"Get Ready...Tonight...Gonna make this a night [love] to remember." by Shalamar

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 4
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Los Angeles, CA - The Muniz Estates - The Backyard -- Jan 1, 2005 (After 9 AM)

"What are you doing out here Justin?"  Frankie asks, walking up behind Justin and hugging him.  "Are you still upset about being alone?"

"You know I am Frankie.  Why do you even have to ask?"  Justin asks him, holding his head down.

"Well all you have to do is call Jesse and talk to him.  I am sure he's just as lonely as you are," Frankie says, pulling his phone out of his pocket and handing it to Justin.  "Go on, just call him and see what happens.  I'm sure you won't be sorry."

"What am I supposed to say to him?"  Justin asks, looking at Frankie, pleading with his eyes for help.

"Just talk to him like you talk to me or AC," Frankie says, smiling at him, nudging his side with the phone.  "Just call him Justin.  I'm quite sure he's up.  Why don't you invite him out to breakfast or something?  You two can get together and talk and the like."

"Why don't I just wait a little while longer.  I don't want him to think I'm some kind of creep or something," Justin says, looking down at the floor.

"Sounds more like you're scared than anything else.  Stop being a pussy and call him damnit," Frankie says, looking at his phone and dialing Jesse McCartney's phone number."

"What're you doing?"  Justin asks him.

"I'm doing what you were scared to do," Frankie says as he smiles and turns around.  "Hey Jesse, Frankie here.  What are you going this morning?"

"Hey man, I'm doing nothing.  What's up?"  Jesse asks on the other end of the phone.

"How about you coming over to my place for some breakfast and hanging out?"  Frankie asks him.

"Ah well...who all is going to be there?"  Jesse asks him.

"Well so far it's me, Aaron and my friend Justin, you know Justin from the show.  So far that's it.  It's just a small get together is all."  Frankie explains as Justin shakes his head.

"Sounds cool. Should I come over now?"  Jesse asks him.

"Now is a good time.  Everyone is here except for you.  Get over here and we can get breakfast served," Frankie says sticking his tongue out at Justin.

"Cool.  I'll be over in a few minutes," Justin says as Frankie hangs up the phone and slides it in his pocket.  "That was so fucking simple.  Sometimes I wonder about you Justin.  It's like you're scared to take chances."

"Yeah whatever Frankie.  It's not like you told him it was a date for me or anything.  Hell, he'll take one look at me and laugh," Justin says, frowning as Aaron walks outside.

"Good morning you two.  What's going on?"  Aaron asks.

"Your boyfriend here just invited Jesse McCartney over so that I can make a fool of myself," Justin says, sliding down into the lounge chair.

"Oh great, some matchmaking fun.  I'm going to enjoy this," Aaron says, kissing Frankie on the lips passionately.  "Good morning handsome.  I missed you."

"I missed you too.  Did you get your message?"  Frankie asks him.  "Your father called again.  I think you just need to call him baby and get it over with."

"I'm not talking to him as long as he's trying to break us up," Aaron says, frowning as Frankie's phone starts ringing.

"Guess who this is," Frankie says, waving the phone at Aaron.  "Speak of the devil."

New York - Bellevue Hospital - JT's ICU Room - After Breakfast


It's getting pretty late and I haven't seen or heard from Kevin, Justin or Nick this morning.  I thought they would have stopped by to at least see me before they left to go back to Orlando this morning.  I wonder if there's something wrong.  Lydia and Craig came by to say goodbye, but no them.  Are they running behind schedule or something?  Oh well, I won't worry about that right now, I am quite sure things are okay.

"Good morning Mr. Poole.  How are you feeling this morning?"  The doctor asks, walking over to the bed and looking at my chart.

"Who are you?  Where is Doctor Westin?"  I ask looking at the man.

"I'm Benjamin Slade, Dr. Westin had to attend a medical conference," he says placing my chart in its place and shaking my hand.  "So while he's away, I'm taking his place for a bit.  Again, how are you feeling?"

"I feel like I'm ready to get up out of this place," I say to him as he sits down in the chair next to me.

"Are you experiencing any chest pain?  Any pain at all?"  He asks me.

"Not really doc.  Just the pain of sitting in this bed for too long," I say, looking over to the door as I could will Kevin to appear.  "I just want to get out of this joint.  Hospitals urk me out."

"Mr. Poole if you were to be discharged from the hospital, what would you do?"  He asks me.

"I'm going home and catch up on my life," I say, looking over to him.

"That's not the answer I wanted to hear Mr. Poole.  The correct answer is you are going to go home and rest and relax and let your body heal," he says to me.

"If I was at home, I would be resting and relaxing doc," I say to him.  "I don't need to be cooped up in here."

"Well under regular circumstances Mr. Poole, we would hold you here in the hospital for seven days or more to be sure that your body was healing correctly, but I think you're a reasonable man that knows how to follow doctor's orders and take things easy," he says, smiling. 

"I believe my body is healing doc.  I haven't been doing anything else to cause stress to my body," I say.

"That's true you haven't, but it's only been three days Mr. Poole.  You might not be in pain now, that doesn't mean that your body is healing.  From looking at your chart and other medical histories on you, I know you have been shot two other times and your recovery times from those incidents were very quick..."  He explains as I interrupt him.

"What does that have to do with anything doc?"  I ask him.  "So I heal quick, I have a super immune system."

"Well the point I am trying to get you to see is that your body might have healed quickly in the past, doesn't mean it's healing quickly this time," he says, trying to get me to understand that fact.

"I understand that doc.  I just want to get up out of here," I say to him.

"If I was to discharge you, you would need to have someone to help you around for a while and make sure you take things easy."  He states, looking at me closely.  "Are you capable of taking things easy?"

"Yes doc I'm capable of taking things easy.  I will have someone around to help me out."  I tell him, honestly lying through my teeth, still wondering what happened to Kevin.

"Well in that case, you might be able to go home a little bit after lunch.  Why don't you call someone to be here to take you home just in case," he says, smiling at me, standing up and shaking my hand.

Somewhere in a Plane

"Come on Kev talk to me please," Nick says, sitting next to Kevin.

"Nick get outta my face.  I don't want to see or hear you right now," Kevin says, pushing Nick out of the seat next to him.  "Just go back to Justin and bother him before I do something to you I will regret later."

"Kevin please listen to me.  Just give me a chance to explain myself.  I did this for all of us, including you," Nick says, sitting back down next to Kevin.  "You knew we were behind schedule when we took that time off for the Christmas break.  You know management was against us going to Paris to celebrate Christmas in the beginning.  Their schedules only allowed one day for Christmas and we were supposed to get back to things the next day..."

"Nick I said get away from me.  How many times do I have to tell you that?"  Kevin asks him.

"Kev please, I'm just trying to explain why I..."  Nick states being interrupted by Kevin.

"Why you tricked me?  Why you tried to manipulate me sexually?  What are you trying to explain Nick?"  Kevin asks him, tears in his eyes again.  "Just get away from me damnit!"

"Are you two okay over here?"  Craig asks as he and Lydia sits down in front of Kevin and Nick.

"No we're not okay here.  Get Nick away from me before you have to physically separate us," Kevin says, glaring at Nick as he moved around in the seat and turned away.

"Kevin please..."  Nick starts, but is quieted when Kevin punches him in the mouth.

"I told you to get the fuck away from me Nick!"  Kevin shouts again as Nick backs away holding his mouth as tears streamed down his face.

"Oh my God," Lydia says, hopping up to tend to Nick.

"I gave him plenty warning.  He should have left me alone damnit!"  Kevin shouts as Lydia walk away with Nick.

"Kevin you have to calm down.  I don't need you causing another scene with Nick.  Don't make me handcuff you to this seat," Craig says, pulling his cuffs out and shaking them at Kevin.  "I know you're upset, Justin told me what Nick did, but that doesn't mean you have to go around beating his ass.  From what Justin told me, you're going to march into Jive, quit and go back to New York to be with JT."

"That's what I have planned Craig," Kevin says wiping his eyes.  "I'm tired of all this crap that I have put up with in the last few months.  Because of me being in the Backstreet Boys, I've lost valuable time with JT, time that I can't get back."

"You can't blame this on being in the Backstreet Boys cause if you weren't a Backstreet Boy, you never would have met JT," Craig says, smiling at Kevin as he smiled back.  "Don't quit what you like to do because you have some funky schedules that doesn't allow for time with your husband.  I know you Kevin, I know you like singing and performing.  I suggest you march in there and tell them that you guys have been working your butts off and deserve to have a little time here and there."

"That's the problem Craig, they don't care about that.  All management cares about is making money and doing this and that so we can make more money.  It's not even about us or the music anymore," Kevin says, frowning again.  "They don't care about anything we have to say that much anymore, they only care about the dough."

"I know how it is," Craig says, patting Kevin's leg.  "I was once in a band and things were going very well until our record company stopped caring about what we wanted."

"That kind of thing pisses me off," Kevin says, hitting the armrest.  "I ought to do something about that."

"What can you do about that Kevin?"  Craig asks him.

"Simple, I can find us another record company or start my own," Kevin says as a light bulb went off in his head.  "That's it.  I'll start my own record company."

"Kevin do you think that's a plausible idea?"  Craig asks him.

"I do, but I will have to talk to some other people to see if it will actually work," Kevin says as the seatbelt light comes on and the captain starts speaking.

= "Good morning passengers, this is your captain speaking.  We will be touching down in sunny Orlando within a few minutes.  Please fasten your seatbelts and make sure your serving trays are in the upright position." =

"That guy is a real comedian.  He acts as if we're on a commercial flight or something," Kevin laughs as Lydia comes back with Nick followed by Justin.

"Kevin why are you abusing my husband?"  Justin asks him.

"Because he doesn't know how to leave me alone Justin."  Kevin tells him as Justin frowns at him.

"Could you two give us privacy?"  Justin asks Lydia and Craig.

"Sure."  Lydia and Craig replies in Unison, getting up from their seat and walking towards the front of the plane.

"What do you want Justin?"  Kevin asks him.

"This," Justin says, leaning in and kissing Kevin on the cheek.  "Don't be angry with me Kevin because Nicky did a very stupid thing.  Please don't hold the both of us responsible for that.  I hope you still value me as your friend, I love you too Kevin."

"I know you do Justin, but sonny boy there hurt me badly.  I don't like to be played for a fool," Kevin says, glaring at Nick again.

"Kevin just let me explain..." Nick starts, being interrupted by Kevin again.

"I already told you I didn't want to hear or see you," Kevin says, as Justin grabs his hand.

"Kevin just let him explain.  I don't want you two to fight," Justin says, moving to the seat next to Kevin and kissing him again.

"You got one minute go," Kevin says, looking at Nick as he takes a breath.

"Kevin I'm sorry.  I did this for all of us, not just me.  You know management has been trying to do things to keep this album from happening.  This is about us and the fans Kev.  This is our way to get back on top and give our fans what they want."  Nick tries explaining as Kevin shakes his head.

"You don't care about anyone but your self Nick and you know it.  You didn't do this for us, you did it because you can't make it solo!"  Kevin shouts as Nick goes red in the face.

"You bastard!"  Nick shouts slapping Kevin in the face and getting up.

"This is fucking great!  Kevin you shouldn't have said that," Justin says, frowning at Kevin.

"I can't help it your husband can't be like you," Kevin says smirking.

 "What do you mean by that Kev?"  Justin asks.

"Your solo career worked, he can't help it that his didn't."  Kevin tells him, still smirking.

"Kevin that's not nice.  His solo career would have worked if he had the same kind of media attention my career had.  Nicky has talent and you know that.  His project didn't work because no one in Jive tried to push his album like they did mine.  It has nothing to do with talent, it has to do with how Jive and the press handled his album and you know that.  This is getting out of hand damnit," Justin says standing up.  "I'm going to go talk to him and you need to think about how you just treated him.  I was on your side up until now."

"Whateva Justin," Kevin says as Justin walks away.

The back of the plane

Nick's POV

I can't believe Kev said those...those things to me.  How could he be such a heartless prick to say that crap to me?  Some friend he is, dissing my talent like that.  I don't know where he gets off saying that crap like that, the fans like me more than they like him.  I'm not the one that's old and getting out of shape.  I have the look...the look that the fans want to see...

"What's wrong Nicky?"  Brian asks, pulling me down into the seat next to him.  "Justin hurt your feelings?"

"Get your hands off of me Brian!"  I shout at him, yanking my hand away from him.  "What the fuck do you want?"

"Hey hey hey, what's wrong Nicky?  Why you acting like that?"  He asks me, caressing my cheek and licking his lips.

"Brian don't touch me damnit!"  I shout at him as Justin and Craig walk to the back of the plane where we were.

"What's going on back here?"  Justin asks as he reaches his hand out to me and helps me up.

"Just Brian trying to get on my nerves," I say to him as he looks me in the eye.

"Are you okay baby?"  Justin asks me, hugging me as he whispers in my ear.  "Kevin was wrong baby, he's just upset.  Don't take what he said to heart."

"I am not, mark my words.  I won't let Kevin's words hurt me," I say to him kissing him on the cheek as Brian looks at me smirking as I can see the wheels turning in his head.

= "Craig I think you need to get in here and see this." =

"Wonder what that's about," Craig says, looking at the three men and then turning around heading for the cockpit.

In The Cockpit

"Mr. Anderson we just got this feed.  I think you should hear this," The pilot says, handing Craig the headphones.  "I believe Mr. Littrell is the person they are looking for.  I requested for them to fax any information they had so that you could make a determination of if it's Mr. Littrell or not."

"Thanks," Craig says, putting the headphones on to listen to the Airport Special Announcement Feed.  "Oh great, these guys don't need this kind of drama."

"Sorry you feel that way sir," The pilot says as the fax machine starts beeping.  "There's the fax.  It seems they have a picture of the person."

"Oh shit, that's Brian," Craig says, grabbing the picture and the printed transcript of the feed and walking out of the cockpit back into the passenger area.

Back in New York -- Bellevue Hospital -- JT's ICU Room -- 30 Minutes Previously


I'm fucking pissed now.  What the hell happened to Kevin and the guys?  I've been sitting here wasting time waiting on him to at least come see me.  Did I miss something?  Is he mad?  What the hell is going on here?  Maybe he doesn't love me anymore.  That's it! He's finally come to his senses and left me.  He went back to Orlando with his friends and forgot all about me.  That's what he did.

"Who the hell am I going to call to come pick me up?"  I ask, talking to myself.  "I was counting on Kevin showing up to get me out of here, but I was wrong again."

"Well who are you talking to JT?"  Nikki asks, walking into the room pushing a stroller with her little boys in it.

"Nikki?  What're you doing here?"  I ask her as she pushes the cover back on the stroller and picks up little CJ and hands him to me.

"We came to visit Uncle JT, right Joshy?" Nikki replied, picking Joshua up and kissing his cheek before placing him on his feet. He immediately made his way to the chair beside the bed, playing peek-a-boo with his younger brother. "I wasn't doing anything today, and since I knew you'd probably be lonely with Kevin gone, me and the little folk decided to come keep you company."

"Well I'm glad you came girl," I stated with a smile, laughing as the boys played. "So what have I missed? How are you doing?"

"We are doing fine," Nikki replied, rubbing her stomach. "I'm sleepy as hell all day long, but other than that I'm all good. So when are they gonna spring you?"

"As soon as I find somebody to parole to," I replied sarcastically, smirking when she snickered. "Seriously though, I can go home today if I had somebody to drive me."

"Where are you trying to go?" Nikki asked, her attention divided between me and keeping an eye on the boys, who had wandered off to dig in their stroller for something to play with. She got up and opened the bag underneath the stroller, handing each child a toy to play with.

"I want to go to our house in Albany," I replied, smiling as they boys looked at their toys and then switched them with each other. Nikki snorted and rolled her eyes, but I could tell she was trying hard not to laugh too.

"Why don't you just come back to the hotel?" she asked as she settled in the chair next to the bed. "You know I'm there by myself since D went to Miami, and there's plenty of room for the five of us."

"Honey I have had enough of staying in hotels to last me the rest of my life," I stated flatly. "I want to sleep at home in my own bed. I can relax in peace there until Kevin comes back. I don't give a dayum what anybody says! I'm going home even if I have to walk there!"

"Well sweetie, if you're that determined to go, I'll drive you," Nikki stated, grinning. "Granted, it would mean I'd have to stay with you overnight with the Dynamic Duo, but that won't be so bad. At least I hope not."

"They can use the room we keep for Kevin's nephew when they visit," I stated, eager to get over any objections she might have. Hell, at this point I'd promise her my business and all my money if it got me home. "The boys won't be any trouble Nikki... and it would give you a chance to see what my New York digs look like."

"I don't know JT," Nikki said hesitantly, glancing at her sons. "My boys are good kids, but they can get a little rambunctious. I don't want our being there to stop you from getting your rest."

"Don't make me slap you Miss Thing," I snapped, rolling my eyes. "You know how much I love having the boys around. I enjoy being with those two little hellions, so just say "yes" so I can get the hell out of here."

"All right you big baby," Nikki finally said after a few moments silence.  I breathed a sigh of relief that my freedom from this place was almost at hand. "But we are only staying until Kevin comes back, so you can at least have the luxury of being in your own home."

"That's all I care about right now," I stated, grinning like a little boy on Christmas morning as she gathered the boys and fastened them back into their stroller. "Where are you going?"

"Well if you want to leave tonight, I have a lot of stuff I need to do. Like rent a car, get us checked out of the hotel, pack for four people. So I am going to get started on that. You know my cell number, so just call me when you're ready to be discharged and I'll swing back by to get you, and then we can be on our way," Nikki replied, kissing me on the cheek before she headed out the door to get her errands done.

By the time she came back to the hospital about two hours later, I was discharged and had even found the energy to get up, take a shower, shave and spray on some cologne. Even if she is female, Nikki is someone I think I should look and smell at least halfway decent for. We loaded my suitcases into the rented SUV along with the boys and their stuff, and we were on our way home... and all I could think the whole drive was, "It's about damned time!"



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.