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Mickey turned to where Chad was standing and tried to stop him, but it was too late. On the way to Pikachu, Chad skillfully dodged balls being played thrown, and avoided lost children wandering the aisles of the store with the dexterity of a trained ninja.


He yelled, "PIKACHU !" at the top of his lungs.


Pikachu (or rather the guy in the Pikachu suit) turned around, trying to figure out who had called him. When he saw Chad running towards him with arms outstretched, he thought to himself, "Oh crap..." Chad enfolded him in a great big bear-hug filled with love. If not for the suit he was wearing, "Pikachu" would have probably had some broken ribs.


Chad looked up at him in awe and said, "I love you Pikachu! "


The guy in the Pikachu suit thought to himself, "They do NOT pay me enough for this." He said, "Pi-Pikachu! " and pushed Chad off of him.


Chad rambled on and started telling him about... howmuchhelovedPokemonandhowhenevermissedashowandhowqhememorizedthePokemonsongthathadthenamesofall150Pokemoninit.


Mickey walked up to Chad and said, "Don't you EVER do that again yo! "


"But..." Chad sputtered, "It's Pikachu! "


"I don't care if it was a damn Jedi Knight! Doug put ME in charge on the way here, so if your little hyper ass had got socked by a dodgeball, I woulda been the one in trouble! "


Pikachu had been listening to them for awhile and decided that he should intervene.


"Give him a break. He's just happy to see me."


Chad looked at Pikachu with the look of surprise on his face once again.


"Oh my GOD !" he cried out. "You can talk! You're just like Meowth !"


Mickey on the other hand was far from amazed. He walked up to Pikachu and said, "You gotta problem with me Rat-Boy? "


"Maybe I do" said Pikachu. "Especially if you treat one of my fans like that. "


"Fans? " asked Mickey. "YOU AIN'T EVEN REAL!!! And you better back up offa me! "


"Mickey, don't..." Chad pleaded.


"Make me. " said Pikachu.


"I think I will. " said Mickey


That said, he jumped on Pikachu and and started to beat the hell out of him. Chad looked on in shock.


"NOOOOO! " he screamed.


Chad ran away from the scene of the fight and went aisle to aisle looking for a security guard. He couldn't find any, then an idea came to him. Minutes later, he returned to where Mickey and Pikachu had been fighting. Somehow Pikachu had managed to get up off the floor and hit Mickey, because he could see that Mickey had a black eye.

Both Mickey and Pikachu looked towards Chad at the sound of his approach. Following in his wake were 15 kids that looked mad as hell.


And all of them were staring at Mickey


"What the hell y'all looking at? " Mickey shouted.


One of the kids within the crowd yelled "Get him! " and it was on.

Pikachu barely made it away as multi-colored dodgeballs began to rain down on Mickey from all directions. One connected to his head and he dropped like a rock.

To Be Continued...