Author: Angel


Pairing: Lance & JC, Joey & Justin

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Chapter 15

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

JC found Lonnie in his room on the floor below them, where he was staying for their weeklong residence at the hotel.

"Hey, what's up? You guys wanting to leave already?" Lonnie asked, a little surprised, for usually he was the one rushing the guys out the door, anxious to be on time.

"No, no, they're gunna need another couple minutes before they have everything sorted out and ready." JC replied, as Lonnie gestured for him to sit down. Lonnie didn't say anything, knowing JC wasn't done with whatever he had to say. "Actually," JC began, and colored a little. "I'm not here for the band at all; I came to ask a favor." He said hesitantly, not really knowing how to ask.

"Sure J, what is it?" Lonnie asked, curious as to why JC seemed so hesitant.

"Well, you know I wouldn't ask unless I absolutely couldn't do it myself, but we're going to be at the sound check for the rest of the night, and I was wondering if you could pick up a few things for me?"

Lonnie waited patiently while JC tried to explain his reasons before actually letting him know what it was he needed. "Sure, what stuff do you want me to get? And what for, if you don't mind me asking?" Lonnie replied, honestly curious.

"Well, it's for this romantic dinner thing I want to have tonight." JC replied, hoping the security guard wouldn't feel the need to question him any further about it. "And here's the list of stuff I'd like, and I'll pay for it all of course." JC said, handing over the list and digging in his pocket for his credit card. Lonnie flipped open the folded over sheet of paper and began to read.

"White roses, vanilla scented candles, a white linen tablecloth...." Lonnie slowly trailed off and looked over at JC with piercingly knowledgeable eyes. "This stuff all sounds great, Lance will love it, I'm sure." He said slowly, cautiously trying to gauge what JC's reaction would be.

The brunette's eyes widened and his jaw dropped open, he was shocked. "How did you- I mean we only- and you haven't even- and we haven't- and, how the hell did you know?" JC finally managed to complete one entire thought, but couldn't seem to do much else.

"Lucky guess." Lonnie admitted, sighing. "You two have always been obsessed with each other, ever since the start, so I've always kind of wondered.... And now, seeing the list, with all of Lance's favorite things on it, I just kinda figured." He explained patiently, watching JC's face.

JC began to laugh, he couldn't help himself. "Are we really all that obvious?" He asked, not really that surprised that Lonnie, as least, thought they were.

"Well, you hide it pretty well, and you're discreet enough about it, I suppose, but Lance, god knows I love the boy like my very own little brother, but I'm not sure he even knows the meaning of discreet. Especially when it comes to you." Lonnie said, feeling guilty, but something compelled him to tell JC the truth.

The brunette only laughed harder. "Yeah, but it's ok, now that we're together he doesn't even have to try and be discreet any more." He smiled. "Well, at least not around the guys." JC added, catching the stern look Lonnie was sending him.

"So all the guys know then?"

"Yeah, we told them this morning." He couldn't believe it had been such a short time ago, it felt like ages. JC briefly considered telling Lonnie about Joey and Justin, since he was obviously cool about everything, but decided that it wasn't really his secret to reveal, so kept his mouth shut. "So you're fine with it then?" JC had to ask, just to be sure.

"Yeah, long as you guys are happy, I'm happy." Lonnie replied, smiling. "Though you might want to tell Lance that he'll need to cool it when management is around, I'm not sure they'd like even one, let alone two, of their little superstar boys leaning that way, and together? They'd freak." He said seriously, warning him.

`God, if they would freak about two, what the hell are they gunna do if they find out about everything?' JC wondered rather pointlessly, he already knew what the answer was. "All right, so I can count on you?" He asked, standing up from the couch.

"Sure thing J, I'll have it all there in your room when you get back."

"Thanks dude, you're awesome." JC said, pulling Lonnie into a quick, firm hug before letting him go again. "And the locket is all paid for and everything, so you shouldn't have any problem just picking it up, and I'll call to tell the guy you're coming, so there won't be any mix ups."

"All right." A small smile broadened Lonnie's already wide lips. "Am I allowed to look at it?" He asked, slightly curious to see what JC had bought the other boy.

JC laughed. "Yeah, sure, go ahead." He said, smiling and pulling out his cell phone. He quickly dialed the jewelry store and spoke to the same clerk as he had earlier, letting him know that his bodyguard would be in to pick it up and giving a brief description of Lonnie. "Ok then, well you shouldn't have any problems." He said, slipping the phone back in his pocket before heading towards the door. "Thanks for doing this man, it really means a lot."

"No problem, I'll skip on the sound check for once, let a couple of the other guys deal with it so I can go get all this stuff."

"Ok, great, so we'll all see you tomorrow then?"

"Sure thing, see you then."

"Ok, well, bye, and thanks again Lonnie." JC slipped out the door, shutting it behind him, his thoughts already back to Lance.


"C'mon c'mon c'mon." Justin was reciting the mantra into Joey's ear when JC walked in.

"No, Just, I am not gunna tell you what JC bought Lance!" Joey whispered exasperatedly, tired of having to repeat himself over and over.

"Well, why not?" Justin asked, finally breaking his string of `c'mons.' Joey sighed in relief.

"Because, if I tell you, then you'll tell Lance." Joey explained patiently, sure that he was right.

"No, I won't! I promise!" Justin whispered fervently, desperately wanting to know.

Joey glanced around to make sure Chris was occupied elsewhere before giving Justin a quick kiss on the lips. "I know you, and you will." He said tenderly, stroking the blonde's cheek.

"Joey, please..." Justin whispered directly into his ear, in a voice so charged with sexuality Joey thought he might cum right there in his pants. But he knew he still couldn't tell.

"I'm sorry baby, I just can't... besides, wouldn't you rather hear it from Lance anyway?" He asked, hoping to make Justin stop pleading with him. `I'm not sure how much longer I can resist him, no matter what I promised JC!' Joey thought guiltily.

"Yeah, I guess." To Joey's intense relief he didn't ask again, but the pout on Justin's lips was enough.

"Oh c'mon, you know he's gunna tell you just about as fast as he can run across the hall!" Joey teased, smiling down at Justin, who seemed to have slid into his lap. Justin giggled, resting lightly against Joey.

"Yeah, I know." Justin slipped off of Joey and stood up as he saw Chris looking their way.

"Everybody ready to go?" He asked, a blush beginning to form on his cheeks from Chris penetrating stare.

"Sure." Chris replied, never taking his eyes off Justin and Joey as they filed out the door.

`Uh-oh.' Justin thought, wondering how long it would be before Chris put two and two together.

`Has he already?'


The guys had never liked sound checks; they were almost always boring and tedious, though this one seemed to be going pretty well so far. The amphitheater had good acoustics, all the technical equipment was in place and the stunts they had in the show should work out. They even quickly ran through their dance routines, just to make sure the stage was big enough that none of them would fall off or anything. Lance caught JC smiling at him during one routine and winked as he sexily shook his hips, a move most definitely not choreographed into the number.

"Lance, what the hell was that?" The lone representative from management, who had been watching them from one wing of the stage, asked, walking out to look over the entire band, disapproval clear in his voice.

"N-nothing." Lance half-stuttered half murmured, casting his eyes down to the ground as he began to blush.

"Well let's not have any of that in the show tomorrow night, got it?" He asked bitingly, glaring harshly at Lance, who looked like a four year old being reprimanded for playing too long with his friends.

JC's protective boyfriend instincts kicked in immediately, and he took a step closer to the man, locking eyes. "Why can't Lance do it in the show if he wants? I happened to like it." He said firmly, coming to stand beside Lance, but never taking his eyes off the other man.

"I'm only saying, we don't need the tabloids getting pictures of him doing anything like that, god knows there all already enough rumors swirling around as it is." He said derogatorily, looking down on Lance, who still hadn't raised his eyes. "We certainly don't want more people talking about him than there already are." He continued, shying away from coming right out and saying he thought Lance was too gay, but only because JC had taken another step forward.

JC had grown more and more furious as the man spoke, and now glanced back at Lance, who looked like he might burst into tears, and grabbed the man by the shirt, pulling him the rest of the way forward.

"Is there anything else you would like to say before I pound you into hamburger meat?" JC asked, snarling, his face only two inches from the now terrified representative's.

"I-I, I just, I didn't mean-" Now it was his turn to stutter, but JC didn't want to hear it.

"I don't fucking care." He replied, getting ready to beat the shit out of this guy that had been audacious enough to upset Lance.

"JC, c'mon, don't." Lance came up beside him, resting a hand on his arm.

"But he-" JC began, but didn't growl this time, instead turning his voice tender and soft for Lance.

"I know." Lance cut him off. "And he's a jerk, but if you get physical with him you'll just get the whole band in trouble, y'know?"

JC sighed, Lance was right. But he still wasn't going to let this asshole get off without anything. "Don't ever let me fucking see you again, or next time, I really will beat the shit out of you." He snarled again, holding the man's face only inches below his own. "Now get out of here." He said harshly, throwing the man down on the ground where he made a solid thud against the stage, but quickly picked himself up and hurried away. "Fucking asshole." JC said as soon as he was gone. Switching modes immediately form protective to gentle, JC rested a hand upon Lance's lower back. "You ok baby?" He asked softly, propelling Lance towards the other guys.

"Yeah, it's ok, nothing I haven't heard before." Lance smiled weakly at JC and looked rather relieved.

"Well don't worry about it, you know from now on I'll always be here to beat 'em up for you." He said, smiling as Lance began to giggle.

"Nice to have a big ol' strong boyfriend to fight my battles for me, huh?" Lance said as they came into the loose semi-circle the other guys had formed.

They all began to laugh and Chris and Joey each gave JC a friendly slap on the back.

"Good job man." Joey said, grasping his arm.

"Yeah dude, nicely done." Chris said, giving him another pat on the back.

JC smiled, relieved. He knew they would probably all be hearing about this and was glad the other guys thought what he had done was right.

"You know we are probably gunna get a lecture and reprimand from management for this?" JC asked, grimacing, hoping it wouldn't be their manager, Lou Pearlman, who would be giving them the dressing-down. None of them liked seeing Lou, let alone having to talk with him for any extended period of time.

"Doesn't matter." Joey reassured him, smiling and gently tugging on Justin's arm a little so that he would move closer. Justin, who was chatting with Lance while Joey and Chris handled congratulating JC, smiled and scooted until he was as close as he could be without standing on top of the brunette.

"Yeah, seriously, you did the right thing, sticking up for Lance like that; it won't be a problem."

"All right, cool." JC replied, reassured that they weren't mad. "And you're ok babe?" JC asked, just wanting to make sure.

"Yeah, thanks Hun." Lance smiled and stood on tiptoes to kiss JC lightly on the cheek. JC smiled back and pecked him chastely on the lips.

The man from management still stood in the wings.


On the way back Lance and Justin sat on one side of the limo, talking animatedly, while Chris laid with his head against the back of the seat, trying to rest. Joey slid across to where JC was sitting, a thought suddenly popping into his head.

"Hey Joe." JC smiled, excited about getting back to the hotel and showing Lance his surprise.

"Hey, listen, I was just sitting over there thinking and was wondering, y'know, since you're giving the locket to Lance tonight, what are you going to get him for Christmas?" He asked, and JC's eyes widened.

"Aww crap, that's in just like a week and half huh?" JC asked, wondering if he should wait on the locket.

"Yeah, sucks that we can't get it off." Joey grimaced, remembering the argument they had had with management over the point.

"Yeah, but I mean at least we'll get to spend it with each other, honestly, I'd rather be with Lance, and if we were all going home to our families, I don't know that I could take him with me." JC replied, happy now that they wouldn't be able to leave for Christmas.

"Yeah." Joey agreed, smiling at the thought getting to see Justin on Christmas morning. "Speaking of families, are you planning on telling yours?" He asked, wondering what JC's opinion on the matter was. Joey had already decided that he would wait until Justin was ready and then just go along with whatever his boyfriend wanted, whether it was telling their families or keeping it a secret.

"Don't really know yet, I mean, if this was just like some dumb little fling I wouldn't, but I think, that this is really the one, y'know?" JC replied, eyes growing distant for a moment as he considered the possibilities.

"Yeah, I know, and I'm sure Lance feels the same way." Joey replied, grinning, realizing that JC was about to come to the exact same conclusion he had.

"I think I'll just wait 'till he's ready, and then go with the flow then, y'know?" JC said it aloud, and it was the first time he had come completely to a decision about it.

"Yeah, that's what I'm planning on doing with Justin too." Joey agreed, settling back into the seat.

"So you two are pretty serious then?" JC asked, not really all that surprised.

"Yeah, I think so anyway, I mean, I know we've only been going out like, a day, but it's been really great." He paused for a moment. "Why?" He asked, curious as to what JC might be hinting at.

"Just curious is all." JC replied noncommittally, but Joey understood his message loud and clear, that Lance wasn't the only one that JC would kick ass for if need be.

Joey only laughed. "Don't worry, J, Justin certainly won't be needing any protection from me."

"Alright." JC replied in the same tone as before, letting Joey know he wasn't completely convinced.

"I could never, ever do anything to hurt Justin, you, of all people, should know what I mean JC, I feel the same way about him as you do about Lance." Joey implored, wanting JC to trust him completely.

JC smiled, it had worked. "Yeah, yeah, I know." He laughed.

"So anyway, are you gunna hold off on giving Lance that locket or what?" Joey asked, moving back to their original subject.

"Mmm, naw, I don't think so. I'll just have to get him something really good for Christmas too, cus I most definitely want to give him the locket tonight." JC decided, already considering what Lance might like for Christmas.

Joey nodded, he had been pretty sure that JC would feel that way. "You wanna go out looking together in the next few days or so? Cus I could use some help trying to figure out what to get for Justin."

"Yeah, sure, that'll be cool." JC agreed, smiling again, and trying to relax as they pulled into the hotel-parking garage. "Can you do me a favor and distract Lance for a couple minutes while I go up and set everything up?" JC asked, eyes pleading.

"Yeah, no problem, do you want me to keep him in the lobby or like just in my room for a while?"

"Doesn't matter, just as long as he stays there until it's all ready!"

Joey laughed. "Yeah ok, I think I can handle that."


Joey had enlisted Justin's help and they had dragged Lance off to their room. Lance had given JC a pleading look, hoping that he might be saved, but had no such luck. Of course, there was a reason for that. JC got into his room and found a note from Lonnie lying on the desk.

Hey JC, I got all the stuff on the list that you asked for, it's all in the bags here, except for the locket, which I left in it's little jewelry box and put in the desk. The food should be delivered at about 9:30. Have fun.


He had drawn a small winking smiley face at the bottom of the note and JC felt himself beginning to blush. He shook his head and glanced at the clock, seeing it read 9:15. `Perfect.' He decided, that would give him just enough time. He quickly inspected the bags and found that Lonnie had, in fact, gotten everything. JC quickly set up the small card table and draped the white linen tablecloth over it. It reached just to the floor, and JC smiled, he'd actually created a rather presentable dinner table. He set two of the tall, slim pillar candles in the center with their silver holders. He then proceeded to place the other candles at random throughout the room, lighting them as he went. He laid the bouquet of white roses on the desk and got out the small silver box from the desk, opening it to see the locket. It was perfect, shiny white gold, with a small starburst pattern on the inside, along with the inscription he had requested on the left side in tiny, delicate script. He smiled and slipped in a tiny picture of the two of them about the size of his thumbnail. It was black and white, and showed only him smiling over at Lance, while Lance looked forward, oblivious. JC had always treasured this picture of the two of them; Joey had taken it, years ago, when the band had first started out, and he had never understood how anyone could mistake his feelings for Lance one they saw that picture.

There was a knock on the door and a bellboy wheeled in the full room service cart. JC lifted up each of the lids, making sure everything was right, then checked for the champagne and ice bucket, and once satisfied that everything he wanted was there tipped the young man and sent him on his way. He made a few more preparations and then picked out the fullest and most beautiful of the white roses and strolled out the door.


Justin and Joey were both talking a mile a minute. Randomly, about anything, it seemed to Lance, that popped into their heads.

`I just want to go be with JC, don't they get that??? Besides, shouldn't they be wanting to have some alone time now too?' Lance wondered, missing his man. When the door opened and JC walked in he jumped up from where he was sitting, exclaiming.

"JC, you're here!" He said thankfully, but JC didn't reply, instead coming to stand silently in front of Lance.

He had stripped the thorns off the rose he was holding while standing outside the door, and now pressed it gently into Lance's palm, lightly grasping the blonde's other hand and bringing it up to his lips, continental style.

"Mr. Bass, would you do me the great pleasure of granting me your company at dinner tonight?" He asked formally, not letting go of Lance's hand.

"That sounds wonderful." Lance replied, smiling down at JC's slightly bowed head. JC looked up, his facade of formality broken when his lips stretched in an ear to ear grin.

"C'mon!" He said excitedly, anxious now for Lance to see the surprise he had planned for him.

"Bye guys!" Lance exclaimed, waving as JC pulled him quickly towards the door.

"So what are we having?" Lance asked as they got out into the hall.

"You'll see." JC smiled mysteriously, opening the door to their room and standing back so that Lance could see inside.

"Oh, my god." Lance whispered softly, stepping into the softly lit paradise that their room had become. "How did you- I mean when did you...?" Lance trailed off, turning all around in wonder.

There weren't any lights on, but what seemed like a million candles were strewn artfully around the room, each giving off their soft glow. There was a small table in the center of the room, with unlit white pillar candles and a bottle of champagne resting lightly in a bed of ice, all on a tablecloth of pristine white linen.

"Everything's so beautiful." He said quietly, in awe of all the things JC had done.

"Only because you are too." JC whispered, slipping around to be in front of Lance, gently grasping him by the waist and bringing his lips down to the blonde's in a light, tender kiss. JC let his tongue slip slowly into the blonde's willing mouth, tracing along the edges of Lance's lips, gently claiming the younger boy for his own. Lance seemed to melt in JC's arms, becoming weak, his entire weight supported by JC's arms around him.

"C'mon, let's have some dinner before it gets too cold." JC smiled, leading Lance to the table and pulling out the blonde's chair for him, making sure Lance was seated and scooted in before he went to the serving cart. "And what would the gentleman like first?" He asked politely, pretending to be a waiter as he folded Lance's napkin politely into his lap, taking the chance to brush up against the blonde.

Lance laughed aloud. "Well first I will have to ask the kind sir to stop trying to grope me." He smiled, but JC began to pout. "Without asking first, of course." He added, winking.

"Maybe later then." JC replied, planting another small kiss on Lance's lips and emitting a playful little growl Lance found irresistible. They kissed once more, this time deeply, with tongue, but Lance was ravenous, and his stomach began to growl loudly, interrupting their romantic moment.

JC looked at Lance, rather startled.

"I guess I'm rather hungry." The younger boy said, blushing.

JC laughed. "I'd say so!" He began dishing out the food, giving Lance large portions of the steamed rice, vegetable lo mein, and sweet and sour chicken, along with pot stickers, Lance's favorite. He then did the same for his own plate, and leaned over to light the candles on the table, eliciting an `Ahh' of delight from Lance as he did so.

"I'm glad you approve." JC said, smiling, and pouring Lance a quarter glass of champagne.

"That's all I get???" He asked, pouting, and gesturing towards his glass.

"Lance, you're not even of the legal drinking age yet, I shouldn't be letting you have any!" JC exclaimed, but filled Lance's glass up a little more anyway. "Tsk tsk tsk, what would your mother say?" He said quietly, smirking at the blonde.

Lance laughed. "I think, that compared with the shock she's going to get when I tell her about us, it won't be such a big deal." Lance smiled, and took a sip of his champagne.

"So you're planning on telling your family then?" JC asked, looking across the candle lit table.

"Well yeah, if that's all right with you?" Lance asked quickly, never really having considered that JC might have a problem with it.

"Of course it is baby." JC smiled reassuringly, beginning to play footsy with Lance under the table. "Whatever and whenever you want." JC said, and Lance smiled, relieved.

They spent the rest of the dinner speaking softly of everything and anything that came into their minds, laughing and listening to the other speak.

"I do believe you are trying to get me drunk, Mr. Chasez." Lance commented at one point during the dinner, as JC refilled his glass for the third time.

"My, aren't we complainy tonight?" JC teased. "First, I want more, more JC, and then, no, no, what are you doing, getting me all drunk like this?"

Lance laughed, his low voice forming a sultry sound JC found hypnotic. "But am I right?" Lance questioned, staring deep into JC's eyes, smiling.

"Why yes, of course." JC smiled as well, leaning in to lightly kiss the younger boy. "My plan is to get you so fantastically over-the-top drunk that I can ravish you during the night! Licking every inch of your steaming hot body and using my tongue to pleasure your entire length...." JC's words became lost in Lance's lips as he entwined his tongue up in the blonde's.

Later, as they finished dinner, JC cleared the dishes, setting them back on the now disheveled room service cart.

"I've got something for you." He whispered, pulling Lance to his feet and then going to the desk, where he brought out the small box containing the locket. When Lance caught sight of it he gasped.

"Oh my god, JC- is that-?" Lance began, a little alarmed. But JC laughed, realizing Lance thought the box had an engagement ring inside of it.

"No no, my silly little boy. Someday, but not quite yet." He said, coming to stand in front of Lance. "For now, just this." He handed the box to Lance, who carefully took the lid off and parted the tissue paper inside.

"JC, I, it's breathtaking." Lance gasped, bringing the locket out to look at it in the candlelight.

"Open it up." JC urged quietly, exhilarated to see the joy already apparent on Lance's face.

Lance did so softly, reading aloud the inscription. "L- Forever and Always My Baby, I Love You. -J." JC could see the tears glistening in Lance's eyes, and went to embrace him. "Oh, Josh, this is so amazing, thank you so much." Lance whispered into his ear, and JC lightly kissed him. "Will you put it on me?" He asked softly.

As JC moved around to behind Lance and placed it around the blonde's neck Lance whispered to him. "I've always loved this picture of us, you know?" He asked softly, letting JC know how much the present meant to him.

"Yeah?" JC asked, thinking it curious that they would both have such an affinity for it.

"Uhuh, I have a copy of it on my dresser at home, and a smaller one in my wallet, behind the picture of my little brother so that no one would see it. It's just for me." He smiled, and JC muffled a laugh. He gently clasped the necklace and Lance slipped it underneath his shirt so that it could be next to his skin. JC smiled and hugged him from behind.

"You wanna go to bed?" He whispered, nipping at Lance's neck. Lance smiled, and turned around in JC's arms.

"I don't know, what are we gunna do in bed?" Lance asked, kissing JC intermittently between words, letting his tongue slip in and gently out, making JC moan in pleasure.

"Depends, how drunk are you?" JC asked, smiling a bit as they continued to play with each other's lips.

"Pretty drunk." Lance giggled, it wasn't exactly true, he'd only had a couple glasses, but he wanted to see what JC would say.

"Not a lot then." JC smirked, referring to what they would be doing in bed, and gave Lance another tiny kiss.

"Aww c'mon, I was only kidding, I'm not that drunk." Lance whined lightly, smiling.

"Oh, I see how it is then, you were just trying to trick me to see if I would take advantage of you?" JC smiled, he was sure Lance already knew he wouldn't.

"Well, a little bit of that," Lance brought JC's lips back to his, closing his eyes. "But also, I thought it sounded rather nice, being ravished." JC could feel Lance's lips curve up into a smile.

"Well, in that case!" JC leaned down and picked Lance up into his arms, carrying him to the bed and laying him down on his back.

He crawled over the blonde, kissing him as he began to unbutton the younger man's shirt. Soon the parted fabric was spilled out around him, and JC stuck a hand under the blonde's back, lifting him up slightly so he could tug it the rest of the way off, throwing it to the floor. He slowly worked his way down Lance's neck, licking at the smooth jaw line, and then biting the blonde's neck, making him whimper in pleasure. JC moved further downward, satisfied that his bite would leave a mark. He kissed the hollow of Lance's throat and licked it gently, eliciting shivers of excitement from the other boy. He kissed the angle of Lance's collarbone, gently dragging his teeth against the pale ivory skin. Lance whimpered. JC took this as a sign of approval and continued his descent, gently circling Lance's small pink nipple with his tongue before lightly biting down upon the most sensitive part.

"Ahh-ahh!" Lance exclaimed, as JC used his teeth. JC looked up, rather alarmed.

"It didn't hurt, did it, baby?" JC asked, but didn't stop in the meantime.

"Mmmm, ahh, I mean, uhh, no, baby....ahh, ohh, keep going...." Lance trailed off, moaning loudly.

JC made his way to Lance's belly button, planting tiny little kisses, along with intermittent bites, all down his soft, lily-white skin. Soon he reached the blonde's belly button and let his tongue caress over it, licking slowly all around and then moving further down, coming to the top of Lance's jeans. He let one hand slide up and unbuttoned them, pulling down the zipper and sliding them off the blonde's legs. He slowly licked all around the edge of Lance's tight boxer briefs, trying to ignore the engorged member pressing up through the fabric. He slid one finger under the waistband, gently gliding his finger along the very top line of skin, tickling, making Lance moan in pleasure. He gently folded over the offending strip of fabric and replaced the finger with his tongue, now using his digits to trace the outline of Lance's cloth-covered cock.

`Thick.' JC decided in pleasure, looking forward to wrapping his lips around the hard shaft. He folded the fabric over once more, coming to the very top of Lance's small bush of pubic hair.

"Lance, baby, can I....?" JC didn't need to finish his question, Lance was so wild with desire he could barely manage to moan an affirmative, let alone stop anything. JC smiled devilishly and slowly, inch by inch, removed the last remaining piece of clothing from Lance's tender body. Finally, Lance's hard dick came into view, springing up further than he would have expected, and JC threw the boxers away, stripping off his own last remnants of clothing as well. He sat back to admire the view for a second. Lance, writhing naked on the bed, in all his golden glory, flat stomach taking in shallow little breaths, his hard shaft pointing prominently into the air, whole body quivering.

"Why, why, why'd ya stop?????" Lance practically whined.

"Shh, don't worry, I'm just admiring the view." JC leaned back down, placing a long, broadside stroke all the way up the sensitive underside of Lance's penis.

"Ahhh, uhhh." Lance voice went from high to low, cracking upon the middle note.

JC began to tease, slowly licking up one side and then down the other, swirling his tongue around the top of the head, gently flicking it across Lance's slit. Then he took the sensitive head into his mouth, gently scraping his teeth along the tender underside. He only went two inches down before coming back up, then going down a little further down next time, letting his tongue massage the head as he did so.

"Ohhhhh...." Lance's long moan spurred JC on, as he slowly slurped more and more of the blonde's hot cock into his mouth as he began to jerk himself off as well. JC licked upwards, once again along the underside, eliciting a whimper from Lance. He licked up and down the base, barely touching the head, and then delivering a barrage of licks across it, flicking his tongue in and out.

"MMMMm-aaaaaaa...." Lance moaning was getting louder and louder, and JC could tell he was close. JC sped up his own strokes to match his time to Lance's.

"C'mon baby, give it to me......" JC whispered seductively. He took Lance as far as he could into his mouth, only an inch away from the bottom. Lance was breathing harder, and his husky moaning inspired JC to take the last inch. He relaxed his throat and went the rest of the way down, feeling Lance's engorged member fill his mouth completely.

"OH, JC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lance yelled as he came, setting JC off as well, and both began to cum. Lance's thick white ropes of juice shot into JC's mouth while the brunette's splattered against the younger boy's leg, not to mention the bedspread. JC took as much as he could of Lance's cum before pulling away, leaving the rest to cover Lance's soft stomach.

"How was it baby?" JC asked as he slid up the bed so that he could be next to Lance. He rested one leg between the blonde's and laid on his side so he could face his boyfriend.

"That...was so....amazing...." Lance gasped out, trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah?" JC asked, smirking, confident now that his skills were enough for Lance.

"Oh, yeah." Lance smiled, and gently kissed JC. "And now, it's your turn." He smiled and began to slide his hand down. But JC caught it and brought it back up, smiling. He laughed quietly.

"Baby, I already did me." JC smiled. He could definitely go again, of course, but didn't want Lance to feel like there was anything he had to do that he didn't feel comfortable with yet just because JC had given him a blowjob. Lance looked at him, perplexed for a minute before he finally realized what JC meant.

"Well, why in the world did you do that without me?!?!?!?" He asked, almost alarmed.

JC laughed again. "You make it sound like you weren't even here." JC said, kissing Lance. Lance giggled.

"Well I know, but I was gunna give you like the best blowjob ever in return, but you've already cum! Why did you do that???" Lance asked, surprised.

Lance's declaration of his intention's surprised JC, to say the least. JC couldn't help it, he mentally smacked himself on the forehead. "Uhg, I am so stupid!" He exclaimed.

"What???" Lance asked, now thoroughly confused.

JC groaned and buried his head in Lance's chest.

"C'mon baby, what is it???" Lance asked, beginning to giggle, now more amused then alarmed.

"Well, I guess it's rather dumb, but you see, I figured you wouldn't be entirely ready to take that next step, of y'know, blowing me, but I SO wanted to give you one, so I just kinda figured, that I would give you one, and then get myself off at the same time, so you wouldn't feel like pressured or anything to return the favor!" JC exclaimed, looking up at Lance.

Lance burst out laughing. "Oh my god, JC, I don't know how you did it, but somehow, you managed to turn the like hottest, most amazing, cum filled blowjob ever into this like incredibly sweet, romantic gesture!"

JC smirked. "What can I say, it's a gift I have."

"All right then, well we'll just say I owe you one then, k?" Lance asked, smiling.

"Sounds good to me." JC said, slipping his arms around Lance. Lance smiled and slipped around until his bare butt was nestled against JC. JC moved his hands down so he could cup the blonde boy.

"Mmm JC, if you hold me there, I don't think we'll be getting much sleep." Lance yawned, practically asleep already now that the post-sex awareness had departed.

`Might not be so bad.' JC thought, but since Lance was almost asleep in his arms, decided not to push that issue, instead moving his hands up to be around Lance's chest. "Goodnight baby." JC whispered, kissing Lance's soft little lips.

Lance only smiled, too tired to reply.

Chapter 16

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

Lance's Dream:

"Yeah, that's right, aww, yeah, suck it Lance, mmm, fuck yeah, you know you want it, suck it boy." Brian bounced Lance's head up and down on his rigid cock, practically gagging Lance each time he forced it all the way in. He had Lance by the hair, and was making sure it was only enjoyable for one of them. "Suck that thing, yeah, you like it, don't ya, don't ya?" His strong accent made the words even harsher than they were intended.

Tears began to stream down Lance's face, he knew Brian noticed, but it didn't matter, because Brian didn't care about him anyway.

`How did I get myself into this?' Lance wondered dismally, no longer even trying to resist, letting his mouth be jerked up on down on Brian's dick.

Soon Brian pulled out, cumming all over Lance's face, his squirts going everywhere.

"Yeah, like that, don't ya, stupid slut." Brian snickered as he came, groaning. "Ahh, ahh, yeah."

Once it stopped Lance wiped his face with his crumpled up clothes in a pile beside him.

"You gunna stay?" He asked, hope still coloring his voice.

Brian laughed harshly. "Yeah, like I'd stay with you, dumb slut." Brian laughed as he stood and pulled his pants up, zipping them before heading to the door.

Lance began to cry again, sobs wracking his body as he laid back on the bed.

`I thought he loved me.' Lance slowly curled into a ball, tears wetting the pillow. `I thought he loved me.' Lance's tears soon left him, and he was alone, with only his dry, wracking sobs for comfort.

`I thought he loved me.'


"Lance, Lance baby wake up." JC gently shook Lance's arms until he woke up, still crying.

"Oh, JC...." Lance buried his head in the older boy's chest and began to cry, not being able to hold back. JC rubbed his back soothingly, whispering to him that everything would be all right. After a few minutes, Lance stopped crying and only continued to sniffle, but still didn't seem ready to talk. Soon he was asleep again, and JC settled down as well, content that for now, everything was all right again.


"JC, JC wake up." Lance's whisper, and gently poking finger, slowly penetrated JC's consciousness and he leaned over to smile at the blonde.

"Hey sweetie, what's up?" He asked sleepily, slipping his hands down around Lance's butt to draw him closer.

"I'm all sticky." Lance said, grimacing cutely and squirming around.

JC smiled, remembering their activities last night. "And you woke up me up to tell me this why, exactly?" JC asked, eyes now open, thoroughly amused.

"CUS," Lance whined, grimacing again. "I need to go take a shower."

"K." JC said, smiling, but not letting his hands slip from around Lance.

"C'mon baby, I'm serious, I wanna go shower." Lance whined when JC didn't move.

JC looked at him curiously, rather perplexed. "So go." He said, tilting his head to the side and arching an eyebrow. After all, it wasn't like Lance couldn't get out of his loose grasp if he wanted to.

Lance laughed, deep and throaty. "Baby," He whispered seductively. "I'm not sure you understand." He took JC's hand in his own and began to move it around. "You see, I," He touched JC's fingertips lightly to his own bare chest "Want you," he moved them over to JC, stroking the brunette's soft pink lips. "To take me," Once again he touched himself with JC's hand, but lower this time, right on top of his belly button. "To the shower." he moved JC's hand down the rest of the way, cupping it around his already hardening penis.

"Oh, OH!" JC exclaimed, finally understanding what Lance wanted him to do. "Well, in that case!" JC scooped the smaller boy into his arms, jumping up off the bed. "Good morning, by the way." He said, leaning down to kiss Lance on the mouth, but letting it stop at a sweet waking up kiss.

"Good morning yourself." Lance smiled and kissed JC's chest, the only part he could reach with his mouth. JC carried him into the bathroom and set him down on the counter like he was a five-year-old, turning to get the shower started. Lance let his feet dangle, enjoying the view of naked JC. By the time JC had turned back around Lance was squirming again, a small frown on his lips.

"What's wrong babe?" JC asked, a little concerned, but knew that it probably wasn't anything too life threatening. Lance bit his lip and was silent for a moment, as if deciding whether or not to share his situation with JC.

"Well, it was very nice of you to set me down here while you got the shower water warm, but now my bottom is quite cold!" Lance exclaimed, shifting around. JC laughed, Lance was being quite childlike this morning, and JC found he liked it.

"Well, I do believe I can take care of that as well." JC smiled and came over to the encounter, lifting Lance up just the slightest bit so he could slip his wet, warm hands under the blonde's cheeks so that they would be warmed up.

"Why thank you." Lance grinned and kissed JC, who was exactly at eye level now.

"No problem." JC smirked, deepening the kiss as they spoke. Soon he felt Lance's full length prodding gently at his stomach. "My my, looks like someone has a stiffie." JC teased, grasping it in his warm hand. Lance had a clever reply ready, but gasped as one side of his butt touched down to the cold marble. JC quickly placed the hand back where it had been. "Sorry about that babe." he smiled, and Lance giggled.

"Gosh that counter's cold!" Lance exclaimed, a blush coming to his cheeks as he turned around to look at the counter and saw their naked reflections in the mirror. JC saw it and laughed.

"Don't worry hun, no one can see you except me." JC smirked, licking Lance's neck.

"I know, but suddenly when I saw us in the mirror, it was like, `what if my mom could see us like this'!"

JC looked at Lance, eyes wide, startled, then began to laugh. He laid his head down on the blonde's shoulder, the laughter convulsing through him.

"Man, you sure know how to ruin the mood baby." JC said, smiling at Lance, who kissed him on the top of the head.

"Sorry about that, J." Lance said, genuinely sorry.

JC laughed harder. "Nah nah it's ok. So you still up for that shower?" JC asked, realizing the water was probably warm enough by now.

"Well, I am still kinda sticky." Lance smiled, and JC picked him up off the counter and carried them both into the shower. He set Lance down on his feet under the spray, so that his hair became plastered down to his forehead and the water streamed down his front.

JC smiled and leaned down, tenderly kissing Lance.

"I love you." He whispered, letting his hands rest on the younger boy's silky smooth chest, droplets of water falling from them both.


The day passed quickly; they all ate lunch together around two, but only because Chris decided he didn't feel like being alone anymore. Lance came in wearing a borrowed pair of JC's silky boxers and a t-shirt, JC chiding him, saying he was going to catch cold. Lance only smiled and replied that it was 75 degrees in their room, but obediently put on the snugly PJ pants that JC brought him. In truth, Lance thought JC was doing it more because he didn't want Lance traipsing around in just his night clothes in front of the other guys, wanting to keep Lance all to himself. It was odd, but cute, Lance decided. `Really kinda sweet, actually.' He thought, catching JC's eyes as they traveled up and down his body.

Justin showed up in Joey's favorite sweatshirt, the one he never let anyone borrow, because he said that they would either ruin it or get it dirty. Chris spotted this immediately and added one more thing to his growing list of odd occurrences between Justin and Joey. `Something's going on....' He realized by now, and thought he had a pretty good idea of just exactly what that thing was, but decided to keep it to himself, just out of respect for the two guys privacy.

Eventually they all drifted back to their separate rooms, agreeing to meet again before the concert later that night. Chris tried to while away the time by distracting himself. He was bored, but didn't want to go visit either of the other rooms, because he got the feeling he wouldn't be welcome. They would never say that of course, but JC and Lance were rather occupied with each other, and if he was right in his suspicions, then so were Joey and Justin. `God, I need to get a boyfriend.' He thought to himself, then smacked his forehead when he realized what he'd just done.

"I've been hanging out around too many gay guys." He muttered to himself, faking a grimace for his own benefit. Honestly, the prospect didn't sound all that un-appealing. "At least it would be something." He consoled himself, then went to lay down, hoping that would help his noon time blues.


It was the middle of `Tearin' Up My Heart' and Lance couldn't concentrate. If he hadn't been very aware of the millions of fans out there watching him he would have stripped off all his clothes and thrown himself on JC right away. They had taken a nap before the concert, and Lance had laid awake for a while after JC had fallen asleep by his side. Never once did JC take his hands from Lance's waist, but the grip was never vice-like, even in his sleep JC was always tender with Lance. It had taken some long thought, but, laying there, with JC's arms wrapped around him, Lance had finally decided he was ready for them to take the next step. All the way. The thought of JC inside him, pulsing against his flesh, was just too much for Lance, and he practically sprung a leak at the mere thought.

He constantly had to keep reminding himself of all the fans watching him. It was bad enough he had a huge hard-on, and since he wasn't wearing any underwear, (he couldn't because of the tight costume they were wearing at the moment) it was very apparent to everyone, and the last thing he needed to do was start drooling over JC's sexy gyrations during a number. At one point, he was focusing so thoroughly on making his body relax that he forgot to sing one whole verse entirely. Luckily Joey picked up his last few lines, understanding why the blonde was so distracted.

`It has to be special.' He decided, absentmindedly following along, stepping and singing when the others did. As the music slowed Lance decided he would have a talk with Justin about it, who he was sure would be happy to help. `Maybe for Christmas?' He wondered.

The curtain finally closed, with Lance still rather distracted.


Joey and Justin had said they both needed to go use the bathroom, so it was just Lance, JC, and Chris in the dressing room after the show.

"JC...stop looking at me!" Lance squealed as they all began to change back into their street clothes.

"Why?" JC asked, coming to stand even closer to Lance, while Chris looked on in amusement.

"Cus, I'm trying to get undressed!" Lance exclaimed yuppily, not realizing how dumb his reason was.

"I'm your boyfriend babe, I'm allowed to look now!" JC laughed as he slipped his hands around Lance's waist.

"Allowed to look now??? Meaning you looked before???" Lance asked, teasing.

JC smiled down at Lance. "Well, little stolen glances here and there." JC said, giving Lance a small peck on the lips.

"While we were changing?????" Lance asked, a little shocked, for he had been kidding.

JC laughed. "Hell yes!" He exclaimed, planting a deeper kiss on Lance's lips now.

"Gosh! Like, seriously?!?!?!"

JC quirked his lips and arched one eyebrow, finding it curious that Lance was so surprised.

"Do you remember, at the very beginning, how you and Justin were too embarrassed to get changed in front of any of us, so we all stood facing a wall with our backs to each other, so you two would be ok with it?"

Lance blushed and then giggled, remembering how about a month or so after they had started performing, once he and Justin had become close friends, they had practiced getting undressed in front of each other so they would be comfortable doing it in front of the other guys.

"You remember?" JC asked, still not having gotten any answer other than a small laugh.

"Yeah, I remember." Lance smiled, rather curious as to where JC was going with this.

"Well, do you remember that one stadium in Utah or wherever that we performed at for like 3 days in a row? And it was all old and decrepit and stuff but I loved it, and no one could understand why?" JC asked, a mysterious little grin on his face.

"Yeah, I remember..." Lance said, looking up at JC suspiciously.

"Well, the reason I liked it, was cus you always stood facing the wall with that picture on it, and I stood facing the one directly across from there, and about two inches above my head there was this little mirror, that no one seemed to notice but me...." JC trailed off, a small smile playing across his lips at the memory.

Lance stared at him for a moment, still confused. "So there was a mirror, so what? All the dressing rooms have mirrors in them." JC winked and Lance suddenly realized why the mirror was important. "You watched me changing in that mirror!?!?!" He exclaimed, seeming almost outraged.

"Uhh Yeah!" JC laughed. "It had the nicest view of your sweet little butt as you changed in and out of costumes! I had to make sure I already had my pants on or there would have been a very noticeable problem!"

"I can't believe you like spied on me while I was changing! I was 16 at the time!" Lance exclaimed, giving JC a little smack on the arm.

"I know I know! And I always felt very guilty afterwards, believe me!" JC replied truthfully, remembering the cycle of emotions he had always gone through after each time.

Lance laughed. "Obviously not guilty enough to stop!" He exclaimed, smirking.

"I couldn't help it! Your bottom was too cute not to look at!" JC smiled, leaning in to kiss the blonde. But Lance smoothly avoided him, pulling his head away. JC frowned, not letting go of Lance, who didn't try to slip away. "What's wrong baby, you're not really mad that I was checking out your butt while you were changing, are you???" JC asked, surprised.

"NO." Lance pouted, still not turning up his lips, but not trying to escape JC's arms.

"Then what is it?" JC asked, thoroughly confused by Lance's sudden mood swing.

"You said was." Lance continued to pout, not looking up at JC.

"Was?" JC asked, still not understanding.

"You said my bottom was too cute to not look at." Lance clarified, biting his lip in a mock sorrowful manner.

"Oh!" JC laughed and smacked his forehead, realizing Lance was just kidding around. "Well, let me assure you, it is even cuter now." JC now locked lips with the blonde, who didn't resist as JC slowly slipped his hands down the back of the other boy's pants and gently squeezed.

Chris coughed, trying to get their attention. "Uhh guys, I am still here y'know." He said, and Lance immediately turned scarlet; he had forgotten.

JC, however, pretended to act offended. "You got a problem with me kissing my boyfriend, Kirkpatrick?" He asked harshly, a frown on his face.

"No, but I'd rather not have to watch you grope him." Chris said disapprovingly, letting his eyes drop down to Lance's waist level, just to make sure JC got the point.

JC smiled and laughed sheepishly, removing his hands from Lance's pants, who was still red with embarrassment. "Sorry Chris." JC apologized nicely, and Lance echoed him.

"Don't worry about it." Chris said, laughing. He came over to pat Lance on the back. "Y'know, if it makes you feel any better about the whole thing, JC wasn't very discreet about checking you out in that mirror."

"Oh really?" Lance asked slyly, looking over to JC, whose turn it was to blush now.

"Oh yeah, I mean, like that entire week he would get undressed and then pull his boxers and jeans on crazy fast, like something was after him! And then he would take like 10 minutes getting his t-shirt or whatever on, always looking up into that mirror! So finally, I got curious enough, that on our last day there I went and stood over by that wall and looked up into the mirror, trying to figure out what the hell it was that had him so interested. Took me a while, but finally, I pictured the room as it would be when we were all in there changing and realized exactly what he would be seeing!" Chris exclaimed, laughing at the memory.

Lance smacked him on the arm, something Chris hadn't been expecting. "Well why didn't you tell me!" He asked, almost upset.

"Oh, c'mon, it might have freaked you out! And even if it hadn't-" He added as Lance began to protest. " -what would you have about it anyway?"

"Jumped him!" Lance exclaimed readily, throwing himself on JC, who had laid down on the couch, and knocked the wind out of brunette with his pouncing.

Chris laughed. "No you wouldn't have! You're a total chicken Lance, and would have been way too scared that I was wrong!"

Lance reflected on that, biting his lip for a moment. "True." He finally agreed. "But it still would have been great, if we had gotten together that much earlier." Lance smiled, pulling JC up by his shirt to give him a little kiss.

JC, who had caught his breath by this time, managed to reply. "Sorry hun, but you were jailbait at the time, you know!"

Lance considered this for a moment as well. "True." He agreed once again, smiling as he felt JC's hands slip around to cup his butt.

Chris decided to leave.


Neither Joey nor Justin really need to use the bathroom, they just needed to be alone with each other. Joey pulled Justin in after him and quickly locked the stall door, kissing him hard on the lips.

"Oh god, I wanted you so bad out there." Joey breathed into Justin soft curly hair as he planted kisses all over the blonde.

"You were so sexy, constantly looking over at me and biting your lip like that." Justin exclaimed, incredibly turned on.

"I couldn't resist the way you blushed every time I did it. It was unbelievable."

"Blushing? Yeah, it was a bit of that I guess, but mostly I was just so hot cus you were practically giving me orgasms dancing that way."

"What way?" Joey asked, not really caring as he bit down on Justin's tender lips.

"That WAYYYY....." Justin moaned as he ground his crotch against Joey's hot package.

"Wanna do something?" Joey asked, not moving his lips from Justin's neck.

"Like what?" Justin moaned the words, not being able to do anything else.

"I don't know, like blowjobs or something?" Joey asked, hoping the answer would be a resounding yes.

Justin was a little surprised, but not entirely averse to the idea. "Here, in a semi-public place? Where just anybody could come walk in on us???" He asked, curious as to whether or not Joey had thought his way through it.

"Yeah, that's what makes it so exciting." Joey whispered back, and Justin smiled.

"Alright." Justin said, beginning to slide his hands down to Joey's belt buckle, letting the brunette's pants drop to around his ankles He slowly kissed his way down Joey's neck, surprising Joey, who had meant he would give Justin a blowjob.

`And then maybe he would give me one.' That was what Joey had been hoping for, but he certainly wasn't going to complain now that Justin had decided to go first.

"Ok, but go easy on me, I've never done this before." Justin murmured to Joey as he slid the rest of the way to his knees and hooked his thumbs in Joey's boxer briefs.

"Whoa whoa, hold on there." Joey said quickly, taking Justin's hands in his, wondering if he had heard correctly. "What did you just say?" He asked looking Justin in the eye.

"I said `go easy on me, I've never done this before .'" Justin repeated, looking up at Joey with a confused face.

"You mean you've never blown a guy in a bathroom, right?" Joey asked, trying to clarify.

Justin laughed and raised an eyebrow. "Umm, no, that's not what I meant."

"You mean you've never blown a guy, period?" Joey asked, incredulous.

Justin smiled. "Well, no, I haven't, but that's not what I meant either."

Joey's mouth dropped open; he was shocked. "Justin, are you a virgin?" He asked, putting heavy emphasis on the word.

Justin blushed. "Well, yeah!" He said, smiling and reaching for Joey's boxers again.

"Oh no no no." Joey exclaimed, bodily lifting Justin up to his feet.

"What?" Justin asked, intent on getting back to giving Joey the blowjob.

"This is all wrong Just, you're a virgin!" Joey exclaimed, about to laugh that the blonde was so nonchalant about it.

"Wrong, this, this is wrong just cus...." Justin trailed off as he pointed to the two of them, and looked like he was about to burst into tears.

`He's getting upset over a blowjob?' Joey wondered momentarily, before realizing what Justin actually thought was going on.

"Oh, baby, no no no, I didn't mean us together is wrong!" He exclaimed, thinking to himself: `Good job Joe, just messing things up one after another.' He gripped Justin in a hug, and planted a tender little kiss on the blonde's soft lips. "I just meant, that the situation is wrong." He said, hoping to put at least of a little smile back on Justin's lips.

Instead he got a pout. "Why is the situation wrong, don't you want a blowjob?" Justin asked, now more curious than upset.

Joey laughed. "From you? Of course! But Just, you're a virgin." Joey repeated, trying to make his point clear.

"Yeah, I'm a virgin, so what? I have to lose it eventually y'know." He said lightly, leaning against the locked stall door.

Joey frowned, he couldn't understand why Justin was being so nonchalant about this. `It's a big deal!' He decided, looking over at the other boy.

"Justin," He began seriously. "No one," He planted a small kiss on Justin's lips. "Guy or girl," Another kiss, this time on his cheek. "Deserves to have their first time," A third touch of his lips to Justin's. "Be in some sleazy bathroom stall <kiss>, especially not on their knees, <kiss> and especially not someone who is as amazing <kiss> and gorgeous <kiss> and brilliant <kiss> and talented <kiss> and sexy, <kiss> and loved, <kiss> as you are." Joey hesitated a moment, stopping to make sure Justin was still listening to him. "Sex might not always be about sweetness and love for some people, even for those who truly are in love, but everyone deserves their first time, at least, to be amazing and special and sweet and with someone they love, so that it's unforgettable for all the right reasons."

Justin was still looking at him avidly, so Joey decided to continue.

"And I promise, that when you're ready, and only when you're completely ready," He emphasized the two words and looked sternly at the younger man. "Then I will make it all those things, but only if you think I'm the right one for it, and for you." Joey looked at Justin seriously, waiting for his response.

Justin threw his arms around Joey's neck, hugging him as tight as he could. "I love you so much Joey." He practically cried into the older man's ear.

"I love you too, Justy." Joey smiled as he heard the younger boy's giggle. After a few minutes of silence and a little tender kissing, Joey decided to speak again. "So I assume I get the job then?" He asked, rubbing up against Justin.

"Not if you call it a job!" Justin exclaimed, looking up at Joey wide eyed.

Joey laughed. "May I have the pleasure of serving you, my lord?" He asked, smiling.

Justin giggled. "Well, since you didn't say `my lady', like I thought you were gunna, then yes."

Joey laughed. Justin smiled sweetly. And Joey leaned in for another kiss.

"C'mon." He said, taking Justin by the hand and leading him out of the stall, stopping just once to wipe the remnants of tears from the blonde's eyes. "Love you." He whispered, stealing one last kiss, and smiling when he felt the blonde's lips spread into a smile.


Justin and Joey walked into the room hand in hand, hiding it between their bodies. JC was laying on his back on the couch; Lance was on his stomach with his head on JC's chest and his legs resting between JC's open ones, while JC's hand had dropped to the younger boy's hip. Lance propped himself up on his elbows when they entered, making JC groan as they dug into his chest.

"Sorry hun." Lance laid back down. "Hey, how'd things go in the bathroom?" Lance asked Justin, guessing what they had really been doing.

"Joey asked me to give him a blowjob, and I said yes, but then when he found out I'm a virgin he said we couldn't and explained how important it was that my first time be really special, and then we said `I love you' to each other!" Justin smiled and Lance exclaimed that he thought that was awesome. "What about you?" Justin asked.

Lance propped himself up on his knees, excited. "Well, I found out that JC used to check out my butt when we were changing!" Lance exclaimed.

"No way, really!?!?! Tell me the whole story!" Justin exclaimed.

"Ok but you first, you first!" Lance said excitedly, standing up.

Joey and JC looked at each other, bewildered by the rapid-fire exchange of information they had just witnessed.

"Ok, so we were in the stall, y'know the handicap one, and Joey was like-" Justin began, but stopped as Chris walked in, announcing it was time to go, saving Joey and JC from the need to plug their ears and run out of the room screaming.

"Thank God." Joey murmured to JC as they all walked out the door.

"Sweet Lord help me if I had to hear what you were `like'." JC replied, quoting Justin.

Lance and Justin chatted happily away in front of them, oblivious.


Getting out through the crowd was a hassle, but JC kept a discreet hand in Lance's back pocket, so in the blonde's opinion, it wasn't all bad. Once they got into the limo JC requested that the partition be put up, and once it was pulled Lance over to sit in his lap.

"Hey Sweetie." JC said, smiling at the surprised look on Lance's face.


"What?" JC asked, concerned, seeing the bemused look on Lance's face.

Lance smiled softly. "Even when I fantasized about us being together you weren't as sweet as this." Lance explained, tenderly kissing the brunette man and then resting his head on JC's chest.

JC considered that for a moment, smiling. "That either means that I'm too sweet, or your fantasies are very sad."

Lance laughed aloud. "Neither, silly! It means, that you are very sweet, but just the right amount." Lance kissed JC on the forehead and settled back into his lap.

"A kiss on the forehead, that's all I get for being so sweet?" JC asked, a little petulant.

Lance arched his back so that he could reach JC's lips and delicately kissed his boyfriend, slowly deepening it until is was passionate enough to set anyone afire. He slowly began to grind his bottom around as well, matching the motions with his tongue.

"How was that?" He asked, settling back down.

JC gasped, rather flushed. "So good that I wish we were alone!" JC exclaimed, reaching down to readjust his crotch into a more comfortable position.

Lance laughed happily, letting his hand drop down to adjust JC some more.


The next morning at breakfast Lance informed JC that he and Justin wanted to spend a few hours talking about `things.' JC didn't want to ask what those things were, but got the message that he and Joey were supposed to leave, and that if they didn't want to get yelled at, needed to take Chris with them. Normally, JC would have complained, he probably would have just carried Lance back to bed and pretended to refuse to leave, but today, he actually had something to do. Lance had showered with him, as a kind of consolation prize, as Lance figured it. Soon JC was pulling his jacket over his shoulders and stepping out into the hall, where he saw Joey coming out of his door as well.

"You got kicked out too?" JC asked, smiling.

"Oh yeah, big time, Justin pretty much told me that he and Lance wanted to talk, and that my presence wouldn't be necessary."

JC laughed. "Yeah, sounds pretty familiar."

"So you want to go get Chris?" Joey asked, already moving towards the other room.

"If we don't want to get yelled at, then yes."

They found Chris ready and waiting for them.

"Lance called and told me the three of us would be going on a little outing." He said dryly as he opened the door.

"You seem excited." JC laughed, grinning.

"Yeah whatever." Chris retorted, cranky because he hadn't eaten yet.

"So what all are we gunna go do anyway?" Joey asked, curious as to if JC had any plans.

"Eat." Chris said quickly. "Otherwise I'm gunna get irritable soon."

"Soon?" JC asked, looking to Joey. Joey couldn't help but begin to laugh.

"Shut up." Chris said crankily, glaring.


After a breakfast of ham and cheese omelets and golden brown hash browns all three of them felt more ready for the day, Chris in particular.

"So, what are we up to today?" He asked as they walked back to the large hotel-parking garage.

"Well I was thinking we'd head on down to the mall-" JC didn't get to finish, because he was cut off by groans from both Chris and Joey.

"Man, what are you trying to do, kill us?!?!?!" Chris asked, exasperated.

"I know! We were just there yesterday, for hours!!!!!" Joey agreed, throwing up his hands.

"If you two dumbasses will shut up, I'll tell you why we need to go to the mall." He said impatiently, casting a glare at the other two men.

"Sorry." They both muttered, waiting for JC to go on.

"Anyway, I was thinking we could get our Christmas shopping for the boys done today, cus I know you two haven't bought anything more than I have. Isn't that true?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Chris agreed sullenly.

"It would probably be good to get that done, since Christmas isn't that far off." Joey supported JC's idea.

"So you all up to it?" JC asked, making sure the consensus was final.

"Sounds good to me."

"Alright, so can we take your car then Chris?" JC asked, smiling. Chris looked over at JC suspiciously.

"I'm driving." He said firmly, and walked off, muttering once more.


After a few minutes of driving Chris began to talk again. "Funny how my car wasn't parked in the same spot, huh, guys?" He asked, now sure they had borrowed it a few days before, and wanting to see if he could get them to admit it.

"Yeah, that was pretty odd." Joey agreed, rubbing the back of his neck and coughing.

"But, y'know, it's probably just cus Lonnie moved it or something." JC concurred.

"Yeah, it's kind of a weird story about where I found my keys too." Chris began, looking over at JC, smirking.

JC began to regret calling shotgun.


Their first stop was the Barnes and Noble, where JC wanted to pick up a few music magazine for himself, and Chris was going to buy a calendar he had seen Justin eyeing the other day. JC was walking aimlessly around the store, waiting for Chris to decide on his final purchases, when Joey called to him.

"Hey, hey J, you gotta come over here and see this!" He exclaimed conspiratorially, holding up a book. JC walked over hesitantly, wondering what the hell Joey might have that would interest him so much.

"Dude, what is that?" JC asked, mesmerized by the book as soon as he saw the pictures. Joey flipped it over so JC could see the title: Kama Sutra for the Gay Couple.

"Damn, Lance would look good doing that." JC said, turning the page almost reverently.

"Man, what I would give to see Justin doing this." Joey said, flipping to another page to show JC the full color picture.

"What the fuck is that?!?!" Chris asked loudly, coming up behind them, receiving a glare from the elderly woman working at the counter. "I mean, what the fuck is that???" Chris whispered it this time, looking over their shoulders. Joey once again flipped the book to its cover so Chris could read it. "Shit, you think Lance could bend that way?" He asked JC, pointing to one particularly strenuous looking position. Joey and JC exchanged a glance over his head, eyebrows arched.

"Don't know, but damned if I'm not gunna find out!" JC finally exclaimed, grabbing a copy of the book for himself.

"Uhh yeah yeah, I think I'm gunna get me one too." Joey said, coughing, embarrassed that he had to say this in front of Chris.

Chris pretended not to hear, and decided not even to comment.


By the end of three and a half-hours all three men had had enough, and they were exhausted.

They emerged from the mall each carrying at least three bags, while JC had an excess of five. Filled to the brim with gifts for Lance, Justin, and various other friends and family members all three were satisfied with their purchases.

They loaded the bags, as well as rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon they had bought from the Hallmark into Chris's trunk, agreeing to get them out later when Lance and Justin weren't around. They had an uneventful drive back to the hotel, all were too worn to speak.


"Hey sweet stuff, did you guys have fun?" Lance asked JC as the three entered the hotel room.

"Yeah, what about you?" JC asked, not sure if they were supposed to be back yet.

"Yeah, we had a great time, chatted and had fun and everything." Justin replied, getting up off the couch where he had been sitting. "So what all did you guys do?" Justin asked, curious.

"Oh, just saw a movie and then hung out for a bit." JC replied nonchalantly, knowing that if he said the mall Lance would guess what they had been doing.

"Oh yeah, what movie?" Justin asked.


"Well we saw-"


The guys all interrupted each other and then stopped, none wanting to say something contradictory since they hadn't really planned anything to say if asked.

"Where did you hang out?" Lance asked quickly, giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

"The park-"

"'Round the theater-"

"A bookstore-"

All three spoke this time, thinking that the other two wouldn't.

Lance's eyes narrowed and he looked from one to the other, finally coming to rest on JC, who was fidgeting nervously. "I'm just gunna assume that since you were out with these guys you weren't cheating on me and leave it at that, k?" He said, smiling at JC. JC looked mildly shocked that Lance would even say that, but was mostly just relieved.

"Believe me, I wouldn't!" He exclaimed, kissing Lance lightly. "Besides, why would I need to, when I've got a cute little tush like this right here at home?" He whispered sexily, giving Lance a little squeeze. Lance looked over his shoulder at the other three guys.

"All right, well thanks to both of you for leaving when I wanted to have some alone time with Justin, and now it needs to be alone time for me and JC, so bye!" Lance exclaimed, giving them all meaningful looks.

Chris laughed and headed towards the door, following Joey and Justin. "Alone time, yeah right, more like naked time." He muttered, loud enough for Lance to hear, whose ears immediately turned scarlet.

"So was he right, is it naked time????" JC asked excitedly, moving to strip off Lance's shirt before the door had even closed.


The week passed by quickly, and soon Joey, JC, and Chris were all sitting around Chris's room in a different hotel, in a different city, wrapping the Christmas presents they had bought, while Justin and Lance did the same in the other room.

JC tried to make things look mysterious, while Joey just wrapped them, plain and simple, and Chris did a combination of both.

Soon they were done and sitting around, waiting for Lance and Justin to give them the all clear.

"We need a tree." Chris decided suddenly, standing up.

"I knew there was something missing!" JC exclaimed, in complete agreement.

"We should go out and get one." Chris decided, going to the closet to get their jackets.

"Right now?" Joey asked, not all that enthusiastic about the idea.

"Yeah yeah, we can go get it, and then swing by that K-Mart we saw on the way in and buy some Christmas ornaments and lights, and have it set up by the time Lance and Justin are done wrapping presents!" JC exclaimed, already excited.

"Yeah, cus god knows they are slow enough we've still got a good hour to kill." Chris agreed, opening the door.

"Yeah, all right." Joey agreed, swinging on his jacket. He quickly knocked on the other door. "Hey boys, we forgot something, we just have to go run out and pick it up, we'll be back in a bit ok?"

"K!" Came two simultaneous shouts through the door, and the three walked down the hall towards the elevator.


They picked out one of the last trees at the lot. About 5 feet tall, it was green and full, and the perfect size for their hotel room. They managed to squeeze in into the back of Chris's jeep, just barely being able to close the doors. JC and Joey made a quick run into K-mart while Chris waited in the car, buying two packs of various sized bulbs and then another three 4-packs of ones they thought looked cool, as well as garland, tinsel, strings of multi-colored lights, and two giant cans of fake snow.


Once they got to the hotel they hurried it up to the room they had been wrapping gifts in, trying not to make too much noise. They quickly put it up in its holder and put the white tree skirt around it, stringing the lights up as fast as they could. They tried to take care hanging the fragile bulbs, and only broke one in the process, the shards of which they swept into the trashcan. After a half-hour they were done, and rather pleased with themselves as they stacked the gifts under the tree. It made a rather impressive sight considering all those gifts were just for two people. As that thought crossed his mind JC let out an oath.

"Aww fuck!" He exclaimed, looking at the other two.

"What?" Joey asked, startled. JC rarely swore that vehemently, so he knew it had to be important.

JC looked at the other two, a sheepish smile spreading appearing on his face. "Well, you see, this year, I did all my holiday shopping that one day, and it was with you two, so I completely forgot to buy either of you anything!" He exclaimed, feeling extremely guilty.

Joey mentally went through the gifts he had bought, and couldn't think of anything for Chris or JC.

"Damn, I think I did that same thing!" He realized, as both men looked towards Chris.

"Don't be looking towards me! You think I remembered gifts for you two in the all hoo-rah we've had this week!?!?!" Chris looked at them like they were crazy, and all three began to laugh.

"So we just agree not to get each other any presents this year then?" JC asked, to be sure.

"Sounds good to me." Joey said, and Chris nodded in agreement. They stayed silent for a moment until Joey sighed.

"We're bad people, aren't we?" He asked, but smiled at his friends.

"Yeah, well, at least we're good to some of our friends." Chris laughed, looking at the huge mound of presents they had compiled under the tree.

Justin and Lance suddenly burst into the room, arms full of wrapped gifts. Their eyes lit up when they saw what the guys had done.

"Oh my god, a tree!" Lance squealed in delight as soon as he saw it and ran to hug JC.

"It's beautiful!" Justin exclaimed, dragging Joey forward to go look closely at the bulbs.

"And we saved the best for last!" Chris exclaimed, going towards the bags.

"Yeah, what is it????" Lance asked, curious.

"FAKE SNOW!" Chris yelled, scrunching up his face as he pulled out the two huge cans JC and Joey had bought.

Justin and Lance collapsed into laughter.


The next day was Christmas Eve, and they all decided just to take it easy, hanging around together in Chris's room. Chris had gone down to rustle them up some lunch, so Joey decided to have a little fun. He excused himself for a moment and then came back into the room, holding a very large bouquet or mistletoe.

"Who wants to kiss the mistletoe?!?!?" He exclaimed excitedly, holding it directly over his crotch and running around the room.

JC couldn't help but chuckle, and even Lance began to laugh. Justin stood up from the couch, leaping up onto Joey's back when he came by.

"I do, I do!!!!!!!" He exclaimed, getting a piggyback ride.

Chris came in just as they collapsed in a heap on the floor; he decided not to ask.


Finally it was the night before Christmas, and time to open the gifts. Joey and JC had decided that they didn't want to be woken up at six in the morning by little blonde boys who were ancy for presents, and so had decided that they would all open everything the night before, which fit in perfectly with Lance's plan.

Lance and Justin each got innumerable gifts from each of the guys, particularly their boyfriends. Bath salts, clothes, books, neat writing tools, stuffed animals and various kits and different scents all went into two neat little stacks that each blonde compiled near the door.

"Ok ok, time for your presents now!" Lance exclaimed, handing JC the first one. JC opened it to find beautiful silk lounge pajamas in a deep crimson, with his initials monogrammed on the shirt pocket.

"Oh Lance, thank you, they're so nice!" He said, genuinely pleased.

Then Justin have Joey a present, and it turned out to be a big fluffy dark blue bathrobe, one which would `slip off easily, when the time comes' as Justin quietly informed him. Joey was equally pleased with this present, and showed Justin his appreciation with a little kiss, one which he wasn't sure whether or not Chris noted.

Then Lance gave JC a nice watch, knowing his old one had broken, one with `no bells or alarms or whistles,' as Lance put it, just the way JC liked. Then Joey opened a gold chain from Justin, and showed his appreciation by putting it on right away, accompanied by another little kiss.

The boys also gave the gifts they had bought for Chris, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and soon retired to the bed, reading one of the books Lance had bought him on the workings of the human mind.

Finally, Lance handed JC one more gift, and JC opened it with a smile, curious as to what more Lance could have gotten him. Out of the package tumbled a small pair of cream colored silk shorts, and that was all. JC was confused for a moment, until Lance took them out of his hands.

"These are really for me to wear." Lance explained, holding them up against himself, modeling them for JC. JC instantly pictured what Lance would look like in only those and felt himself beginning to grow. "And that's only the beginning." Lance whispered seductively, sashaying his way to the door, dangling the small silky shorts on one finger. JC followed like a little puppy dog, intent on what he was sure was coming next.

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