Author: Angel


Pairing: Lance & JC plus Joey & Justin!

Disclaimer: Not real! Duh!

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Chapter 12

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

"We came in here to make out right?" Joey asked, pulling Justin around to face him as soon as the door had smacked shut.

"For sure!" Justin exclaimed, grabbing Joey's wrist and running across the room. Justin flung himself spread eagle on the bed as soon as he reached it. "Come and get me." He said sexily, batting his eyelashes at Joey.

Joey couldn't help it, he collapsed in laughter.

"Hey!" Justin shouted, sitting up on the bed so that he could glare down at his boyfriend. "I thought I was being sexy!" He yelled, directing a pout Joey's way.

The brunette managed to control himself, sitting up so he could look the other boy in the eyes.

"Believe me, Just, you're always sexy!" He reassured the younger boy, getting to his feet. He crawled onto the bed on all fours, emitting a sexy little growl as he went, pinning the slightly startled younger boy under his body, teasing him by nipping along his lips, but never staying for long. After a few minutes of this Justin was beginning to get anxious.

"Joooeeeyyy!" He wailed. "C'mon baby, just give it to me." He said throatily, wanting the teasing to stop and the real kissing to begin.

"Well, if you insist." Joey murmured, leaning down to take Justin's tongue into his mouth, swirling it around with his own, exploring his boyfriend's mouth to it's depths, leaving Justin only able to moan and sigh, little guttural sounds that couldn't be made into words.

"I'm glad you approve." Joey whispered, lightly biting down upon the younger boy's slightly plump lower lip.

"O-oh, OH!" Justin panted, feeling the pressure of Joey's excitement pressing against his stomach, and beginning to actively kiss the other man back. Joey slowly stole his lips away from Justin, moving farther down, giving a slow lick to the blonde's defined jaw line.

"Mmm, no, no, come back up here." Justin murmured, tangling his hands in the brunette's silky soft hair, but letting him stay where he was, enjoying it too much to make it stop.

Joey nibbled on the silky smooth skin of Justin's neck, biting down harshly, making Justin gasp in pleasure.

Joey looked up into the blonde's half closed eyes, and smirked at the look of ecstasy on Justin's face. He returned his attention to Justin's neck, sucking on the same spot he had bit only moments before. `Mmm, that's gunna leave a mark,' He thought happily, before he felt Justin pulling him back up, so that he could repossess the other boy's lips.

"Mmm, Mmm!" Justin moaned as the brunette's tongue slipped into his mouth once again, dueling with his own for dominance. Finally, Joey let him win, and Justin slipped his tongue into the other man's mouth, letting it linger there for a long moment, before slipping it back out again. Joey moaned.

"Ohhhh, Just..." He slipped his hands up into the curly afro of hair, letting one slide down Justin's back, rubbing, the other one coming down as well, but to cup the blonde's tight little bottom, slipping his hand into the back pocket of Justin's pajama pants, not sure if he was allowed to do more, or even if this was all right. But apparently it was, because Justin only moaned harder, slipping his own hands up under Joey's tight white t-shirt, letting them roam across his boyfriend's broad, well-defined chest. Suddenly Justin rolled over so that he was on top, straddling Joey's hips. Beginning to gyrate sexily on the older boy's groin, he grabbed Joey's t-shirt, pulling him up into a passionate, hungry kiss, sucking the older boy's tongue into his mouth, and letting his hands roam down Joey's back, slowly slipping them under the waistband of the brunette's loose fit fleece pajama pants.

This set off Joey's mental alarm. `Shit!' He thought. `If we don't stop soon I don't think I'm gunna be able to stop at all!' He quickly broke away from Justin's intense kiss, taking the younger boy by the waist and lifting him up off of his own hips, settling the blonde down comfortably beside him.

"Hey!" Justin complained, not happy about being taken away from the sweet lips of his boyfriend.

"Sorry Just." Joey groaned. "I really don't want to stop either! But if we don't I won't be able to stop at all!" He exclaimed, expecting Justin to back off when he heard that. But instead he received a different response entirely.

"Well c'mon then, we better get started!" The blonde exclaimed, grabbing at the waistband of Joey's oversized pajama pants, intent on pulling them down. Joey quickly grabbed the younger boy's wrists, stopping him from following through.

"Whoa Just, calm down babe!" He laughed, loosening his grip on his boyfriend's wrists.

Justin recoiled, shocked. "Don't you want me?" He asked, the tremor is his voice evident.

Joey was flabbergasted. "Justin! Of course I want you! Don't you see that?!" He asked, pointing to the sizable lump in his pants. "That's because of you!" He exclaimed.

"Then what's the problem!" Justin giggled, scooting back to Joey and kissing him full on the lips, groping the brunette through his pants, getting ready to slip his hand in.

"Dammit Justin!" Joey yelled, moving out from under the blonde. "Stop it!"

"Why?!" Justin said, irritated that Joey had stopped him.

"Because! We don't need to do anything right now! We have plenty of time for this later, when you're ready, then we can do all kinds of thing!" He explained, taking Justin's hands in his own.

"I am ready!" Justin exclaimed, diving back onto Joey. This time Joey was ready, sliding out of the way before Justin could land atop him.

"No, no you're not." He said, standing up. "You may think you are right now because you're all turned on and stuff, but 5 minutes ago you said there was no way I was getting into your pants just yet, and that is the decision I trust. This is only your hormones talking! And if we do it now it will be all-wrong! Afterwards, you'll hate me for taking advantage of you like that, I know you will Justin, I know you!" He said, backing away. But Justin wasn't about to be put off.

"No! I won't, I swear, now c'mon! We only have 20 minutes!" He quickly moved towards Joey again, but was pushed down on the bed.

"No, Justin!" He yelled, not about to let anything, even Justin's desire, ruin what was growing between them.

"Fine!" The youth shouted back at him, obviously angry now. "I'll just go get off by my own damn self then!" He sniped viciously over his shoulder, jumping off the bed and heading towards the refuge of a warm shower.

Joey listened to the bathroom door slam shut and the shower curtain whip back, waiting until he heard the water start to run before he sank down onto the edge of the bed, resting his head between his arms.

He quietly began to cry.


JC carried Lance into their room, kicking the door closed behind them.

Lance had his arms slung securely around the older boy's neck.

"I feel just like a newlywed." Lance said, smiling, cutting off `-bride' at the last moment, realizing it wouldn't really apply.

JC caught the blonde's slip and smiled. "Someday Hun." He murmured softly, leaning down to kiss the younger boy, relishing the ease with which he could complete the action.

Lance's lips curved up into a smile. "I like white gold, not yellow." He whispered into the older boy's lips.

JC broke the kiss, looking down at Lance in thorough confusion. "Umm, What?" He asked, hoping there wasn't something he had missed earlier on.

Lance laughed at JC's look, and his whole body began to shake. Finally, he caught his breath.

"I'm just saying, when we do get married, I'm going to need an engagement ring and I want it to be white gold, not yellow gold!" He explained amidst giggles. "Platinum would be nice too." He said considerately, almost as an afterthought.

JC only stared for a moment, shocked. `What exactly have I gotten myself into?' He wondered. `Dating one day and I already need to know what kind of engagement ring to buy him?'

After a moment considering this he realized something else. `Hey, if he gets the engagement ring, that means I have to propose, how is that fair???' But thinking about it made him smile.

`Well, guess that's what I get, falling for Lance and all!' And he knew he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Who says you get the engagement ring?" He asked, looking down on Lance with a quirk of his eyebrow.

Lance looked up, genuine surprise showing in his eyes. "You're going to make me propose?" He asked, eyes wide.

JC laughed, and received a smack on his left arm, but it had been worth it to see the look on Lance's face.

"Of course not Hun, I'll be an up standing guy and do it right." He smiled, but upon seeing the smugly pleased look on Lance's face he couldn't help but issue an admonition. "But only if you're nice!" He exclaimed, and couldn't resist dipping down for another quick kiss. "So," He asked, smiling sweetly. "Are we gunna spend our whole allotted half-hour making out?"

"Please!!!" He begged, hardly able to control himself from taking Lance right there in the doorway.

Lance laughed. "Depends," He smirked. "Are you going to carry me to the bed???" He asked, most definitely having the urge to feel JC's lips on his again.

"Don't know," JC returned an identical look. "Are you gunna give me some sugar if I do?"

The blonde smiled, gently arching himself up to reach the other man's lips. He settled into a long, soft kiss, breaking it only when he couldn't last any longer without air. "How's that?" He asked smugly, confident is his skills.

Despite his flushed complexion and wide smile, JC seemed to consider his options for a moment.

"I'll accept it, as a down payment at least." He said finally, beginning to move towards the bed, smothering the smaller boy's protests in a barrage of kisses until they turned into nothing more than moans of pleasure. JC gently laid the blonde down on top of the bed, scooting himself in close, gently grasping one of Lance's hands in his own. He reached and held Lance's lips, slowly caressing them with his tongue, letting it slip in and out, testing the waters. Lance moaned quietly, arching out his chest and moving his hands over JC's back, stroking down to his butt, letting his hands rest there while JC's tongue continued to explore his mouth.

JC moaned, and Lance trilled.

"Oh...JC..." Lance's breathy voice couldn't say any other words, but they were enough.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.

JC groaned, not in pleasure this time. "No, No, NO!" He muttered. "Don't they realize what we're doing?!??!" He exclaimed, reflecting that since they had just told the other three band members about what was going on, they probably should.

"I hope not!" Lance exclaimed, still rather modest about the private matters of their relationship

JC smiled. `Y'know, for all the smarts I know that boy has in him, Lance can be a little naive sometimes!' JC thought, reflecting on how adorable his boyfriend was.

"Sorry to burst your bubble Hun, but I'm thinking they probably have a pretty good idea." He smiled, hopping up to answer the door, intent on making it quick, and then heading back to the bed.

Lance blushed heavily, pulling himself up and leaning against the wooden headboard, waiting for his boyfriend to return.

JC opened the door only a smidgin. "Yes, can I help you?" He asked, expecting to look out and see Chris, coming around with some question or another concerning their trip to the mall, assuming that Justin and Joey would still be occupied at that point. But instead he found himself looking at a very tear sodden Joey, red-rimmed eyes evidence to the fact that he had stopped crying only moments before.

JC sighed, realizing this wasn't going to be fast at all. `Joey, you know both Lance and I love you to death, but this is just SO NOT a good time!' He thought, knowing he had no other choice but to open the door, letting their friend step through.

"JC, what are you doin-" Lance began to protest, incredulous that his boyfriend would actually be letting whomever it was at the door into their room, but went silent upon seeing Joey's face.

He leaped from the bed, going to wrap his friend in a hug, experience having taught him what the brunette would need most.

"What happened?" Lance asked quietly, not letting Joey go, sure that it had something to do with Justin.

"I- I mean we- just, I don't know-" He sighed, glancing over his shoulder at JC.

Joey was sure both his band mates knew about him and Justin. `After all, how could they not, with the display we put on in the hallway and all.' He thought, but was still hesitant to mention it aloud. He wasn't exactly clear on how JC would feel about anyone dating Justin, the boy who practically amounted to his baby brother. `And I don't imagine the fact that I'm the same age as JC will help either.' He thought, worry mixing with his sadness.

JC, still standing in the open doorway, caught this vibe from Joey's direction, as well as the pleading look Lance was casting his way. He sighed again. `Well, so much for getting a little more make out time with Lance.' He thought, announcing aloud: "I'm gunna go hop into the shower babe, I'll see you in a few?"

"K, Hun." Lance replied, smiling thankfully. JC smiled back, snagging a clean towel and a change of underwear off the wardrobe and heading into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

"So what happened?" Lance asked, taking Joey's hands and leading him towards the bed, sitting at its foot.

"We had a stupid fight." Joey sighed, sitting down beside the blonde, but resisting the urge to snuggle him up. `We both have other boyfriends now.' He reminded himself, still un-used to not being with Lance that way.

"What about?" Lance spoke softly, catching Joey's fingers in his hands, but then letting them go, realizing that it probably wasn't appropriate anymore.

"I wouldn't have sex with him." Joey replied, casting his eyes down to the bed spread.

Lance was silent for a moment, shocked. After having dated Joey for quite a while himself, he knew how much of a horn-dog Joey could be. `Him not wanting to have sex with Justin makes absolutely no sense.' Lance decided, baffled.

"Umm, why not?" He asked, honestly curious.

"Cus, cus I know he isn't ready, he only wanted it cus he was all horny and stuff and wasn't thinking straight! I mean, I feel bad enough as it is, dating him when he's 5 years younger than me, practically a kid, and I mean, I know eventually we're gunna have sex, I mean hell, I REALLY want to, how could I not, it's Justin for god sakes, but I don't want to rush him at all, ever, and I know he thinks he wants it right now but afterwards he'll regret moving so fast! Too fast! And I know he says he wouldn't blame me, but somewhere deep down he'll always be thinking it's my fault, I'm sure of it, and I don't think I could stand that! I just don't want to hurt him Lance, I don't want to screw things up with him!" The words tumbled out of Joey's mouth rapidly, and by the end he was out of breath and sobbing.

Lance latched on to Joey, fearing he would fall off the bed in his convulsions if someone wasn't holding him upright. Joey leaned his head on the blonde's shoulder, sobbing for all he was worth.


Justin felt like shit. He had started sobbing as soon as he stepped into the warm water of the shower. He had leaned against the wall, sliding down until he was seated on the floor of the shower, letting the steaming droplets run over him and fog cloud up the bathroom mirror.

`Why the hell did I do that?!?!?' He mentally berated himself. `Joey was just looking out for me it, and I knew it.' He added. `Not to mention he was right.' Justin admitted to himself, but didn't feel ready to confess this to Joey.

After ten minutes and a 20 degree drop in the temperature of the water Justin still didn't feel ready, but wasn't about to languish in the cold water anymore either. He stood up, stepping onto the sterile floor, but left the shower running so that Joey wouldn't know he was out yet. Realizing that there weren't any towels left in the bathroom and that he hadn't bothered to bring one in with him he shrugged and sat down on the counter naked, shivering as his back rested against the cold mirror and his butt touched the frigid marble- top counter. He brought his long legs up onto the counter as well, resting his chin on them and crossing his arms, beginning to cry.

When he heard a soft knock upon the door he could do nothing but murmur an assent for Joey to come in. But when the door opened it wasn't the brunette's head that poked through, but Lance's blonde one.

"Hey." The older boy greeted Justin, holding out one of the white terrycloth robes that the hotel provided for all occupants.

Justin accepted the robe and wrapped himself in it, grabbing hold of Lance's hand again when he was done.

"Where's Joey?" He asked solemnly, but was glad that it was Lance who had come.

"He came to my room sobbing." Lance admonished gently, coming to sit up on the counter top with his friend. "I told him he should come talk to you, but he was afraid he'd only make things worse, says he doesn't know what to do, so I volunteered, thought you might be more willing to talk with me first." Lance added, seeing the tears brimming on Justin's lashes.

"Yes." Justin voiced his agreement. "He told you what I did." It was more of a statement than a question, and Lance didn't need to do more than nod his head.

"You want to talk about it?" Lance asked quietly, but when Justin said nothing Lance continued. " How 'bout we start with why you freaked?" Lance suggested, running his fingers along Justin's palm, a gesture he had learned years ago from JC as a way to comfort and calm the younger boy.

"I don't know." He whispered softly, not ready to admit it to anyone but his best friend, who he knew would understand. "I... I can't believe that I've messed it up already... I- I love him, Lance." He murmured weakly, the tears spilling from his eyes.

"Have you told him that?" Lance questioned softly, sure of the answer.

"No." The younger boy replied. "I'm too scared." He explained, tracing a pattern on the cold marble.

"You know he's scared too, right?"

Justin looked up in confusion. "Joey? Scared? Of what?" He questioned.

"Of you, course." Lance replied, not surprised that Justin hadn't realized.

"Me? Why in the world would he be scared of me?" Justin asked, his confusion increasing.

"Hard as he tries, Joey's never been good at relationships, you know that." Lance said, and received an agreeing nod from Justin. "And there have only been a few before that he cared enough about for it to matter, right?"

Another nod. "And even fewer that have ended anywhere close to nicely." Justin added.

`Well, actually only one that has ended amicably, him and I, but I don't think that's what Justin really needs to hear right now.' Lance thought to himself, wondering in passing if the other boy already knew.

"My point is," Lance continued. "That this is just as hard for him as it is for you, and I know it might not seem fair, but now you have to consider his feelings too." Lance said, trying to coax a smile from the younger boy.

He was rewarded with a rueful grin. "It really isn't fair." Justin agreed, beginning to pout.

Lance laughed. "Believe me, I know, I have to think about how JC feels before I do things now!" He exclaimed, commiserating with his friend.

"Still, at least we have men to be burdened with thinking about." He grinned, and Lance bit his lip to keep from giggling again.

"True." He said, but after a moment`s silence: "Poor Chris."

"Well, he does have his girlfriend, y'know?" Justin reminded his friend, who, incidentally, hadn't forgotten.

"I know." Lance hesitated, unsure of whether or not he should issue his personal opinion of her, but decided to go for it. "But what a bitch!"

Justin exploded into laughter, leaning on his friend.

"Yeah, it's too true." Justin agreed, after catching his breath. "The only reason he's still with her is because he never has to really be with her, so he doesn't realize how irritating she is!" He exclaimed, trying to rationalize Chris's odd behavior.

"Oh, I know." Lance replied, shaking his head.

"Think we should set him up?" Justin asked, and immediately both boy's eyes lit up, match making was one of their favorite things to do.

"Uhuh!" The other blonde exclaimed, excited already. "But, ahh, first I think there's something you need to take care of." He reminded the younger boy, hopping up off the counter.

"Right." Justin agreed, becoming somber again. "No sense in putting it off, would probably just make things worse." He said, as if trying to convince himself.

Justin was almost to the door before Lance spoke. "Uhh, Just, we're you planning on turning off the shower, or what? Cus I bet JC could really use some of that extra hot water!"

Justin grimaced, he'd completely forgotten that other people might be trying to get a little warm water as well. He moved to turn off the shower, and as soon as he completed the action walked back to the door, Lance a step behind him. But he hesitated as he put his hand on the knob, just now an obvious question dawning on him. Turning back to face Lance, he asked it.

"How exactly did you know I wasn't in the shower if it was still running? And how did you get the door unlocked??!?!?" He asked, amazed for a moment by Lance's craftiness.

But the other boy only laughed, seeing this in Justin's face. "Sorry to disappoint you, Just, but it wasn't locked, so that wasn`t particularly a problem! And I didn't actually know you were out of the shower, just had sort of a hunch. Besides, even if you hadn't been, I just would have gotten in with you anyway and talked in there." Lance explained.

"Yeah, that sounds like something we would do." Justin agreed.

Being the two youngest members of the band, they had shared a room with each other a multitude of times, and when one or the other had been scared or homesick, something they wouldn't admit to the other boys, or even when there simply hadn't been enough to go around, they had shared a bed as well. This had happened a number of times throughout the years the band had spent together, and by now both boys were so used to each other's bodies that sharing a shower wouldn't have been a problem for either of them.

Justin's brow suddenly creased in a frown. "Though I don't know if we're allowed to do that stuff anymore, now that we both have boyfriends. I don't really think Joey or JC would approve!" He exclaimed, suddenly thinking of it.

Lance frowned as well, that thought hadn't even crossed his mind. But then another idea came to him and he giggled.

"What?" Justin asked, curious.

"I was just thinking, who knows, they might find it sexy!" Lance couldn't control himself, the giggles were bursting out before he even finished. Justin almost collapsed, having to hang on to Lance to continue standing upright.

"I don't know, I can't imagine JC ever finding me sexy, he still sees me as a gangly little 12-year-old!" Justin exclaimed through his giggles.

"I guess that's true." Lance agreed, but then had an idea. "Want to try it out sometime, see what happens?" He asked, knowing that the plan would appeal to Justin.

"Sounds like fun." The other boy agreed, smirking. "But right now, I really do have to go take care of my boyfriend." He said, smiling at the last word, confident now that things would be fine with Joey just as soon as he apologized.

Lance smiled at Justin's resolve and they walked out of the steaming hot bathroom into the cooler atmosphere of the hotel room.

"Where is he?" Justin asked, looking around the room, confused.

Lance laughed. "He's in my room, duh! Didn't we just get done talking about that??!?!"

"Oh! I thought you meant he was in your room and then you brought him over here with you!" Justin exclaimed. "Well, I better go over there then." Justin said, starting towards the door, but Lance stopped him before he was even halfway there.

"Why don't you let me go get him and send him over here?" The older boy suggested.

Justin smiled. "So you can have some more alone time with JC?" He asked cockily, knowing why Lance wanted Joey out of his room.

Lance blushed heavily, letting Justin know that he had hit the nail on the head. Justin only laughed.

"C'mon, don't be embarrassed! You know I'm planning on doing the same with Joey once we make up!" He reassured his friend, laughing.

Now it was Lance's turn to chuckle. "Yeah, I know, but still!" He said. "So, you're ok that JC knows about you guys?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yeah," Justin replied, sighing. "I mean if I had really wanted him to not know, I probably shouldn't have started making out with Joey right in the middle of the hall!" He said, laughing.

Lance giggled along with his friend.

"But-uhh, I'd still rather that Chris didn't know just yet." Justin replied, his tone rather pleading.

"Of course I won't say anything to him, JC won't either, if you don't want us to, though I don't particularly see a reason to keep Chris in the dark about it." Lance said, a tad disapproving.

Justin sighed. "I know, it's just that, as long as Chris doesn't know, it's like, like I don't know, still private or something, and I mean, I know Chris could keep it to himself and all, but, once he knows, it won't be a secret anymore, and I'm just not ready to feel that it's not, even though it never really has been." He spoke hesitantly, hoping Lance would understand.

Someone who didn't know Justin as well as he did would have been thoroughly confused by the blonde's twisted logic, but in a peculiar sort of way, it made sense to Lance, because he could see the paths Justin's thoughts had taken.

"Ok." He said reluctantly. "But promise you won't keep him hanging in the dark for forever."

"I promise." Justin smiled, throwing his arms around the older boy. "Thanks Lance." He whispered.

Lance smiled. "No prob, Just."

"Now let me go grab Joey!" The blonde added, disentangling himself and disappearing out the door.


Joey was laying on the bed watching TV when JC came out of the bathroom wearing only his boxer briefs.

"Hey." JC said, glancing at Joey.

"Hey, whatsup?" Joey asked, turning off the TV and sitting up.

"Nothin' really, shouldn't you be in your own room though?" He asked. "And where did Lance go?" He added, looking around.

"Well, I didn't want to go talk to Justin myself, cus I'm really freaked about messing things up, so Lance kinda volunteered." Joey replied, a little embarrassed.

"Oh, ok." JC replied as he grabbed a pair of pants from his suitcase and pulled them on.

A thought suddenly came to Joey. "Are you going to let Lance fuck you?" He said, the question coming out of the blue.

"Umm, what?" JC asked, thoroughly shocked.

"I'm just asking, when you two start having sex, are you going to let him fuck you?" Joey asked, curious.

JC pulled on a t-shirt and sat down on the bed, thinking about it. He'd never really considered it before. "Hmmm, I don't know, well, first off, I think Lance would probably prefer to call it `making love', as would Justin." He said, casting a meaningful glance Joey's way, and receiving a rueful grin in return. "And, well, I just kinda figured that, for the first time at least, I would be the one doing him." JC considered it for a moment, lips tugged down in a slight frown, wondering. "I mean of course he can do me if he wants, but Lance has always struck me as something of a bottom boy, don't you think?" He asked, casting a look Joey's way.

"Yeah, you're right, he is, most of the time anyway." Joey confirmed, giving an affirmative nod.

JC nodded as well, after a moment stopping to wonder how exactly Joey knew. But just as he was about to ask the door opened and Lance stepped in, stopping him.

"Hey, I think you should head on over there now, he's waiting for you." Lance said, gesturing to Joey, who hopped up off the bed, heading towards the door. As he passed Lance grabbed him, holding the older men back for a moment. "Go easy on him." He counseled, taking his arm. "He feels really bad, he doesn't know what to do, but he knows he was wrong, just let him apologize and put it behind you, k?" Lance was pleading on Justin's behalf, wanting everything to be ok between his two friends.

"Of course," Joey smiled. "So he's not mad at me?" He asked, worry creasing his brow line.

"Nope, not at all. Though I have to warn you, he might cry." Lance replied, with a look that told Joey to be ready.

"Ok. I'll be prepared." He said, then was silent for a moment. "Do you think it's too early into it to ask for make-up sex?" He asked, giggling. Lance smacked the older boy's arm.

"Get out." He said, pushing Joey towards the door as he laughed, confident that things would be all right for his two friends.

Joey left, and JC advanced.

"Mmm, looks like I will get a little more Lance time after all." He smiled, slipping his arms around the younger boy, who inhaled deeply the scent of freshly showered JC, then reached up to pull the brunette down into a deep, passionate kiss.


The door opened, and Joey stood there, framed in the light.

The younger boy ran from where he had been standing in the window`s shadow, coming to stand in front of the brunette, but keeping his distance, unsure of how Joey would react. He looked up, and in his eyes were glistening with the sheen of unshed tears. He began to cry as he looked directly at the older boy.

"Joey, I-" But Justin was cut off by Joey's strong arms around him, stroking him.

"Shh, Shh, I know, it's ok, don't cry Just." He said quietly, holding the blond tight.

"I'm sorry." The younger boy whispered into Joey's shoulder, needing to say it.

"I know, I know." Was the whispered answer. "Don't worry, I forgive you."

Justin looked up, his tear streaked face pitiful in the dim room lights.

"Really?" He asked, almost unbelieving.

"Of course." Joey replied, stroking Justin's back and shoulders, not wanting to let the young blonde go ever again. "Although, if you really wanted to make it up to me, you could maybe give me a little kiss."

Justin looked up. `How did I ever get so lucky?' He wondered, amazed that it could be this easy. "I can do better than that." He replied, standing on tiptoes to wrap Joey's tongue in his lips, and claim them for his own.


JC and Lance had just gotten started again, his hand's in Lance's hair, Lance's around the older boy's waist, wrapped so tight it was vice like, but still pleasurable, when another knock sounded at the door.

"What could it be NOW!" JC muttered angrily, but decided to ignore the knocking and started kissing Lance once again. But it was impossible, because the knock sounded once again, heavy and sorrowful.

JC growled and jumped up, throwing the door wide open.

"WHAT!" He snarled at Chris, un-amused about being interrupted, again.

But Chris didn't seem to hear him, walking into the middle of the room as if in a trance.

"Chris, what is it?" Lance asked, not recognizing the look on the older man's face.

"She-she called, and, and she dumped me." He said, the words sounding hallow, frozen.

JC and Lance could only stare.

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Lance: My god, how cute have you gotten! I mean Jeez! Nice ring too! And super cute clothes! But you're letting your man get a little far away aren't you?!?!? He was all up on that country star!

Chris: Getting a little cozy with Lance there, weren't you now? Lookin' good though :)

Joey/Justin: Could you two BE more obvious?!?!? With an arm around his waist Joey??? Though he kind of needed it, seemed to be liking that country singer a little too much there! Love your hair Joe!