Author: Angel


Pairing: Lance & JC, Joey & Justin

Disclaimer: Y'know what dawned on me the other day? None of the bands that we all write about in this section are really boybands anymore, they're all grown up now! More like manbands, if you ask me. Just a random thought, and not much of a disclaimer, but you all know the drill.

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Chapter 13

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

Lance reacted to Chris's announcement just as he had to Joey's, leaping up immediately from the bed and going to enfold his friend in a hug.

`DAMN!!!! I am NEVER going to get any alone time with him!' JC thought, knowing that this new crisis would take a bit to sort out. `I'm gunna hunt that dumb girl down and smack her around some.' He decided, referring to Chris's now ex-girlfriend, realizing it was her fault Chris wasn't still in his own room. `What the hell is her name, anyway?' JC wondered, having only met her briefly.

"So what happened?" Lance asked, getting a strong sense of deja-vu.

"She-she just called, and-and told me it was over." Chris whispered, freeing himself from Lance's arms and walking to couch, throwing himself down on it.

Lance followed, sitting down beside the older man and rubbing his back. Chris only sat there silently, and both boys got the feeling that he might be more open about what had happened if it was only Lance in the room.

"J, Hun, would you mind leaving us alone for a bit?" Lance asked, giving JC his best imitation of Justin's puppy dog eyes.

JC groaned. "But Babe-" He began, only to be cut off.

"Hun, I wasn't asking, out." Lance said firmly, going to the door and opening it for JC, knowing that Chris needed to talk with him alone.

JC sighed, trudging towards the door. As he got there, he leaned in to give Lance a little kiss. "I love you." He whispered, not happy about being kicked out of his own room, but not wanting to leave things badly with his boyfriend of a day and a half.

"I love you too," Lance whispered back, glad that JC hadn't left without saying anything. "I'll make it up to you later, I promise, k?" Lance added, feeling rather guilty.

"Sounds good to me." JC replied, smiling, already thinking of his plans for later that night. He dipped down for one more kiss, then stepped out the door, letting Lance close it behind him.

Lance did so slowly, sad the kiss had ended, and turned around to face Chris, who was still seated silently upon the couch.

"Chris, what really happened?" He asked, crossing the room and sitting down, prepared for an emotional tirade.


Joey was in heaven, literally. After the two of them had talked it over and agreed that anything heavier than making out and some light groping could wait, he had been pushed back onto the bed, and Justin had taken control.

"Mmm, oh-oh, baby." He moaned, unable to control himself as Justin kissed up his jaw line, biting lightly, leaving little teeth marks all over the older man.

A knock resounded on the door.

"Ignore it." Justin whispered, smothering Joey's protests in another barrage of kisses.

"Guys? I know you're in there, you might as well let me in." JC said through the door.

"Go away, we're busy!" Justin shouted, not ready to give up his man just yet.

"I don't care, let me in!" JC yelled back, not having anywhere else to go.

"NO!" Joey freed his lips long enough to yell, then went back to letting Justin have his way with the brunette's lips.

"Are either of you naked?" JC asked, disconcerting Justin for a second.

"Wha-" He began to ask Joey, but the brunette quickly placed a hand over his mouth.

"Yes! We're both naked, and very involved, now please, go away!" He shouted, confusing Justin even more.

"What are you talking about?" Justin whispered frantically when Joey removed his hand from over the blonde's mouth.

"If he thinks we're naked, he won't come in!" Joey exclaimed, and replaced his hand, silencing Justin while he listened to see if JC had left yet.

JC was mute for a moment, considering, but decided that based on what he knew of their fight, there was no way they would really be naked together just yet.

"I don't believe you!" He yelled, slipping his key card into the lock and opening the door, smirking when he saw that even though they were on the bed, both were fully clothed. "Knew it." He said, coming in to sit on the couch.

Justin looked on in shock. "JC, what the hell are you doing? We're trying to make out here!" The blonde exclaimed, jumping off the bed, making Joey groan.

"I know." JC replied, picking up the remote. "So were Lance and I when Chris walked in with some dire announcement and I had to leave." He said tiredly.

"Dire?" Joey asked, leaping up now. "What happened?"

"His girlfriend dumped him." JC replied, not seeming particularly worried.

Joey shared the sentiment. "So what? They've only been going out like what? A month?" He asked, grabbing Justin around the waist and trying to drag him back to the bed. `After all, it's just JC, I bet he wouldn't mind if we just kept on making out.' Joey decided, about to pick the blonde up when he received a smart smack on the arm.

"Hey!" Both Joey, and JC, who had received a smack on the back of his head, exclaimed, shocked Justin had hit them.

"How can you two be so insensitive!?!?!" The blonde scolded. "Chris is probably hurting bad right now! I better go over there." He decided, freeing himself from Joey's arms.

"Wha- babe, no!" Joey exclaimed, capturing the blonde again. "I'm sure Lance already has the situation under control." He explained, giving Justin a deep kiss, his tongue slipping farther into the younger boy's mouth than he had realized it could.

But despite his whimper of pleasure, Justin's resolve didn't falter. "Nope." He said, ducking out from the brunette's arms. "I'm going over there, I'll be back in a bit." He added, walking towards the door. "And Joey, take a shower while I'm gone babe, everybody else already has and is dressed for the mall."

Joey sighed. "Yes, Hun." He replied, smiling as Justin blew him a kiss on the way out.

Joey threw himself down on the couch as well, grabbed the remote from his friend, and began to flip channels.

"Hey!" JC protested, but was overridden by Joey's growl.

"I would be doing something much more enjoyable than this right now if you hadn't come." Joey said, glaring at JC, who was far from intimidated.

"Not my fault." He shrugged, making a grab for the remote and successfully getting it back under his control.

"I'm gunna kill that dumb girl." Joey grumbled, watching as JC flipped rapidly.

"Who? Chris's girlfriend?" The other man asked, wanting to be sure.

"Yeah." Joey grunted the affirmative.

"Tell me when, I'll come with you." JC replied, still not happy about having been interrupted.

"It's just, do you have any idea how sweet Justin's lips are???" Joey said plaintively, pouting.

"No, lucky for you, I don't, but I do know just how sweet Lance's lips are." The other man replied, able to sympathize with his friend's feelings.

"Yeah, I guess that's true, you got interrupted too, huh?" It wasn't really a question, Joey already knew they had been.

"Duh, why the hell else would I be over here with you?" JC said, stating the obvious.

"Thanks." Joey replied dryly, glaring at his friend.

"Shut up, you know what I mean. 'Sides, you can't tell me you wouldn't rather Justin was here instead of me." He admonished.

"True." The other man replied. They sat in silence for a moment before JC looked at him curiously.

"Hey, Joe, not to like get up in your business or anything, but shouldn't you be taking that shower like Justin told you to?" He asked.

"Aww shit, yeah!" Joey replied, leaping up from the couch. "Crap, I forgot about that, thanks man, I wouldn't want to get in trouble or anything!" He said, moving around the room to grab the things he needed.

JC smiled tolerantly. After all, he knew that he certainly wouldn't want to be in trouble with his boyfriend either.

"So you just gunna like hang out here or what?" Joey asked as he headed to the bathroom, not particularly caring either way.

"Actually, I was trying to remember if they had a little florist in the lobby of this hotel?" JC replied, wondering.

"Yeah, I think there is, why?" Joey asked as he tossed his stuff onto the bathroom.

"Cus I was thinking I might head on down there and buy Lance some flowers, see if I can get me some lovin' tonight." JC joked, smiling at the thought.

Joey laughed, and stepped out from the bathroom. "Hey, if you're gunna go down there, let me give you some money so you can pick something up for me to give to Justin, if you don't mind, that is." He said, picking up last night's pants off the floor to find his wallet.

"No, it's not a problem." JC replied. "But why?" He asked, Joey wasn't usually this romantic in a relationship so quickly.

"Cus, if Lance gets flowers from you, and Justin finds out, than I better have some flowers to give him too, cus he'll be wanting them!" Joey exclaimed, anticipating the blonde's thoughts.

JC laughed, it was too true. Then a thought struck him. "Hey, do you think we'll have to talk every time either of us wants to get our boy something???" He asked, just now considering that possibility.

Joey looked thoughtful for a moment, then replied. "Y'know, I hate to say it, but we probably should, after all, like approximately 2 minutes after they get the gift, the other's gunna know about it!"

Both men laughed. "Yeah, those two do talk an awful lot!" JC exclaimed.

Joey began to laugh again, until another thought crowded in on him.

"Hey, uh, JC, do you think that when we, y'know, like start to do stuff with them, they're are gunna talk to each other about that too???" He asked, suddenly worried.

JC frowned, a little disturbed by the thought as well. "Well, yeah, I guess, but not like about anything personal, like size or stamina or whatever." JC replied, hoping it was true.

"Yeah, yeah, you're right." Joey agreed, and both guys laughed a little nervously, but quickly died into silence.

"They are gunna talk about all of that, aren't they??" JC asked exasperatedly, looking to Joey for denial.

" 'Fraid so." Joey confirmed, grimacing.

JC hesitated in the doorway before speaking. "Well, I mean I guess it's ok if they talk about that stuff and all, and no offense or anything, but, well, I never want us to talk about any of that." He said seriously, feeling no need to know anything of Joey's size or stamina.

"Agreed." Joey replied, disappearing through the bathroom door, while JC went to buy the flowers, trying hard to remember Lance's favorites.


Justin slipped in through Lance's door, and went to sit on the couch where his two friends were now talking amicably.

"So I'm guessing everything's ok now?" He asked, sitting down and patting Chris on the arm.

"Yeah." Chris sighed. "I guess I'm ok now, it wasn't really her I was upset about anyway." He said, and Justin could see his red rimmed eyes.

"Then what were you upset about?" Justin asked, rubbing his friend's shoulder.

"Just being alone I guess, I mean, while I was with her, at least I had someone, y'know? And now it's like...nothin'." Chris said, seeming to wilt a little.

Justin smiled, those seemed to be fairly close to the words he had said to Joey that morning, and look what had happened.

"Well don't worry, I'm sure you'll find someone else." Lance piped up, winking at Justin, as both boys began to plan.

"Yeah," Justin agreed. "Besides, you're really better off without her."

"Yeah?" Chris asked, and Lance began to snicker, remembering the opinion he and Justin shared of her earlier.

"Definitely." Lance said, followed by Justin.

"I mean, I hate to say it, but what a bitch!" Justin shouted, and all three burst out laughing.

"Yeah, you're right." Chris agreed, standing up. "Thanks for cheering me up you guys." He said.

"No problem." Lance said. "Why don't you go over to Joey's room and hang out with the guys for a bit before we go to the mall." He suggested, needing to talk with Justin alone for a few moments.

"You guys aren't gunna come with me?" He asked, when he began to head to the door and realized that Justin and Lance were still both sitting on the couch.

"Naw, there's something we've got to talk about real quick. But we'll be there in just a couple minutes." Justin answered, knowing what Lance wanted to talk about.

"Ooo ooo, I wanna hear!" Chris exclaimed, coming back to the couch.

Justin and Lance exchanged a glance, Lance knew just how to get rid of him.

"All right, well I was about to start telling Justin how JC uses his tongue to reach my-" Lance began, knowing he wouldn't need to finish.

"Never mind!" Chris yelled over Lance's words, hoping he wouldn't be able to hear the rest. "I'm gunna go, see ya in a bit." He said quickly, beating a hasty retreat to the door.

Justin and Lance burst into laughter.

"That was fun." Justin said, smiling at Lance.

"I know! So anyway, the thing I wanted to talk about was us setting Chris up!" He exclaimed, excited already.

"Duh!" Justin said, smiling.

Both boys sat in silence for a moment, thinking.

"Y'know, I don't think we know anyone who hasn't either already dated Chris, or isn't in a relationship!" Justin exclaimed, unable to think of anyone.

"I know." Lance said, a little disturbed. "Well, I bet we can find some cute girl at the mall for him, don't you think???"

"For sure!" Justin replied, excited again.

"Ok, cool! Now, come help me find another shirt to wear, cus this one is a little cried on!" He exclaimed, holding out the front of his damp t-shirt for Justin's inspection.

Justin laughed. "Alright." He replied, going to the suitcase he recognized as Lance's and pulling it open. "What about this one?" He asked, holding up a light blue tee.

"Mmm, I don't know, the neck on it is kinda tight, so I hate to have to be taking it off and putting it back on again all day while we try stuff on!"

"That's true. Ok, well how bout this one?" He asked, pulling out a white, short-sleeved crew neck.

"Naw, that's the one that you can totally see my nipples through!"

Justin giggled. "Well, JC might like that." He smirked.

Lance laughed as well. "Well, yes, but I don't imagine he would be happy about everyone else being able to see them too!"

"That is true. This is kinda cute though, can I borrow it sometime?"


"Thanks, ok, well how bout this one?" He said, pulling out a black turtleneck. "Hey, isn't this mine???"

"Yeah, thanks for letting me borrow it, by the way." Lance smiled.

"Funny, I don't remember saying you could." Justin glared at him just a little bit, but Lance only laughed.

Ten minutes and five shirts later Lance chose a light, mint green tee that Justin thought JC would think was cute.

"K, you ready?"

"Uhuh, lets go!" Both boys headed out the door, excited about the mall.


Nobody had been in the room when Chris had popped his head in, so he had decided to go make sure the car was ready, after all of this, for it not to be here was all they needed. Once he had confirmed with the driver where they wanted to go and that the limo was equipped he decided to stop in at the gift shop real quick, having nothing else to do. He didn't really find anything of interest there, and had decided to leave when he spotted JC coming out of the florist shop across the lobby, flowers in hand.

`Aww, sweet, getting flowers for Lance.' Chris thought, before noticing the second bouquet JC was holding. `Now who in the world is that for?' He wondered, deciding that he wanted to follow JC and find out. So he slipped out of the guest shop and took the stairs, running so that he could be at the top when JC stepped out of the elevator onto their floor. But the only thing he saw was JC heading into Joey's room, which only confused him further. `Oh well, I'm sure I'll find out what it means eventually.' He decided, going into his room to grab some last minute items he would need.


JC stepped into the room, taking a quick glance around, relieved when he saw that Lance and Justin weren't there yet.

"Hey, you got the flowers? Awesome." Joey said, as JC held up the two bouquets. "Wait, you got them the same kind???" Joey asked incredulously, noticing that both arrangements were white tulips.

"Well yeah, our other choices were really wilted daisies or red roses." He explained.

"Damn, well, you made the right choice, wilted daisies would have been dumping material, and red roses way too serious!"

"Yeah, see I figured the same thing, and then I wasn't sure if they would be happy about getting the same flowers, but look, the tips of these are dyed light blue, and the tips on these are pale green." JC said, holding forth one bouquet and then the other for Joey's inspection.

"Wow, well that's pretty cool, how did they do that, I wonder?" Joey asked, examining them.

"Who cares." JC shrugged, sitting down on the bed. "So which one do we want to give to which?" He asked, still holding both bouquets.

"Mmm, I'm thinking the green for Justin and the blue for Lance." Joey replied, looking to JC for confirmation.

"Sounds good." JC said, handing Joey the green tipped tulips just as the door opened and Lance and Justin walked in.

"Hi baby." JC said, leaping up off the bed to take Lance into his arms while Joey did the same with Justin.

"I got you a little something." Joey said, bringing the flowers out form behind his back and presenting them to Justin.

"Aww, that's so sweet, thank you!" Justin exclaimed, while Lance looked to JC, hoping that he would be receiving flowers as well.

JC laughed. "Don't think I forgot about you babe!" He said, handing Lance his flowers.

"Aww, thank you baby! They're so pretty." Lance gave JC a small kiss on the lips before turning to Justin. "Did we pick our guys right or what?" He said, and Justin giggled.

"Yeah, we're pretty damn good at this!" Justin replied as Lance began to giggle, while their boyfriends looked on tolerantly.

Suddenly JC began to pout. "I get you a whole bouquet of white tulips and all I get is a little peck?" He asked, biting his lower lip sexily.

"Yeah I know!" Joey complained as well, making the two blondes smile.

"Well, I think we can remedy that situation." Lance replied.

"I'm sure we can, as a matter of fact." Justin agreed, advancing towards Joey and slinging his arms around the older boy's neck.

Lance grabbed JC by the waist and slowly drew his man to him, arching up to entwine his hands in the older boy's hair, kissing him slowly and deeply, letting his tongue play with JC's own.

"Guys, C'mon!" Chris's shout came from outside the door, ruining the moment for both couples.

Justin laughed. "I think we better head on out there before he decides to come in!" He exclaimed, grabbing Joey's hand and pulling him towards the door, but dropping it before he let Chris in.

Chris quickly observed the scene, and saw that each of the two youngest band members was holding a bouquet of flowers. He arched one eyebrow in curiosity. `So that's who the other bouquet went to,' He thought, eyeing Justin. `Now it only remains to be seen why.' He decided, not missing just how very close Justin and Joey were standing.

"C'mon, let's get to the mall, I'm ancy!" Chris exclaimed, making all four of his band mates laugh.

"Yeah, let's go, I wanna buy those pants!" Justin agreed, urging the other guys out the door, holding back so that he could walk beside Lance. "Wanna trade?" He whispered quietly, holding out his green tipped carnations.

"For sure." Lance replied, handing Justin the blue. "How could he not know I would want the green???" He asked, incredulous.

"No idea." Justin agreed. "I mean duh! Obviously they aren't quite as well trained as we had thought!" Justin exclaimed, smirking.

"Apparently." Lance replied, smiling at JC as the boys filed out the hotel room door.


Two hours and ten shops later, Joey and JC felt they might drop from exhaustion.

"God, what the hell did they buy???" JC asked Joey plaintively, his arms tiring as Lance handed him yet another set of bags to carry.

"And do we have to go into every single shop!?!?!" Joey commiserated, grumbling as he took Justin's newest sack of purchases.

"And how fair is it that we haven't bought anything, and yet we have to carry everything???" JC asked, trying to shift the load of six clothes laden bags around in his arms.

"I know! And did you see the freaky-ass shirt thing Justin made me try on in that last store?"

"Sorry, but I was too busy being disgusted by the canary yellow pullover that Lance was trying to shove me into!"

The two men continued grumbling, waiting for both Justin and Lance to try on just one last thing.

"Look at this way:" Chris said amicably, laughing as he came up behind them. "At least they aren't making you pay for all their clothes and then carry them!" He said brightly, not sure why he hadn't been drafted into carrying the younger boy's bags as well, but not wanting to ask, just in case.

Joey and JC both looked at each other, horrified.

"Damn, didn't even think of that!" Joey laughed.

"Yeah, but to tell you the truth, I would rather have paid and then not had to carry anything!" JC exclaimed, setting down his bags and rubbing his sore palms.

"No kidding." Joey agreed, setting his down as well. "Matter of fact, I would rather have paid, and then paid again for someone to drag all this junk out to the car!"

"Hey! It's not junk!" Justin yelled, coming up to them with Lance beside him, both boys back in their regular clothes. Joey and JC sighed, gathering all the sacks back up.

"Yeah! Just for that, I think I'm gunna buy something else!" Lance decided, crossing his arms.

`Mmm, what a cutie.' JC thought, a smile flitting across his lips.

"Sounds like a good punishment to me!" Justin affirmed. "'Specially if we use their credit cards to do it!" He exclaimed, swiftly picking Joey's pocket, while Lance took his cue and did the same to his dreamy eyed boyfriend.

"Hey!" Both brunettes shouted, but were helpless to do much else. After all, their hands were full with all the bags their boyfriends had each managed to fill with clothes that were, in their own words, `too cute to live without.'

JC quickly dropped his portion of the bags and grabbed on to Lance's wrist before he could get away. The thought of Lance using his credit card didn't particularly bother him, but having to stand around in this stuffy store, listening to a Celine Dion CD track play over and over again most definitely did.

"Babe, babe, how 'bout, instead of buying even more stuff, cute stuff, that is, " He added quickly, seeing Lance's glare. "anyway, instead of doing that, why don't you give me back my wallet and Joey and I will take us all out to lunch somewhere nice, k?" JC suggested, praying Lance would say yes.

"Yeah, and then, if you want, we can come back to the mall afterwards." Joey added, seeing Justin's pout and guessing correctly what it was about.

Lance considered for a moment, and he and Justin turned their backs to their boyfriends so that they could conference privately.

"Sounds good." Lance replied, turning around and handing JC back his wallet while Justin nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, cus I am getting pretty hungry, trying all that stuff on is hard work!" Justin exclaimed, rubbing his stomach.

"I know! I'm starving!" Lance agreed as both boys began to walk towards the store's exit, while Joey and JC looked on in shock.

"Wha- they think trying the stuff on is hard!?!?" Joey exclaimed, shocked.

"I know!" JC's face registered the same incredulous expression.

Both seemed about the say more when Chris grabbed their arms in a heated grip.

"Guys, you got your way, we're going to eat, now let it go!" He growled, just wanting to get to the restaurant as quickly as possible, he was starved.

"Point well taken." Joey said, beginning to walk a little quicker, so that they could catch up to the two blondes, who were several feet ahead of them

JC laughed. "Yeah, I'm just glad I got my wallet back!" He exclaimed, stuffing it into his back pocket before Lance could turn around and grab it again, something JC wouldn't put past the blonde.

"Hey, wait a minute, I didn't get mine back!" Joey realized, tapping Justin on the shoulder so that he would turn around.

"Yes?" The younger boy asked innocently, hiding his hands.

"My wallet please?" Joey asked patiently, holding out a hand as they continued to walk towards the parking garage.

"I don't know what your talking about." Justin replied sweetly, smiling at his boyfriend.

Joey stopped and crossed his arms, a gesture made much more difficult by all the bags.

"Just, you realize that if you don't give me back my wallet, you'll be paying for you own lunch, right?" He said, smirking a little at Justin's look.

Justin bit his lip, pouting. "Damn, I didn't think of that!" He said to Lance, handing Joey back his wallet. Lance giggled while Joey, JC, and Chris burst into laughter.

"What exactly were you planning on doing with it anyway?" Joey asked as they continued walking. "I mean, you know if there was something you really wanted all you'd have to do is ask, and I would buy it for you!" He exclaimed, laughing.

`He would?' Chris wondered, adding another little piece of information to his growing fact file.

"You would?" Justin asked, apparently having the same thought.

Joey looked down, surprised. "Of course I would, Justy." He said, only resisting leaning down and planting a kiss on the tender pink lips because they were in a public place, with people all around.

`Justy?' Chris wondered.

"K." Justin replied, smiling, deciding he would have to thank Joey later, in private.

"So," Chris prompted. "What were you gunna do???" He asked, curious.

Justin laughed. "Nothin' really, just wanted to see how long I could keep it without him noticing."

"Well, I'd say you got a good thirty seconds." JC said, laughing.

Justin pouted, but Joey only smiled.


Twenty minutes later they were seated in P.F. Chang's, a trendy new Chinese restaurant by the mall, giving their orders to an overly attentive waitress.

"And 5 cokes, I think, right guys?" JC asked, summing up their order.

"Mmm, make mine a diet." Lance requested, casting a sidelong glance at JC and biting his lip.

"Yeah yeah, mine too." Justin added, before the waitress smiled and walked away.

"Uh, since when do you guys drink diet coke?" Chris asked, thoroughly confused.

"Since we got boyfriends to stay skinny for!" Justin exclaimed, realizing only after the words were out of his mouth that not everyone at the table realized he had a boyfriend. "I mean, since Lance got a boyfriend, and I, umm, just want to stay skinny." He finished weakly, casting a despairing glance at Joey, one that Chris didn't fail to notice. But he decided to give Justin a break, turning attentively to his glass of water.

JC, however, was much more concerned by something else. "Uhh, Lance, is that true?" He asked, rubbing the blonde's lower back.

"Well...." Lance trailed off, passing a hand over his flat stomach.

JC couldn't believe it, and quickly slipped an arm around the younger boy's waist, entwining their fingers. "Lance, that's so dumb, you know I think you're perfect just the way you are! And if you intentionally lose any weight babe, there's gunna be trouble!" He exclaimed, discreetly planting a small kiss on the back of Lance's neck, hoping none of the other patrons would notice.

Lance smiled and leaned back, enjoying the pressure of JC's hand on his stomach, reassured by his boyfriend's protests, but still planning on losing a couple pounds anyway, just to be sure.


The meal had been excellent, and all five guys had thoroughly enjoyed it..

"So, are we going back to the mall?" Chris asked, not really all that excited about the prospect, but feeling better now that he had eaten.

"Actually, if you don't mind, I'm feeling kinda nappish." Lance said, yawning like a little boy.

"Yeah, me too, I'm beat." Justin agreed, stretching his arms and leaning into Joey.

"I think it's cus we were up so late last night." Lance murmured, stroking JC's thigh under the table.

Chris snickered, and JC shot a glare his way.

"Not that." He admonished sternly, daring Chris to say anything else.

"Well if you're both that tired let's go back to the hotel and you can have a rest before the sound check tonight." Joey suggested, slinging an affectionate arm around Justin's shoulders.

"Really? You wouldn't mind not going back to the mall?" Justin asked, looking up at Joey, who seemed to somehow manage to sit higher than him.

"I think we can deal with it." Joey laughed, accompanied by JC.

"Well c'mon, lets get you to a bed then." JC said, smiling at Lance, who was practically falling asleep at the table.

Chris snickered again, he couldn't help it.

"Yeah, let's get out of here." Joey agreed, as all boys slid from the booth, with Joey and JC half supporting their boyfriend's.

JC quickly paid the check and they headed out the door, intent on getting Lance and Justin into bed.


The two blondes were already in their rooms, searching for their pajamas, but JC had stopped Joey in the hall, needing his help.

"Joe, listen, the boys are gunna want to cuddle for a while but I'm thinking they really are sleepy, as opposed to just like using that for an excuse to do, y'know, other stuff, so I'm thinking we lay down with them until they fall asleep, but then I have to go back out to the mall, so meet me here in the hall after Justin drops, k?" JC asked, sure Joey would go along with the plan, even if he wasn't happy about it.

"What! But we just came from the mall!" Joey exclaimed, rather tired as well.

"I know, but I have to get something for Lance, I'll explain more later, k?" JC finished as Lance came to the door, intent on finding his man. "So you'll be there?" He asked, not wanting to give anything away, but needing to make sure.

"Yeah yeah, I'll be there." Joey grumbled, turning to his door as it creaked open and Justin poked his head out as well. "Gotta go, see ya." He said, smiling.

"Where does Joey have to be?" Lance asked curiously, dragging JC back in through the door by his waist.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it." JC replied, planting a kiss on the blonde's forehead.

Lance giggled, JC was plotting something, of that he was sure, but he decided to just sit back, or lay, in this case, and see what happened. After all, he was in no shape to go snooping anyway.

"Mmmm," He said instead, as he leaned up to kiss JC and felt the brunette's hands trail down his back. Their lips met softly, and Lance reached up so that he could rest his hands on JC's shoulders, letting them become entangled in the soft nape of hair at his boyfriend's neck. "Take me to bed Hun." He whispered into JC's soft lips.

"Mmm, you got it." JC replied as he picked Lance up and started across the room.

"Hold on, I haven't gotten into my pj's yet!" Lance exclaimed as JC set him down on the bed, about to push him back. But JC only grabbed the top button on the waistband of Lance's jeans, tearing it open and unzipping the younger boy, his fingers brushing Lance's engorged crotch through the thin white fabric.

JC smiled. "Done." He said, sliding the jeans off the blonde, while Lance looked on in shock.

"Wow, you're pretty good at that!"

JC smirked. "I know." He quickly stripped down to his tee and boxer briefs as well, climbing into bed and scooting the two of them under the covers, Lance in his arms.

"Night babe." He snuggled up close, hoping the blonde would fall asleep quickly and he could move forward with his plan.

"Night, I love you." Lance held his breath, still desperately afraid JC wouldn't say it back.

JC didn't hesitate, he knew it was true. "I love you too." He whispered, lightly biting the blonde's ear lobe, making him squeal.

Lance sighed happily, and fell quickly asleep, secure in the warmth of his boyfriend's arms.

JC smiled, slipping out of bed.


Justin was asleep, a smirk on his face.

`Probably still so proud of himself that he hooked a man.' Joey thought, smiling and stroking the blonde's cheek. He never wanted to leave.

But then he heard footsteps in the hall, and knew it was time to go.


JC had shrugged himself into the jeans he had taken off just five minutes before and was leaning against his doorway when Joey emerged into the hallway.

"Hey dude, you ready?"

"I don't know man, is this really all that important? I feel bad about leaving Justin all alone! And I think he'll wake up if I'm not here!"

JC caught his bottom lip between two teeth, Lance would probably wake up as well, and he hadn't considered that. "Well, all he really needs in another warm body in the bed, right?" JC asked, meaning Lance, but mistakenly leaving Joey with the impression he was speaking of the other blonde.

"Thanks a lot man." Joey replied, casting JC a glare.

"I didn't mean it like that. I was just thinking, why don't you scoop Justin up and put him in bed with Lance, that way they will both be warm and still stay asleep, god knows carrying him across the hall won't disturb Just in the least, that boy sleeps like a rock."

Joey snickered. "Sounds like a plan." He decided, going back into his room to grab up Justin.

He did so slowly, supporting the blonde's head as if he were a newborn. JC soundlessly opened both doors, folding back the covers so that Joey could slip Justin into the bed next to Lance. As soon as he did Lance rolled over, wrapping his arms around the younger boy's waist and laying his head on Justin's chest, thinking it was JC. Justin reacted as well, tangling his hands up in Lance's thick blond hair and letting one arm trail down to the other boy's waist.

Joey turned to JC with a concerned look on his face. "I think that might have worked a little too well." He said, grimacing.

"I know." JC agreed, wearing the same expression. "Why do I get the feeling that when we get back here we're gunna find that they have decided to dump us and go for it with each other?"

Joey began to laugh, trying to keep it quiet enough that he didn't wake the boys up. "Well, I think we would probably get them back eventually." He said, heading towards the door.

"Oh yeah? How do you figure?" JC asked as he closed the door quietly behind them.

"Well, the way I figure it is this: eventually they would get around to the sex, and I can't really picture either of them doing the other one."

JC laughed. "Yeah, that's certainly true, I think there might be an excess of bottom boys in that relationship."

Joey muffled his laughter. "So anyway, what's this big ol' plan of yours that had to be taken care of right now?"

They stepped into the elevator and JC pushed the button for the parking garage. "I want to go buy something for Lance."

"And you need me for that why exactly?"

"Cus it's gunna be like jewelry or something, I'm gunna give it to him tonight after the sound check, have like a romantic dinner thing, and I need your help to decide what to get him." JC explained.

"Aww man, couldn't you have taken Chris along with you instead? I was really enjoying Justin's cute little tush being pressed up against me!" Joey whined.

"Cool your hormones dude, I needed you to come cus you have a boyfriend too, so you'll have better insight than Chris will!"

Joey grumbled. "Yeah, whatever." They stepped out of the elevator into the darkened parking garage. "Wait, we're not taking the limo back out, are we?" Joey asked, most definitely not wanting to attract that much attention.

"Nah, Chris still has his jeep parked in here, so I convinced him to let me borrow it."

"Whoa, how did you do that?" Joey asked, surprised. All five guys knew how possessive Chris was of his car.

"Uhh, well, by taking his keys without asking." JC replied, trying not to look at Joey.

"Dude! What the hell!?!?! Chris is going to chop our balls off when he finds out!!!"

"I know, and that is exactly why we have to leave and get back before he finds out and freaks." JC said, spotting the black jeep and heading towards it.

"Oh no way, nuhu, not doing this." Joey stated, stopping and crossing his arms.

"All right, well I'll just go back upstairs and wake up Justin to tell him that you wouldn't come with me to pick out something romantic for Lance cus you were too scared of getting in trouble." JC said calmly, knowing his ploy would work.

`I don't want JC waking Justin up, he really did seem tired. And I definitely don't want to get yelled at for not helping JC, and since it's for Lance, I probably would. And what the hell kind of man will Justin think I am if I'm scared of getting in trouble with Chris, the munchkin!?!?' He thought. Joey sighed, realizing he only had one choice left.

"Dude, you are an ass." He said to JC, shot him a dirty look, then started to walk again.

JC smirked. `I knew it would work.'

"We are so dead." Joey grumbled, climbing into the passenger seat once JC had unlocked the doors.

"I think we can count on Justin and Lance to protect us." JC smiled.

"Are you kidding? They'll both know we didn't ask, no matter what we tell them, and then they'll stand back and let Chris beat us up!"

"Yeah, I guess that's true. Damn, we better get a move on." JC said, exiting the parking garage.

"Uhh yeah, I'd say so! Drive faster, you grandma!" He exclaimed, wishing that JC didn't drive like such an old lady just because he didn't know the roads.

"Shut up, I'm going ten miles over the speed limit already!" JC exclaimed, but speeding up anyway, not wanting to get yelled at by Chris or Lance.

Both boys flinched when they heard the police car sirens began to blare.

"We are so dead." JC sighed, pulling over, waiting for the cop car to stop as well. "Lance and Justin are gunna be mad."

"And Chris is going to roast our balls on a stick." Joey groaned, leaning his head against the dash.

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