Author: Angel


Pairing: Lance & JC, Joey & Justin

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Chapter 14

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

JC sat straight in his seat, tense all over, while Joey let himself sag against the dash. Both boys gasped a sigh of relief as the cop car passed them by, slowly pulling in front of the black camaro that had been in front of them.

"Oh, Thank God." JC sighed in relief as Joey's head came up from the dash.

"We're not the ones they're pulling over?!?!?" Joey exclaimed, questioning.

"Guess not, he must have been going even faster than us!" JC answered, incredibly happy.

"Wow, this is like, a miracle!" Joey yelled, leaning back against his seat in relief.

"I know! Man, I thought we were in so much trouble!" JC said, pulling the car back out into the main stream of traffic.

"Yeah! I mean, the ticket would have sucked, and Chris trying to kill us would have been pretty bad too, but facing the boys afterwards, I don't even want to think about it." Joey agreed, shuddering.

"Think it would have helped my case any that I'm out buying a present for Lance?" JC asked, curious.

"Depends." Joey replied, cocking his head to one side. "If you had already bought the gift and were coming back, then maybe, but just on the way to get it, naw, that gives you nothin'."

"Figured." JC smiled, his anxiety over the possible ticket already forgotten when thoughts of his sleeping blonde boy crowded in.

"So like what kind of jewelry are you thinking of?" Joey asked as they pulled into the mall parking lot.

"Mmm, don't know really, but I was kinda thinking of like maybe a locket necklace, maybe like with a picture of us on one side and a little inscription on the other, y'know what I mean?" JC replied, and Joey was surprised by how much thought he had put into it.

"Yeah, that sounds good, but a locket necklace is a tad girly, don't you think?" Joey asked, not wanting Lance to dislike the gift.

"Mmm, I guess, but I think he'll like it, after all, Lance is a tad girly too." JC replied, causing Joey to chuckle.

"Y'know, you really shouldn't say mean things about your boyfriend!" Joey exclaimed, still laughing.

"Mean? What? No, I didn't mean it like that, I like Lance a tad girly! It's cute!"

Joey only continued laughing while JC went on, digging himself deeper.

"No, hey, stop it, you know I just meant he's like pretty and all, which is good!"

Joey put a hand on the brunette's shoulder, controlling his laughter long enough to speak.

"Dude, don't worry, I won't tell Lance, but I wouldn't recommend repeating it in front of Lance!" Joey said, sensing JC's anxiety.

"You don't think he'd like me calling him pretty?" JC asked as they hopped out of the car and headed towards the main entrance of the mall, a tad confused now, as well rather anxious.

"Mmm, I don't think he'd have much of a problem with that, but being called girly? "Maybe." Joey considered, reflecting.

"K, well I'll be sure to steer clear of it, not that it's likely to come up in normal conversation between the two of us anyway." JC emphasized, casting Joey a look that said he had better not make it come up, either.

"Ya' never know." Joey said, eyes twinkling. JC glared at him, and pointed a finger.

"If you do, I'll tell him about that time you slept with Britney!" JC threatened, convinced that would stop Joey in his tracks.

And it did. "What the hell are you talking about!?!?!" He asked with dismay, eyeing JC. "I never slept with Britney!" He exclaimed, running to catch up with JC. "I didn't, right?" He asked nervously, after all, he had been rather drunk when she was around more than once.

It was JC's turn to burst into laughter. "No, of course you didn't!" He said, slapping Joey on the back. "But Justin doesn't know that." He added slyly, looking over at the other brunette, who stared at him as if he'd grown a third head.

"You wouldn't?!?!?!?!" He exclaimed, sounding outraged, but seeing the self-satisfied smirk on JC's face he had to ask: "Would you?"

"No, probably not, just like you wouldn't mention anything to Lance, or Justin, for that matter, cus telling one is just the same at telling both of them, about me calling him girly, I'm sure." JC grinned slyly, catching Joey's eye.

"you're too clever by half." Joey suppressed a laugh, opening the mall door and looking around for a directory. Spotting one, they quickly made their way to it, carefully scanning down the list of shops and fast food establishments until he found the list of jewelry shops.

"All right, which one of these dozen do you want to visit first?" Joey asked, baffled as to how there could be so many in one single mall, even if it did seem to cover half of the city.

"I don't know, but let's start with that one that's right across the way, that's probably best, don't you think?" JC asked, spotting one.

"Sounds good to me." Joey replied, and began to walk, JC following a step or so behind him.

JC quickly scanned the jewelry store once they got there, but left almost immediately, not seeing what he wanted. It was the same with the next two, and finally Joey decided to ask.

"JC, what in the world are you looking for that you're not finding, all those jewelry stores had very nice lockets!" He exclaimed, gesturing towards the window of the one they had just exited, where there was a gold locket displayed prominently in the showcase.

"I know I know, but I'm looking for a gay sales guy." He explained, turning towards Joey to gauge his reaction.

Joey just gave him an odd look. "Why, if I might ask?"

"Cus, I'm buying a present for my boyfriend." He said, putting emphasis on the word. "And I don't want to have to pretend it's for like a girlfriend or something stupid like that, and if we get a gay sales guy, I won't have to."

"Dude, you have some messed up logic." Joey sighed, but continued to follow after JC, who only stepped half a foot into each of the long line of jewelry stores, before coming back out.

Finally, after they had passed five or so by, JC saw a likely looking sales guy in one of the shops and went up to him. Joey sighed. `Hopefully this one's gay, or close enough to appease JC.' He thought, rolling his eyes. The guy gave no outward sign that he recognized them, but both guys took it for granted that he did.

"How may I help you today, sirs?" He asked politely, waving away the perky blonde sales girl who had come over to gawk at the guys as they walked in.

JC leaned over the counter confidentially, as if he was about to whisper some conspiratory secret. "I'm looking for a gift for my boyfriend." He said, looking closely to gauge the reaction he was sure he would receive. But other than a slight arch of one eyebrow, there was no sign that this was anything out of the ordinary.

"Of course." He said pleasantly, drawing JC over to the men's jewelry section. "And what kind of gift did you have in mind?" He asked. "A watch, perhaps? Or a ring?"

JC considered the display in front of him for a moment. "Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of maybe a locket or something."

"I'm afraid we don't carry any lockets made for men." The sales guy replied, and did seem genuinely disappointed. "However, we have quite a few in the women's section, and one or two of them might do for a man as well, would you like to see those?" He asked, gesturing to the other side of the store.

"All right." JC said, already spotting one that he liked the looks of. "May I see that one?"

He asked as they reached the further display case.

"Certainly." The case was unlocked and momentarily JC was holding the locket in his hand. It surface was smooth white gold, polished to a shine, but with no outward decoration. JC knew it was perfect when he opened it up and saw that there was room for a picture and inscription both. It was suspended on a slender, white gold chain that sparkled when he held it up to the sunlight.

"It's beautiful." Joey murmured from behind him, and he nodded in agreement.

"This is the one I want." He said decisively, bring it up so he could look more closely. "Yes, most definitely this one." He said, handing it to the sales man behind the counter.

"Very good sir, you'll be wanting it packaged right away, I assume?"

"Actually, do you offer engraving here?" JC asked, assuming they probably did.

"Yes, of course, do you something specific in mind?"

"Yeah, it's all on this sheet of paper here." JC said, digging into his pocket and handing the slip of yellow legal pad over to the other man. "Do you think you can fit all that in there?" He asked, hopeful.

"I'm sure we can." He said, reviewing the contents of the note and seeming to smile a bit. "It should be ready by Friday, you can pick it up and pay for it then." He said, smiling and slipping both locket and paper into a small plastic bag.

"Wait, Friday! That's too late though!" JC exclaimed, resisting the urge to grab the guy's arm.

"How soon do you need it sire?" The man asked politely, hoping there was something he could do.

"Tonight?" JC asked, biting at his lower lip. The salesmen's eyes widened in shock.

"Tonight? I'm not sure-" He began, but JC interrupted.

"Please, it's very important, is there anything you can do?" He asked, pleading.

He received a thoughtful look for a moment. "Excuse me for a moment while I go call the man who does our engraving, I'll see what I can do." He said and slipped into the back room.

"Pray." JC ordered Joey, grabbing his arm. Joey would have laughed if he didn't think JC would have clocked him, so instead, he did as told, though for selfish reasons.

`Dear God, please let this man be able to do something for JC, because I absolutely do not want to spend the next 2 hours driving around trying to find an engraver who can have it ready by tonight.' He wished so fervently that he was sure it would come true. He would blame JC for waiting too damn long if it wasn't for the fact that he hadn't really had much time since he got with Lance. His prayers were answered a moment later when the the sales man came back out smiling.

"He says that he can do it, but that there will be a substantial fee." He looked a little worried at the last part, but smiled again when he heard the whoop of pleasure JC gave.

"Thank God." Joey muttered under his breath, but not so quietly that JC didn't turn to glare at him.

"So when can I pick it up tonight?" JC asked, hoping that it wouldn't be too late for his plans.

"He said around seven, is that all right?"

"Yeah, that'll be great!" JC replied, smiling as he handed over his credit card. He paid for the locket, extra fee and all, and they were back out to the car in two minutes flat.


Lance woke up shortly after the guys left. But he didn't become fully awake right away, instead drifting slowly into consciousness.

`Mmm, JC's body under mine, feels nice, though... a bit different.' He thought, but couldn't put his finger on the difference, so decided not to worry about.

"Wake up baby." He whispered, drawing himself up, eyes still closed, and managing to locate JC's lips.


`That sounds...not like JC.' But by that time the other man was kissing back, and Lance figured he just must have been mistaken.

"Ohh, Joey..." JC murmured, startling the hell out of Lance.

"What!" He yelled, popping his eyes open, only to see Justin laying beneath him. "Justin! What the hell!" He exclaimed, jumping back on the bed, startled as all get out. Justin was too shocked to speak for a moment.

"Why, why were we kissing?" He asked finally, realizing even in his sleep induced haziness that it was Lance who had started the kissing. Lance blushed heavily, not being able to stop himself.

"I thought you were JC." He mumbled, blushing more.

"What?! Why in the world would you think I as JC?" He asked, still quite confused.

"Maybe cus you're in my bed!" Lance admonished, trying to establish the fact that he was not the guilty one here. Justin looked quickly around, realizing that yes, this was in fact Lance and JC's room.

"How in the world did I get here?" He asked, struggling to sit up. "The last thing I remember is falling asleep in MY bed, with Joey wrapped up around me." He said sleepily, trying to sort everything out.

"Yeah, I was laying here in JC's arms, and that's all I know." Lance replied, and both boys dropped for a moment into silence, but soon came to the same realization.

"Those evil men!" Lance exclaimed, as Justin simultaneously shouted. "Those jerks!"

"Man, they got all ancy, and couldn't even wait for us to wake up, so they go and dump us in the same bed, and then go off gallivanting by themselves." Lance said, mildly irritated.

"I know! We should kick their asses!" Justin exclaimed, sitting up straighter on the bed.

"Yeah! Or like withhold sex!" Lance agreed, letting himself go with the flow.

"Damn right!" Justin said, but then hesitated. "Wait, are you giving JC any?" He asked, curious.

"Well, no, not yet." Lance admitted. "What about Joey?" He asked, curious as well.

"Not from me he's not, and he better not be getting it from anyone else!" Both boys laughed.

"I'm sure he's not." Lance reassured his friend, smiling.

"Yeah yeah, I know, so I guess withholding sex isn't gunna work, since we haven't given it up yet anyway, so let's go back to kicking their asses." He decided, laying half way back down, suddenly feeling exhausted once again.

"Definitely." Lance agreed, yawning.

"But since they aren't here right now, do you wanna go back to sleep and just kick them when they get back?" Justin asked, realizing just how cozy he had been before. Lance considered in a moment and then nodded.

"Sure." He added aloud, though it wasn't really necessary. They both snuggled back down into their respective positions and promptly fell asleep, tangled up in each other.


Chris was bored, again. `Well, not really bored, so much as...bummed, I guess.' He thought, but the truth was, he was really more lonely than anything else. He didn't think it was because of the breakup with his girlfriend, he'd been feeling restless and rather incomplete for a while now, the feeling had just gradually grown and gotten bigger until the breakup earlier that day, which had intensified his feelings. He didn't know what he wanted to do. It wasn't like he wanted a major change or anything, just something. Privately, he admitted to himself that what he really wanted was to be in love. Or at least to have something close to it. He looked at Lance and JC, and saw what they had, or, at least, were beginning to have, and knew that that's what he wanted. But he hadn't had those kind of feelings for anyone in a long time, so there wasn't really anything he could do. He sighed, these thoughts were depressing. He needed something to distract him, but hell if he knew what.

"Hey man." The door popped open and JC stuck his head, seeming to smile in relief when he saw Chris sitting there.

"Hi." Chris replied, wondering what it was that JC wanted, but thankful for the distraction.

"Just wanted to pop in to see what was going on." JC said, sauntering into the room, confident now that Chris didn't know they had borrowed his car. Now he just had to figure out a way to put Chris' keys back without it being noticed.

"Mmm, nothin' really, I'm just sitting here, why, you need something?" Chris asked, curious.

"No, I'm just a little bored, the boys are asleep, and I was just feeling kinda of restless is all." JC replied, turning to the door as Joey came in.

"Hey Chris." He said, nodding towards the older man and then turning to JC. "J, we gotta get back to the room, it looks like the boys are just about to wake up." He said, gesturing urgently to JC. They both quickly said goodbye to Chris and promised to meet back at his room in an hour to leave for the sound check, and made their way back to the room.

"Damn, will you look at that, still sleeping just like we left them." JC murmured as he walked through the door, Joey close on his heels.

"I know, we're pretty damn good, huh?" Joey replied, smiling as they sat down on the couch, waiting for the blondes to wake up.


Chris' keys were laying on the floor, almost invisible under the corner of the bureau. `How in the world did they get there?' He wondered, stooping down to pick them up. `I could have sworn I left them on the dresser.' Which, oddly enough, was on the other side of the room. `Wait a minute, wasn't this like right where JC was standing?' Chris decided he was being overly suspicious of his friend and simply placed the keys back onto the dresser where he wanted them. `Besides, he was with Lance.' Chris continued his line of though, deciding that JC had an alibi. `But what about Joey?' He wondered, but quickly realized this kinda of round-about thinking wasn't going to get him anywhere, so he sat back down on the couch and picked up the book he had been reading. His gut feeling, however, told him something fishy was going on, and he would venture a bet that it involved Joey, JC, and his car, somehow. It wasn't like them to go out joyriding or anything. `But really, who knows what they might have been thinking? I'll have to investigate later.' He decided, before realizing that it didn't matter, after all, he had his keys back didn't he. `And they might never even have been gone.' He consoled himself. `God, I need to get a life, I'm way too attached to that car.' After a few moments Chris decided to go shower again, anything to get his mind off this obsession. "I definitely need to get with someone." He said aloud, walking to the bathroom and stripping as he went. "And soon." He added, starting the shower and jumping in, having no idea that he need not worry about it for long.


Lance and Joey had only been back fifteen minutes when Lance began to stir and Justin let out a little sigh in his sleep. They had decided not to get back into bed with their boys, figuring that they wouldn't be in trouble as long as both were there in the room. And, of course, that it didn't come out that they had gone.

"Hey Baby." JC greeted Lance as he sleepily struggled up onto one elbow to look at the two brunettes.

"Hi." He said pleasantly, giving no hint that he knew they had been gone. Justin eyes slowly came open as well when he felt Lance's weight move off of him, and Joey went over to pick him up, bringing him down with him to sit on the, tenderly holding him. JC smiled and looked towards the bed, where Lance was giving him a pout with his delicate pink lips. JC laughed.

"I suppose you want to be picked up and carried over here as well?" He asked, already getting up.

"Well yeah!" Lance exclaimed. "After all, Justin got picked up!"

"Yeah, well if Justin jumped off a bridge would you want to do it to?" He asked, realizing after he asked that it was one of the dumbest things he had ever said. Lance looked at him curiously, thinking the same. Then he smiled.

"I don't know, are we jumping off the bridge cus we decided to go skinny-dipping?" Lance asked, giggling as JC picked him up and planted a kiss on his lips to shut him up.

"I don't know, but if you do go skinny dipping, be sure to let me know." JC murmured, smiling at the blonde in his arms.

"Why? You can see me naked anytime you want." Lance smiled sexily and slipped his tongue into JC's mouth, not allowing the other boy to speak. But it didn't matter, because all JC could have done was stutter anyway. So instead he just carried Lance to the couch, setting him down, but not stopping the kiss as Lance settled comfortably into his lap. Finally, they had to break off for air, and Justin decided to instigate their plan.

"So, did you guys sleep well?" He asked, looking up to Joey, whose lap he happened to be sitting in.

"Uhh, yeah, we did pretty good." Joey replied, not wanting to lie, but knowing he had to if they didn't want to be caught.

"Oh, so you slept for quite a while then?" Lance asked, continuing the game. JC fidgeted under him, nervous.

"Yeah, a bit." JC answered cautiously, sparing a second to glance at Joey, who also looked worried.

"But you did sleep though?" Justin asked, leaning heavily into Joey.

"Yeah, of course." Both men responded, with a little nervous laughter. "What else would we have been doing?" JC said, smiling and hoping that they weren't caught.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe you happened to dump us in the same bed together so we wouldn't wake up, and then went off gallivanting together!" Lance exclaimed, causing JC to blush heavily.

Justin turned to glare at Joey as well, while JC began to stutter.

"So, what do you have to say for yourself?" Lance asked JC, looking quite imperious.

"Yeah, and what about you?" Justin said to Joey, expecting a long, drawn out excuse.

"Are we not cute enough for you to not even want to spend an hour in bed with us?" Lance asked, mostly teasing, but honestly wanting to know why they had gone.

Joey could see that JC had nothing to say, and didn't want his friend to get in trouble. "You have to get him out of this!" He whispered frantically into Justin's ear, who only looked confused.

"Why should I! Y'know your not out of the doghouse either, mister!" Justin exclaimed, but whispered as well.

"C'mon, you have to, we were out because JC wanted to buy a romantic gift for Lance, now save him!" He exclaimed.

"All right, but I want to hear all the details later!" Justin replied, now excited that he would get to hear about the present JC was going to give Lance. Besides, if that's what they had really been doing, then they didn't deserve to get yelled at either. "Hey Lance, y'know, I figure we should go easy on them this time, after all, it was their first slip up, and I figure, if we let them off the hook, they'll probably bring us more gifts tomorrow." He told his friend, smiling, and kissing Joey tenderly on the cheek.

Lance considered Justin's request for a moment, and decided to go with it. After all, he was sure Justin must have a good reason, one that he intended to find out later. "Well, getting a fresh bouquet of flowers tomorrow as well might be nice." He conceded, smiling, and following Justin's lead by settling his soft lips upon JC's slightly rough cheek in a tender sign of affection.

"So, are we forgiven?" JC asked quietly, but knew he probably was, judging by Lance's kiss.

"What do you say, Just, should we forgive them?" Lance asked, smiling at his friend.

"I'd say so, besides, I know, after this, they will NEVER desert us while we're asleep again," He began, casting a glare at both men. "And besides, the kiss wasn't all that bad anyway." Both boys began to giggle, while JC and Joey looked at each other, thoroughly confused.

"Umm, what kiss?" JC asked, voicing their unspoken thoughts.

"When I woke up I didn't bother opening my eyes, cus I was sure it was you, of course, and I was going to wake you up with a kiss, but it wasn't you, it was Justin, so Justin and I ended up kissing for a bit." He explained, still laughing.

Joey mouth dropped open and JC looked down at Lance in shock. "Whoa, you two kissed?" Joey said, apparently in disbelief.

"Yeah." Justin giggled. "Lance is quite the kisser." He said, as both started to laugh even harder.

"Damn, I'm sorry I missed that!" Joey exclaimed, speaking over Justin's head directly to JC.

"I know! Kinda would have liked to have been here for it!" JC agreed, thinking about the two blondes in bed, kissing.

"Yeah! You think if we asked real nice they might do it again?" Joey asked, and Justin could feel a distinct hardness sticking into his back.

"Don't know?" He said questioningly, turning to Lance, who now looked shocked himself.

"You want us to kiss again!? So you can watch us?!?!" He said, alarmed.

"Men are such pigs!" Justin exclaimed, leaping up off of Joey's lap as Lance followed suit.

JC only barely managed to control his laughter.

"Hey! You two are men too, y'know!" He exclaimed, pretending to be outraged. "That makes you pigs too!"

"No, we're just boys, which means we're cute." Lance explained, directing his comment towards JC even though it had Joey who had said they were pigs as well.

"Yeah, you're men, meaning you're pigs." Justin said, leaning down to slip Joey a little kiss. "You can't help it, it's just part of you're nature!" He exclaimed, standing up straight to make good on his getaway, but not before Joey had given him a firm smack on his bottom, which made Justin squeal. Joey laughed. "C'mon Lance," The blonde said, turning around to the other boy, who was still quite involved in kissing JC. "Come help me pick out something to wear."

"Mmm, k." Lance murmured, gently pushing away from JC, standing up. "Uh, JC, if I'm gunna go help Justin I kind of need my waist back." Lance said gently, smiling at the arms that still encircled his waist.

"I know, but I don't wanna let you go." JC said, planting a kiss on Lance's stomach over his shirt, the only part of Lance he could conveniently reach with his lips at the moment.

A soft `Aww' escaped Justin's lips and JC smiled. "Alright, you promise you'll come back to me?" He asked quietly, his head still on Lance's stomach. Lance smiled.

"I'm just going across the hall baby, not to the moon."

"Promise." JC insisted, smiling now as well.

"K, I promise." Lance said, and patted JC lightly on the head.

"What was that? Am I a dog or something?" JC asked, pretending to be offended by the pat he had been given.

Lance laughed aloud. "No, you know what you are!" He said, winking and slipping out of JC's arms, following Justin quickly towards the door, where he turned around once more to smile at JC before being yanked out of the room.

"Did he just call me a pig!?" JC asked, turning to Joey, who burst into laughter.

"I'm afraid so dude." He said, smiling. JC couldn't help it, he began to laugh as well. "We did kind of deserve it though." Joey offered, and JC agreed.

"Yeah, that was fun though, freakin' them out like that!" JC laughed.

"Yeah I know, though, I gotta say, I was kinda serious, I think it'd be damn sexy to see the two of them kiss!" Joey exclaimed, knowing JC was probably thinking the same.

"Damn right!" JC agreed, for he hadn't been entirely kidding about the kiss either. "Man, and to think we missed it when they did it voluntarily." He sighed, semi regretful.

"I'd like to remind you now that it's your fault we missed it!"

"What! It is not!" JC exclaimed, not seeing Joey's logic at all.

"Uhh, yeah! If we hadn't been out on your errand we could have seen it." Joey explained.

"Yeah, well if not for my errand they wouldn't have been in the same bed, so the kiss never even would have happened!"

"'re both responsible for the event and for us missing it?" Joey asked, smirking.

"Yeah ok, that I can live with." JC replied, relaxed, waiting for Lance to return. In the meantime he was going to make a list of the things he would need for tonight. He grabbed one of Lance's legal pads and a pen and started jotting things down. Slowly but surely, with a fair amount of Joey's help he began to develop a list of romantic things Lance would like. Vanilla scented candles, Lance's favorite foods for dinner, the most romantic CDs out of JC's collection, things like that.

"Dude, how are you gunna get all this stuff?" Joey finally asked, reminding JC that they would be at the sound check together until nine.

"Damn, I don't know, think I could ask Lonnie to get it for me?" JC replied, hoping he count on their lead security guard.

Joey hesitated a moment, cautious. "I don't know dude, I mean, I've never heard him say anything anti-gay like that or anything, but he might not be cool with it."

JC bit his lip, he didn't know what else he could do. "Well, I just won't tell him it's for Lance is all, pretend it's for a girl." He decided, ripping off the piece of paper and placing it in his pocket.

"Yeah, that's cool, 'till you see how he feels on the subject anyway." Joey agreed, just as Justin and Lance walked in through the door.

"Hey, you guys ready?" He asked, gesturing towards Joey and JC.

"Yeah, I gotta go take care of something with Lonnie real quick, I'll meet you in Chris' room in a few." He said, tenderly kissing Lance goodbye before he exited the room, leaving the blonde breathless.

"Oh my." Lance said, smiling.

"Well, c'mon, we better get to Chris' room." Joey said, trying to usher the boys towards the door.

"Oh, actually, when we got over to our room Chris was already there waiting for us, and he asked us to grab some bracelet he left in here on our way back." Justin replied, going to search the dresser top. He sifted around the things before coming to a folded up piece of paper with JC's name in block letters on the front. "Lance, what is this?" He asked curiously, holding it up.

Lance colored, still a little shy about some matter of his relationship with JC. "Oh, that's the note I wrote him, the day we got together." He said quietly, blushing.

Justin smiled and laid it quietly back on the dresser, knowing that Lance didn't really want him to read it, and continued to search around the dresser. "Ah! Found it!" He shouted triumphantly while he held up a smooth suede twang bracelet, the sort Chris favored. "Man, who would wear this?" He mumbled under his breath, making Joey laugh.

"Alrighty! Let's go then!" Joey shouted, anxious to get to the stadium for the sound check.

"You guys go ahead, I'll meet you there in just a little bit." Lance replied, and Joey sighed, but knew Lance just wanted a moment to reflect.

"See you in a few then." He said, smiling, and gently placed an arm around Justin's waist, guiding him slowly out the door.

After it had shut and he was all alone, Lance walked over slowly to the dresser, picking up the note he had written mere days before, holding it close to his heart, and feeling JC's lips upon his, just as they had been the first time. Tender, yet with a force behind them he couldn't even begin to describe, something so purely animalistic that it didn't even register for any of his recognized senses, but that didn't matter to Lance, because he would always remember. He sighed happily, a small smile flitting across his arch-bow lips, bringing a pink flush to his pale cheeks, because he was thinking of JC. `Josh, my Josh, my boyfriend, the one for me....' He smiled again, and walked away, letting the note drop from his hands and flutter gently to the dresser.

Dear JC,

Not matter who I'm with, no matter where I am, it's always you who occupies my thoughts. Nothing could keep me away if you want me, and if you decide you don't, you don't need to say a word, because it will only make my feelings stronger, and I hate to love something that I can't have. I lay awake thinking of you, no matter where I am: bus, bed, or home. The thought of your hands traveling over my body keeps me up at night, and I dream of you when I sleep. When I wake up I wonder where you are, and when I feel alone I know you'll come and save me, with a touch, a smile, a single word. That is the power you have over me, to change my entire mood by just being there, and to imagine having you for my own sends a thousand chills up my spine, and makes me smile so wide my cheeks begin to hurt. It's always been you Josh. I love you.


Alright, so the note finally got in there! Isn't everyone happy! Next Chapter: The Romantic Dinner! And also kind of a Christmas chapter, it was supposed to be done and posted by Christmas, but as you can see I got a little behind, so I hope everyone still likes it!


P.S. Everybody seen the video for `Girlfriend'? I think it's a little odd, and, lol, Justin can just barely pull off that hat, and JC looks like a complete doof! :) And there was like about 5 seconds of Lance time, which kinda bummed me out! But I do like Britney Spears new video, gotta love how low she wears those jeans, that's awesome! :)

P.S. I fell in love with that type I used for Lance's handwriting, I'm sorry if it was a little hard to read, I made it kinda big, so I think it should be ok! But just in case, I've copied it here in regular font!

Dear JC,

Not matter who I'm with, no matter where I am, it's always you who occupies my thoughts. Nothing could keep me away if you want me, and if you decide you don't, you don't need to say a word, because it will only make my feelings stronger, and I hate to love something that I can't have. I lay awake thinking of you, no matter where I am: bus, bed, or home. The thought of your hands traveling over my body keeps me up at night, and I dream of you when I sleep. When I wake up I wonder where you are, and when I feel alone I know you'll come and save me, with a touch, a smile, a single word. That is the power you have over me, to change my entire mood by just being there, and to imagine having you for my own sends a thousand chills up my spine, and makes me smile so wide my cheeks begin to hurt. It's always been you Josh. I love you.