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Chapter 20

Mistaken Dreams: Lance n' JC.....

Joey and Josh quickly informed Chris of their trip to the florist and subsequent meeting with Tosh, making sure to include what she had said about him being the real hottie of the band. It took a few minutes for Chris to begin to believe their story, but he soon came around to the idea of meeting this Tosh girl, especially if it would get Lance and Justin off his back for a little while. The three guys soon had their stories planned out, and JC went to open the door.

Lance and Justin fell through, literally one on top of another. JC stifled his laughter and picked Lance up off the floor, lending his other hand to Justin.

"Why thank you, kind sir." Lance said, not the least bit disgruntled as he stood and brushed himself off. Justin affected the same behavior and went to sit beside Joey.

"Did you two have a nice time?" He asked sweetly, settling into Joey's arms.

"Yeah, it was fun." Joey smiled, but then directed a stern look at his boyfriend. "I hear you two tormented Chris to no end while we were gone though." He said disapprovingly, frowning at the two blondes.

"Nuhuh!" Justin protested, turning to Lance.

"Seriously! All we were doing is trying to help him!" Lance agreed, looking at JC with wide, innocent eyes.

"Lance, I watched you and Justin chase Chris across the hallway from one room to another, screaming and yelling no less." JC replied dryly, looking his boyfriend straight in the eye.

"Oh, you saw that, did you?" Lance asked quietly, but he quickly perked back up. "Well, so we might have been tormenting him just a teensy bit, but you left us here all alone with nothing to do!"

JC wondered how exactly Lance managed to sound quite so believably exasperated.

"And plus, we really were trying to help him find a girlfriend!" Justin added in, trying to help.

"Or a boyfriend?" Joey asked pointedly, and Justin grimaced.

"You heard that part too?"

"Chris told us." Joey replied, trying to sound serious.

Justin grimaced a bit again and Lance began to pout.

`They look like a pair of guilty 5-year olds.' JC thought, doing his best not to let the laughter escape. "I think that maybe you two owe Chris an apology."

Lance and Justin exchanged glances, thinking it over for a moment. Then Justin popped up from Joey's lap and went to settle in Chris'. He cast his arms around the older man's neck and said sincerely "I'm sorry for chasing you around the rooms Chris, and insinuating that you might want a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend." He kissed Chris chastely on the cheek. "Can you possibly find it in your heart to forgive me?"

Chris laughed; it was more than he could take. "Yes yes, I'll forgive you both." He said.

Lance smiled, he hadn't even had to move. Joey, however, was not as pleased.

"Y'know," Joey began, turning to JC. "Somehow, that wasn't the way I pictured him apologizing." He said, and the other man couldn't help but chuckle. Joey vaulted himself up off the couch and crossed the distance towards Justin and Chris in a single step. "All right, young man, you are coming back with me." He said, picking Justin up off of Chris' lap. "And you, you had better keep your hands off him from now on, understand?" Joey directed his comment towards Chris, but neither of them could keep up their serious faces for long, and soon they were both laughing.

"So anyway," JC continued as soon as the other couple has settled themselves back on the couch. "While we were out Joey and I found the perfect girl for Chris to go out with." JC said, and Lance looked mildly unhappy.

"Really? A girl? Bummer." He said, sighing.

JC had to laugh. "Oh c'mon, did you actually think Chris was gunna let you set him up with a boy?" He asked, smiling.

Lance shrugged his shoulders. "I thought he might let us try at least."

JC smiled and kissed Lance on the forehead. "You're cute babe."

"So what's this girl like anyway?" Justin asked, now curios.

"Well, her name is Fiona, but she said that everybody calls her Tosh." Joey said, holding up a hand when Justin opened his mouth. "Don't ask why, because I have no idea." Justin shut his mouth and Joey have a him a light kiss.

"She's the flor-" JC stopped mid-sentence, not wanting to give away where they'd been. "She's really nice." He substituted lamely. Lance cocked his head to the side and stared at his boyfriend, wondering what he had been about to say, but remained silent.

"What does she look like?" Justin questioned, quite interested in Chris' potential girlfriend.

"Well, she has red hair, with, umm, I think blue eyes, though they might have been dark green, and she was pretty." Justin wasn't impressed with Joey's short verbal description, but figured he would get the chance to see her later on anyway.

"So how old is she?" Lance asked, scooting around on JC's lap so that he could look at his boyfriend's face.

"Umm, about 20 I'd say."

"Aww man, she's older than I am???" Justin piped up, a little putout.

"Uh, did you expect me to date someone younger than you, Just?" Chris asked, a little startled.

"I guess not, but I was kinda hoping so. I mean, then I wouldn't always be the baby all the time."

"You aren't always the baby." Chris said, laughing.

"Yeah, sometimes Lance is the baby!" JC added in, and received a smack on the arm from his boyfriend, who the brunette proceeded to smother with kisses.

"Besides, you're getting old Just, someday soon your baby days will be long gone, and you'll miss them!" Chris said it like he knew, and Justin suspected he did.

Joey leaned in, brushing his lips against Justin's ear. "You never have to worry about that as long as I'm around, you'll always be my baby." The brunette kissed Justin sweetly on the lips, and the younger boy sighed blissfully.

He didn't mind being Joey's baby.


After another five minutes of talk Lance announced that he was feeling sweaty from all the running, and wanted to go take another shower. Justin agreed, and said he'd like one, too. Both boys exited the room, on their way out asking their boyfriends to order some lunch.

"Umm, do you think, when they said take a shower, that they meant they were going to do it separately, or together?" Joey wondered aloud, curious.

"I was trying to figure that out myself." JC agreed, looking at the ceiling in thought.

"Doesn't it kind of concern either of you that they might be showering together???" Chris asked, a little shocked by how little they seemed to mind which way it went.

"Y'know, you'd think it would-" JC said.

"And it probably should, I bet." Joey interrupted, agreeing.

"And yet, I don't think it does."

Chris couldn't decide whether to laugh or sigh and shake his head.


In the wait time after they had ordered lunch from the delivery service, Joey called Le Central to make sure he could get a reservation for dinner that night while JC showed a rather uninterested Chris the things they had bought for Lance and Justin.

"Excellent." He said, hanging up the phone. "Justin and I have a reservations for 8 o'clock, under the name Mr. and Mrs. Joey Fatone." Joey smirked and Chris laughed.

"You being the Mr., I assume?" Chris asked, and Joey looked mildly affronted by the question.

"Joey, please tell me that you didn't ask specifically for that on the list?" JC sighed, sometimes Joey was a real goofball.

"No no of course not, but when I said for two, the guy asked if this was a romantic dinner, and would we rather have a private seating, and I replied that yes it was and yes we would, and so he said to the server girl `Claire, please put down a reservation for a Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fatone at 8 o'clock.' in that snooty fake French accent that they all have there, y'know?"

JC sighed again, and rubbed his forehead, sometimes Joey made him feel very set-upon. "Joey, that's not a snooty fake accent, it's just their accent, they're French!"

"Oh, well whatever, I'm just glad I got a reservation!"

JC stifled another sigh.


Lunch went by peacefully, and soon Joey had commandeered Lance and led him into the hall, under the guise of needing someone to help him get the left-over dishes out of his room.

"Lance, I kinda need a favor." Joey said as he cast around the room, looking for the dishes he knew were there.

"Umm, other than this?" Lance grimaced as he picked up an old plate, and decided he would draw the line if Joey asked him to clean the bathroom.

"Well yeah, see I have a romantic dinner and all planned for Justin, but what I'd like to do, is have him led downstairs, to the waiting limo, without him knowing and all, so that I can like, open the door for him and say `here, sir, your limo awaits'-"

Joey had more to tell, but Lance couldn't help but chuckle. Joey was so sweet.

The two quickly planned out the details, which weren't many, and then returned to lunch, and their boyfriends.


Five hours later, Lance was in Justin's room, helping him put the finishing touches on his outfit. He was dressed in heather gray slacks, with a white button down shirt that shrugged up a little at the waist when he moved his arms, showing a tiny amount of skin. A silver charm bracelet sparkled on one wrist, and a slim chain, matching in color, was tucked into his shirt neck.

"Where in the world do you think Joey is?" He asked, seeming a little irritated that his boyfriend was still absent.

Just before Lance could reply a crisp knock sounded on the door, and he opened it to find a nicely dressed bell-hop on the other side.

"Sir," He began, directing his words towards Justin. "There is gentleman waiting downstairs who would very much like to see you."

Justin was silent a moment, as if not understanding the words. Finally he reacted. "Someone who wants to see me? What in the world?" He wondered aloud. It wasn't some crazed fan, of that he was sure, but he didn't think anyone knew where they were staying other than management, and if it had been them they would have just charged right on up. When the bell-hop remained impassive, Justin replied: "All right, well send him up then, I suppose."

Justin turned away, but the man coughed gently to get the blonde's attention back, and when he had it said: "He requests your presence in the lobby, sir."

Justin was clearly irked by this, but Lance took his elbow. "C'mon, we should at least go see who it is."

"Yeah, and what in the world it is that he wants." Justin replied grumpily, and Lance wondered what was wrong.

`Maybe just pre-date jitters?' Lance hoped that was all it was.

The bell-hop led them to the elevator, and then pushed the correct buttons, landing them on the ground floor.

"All right, well where is he?"

Justin looked confused when the man walked to the front doors, opening one for them, but didn't protest as Lance propelled him towards them. Both boys stepped out into the chilly night, where a light snow was being swirled around by light gusts of errant wind.

"Oh, my." He whispered quietly, looking out. There stood Joey, in a beautiful suit, with his hair styled back into a fashionable wave, something Joey did only for very special occasions. He was at the door of a long white limo, and he called out to Justin.

"Your limo awaits, good sir." Joey smiled as he said it, and Justin blushed, looking shyly at his boyfriend as Lance nudged him down the steps.

"Hi." He said breathily as he got close enough to Joey to feel the warmth emanating from his boyfriend.

"Hey Gorgeous, I've got something for you." Joey produced a single white carnation, thinking to put it in his boyfriend's lapel or shirt pocket. When he didn't see one, however, he pressed it into Justin's palm instead.

Justin smiled. "I think that maybe we should put this right here." He settled it into the out-side pocket of Joey's suit jacket, exactly where these things were supposed to go. "That way, everyone will know that you're mine."

"Do we want everyone to know that?" Joey asked, smiling at the blonde.

"I do." Justin said blissfully, pressing his body close against Joey's.

"So do I." The older man whispered, and kissed Justin lightly on the lips before handing him gently into the limo.

He winked at Lance as he closed the door.


Lance took a little detour before returning his room, going to the other couple's first, and setting up the flowers and giant teddy bear just like Joey had asked him to, dimming the lights on his way out.

He could hear the shower going before he entered his room, but when he opened the door he saw a beautiful arrangement of flowers sitting on the table, along with a small Tasmanian Devil, sporting red horns and a cape that proclaimed `I'm horny for you.'

Lance laughed. "Oh my JC." He said softly, crossing to read the card that was nestled in the stuffed animal's arms.

Dear Lance,

Happy Anniversary Baby. I love you so much Lance, I want to be with you forever.

Love, -Josh

P.S. I really am quite horny for you.

JC had even drawn a winking smiling face next to the end of his note, and Lance couldn't help but chuckle. He was still gazing at the flowers when the shower went off and JC stepped from the steam filled bathroom, clutching a towel around his waist with one hand while attempting to use a second towel to dry his hair with the other.

"Hey baby." JC said, and Lance whipped around, startled.

"Oh hi." Lance smiled when he saw how little his boyfriend was wearing and quickly crossed the distance between them. He slipped his arms around the brunette's waist, kissing him softly on the lips. JC sensed Lance's passion and lengthened the kiss, deepening it as he slipped his tongue into the younger boy's mouth, tasting him.

Soon JC's towel had dropped, and Lance was stroking gently at his engorged cock.

"Dinner..." JC whispered softly as he moved Lance back a pace towards the bed.

"Are you hungry?" Lance said softly, but tugged the brunette back towards the bed even as he asked.

"No, not really." His words were lost in a sigh of pleasure as he once again found the other boy's lips.

"Then forget it." Lance commanded sexily. He fell back on to the bed and brought JC with him, stroking the brunette's back. The older man used one hand to slowly remove Lance's clothes, the other stroking the tender flesh he revealed.

"Ahh, mmm JC..." Lance moaned softly as JC rubbed his nipple and slipped his tongue further into his mouth.

Soon Lance was completely naked and JC was stroking and licking every part of him, driving Lance crazy with desire.

"Please, please JC, I- I need it now baby...." Lance moaned graphically, unable to take the suspense.

"Need what?" The brunette teased, circling Lance's soft pink nipples with his tongue, blowing small little puffs of cold air on them until they were stiff with pleasure.

"Y-ya-you, inside of me." Lance language was slurred and southern tinged, something that always happened when he was extremely turned on.

"Tell me, tell me what you want. Tell me that you want me to make love to you, want me to fuck you deep inside until you cum wildly all over the both of us." JC engulfed Lance's cock in his mouth as soon as the words were out, eliciting a sharp gasp of pleasure from the blonde as he felt his dick come into contact with the back of JC's throat. He bobbed up and down on Lance's prick, taking more each time he went down, letting it slowly slip in all the way

"Uhh, ahh, oh, oh fuck J, oh, ahh! J-j-josh, fuck me, fuck me now!" Lance yelled through his moans, knowing he wouldn't last much longer if JC kept up his deep-throating.

JC smiled wickedly. `I knew Lance had it in him to talk like that!' He quickly grabbed the lube off the bedside table and applied it to his dick as well as smearing some around Lance's tender hole. He threw it on the floor beside the bed and picked up Lance's legs, settling them on his shoulder.

"Ready?" He whispered seductively, positioning the head of his dick against Lance's entrance.

Lance didn't reply, but JC took his moaning and writhing as an affirmative and begin to slowly slip and slide into Lance. The blonde looked mildly uncomfortable at first, and let out what sounded like a whimper of pain, but after JC has popped past his sphincter ring he relaxed again, and began to make some serious noise.

"Ahh, mmm, oh, J, yeah, li-like that!" He shouted as JC struck his prostrate with force.

"OH, ahhh, do it again!! Ahh, uhhh ahhh yeah, JJJJCCCCCC!!!!!"

JC speared his slick member into Lance again and again, loving the moans of pleasure that his touch brought. "Lance, baby, you're so fuck-ing tight." JC groaned, running his hands up and down the blonde's sweat moistened chest, finally coming to rest on his cock. He leaned down and licked the head of Lance's dick, then moved onto his bellybutton, and finally his nipple, where he bit down playfully hard, making Lance yelp and moan at the same time.

"I, uh, mmm Josh that feels, ahh, ah, good!" Lance's decibel of noise was beginning to soar, so JC quickened his pace to match the frequency of the blonde's moans, stroking the younger man's shaft as quickly as he could, moving deep and fast inside of him, the head of his dick almost coming all the way out of Lance each time before he thrust it back in.

"J, I, I, I, uhhh!"

JC didn't know what Lance was trying to say, but it became clear as Lance's dick suddenly began to spurt stream after stream of cum onto the two of them, covering both their chests and JC's hand too. The brunette still had his hand clutching Lance's cock when it happened, and the feeling of the semen spurting up through the younger boy's shaft was too much for JC, who began to cum as well. The first two shots gushed into Lance's ass, but he pulled out after that, splattering the blonde with the rest of his cum as he abandoned himself to the pleasure.

Afterwards, he collapsed atop the younger boy, and they lay there, stuck together by their sweet sweat and cum.


Justin and Joey arrived at the restaurant without mishap, and soon Joey was leaning on the podium, talking to the young woman who was supposed to seat them while Justin went off to use the restroom.

"We have a reservation for two, under Joey Fatone."

"I'm sorry, I don't see anything for that name." She replied snottily, the corners of her mouth downcast.

Joey told himself to be patient and smiled at here. "I just made the reservations this afternoon, miss. With a girl named Claire."

"Well Claire isn't here, her shift ended at three, and I don't see your reservation."

Joey resisted the urge to strangle her, and calmly said instead "I'm sure it's there, would you please check again? The name is Fatone."

She scanned the list again and seemed about to reply in the negative when a note at the bottom caught he eye. "I do have a Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fatone for 8 o'clock." She conceded reluctantly, looking up.

"Yes, that's it."

"You're 20 minutes late." She observed snippily, glancing at the clock situated high on the opposite wall.

"Yes, we ran into some traffic." Joey agreed, trying to stay cool and collected. He knew that their table hadn't been given away after just twenty minutes, and was he sure the young women was just stating the fact to irk him.

At that moment Justin came back from the bathroom, laying a hand on Joey's arm, but he hesitated once he felt how tense Joey was.

"Joe, is everything all right?"

Before the brunette could reply, the snippy waitress had piped up.

"Are we to assume that this is Mrs. Fatone then?" She asked cattily, flipping her hair.

Justin looked shocked, but Joey couldn't control himself any longer. "NO, " He growled, leaning across the podium which she stood behind. "This is Mr. Timberlake, thank you very much. Now would you please escort us to our table, immediately."

The girl hesitated, as if she would refuse. The manager though, who happened to be walking by at that very moment, saw the murderous look Joey was directing at his server and promptly swooped in, smiling graciously and waving his hands.

"Excuse me sir, is there something amiss here?" He asked, smiling as if it didn't really matter.

"Yes, as a matter of fact there is, this girl here" Joey spat the word with contempt. "Has been extremely rude to both I and my date, and if we are not seated right away we shall leave and go somewhere else."

The waitress looked as if she was about to say that she thought that a fine idea when the manager directed a cold, severe look her way that kept her silent.

"Of course sir, I'm so very sorry for the inconvenience, right this way please."

"I requested a private seating." He reminded the man, whom he suspected was the one he had spoken to on the phone earlier.

"Yes yes of course, I do believe I remember speaking to you." He smiled. "It will be right this way, gentlemen."

"Ignorant bitch." Joey muttered as they left the front room of the restaurant and proceeded backwards.

"What was that all about???" Justin asked, clutching at Joey's arm.

"Oh, just that girl, she was just being, incredibly frustrating." The older man admirably managed to control his word choice and kept his voice low, not wanting to ruin the experience for the other diners whom they were passing by.

"Why in the world did she call me Mrs. Fatone though???" Justin sounded a little put-out, so Joey smiled at him, determined not to let the girl's behavior ruin their evening.

"Because baby, earlier, when I told the man on the phone just how incredibly beautiful you are, he refused to believe that you could be a boy." Joey smiled and Justin laughed.

"Aww I love you Joey." He whispered, and Joey said the same. Then they came to the table, where the man pulled out both their chairs for them.

"I'm very sorry for the inconvenience sir, I hope you enjoy your food and have a wonderful evening."

"Thank you, I'm sure we will." Joey replied amicably, and the man smiled and trailed away.

Their server soon came to take their drink orders and they began to browse through the menus after he had left.

"You do want to take my name, right baby?" Joey asked, seemingly out of the blue to Justin, who was debating whether to have the Loupe de Mer, which was his past favorite, or Saumon sauce Américaine, which he'd never tried before.

"Umm, take your name for what?" He asked, not really paying attention, to engrossed in the menu.

"Y'know, when we get married."

"When we do what!?" Justin was startled out of his menu browsing. It was rare that Joey said the m-word to anyone, let alone someone he was actually dating.

Joey looked slightly concerned, and said "You uh, you do want to get married someday, right?"

"Well, yeah, I suppose so."

This answer didn't seem to offer very much comfort to Joey, for he bit his lip and looked nervous. "Do you want it to be to me?" He asked, and wondered what the answer would hold.

Justin smiled. "Of course I do Joey." He said, taking Joey's hand. "I was just startled when you said it, cus you never talk about stuff like that with anyone, sometimes it seems like you're afraid of it."

"I'm not afraid with you, baby." Joey said it sincerely, and squeezed his boyfriend's hand. Justin smiled so wide he thought his face might crack, and quickly looked down at the menu.

"Well then, if you were to propose to me somewhere along down the line, I certainly wouldn't take it amiss." Justin laughed and smiled, his eyes sparkling.

"Well in that case, if I'm the one proposing, then you'll take my name, won't you?"

"Oh that's what you meant!" Justin giggled, only now understanding. "Well, I'd consider it." He smiled.

"Consider it???? C'mon baby, please. My mom will be so disappointed if you don't!"

Justin guffawed, trying not to laugh. "Your MOM??? How did she get into this?"

"I don't know." Joey shrugged and smiled. "The point is, I think that if I propose, then you should take my name." Joey grinned again.

"All right, well what if I propose, then will you take my name?" Justin was rather curious.

"You, propose? And miss out on getting the engagement ring, that doesn't sound very much like you." Joey laughed.

Justin agreed. "All right, well then I'll consider it. Hmm, Justin Fatone. Joey Timberlake. Mr. and Mr. Joey Timberlake. Mr. and Mrs. Justin Fatone." Justin smirked and Joey gave him a soft kick under the table.

"Yeah, like I'd ever be the missus!"

"That is true, you aren't nearly pretty enough." Justin smirked again, and Joey laughed.

"Oh it's a good thing I like you, little guy, otherwise you would be in some serious trouble!"

Justin laughed as the server approached to take their order; he'd have to think about taking Joey's name later on.


"Oh, my, god." Lance couldn't catch his breath. "That was really great."

"I know..." JC murmured, nuzzling his boyfriend's neck.

"You came so much!" Lance exclaimed. He had been rather shocked.

"I wasn't lying when I told you that you make me horny!" JC laughed and thrust his hips against Lance, who squealed in delight.

"So you still up for dinner?" Lance asked, realizing that he was starting to get a little hungry.

"Oh yeah." JC smiled, and began to try and get up.

"I know you just got out and all, but would you come shower with me again, I want to get all de-stick-ied and stuff before we go out." Lance said, gesturing to the half dried cum that was covering the both of them. He pleaded with his best puppy-dog eyes, as if he needed them.

"Course I will baby, I'll even carry you there!" JC stood up and swooped the blonde into his arms, laughing happily. He started the shower with one hand and waited for the water to get warm before he stepped in.

"Uhh JC, were you planning on putting me down?" Lance asked plaintively, wanting to be able to wash.

"Well, I was thinking about it." JC admitted. "I guess I will, but only cus you're making me."

Lance laughed and kissed him on the cheek. After several minutes of letting the water pour over both of them, Lance turned towards his boyfriend. "Josh, will you wash my back for me?" He asked shyly, holding out the bar of soap.

"Yeah." JC suddenly realized he had never done this before, and smiled as he began to run up a lather between his hands. He gently caressed Lance's shoulder blades and let the soap drip down the blonde's back.

"You have such pretty skin baby." He whispered softly, caressing Lance's un-tanned, ivory shoulders.

"Thanks." Lance felt a little awkward, but in a nice way. JC had never done something like this to him, washing his back, and it made Lance feel oddly warm, happy in an intimate sort of way.

Soon JC had covered all of Lance's back is suds, but didn't want to stop, so he gently turned Lance around and began soaping up his chest. He planted a gentle kiss on the blonde's lips, massaging his pecs. Soon he had put the soap back on the little ledge made for it, and slipped his hands around his boyfriend's waist, drawing him away from the spray of water so that he could suck on his boyfriend's sweet lips.

"Mmmm I love you Lance."

"I love you too." Lance smiled, but turned away after one more short kiss. "I still have soap on me." He explained, grimacing. JC laughed and turned Lance back around so that his sudsy chest was once again facing the water.

They stood in silence for a moment, but Lance soon turned his head to look at JC. "Hey babe?"


"You know our anniversary was yesterday, right?" Lance had been slightly concerned about this since he had read the card that came with the flowers.

JC laughed, wondering how many people he was going to have to have this discussion with. He did, however, realize what had given Lance the idea. "Yeah course I do, we were just kinda busy yesterday..." JC nipped at the blonde's earlobe to make his meaning clear.

"Ok, good." JC could feel the smile on Lance's face. After another moment with no words Lance spoke up again. "Josh?"

"Yeah cutie?"

"Thank you for the flowers, they were beautiful."

"You're welcome hun." JC slipped his hands around Lance's front, and leaned down on his shoulder. "Mmm, your skin is all soft and slippery baby."

Lance couldn't help but laugh. "That's cus I'm wet, J."

"I know, but it's still nice all the same."

Lance smiled and scooted back closer to the older man, laying his head down on JC's shoulder. "Mmm, this feels good..." He murmured, and stretched as he said it, fully extending his body. His butt came into contact with JC's lower half, and suddenly the brunette's dick sprung to life, much to JC's dismay. He didn't even think he had anything left in there. But Lance continued to flex and stretch, and JC's hands went slip and slide up and down the blonde's body as he did, his penis soon coming to a full salute.

"Baby," He whispered gently into Lance's ear. "Are you very sore?" He asked, letting his hands drop down to caress Lance's bottom.

"Umm, not really. I'm ok, why?"

JC turned Lance around and directed his own glance downwards, the blonde's eyes following.

"Oh my gosh J, already!? We just got done baby!"

"I know, but you make me this way honey..." JC nipped at Lance's neck. "Can we?" He thrust his hips a bit, the head of his dick coming into contact with Lance's hand. "Please???" He murmured.

Lance giggled mischievously. "Well, ok. But dinner afterwards, right?"

"Of course." JC smiled, stroking Lance's backside.

Lance let out a gentle whimper and began to move to pull open the door of the shower, but JC grabbed his hand.

"Where are you going, I thought you said yes." He pouted, and Lance looked surprised.

"Well I did, but I thought, I mean, don't we need to go to the bed?" Lance sounded so innocent that JC chuckled.

"There are other places to make love than the bed baby."

"Oh, ok, like where?"

JC cast a meaningful glance at their surrounding and Lance gasped a little in surprise.

"In the shower?" He whispered, sounding almost guilty.

"Well yeah." When Lance looked unsure, JC attempted to persuade him. "C'mon baby, all the cool couples are doing it."

Lance laughed, giving his permission, and let JC scoot him up against the opposite wall of the shower.

"So, how are we gunna do this?" Lance asked, a little unsure.

JC smiled; for some reason, explaining things like this to Lance had become one of his favorite things to do lately.

"Ok, so I'm gunna lift you up, and I want you to wrap your legs around me ok, and I'll hold you up, how does that sound?"

"Exotic." Lance laughed, and JC gripped the back of his thighs, lifting him up against the tiled wall. Lance quickly wrapped his legs around JC, enjoying JC's arms holding him there.

"Are you ready?"

"Wait, don't we need lube?"

JC looked at Lance in an odd sort of way, and gestured around them.

"Oh right, water." Lance laughed. "Ok, I'm ready." He whispered, and JC gently began to lower him down, making sure they were positioned correctly.

Lance gasped at first when he felt JC pressing into him, and heard the audible `pop' sound as the brunette's cock penetrated past his ring. Soon JC had slid all the way in, softly pushing into Lance's walls. Lance whimpered in pleasure, squeezing JC's shoulders.

Their love making was slow this time, generous and unhurried. JC pumped in and out of Lance with long strokes, letting his lips trail down the blonde's perfectly shaped shoulders, licking along his moist collarbone, and circling the small pink spots of his nipple, still stiff from the tender bites they had received earlier.

Lance moaned, but they were long, soft sounds, letting JC know that he could continue unhurried for quite some time. After a time, Lance felt light against the tiled wall, like a feather, and JC slowed his strokes even more, wanting to prolong the pleasure. They even began to talk.

"Ahh, so, mmm, where do you want to go for, uh, oh, oh yeah, for dinner?" JC asked, stroking the soft skin of Lance's stomach.

"I umm, oh oh!" Lance yelped in surprise and pleasure again as JC slid all the way in to the hilt. "I don't mind." He managed to whimper out.

"You don't mind? Oh you, mmm, shouldn't say that, ahh, baby." JC shortened his strokes, hitting Lance's pleasure spot three time is quick succession. The blonde's dick thwacked hard against JC's stomach and he chuckled, gripping it lightly in his hand, stroking it up and down.

"Wh-w-why not?"

"Because, what if I took you to some little dive, or something?"

"Mmmm, well, as long as, ah uh, JC! As long as, you're there, to, to mmm, protect me, I should be, should be ok, ahh!" Lance's voice was breathy yet breathless, and JC could feel the tension in him begin to build.

"Ahhh, mmm damn baby, this is, so, fucking, good." JC pumped in and out, slowly lifting Lance up and down on his cock.

"Don't swear..." Lance murmured. "It's rude, and de- ahh, demeans it." He breathed out, sighing in pleasure and hooking his arms loosely around JC's neck. The brunette would have laughed if he'd been able to, but he made a note not to swear during sex again.

Soon Lance's moans were coming louder and longer, and JC realized he had better speed things up.

"Oh, mmm, aww yeah right, right there!" Lance gasped as JC increased the speed and intensity of his stroke.

JC was burying himself in Lance to the hilt each time, and the blonde threw back his head in pleasure.

"Uh, ahh, aw, oh! Ahh, J, give it to me hard baby!" Into the thick of it now, Lance was begging for all he was worth, pistoning himself up and down on JC's rock hard dick.

"Mmm Lance, I, aww, baby I'm close! I'm getting there." JC wasn't loud during sex, he tended to murmur things rather than scream them, but he most definitely enjoyed Lance's obvious sounds of pleasure throughout.

"Ahh, yeah, right there, there, THERE!!!" Lance yelled as JC hit his pleasure spot again and again, grappling at the brunette's shoulder, trying to find a more firm grip. He found the older man's lips instead, and crushed his against them, letting his tongue move inside JC's mouth.

"Ahh, mmm Lance uh yeah, oh, oh yeah, ahh, Lance!" Even JC was beginning to get louder now, this was the best sex he had ever had. Suddenly Lance was running his hands up and down JC's chest, pinching and squeezing his nipples and abs. It was too much for the brunette, who began to squirt spurts of cream inside of Lance. "Ahh, Lance, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

This announcement set Lance off as well, and his sperm spewed over the both of them, his dick waving wildly in the air. A series of moans and grunts and half spoken words echoed out from both of them as they were caught in the throes of orgasm.

Afterwards, JC slipped out of Lance and collapsed against him, both holding themselves up only by the arms of the other.

"Oh, hell, baby that was so good!"

"I, oh jeez, I think I came even more this time than last!" Lance confessed, sounding almost embarrassed.

"Just one of the benefits of taking things all the way in the shower." JC smiled.

"Oh, there are others?" Lance asked, curious.

"Other benefits? Oh yeah, lots of them."

"Like what?"

"Well, for one thing, it eliminates almost all clean up time." JC smirked and Lance had to laugh. After all, it was true; he was almost clean already, and had hardly moved a muscle.

"You'll have to explain the other benefits to me some time." Lance yawned and kissed JC lightly on the lips.

"Oh believe me, I'd be happy too."

Lance giggled, and slung his arms around JC's neck.


Meanwhile, things were going well for the couple across town. They were eating their appetizers and chatting mildly about the events of the day, while playing footsy under the table without either of them mentioning it.

Suddenly Joey laid his fork down, and touched Justin's hand with his own.

"Baby?" He asked quietly, and Justin smiled.


"I love you."

Justine broke into a hundred watt grin. "I love you too." He whispered softly, and then blushed lightly.

At that moment the waiter came to clear their dishes in anticipation of the main course, and Joey has to let Justin's hand slip from his own. Afterwards, though, he placed it back in his own, turning it palm side up so that he could gently run his fingers over it, stroking the soft skin.

"Hoping to train it to give you a hand job later?" Justin asked mischievously, his eyes twinkling in the candle light.

Joey looked shocked for a moment, and had the good grace to blush, an act which Justin had never witnessed before.

"Are you, are you blushing???" He asked, rather amazed and quite amused.

Joey turned his head away, but the other boy could sense his grin. "Shush up right now, you evil little child."

"I made you BLUSH??? Oh this is so great, I can't wait to tell Lance!"

Joey could only smile at Justin's excitement. `What a cutie.' He thought, laughing as Justin giggled happily and clapped his hands together.

Soon their main course had arrived, and Justin was in a quandary; he didn't know which fork he was supposed to use. Usually he didn't worry about these things, but he was on a date with his boyfriend.

"What is it cutie? What's wrong?" Joey asked, wondering if Justin had mistakenly ordered something that was different from what he thought.

"Joey, I, I don't know which fork to use." He whispered, casting his eyes down at the table. Joey used his utmost will-power not to chuckle, and instead took Justin's fluttering, worried hand in his own once again.

"Baby," He started off gravely, but smiled. "Neither do I." He laughed then, and soon Justin joined in, his fears appeased.

So Justin picked a fork at random, the one which looked like it could hold a large amount of food, but still fit comfortably into his mouth. Joey took care to select the same fork from his own silverware set, and Justin smiled, thankful.

They ate dinner with few interruptions, only nervous, shy smiles cast between the two of them, their feet entwined under the lengthy table cloth.

After they were done eating and had both set their forks down, Joey asked Justin if he was ready for dessert. Justin looked shocked.

"I didn't save room, the food was so good!" He exclaimed, and Joey laughed.

"Tell you what, how about we get a piece of the excellent chocolate cake they have here with some whip cream, and we'll split it, the two of us."

Justin smiled at that idea, he thought it sounded excellent.

When the cake came, it was a piece so large Justin decided that it could have easily been split into two. He looked towards Joey, who he suspected had known this would be the case, but the brunette smiled innocently, pointing to the dish that had come with it.

"Look, we have extra whip cream too." He said brightly, laughing. He scooted his chair over to the other side the small table to be next to Justin, and took a clean fork and sliced into the cake, scooping up a large bite and turning to the blonde.

"Open up little baby." Joey could see the smile in Justin's eye, and the younger boy giggled, letting Joey feed him the bite of cake. The next bite Joey dipped in whip cream, and Justin was surprised when the fork came at him again. But he opened his mouth, smiling and laughing, and let Joey hand feed him more cake, even if the brunette did drop a little bit, getting whip cream on Justin's cheek.

"Oh Joey," Justin complained, but the brunette smiled and leaned over, licking up the errant cream.

"It wasn't an accident." He whispered quietly, planting a small peck on Justin's lips.

They lingered over the cake and subsequent coffee for almost an hour, each taking turns feeding the other and `accidentally' smearing the whip cream on each other's lips, cheeks, and noses, and subsequently licking or kissing it off.

Once, though, Justin really did unintentionally drop a dollop of whip cream, and it landed right on Joey's pants, at his crotch.

"Do I get a lick there too?" Joey asked, wiggling his hips around and sounding excited.

Justin laughed. "NO, I don't think so." Though he did run his finger over it, scooping it up, and popped it into his mouth, sucking his finger as he smirked at a surprised Joey.

"How did you like that?" He whispered seductively, already sure what kind of response he would get.

"Mmm, I would have preferred the lick." Joey said, laughing, and Justin treated him to a smack on the arm, trying to pout, but giggling all the same.

Finally, everything was gone. Their straws couldn't be twirled around in empty glasses any longer, and there wasn't a crumb of cake or a dollop of whip cream left to muss each other with. Joey leaned over, kissing Justin softly on the cheek.

"C'mon baby, let's get out of here." He smiled and stood up, scooting out Justin's chair for him. The blonde stood up and slipped his hand into Joey's, smiling gently. He didn't think he could ever have a date more wonderful.

Little did he know, it wasn't over yet.


Soon Lance and JC stepped out of the shower together, and the older man decided to get dressed for dinner while Lance styled his hair.

JC was ready and sitting on the couch when Lance emerged from the bathroom, each of his gold streaked spikes styled perfectly.

JC smiled. "Your hair looks really sexy baby." He complimented, and meant it.

"Really?" Lance scrunched up his nose and rolled his eyes upward as if trying to see. "I think it looks kind of doofusy." He pouted, and errantly ran a hand through it, making it a little messier.

`And even sexier.' JC decided, smiling. "Don't be silly sweetie, it's perfect. Now why don't you go and get dressed for dinner?" JC's stomach was beginning to growl, and he knew it might take a while.

"Ok." Lance agreed and smiled happily, strolling towards the walk-in closet that was his favorite feature of this particular hotel room. `Well, my favorite other than the bed.' He decided. `And the shower.' He hastily amended, a small smile lightening his lips.

Suddenly, even as he was trying to pick out clothes for their date, Lance couldn't stop recounting in his mind all the things they had just done. `Stop it stop it stop it!' He thought, but sensed his cock springing to life all the same. `Uh-oh, what am I gunna do???'

After ten minutes JC began to wonder what was taking so long. He resisted the urge to flip on the TV, because he thought Lance might take that as the wrong sort of message; he did want to take his baby out for dinner. More minutes passed, and Lance didn't come out of the closet.

"Lance, baby, what's taking so lo-" JC's last word trailed off as he turned towards the closet.

Lance was leaning against the door jamb, one hip tilted upwards into the air. He wore only a much oversized, see-through t-shirt, and nude-colored sheer briefs, which hid nothing. JC even suspected they tapered to a thong in the back.

`When did he buy those?' JC wondered, but the words didn't quite make it all the way to his mouth. "Wha-, I mean, why..." He didn't complete his question, but trailed off instead, drinking in every ounce of Lance's appearance he could, committing it to memory.

"I just thought, that instead of going out to dinner, maybe we could order in; like, pizza or something." There was a certain slight emphasis put on the word `something', and Lance trailed a hand down his jutted hip, letting his fingers snag gracefully at the fabric, pulling it down only a touch.

It was enough.

JC knew for sure that they weren't talking about food any longer.


It was a forty-five minutes limo ride back to the hotel, and Justin soon drowsed off in Joey's lap, using his shoulder as a pillow, prompted by the soft love songs Joey crooned to him on the way.

When they arrived, Joey gently shook the blonde awake. "We're here baby." He whispered, and Justin looked up, all drowsy blue eyes and wayward curls.

"No." He murmured sleepily, as if he could make the hotel disappear by just pronouncing it gone. He laid his head back down, by all appearances intending to go back to sleep.

Joey couldn't help it, he called up to the limo-driver, who was their regular guy; Joey knew him well from the years of being shepherded around. "Hey Carl," He called softly, not wanting to disturb Justin.

"Yes, sir?" Carl was always this formal, even though each of the guys had assured him time and again that they didn't expect it or require it.

"I know I should have mentioned this earlier, but would you maybe drive around for a bit longer, we aren't really ready to go back to the hotel yet."

Carl lowered the divider far enough that he could glance backwards at his passengers, something he rarely did, and grinned, seeing the problem. "Sure thing Mr. Fatone, is there anywhere in particular you would like to go?"

"Uhh no, not really, just not anywhere too noisy."

They had been driving around for maybe ten minutes, Joey enjoying the scenery while Justin slept serenely in his lap, when the clouds parted for a moment and he spotted the beautiful moon and stars.

"Just, Justin baby wake up." He gently rocked Justin, who looked almost angry with him.

"No Joey, I don't want to go back yet, please, can't we stay just a little longer, only a little longer? It's so nice here, all alone, with just you." Justin's arms tightened self-consciously around Joey, and he wouldn't open his eyes. Joey smiled.

"J baby we aren't going anywhere, but look at the moon and the stars hun, they're beautiful."

At that Justin opened his eyes, gasping when he saw how clear the sky suddenly was. "Are they for us, Joey?" He whispered quietly, questioning.

The brunette suspected the younger boy was still half-asleep, but replied anyway. "Yes, they are always for us." He kissed Justin on the top of the head, and the blonde curled up into his arms tighter, enjoying the view.

Justin stayed awake after that, though he didn't move from his perch on Joey's lap. Soon they spotted a park by the side of the road. It looked beautiful, with its winding paths and shady trees sprawling across a field of dew-misted grass.

"Do you wanna take a walk?" Joey asked, looking over at the scenery.

"Yeah." Justin smiled sweetly, excited.

"Hey Carl, would you mind pulling over here, Justin and I would like to take a bit of a walk."

Once again Carl glanced back, and Justin blushed a little, realizing the position he was in, though the driver seemed not to notice. "Sure thing Mr. Fatone." He pulled up to the curb. "Would you like me to get the door for you?"

"Oh no, we'll be just fine thanks. We shouldn't be gone too long." Joey said, reaching for the door handle.

"Take your time. It's pretty chilly out there though, you might want to take the blanket that is under the seat, as well as the jacket for young Mr. Timberlake."

Joey grinned. "Thanks Carl." He quickly reached beneath the seat, snagging up both the blanket and jacket, wrapping Justin in the latter. "Want me to snap it up for you?" He asked, teasing slightly, and Justin stuck out his tongue.

"I'm not a baby Joey." He said it so forcefully that Joey didn't have the heart to tell him that he had just buttoned it up unevenly. He stepped out of the limo, taking Justin's hand to help the younger boy. When Justin stepped out he glanced at the jacket, intending to smooth it down, and was startled when he realized what he had done. He blushed, then turned to his boyfriend. "Joey, I seem to have done up my jacket the wrong way."

The brunette just laughed, and went about re-snapping all the buttons. "So does this mean that you are a baby?" He asked, and Justin smiled a bit, crinkling up his nose.

"Only for you." He whispered sweetly, wrapping his arms around Joey in a hug. The brunette was so happy he thought he might burst. Somehow, though, he managed to control himself.

"C'mon, lets go for that walk." He held the blanket in one arm and took Justin's hand with the other, slipping both their hands into the deep pocket of his own coat, which he had thought to bring along with him from the hotel.

They walked without speaking along a beautiful star-lit path that wound through the trees, leaning close enough to each other that their shoulders touched. Suddenly Joey spotted a clearing with spring green grass the moon shining down on it. He tugged Justin away from the path, crossing the grass and through the trees.

"Let's sit down here and look up." He suggested. Justin looked concerned though.

"But your suit, it's so beautiful, you don't want to muss it on the wet grass." He said worriedly, biting his lip. Joey only laughed.

"That's why we have the blanket silly." He shook it out and spread it on the ground, sitting down and pulling the younger boy in between his legs, wrapping his own overly large coat around them both.

Justin sighed happily and leaned back onto the brunette's strongly muscles chest.



"I love you."


In a matter of seconds JC had Lance pressed up against the closet's doorjamb, the older man's body tight against the blonde's.

They kissed passionately, and JC slid his hand down to the back of Lance's under garment, which was indeed a thong.

"Mmmm, baby you feel so good." He whispered, kneading the blonde's soft cheeks.

Lance struggled gently with the buttons on JC's shirt, but managed eventually to get them undone, even if it did mean popping a few off in the process. His hands flew over JC's chest, loving the strong pecks and firm, six pack abs.

"Do you wanna bother with the pizza?" JC asked into Lance lips as he lifted him up, balancing him against the wall, kissing him tightly.

"No, this is all I want." Lance said breathily, hooking his legs around JC's waist, his hands going for the brunette's belt buckle.

They were in for a long, fulfilling night.


Joey gently kissed Justin's cheek, wanting to see if it was ok. He nipped lightly at the blonde's earlobe, wondering if it was allowed. He ran his fingers lightly over the exposed strip of Justin's soft skin above the waist of his pants, unsure as to whether it was all right.

Justin didn't say anything, nor even react, and when Joey looked his eyes were closed lightly, so he stopped, thinking the younger boy had fallen asleep. But Justin quickly turned around in his arms, pouting. "Why in the world did you stop?" He asked, looking seriously upset.

Joey blushed for the second time that night. "I thought you might be asleep." He explained quickly. "Your eyes were closed."

"Oh, well that's just cus I was enjoying it silly." He smiled brightly and resumed his former position laying against Joey's broad chest. When he closed his eyes, Joey decided it was probably a signal. He gently kissed Justin on the cheek once again, maintaining an arm around the blonde's waist. Gradually, he moved on to the lips, letting his own slide gently across them, slipping his tongue lightly in and out, only offering a taste.

"Mmm." Justin sighed happily and twisted around in his arms. He kissed Joey softly on the lips, deepening it as he went, exploring the older man's mouth. After a few minutes he broke away, blushing. "I just realized all of a sudden that we are in a public park." He said embarrassedly, and Joey couldn't help but laugh softly.

"You want to lay down for a minute?" He asked, and Justin nodded, scooting down until he was snuggled securely in Joey's arms. They gazed up at the stars, and Joey pointed out the different constellations. "That right there is called Ursa Minor, or the little dipper, and that one there," he continued, shifting his hand.

"Is Ursa Major?" Justin asked excitedly, sure he had hit it on the head.

Joey laughed. "Well no, that one is actually called Draco, but Ursa Major is right over there." He said kindly, taking Justin's hand in his own and pointing.

"Oh..." Justin sounded disappointed.

"You were really close baby." Joey whispered, squeezing the blonde lightly.

Justin smiled.

Suddenly, they heard a crackling of leaves and knew someone was coming towards them. They scrambled up, Joey standing himself decisively in front of Justin. But it was only Carl, come to check on them.

"Sorry to interrupt you two." He coughed politely. "But it's getting pretty late, and this doesn't really seem to be the absolute best neighborhood." He had heard some rather alarming noises sitting in the limo, and had gotten worried.

Joey sighed in relief, but Carl cocked his head to the side, looking at them with a smile on his face.

"Well isn't that sweet, you didn't know who it was, so you put yourself in front of Mr. Timberlake to protect him. Sweet, very sweet." Carl didn't give either man time to reply, simply turning around and heading quietly back to the limo, knowing they would follow.

Joey looked on for a minute before smiling and shaking his head, he would never have expected Carl to notice something like that, let alone comment. He absently snapped up Justin's jacket for him once again, still rather surprised, but in a pleasant way. When he looked up, however, he saw tears glistening in Justin's eyes.

"Baby what is it?" He asked, surprised and worried. Justin leaped at Joey suddenly, throwing his arms around the older man, almost knocking the two of them over.

"I love you so much." He whispered quietly. Joey put his arms around the blonde's waist.

"I love you too sweetie. But what is it, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Justin smiled through his tears.

"Then why are you crying?"

"Because, because you really were going to protect me from whatever it was, that was why you put yourself in front of me, Carl was right." He explained.

"Well yeah, of course I was going to. What's there to cry for about that???" Joey was perplexed, and couldn't understand.

Justin laughed, drying his eyes. "They are good tears, Joey." Joey was still confused, but Justin smiled. "Don't worry." He said, and started to move in the direction of the gravel path and waiting limo.

They were soon on their way back to the hotel, Justin once again curled up and mostly asleep, Joey with his head resting on the fluffy blonde curls that he loved so much.

"We're at the hotel baby." He whispered as soon as they arrived, hoping Justin's reaction would be more favorable than it had been last time.

Justin snuggled up closer, but didn't open his eyes. "Carry me?" He whispered wistfully, asking, but not really expecting the request to be agreed to.

Joey couldn't help but smile and grant his wish. Justin's eyes popped open as he felt the cold wind on his face.

"J-joey what are you doing?"

"Do you want down?" Joey asked, a little surprised.

Suddenly Justin smiled. "Not if you'd prefer to carry me." He said sweetly, as if it hadn't been his idea all along.

Joey laughed. "I really rather would." He said and continued up to the hotel, where the bell-hop immediately opened the door for him and his armload.

"Uhh, would like you some help up to your room, sir?" He asked, unsure of what he should offer.

"No no, I'm fine, though would you please press floor 14 on the elevator for me?"

The bell -hop did so and then scurried back to his post at the door.

Justin had his eyes squeezed tightly shut. "Joey," He asked quietly. "Are people staring at us?" He asked, scared but curious at the same time.

"Mmm, well the whole lobby is, but that's only about a hundred or so people." He said calmly, but Justin's eyes popped open, wildly looking around the room. He saw only the bell-hop who had just helped him and the clerk at the front desk.

"Oh you jerk!" He half-shouted, smacking Joey on the chest.

"ME??? A JERK??? C'mon, aren't I about to carry you up 14 flights????"

Justin laughed, he didn't think that taking the elevator up fourteen levels really counted as carrying him up all of them. "I think we should take the stairs." He said mischievously, kidding, but his eyes twinkled wickedly.

Joey sighed, but hiked Justin up in his arms and began to walk towards the entrance of the stairs.

"Wha-what in the world are you doing!?!?" Justin was so surprised that Joey was moving that he stuttered.

"I'm walking towards the stairs like you just asked me to."

"What?!?! Are you crazy??? You can't carry me up 14 flights of stairs!"

"Well sure I can, I'll prove it."

At that moment the elevator dinged and the doors began to open.

"Get back there get back there get back there!" Justin exclaimed, using the palm of his hand to beat on Joey's chest.

"Jeez Just, a little nasty to your loved ones sometimes?" Joey asked as he stepped into the elevator, exasperated.

Justin looked suddenly contrite and folded his hand back down in his lap. "I'm sorry Joey, I didn't mean it. You don't have to carry me." He sounded so sad and guilty all of a sudden that Joey actually felt bad himself.

"Oh baby I was just teasing."

Justin smiled. "You are right though, and I am sorry." He arched up to kiss Joey on the cheek. "I promise I'll make it up to you later though, ok?"

"Ok." Joey felt his pants tightening, even though he knew that wasn't what Justin had meant.

When they got back to their room Joey shuffled Justin around in his arms while looking for the key card. Finally, he found it and was cleared to enter the room. As soon as he stepped inside Justin gasped, a gaze cast on the beautiful flowers in the center of the room, with the giant card and teddy bear sitting close by.

"Are, are those for me?" He asked quietly, and Joey nodded, swinging him around in his arms as they both laughed delightedly. "Oh Joey, they are so beautiful, just so beautiful! Lemme get down so that I can read the card." Joey let the younger boy down, kissing him lightly on the cheek and saying he had to go to the bathroom just real quick. Justin nodded his acknowledgement and bee-lined for card and flowers, casting another love filled glance at the brunette on his way.

It wasn't more than five minutes before Joey was out, having quickly changed into some more comfortable clothes as well, but when he arrived in the bedroom Justin was sitting on the couch, mouth hanging open and head slouched to the side, completely asleep.

"Oh my little Justy baby." He sighed, he had been looking forward to staying up late snuggling and kissing, but it seemed Justin had other plans. The blonde hadn't taken off his clothes though, so Joey grabbed Justin's favorite pajamas, waking him up just slightly as he helped the smaller boy get undressed and into the comfy clothes. Justin smiled happily and yawned the entire time, completely acquiescing himself to Joey. Joey quickly stripped and changed into his own preferred sleeping wear as well, then picked up the blonde and carried him to the bed, settling him in before snuggling up behind him. Justin quickly cuddled up, wrapping himself around the brunette.

Joey spent the longest time watching the younger boy, drinking in his every feature and nuance of perfection.

Justin slept the entire night through with a contented smile on his small lips, never moving his arms from around the older man or rolling away out of the brunette's grasp.

Joey loved him for it.


JC didn't know what time it was when the phone rang. Somewhere in the middle of the night, after they had fallen asleep for the last time, he thought.

"What? Who called? No I don't want to talk to them, it's late!" With that, JC hung up on the nice boy at the front desk, and yanked the chord form the wall in a fit of pique. He certainly didn't want any more interruptions to their peaceful slumber.

"Who was that baby?" Lance murmured, clearly barely awake.

"No one important sweetie pie, go back to sleep babe." JC turned around in the bed, once again spooning the smaller blonde boy.

Lance was never one to question further, especially when he was tired. "Ok." He agreed. "I love you." He murmured, then fell back to sleep before JC could even reply. So instead the older man contented himself with a whisper in Lance's ear and the knowledge that he already knew it all anyway.

"I love you more than anything Lance." JC quickly fell back to a deep sleep as well, his dreams filled with Lance and their future, wedding vows and small brunette children running around underfoot.

He didn't think he could ask for anything more.


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