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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.  It is not meant to imply anything about anyone.  If you shouldn't read this then don't.

Model Romance- Part Fifteen

From before:
"So," Zack began.  "I guess this means..."
    "And you're not..."
    Justin silenced him with a kiss.

    One month later:

    "Justin Randall Timberlake!  It's almost 3:00!  Get your butt out of bed!"
    Justin groaned and rolled over, burrowing under his pillows in an attempt to escape the light leaking through the window shades and the voice of his mother coming from downstairs.  It was nice to be home after the long tour.  NSYNC and their tourmates had left New York and disbanded on Christmas Eve.  Everyone went home to be with their families.  He remember all too clearly saying goodbye to Zack at the airport.

    "Are you sure you can't come with me?"
    "No.  I need to go home and see my parents and my sister.  It's been months."
    "But couldn't you come to Orlando for New Years?"
    "I have to be here for publicity stuff."
    "So I'm really not going to see you until February?  That's over a month away!"
    Zack looked miserable.  "I know.  I can't help it.  I've been out of New York with the tour for like two months.  I'm really backed up.  I'm going to be in front of a camera almost every day in January except when I get breaks for interviews and meetings.  You could come up here though."
    "No, I'm stuck in Florida working on the new album."
    Zack let out a long sigh.  "Well I guess we'll just have to dream of Valentine's Day.  I'll see you then for sure.  And I'll call you every night."
    "Ok.  I guess we both knew what we were getting into with this.  I have to go, I'll miss my flight.  But first I need a goodbye kiss to remember."

    Justin still felt warm inside thinking of that kiss.  He did talk to Zack every night, but it wasn't the same.  He missed his boyfriend so much.  Funny how so much time apart had made them closer.
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Justin thought as he got out of bed.  His birthday was only three days away, but he was hardly looking forward to it.  If only he could have gotten to New York.
    "Justin!  Are you up yet?"
    "Yes.  I'll be down in a minute."
   His mother greeted him cheerfully as he stumped down the stairs.
   "Good boy.  Just because it's Sunday doesn't mean you can sleep all day.  Josh called, he said he was on his way over.  He said if you weren't showered and dressed when he gets here he's going to throw you in the pool."
    "Yeah I bet he will.  Guess I'll go get in the shower."

    By the time he got out of the shower and finished dressing he could hear JC's voice talking to his mom.  He came back downstairs and found them sitting in the kitchen.
    "Hey Curly, I was wondering if you were ever gonna show up."
    "Yeah yeah.  I need my beauty sleep y'know."
    "I got news for you.  It aint working bud."
    "Kiss my white ass JC."
    "Hey!  Language," Lynn admonished.  "I am still you mother, even if you are almost 20."
    "Yes mommy.  So what's up," he said, turning to JC.
    "Actually I want your help on this song I'm working on.  I'm stuck on some of the lyrics.  I'm hoping we can put it on the album if it works out."
    "Ok, let's go out on the porch.  And after we're done you can lose to me in basketball."
    "We'll see.  I don't really feel like letting you win today though."

    "And that's three games for Justin," he said as he sank his last shot, "and none for JC.  You're getting slow old man."
    "I figured it was so close to you birthday it wouldn't be nice of me to beat you."
    "Sure.  Whatever."
    "Speaking of which, what do you want to do for your birthday?"
    "Go to New York."
    "Justin," he sighed, " we've been through this."
    "I know, I know.  There's too much work to do for me to go running off to New York.  I have responsibilities."
    "Look, I can't change it man, but I do want to make sure you have the best birthday we can give you.  So what do you want to do?"
    "I don't care.  I guess we can go to a bar or a club or something.  You figure it out."
    "Don't sound so enthusiastic Justin.  But I'll think of something, don't worry.  I promise you'll have an awesome birthday."
    "Yeah.  Sure."

    Three days later Justin was looking himself over in the mirror.  He was wearing his favorite light blue shirt and gray pants.  He looked good enough for whatever the guys had planned.
    "Justin!  They're hear," Lynn called from downstairs.
    JC and Joey met him at the bottom with big grins on their faces.  Joey held up a pair of handcuffs and JC had a blindfold.
    "You're kidding right?"
    "Nope," JC said.  "This is what happens when you don't tell us what you want to do for your birthday," he added as he tied the blindfold over Justin's eyes.
    "Alright slick, get those hands behind your back," Joey said.
    He snapped the cuffs into place and Justin was escorted out of the house and into a car.  He heard his mother's voice as he got in.
    "Have fun dear and be careful.  Joshua!  Joseph!  You take good care of my little boy now!"
    "Yes ma'am," they said.
    They started driving and Justin quickly became disoriented.  It felt like JC was driving through the neighborhood in circles.
    "Where are you taking me anyway?"
    "You'll find out when we get there."
    A few minutes later the car stopped.
    "What?  We're hear already?  You couldn't have made it to anywhere in the city that quick."
    "Who said we were going to the city," Joey asked.
    Justin was led across what felt like a driveway and was escorted into a building, probably a house.  It felt familiar.  They led him down some stairs and sat him in a chair.  Then someone whisked off his blindfold and everyone yelled:
    There must have been over a hundred people in Nick Carter's basement including all of NSYNC, Backstreet, Britney, Christina and they're dancers, Justin various other friends and people from Jive.  Johnny was there with his wife.  Nick's little brother Aaron was they're too.
    "Are you shocked," Britney asked with a huge smile on her face.
    "Um, yeah.  I thought you were in California."
    "Silly!  Did you really think I'd miss you're birthday party?"
    "But what about Nick, he was supposed to be on tour, and Aaron... and Johnny said he couldn't come...  Wait does that mean that Zack is hear?"
    "No," Britney said solemnly.  "He really couldn't be here.  He wanted to though."
    "Oh.  I understand."
    "This boy needs some cheering up," Chris yelled.  "Somebody make him a drink and let's open some presents."

    Ever since Justin was a little kid he had had to open his presents before anything else at his party.  In growing up he had learned many things, but patience was not one of them.  If he was honest he was still disappointed the Zack was not there, but he did have fun.  It took almost an hour to open all of his presents.  He made a big deal out of every single one.  When he finished he looked around at his friends and smile.
    "Wow.  I don't know what to say.  Thank you all so much."
    "Oh, I almost forgot," JC said.  "There's one more present, but you have to be blindfolded again."
    "Uggh.  Can't I just enjoy my party?"
    "Trust me, you'll enjoy this."
    They lead him back upstairs, blindfolded of course.  He was brought into a room and sat him down on another chair.  Then they handcuffed him to the chair.
    "JC I hope you didn't get me a stripper."
    "Would I do that?"
    "Yeah, probably.  But you'll just have to wait here and find out.  We'll be back in a few minutes."
    "Wait a minute..."
    But it was too late they were gone.  And he was alone.  Or so he thought.  And then he felt the soft touch of someone's hands caressing his face.  He could feel their breath on his face.  And then lips that merged with his.  It was a quick kiss, but long enough.
    "I know those lips," Justin said.
    Zack pulled off his blindfold and kissed him again.
    "Happy birthday baby."
    "You are the best present I could get."
    "Just wait.  The fun hasn't even started yet," Zack whispered seductively.

    Fraid that's all for now.  And of course a belated happy 20th birthday to the one and only Justin.  E-mail me at zack02cool@hotmail.com