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Mickey held Chad in the same "You've been a bad dog" way as they made their way towards the lower areas of the mall where Toys R Us was located. After walking with Mickey's arm around his collar for so long, Chad began to get a little agitated.

"Ok Mickey." Chad said. "I'm not a little kid anymore. Could you please let go of me ?"

Mickey looked at Chad like he was retarded.

"If you think I'm bout to let your little monkey-ass get lost in this big ass mall when we have a performance to get to in a little while, you crazy dawg!"

"Let me go Mickey !" Chad said. He pulled away from Mickey's grasp and took off towards the escalator.

"Great." Mickey thought. "Now I gotta chase after him cuz he wanna act like a baby."

He caught up to Chad just before he got on the escalator and turned him around by the shoulders.

"I'm sorry dawg. I was just messing with you."

Chad had a frown on his face. It was the closest thing to anger that he ever showed.

"You're only saying that 'cause you don't want to get in trouble."

Chad turned away from him and got on the escalator going down. When Mickey tried to talk to him again, he put his hands over his ears and started singing the Pokemon theme song.

"I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was..."

"Oh" said Mickey, " that's how it's gonna be huh ?"

He ran past Chad to the bottom of the escalator and stood there with his arms crossed.

"I ain't moving 'til you accept my damn apology ! I'm sorry if I forget that you're all shy and shit but you gotta gimme a break yo. Please ?"

Chad knew that Mickey rarely said please, so he was willing to forgive him.

He put his hands to his sides and said, "Ok I forgive you... But if you do that again I'm telling Doug." Then he mumbled under his breath, "And I'm NOT a monkey-butt... "

When Chad got to the bottom of the escalator Mickey held out one of his arms and took a bow as if introducing Chad to the first floor.

He said, "Next stop Boys R Tuff a.k.a. Toys R Us." Chad smiled and Mickey messed up his hair. "Let's go dawg. We've already wasted enough time."

After making a quick detour to the FUBU store (Mickey just had to get the new 'Master Pimp' cologne that was out) they finally arrived at the entrance to Toys R Us. All of a sudden Chad froze. His eyes got really big and his mouth was wide open from surprise.

"No way !" Chad said. "I must be dreaming !" Just to make sure he wasn't, he pinched himself. "Owww..."

Mickey looked at Chad then towards what Chad was looking at with such disbelief. "Aww HELL NAH..." he said.

There, standing between a row of Nintendo 64's and *NSYNC dolls was Chad's current idol and reason for living...


To Be Continued!