Author: Angel


Pairing: Lance & JC. Joey & Justin (not a lot of them in this chapter though!)

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Chapter 17

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

Lance led the way across the hall, letting himself stay a step ahead, pulling JC along beside him. He opened the door to their room and walked in, pushing JC back onto the bed and kissing him deeply, letting his tongue slip into the other boy's mouth, sliding his hand down to squeeze JC's hard-on. They kissed passionately for a moment, Lance driving his tongue in harshly, letting it ravish JC's mouth until the brunette could only gasp for breath.

"Stay here." Lance whispered heavily, getting up off the bed and walking towards the bathroom. JC watched his hips sashay across the room, his stiffness pulsing against the denim the of his jeans. He had to get out of them.

Lance looked back at the very last second.

"Oh no, don't you move a finger." He said just as he was about to close the bathroom door, turning to look sternly at JC, who was undoing the top button of his jeans. JC blushed, caught red handed. "I'll be back in just a minute." Lance smiled and winked sexily at JC, whose dick lurched at the thought of what they would be doing when the blonde got back.

JC sat up on the bed eagerly, his gaze practically burning a hole through the thick bathroom door. Lance was being very forward, and this both excited and unsettled the brunette, since the younger boy was usually rather shy. JC wondered if it was a false bravado, or the real thing.

When Lance emerged from the bathroom he was clothed in only a tightly fit white cotton tank-top and the silky shorts he had shown JC. They reached not even midway down Lance's thighs, and JC could tell that his package was just barely hidden from view. Cream colored, they complemented the blonde's pale skin, and were so low-waisted that a strip of Lance's soft skin could be seen past the point where the tank-top stopped and the shorts began. In all, it couldn't have been more than a foot of fabric that covered the blonde's lower half. Both shorts and tank-top rode up slightly as Lance walked towards the bed, allowing JC tantalizing glimpses of what was about to be completely his.

Lance was only a few steps away from the bed when he stopped, seeming suddenly to lose his courage, casting his eyes down demurely to the ground, clasping his hands behind him, beginning to blush and slightly crossing his legs.

JC smiled, Lance's shyness had obviously just returned. `That's all right, I bet I can handle it.' JC thought happily. Now that Lance had started, JC knew it was ok for him to continue. He got up off the bed and walked towards the blonde, smiling at the slight pink blush coloring his lover's cheeks.

"You look gorgeous baby." He brought his palms to Lance's cheeks, turning up his face so that he could slowly grasp the younger boy's lips between his. He kept the kiss sweet and short, keeping his lips closed.

"I love you Lance." He said as he opened his eyes and looked down to the blonde.

"Yeah?" The younger boy asked, smiling tenderly at JC.

"Yeah." JC confirmed, dipping down to kiss Lance again, passionately this time, his tongue dancing around Lance's, intermingling until Lance began to moan into JC's lips and arched himself so he was pressed tight against JC, letting his hands hook themselves around JC's neck, gradually working their way up into JC's hair, letting them tangle and rest there.

JC's hands fell to Lance's waist. He swung Lance into his arms and carried him the two steps to the bed, gently laying his boyfriend down and coming to lean over him. He straddled Lance's hips and began to kiss the blonde again. Lance parted his lips and JC's tongue snaked in while his hands ran their way up the blonde's sides, slipping underneath the tight tank-top to feel the smooth skin beneath. Soon Lance began to writhe underneath him and JC slipped his hands into the waist band of the shorts, gently caressing Lance's hardening package.

"Ahhhhh, uhhhhhh." Lance moaned, letting his own hands find JC's denim covered crotch. JC groaned in pleasure, and Lance drew his hands back up, steadying them on the brunette's shoulders. "Me on top now." He whispered sexily into JC's lips, rolling the older man over onto his back. Lance straddled JC, grinding his butt directly over JC's steel erection. Lance slipped both of his hands under JC's shirt, quickly stripping it off. He let one hand stray behind him, unzipping JC's fly and squeezing his hard cock through the too tight boxer briefs. Lance used the other hand to caress the brunette's sinewy, ridged stomach, massaging around JC's nipples, even leaning down to lightly lick one before coming back up. Lance winked at JC, finally sliding his hand under JC's boxer briefs, stroking the brunette's taut dick. The blonde maintained eye contact the whole time, licking his lips and gently biting them, focusing on JC's deep blue eyes, never looking behind him to see what he was doing; it didn't matter, he was a natural.

Lance leaned down to lick JC's chest, starting at his belly button and working his way up. He circled JC's light trail of hairs and then licked between his pecks, outlining the shifting muscles. Lance hadn't stopped stroking JC this entire time, and now looked up into his eyes. JC's breath had become feverish somewhere along the way, and from the way his eyes were quickly glazing over Lance could tell he was near the edge. Even though he was sure JC could, and would, come more than one time tonight, he didn't want the first to be quite yet.

"Nuhuh baby." He whispered, smiling up at JC, bringing both hands up to stroke JC's chest. He ran circles around the older boy's darkened nipples. JC moaned, arching up his back as Lance discovered one of his most sensitive areas. Lance traced the outline of the brunette's collarbone, scooting up so that he was now straddling JC's chest instead of his hips. He licked the outline of JC's shoulder, admiring the smooth skin. He circled the hollow of JC's neck with his tongue, letting it slip quickly around.

JC pulled Lance up another half foot, dragging the blonde's lips up to meet his own. They kissed passionately, their lips becoming slick with the other's saliva.

Lance escaped and leaned up to lick the brunette's ear, biting down lightly. "Make love to me Josh." Lance whispered, his voice charged with something almost inhuman, animalistic.

JC didn't need to be told twice.

He rolled the two of them over again so that he was on top. He slowly stripped the tight white tee from Lance's chest, pulling it off over his head. His hands slipped up into the shorts, caressing Lance's upper thighs, and then his hips, finally coming to rest on his hard cock. He rolled the shorts off Lance's legs, tossing them to the ground. Lance arched his butt into the air, and pointed to the bedside table. JC opened the drawer and found a bottle of lube tucked into the corner.

"My, you really are prepared, huh baby?" He asked, smiling as Lance blushed.

`He's laying naked in our bed, and I'm about to be inside him, and having lube makes him blush?' JC wondered, laughing a little.

"I bought it for tonight." Lance murmured, and sure enough, when JC popped the top he found it was still sealed.

"No condoms?" He asked Lance, wanting to be sure he wasn't just missing them.

Lance cast him a look that told JC what he thought of that idea. "You've already swallowed my cum Josh, I don't think you being inside of me without a condom is going to be a problem."

JC laughed. "True." He said, settling back between Lance's wide open legs.

"Besides, you're the only one I'm planning on doing this with for the rest of my life." Lance said, and looked up at JC questioningly.

JC smiled. "Yes, and it's the same for me too silly, don't worry."

He leaned down and began to lick all around Lance's tight pink hole, teasing the blonde with his tongue. He finally came to the center, and tongued directly into Lance.

"Ahh, mmmm, baby!" Lance whimpered sharply as he felt JC's tongue practically inside of him.

JC extracted his tongue and gently ran his finger down the path of wetness he had caused. He circled Lance's cock head, gathering the pre-cum on to his finger tip. He then slipped one finger past the blonde's tight sphincter muscle, fucking it slowly in and out.

Lance moaned and whimpered, expressing his pleasure, while his tight hole sucked at JC's finger.

`Damn Lance is tight.' JC thought, wondering if this was normal for someone with as much experience as he assumed Lance had.

He then slipped another finger in, making sure it was well lubed too. He scissored them apart, and started to make gently widening circles, trying to loosen the blonde up before he inserted his massively hard cock.

Soon Lance was whimpering in pleasure, and JC added a third finger, working them in and out until Lance couldn't stand it anymore. "C'mon, give it to me baby." He whimpered, so hard he thought he might burst at any moment.

JC stood up, stripping off his remaining clothes while Lance looked on in a sex-hazed appreciation, enjoying the show JC was giving him. He was naked, and kneeled back down between Lance's legs, using the lube to first wet the blonde's tight hole, then lubing himself up until both were good and slippery.

`This should make it at least a bit easier.' JC thought, hooking Lance's legs up over his shoulder and positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to Lance's hole.

"Is this ok?" He asked quietly, wanting to be sure Lance was completely ready.

"Yeah...." Lance whimpered, looking up at JC with wide open eyes, a little frightened.

"K, you ready?"


JC never took his eyes off Lance. He wanted to remember every expression on Lance's face as he slowly eased in. The head of JC's dick popped past Lance's tight sphincter muscle, and Lance bit his lip harshly, almost drawing blood.

"Are you ok, does it hurt, should I pull out?" JC asked, tenderly stroking Lance's chest in soothing, circular motions.

"No, no, it's ok." Lance whispered, comforted by JC's hands on his bare skin.

"Tell me if you want me to stop ok, cus I will." JC assured, moving his hands down to Lance's cock, gently stroking, capping the head with his thumb, caressing the tender flesh.

"K." Lance said, grimacing as JC pushed his penis in another half inch. "Keep going." He said, trying to ignore the pain and discomfort.

"Alright." JC agreed, but leaned down to kiss Lance first, leaving his hard-on where it was positioned inside of the blonde.

"I love you so much." He whispered, slipping his hand down to Lance's dick, which had gone almost soft from the pain of JC entering him. "You're so amazing and gorgeous and special." He said into Lance's lips, sliding his hand up and down Lance's cock, bringing it back to full hardness again. "You're perfect for me, Lance, and I've never loved anyone else the way I love you." He continued stroking, and now that Lance was once again whimpering and dripping pre-cum he began to move forward inside of him again. He slipped his tongue into Lance's mouth again, scraping it across Lance's pearly white teeth and twisting it up with the blonde's tongue. "You're perfect for me Lance. And so fucking amazing it's not even funny." Lance was now whimpering in pleasure as JC's lips and hands caressed his tongue and cock, barely noticing that JC was slowly pushing further and further in. "I love you baby." JC whispered, now only an inch away from being fully inside Lance.

"JC..." Lance whimpered into the older boy's lips.

"Yeah?" JC asked, hoping that Lance wasn't hurting again.

"I feel, like, really filled up, how much do you have in?" Lance asked, squirming around as he realized how filled up he really was. `If there's much more I'm not sure it's all gunna fit.' Lance thought, wriggling around, testing.

"About all except an inch." JC replied, easing a little farther in even as he spoke.

Lance looked startled. "Seriously?" `No wonder I feel so full!' Lance thought, wondering how JC had gotten it in that far without him realizing.

"Yeah." JC smiled, leaning down to kiss Lance again.

"How did you-?" Lance was cut off by another kiss from JC, who already knew what he was going to ask.

"I just figured, that if I talked to you and kissed you while I did it, you wouldn't be focusing so hard on it so it wouldn't hurt as bad, cus you're pretty damn tight." JC smiled, easing the last inch in, the head of his dick suddenly making contact with Lance's prostate.

"Ahh!" Lance gasped in pleasure, squirming around so that JC's dick made contact with the spot again and again. "Ahh, uhh, JC, what is that!?" Lance asked, continuing to wriggle around, eyes widening.

"That's me, rubbing your g-spot baby." JC replied, laughing a bit at Lance's pleasure as he slipped an inch or so out before thrusting it back in again, shoving harder against Lance's pleasure spot.

"My, my wha-ahh, what spot??" Lance whimpered and JC pulled out a little more and then slid it back in, taking Lance's cock into his hand as well.

"Y'know, your G-spot, like in those porno stories."

"JC, I'm Southern Baptist, I barely ever read porn." Lance said, letting out a low whimper as JC began to thrust steadily in and out.

"You won't read porn, but you'll do this?" JC asked, seeing the obvious irony. Lance looked up at him, guilt and fear showing in his eyes.

"Sorry, wrong thing to say." JC apologized breathily, leaning down to kiss Lance again, quelling his fears as he stroked a little farther in and out of Lance.

"Mmmm, ahh, go faster baby." Lance urged JC on.

JC began to pump steadily in and out, pushing the head of his cock hard into Lance's prostate each time.

"Ahh! Mmm, aww, fuck, JC, ahh, fuck!" Lance gasped each time, as if not expecting it.

"Language, baby." JC breathed the remark, smirking at Lance, who could only moan in pleasure as JC slipped slowly in and out, going almost his full length with every stroke.

"C'mon, ahh, harder...." Lance moaned, and JC obeyed as he began to pump in and out, thrusting back in with more force each time.

"Oh, ahh, mmm, oh, baby!" Lance yelped loudly as JC struck his prostate again. "Oh, mmm, I, ahh, keep, going, JCCCCC!!!!!!!!" Lance couldn't contain himself, and JC wondered how far down the hall his exclamations could be hard.

Soon Lance began to push into JC's thrust, rocking his hips in time to the brunette's motions.

JC moaned, spurred on by Lance's now active and enthusiastic participation. JC didn't think he could go on much longer, and began to stroke Lance faster as the blonde's breath started to come hot and heavy.

"Aww, I, J, I, aa, fu-aww!" Lance moaned loudly as he came, his thick ropes of white hot cum splattering all over himself and JC, splashing against his chest and JC's firm stomach. Lance's spincter muscles contracted as he came and JC was pushed over the edge as well, shooting steamy jets of his cum deep into Lance.

"You, are so, fucking, amazinnnggg!!!!!" JC yelled as he came, spurting into Lance as he leaned down to ravish the blonde's mouth with his tongue.

Soon the volleys of cum shooting from JC stopped, and the kisses became tender as both boys began to cool down from the mind blowing experience they had just shared.

"Did you like it baby?" JC asked sweetly, always solicitous of Lance well being.

"Oh, yeah!" Lance exclaimed, kissing JC on the lips. "You did too, right?" He asked, suddenly worried.

JC smiled. "If you had any idea just how much of my cum is inside you right now you wouldn't be asking that question." He smirked as Lance began to blush furiously. "So you feel ok and everything?"

Lance nodded and JC began to pull out, thinking that it might be more comfortable for Lance that way. But the blonde gripped his lower back.

"Don't pull out yet, k?" Lance asked, biting his lip anxiously, and JC looked down to see the fear in his eyes.

"Shhh, baby, it's ok, I won't ever pull out if you don't want me to, k?" JC soothed, kissing Lance gently on the shoulder, understanding Lance was scared that once he pulled out he would leave, and they would be over. "You aren't just like some quick fuck for me baby, I'm not going anywhere unless you tell me to, ok?" JC said, smoothing a stray piece of hair back behind the blonde's ear.

"Not unless I tell you to, really?" Lance asked, looking up at JC.

JC could see the tears sparking in the blonde's aqua-green eyes, and tenderly brushed the other boy's lips with his. "Really." He confirmed, smiling.

Lance smiled and planted a kiss squarely on JC's lips, then pulled away. "Well, in that case, I could go for some ice cream!" Lance exclaimed, and JC sighed jokingly, beginning to pull out of Lance so he could complete the blonde's request. "No no, not really!" Lance yelped, startled as he felt JC begin to leave.

"But I thought you wanted ice cream?" JC asked, staring down at Lance, a little perplexed.

"Not as much as I want you inside of me." Lance replied, managing to make even that sexy remark sound innocent. He laid his hands on JC's butt, intent on retrieving the half inch JC had moved out of him. He yelped in pleasure as it slid all the way back in.

JC laughed. "Hit your little pleasure spot again?" He asked, smiling.

Lance blushed. "Forgot it was gunna do that if I got it all the way back in again!"

"So anyway, do you actually want that ice cream?" JC asked, making sure to stay firmly inside of Lance with a minimal of wriggling.

"Well yeah, I don't know what it is, but suddenly I just got a craving for vanilla ice cream! But I didn't mean for you to go!" Lance said, his eyes widening.

JC laughed a little, running his fingers over Lance's smooth chest. "And how exactly did you plan on getting it then?"

"Well the phone's right there," Lance said, pointing to the bedside table, just within his reach. "So I figured we'd just order some room service." He explained, smiling.

"Oh no no baby, I won't be letting you eat the yucky hotel ice cream after what we just did!" JC exclaimed, smiling.

"Aww, so sweet." Lance sighed happily, looking up at JC, who obviously had something to say.

"I'm gunna go run down to the corner market and get you some Ben-N'-Jerry's." JC decided, beginning to pull out of Lance once again.

"Oh, wait, I'll go with you!" Lance exclaimed, scooting down quickly, unintentionally spearing JC back into him. He yelped as JC's half hard cock struck hard at his prostate, bringing his own penis immediately back to life.

JC looked down, startled by the hardness suddenly poking into his stomach. His eyes widened when he saw Lance's fully hard cock. He looked up to Lance, who had the same look of shock on his face.

"Forget ice cream!" JC exclaimed, moving his hands back down to Lance's already hard cock, and adjusting his own inside the blonde, making him whimper in renewed pleasure.

They never did get to that ice cream.


Chris appeared at Joey's door in the middle of the night, waking him up with the knocking.

"What is it?" Joey asked, opening the door only a crack, making sure the glaring hall lights wouldn't wake Justin up.

"Can I sleep on your couch?" Chris asked plantively, holding up the blanket and pillow he had brought with him.

"Yeah ok." Joey turned away from the door and Chris walked in, closing it behind him. They pulled out the couch together, trying to make it as silent as possible. "Why you here, anyway?" Joey asked as they did, his sleep hazed mind just now beginning to wonder.

"Lance and JC's room is right next to mine, yours is across the hall." Chris explained, grimacing.

Joey grunted that he understood, remembering what Justin had whispered to him about the things Lance and JC would be doing as they had left Chris' hotel room earlier that night.

Joey went to the closet and pulled out the extra blankets that had been folded there by the maids, tossing them at Chris.

A noise that sounded quite a bit like a sleepy Justin's whimper came from the bed. When Joey glanced towards the bed, Chris followed his gaze.

He didn't comment when he saw Justin was laying there, fast asleep. Joey met his eyes, waiting for Chris to say something, anything. But Chris only smiled, giving the younger man his tacit approval. Joey smiled back and said nothing.

Both men went back to bed.


Lance and JC made love twice more that night, and once again in the morning, just as they awoke.

They laid quietly in the aftermath, Lance seeming to glow as his smile lit up his face.

"JC, I-, and you're, and wow, I mean... like wow!" He couldn't express what he was feeling. but hoped JC could understand.

"I know, pretty amazing, huh?" JC asked, smiling as he looked up at Lance, whose chest he was now resting on.

"I mean, 4 times! And then again this morning! That's like, a lot!" Lance exclaimed, eyes widening.

"What can I say, I'm just a stud." JC smirked, and Lance laughed and pushed him over on to the other side of the bed.

"Dork." He muttured, smiling at his boyfriend.

JC laughed. "Yeah, I know. But you love me anyway, right?" He asked sweetly, putting his elbows on either side of Lance so that he could look down at the blonde as he imitated Lance's own pout .

"Aww, how could I say no to that poor little pitiful face." Lance laughed. "Of course I love you, sweetie."

JC scrunched up his nose. "Pitiful?" He asked, biting his lip.

"I meant it in a cute way." Lance reassured, leaning up to kiss his boyfriend chastely on the lips.

JC smirked. "Speaking of cute, you were like, even more adorable that you usually are last night!"

"Oh, really?" Lance asked, smiling at the brunette as he ran his fingers down JC's chest.

"Yeah! The way you didn't know what your g-spot was, and I had to explain it to you while we were doing it! That was cute." JC said, unable to contain his grin.

Lance giggled, remembering. "Well, excuse me for never having done that before!" He said teasingly, smiling at the brunette.

It took a full minute for Lance's words to register in JC's mind, and when they did his mouth dropped open in astonishment. "You, you've never done this before?" JC whispered the words, looking down at the blonde laying under him.

"Well, I've done, y'know, stuff, before, but never like, all the way." Lance confessed, beginning to squirm under JC's intent gaze.

"Oh my god." JC murmured, staring at Lance.

"Oh my god?" Lance asked, suddenly worried by the brunette's reaction .

"Oh my god, this is so freakin' AWESOME!!!!" JC exclaimed, kissing Lance deeply, excited beyond words.

`Thank God.' Lance thought as JC kissed him, before beginning to laugh. "It is?" He asked, wondering why JC was so excited about the prospect of last night being his first time.

"Well, yeah!" JC freed his lips from Lance's long enough so that he could lean on his elbows and look down at the blonde. "I mean, that was your first time, last night, and I got to be the one, to y'know, have you!" He exclaimed, kissing Lance again.

"Oh, so you think you have me, do you?" Lance asked, smirking up at the brunette.

JC's eyes widened, not realizing that Lance was only kidding.

"I mean, not have you, like I possess or own you or anything, but, like, do you!" JC groaned as soon as the words came out of his mouth, realizing that they didn't sound much better. "Ok, hold on, what I really meant was-"

JC was cut off by the sudden presence of Lance's lips against his. "JC, baby, shutup." He said sweetly, laughing as JC's expression turned from one of desperation to one of mock anger.

"Tell me to shut up, will you, why you little pup!" JC grabbed at Lance's sides and began tickling him unmercifully, ignoring Lance's cries of mercy, since they were interrupted by bursts of giggles. Soon Lance was so overcome by laughter that he couldn't breath as he writhed under JC's body, trying to get away.

"J, J, stoooopppppppp!!!!!" Lance squealed out as JC grabbed him behind his knees, intent on tickling him everywhere. Lance managed to squirm away, crawling to the head of the bed. "J, baby, pleassseee!!!!" He whimpered as JC advanced on him.

JC laughed at the look on Lance's face and collapsed on top of him. "Aww I love you cutie." He said, drawing Lance down into his arms.

"I love you too." The blonde snuggled up nicely to JC's chest, enjoying the feeling of JC's arms wrapped tight around him.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence JC decided to speak again.

"So, like, if this was your first time all the way, how many guys have you like, done stuff with?" JC asked, honestly curious.

Lance smiled up at him. "Just two." He replied, wondering why JC wanted to know.

"Only two? really?" JC asked, a little surprised by such a small number.

Lance looked up, hurt. "Yeah only two, what, do you think I'm some kind of slut or something?"

JC immediately tightened his arms around the younger boy, squeezing him tight. "You know that's not what I meant baby." He kissed Lance on the forehead, trying to soothe the blonde, and head off a fight.

"I know." Lance sighed, he did realize it hadn't been meant like that, of course, but that didn't change how it had sounded.

"What did you mean by it?" Lance finally asked, still confused as to why JC was so surprised.

"Cus Lance, you're 20, at twenty, most guys have been with lots more than two people." JC explained, trying hard not to make things worse.

"I guess." Lance turned away from JC, rolling on to his side, making sure that no part of him touched the other boy. JC sighed, wondering whether he should apologize now, or wait a few minutes.

"Lance, baby, c'mon, you know I didn't mean anything by it." JC said, slipping his arms around the young man's waist from behind. "Wouldn't you have thought it was weird, if our positions were reversed, and I'd said I've been with just two people?" He said, laying his chin down on the blonde's shoulder.

"Well, yeah, but that's different." Lance said quietly, squirming around in JC's arms until he was facing the older boy's chest.

"How is that different?" JC asked, making sure to keep a firm grip on Lance's waist, so that he couldn't turn away again.

"Well, cus, you know, you're JC...Josh." Lance stated, looking up.

"It's good to hear that my boyfriend knows my name." JC began, a half smile on his lips until he realized that Lance was serious.

When Lance didn't offer any further explanation he looked down, confusion lines wrinkling his forehead. "Lance, what do you mean?"

"I mean, you're JC." The younger boy repeated, not understanding how JC couldn't realize what he meant .

"Right, I understand what you said, but I don't get what you mean." JC explained himself, and Lance scrunched up his nose. Even in the midst of their little argument JC thought it was adorable.

"You know, you're JC." Lance emphasized, but sighed when he saw that the older youth still didn't understand. "You're sexy, and hot, and like all masculine and stuff, and everyone loves you, fans and management both, and all those fans that like come after you and all, there's like, a million of I just kinda figured....." Lance trailed off, realizing that his reasoning wasn't exactly air tight.

"Lance! Hun, first off, I try not to do anything with those poor groupies! And second, Lance, you know all those same things are true about you, management loves you, and the fans follow you like crazy!"

"No they don't." Lance said, looking up at JC, perplexed.

JC laughed, he couldn't help it. "Lance, have you seen the way they congregate around you! It's like moths to a flame!" JC exclaimed, remembering all the after-concerts where he had tried to get to Lance, but couldn't, not so much because of the fans around himself, but because of all the ones closing off Lance.

Lance gave a sad little smile and looked up at JC. "Baby, they aren't really standing around because of me, I just happen to be next to you and Justin a lot."

JC looked at Lance, and decided he was crazy. "The fans love you Lance, why wouldn't they?" JC asked, hoping to find the root of the problem.

"Same reason management doesn't." Lance murmured into JC's chest, not even looking up.

The only reason JC didn't smack himself on the forehead was because he didn't want to take his hands away from Lance's waist. `Management likes him way more than any of the rest of us, he's level headed, and business minded when he needs to be, and knows what's going on.' JC thought, confused. But he decided that what Lance needed now was to talk, and that reassurances could come in a little bit.

"Why is that, do you think?" JC asked quietly, stroking Lance's lower back.

"Cus I'm too gay." Lance barely whispered the words, and JC thought he might have heard them incorrectly, but when Lance looked up, he could see the sheen of unshed tears.

JC didn't know what to say, couldn't decide what comfort he should offer. So he gripped Lance tightly to him as the younger boy began to cry, squeezing his sides and holding him close, letting him know that it would be all right.

"You know that's not true Lance, it's not true at all. You are exactly how God made you, and that's who you are supposed to be." JC said into Lance's hair, where his head was laid, hoping that it would help Lance at least a little. Lance continued to sob, but managed to mumble a response.

"But, but why, Josh? Why would He do that when it's such a problem, when nobody likes me for it?" Lance asked, shaking as he cried.

"If people don't like you because of that, Lance, it's them that have the problem. If they can't see how amazing, and talented, and beautiful, and sexy, and utterly, absolutely gorgeous you are, then screw them! Lance, I know that all I ever need or want, for the rest of my life, is you baby, just the way you are, and I hope you feel the same way about me."

Lance's had looked up at JC while he was speaking, and saw the absolute love that was radiating from his boyfriend's eyes. "Really?" He sniffled, his tears beginning to stop as JC smiled down on him.

"Yeah, really." JC confirmed, smiling and leaning down for a little kiss. "Oh, and y'know what?"

"What?" Lance asked, laying his hands on JC's taught stomach as he asked.

"I forgot to say, that I think you're pretty masculine, too." JC smiled at Lance, who looked surprised, but pleased.


"Yeah." JC kissed Lance again, enjoying the feel of the soft lips against his.

"JC?" Lance asked when they stopped, looking up.

"Yeah baby?"

"I think you are lying." Lance said, sure that JC didn't really think he was all that masculine. `But that's all right,' Lance decided, smiling.

JC laughed, he had been caught. "Well, yeah, a little bit." He admitted, stroking Lance's cheek with his finger, wiping off the last remnants of tears. "But it made you feel quite a bit better, didn't it?" He asked, sure of the answer. Lance nodded silently, smiling.

"And besides," JC continued. "There really is one thing I forgot to say, one of the things I love most about you, actually." He said, smiling.

Lance smiled up at him. "Oh yeah, what is it?"

"That you are totally, and completely, and utterly, for the rest of our lives-I hope, if I don't mess things up!-absolutely, so entirely MINE!" JC jumped on top of Lance, smothering him in kisses as the blonde laughed uncontrollably.

JC began to run his hands up beneath the light fabric of Lance's shirt, and soon Lance was not only hard again, but out of breath as well.

JC felt the pressure against him and let his hand slip down to grasp Lance's private parts. "Looks like little Lance wants to go again....." JC said, smiling and beginning to slide his hand up and down.

Lance squirmed around, trying to decide whether or not he could handle going again. "Actually, JC, I'm feeling kinda...empty!" Lance declared, finding the right words.

JC looked up at him. "Umm, empty?" He asked, a little confused.

"Well, yeah! I mean, I came like, LOTS of times! And now I kinda feel, like, there's, ahh, like, nothing left in there right now!" Lance tried to explain, but found it difficult.

JC looked confused for a moment before understanding dawned in his eyes. He began to gently stroke Lance's balls. "So, I hear you guys don't have anything left in you, meaning I don't get to have any more sex right now, I hope you realize what you're missing out on, I would have been real good to you two." He said, as if speaking to Lance's crotch.

"JC, might I ask what the hell you think you are doing?!?!?" Lance exclaimed, pulling JC back up to face him.

"Just letting them know it's their fault I'm not getting any." JC gave a mock sigh and let his hands rest on Lance's stomach.

"Hold on, let me get this straight, you actually were talking to my balls?!?!?" Lance asked, startled.

"Well sure, it sounds crazy when you say it like that." JC chided, smiling up at Lance.

"Baby, not to burst your bubble, but it IS crazy!" Lance exclaimed, though he now realized JC had only been teasing him.

The brunette smiled, and gave Lance a little pat on his flat stomach. "Well, as long as I'm being crazy anyway, I might as well ask, is there anything I can do to get you two back up to full strength?" He asked, directing the question downwards, and then turning up towards Lance to wait for a response.

The younger boy pretended to consider it for a moment, scrunching up his nose and biting his lip. "They say, that they aren't really sure, but that a short little nap, and maybe some breakfast afterwards, might help." He said finally, laughing.

JC chuckled along with his boyfriend, and got up to go in search of the blankets, which they had kicked off during the night. "Ahah!" He shouted, finding the comforter half buried under the bed. He was shaking it out when Lance spoke up again.

"Uhh, y'know, they also say that maybe having a clean pair of underwear and a tee might help them get to sleep quicker, y'know, so they could start working on filling themselves up again?" Lance smiled and blushed when JC began to laugh.

"Yeah, ok." JC smiled, and went to Lance's suitcase, pulling out a pair of boxer briefs and beginning the search for an appropriately old night shirt.

"Oh, actually, could I have one of yours?" Lance asked, lips parted, hoping JC would say yes.

The older boy gave him a curious look, but crossed the room and found his bag laying on top of the dresser. He pulled out one of his oldest, most comfy shirts and another pair of boxer briefs for himself. "Oh good, are those for me too?" Lance asked hopefully when he spotted the second pair of underwear JC had chosen as he walked towards the bed.

JC raised one eyebrow. "Well, yeah they can be if you'd like." He said, tossing them to the blonde, and going back to sift through for a pair for himself.

Lance shimmied into the overly big nightshirt and briefs, beginning to laugh when he saw that JC had gone back to his own suitcase. "So I'm guessing these weren't originally intended to be for me then?" Lance asked, wriggling around in JC's boxer briefs.

"Well, no." JC admitted, but smiled as he pulled on a pair of boxers. "But if wearing my clothes is what does it for you, so be it!" JC exclaimed, laughing. He fluffed up the comforter and spread it over Lance, slipping in beside him and snuggling the blonde boy up next to him. Lance felt tense in his arms, and after a few moment of uncomfortable silence he spoke up. "What's wrong?"

"Does it really bother you that I like wearing your clothes?"

JC was so surprised he began to laugh. "Baby, it wouldn't even bother me if you liked wearing my mom's clothes." He said, smiling.

Lance turned around to face him, looking very affronted. "I'm not a cross-dresser JC!" He exclaimed, glaring.

JC was taken aback by Lance's vehemence. "I know that baby, I was just teasing, sorry." He apologized contritely, but the blonde didn't seem appeased, shifting back around and keeping his body tense.

When Lance continued to lay stiffly in his arms JC began to wonder if something more was wrong. He grasped the smaller boy by the waist, and turned him around so that they were facing each other.

"Baby," He began seriously, putting his hands on Lance's cheeks. "Of course I don't mind you borrowing my clothes, that's so silly, you know you could borrow anything babe, you're my boyfriend!" He exclaimed, smiling at the blonde.

Lance looked at him suspiciously for a moment, and JC wondered what else he could say.

But his words seemed to do the trick, and Lance sighed happily, settling back down into his arms.

"Besides, I must say, you look damn sexy in those cute, over-sized clothes!" JC exclaimed, and Lance laughed, snuggling down deeper into the covers, and JC's arms.

"So it's all good now?" JC asked, wanting to be sure as he looked down into the blonde's eyes.

"Better than good." Lance smiled, and snuggled up against JC's chest.

JC slipped an arm under Lance and wrapped it around him, kissing the blonde gently on the forehead.

Lance was already asleep.

Well, I hoped everybody liked it! I couldn't really decide whether to stop there or not, but decided I would, since it is pretty long, and I really didn't want to make anybody wait anymore! Plus, I told a few people it would be out like almost a week ago, so sorry to them! What did you all think of the sex, was it good? And real??? The reason this has taken me a while (one of them) is because I've been writing a couple other stories as well. One is Lance/JC, and I'm going to post it once it's done, but the other is Chris/Joey (just for me, just for fun!) and I don't know if anybody else would really like this pairing or be interested in it getting it posted, so let me know, k!?!?!?


P.P.S. Yes, Laurence, I still love you! :-)