke off, turning so he could lay the left over breakfast plates on the cleared dresser top. When he turned around he swept Lance up into his arms, eliciting an exclamation of surprise from the younger boy.

"Are you ready for bed, Mr. Bass?" JC asked, in quite a proper tone, smiling down at the blonde in his arms.

"Why yes, Mr. Chasez, I do believe I am." Lance replied, playing along, casting his arms around the older boy's neck.

"Well then, I rather think I shall take us there."

"I think that's quite a fine idea, good sir." Lance smiled. `This is the happiest I've been in months.' He reflected. `And it's all because of Josh.'

JC, meanwhile, was walking the two of them towards the bed, enjoying the comfortable weight of the boy in his arms. When he got there, he gave Lance a tender kiss on his soft, pink-hued lips, gently laying him down, slipping him under the covers, and then snuggling up close to him, not ever wanting to let go.

"I love you baby." The soft whisper came from JC, just seconds before Lance fell asleep.

"I've always loved you, Josh." And then he was asleep, leaving JC to contemplate words he knew would stay with him forever.


Chris was bored. It had been an hour since Joey had come to steal half of the breakfast cart and then deserted him, and he'd had nothing to do since. He'd eaten already, as well as getting showered and dressed, all of which had taken him a good 30 minutes, and now he was bored. He decided to go check on the other guys, and headed out the door, knocking softly on first Lance and JC's and then Joey's door. But after not getting a response from either he returned to his room, intent on sitting back down, before he spied the 2 extra key cards he and Joey had requested from the front desk, just in case.

`Well, it couldn't hurt just to check up on them, right?' Chris debated whether or not to go, but decided that just looking in on them wouldn't be too very nosy if he just slipped in and out again real quickly. So he grabbed the cards and exited the room a second time, going first to Lance and JC's door. He slipped the key card in, opening the door quietly as soon as he was given access.

When he got to the center of the room and saw his two friends laying there in the bed, he couldn't help the "Aww." that escaped his lips. `They look so adorable together,' Chris thought as he slipped back out of the room, closing the door silently behind him. Chris made his way across the hall, opening the door and walking into...the exact same scene he had just left behind.

"My God." He muttered, staring dumbfounded at the two boys curled up in bed. "Sheesh, looks like I'm going to have to get myself a boyfriend if I want to fit in around here!" He exclaimed, until realizing no one was around to hear his sarcasm. `Fine, guess I'll just go back to my room and wait for all the little tykes to wake up before I grill them on what's going on.' Chris thought, but really he was smiling, because all his boys were happy, and that's all Chris ever really wanted anyway. His boys were content, and as for Chris himself......well, he would be ok.


When Lance awoke he could feel eyes on him, watching him. `But in a nice sort of way.' He reflected, before rolling over, to conclude that yes, there was a pair of deep blue eyes watching him sleep.

"Hi." He chirped in a light southern drawl, then blushed, embarrassed that he hadn't remembered to disguise his accent.

"Oh, My, God." JC said, separating each word for emphasis, not even believing how sexy Lance could be.

"What?" Lance asked, baffled, and rather apprehensive as well, he had just woken up after all.

"That accent is SOOO SEXY!" JC exclaimed. "It just makes me want to jump your bones every time I hear it!"

"JC!" Lance yelled, shocked at his boyfriend's randyness.

"Well it's true!" JC countered, smiling.

"But still!" Lance exclaimed, trying for indignant, but instead succumbing to the giggles that had been threatening him since JC's impromptu comment. Seeing Lance begin to giggle was enough to get JC going as well, and before long, neither could control themselves. After both boys had recovered and were once again laying peacefully beside each other JC spoke.

"I've always thought so, y'know?" JC whispered, his mouth level with Lance's ear as they laid practically atop one another.

"Really?" Lance asked, scooting over just a fraction so that he could see into the older boy's eyes.

"Yeah," JC confirmed. "I've just never been able to say it before because we weren't like together or anything." He explained, then continued. "But seriously, every time I hear it I just about cum in my pants!" JC smiled, expecting Lance to protest again. But instead, he received another reaction entirely.

"Oh, is that so?" Lance asked, in the beguiling accent he now knew turned JC on to no end.

"Y-yes." JC stammered, for he hadn't been kidding when he said that voice made him almost cum.

JC felt Lance's fingers tripping down his chest, caressing him, downward, farther. Lance's hand caught at the hard lump in JC's pants, stroking it, making sure it stayed that way .

"Why, Mr. Chasez, I do believe you are telling the truth." Lance murmured, slipping back into high form, his voice becoming lower and sultrier as the words tumbled from his rosebud lips.

"Oh-oh, Lannccceeee....." JC groaned, as the feeling of Lance's expert hands began to overcome him.

"Oh, you like that, do you, Josh?" Lance's voice no longer even had a register; it was now only low, slightly guttural sounds that vaguely resembled the words he might have been trying to say.

He continued stroking JC outside his clothes, gently jerking him off, caressing the tenderest part of JC, faster and faster, until he knew JC couldn't hold out any longer.

"Ah-AHHHHH!" JC shouted in ecstasy as his release came, un-able to control either the amount of noise or cum that rocketed out of him. Lance smiled, JC had cum.

Afterwards they lay there for a few, glorious moments, until Lance leaned up and gently kissed JC on the cheek before hopping out of bed.

"Where you going?" JC asked, not wanting it to be over so quickly.

"To shower." Lance replied. "I think I'm beginning to smell!" He exclaimed. JC merely laughed and took in the eye candy as Lance began to strip on his way to the bathroom.

"Care to join me?" Lance asked as he slipped out of his pants, turning around to glance at JC.

"No, I prefer to stay here and BASS-k in the afterglow." The brunette replied, squirming around in his pants.

Lance laughed at JC's ridiculous pun and squeamish moves both. "Well, suit yourself." He said, slipping behind the bathroom door. "Your loss." He added with a smile, sliding half way out only long enough to dangle his string bikini's on a finger and toss them at JC.


By the time the guys began to arrive for lunch Chris was anxious. The food had been in his room for nearly 20 minutes already and Chris wasn't overly excited about having to wait any longer. JC and Lance arrived first, hand in hand, with JC obviously reassuring Lance that it was all right, since Chris wouldn't care. And he didn't, of course, because he already knew after all. Justin and Joey arrived together as well, and while not exactly holding hands, close enough that Chris could tell something had gone on between the two of them as well.

"It's good to see that you have all finally returned to the realm of consciousness." Chris snipped, joking with his four band mates.

Joey and JC both laughed.

"Yeah, sorry about that Chris, but we couldn't seem to make it to breakfast this morning." JC said with a little smirk.

"Yeah, it was the same for us." Joey agreed, flashing JC a knowing grin, which his band mate returned fully.

"I noticed." Chris said dryly, his mind turning back to the two sets of boys curled up in their beds.

"So anyway, what's on the schedule for today?" Justin asked, glancing at the clock, which read 11:30.

"Nothing really." Chris replied. "We've got a sound check at 7:00 down at the auditorium for tomorrow night's concert, but other than that, we're free."

"Cool, so anybody up for hitting the mall?" Justin asked, the excitement already seizing up his voice.

Chris laughed. "Sure Just, whatever you want." He agreed, assuming the rest of the group would go along with it.

"JC, Lance, what you guys think?" Joey asked, just for the sake of it seeming fair.

"That sounds fine Joe." JC replied. "But first there's something kind of important we have to talk about." He said firmly, letting the rest of the group know that this was his decision. Lance cast a grateful look JC's way, silently thanking his boyfriend for not making him take the first step.

"As you all know, I'm Bi." JC started, then let Lance pipe up. "And I'm gay." There was a collective snort from the other 3 boys, and a comment that sounded amazingly like "Duh." coming from Chris's direction, but they were all silence by a glare from JC.

Then he continued speaking once again. "And the thing we wanted to tell all of you-" and at this point he reached out to take Lance's hand, which he had dropped when Joey and Justin had entered the room. "-is that we're together." Lance finished for him, seeming to shrink and scoot closer to JC, as if he feared the guy's reactions.

Joey and Chris began to congratulate them, moving forward to give both their friends hugs. But it was Justin's reaction that got all their attention.

"You're-you're together???" He asked, standing up, as if unbelieving.

JC just nodded, not knowing what else to do.

"Yesterday, yesterday you swore to me that you weren't, JC, you swore to me!" He yelled.

"Justin, when I said it it was true, but then last night-" JC tried to explain, but was cut off as Justin ran out the door.

Lance burst into tears as the door slammed, burying his head in JC's chest.

Chris and JC sat, mouths agape, not comprehending what had just happened. Joey was the first to react.

"I'm going after him." He shouted, running out the door, while Lance could only cry harder.

Joey burst through the door, determined to catch Justin before he got off their floor. Luckily, it seemed Justin hadn't gone very far. He was curled up by the elevator with his knees shrugged up, shoulders hunched over, head down, sobbing into his crossed arms.

Joey approached him quietly and slid down the wall next to him, speaking softly.

"Why did you do that, Justin? You really hurt Lance." He stated, gently as he could.

Justin turned to look at him, his red rimmed eyes still with tears pouring out.

"I don't know, Joey." He said, in between sobs. "I'm so happy for them, really I am, I love them both to death, and I have no idea why I freaked out like that."

Joey drew Justin into his arms, taking up his tear-racked body, whispering to him that it would all be all right.

"I'm so scared Joey." Justin cried into his older band mates shirt, soaking it through.

"Why?" Joey asked, baffled.

"Because, because I don't want to lose what I have with him, because I want what he has Joey, so bad it hurts."

"You want Lance?" Joey questioned, now not only perplexed, but a little hurt as well.

"No, I don't want Lance." He said, looking up. "I just want what they have, what they've always had with each other, even if they're just now acknowledging it."

"You want to be loved." Joey surmised.

"Not just that, I want someone that I can love, I want a relationship, a real one." Justin looked up, and in that moment knew his feelings for Joey were real, and that Joey was the one he was talking about it. But he cast his eyes down quickly, not wanting the other man to see the same.

Joey sat silently for a moment, trying to formulate the right words to say.

"You could have that, y'know?" He said gently, stroking Justin's afro of soft, bouncy curls.

"I could?" Justin rubbed his tear streaked eyes, knowing what Joey was offering.

"Yeah." It was the quietest of utterances, because it wasn't really necessary.

Justin was looking up, vulnerable and weak, unable even to speak.

Joey leaned down, until he was only inches away from the blonde's lips.

The blonde's eyes widened as he realized what was going to happen. Joey's expression asked if it was all right. And Justin's gave the answer.

Their lips met, tenderly, then harder, Justin's crushing into the other pair of lips with need, longing, desire.

They parted, just long enough to look into each other's eyes.

Their lips met again, a spark passed through, and both knew it meant forever.


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