My Immortal Beloved
Chapter 14 -- A New Threat Enters the Arena
by JT Poole

It seems things really haven't settled down for the guys since they all escaped from Jeremiah's private little illusion.  Getting away from Jeremiah and his crew only served a moment's freedom and peace.  With them sitting out in the open on the outskirts of town, the gang tries to figure out their next plan of attack, only to find out that they have bigger problems on their hands.

Somewhere in Orlando, FL


Things aren't looking good for us right now and it seems like we have no choice but to go along with the flow until we can find out how to fix things.  JT is currently unconscious and I can't seem to reach him with my mind.  I've been talking to him and he's not responding either way.  Getting an idea I asked Justin would he try using his healing powers but it had no affect.  I'm starting to get really scared here and that's not good.  JT seems like our heavy hitter and he's down for God only knows.  What are we going to do if Jeremiah and his creeps decide to attack us right now?

"I don't know Josh but we'll figure something out," Justin says, looking at me now.  "We can't lose hope, we gotta keep the faith."

"Yeah right Curly, how are we going to keep the faith when there are actually supernatural creatures out there trying to kill us?"  I ask him as he looked down.

"I don't know Josh but like I said we gotta keep the faith," he tells me, getting up now and walking over to me.

"I don't know if I can keep the faith," I tell him, looking away from him now.  "Too much stuff has happened to all of us that make me believe that God or whoever's up there doesn't exist anymore."

"Joshua you cannot loose hope right now.  Jeremiah and his kind feed off of that kind of loathing.  If you stop believing in the all mighty one, our powers might not be enough to get us through this ordeal," Elizabeth says, walking over towards me now.

"Lady I really don't want to hear that crap from you right now.  I've had a long...long day and I wish this was all over.  I just wish my boyfriend would wake up and this was all over."

"Be on alert guys I feel something heading this way," Wade says, getting up now.  "Whatever or whoever it is, is coming at us really fast!"

"I feel it too," I say, turning around now.  "Gamma! Witch Transformation!"

`Josh stop,' I hear in my mind as I turn around to see JT moving now.  `Something's wrong here.  It's not right!'

"What's going on?"  Elizabeth asks, looking at me and JT now.

"No!"  JT shouts, getting up off the ground now.  "ALPHA!  SOUL ETERNAL CHANGE UP!"

What the hell is going on here?  He's floating above us now and he's glowing like a small star.  He said something about a soul and eternal and now his clothing is changing, but changing into what I don't know.

"Oh no, this isn't good guys," Elizabeth says, grabbing Justin and pulling him back.  "Jonas did this a long time ago.  He was the first chosen one of us and he had the power to use all of our powers.  With that right he also had the ability to use all of our souls."

"Use our souls?  Use our souls for what lady?"  I ask her as she frowned at me.

"He's using us to upgrade his powers so he can fight Jeremiah by himself," Elizabeth says, stepping up to me now.  "Back in my time Jonas did this at the end to try to purge Jeremiah and his kind but it didn't work.  All Jonas ended up doing was almost killing us and making Jeremiah stronger when he finally captured us and tried to siphon off our powers."

"We have to stop him guys," Wade says, taking a fighting stance now as JT lands on the ground and he's wearing a different costume from the rest of us.

"Something's not right, Jonas looked nothing like that," Elizabeth says, frowning now.

"You're right Elizabeth, he didn't look like me but this is a totally different situation here," JT says, looking at her as his eyes crackled with power.  "I'm the totality of the Clan Destiny and I will stop Jeremiah and his legion of darkness."

"Clan Destiny?  What the hell is Clan Destiny?"  I ask, looking at Elizabeth now.

"I've never heard of Clan Destiny," Elizabeth replies, stepping back as Wade appears before the both of us.

"The book spoke of Clan Destiny and it went into great detail," Wade says, frowning now.  "Clan Destiny is a covenant of ancient Chosen Ones that guarded the planets for the Gods,  Clan Destiny consisted of nine chosen, mainly chosen of that bloodline to protect the planets from any unholy threats.  Jonas was the first chosen and king of Clan Destiny."

"That's where you're wrong Wade, I'm king of Clan Destiny now," JT says, turning around as creatures started jumping out of the darkness all over the place.

"No!"  JT shouts, floating into the air now.  "SOUL CRYSTAL DEVASTATION!"

"No!"  Elizabeth shouts, grabbing me and Justin and flying into the air as Christina and Wade flew in the other direction.

"Why are we running?"  I ask as the area behind us got bright.

"Because I think your friend there just took on some powers that he's not going to be able to fully control," Elizabeth tells me as we land on the ground to only be grabbed by Joey and Kevin.

"Hello guys, are you happy to see us?"  Kevin asks, smiling now as he opened his mouth, showing his fangs as he moved closer to me.

"I THINK NOT MISTER RICHARDSON!"  We heard as JT appears and grabs Kevin and slings him into the air.  "You stay away from him!"

"What the hell!"  Joey screamed, pushing past me, trying to grab JT now.

"You won't get away with doing that again," Joey says, punching JT now, knocking him down to the ground as his clothing changed back to his regular clothing.

"He changed back to normal," Elizabeth says, looking at JT closely now as he rubbed his head and got back up off the ground.

"No, I wasn't strong enough to maintain the upgrade," he says, looking at me and then turning around as Kevin flew into him, knocking him back down to the ground.

"You should have either killed me or knocked me the hell out but you didn't so I'm going to do what I can to make you fucking hurt!"  Kevin says, punching JT over and over now.

"Stop!  Leave him alone you evil fiend!"  I shout out, jumping towards Kevin as Elizabeth grabbed my arm.

"Don't get to close to them," Elizabeth says, looking at me as I pushed her off of me.  "I'm only trying to keep you protected."

"I don't need protection from JT, he's my boyfriend, he loves me," I say, glaring at her.  "He wouldn't do anything to hurt me."

"Don't be so sure of that," she says, looking down now.

"Don't judge him lady!  You don't know any of us," I say, pointing my finger at her.

"I don't know any of you but I know enough to know that what JT just did wasn't safe for you or anyone of us.

"What the hell ever!"  I shout out, moving in front of Kevin now.  "Gamma!  Midnight Sun!"

"Fucking puny mortals!"  Kevin shouts as everything around us got dark.  "Ah yeah, just in time for the main event!"

"Fuck the main event!" I shout as JT got up and looked at me, smiling this strange looking evil smile.

"SOUL ETERNAL CHANGE UP!"  JT shouts out as his eyes start glowing and his clothes started to change again.

"He's doing it again," Elizabeth says, appearing behind me and grabbing me as we both disappeared.

"SOUL CRYSTAL DEVASTATION!"  JT shouts as the area around Kevin ignites in fire and bright light.  "I WILL STOP YOU!  I WILL STOP ALL OF YOU!"

"He's being consumed by the power Joshua," Elizabeth says as we appeared next to Christina, Justin and Wade.

"Can someone try explaining to me what's going on?"  Justin asks, looking at me then Wade.

"It seems that JT is a chosen one of Clan Destiny.  He's using powers of his bloodline now and I think that power my corrupt him as Elizabeth says," Wade says, looking at me then Justin.

"I don't think that to be the case Wade.  If he has enough power to stop Jeremiah then let him, don't just make insinuations about him!"  I shout as Justin and Wade stepped back from me.

"Josh it doesn't look like that bro," Justin says, reaching out to me as I pushed him away.  "Josh we need to get away from here, away from him!"

"No!  I won't leave him," I say, turning around as JT came hurdling down at my feet and his clothes changed back to normal.  "JT are you okay?"

"I...I'm not strong enough to maintain the power," JT says, closing his eyes now as I could no longer sense his thoughts.

"Something's wrong!  He's really hurt here!  We have to help him!"  I shout as Elizabeth, Wade and Justin looked at me funny.  "We have to do something!"

"There's nothing you can do!"  Kevin shouts, punching me now, knocking me to the ground.

"I warned you before Kevin, don't you dare touch me!"  I shout out, moving around quickly now as I got him in my sights.  "GAMMA!  MIDNIGHT SUN!"

"Something's wrong Wade.  He sounds just like JT was sounding a few moments earlier," Justin says, grabbing Elizabeth and floating backwards away from me now.

"I knew that if I hurt him he would reveal his true nature," Jeremiah says, appearing in front of me now.  "I knew there was something special about this one.  None of you other so-called witches could hurt me like he did."

"What are you trying to say Rage?"  I ask him, holding my hand out, ready to shoot him with fire.

"I'm saying he's not one of you!"  Jeremiah shouts, slapping me, knocking me through the air now.

"Owwww!"  I scream out, landing on the ground as Wade, Justin and Elizabeth flew over to me.  "That's going to leave a bruise."

"I'm going to leave more than a bruise!"  Jeremiah shouts, appearing in a puff of smoke as he grabbed me and knocked the others back, using his powers.

"Get away from me!"  I shout out, struggling with Jeremiah now as he popped his fangs and starts hissing at me.  "No!  I won't become one of your minions of the dark!"

"You have no choice in the matter my boy," Jeremiah says, laughing now as his body turned into fog and I start fanning and swinging my arms, trying to get the fog away from me as he rematerialized again behind me and kissed my neck.  "I will add you to my little family."

"No!"  I heard, pushing Jeremiah away from me as I looked up to see the woman from earlier standing in front of the both of us.  "I will stop you Jeremiah!  You used me to lead you to the Chosen One and I did that like a fool!"

"What?  What is she talking about?"  I ask as Jeremiah starts laughing and slap me again, knocking me down to the ground and then changing to fog and moving towards the woman.

"Shut the hell up you wench!"  Jeremiah shouts, rematerializing and stopping in front of the woman as her eyes start glowing.

"I won't let you any of them!"  The woman shouts, moving back quickly as she jumped into the air.  "I will stop you Jeremiah!  I will do what I can to purge this plane of your bile existence!"

"Flattery gets you nowhere with me Miss Turner," Jeremiah says, changing his form again.

"No!  I won't let you hurt me!  Body Freeze!"  The woman screams as Jeremiah's changing form started moving in slow motion and then stopped moving all together.

"Gamma!  Midnight Sun!"  I shout, blasting Jeremiah's body with sunlight and fire.  "I don't know who you are, but we need to get away from here as quick as we can!"

"We have to kill him," the woman says as I dropped down close to her and grabbed her arm, ready to fly away as she pulled away from me.  "I can't let this evil continue to strive!!"

"I don't think any of us have the power to kill that thing," I say as she shook her head and Jeremiah unfroze and grabbed me by the neck, pulling me down to the ground.

"I warned you a long time ago bitch that your power couldn't hold me for long!"  Jeremiah shouts, slapping her, knocking her to the ground and then turning around to me.

"Epsilon!  Heart Shatter!"  I hear Justin shout, zapping Jeremiah with his powers.

"Beta!  Body Frost!"  I heard Elizabeth say, blasting Jeremiah with her powers but getting me in the process too.

"Hey hey hey!"  I shout out, shaking my arm, trying to shake the ice off to no avail.  "Get this stuff off of me!"

"Hold still Josh, let me help you," Wade says, appearing next to me and hitting the ice on my arm.

"Get this crap off of my arm!" I shout out, shaking my arm now, trying to get the remaining ice off of me.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Elizabeth says, touching my arm now, trying to reverse what she did to me as I shook away from her.

"This bitch tried to kill me!"  I shout, moving away from her just as Nadya Strong appeared and waved her arms as Joey, Nick, Chris and some other men appeared around us.

"This doesn't look so good," Justin says, looking around as he grabbed me and the two of us disappeared.

A Few Miles Away

"Josh you need to snap the fuck out of it bro," Justin says, pushing JC away from him now.  "Ever since Elizabeth joined us, you've been a real jerk!  You need to lay off of her, she's doing her best to show you and the rest of us that she's not a threat!"

"She is a threat to me and JT!"  JC shouts, frowning now.  "She said that my boyfriend would hurt me."

"The way JT was acting, I believe he would hurt you and the rest of us," Justin says, looking at JC now.  "Whatever it was he did, he wasn't okay in the head bro."

"Stop that!"  JC shouts, glaring at Justin now.  "He's not crazy!  If you think he's crazy then the rest of us are crazy too."

"With all the crap that's happened to us, man I think we're past crazy," Justin says, shaking his head as he looked around and saw a bright light off in the distance.

"Oh God, there's something wrong with them, they're dying!"  JC shouts, turning around now.

"They're in pain, great pain!"  Justin shouts, holding his head now.  "We have to help them Josh!"

"I'm coming baby, I'm coming," JC says as he and Justin disappear.

The Roof of Jive Entertainment

Those guys have been nearby fighting for what seems like hours now.  Since I've been here in this town, I've felt everything that's happened to them and I think it's doing more damage to me than it is to them.  I can feel that one of them is getting the hell beaten out of him while another is already close to death as it is.  My head is pounding right now and no amount of Excedrin© is going to take care of this.  I think only God or whatever omniscient being up there can ease this pain. 

I don't really know why I've been drawn to this place but it must have something to do with what my grandmother told me.  Before she died, she told me that I was destined to do wondrous things and that I would help the world.  At first I thought she was drunk again but she gave me this key and I later found what she had been working on for so many years.  I never had no belief in the supernatural but after all the stuff I've read, I have no choice but to believe what I've seen with my own eyes, read about and what I can feel right now.

Grandmother spent the greater part of her life researching a strange group of people with supernatural powers.  With all of her research, I figured out that the people she was researching have something to do with the guys and girls that I've been lead here to find and what's going on with the world.  From the voices I've heard in my head and what I feel, what I'm looking for is in that fight right over there.  The messiah is near here, I can feel it.

A Few Miles Away

"Put him down you monster!"  JC screams, holding his hand out, pointing at Jeremiah as he held JT in his arms.

"Now why would I do something stupid like that?"  Jeremiah asks, laughing as he turned away from JC and started moving away with JT in his arms.

"I won't let you leave with him!"  JC screams, taking a breath now.  "Gamma!  Cosmic Fire!"

"Silly fool!  Do you actually think you can stop me?"  Jeremiah asks, turning around again.

"He might not think that but I do!"  Miss Turner says, jumping into the air and landing a punch to Jeremiah's back.  "Put him down Jeremiah!"

"I won't allow you to keep defying me!"  Jeremiah shouts, turning to look at the woman as his eyes start glowing.  "You will do my bidding!"

"I won't do your bidding!"  Miss Turner shouts, falling to her knees, struggling against Jeremiah's control of her.

"You can fight him Miss!"  Justin shouts, running towards Jeremiah and trying to land a punch but getting knocked down to the ground.  "We can't give up; we have to continue to fight him!"

"I have what I want and I'm not going to let him go!"  Jeremiah shouts, waving his hand as Justin, the woman and the rest of the gang hit the ground.

"You will put him down Jeremiah!"  JC shouts, sitting up on his elbows now as he coughed up some blood.  "Put him down!"

"You heard the man Jeremiah, put the man down!"  Miss Turner shouts, getting back up on her feet and standing tall.  "I'm not afraid of the likes of you!"

"You should be bitch!"  Jeremiah shouts, waving his hand at her as she was thrown across the ground.

"No Jeremiah!  I won't let you beat me or try to take me prisoner again!"  Miss Turner shouts, holding both of her hands out in front of her.  "Soul Burst!"

`JT you have to wake up!  I can't lose you baby, I need you in my life,' JC mentally says, hoping JT heard his thoughts.

"Nice try boy but he can't hear you!"  Jeremiah shouts as he was surrounded by the Witches.

"We can't let you leave with him!"  Christina shouts, breathing hard now.

"Listen to her Jeremiah, we won't let you leave here with him," Justin says, holding his hand up as it glowed with energy.

"You have to fight all of us before we let you leave with him!"  Elizabeth shouts, creating a dagger made of ice.

"I'll fight you and win!"  They all heard as Jeremiah started smiling and turned around.  "Who wants to be first?"

"Who the hell are you?" JC asks, turning around too.

"You may call me Ashden Knight," the young man says, walking closer to the Witches as his eyes start glowing a strange gold color.

"I don't give a damn who you are, I'm not going to stand by and let you take Alpha away from here!"  Wade shouts now as he held a strange pendent of some kind in his hand.

"You have no say so in the matter!"  Ashden says, walking past Jeremiah, getting closer to JC now.

"I don't know who you think you are but you gets nothing here!"  JC shouts as his eyes start glowing an orange fire like color.

"I'm not up for your petty games so save them for someone who actually cares!"  Ashden says, grabbing JC by the throat and throwing him into the air as he walked towards Wade and the others.  "Who's next?"

"Amulet of Power!"  Wade shouts, stepping back now as the pendent in his hand starts glowing brightly.

"Save the spells and amulets for someone that's actually scared of them!"  Ashden says, projecting beams of energy from his eyes, knocking the pendent out of Wade's hand.  "Now do you want to face me with something else?"

`Guys I think we're in trouble here,' Wade mentally says, closing his eyes and disappearing and then reappearing next to Justin and Christina.

"What are we going to do?"  Justin asks, looking at Ashden as he approached them

`Nothing, it's my turn again,' JT mentally says as he punched Jeremiah in the face and jumped out of his arms.  "SOUL ETERNAL CHANGE UP!"

"No!  He's conscious!"  Jeremiah shouts, rematerializing completely, trying to grab for JT now.

"Silly fool," Ashden says, shaking his head now.  "Sometimes I wonder about you Rage."

"Who the hell are you to worry about me?  You're no one important to me that I should worry about!"  Jeremiah shouts as his eyes start sparkling with energy and Kevin, Nick and Brian appear in front of him now.  "Gentlemen have your fun while I take my leave."

"As you wish Master," Kevin says, hissing now as he jumped into the air to attack Ashden but was stopped by Ashden waving his hands at him and using his powers to sling him through the air.

"None of you here can defeat me!  I'm power absolute and none of you can best me!"  Ashden shouts as JT starts glowing brighter than normal.

"That's where you're wrong mister," JT says, walking towards Ashden now.

"Son I'm never wrong," Ashden says, laughing now as he turned towards JT and crossed his arms across his chest.  "I guess this is where we shake hands and duel to the death?"

"There will be no handshaking here," JT says, stopping in front of Ashden now.  "You're evil like Jeremiah and I will stop you too."

"Stop me too?  Hell, you haven't stopped Jeremiah yet," Ashden says, smirking now as his body starts shimmering and he starts laughing as his body fades away.  "I will come back to kill you, remember that."

"NO!"  JT shouts as the glow around his body dimmed and he changed back to himself.  "I couldn't maintain the transformation."

"Maybe you're not strong enough yet," JC says, walking over to JT as he held his sides.  "We need to get away from here baby and regroup.  We can't keep fighting these guys like this.  We need to get some rest."

"We can't rest, we need to stop them," JT says, falling to his knees now as Justin, Christina and the young woman walked over to us.  "Nicole in your honest opinion, do you think we need to rest now or go after Jeremiah?"

"The way you look right now, you need all the rest you can get," the young woman identified as Nicole says.

"So that's what your name is," JC says, looking at her now.

"Yeah it is," she says, frowning now as she looked up to see Nick, Brian and Kevin ready to attack.  "We can't stay here, we need to leave before they kill us!"

"You have a point," JT says as his eyes start glowing and he grabbed a hold of JC's hand, pulling himself up as Wade appears and then they all are gone.


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I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.

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