My Immortal Beloved [3/?]


JT Poole and Mystic (Vanilla_Fantasy99@yahoo.com)


TimberNick and others




I don't know any of the celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexuality or any other bit of information about the people mentioned.  This story is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.


Alternate Reality/Universe


Yep things in Orlando are still getting stranger. JT and JC kissed each other, a man in the woods carried a body into the caves on the outskirts of town and JT captured Nick. When is the good stuff going to go down?


What the hell is this, the fucking Twilight Zone or something? I can't fucking believe my eyes right now. Some black guy is moving me without even touching me. What the hell do those people want with me? I wasn't doing anything, I can't help it that the ghost thingy scared me. Isn't that JC Chasez from N Sync? What is it that he and that girl is doing over there? Nick Carter what in the hell have you gotten yourself into? I should have just stayed at the hotel with Brian and none of this would be happening right now.

"He was over there spying on us. Do you think he's part of the evil that's going on Wade?" JT asks the young man, while magically levitating Nick Carter in mid air.

"Put him down gently JT, that's Nick Carter, he's not a threat," Wade says, touching Nick's body as his eyes start to glow. "He's doesn't contain the vampire infection."

"So it's vampires that we're after?" Julie asks, looking at Wade strangely.

"Yeah it is Julie, one of the strongest vampires that every lived. His name was Jeremiah Rage, a vampire from the twelfth century and from the things I sensed earlier tonight, I believe he has been reborn again. I just don't know what guise he's in at the moment." Wade tells her.

"How do you know this Wade?" JT asks, looking at Wade closely. "If this vampire is from the twelfth century, how would you know about him?"

"He's in the book JT and from looking at some things in the book, so are we." Wade tells him as JT's eyes went wide.

"What do you mean we're in the book?" JT asks him as Julie and JC stare at him too.

"Look here," Wade says, opening the book to show them a picture of `The Witches Five'. "This is The Witches Five. The legend tells that five young men and women would be awakened in a crisis to help defend the earthly plane. Those people at the time were Jonas Poole, Elizabeth Sheridan, Arthur Chasez, Mary Saint Augustine and my ancestor Rory Robesonia."

"My name isn't Jonas..." JT says as he was interrupted by Julie.

"My name isn't Elizabeth either," Julie says, looking at JC for confirmation of his name.

"My name is Joshua," JC says, looking at Wade. "Who is this Mary Saint Augustine?"

"That has yet to be determined yet, but I'm sure she will reveal herself soon since you guys were awakened." Wade tells them.

"So wait a minute. Are you saying we're born witches? I thought that damn book gave us the power we have," JT says as Wade shakes his head.

"You are not really witches, but back in that time, you were considered witches because the people there didn't know what to call you protectors." Wade tells him as Nick bolts to run away from them.

"Stop!" Julie shouts as Nick's body freezes in place.

"You crazy people need to let me go!" Nick shouts, struggling against the invisible force that was holding him.

"Wade what are we going to do with him anyway?" JT asks as JC steps next to him and takes his hand.

"Nothing JT, he's going to forget he ever saw us. We don't need anyone tipping off this great evil to the fact that we've been awakened yet." Wade states as he walks closer to Nick as his eyes and hands start glowing. "The things you have seen are no more, return to your place and be as you were."

With those words said, Nick closed his eyes and his head fell back. Seeing that he was asleep, Wade said another spell and Nick disappeared.

"What happened to him Wade?" JT asks, looking at Wade like he had done something wrong.

"The spell I just said, sent him back to where he was previously before he came here." Wade tells him.

"That could be a very dangerous spell Wade. Are you sure he's okay?" Julie asks as she steps closer to Wade.

"I'm sure he's okay Julie." Wade tells her as we all joined hands and we were gone.


I'm truly stuck here. I can't get anyone to actually stay around me for longer than ten seconds. Each person I know, they run. Who can I communicate with that won't run from me? I know, I'll try to communicate with Josh, I don't think he would be afraid of me. I just hope he can believe what I have to tell him. I don't want to be trapped as a damn ghost for fucking ever. Please God, give me the strength to continue on my journey to find some help for this.


It was a chilly night but I didn't want to get up to shut the window. I just lay there thinking about the weird day I've had. Everything was happening so fast. Closing my eyes I realized that nothing was going to be the same ever again. Julie girl, you're really losing it here.


Looking out over the dance floor I saw a mass of bodies just flowing with the music. I was half tempted to join them when someone laid his or her hand on mine. Looking up I saw AJ McLean. Something inside my soul made me feel like I've known him for years.

I started laughing as he pulled me out on the dance floor. "You're nuts."

AJ smiled, "I know baby but ya love me anyway."

I smiled cause I did. My smile faded when AJ and the club started to disappear. I reached out for him but he was gone so was the club.

Looking around I saw that we were in middle of the woods, "AJ?"

AJ just stood there like he didn't hear me so I tried again only louder, "AJ!"

I saw that someone was coming from behind him, "AJ someone's coming."

I watched as the man walked very quietly up behind him.

The man, he looked much like Kevin Richardson grabbed AJ from behind with abnormally quick reflexes. He tilted AJ's head to the side and bit his neck.

I saw what was happening and tried screaming out but when they didn't hear me I rushed over and punched at Kevin but the punch went through him.

*end dreamscape*

I sat straight up in bed and started screaming, "JT!"


Where the hell could I possibly be now? The last thing I remember, I was at some club dancing with that cute guy name Jeremiah. I just can't remember what happened after that. It's dark all around and it smells like dust and trees. Am I out in the woods somewhere? Oh God, I don't like this very much, feels like my hands and feet are tied up. Oh God, I've been kidnapped by someone. Oh God, a crazy fan or stalker has gotten me.

"Where the hell am I?" Kevin asks to no one in particular. "Hello!"

"Ah, I see you are awake Mr. Richards, or should I call you Kevin Richardson? Which one do you prefer my little pretty?" Jeremiah asks, snapping his fingers as the whole area was bathed in candle light.

"What the hell? How did you do that?" Kevin asks, looking up at the man that was coming closer to him.

"I'm power Kevin, unadulterated power!" Jeremiah screams as he leans into Kevin and kisses him hard on the lips as he lets his fingers graze over the area on Kevin's neck that he had marked him.

"Owww! That hurts!" Kevin shouts, flinching a little as Jeremiah ran his fingernails over the puncture wounds on Kevin's neck.

"In time Kevin you won't feel this at all, you'll crave it!" Jeremiah shouts as he stands up.

Within a poof of smoke, Jeremiah was gone and Lou Pearlman was standing there in front of Kevin. Not happy with seeing a dead man, Kevin starts to scream as Lou/Jeremiah kicks him, knocking him unconscious. Stripping Kevin of his clothes and biting him in the same spot on his neck again, Lou/Jeremiah picks up Kevin's body and takes him deeper into the cave. Laying Kevin down on a bed of feathers, Lou/Jeremiah crawls over next to Kevin's body and starts to make love to his limp body, kissing and biting his neck, causing Kevin's body to respond each time he thrust into him.

"When I'm done with you Kevin Richardson, you'll server only me. You'll be mine forever." Lou/Jeremiah says as he laughs maniacally.


What the hell is going on? I'm sure I've been asking that all night, but I can't keep running like this. I know I'm tired and I know Lance is too since he's hyperventilated and had an asthma attack twice. We need to find some place to go, we can't keep running back and forth like this.

"Yo Justin slow down, I need to rest," Lance says, panting like a beaten cat.

"I need to rest too, but we have to get to some place and make sure we're safe," Justin says, leaning against a nearby tree.

"Maybe we were seeing things Just, why don't we just go back to your place and see if Josh has gotten back yet. We have too much stuff to do to be running like this." Lance tells him.

"No Lance, we weren't seeing things. I know what I saw and I know what I heard damnit! I'm not going back to my house, not until I know its fucking safe!" Justin shouts as there was a flash of light and then JC and JT appear next to the two men cause Justin to faint.

"What the hell? Josh is that you?" Lance asks, looking at JC and the man with him.

"I take it these are the friends you were looking for Josh," JT says, eying Lance and then laughing at Justin's body lying in the grass with a big wet spot on the front of his pants. "I don't think he was very happy with the way we arrive Josh."

"Oh no, Justin...Justin are you okay?" JC asks, gently slapping Justin in the face trying to wake him up.

"Who the hell are you?" Lance asks, looking at JT.

"I'm a friend of his," JT says, glaring at Lance.

"Yeah okay," Lance says, stepping away from JT, still watching him though.

"Come on Justin wake up," JC says as Justin sits up, looks around and then rubs his eyes to make sure he was actually seeing what he saw. "Justin you okay man?"

"You just appeared out of nowhere C, how did you do that?" Justin asks, pulling away from JC, standing up quickly and hugging Lance.

"Justin its okay, we're not going to hurt you." JC tells him as Lance shakes his head.

"You might not, but I don't know about him," Lance says, indicating JT.

"I'm not going to hurt you either, unless you're evil and you're one that we're supposed to do away with," JT says as Lance flinches back away from JT more.

"JT calm down. Don't scare them baby," JC says, smiling at JT as Lance and Justin looks at him strangely.

"Did you just call him baby?" Justin asks.

"Is there something you've been meaning to tell us?" Lance asks.

"Like the fact that I'm a gay man and also a witch?" JC asks, hoping that the revelation of that didn't ruin his friendship with the two men.

"You're a fucking witch? Like a witch at Halloween and shit? That kind of witch?" Justin asks.

"Yeah that kind of witch Justin," JC says, touching Justin's shirt, causing it to change colors.

"Oh my fucking God!" Justin screams, trying to get away from JC.

"Justin stop!" JC shouts as Justin froze in place.

"What did you do to him Josh!?!" Lance asks, walking over to Justin as he stood there in place not moving.

"Ah JT, how do I unfreeze him?" JC asks, turning to look at JT.

"The same way you froze him," JT says, looking at JC, confusion on his face.

"How did you unfreeze Nick earlier?" JC asks.

"I don't know really, it just wore off." JT tells him.

After waiting a few minutes for JC's spell to wear off of Justin, JT and JC got scared because Justin still wasn't moving. His body was no longer glowing, but he still wasn't moving.

** Justin's Mind **

Josh is a fucking witch! I don't fucking believe this. Do Karen and Roy know about him being a witch? This is some fucking crazy shit going on. I'm not going to stick around for this. When I get the chance, I'm going to get the hell up out of here. Why isn't anything moving? Why does it look like I'm stuck in one spot and everyone is moving past me? Something's not right! Something's wrong with me!

** End Mind Scheme **

"Justin! Justin can you hear me?" JC asks, shaking Justin's body and getting no response.

"What did you do to Justin Josh!?" Lance asks, hitting JC in the chest with his fist over and over again.

"I don't know Lance, I don't fucking know!" JC screams as his body starts to glow with energy and Justin disappears.

"Oh my fucking God!" JT shouts, looking at JC and then Lance. "I think we better go find Wade now."

"No need guys, I'm already here." Wade tells them as JC runs over to him, confusion written all over his face.


To Be Continued...