"Get Ready...Tonight...Gonna make this a night [love] to remember." by Shalamar

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 10
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Jan 13, 2005 -- Nikki and Howie's House

Nikki's POV

This has been the craziest few days I have ever lived through. Ever since JC tried to kill himself, Tony has been walking around in a daze worrying about him. I still feel like I'm to blame for this, and knowing how much JC hated me hasn't made it any easier for me. To think that I have caused someone so much pain that they'd want to kill themselves... well, it just makes me want to just curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out.

I went over to my rocking chair, staring out into the back yard of our new house, my mind wandering in a million different directions as the phone began to ring. I chose to ignore it, concentrating instead on worrying about where Tony could be. It's been almost three days since I've seen him, and frankly I'm worried as hell.

"Hey baby... how you doing?" Howie asked as he walked into our bedroom with CJ and Joshie in tow.

I couldn't help feeling just a little better when I saw their smiling faces as the boys made a beeline to where I was sitting in the rocking chair and clamored to be held. The rest of the Dorough clan was downstairs waiting to see D off too. I smiled at them in spite of myself, picking them both up and settling them on my lap. Howie leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my forehead, in itself a small gesture, but taken in the midst of all the turmoil around us, it comforted me immensely.

"I'm good... what are you guys up to?" I asked, grinning as I tried to avoid getting a finger poked into my eye. Ever since we'd started watching those Baby Einstein® videos, Joshua has been fascinated with naming body parts on every unsuspecting victim he can. "Who was that on the phone?"

"It was John wanting to know whether you needed him to come stay with you while I'm gone. I told him to call back and check with you," Howie replied, sitting on the small foot stool in front of me and tickling the boys, who giggled like crazy as they squirmed to be let down and took off running to avoid the Tickle Monster.

I watched the two of the racing around the room with Howie in hot pursuit, and I couldn't help feeling blessed to have him in my life, especially after everything he's been willing to put up with to be with me. Anybody watching us right now would think that we were just this perfect family... and we would be if I could just make up my mind about which of these men I want to be with.

Where are you Anthony? I thought forlornly, my heart constricting again as I fought the urge to cry for what would have been the umpteenth time in the last few days.

"Baby, are you okay?" Howie asked his concern for me evident in the gentle way he touched my face. I turned my face into that soft caress, comforted by how much this man truly cares for me.

"I'm fine mijo, now stop worrying about me," I stated firmly, shaking off my funk, even if only to alleviate whatever fears Howie might be having about leaving me home alone for the next few weeks while he and the rest of the Backstreet Boys finished their club tour. "Did you get everything packed?"

"I think so, but if not, you can bring it out when you and the boys come out to visit," he said as he helped me to stand up, and then wrapped his arms around me. Suddenly he pulled away from me, looking down at my stomach and then back up at me in amusement. "Now where did that come from?"

"I-I don't know," I replied, rubbing the small mound. "I wasn't really paying attention this morning in the shower, but I think I must have popped sometime last night because I was having a lot of trouble sleeping on my stomach, and it seems like our little girl is getting bigger by the minute."

"Yes it does... and I'm gonna miss it," Howie replied petulantly. I kissed him tenderly, grinning at how adorable he looked with his bottom lip poked out. "Don't laugh! I hate leaving you guys here alone. Why don't you come with me?"

"Honey, you heard what Dr. Tyler said yesterday: no traveling for us right now. It's only for the next two weeks, so we'll be out to see you before you even get a chance to miss us," I explained calmly. D snorted and the expression on his face showed clearly just what he thought of that argument.

"Howie, you might want to put a hurry on that `cause the car's gonna be here any minute," Paula said from the doorway.

"We'll be right down Mom," I said over my shoulder as I rubbed my stomach.

"I miss you already, and I'm not even gone," he sated, wrapping his arms around me as we sat on the bed together. I relaxed against him, sighing as I laid my head on his shoulders. "So how am I supposed to get along without you for two whole weeks?"

"I don't know, but when you figure something out, call me and tell me," I said softly, fighting tears yet again at the thought of being here in this house by myself without D. "It's not fair that you have to leave now! Can't they reschedule or something?"

"Trust me, if there was some way for us to be able to get out of this tour, Justin or JT would have found it already," D replied as he kissed my neck one last time and got up to check to make sure he had everything. "I don't think either of them really wants to see Nick or Kevin leave, but at least JT is coming with. That way, Kev has his husband with him, and JT can keep the peace between him and Nick. Not to mention Nick doesn't wanna leave Justin while JC is still in the hospital."

"Yeah," I said as I pulled the handle up on the suitcase in front of me and tried to walk past where Howie was standing to take it downstairs before he could see the look on my face. "I'll just take this down for you and..."

"`Licia, look at me," he commanded softly, forcing my face up. "What happened to JC is not your fault! He has problems that none of us ever saw, and you being here had nothing to do with that!"

"I know, I know, but that still doesn't stop me from feeling like at least some of this is my fault!" I said as I dropped the handle and clung to him. "Maybe if I had just told Tony no in the beginning, none of this would have happened."

"Baby JC trying to kill himself is not your fault! How many times do I have to tell you that it didn't?" Howie stated, getting frustrated with me now. I sighed, willing the tears back again and smiled at him.

"I know and I'm sorry for being such a big baby. And here I wanted to make your last few hours at home fun and all I seem to be doing is crying and whining," I said, kissing him on the lips. "I think it's just hormones."

"I know... and apology accepted," Howie said with a grin as he grabbed his shoulder bag and walked over to the door, holding it open with one hand and ushering the boys out with the other. "Have you heard from Joey at all?"

"No—but then again I don't expect to hear from him anytime soon after what I said to him that night," I replied with a sigh as I helped CJ down the stairs, my mind flashing back to that night.


"Tony... I need to talk to you for a minute," I whispered softly as he came to hug me. I could tell from the look on his face that he knew what I was about to say, but I couldn't let the heartbroken look he was giving me sway me from what I knew I had to do.

We went into an empty room and he reached for me, wanting to stop me from saying what I had to say, but I moved away from him and stood on the other side of the room, watching his face in the soft glow from the streetlights outside the window.

"Tony, you know how much I love you right?" I asked softly, my back to him.

"Of course I do... just like I love you Brown Eyes," he replied and I could hear the smile in his voice. I sighed, not wanting to say what I needed to say, but also not wanting my presence in Tony's life to continue to cause JC pain.

"Then I want you to go back home to your husband for me," I stated, unable to face him as I spoke. The room became deathly silent as Tony processed what I'd said to him.

"Kick, you can't do this now... not when I need you so much!" he cried, coming to me and forcing me to turn around. "I can't do this without you. You can't think I want to go home to him when I love you too!"

"And you can't think that I want to be the reason he succeeds in killing himself the next time!" I shouted, wrenching away from him. "Tony he loves you, and I can't be a party to you hurting him like this!"

"You can't leave me like this!" he stated obstinately, his face stony. "We love each other Nikki. How can you just walk away from me—from us, like this! Baby please... don't let go of us!"

"M-maybe when he gets better we can talk... but for now, this is the way it has to be," I stated, my voice devoid of emotion, but my heart breaking with every word. "I love you and this isn't what I want, but we need to do what's best for JC now. Please don't hate me, but I have to do this."

"Just go Nicole," he said flatly. I tried to put a hand on his arm, but he jerked away from me, his eyes glinting dangerously. "You're no better than my mother. Now get the fuck out!"

"I-I'm sorry," I stammered, eyes filling as I ran out of that room... and left a part of my heart behind.

End Flashback

"I just hope he's alright," I said as we walked down the hall together with the boys running ahead of us, but stopping when they got to the top of the stairs and waiting impatiently for us. When Joshie tried to start down on his own, I called out, "Don't even try it mister!"

"He's probably somewhere with Justin or Lance, so stop worrying," Howie stated as we caught up to the boys and walked down the stairs to where his Mom, Dad and Polly stood waiting for us. "You guys go watch TV with Titi Polly while Mommy and Daddy talk for a few minutes."

"K!" Joshie said and grabbed his brother's hand, scampering off into the living room where I could hear their favorite DVD in the player. Howie stared after them, a wistful expression on his face.

"I know... they love you and yes, they're gonna miss you as much as I am," I told him as we held each other for the last time until I could join him on the tour. "Damn it, now I'm gonna cry for real! Stop it!"

"Howie, stop making my daughter in law cry!" Paula called out from the living room where she watched TV with the boys.

"Okay, okay!" Howie said, laughing as he kissed me one last time before heading into the living room where the boys sat watching Baby Geniuses®. They ran over to him, holding on tight as he lifted them up and came back to join me. "You guys take good care of Mommy and the baby for me while I'm gone. Daddy's gonna miss you guys."

"Bye, bye?" CJ asked, looking confused. Just then the car service that Johnny had hired to pick D up pulled up to the curb and began honking. When our door opened, the driver hurried up to help get the bags into the trunk while Howie was talking to the boys.

"Remember Daddy told you he had to go by-bye for work?" I tried to explain, but CJ was clinging to D's neck like he would never let go. Even Josh was starting to look upset, so I picked him up and cradled him to me, rocking him gently while D tried to extricate himself from CJ's iron-like grasp. Paula finally took pity on me and came to take Josh back inside while I dealt with CJ.

"Daddy's gonna call you every night little man," Howie said as he pried CJ's arms off of him at last and grabbed his last carry-on. At the car he turned around and waved goodbye again before he got into the back seat and the car pulled off down the driveway.

"It's okay baby boy... Daddy will be home to us soon," I crooned to CJ as I carried him back inside and closed the door, praying that something good would come of this time alone.

I love you Howie Dorough... please, stay safe, I thought as I walked back upstairs with CJ in my arms. He cried for almost a half-hour until he finally passed out from exhaustion.

"Nikki, do you need anything else before I go?" Polly asked as she led Joshie into the room. He scampered up onto the bed and lay down next to his brother, his arm firmly around CJ.

"No, I think I got it from here," I replied as I got out of bed carefully so as not to wake CJ. I went to Polly, kissing her cheek as we walked back downstairs. "Thanks for coming to see me today. I don't think I would have been able to let him go if I'd been here alone."

"Don't mention it Sis," Polly said as she paused in the doorway and turned back to me. "You just take care of yourself and my new niece or nephew in there. Kiss CJ for me, and I'll see you tomorrow!"

I stood watching until the Dorough's drove off, wrapping my arms around myself as I contemplated spending my first night away from Howie for the next two weeks. As I went about locking up the downstairs and setting the alarm, I heard another car driving up to the house and smiled at the thought of Howie coming back to check up on us one last time. I ran to the door and threw it open, but my smile died when I saw Tony standing there looking like death warmed over.

I didn't even give him the chance to explain his presence before I slammed the door in his face, throwing the deadbolt and turning to go back upstairs when I heard Tony screaming my name like a maniac out on the front lawn.

"Nikki!!! Open this muthafuckin' door!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. I ran back to the door, sliding the chain into place and cracking the door enough to look out at him.

"Go away before you wake the boys Tony!" I hissed through the crack in the door. He faces me with more anger than I have ever seen in his eyes... anger and pain. "Please, just leave us alone!"

"Not until you let me in so we can talk," he states inexorably. We stared each other down, the battle of wills going on until I noticed our neighbors were beginning to come outside to see what the ruckus was about.

"Alright!" I snapped, closing the door and taking the chain off so I could let him in. when he approached, I stopped him with a hand to his chest. "You have five minutes, but then you have to go."

"Fine!" he snapped back at me, barging past me and going into the living room. I followed slowly, not really in the mood to deal with this today, but oh well.

"You look like shit," I said waspishly, taking in his shabby appearance.

"Whatever Nicole... where is Howie? I need to talk to both of you," he said as he walked over to the sofa and sat down.

"He left to a few minutes ago to go back out on the road with the guys to finish their tour," I stated as I stood at the end of the sofa and watched him warily. "Now, what is it that you need to talk to us about?"

"I... I wanted to tell you how sorry I was for saying those things to you at the hospital that night... and to tell Howie "thank you" for taking care of you and my sons for me," he replied, standing and facing me with a funny look on his face. "I missed you and I just want to see my boys for a few minutes."

"They're asleep right now," I said as I began to walk back towards the door. I held it open for him, my expression guarded as he followed me slowly. "If you want to see them, call me tomorrow and I'll make sure they're awake. Now, would you please leave?"

"No," he whispered, his eyes never leaving my face. He stared at me for a minute, his expression never changing as he advanced on me. Something in his eyes made me nervous, so I began to move back away from him. I backed up until I hit the wall, my breath coming faster the closer he got to me.

"Tony what are you doing?" I asked in a panic, my body reacting to him of its own free will.

"Coming home," he whispered before his lips covered mine, his hands caressing my face.

I wanted to struggle, to pull away from him and tell him to get the fuck out of my life... but something in me refused to allow the words to come. Almost like he sensed my weakening, Tony's hands came up and cupped my breasts, his thumbs swiping over my nipples. I sighed into the kiss, my resolve melting completely as I held him to me, deepening the kiss until at last we both pulled away panting harshly in each others arms.

"I missed you Kick," he finally said as he led me over to the couch and sat down, pulling me down to straddle his lap. "And I love you with all my heart. Don't you ever tell me to go away again, okay?"

"Okay," I said with tears in my eyes as I traced his face with my fingers. I kissed him again, the heat between us spiraling out of control as we melded ourselves together, two hearts becoming one again.

Jan 13.2005 -- Justin and Nick's House

Nick's POV

I don't really want to leave Justin right now. We've been really happy over the past few days. Since we talked to Christina about having our baby, it's like me and Justin has gotten a little bit closer to each other. Thinking about all the crap we've gone through together over the last year, I'm glad we're together. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have Justin in my life.

Today is the day The Backstreet Boys are supposed to get back to touring. So far, I haven't seen Alex, Howie or Brian yet. After talking to Kevin and JT this morning, I'm somewhat happy that things are going good between all of us. After talking for hours, we decided that we wanted to move in together. Kevin, JT, Lydia and Craig had already made plans to buy a big mansion-sized house close to Kissimmee and they extended the offer to me and Justin since we're all so close anyway. The house having enough room to accommodate the six of us, along with the possible kids we'll have plus another wing to house our guests sounded like a good start. We were all ecstatic about the idea and have already made arrangements to buy the house in all of our names, sort of like a small co-op. It might sound strange right now, but with all of us wanting to start families and Lydia already being pregnant, we can all use the support system.

Time is quickly ticking by and I wish there was a way to roll it back a little bit. I know it's too late to try to change things, but so far so good, everything is somewhat working out. Before we could officially get back on tour, Brian had to go back to court for the guy he tried to rape at the airport back in New York. Shocked at the justice system, I thought he would have at least got some time and probation, but as the saying goes, money corrupts. Since I haven't seen him today, I'm sure he's with some dumb trick that's so star-struck enough to give up the ass for him. As for everyone else, don't know what's going on with Alex, I heard he and Chris were back together again and were trying to finally tie the knot. I hope they do, they've been together at least I think longer than me and Justin have been and I know they have a lot of love for each other.

After talking to Johnny about some last minute plan changes, he relayed to me that he was really upset about the problems I created for the tour itself. If it wasn't for me, Kevin wouldn't have refused to go back on tour and left the band. I'm just glad that he didn't actually finalize his decision, but Johnny's made any way. With the late date of us leaving, Johnny feels we've fell way behind schedule and things aren't going to get any better. If it wasn't for my selfish actions, we wouldn't be this far behind in the first place. That's my fault, but the rest can be placed on Brian's legal problems, I can't be held responsible for him not being able to control his dick and his sexual urges. Oh well, it's a good day and I guess it's as good as any to leave.

Jan 19, 2005 -- Orlando, FL -- Pleasant Valley Sanitarium

Kalin's POV

It's been a few days since Josh Chasez was released from Florida Hospital. As a condition to his release, the doctors had him agree to be admitted here at Pleasant Valley to receive counseling and other therapeutic services. Since I work here at Pleasant Valley, I get to see him daily. Josh was hesitant on coming here at first, but after talking with his friend Justin, he agreed only to get him to be quiet about the matter. I see it's going to be a heavy task of counseling him.

"Good morning Joshua, how are you feeling today?" I ask him as he walks into the group therapy room.

"How do you expect me to feel?" He asks me as he takes a seat closest to the door as the other patrons walk file into the room.

"I take it that you're not handling things well this morning. How did you sleep?" I ask him as he turns his attention away from me.

"Why do you care?" He asks me.

"Believe it or not Josh, I'm your friend and I'm here to help you," I say, standing up and closing the door as Dan Miller runs up to the door to join the current group.

"Sorry I'm late. My meeting with Dr. Carr went over," Dan says, smiling at me and walking past Josh as he sat on the other side of the room and crossed his legs.

"It's okay Dan, we're just now starting things," I said as JC stands up and walks out of the room. "Josh, come back in here."

"Fuck off lady!" JC shouts as he walks towards the corridor doors and two orderlies open the door to escort him back to the room where I was.

"Mr. Chasez, please sit down. I'm in no mood to deal with unpleasantries today," I say as JC sits back down in the chair he was previously in and starts to pout. "Pout all you want Mr. Chasez, but we're not here to jump to your every wish, we're here to help you get better."

"I don't fucking give a damn lady! You tricked me into coming into here. I don't want to be here! I just want to go home!" JC shouts as the other patrons in the room look at him.

"Mr. Chasez calm down. I didn't trick you into coming in here. It's always wise to read what you sign. Once you're well and of sound mind, you'll be allowed to leave, but as long as the doctors see fit, you'll remain here until we're sure that you're not a threat to yourself or anyone else," I tell him as he shakes his head.

"Come on man calm down. It's not the end of the world being here. This place helps," Dan tells him, sitting down next to him and patting his leg.

"If this place fucking helps, what the hell are you doing here?" JC asks Dan.

"I have a drinking problem, so I'm here drying out so to speak," Dan says, looking down as the images flash through his mind of the last few days with him and his lover Ashley.

"Oh great an alcoholic," JC says, crossing his arms over his chest as I sit back down behind the desk and pull out the client sheet to call attendance.

A Recording Studio

Justin's POV

I went to Pleasant Valley Sanitarium today to check on Josh and to see how he was doing. After only being there with him for five minutes, I was appalled at Josh's actions and his bad attitude towards me, the other people there and Kalin Taylor, who as I can see has been busting her ass trying to help him. If I was her, I'd beat his ass down and treat him like that stupid ass bitch that he is. I don't know why everyone is going through all this damn trouble for him and he doesn't even appreciate it.

When all of this started, I was angry at Joey for not being around, but as things are going on now, I feel sorrier for Joey than Josh right now. I don't totally understand what's really going on between him and Josh, but from what I gather of the situation, they have some sexual issues to get over and a lot of emotional issues. The main issue I see is Josh's drinking and the fact that Joey got his freak on with Nikki again after he and Josh were married. I know I would be upset if I found out Nicky was cheating, but I wouldn't go as far as trying to kill myself, I'd beat Nick's ass and the guy that he slept with. That would totally make me feel better.

To get back to my schedule of things, Johnny had Madelyn set up some recording time for me, Faith and Usher to lay down some tracks for the movie I've started working on. When I left the house this morning, I had to assure Nicky over and over again that I would steer clear of Faith. He's still tripping on that day he saw her grab my ass. I don't know why he's still bringing that up, I'm his husband and I have no reasons to cheat on him, he fulfills all my urges and desires.

Usher and his bodyguard just got here a few minutes ago. Since getting here, his bodyguard has been shadowing him more than he should have been. Trying to ignore the guy, Roger and Faith walked into the room so that we could head into the booth to get things started.

"Hey what's up girl?" I ask her as she walks over to me and hugs me, not below the belt touching.

"JT, babe what's going on? Are we going to knock these tracks out today or what?" She asks me as she takes off her vest and lays it across the chair.

"I hope we can, we're like way behind and Johnny isn't happy with my schedule on this," I tell her as she shakes her head laughing.

"You know you can always tell Johnny to kiss yo azz sometimes," she tells me as Usher starts laughing now.

"Yeah I feel like doing that sometimes, but I would never hear the end of it after he tells my mom about it," I say as the recording engineer walks into the room.

"I'm glad I don't have these issues with Undeas and Bad Boy, if I did, they know what they can do for me," she tells me as we were given the signals we needed to get things started.

Jan 25, 2005 -- Raleigh, NC -- Airport

Ann's POV

This morning has been very long and boring and it's not even noon yet. My plane just touched down in North Carolina at a little after four this morning. I wasn't expecting both Kevin and JT here to pick me up this morning since I know the guys had a show last night. When they got here to get me, they both looked like they hadn't gone to sleep yet and they both seemed to be preoccupied with something else. Knowing those two, they probably haven't slept and had an argument about something. Sometimes I wonder about those two. With the stuff they put out, it must be love that keeps them together.

To say the least, I was surprised when I got the phone call from them yesterday asking me to come here to meet them. I was kinda hesitant about coming here or not, since I always get the feeling that JT doesn't always like me hanging around. I think since Kevin and the boys are on tour and JT is going to be leaving to go back to Orlando, he probably wants me to go back with him and keep and eye on JT's health and what not.

After grabbing my bags and heading to the jeep, the boys loaded my things into the back and we got on the road to head to the hotel they were staying at. Looking between the two of them, I noticed that neither of them had said more than a few words to me or each other for that matter. I don't think they're fighting, but it's obvious that their minds are somewhere else. I guess they'll tell me what it is, since I'm sure it has something to do with me having to come out here to North Carolina, I just hope it isn't bad.

"Boys is there something going on I don't know about?" I ask smiling as JT looks into the mirror, looking at me.

"What makes you think that Ann?" JT asks me as he moves around in the seat to look at me.

"It seems like you two are in another world or something," I say as JT looks over to Kevin and then back at me as Kevin looks at me through the mirror.

"Nothing's wrong mom. Everything is perfectly okay," Kevin tells me as I shake my head at him.

"If everything was okay Kevin, you wouldn't have missed that sign back there that was pointing in the direction of the hotel," I say as Kevin looks up, slows down and turns into a parking lot and then turns around to get back to the street that leads to the hotel they were staying at.

"Do I need to be driving Kevin?" JT asks him. "Are you okay?"

"The question is, are the both of you okay?" I ask the both of them as Kevin turns on the correct straight to get us back on track. "Neither of you have said much since we left the airport. Is there something wrong? Are you two fighting?"

"No Ann, we're not fighting, well not that I know of anyway. Kevin, are we fighting?" JT asks him as Kevin looks over at him quickly smiling.

"No we're not fighting baby," Kevin says as he takes JT's hand and places a kiss to the top of his hand, smiling at him lovingly.

"Then if you're not fighting, then why are you two so quiet?" I ask him.

"Just a lot of things on my mind Ann," JT says, looking down now.

"Mine too mom," Kevin says, pulling into the hotel parking garage.

"It must be a whopper if both of you are quiet like this. I normally get chatter from at least one of you. Since we left the airport, I haven't heard a peep," I say as JT smiles and looks back at me again.

"Peep," he says, still smiling at me more now as Kevin starts laughing.

"Yeah like he said, peep," Kevin says as he grabs JT's hand and then places a kiss to the top of his hand and then winks at him. "We have something to tell you mom, but we'll tell you when we get you up to our suite."

"Oh? Is it something bad?" I ask them as JT smiles and shake his head at me.

"You have to wait `til we get into the suite Ann," JT says, unlatching his seatbelt.

I don't know what to think about what's going on right now. They claim they have something, nothing bad JT says, to tell me. I don't know if it's really good or bad, but I want to know what it is and now. This waiting is actually getting to me.

Since I know the guys will probably leave later on today to move on to the next stop, I'm sure that JT and I will be the only ones left behind. It'll be just me and him. I'm still sure that Kevin is trying to use me to keep a watchful eye on his husband. I've been worrying about JT since he got out of the hospital. I'm not so sure he's out of the woods yet. He tells us all that he's fine, but I don't believe that for a minute. When he doesn't think anyone is looking, I've seen him clutch at his chest as though he was in severe pain. If I'm worried about him, I'm sure Kevin has seen something like that too and is also worried. Please God, keep a watchful eye on my son-in-law, it's been a long time since my son has been this happy. Don't take this bit of happiness from him now when he so desperately needs and wants it.

"So how long do I have to wait before you two tell me what going on?" I ask them as we walk down the hall through the hotel lobby.

"We'll probably break down and tell you as soon as we enter the suite," JT says, wrapping his arms around me as we got on the elevator.

"Mom everything's okay between us. There's nothing wrong. You can stop worrying about us," Kevin tells me as the doors open and we step out into the hall and start walking down to the suite. "We're almost there."

"I'm glad for that. The stress of wanting to know what's going on is getting on my nerves," I say to them as Kevin uses the suite keycard to open the door. "We're in the room now."

"Kev honey, I think we should go ahead and tell her now," JT says as he starts to laugh a little. "I don't want her falling over in here because we didn't tell her that we're having a baby."

"What did you just say JT?" I ask him as I thought I heard him say they were having a baby.

"Mom you're going to have another grandchild," Kevin says as he and JT help me over to the sofa to sit me down.

"Another grandchild? What...oh my God? That's what this is all about? How is this possible you two? I know neither of you have the plumbing for that so what has happened that I don't know about?" I ask them.

"We're adopting a child mom," Kevin says, looking at JT smiling brightly.

"Adopting a child? When did this happen?" I ask them.

"We filed all the necessary paperwork at the beginning of the month and to tell you the truth, we didn't expect to hear anything else about it until sometime down the line in the future, but that all changed yesterday," JT tells me as he stands up and starts pacing. "The KITT Foundation gave us a call yesterday evening and told us that they want to see us in their office as soon as possible so that we can meet some possible kids."

"Oh my God, I'm so...so happy for the two of you," I tell them as I kiss Kevin on the cheek and then JT.

"The reason we called you to come here is that one of our stops is in New York. So, when we stop in New York, we're going to pay the KITT Foundation a visit and we want you there to help us decide on a child," Kevin tells me.

"I'm totally honored son, but that's a decision for you and JT to make, not me," I say as he looks at me.

"We know that Ann, but we would like your input on this important decision in our lives. We trust your input in this matter," JT tells me as he hands me some folders. "These were delivered to us yesterday as well."

"What are these?" I ask them.

"These are compatibility folders of kids the Foundation thinks we are a perfect match to," JT tells me as he sits down next to me. "Kevin and I have narrowed it down to these four, but we haven't completely made up our minds yet."

"Could you read over these and tell us what you think Mom?" Kevin asks me as I open the first folder and look at the picture of the little Asian boy named Jaken.

Jan 27, 2005 -- Someplace over Pennsylvania -- Airplane Flight

Kelly's POV

There is just too much going on right now for me to be trying to start back to working again. Now that Joey has turned into a fucking fruit, I can't always depend on him to help me raise and provide Briahna. I don't know what Joey thinks he's up to, but I'm not going to let him weasel out of his responsibilities for his child. If he can provide for Nikki's children and can provide for mine, she was here first damn it.

I can't wait to get fucking home, I'm tired and I need the rest after dealing with Phyllis and Janine. After finally breaking down and agreeing to let Bri stay with her for a few days, she stopped fucking whining and complaining about how she doesn't get to see her grandchild often. Now I know why all of her kids have terrible nerve problems, it's because of her ass. All that whining can cause anyone to develop nervous problems. After assuring Bri that I would be back next weekend to get her, I decided that not having her around could be a hidden blessing for me, I could have a little vacation at home without all the stress and running around.

"Excuse me Mr. Flight Attendant; is there a problem with the plane?" I ask him as he had to catch himself from falling by holding on to the seat.

"Just calm down miss, we're traveling through a bit of turbulence," he says as the plane starts to shake harder.

"That's more than turbulence!" I scream at him as the oxygen masks fell from the ceiling and strange lights started blinking and alarms started blaring all around.

** BOOOOM **



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.