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When Mickey Came to, the first thing he saw was Jerry looming over him with a very pissed off look on his face. The public relations rep (representative) from What-Ev records was standing to his left, and so were Doug and QT. From behind Doug, Chad was tiptoeing to peer over his brother's shoulder.

"Does he have amnausia?" Chad whispered in Doug's ear.

"It's AMNESIA," said Doug, and I don't think he has it, but after we're through with him he'll wish he did."

"What the HELL y'all looking at?!" Mickey shouted.

He got up and looked around, but neither Pikachu nor the children that had assaulted him were anywhere to be found. Speaking to no one in particular, he started on about how he was going to fuck up Pikachu, and smack the hell out those kids as soon as he found them. He started to leave the store in an attempt to fulfill his threats, but Jerry grabbed him by the back of his shirt and spun him around.

"Mickey," Jerry started, "do you have ANY idea what you just did? Because of YOU we had to cancel our performance. Because of YOU Toys 'R Us might be pressing charges. Because of YOU (he glanced at the What Ev Rep) the record label is thinking of revamping our contract. And it WON'T be for our benefit. I think you've done enough for the day. "

Everyone looked at Jerry in silence. They had never seen him so angry before.

B-but..." Mickey stuttered, "It wasn't my fault yo! It was HIM! " He pointed an accusing finger at Chad.

"ME?!" screamed Chad. "All I wanted to do was see Pikachu! YOU'RE the one who started kicking his butt before I even got his autograph! "

At this point the What-Ev Records guy decided to speak.

" Seeing as What-Ev doesn't have the time to sit around and wait for you to resolve your inter-band conflicts, we have arrived at a simple solution to the problem. The 2 members of 2gether that were involved in this incident are to be placed under house-arrest until further notice."

Mickey went ballistic.

"Ain't NOBODY putting Mickey P on lockdown! " He glared at the What-Ev rep defiantly.

"Mr. Parke," said the rep calmly, "if you fail to comply with our requests, you will be dropped from 2gether effective immediately."

For the first time that anyone in the group could remember, Mickey was speechless.

"As for Mr. Linus" the rep continued, "I understand that you truly had little to do with this, but there's nothing I can do." Chad looked pleadingly at Doug who mouthed the words 'I'm sorry'. "

Chad was crushed. He had been looking forward to attending the party that the record label was throwing this evening because Jive's signature label 'NSync' was going to be there. Those were the only times that he got to interact with people who were like them, and acted as if they were normal people, not celebrities. He wondered how he'd make it through the rest of the week stuck at home...