Author: Angel


Pairing: Lance & JC plus Joey & Justin!

Disclaimer: If you think this is real, you need to get a grip. I won't mention any names, but you know who you are.

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Chapter 10

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

Joey couldn't believe it, couldn't comprehend that it was actually happening. But here he was, his tongue wrapped up in Justin's smooth, satin like lips .

`Oh God, could this just go on forever? Please?' He begged, but already he knew it had to end eventually. And sooner, rather than later, seeing as how there was another young blonde boy just ten feet down the hall, balling his eyes out, whom also meant something to Joey. Gently, almost against his will, he broke off the kiss, but kept his arms wrapped around the younger boy, letting him now it wasn't over, just postponed for a minute or two.

"What is it?" Justin looked up with opened eyes when he felt the brunette's lips move away from his own.

"Lance." Joey said gravely, looking deeply down into the blonde's eyes.

"Oh." Justin murmured, and already Joey could hear the tremor in his voice, and see the tears begin to form in the corners of his eyes.

"You have to go apologize, you know?" Joey stated, but spoke quietly, gently stroking Justin's cheek, so as not to sound too harsh.

"I know." Justin cast his eyes down to the ground, seeming to become intent on studying the simple pattern of alternating triangles that the hotel hall carpet offered.

"Now." Joey stated firmly, not about to allow Justin to shirk this responsibility.

"I know." Justin repeated, eyes still fixed on the ground. "Will you come with me?" He asked suddenly, head coming up quickly, as if he feared a no.

"Of course." The older boy reassured him. "But you're going to have to make things right on your own y'know?"

"I know." Justin whispered for the third time, again casting his eyes down. "I feel horrible Joey, I really have no idea why I did that!"

"You made Lance cry, y'know?" Joey admonished, feeling bad for Justin, but also wanting him to go make things right.

"NO!" Justin looked like he was about to cry himself.

"Yeah, he started balling about as soon as you hit the door." The older man replied, sifting his hands through the young blonde's curly hair.

"C'mon then, let's go now, I can't leave Lance to cry, he's like my best friend!"

"He's one of my best friend's too, y'know." Joey said as he quickly stood up with Justin in his arms, setting the younger boy down once he was all the way up.

"Yeah, but you didn't freak out on him!" Justin exclaimed, grabbing Joey's hand and pulling him towards the door, anxious now to get it over with.

They entered to see complete chaos. Lance was sobbing into JC's arms, who was trying to comfort him as best he could, while Chris just sat on the couch, shooting Justin a dirty look as soon as he walked in.

Justin ignored Chris as best he could, concentrating on the crumpled blonde boy in JC's arms.

"Lance-" His voice cracked as he said it, making him sound like a 14-year-old. Lance looked up, and when he saw Justin, burst into a fresh batch of tears. Justin, almost crying himself, went to stand by the couch where the two other boys were sitting.

"Please, Lance-" But he was cut off by JC's harsh voice.

"Stop Justin, don't you think you've done enough already? Just leave." JC said, the accusation in his eyes pushing Justin over the edge.

"I'm SO sorry." He sobbed, breaking down and almost folding to the floor, managing to stay upright only because of Joey's support. Lance looked up at the sound of the apology, but seeing Justin crying only set him off again.

JC sighed. `This is what I get for being best friends with one little one and dating another!' He thought, while the something along those lines was running through Joey's head as well.

"Justin, come here." JC sighed as Justin walked slowly over to him, still sobbing. The older boy reached up and pulled Justin down into his lap as well, rocking both sobbing boys back and forth.

"Lance, I'm SO sorry." Justin said again, slinging his arms around the other blonde boy in JC's lap. Lance said nothing, instead hugging Justin back as both boys sobbed into each other's arms.

The other 3 looked on in a mix of confusion and amazement. Their expressions echoed each other, as none of them were completely sure how this turn of events had taken place.

`What the heck?' Chris thought, but realized he wasn't alone in his perplexment when he saw Joey and JC staring as well.

"I'm incredibly happy for you, really I am." Justin sobbed into Lance's shoulder.

"I know Just." Lance cried back, no longer very upset, but not seeming to be able to stop himself.

"I love both you guys so much!" Justin explained as his sobs trailed off, still holding tightly to Lance.

"I know, I know." Lance replied, now comforting Justin. As both boys stopped crying they let go of each other, but stayed on JC's lap.

"So are we ok?" Justin asked Lance, the pleading clear is his eyes.

"Yeah, we're ok Just, you wanna hug it out?" He asked, as if he didn't realize that they had just let go of each other.

"Yeah." Justin smiled weakly and the two boys grabbed each other again, holding even tighter than before. JC decided to voice the rest of the group's thoughts.

"Didn't they just get done doing that?" He asked of Chris and Joey, who had apparently been thinking the same thing, because both burst into laughter. Lance smiled, everything was back the way it should be. He slowly rose up off JC's lap, pulling Justin up with him.

"Lance," Justin whispered, so that none of their band mates could hear. "you aren't still hurt, right? You know I didn't mean to freak like that. Honestly, I got about 3 feet from the door before I broke down and started sobbing."

Lance giggled. "It didn't even take me that long, I burst into tears just about as soon as you stood up." He knew that Justin hadn't meant it, and all that mattered was that he was here now.

"Well, it's good that you had someone to hold you." Justin said, smiling, because he had someone now too.

"Yeah, and I must not be the only one anymore." Lance smiled too, still whispering, but archly raising an eyebrow at his surprised friend.

"No way! That is impossible! How did you know!?" Justin exclaimed quietly, not really ready to come out to the whole band.

"Well, you were holding hands when you came in-" Lance began to explain, but was cut off.

"And you knew from that???" Justin questioned. "And besides, you were sobbing at that point, how did you manage to see that??!!!" He asked, shocked.

"I'm just observant, even when I'm upset." Lance explained, still whispering in his friend's ear as they hugged it out. "But it wasn't only that, after all, I'd have to be blind not to see the look of total adoration Joey is giving you right at this moment." Lance laughed, spotting the look on Joey's face.

Justin's expression was one of such horror that Lance knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Don't worry though! Chris and JC actually are blind when it comes to these things!" He exclaimed, hoping it would ease Justin's fear; which it certainly did.

"Oh, Thank God! I'm just not ready for anybody to know yet! I mean, we've been together for about 5 1/2 minutes!" Justin silently prayed that Joey wasn't actually as obvious as Lance made him out to be, and that Chris and JC really were as oblivious.

"Can you promise me you won't tell Chris or JC?" He asked. "Not until I'm ready at least."

Lance hesitated, he didn't want to let Justin down, but if JC asked him directly, he didn't want to lie to his brand new boyfriend either. "I can promise not to tell Chris..." He trailed off, knowing what Justin was waiting for but not being able to swear it.

Justin saw his friend's predicament and sighed. "All right, I understand that if he asks you have to tell him, but can you promise me that you, at least, won't bring it up?"

After all, Justin most definitely didn't want to cause any problems in his friend's budding relationship.

Lance smiled, relieved. "Sure Just, that I can do." He seemed about to say something else when JC vaulted up off the couch to come and wrap his arms around Lance's waist.

"Alright Timberlake, I think that's just about enough of you hanging on to my man." He said, smiling and resting his chin on Lance's slim shoulder. Justin laughed and let go of his friend. But before they moved completely apart he grabbed JC's wrist, looking him straight in the eye.

"JC, I am so happy for you guys, you're absolutely perfect together, please forgive me for acting so badly." Justin pleaded, hoping that this would be enough.

"I forgive you if Lance forgives you." JC said simply, looking to the blonde in his arms for confirmation.

"We forgive you." Lance nodded sagely, letting Justin know it was all alright.

Justin grasped both his friends in a quick, bone-crushing hug before letting them go and stepping back so he could be closer to his own man, who had apparently had the same thought, for he moved forward as well, so they were standing only inches apart.

Lance smiled at his friend and leaned back into his boyfriend's arms, savoring the fact that he was able to be this open in front of his 3 best friends.

"Aww, so adorable." Chris teased, smiling at Lance and JC.

"Why thank you." JC smiled, planting a little kiss on Lance's cheek.

Joey snorted. "Big head." He whispered to Justin, who immediately began to giggle.

JC shot them a glare, and then pointedly ignored them, while Lance, who had also heard the comment, began to giggle himself.

"So, you guys still up for the mall?" Justin asked, not sure if their plans for the day were still on.

"Yeah!" Lance exclaimed excitedly. "The other day when we were driving past in the limo I saw this super cute pair of jeans in the Structure window display!" He explained, wriggling around in JC's arms, who was trying to hold back his laughter.

"OooOoo! The two-tone cream colored ones with the ankle pockets!?!?!?" Justin exclaimed, jumping around too, because he had noticed those exact same pants. Joey was, at this point, also on the verge of laughter from the two boy's displays.

"Yeah!" Lance exclaimed, moving around some more.

`He needs to stop wriggling before I get too excited!' JC thought to himself, trying to control both excitement and his laughter.

"Oh, you mean the ones with the really cute hip creases?!" Chris exclaimed, joining the fray. "I love those!" He added.

"Really?!?!?!" Both blonde boys shouted at him in unison.

"NO!" Chris yelled back, dropping to the floor in laughter as soon as he said it. It was the last straw for both JC and Joey, who also crumpled to the floor in convulsions.

"Hey!" Both boys shouted together. "Meanies." Justin muttered, glaring at Chris and Joey, while Lance only pouted, prodding JC with his toe. Suddenly Justin turned haughty.

"Well," He said indignantly. "I think we'll just have to go to the mall by ourselves then." Justin stalked to the door, turning around when he got there. "Lance, you coming?"

Lance didn't hesitate for even a second. "Absolutely." He said, coming to stand beside Justin at the door. He directed a glare at JC "You know, I was going to let you help me try on those pants, but not anymore!" He declared, knowing that would get to JC.

"That's right!" Justin agreed, directing his glance at Joey, who most definitely understood the message and quickly exchanged a glance with JC as they both jumped to their feet. But it was too late, because the two blonde boys had already marched out the door and slammed it loudly behind them.

"That was fun!" Lance exclaimed as the door closed behind them.

"I know, let's wait and see how long it takes them to come after us!" Justin agreed, smiling. They didn't have long to wait.

"Nononononono!" JC shouted running towards the door and yanking it open, Joey following a close second. JC quickly ran past Justin to Lance, sweeping him up into his arms and planting a big kiss right on the surprised blonde's lips.

"Sorry baby! I think the pants sound very cute, and sexy too, especially on you! If you forgive me, I'll buy you something pretty!" JC exclaimed, while Joey quietly said the same to Justin.

Lance pretended to take offense at JC's offer of apology.

"Do you think my forgiveness can be bought?!" He questioned, pretending shock.

JC seemed to consider this for a moment before replying. Then he looked gravely down at the boy in his arms. "Yes." He said, expressionless.

Lance began to laugh, and JC looked on with an impish grin.

"Well, you're most definitely right." Lance said, grinning up at JC.

"Oh?" His boyfriend replied. "And if I were to buy you two gifts, would you let me help you get those pants on?!?!?" JC asked excitedly, the thought of helping Lance get dressed beginning to turn him on.

Lance smiled, a saucy little smile that JC couldn't recall ever seeing before.

"Why yes, I do believe that would be alright." He drawled, letting his smooth southern accent come through.

JC instantly sprouted a woody, deciding to become very involved in Lance's mouth, leaning down so that he could lip lock with his boyfriend to the fullest possible extent.

Justin took advantage of JC's distraction, leaning up slightly so he could kiss Joey lightly on the mouth, letting his tongue slip in and out quickly, leaving Joey begging for more. Joey glanced the other couple's way, and seeing that they were still occupied, wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist, leaning down to whisper in his ear.

"Am I forgiven too?" He asked quietly, running his tongue lightly across the tip of Justin's ear. Justin pretended not to notice, leaving Joey to wonder if maybe he wasn't forgiven after all.

"I don't know," Justin replied, warmth apparent in his voice. "Do you I get presents too?"

"Of course!" Joey whispered back, leaning in to kiss Justin some more. "So where did we land on you letting me help you get into those pants?" He asked as his tongue slipped into the younger boy's mouth.

"Joey, we have been going out for approximately 10 and a 1/2 minutes, there is no way you are getting into my pants, literally or figuratively!" Justin said back, but didn't stop the kissing.

Joey chuckled. "Baby don't worry, I know I have to take you out on at least a few dates before we screw around!" He said, deciding to tease his pretty little boy further.

"You had better improve on that sentence in a hurry if you want to ever be getting any!" Justin exclaimed, now taking his mouth away from Joey.

Joey only laughed. "C'mon babe, you know I'm only kidding!" He said, hoping that Justin would let the kissing continue.

"K." Justin sighed happily, once again arching up to meet Joey's lips.

"Uhh, Lance, what exactly are Justin and Joey doing?" JC asked as he broke off their kiss so he could take a few much needed gasps of air, and noticed the other two boys standing only 4 feet away, macking.

"Mmmm," Lance said, disappointed the kissing had stopped. "Pretend you don't notice, we're not suppose to know yet." He said, putting his hand on JC's cheek and turning him back towards where Lance could reach his lips.

"Uhh, ok, but how are we not supposed to know?? It's not like they are doing a very good job of hiding it!" JC said the words directly into Lance's mouth, since the other boy had already started kissing him again.

"Yeah, but it's just cus they are a little involved at the moment." Lance smiled, catching Justin's eye over JC's shoulder, letting him know that it was probably a good idea to stop for the moment.

"Mmm, Mmm, c'mon, lets go to our room, we can make out some more there." Justin mumbled into Joey's mouth, not wanting to stop, but not wanting to be caught either.

"Mmm, k." Joey slowly let his tongue slip out of Justin's mouth, taking one last lick at the blonde's juicy lips before breaking away completely.

Lance tapped JC on the arm as well, letting him know that he wanted to get back to their room for a little privacy. JC began to walk towards their door without giving Lance his lips back, but broke off when he almost slammed them headfirst into the wall, realizing he really did need to pay some attention to where he was walking.

Lance giggled. "You don't have to keep carrying me if you're getting tired you know?" He said to his attentive boyfriend, but when JC only smiled down at him it became obvious that he had no intention of putting his new boyfriend down, which was quite all right by Lance.

JC spoke over Lance's head to Joey, who had by now made it to his own door, Justin in tow.

"We're gunna need like 45 minutes to get ready for the mall." He said, mentally allotting himself 15 minutes to shower and dress, and a half-hour to make out with his baby.

"Cool, sounds good." Joey replied, making the same calculations JC had.

Both Lance and Justin had begun to protest that long of an amount of time until they realized what their boyfriend's had planned for them.

"Never mind, 45 is good." Lance said quickly, looking up at JC.

"Maybe an hour?" Justin asked, eager to have as much private make-out time with Joey as he could grab up.

"Sounds even better." Lance agreed, while Joey and JC smiled happily at each other over the heads of their two blonde boys. "Ok, see you then." Lance said excitedly, allowing JC to move them into the bedroom. "Oh, and Justin?" He said, twisting around in his boyfriend's arms so that he could see the other boy.

"Yeah?" Justin asked quickly, intent on running into the bedroom with Joey.

"Congratulations." Lance smiled, nodding in Joey's direction.

"Thanks, you too." Justin grinned, sliding his hand into Joey's, who was obviously comfortable with this display of affection, as he slipped his other arm around Justin`s waist.

JC and Joey, however, didn't need any words, they merely looked at each other, then down at the blonde boy's beside them, then back up with big, goofy grins plastered onto their faces.

Justin and Lance caught those looks and exchanged a glance, two identical smirks appearing on their faces, before disappearing into their rooms, boyfriends in tow.


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