Disclaimer: All characters portrayed are the property of MTV and associated companies. This is a complete work of fiction (Duh!) I don't know if any members of the fake MTV boy-band 2Gether are gay or bi, but if I did, I would be stingy and not tell anyone. :o)

This is the first story I have ever written, and as far as I know it doesn't suck, but i do need some feedback.

News Flash: Michael Cuccione, the actor who played QT died of natural causes on Jan 13, 2001.

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The chorus to Eminem's new single "Stan" could be heard playing softly.

"My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all. The morning rain clouds up my windows, and I can't see at all. Even if I could it would all be gray. Put your picture on my wall. It reminds me that it's not so bad. It's not so bad..."

Chad lay on his stomach in his bunk-bed with his arms hanging over the side. He listened intently as the music from the Eminem CD that Mickey was playing drifted down the hall to his room. He wiped a few stray tears from his eyes as he thought about how mean Eminem was, not taking the time to write back to Stan.

Looking up at Mr. T, his teddy bear he said "I would NEVER ignore a 2gether fan. Eminems must be REALLY evil!"

The only answer he got back from his bear was a blank stare. "I'm gonna die of boredom..." he thought.

The lightning and thunder that tore up the California sky tonight accurately reflected Mickey's dark mood.

"This ain't right yo! I should be out throwing game at a honey instead of stuck in this stupid house with Chad's sorry ass." He punched the wall and then covered his mouth so that Chad didn't hear him yell out in pain."Stupid ass wall."

Both Chad and Mickey thought at the same time, "This isn't fair. What did I do to deserve this?"

Then they remembered the little incident at the mall earlier today...

The record label had decided that the group needed a break, and had arranged for an outing and a short performance at the mall. It was Sunday, so they didn't have to worry about psycho-bitches mobbing them for autographs and wanting their babies. It was almost a ghost town by mall population standards.

The first place they headed to was the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, browsing the books and magazines to see exactly what they wanted to buy. QT the nympho was flipping though a copy of "Biker Bitches in Heat". Jerry was in the Political Reading section of the store. Doug thumbed through a copy of "The Post-Apocalyptic Divorcee Handbook." Mickey was already at the counter purchasing "The Life and Times of 2Pac Shakur", and Chad was staring open-mouthed at a copy of "Cosmopolitan" that featured Alissa Milano. QT rolled up his mag and walked over to Chad.

"That's not porn", QT said mischievously, "But THIS is!"

He opened up the magazine and Chad was about to turn and look at it when Jerry came up behind him and snatched it out of his hands. Jerry rolled up the magazine and smacked QT in the back of his head with it.

"What the hell do you think you're doing you little pervert? You're not even old enough to buy that yet! And don't try to corrupt Chad. He's has enough issues to deal with as it is."

Chad looked down at the floor while QT just rolled his eyes and said "Whatever."

Doug and Mickey came over, then they all left the store together.

A few fans recognized them and asked for autographs, and they were happy they weren't the "Oh my GOD it's 2GETHER!" fans, just regular ones.

Chad turned to Doug and asked, "Can I PLEEEASE go to"Toys R Us? They have the new Pikachu sing-along DVD!"

Doug looked into his brother's deep blue eyes and couldn't tell him no.

"Alright", he said. "But you can't go near the Play-Dough and just because someone says Pikachu is gay doesn't give you the right to throw finger paint at them."

Chad said, "Ok." and mumbled under his breath, "And Pikachu is NOT gay..."

"Hey Mickey!" Doug called out. "Could you run Chad over to Toys R Us and meet us back at the stage in 20 minutes?"

Mickey was leaned up against the wall with his FUBU cap on backwards talking to a fan who wanted to show her appreciation for their music in more ways than one.

"Peep this shorty. Hit me up with them digits and I'mah call you aiight?"

She scribbled her number on a piece of paper and shoved it in Mickey's pocket, copping a feel as she did so. Mickey smiled.

Mickey walked away from her and up to Doug asking, " Why I gotta look after Cabbage Patch Kid? He's YOUR brother, ain't he?"

Doug resisted the urge to tell Mickey he wasn't black.

Instead he said, "I don't know where QT is, and Jerry and I have to make sure the new Production Manager knows what's going on. It'll only take a few minutes. Please?"

"Ok." said Mickey, "But you're lucky home-girl had already gave me her number, else we woulda had some pro'lems up in here."

Mickey grabbed Chad by the back of his collar and pulled him along.

To Be Continued...

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