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Chapter 18

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

Justin snuggled up to the familiar pressure of Joey's arm around him, laying his head on the brunette's shoulder.

"Mmm, I love you baby." Joey whispered heavily, half-awake from the blonde's squirming.

Justin smiled and gave Joey a little kiss on the cheek, slowly opening his eyes.

"Joey, Joey wake up!" He quickly shook the older man until he opened his eyes.

"Wha-what baby?" Joey asked sleepily, trying to snuggle back down.

"There's someone on the couch!" Justin exclaimed frantically, still shaking Joey.

Joey calmly grasped the blonde's wrist. "That's just Chris huney." He explained, tugging the blonde back down into his arms, snuggling him against his chest.

"Wait-what! Why is he here?" Justin still wasn't appeased, but couldn't do much as Joey was holding him rather tightly. `Though not unpleasantly.' Justin thought, deciding Joey must have an explanation. And of course, he did.

"Because, last night, Lance and JC were enjoying some... ahh, extra curricular activities-" Joey put it as delicately as possible, smiling. "And Chris' room is right next to theirs, and I guess the noise was a little overpowering, so I figured it would be all right if I let him bunk here for the night." Joey explained, giving Justin a little kiss on the tip of his nose.

"Well, but what if he sees me? Should I go?" Justin asked, looking around.

The brunette gave him a curious look, one eyebrow arched up. "Of course not baby, this is our room you know, and I want you to stay exactly where you are." Joey said, silencing Justin with a kiss when he began to pipe up once again. "Besides, he already saw you here last night."

"He did?" Justin looked frightened, his long blonde eyelashes framing his wide-open eyes.

"Yeah, it was really cute, I was helping him pull out the couch and you let out this like adorable little whimpering sound." Joey smiled, remembering.

"And?" The blonde asked, looking up at Joey.

"And what baby?"

"And what did he say???"

"Nothin' much, just smiled at me really." Joey explained, smiling at the blonde.

Justin sighed happily, relieved.

Joey began to laugh softly. "Oh c'mon baby, he pretty much knew anyway, you didn't really think he was going to take it badly, did you?"

"Well no." Justin admitted softly. "But still, it's nerve wracking!" He exclaimed, smiling.

Joey kissed him, and Justin snuggled up closer to his chest. "Still, I would have just sent him back to his own room." The younger boy said petulantly, pouting.

"Are you kidding, he wouldn't have gotten any sleep, what with Lance and JC going on and on like that!" Joey exclaimed, still shying away from naming the actual activity.

"Oh c'mon, I know you can say it." Justin smiled sexily and slipped his hand over the outside of Joey's boxers, caressing the quickly hardening lump. He moved until his lips were mere centimeters from the brunette's so that he could feel his hot breath. "It's...called...Sex." He smirked saucily, kissing Joey lightly on the lips.

"What about sex?" Chris asked, sitting up on the couch and looking over towards the bed. Justin yelped and blushed bright scarlet, diving under the covers, intent on staying there until Chris left. He heard Joey and Chris exchange muffled `good mornings' but didn't come out of his hiding place.

After a moment Joey lifted the covers to look down at Justin. "You might as well come out sweetie, he's not going anywhere." Justin turned an even brighter shade of red, but slowly made his way out of the covers, looking over to Chris, who was still sitting on the pulled out couch.

"Hi Chris." He greeted timidly, managing a weak smile at the older man.

"Good Morning, Justin." Chris replied, smiling at the blonde's obvious embarrassment.

There were a few moments of gleeful silence on Chris' part before Justin looked up at Joey. "Umm, do you think it's too early for me to-"

"Go visit Lance?" Joey finished for him, knowing where his thoughts would lead.

Justin nodded, looking up at Joey while he tried to ignore Chris' smirk.

"Well, it is almost eleven, but it might be nice to let them have some alone time, seeing as how last night, was, y'know, a pretty big event."

Justin seemed to consider this a moment, biting his lip.

"Mmm, maybe, but I think I'm gunna go see him anyway." Justin decided, hopping out bed and slipping the robe he had just given Joey the night before over his shoulders. "I'll send JC your way." He said, slipping out the door.

"Isn't that your robe?" Chris asked, turning to Joey as the door clicked shut.

"Uhh yeah, but Justin's reasoning is that if I'm not wearing it at the moment then it's free for him to borrow." Joey replied absent-mindedly, thinking. `He didn't give me a good bye kiss, not even a peck, is it just cus Chris is here?' He wondered, deciding they would have to let the last member of the band completely in on their relationship soon. He didn't want to miss out on any more kisses, even small ones.

"And how do you feel about this theory?" Chris asked, rather amused.

"Pretty good, I'd give him everything I've got anyway." Joey didn't think much of it until the words were out of his mouth, but he smiled when he realized it was true.


"JC, JC wake up."

JC's eyes popped open as Lance rocked his arm.

"Yeah, huney what is it, what's wrong?" He asked, tightening his arms around Lance.

Lance smiled. "Nothing's wrong baby, I just wanted to y'know, talk." Lance put a slight emphasis on the word, but his meaning escaped the other man.

"Ok hun, what you wanna talk about?" JC asked, scooting up on the bed and propping himself against the headboard.

Lance looked at him, crestfallen. "I'm not sure you understand babe, I want to talk." He put a much heavier emphasis on the word this time, and JC's eyed widened, brightening as he began to understand the blonde's meaning.

"Oh, TALK." JC slid back down to Lance's level on the bed while the blonde smirked at him. "So-" JC lipped at Lance's neck. "-how, exactly, would you like to talk," He bit down, making Lance whimper. "-baby?" He finished his question with another kiss to Lance's neck, as he lifted up the blonde's shirt.

"Oh, I don't know, how 'bout, you decide." Lance words were punctuated by sharp gasps as the older boy began to plant random nips and kisses across his exposed stomach.

"Hey guys, are you awake?" Justin's voice called through the door as he knocked lightly.

"Ye-" Lance began to answer but was cut off by JC's hand covering his mouth.

"Shh, if we don't answer then maybe he will go away." JC said, then slowly replaced his hands with his lips.

"But-Justin has a-" Lance was once again interrupted by JC's lips.

The door slowly opened and Justin stuck his head in. "Guys?" He asked, peeking towards the bed.

"-a keycard." Lance finished as JC turned towards the door, startled. He sighed.

"Why, exactly, does Justin have a keycard?" He asked, unhappy about being interrupted.

"Cus, y'know, in case of an emergency." Lance replied, not making a move to scoot from under JC.

"What could possibly go wrong that Chris wouldn't be able to take care of?" JC asked, remembering that Chris had an extra card to each room just in case.

"Well, y'know, if like, he needed to talk in the middle of the night." Lance said, deciding to explain the real reason that Justin had gotten the key card.

JC looked at him incredulously. "He-so you, and- oh my god." JC buried his head in his hands.

"Good morning to you too, JC." Justin, who had been silent up until now, said as he came up to the bed and sat down beside Lance.

JC looked at him and practically growled, receiving a disapproving glare from Lance.

"Huney?" Lance said, trying to get JC's full attention.

"Yeah." JC responded sullenly, still unhappy about not getting more alone time with his boyfriend.

The blonde tilted the older man's face up to his, and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Four times." JC looked at him questioningly and Lance repeated himself. "Four times, JC." Lance said, referring to the number of times they had made love between the night before and that morning.

"I know, but still..." JC sounded whiny even to himself, and he stopped, grimacing.

"Still what? Four times isn't enough to tide you over until tonight?" Lance asked, becoming a little put out with the older man.

"Wait, tonight?!" JC asked, excitement clear in his voice.

Lance laughed at the look of enthusiasm on JC's face. "Well yeah tonight! You didn't honestly think I was gunna, like, give it up once, and then make you wait????"

"Apparently he did." Justin murmured, but not loudly enough to receive a second glare from JC.

"Well, I don't anymore!" JC responded, kissing Lance enthusiastically. "Wow, so I mean, like, tonight, we can, y'know, again!" He exclaimed, pulling the two of them up into a sitting position and dropping his hands onto the blonde's waist.

"Well, yeah!" Lance confirmed, still laughing from the surprise of JC's naivety.

"Wow, I mean, wow! Awesome!" JC exclaimed, grinning broadly, kissing Lance excitedly. "Well, I'm guessing you two want to be left alone for a little bit to talk about, stuff." JC half asked, already sure what their response would be.

"You're welcome to stay if you'd like." Lance responded, surprising both JC and Justin with the offer. But JC shook his head, kissing Lance lightly.

"Nah, I think I'll go visit the guys." JC said, leaping up off the bed. "We'll order some breakfast and come get you two when it's done, all right?" He said, pulling on some scrub pants he had picked up off the floor.

"Ok." Lance agreed, smiling.

"French toast ok?" JC asked, already planning on ordering Lance's favorites.

"Sounds Good." Lance smiled again and JC gave him one last kiss before heading out the door.

"Ever wonder why we don't count as part of `the guys'?" Justin asked idly as the door shut behind JC.

"Yeah, I know, I was just thinking that, it always seems weird to me too." Lance agreed, turning towards Justin, who was getting under the covers.

"Maybe it's the blonde thing." Justin offered, wondering.

"Or the gay thing." Lance added, trying to come up with an explanation.

"Maybe." Justin said, but didn't sound very convinced. "But the way I figure it, they're the ones sleeping with us, so if it was that, then they really shouldn't count as part of `the guys' either."

"Well yeah, but then who would `the guys' be except for Chris? And it wouldn't really be fair for him to just be all alone by himself, y'know?"

"True." Justin agreed, rearranging the covers around the two of them.

"Must be the blonde thing then." Lance decided and Justin nodded his agreement.

Both snuggled down into the blankets, trying to get fully covered so they could warm up.

Finally they both got comfortable and Justin turned towards Lance, curiosity lighting up his eyes.

"So, tell me everything..."


"Hey guys." JC couldn't stop smiling as he stepped into Joey and Justin's room.

`Looks like he slept with a coat hanger in his mouth.' Chris reflected, seeing JC's hundred-watt grin. `Probably slept with something in his mouth anyway.'


A half-hour later Lance was still spilling his guts to Justin when both boys' stomachs began to rumble.

"You'd think breakfast would have been here already." Justin grumbled once at a pause in Lance's recounting.

"I know, you wanna go see what's taking so long, then finish in a bit?" Lance asked. He was almost finished anyway, and was quite hungry after all his activities.

"Sounds good." Justin agreed as both boys slipped out of the bed.

They walked across the hall, and Justin began to knock steadily at the door until JC let them in.

"Hey baby," He greeted Lance, obviously speaking around a mouthful of food.

"Hey, I thought you said you were gunna come get us when breakfast got here." Lance pouted, looking beyond to see the already disheveled food cart.

"Yeah huney, I know, but when I came to get you I heard you and Justin talking through the door, and distinctly heard the words `silk shorts' and `g-spot' and seeing as how that was pretty early on in the night I figured you two might need some more time." JC smiled and hooked his arm around Lance, dragging him across the floor.

"Still though, you could have asked." Lance said, still pouting.

"Oh huney, don't be in a huff, I saved you some French toast." JC said, swallowing his mouthful and kissing Lance lightly on the lips. Lance pretended not to notice and didn't respond, choosing instead to just pout. JC tried again, but when Lance continued to be unresponsive the older man planted his feet inside the blonde's and began to step outwards until Lance's weight was being entirely supported by JC`s arms around him. "Baby, I love you, please forgive me."

Lance looked like he was considering for a moment and then smiled. "You need a shave baby." Lance giggled as he felt JC's stubble rub up against his cheek.

JC laughed as well, taking this to mean that he was forgiven.

"So, umm, 'bout that French toast..." Lance began, and JC smiled, dragging him over to the couch.

"Yeah, I made sure to save you a few pieces, little one." JC kissed Lance's forehead fondly, settling him down on the couch.

"Joeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!!" Justin whined, still standing in the doorway, pouting heavily. After all, Lance's man had come, but Joey was still only sitting there.

"Oh, right, sorry babe!" Joey jumped up off the bed and went to Justin, planting a kiss on the blonde's lips and guiding him to the bed, just as JC had done with Lance.

"Took you a while there." Justin pouted, casting a glance at Lance and JC.

"I know, sorry, but I was distracted cus I was listening to them." He said, looking in the same direction.

Justin smiled and seemed to accept his explanation as Joey went to get him a plate of breakfast.

"JC, I'm kinda sore." Lance whispered to the older boy, casting him a pitiful glance.

JC couldn't help but smile, and he drew the blonde onto his lap, gently massaging what he could reach of Lance's bottom.

"Maybe a little French Toast might help?" He asked quietly, smiling.

"Maybe." Lance agreed, offering a cute half smile as JC called over to Chris.

"Hey, Chris, would you mind getting that plate I saved for Lance and bringing it over here?" JC asked, nodding at the other man.

"Why can't you do it yourself?" Chris asked, looking a little affronted.

"Well cus I've kind of got my hands full." JC explained, gesturing his hands so that it was clear what they were doing. Lance blushed as Chris realized what the other man meant, but was gratified when he brought over the still warm plate.

"Thanks Chris." He said meekly, smiling.

"No problem, pussy-boy." Chris smirked and Lance turned to JC, looking like he might burst into tears.

"That had better NOT be a new nickname, or one you use EVER again." JC said threateneningly, looking sternly at Chris, who flinched and promised he wouldn't use it again. "See, it's ok baby, mean old Chris won't talk to you ever again if you don't want him to." JC murmured, smiling.

"Hey now-" Chris began, but was cut off by Joey this time, who glared at him silently. He returned to the other couch in the room, grumbling about blondes and their over-protective boyfriends.

JC placed the already buttered French Toast plate on Lance's lap and used the fork to cut off tiny pieces, shushing the blonde's protest that he was old enough to feed himself. After the first few bites Lance smiled and began to readily eat off the fork that JC kept offering up, smiling at his boyfriend's antics. Joey saw and decided to follow his example, hand feeding Justin a glazed donut, much to the younger boy's delight.

The room was silent for a few moments as JC and Joey carried on quiet dialogues with their boyfriends while feeding them, and Chris sat observing the scene.

"I think I need to throw up." He said sarcastically at one point, but was greeted with utter oblivion from the two happy couples.

Lance heard Chris' grumbling and exchanged a glance with Justin as they both began to laugh.

"Umm, did I miss something???" JC asked, hesitating with the fork in his hand.

"Mmm no baby, we're just laughing at Chris." Lance pouted until JC brought the bite of French Toast up to his lips.

"Mmm, well that's k then." JC said, smiling as he began to kiss the blonde sitting on his lap. Lance, still giggling, returned the kiss, letting out a small whimper as JC's tongue slipped into his mouth.

"Mmm, syrupy." JC laughed as they parted, licking his lips.

"Ahh eww!!!!" Lance squealed and wriggled, trying to get out of JC's tightly clasped arms. But JC kept his arms firm, laughing as the blonde giggled and tried to get away.

"I don't know why you're being so silly..." JC murmured into Lance's ear once he had settled down. "After all, think of all the places I had my mouth last night...." He licked the side of Lance's ear gently, flicking his tongue over the top. Lance, meanwhile, had blushed a bright crimson, catching Chris' attention.

"What exactly are you saying to our little Lance over there, JC?" He asked wickedly, smirking at the couple on the couch.

"MY little Lance." JC corrected, glaring over at the older man. "And it's none of your business what I was saying to him." JC smiled and began to nuzzle at Lance's neck again. "Unless, of course, he wants me to tell you." JC licked at Lance's ear lobe, smiling.

"JC, NO!" Lance exclaimed, turning around, startled that the brunette might consider telling Chris something like that.

"Kidding sweetie pie." JC murmured soothingly, but didn't stop nuzzling at Lance's neck. "Wanna go back to our room, and maybe discuss this a little further?" JC whispered, but not softly enough that Chris' sharp ears didn't pick up on it.

"I don't think so, I'm still quite sore!" Lance exclaimed, smiling as he felt JC's hardness pressing into him.

"Ooo, JC, shot down on a request for some action!" Chris exclaimed, laughing as JC's head whipped around.

"Hey now! At least I get some action, old man!" JC said, mock-offended.

"JC!!!!!!!!!!!" Lance exclaimed, smacking his boyfriend on the arm.

"What?" The brunette asked, surprised that Lance had hit him.

"Don't tell them stuff like that!"

"Uhh, baby, I'm pretty sure they all already knew what we were doing last night." JC said, stroking Lance's arm. The blonde looked around their loose semi-circle for confirmation; Justin glanced away.

"Uhh, well you were the one that told me." Justin murmured, looking guiltily at Joey.

"I found out for myself." The brunette sitting behind him said firmly, in an abvious attempt to protect his boyfriend. Lance dismissed their lie with a glance, but decided to move on, turning towards the couch Chris was sitting on.

"Oh nobody told me, but you two are so damn loud in bed that I could hear you clear on the other side of my room!" Chris exclaimed, beginning to laugh.

Lance blushed a bright scarlet and buried his head in JC's chest, looking like he might cry.

"Shhh, c'mon baby, it's ok, we've all heard Joey and Chris getting it on with girls before, haven't we?" JC stroked Lance's neck, planting gentle kisses around the blonde's neck.

"I know, but that's different! That's Chris and Joey, the horndogs, this is, y'know, you and me." He whimpered, pouting at his boyfriend.

JC laughed. "Baby, after how much fun last night was, I am gunna become a serious horndog myself!" He smiled, but Lance's eyes widened in misunderstanding. "Just with you though baby!" JC laughed, and Lance smiled at last, giving him a quick little kiss and then hopping up off his lap.

"Ok, well I'm gunna go decide what to wear, you three can decide what you'd like to do today."

"Three?" JC and Chris asked simultaneously, wondering how Lance's numbers were adding up.

"Well yeah, Justin is gunna come help me decide what to wear, duh." Lance rolled his eyes sarcastically.

"Right yeah ok." Justin left Joey mid-kiss, and hopped up off the bed. Both boys blew their men little kisses before they vanished out the door, intent on finding something cute to wear.

"JC! God Damn, if Lance wasn't such a little baby, I would kick his ass!" Joey exclaimed, outraged.

"What?! Why?" JC asked, rather startled at Joey's vehemence.

"Cus! He just left, and took my boyfriend with him! I was having a damn good time making out with Justin!" He exclaimed, and JC realized that Justin had hopped up rather quickly.

"Ah, well, payback's a bitch, ain't it?" JC asked, smirking.

"Payback, what? How is your boyfriend running off and taking mine with him payback!?"

"Because, this morning, just as I had Lance about ready to say we could start up again, Justin came flouncing into the room demanding to know every detail about last night, and I got kicked out of the room so they could talk!" At this point both brunettes had gotten up from their resting places and were staring each other down from two inches away, both flexing their muscles.

Suddenly the sound of Chris' laughter rang out in the room, breaking the mood of tension.

"What's so funny?" Joey asked sullenly, and JC's expression said the same.

"Just you two idiots, arguing because your boyfriends like spending time with each other more than they do with the pair of you!" Chris managed to gasp out before returning to his laughter.

Both brunettes stood for a moment, slack-jawed, until Joey turned to JC to whisper quietly, so as not to alert Chris.

"That's not true, right?" He asked, frowning.

"No, no way, absolutely not. It's like, I mean, we're their boyfriends, and they love us, but they are best friends, so they like talking and spending time with each other too." JC said, but sounded unsure.

"Right, yeah, of course you're right, I mean, it's two completely different things." Joey agreed quickly.

"And that's cool with us." JC nodded, but then stopped. "It is, right?"

"Yeah. Yeah, cus that means when they need to talk to someone other than us, they have each other; and that's good for them, and makes them happy, which makes us happy." Joey agreed, working it out as he spoke.

"Right. So yeah, we like that they talk a lot." JC agreed, smiling.

"Uhuh, absolutely."

"So basically, we just need to kick Chris' ass for being a freakin' asshole." JC said in a fit of pique.

"Yeah, pretty much!" Joey agreed.

Chris looked up just in time to see his two friends advancing on him. He decided to run.


Good ending, eh? Sorry that this took me so long, and that it is rather short, but I'll be starting the next one post-haste, so hopefully it won't be forever!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed! Oh, and my email has changed, it's now!!!!!


Ok, so here is the knockdown on the drama factor! I have had a few people ask about it, and I'm always surprised, because I can't understand why they think there will be one! So finally I came right out and asked someone and they said it's because of the title: Mistaken Dreams, and I realized that it does sound rather ominous, doesn't it! But the reason for that is because when I began to write this story (in like, July!) it was originally gunna be a drama and all like kind of tragic and stuff (notice up until about chapter 5, I think) because I just wasn't in a very good place emotionally at that point. But then, I got together with my boyfriend, and he totally began to like change my perspective on everything! And so now that he has made me deliriously happy and we are one of those super sweet lovey-dovey couples, I just can't seem to write sad stuff anymore, I just can't! All the meaning has gone out of my writing, and it has just turned into silly little pink-cotton-candy fluff, which before, I never really thought I could enjoy writing or reading! But y'know what? As it turns out, I love it. :-) So yes, there are a few sad events planned (NO ONE WILL DIE! I hate it when that happens and I have to go and like cry my eyes out!) but nothing really very bad, and those are pretty far into the future anyway. So for now, there will be no major drama in this story, but I hope you still all like it anyway!

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