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My New Life
by James

Chapter 29
Marc in New York

Marc was looking around the suite when there was a knock at the door.  It was security with his bags.  Hauling his stuff into one of the bedrooms, Marc was startled by the flash of lighting that hit near by.  Going to the window, Marc looked out.  The rain was really coming down now and he could barely see the building across the street.  Picking up the phone, Marc dialed Pete's cell.

Pete was watching sound check when his cell rang.  Not recognizing the caller ID Pete hesitantly answered, "Hello."

"Hi Pete, it's Marc."

"Marc, how was your trip?"

"Not bad until we ran into some weather.  That's why I'm calling.  We have a major storm here.  High winds and heavy rain.  And it looks like it is headed your way."

"Oh, is it something I should be concerned about?"  Pete asked.

"It is.  I don't think it would be a good idea for you guys to be traveling in it.  Especially at night."

"Yeah, I agree.  We'll sit tight here tonight and see what it's doing in the morning."

"Good,"  Marc said a little relieved.  "Are they still in sound check?"

"Yeah, did you want to talk to Lance?"  Pete asked.

"No, just let the guys know I got here ok.  Have Lance give me a call after tonight's show."

The guys were relaxing in their dressing room after sound check when Pete entered the room followed by Ron, their sound engineer, who was pushing a cart with a TV and VCR on it.

"Oh, great. Home movies of our screw ups,"  Chris said sarcastically. 

"Almost right,"  Pete responded with a chuckle.  "But first a couple things.  Marc called to let us know they made it to New York.  And that there is a major storm there and it is headed our way.  So we are not going to head out tonight after the show but stay put until morning and see what the weather is like."

"Oh, goodie. We get to sleep on our bus in a thunder storm,"  Chris said.

"No.  We are making plans to go back to the hotel tonight.  Ah, guys, Ron has brought something to my attention and I think you should see this for yourself,"  Pete said turning the floor over to Ron.

"As you guys know we record every show.  Everything that happens on stage is recorded on video and audio including the backstage communications. . . . .   What I have here is the Hartford concert," Ron said as he pushed the play button.

The video started with the opening of Tearin' Up My Heart. 
JC leaned in, listening to the music and picking up on another voice singing along.  The new voice stopped singing but made a comment. "Okay, here it comes girls. The Timberlake smile. . . . Three, two, one!" the voice said as the crowd erupted in screams.  "Another home run," the voice said.

Laughing hard at the blushing Justin, JC finally asked,  "That's Marc, isn't it?"

"Yeah.  It's him."  Ron said.

"Why does he keep fading in and out?"  Chris asked.

"Whenever any of you get near the band he stops singing.  He has been doing this from the beginning after he joined the band.  But at Hartford we had to replace his headset.  So we used Joey's backup until we get his regular headset fixed,"  Ron explained.

"He doesn't know anyone is listening, does he?"  Justin asked.

"No, he has no idea." 

Marc's comments kept coming.  No one was left out; even Lance drew a comment.  After his solo on Everything I Own, Marc added in a low raspy voice, "Sooo Sexy!"

Marc's comment about Lance brought everyone off their seats roaring with laughter.

 "I want you to listen to the next song," Ron said.

The next song was God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You.  Everyone listened as Marc sang the lead with JC.

At the end of the song, Ron pushed pause and waited for comments.

"Damn, that sounded good,"  Chris said.

"Yeah, Marc can sing my part without any problem," JC said still in awe at what he just heard.  "Actually, I think he sounded better then I did."

"When he sings harmony his voice blends right in," Joey pointed out.

"During sound checks and concerts I've heard him sing everyone's part except for Lance.  His part is out of Marc's range,"  Ron said.

"From what I could hear Marc likes to sing lead, especially JC's parts,"  Chris noted.

Ron laughed, "Yeah, we noticed that too.  >From the comments we get from Marc, he is not comfortable singing Justin's part.  Too much moan and groan."

Justin grinned,  "See, not everyone can do with I do."

"I didn't say he couldn't do your part." Ron said.   "He can.  I've heard him do you exactly."

"We need to get Marc up front with us,"  Chris said.

"Yeah, it would be an awesome number if Marc would do God Must Have Spent with us," Joey said.

Lance sat there shaking his head,  "He won't do it."

"Why?"  Justin asked.

"I suggested he do a number with us weeks ago,"  Lance said.  "But he said no way."

"Did he say why?" Chris asked.

Nodding, Lance said, "Marc said that our fans come to see Nsync not one of their friends."

"Can't we talk him into it?"  Justin asked.

"No,"  Lance answered.  "And the more you push him the more stubborn he'll become."

Marc was standing at the window looking out into the rain-drenched city when there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door, Marc greeted Ron,  "Hi, come in.  Did you find out anything?"

"Sure did.  Their here for a charity luncheon, and should be back soon.  They have a flight out tomorrow if the weather clears,"  Ron reported.

"Thanks,"  Marc said.  "Do we have anyone on the elevator yet?"

"Of course,  the elevators and stairs have been secured.  You planning on going out tonight?"  Ron asked.

Looking out the window, Marc sighed, "I wanted to see the city, but not while it's raining this hard.  If I could hook up with Howie and Brian maybe we could do something."

"Just let me know when you leave the hotel so I can put someone on the three of you,"  Ron said as he moved to leave.

"I will.  In the mean time I plan to check out the fitness center here in the hotel,"  Marc said.

"Just don't run into any walls,"  Ron chuckled.

The rain was heavy when a cab pulled up to the hotel.  Getting out of the cab and dashing into the hotel,  "Man, it's really coming down," Howie said shaking the rain off him.

"What time is our flight?"  Brian asked as they made their way to the elevator.

"Ten twenty, but if this rain keeps up who knows,"  Howie said as the elevator stopped at their floor.

Looking up as the doors opened they were met by one very large man.  Brian recognized the man before them.  "Jim, what's going on?"

"Hi guys, just securing the floor.  Nsync arrives tomorrow."

"Oh, is there a problem with us being here?"  Howie asked.

"No, not at all,"  Jim said as they passed.  Touching Howie's arm as he passed Jim slipped Howie a note.

Entering their suite, Brian headed for the bathroom.  Howie glanced at the note and smiled.  "Hey, Bri, let's check out the health club.  I could use a good workout to help me relax from today's craziness."

"Sounds good,"  Brian agreed from the bathroom.

Marc had slipped a cassette into the boom box and started his aerobic workout.  The aerobic area was set off in a room of its own.  Mirrors lined the wall from floor to ceiling.  The opposite wall was glass giving you a view of the rest of the fitness center.  Marc had been working out for over half an hour.  He was shirtless and his body had the sheen of a light coating of sweat.

Howie and Brian walked into the fitness center to find they had the place pretty much to themselves.  The only other person was doing aerobics in the next room.

Marc was moving to the music when he noticed Howie and Brian enter.

Watching their reflection, Marc saw Howie smile and give a little wave.  Brian was staring at Marc as he moved to the music. 

Howie noticed Brian's reaction to Marc.  "Ah, Bri, you want to spot me?" Howie asked as he set up the weights for a bench press..

"Sure," Brian said as he moved into place to spot Howie. 

Howie was finishing his third set of reps when he noticed Brian was not paying attention.  Struggling, Howie managed to put the barbell back on the rack.  Reaching up, Howie gave a gentle tug on the leg of Brian's shorts.  "Thanks for the help man." 

Blushing, Brian said, "Sorry, my mind was someplace else."

Glancing into the other room, Howie said with a grin,"Yeah, he is good looking." 

Switching places, they continued their workout.  Working their way around the workout stations they were on the treadmills when Marc ended his workout.

Grabbing a towel, Marc was wiping the sweat from his face when he looked up to see Brian watching him.  Marc flashed Brian a killer smile and gave him a wink.

Brian immediately dropped his eyes and blushed.  Howie saw this and grinned shaking his head.

Marc moved around the room cooling down.  As he walked past the windows where Howie and  Brian were working out he would watch Brian and give him a smile each time he looked up.

"Bri, I think that guy is flirting with you," Howie whispered.

"No,"  Brian said shaking his head.  Looking up he asked,  "Do you think?"

Marc gathered up his stuff and went out into the main room of the center.  Marc acknowledged the two on the treadmills with a nod of his head and headed to the sauna.  Dropping his bag next to the sauna Marc set the controls before grabbing a bottle of water as he entered.

Howie got off his treadmill and walked toward the sauna. 
"Where you going?"  Brian asked.

"To check  this guy out."

"You can't."

"Why not. There is no one around," Howie pointed out.

Marc looked up as Brian and Howie entered.  Smiling Marc nodded.

"How's it going?"  Howie asked.

"Good,"  Marc said eyeing Brian.  "Does you friend talk?"

"Yes!" Brian said as his voice cracked.

"Where is the rest of your group?" Marc asked.

"They're back in Orlando," Brian said.  "You know who we are?"

Marc laughed. "You can't look at a magazine now days without seeing some candy-assed boy band staring back at you."

"I take it you're not a fan?" Brian asked his ire rising.

Marc chuckled.  "Listen to that bubble gum crap? No way.  Give me some real rock n' roll any day,"  Marc said looking at the amused face of Howie.

"You probably never heard our stuff or seen us perform,"  Howie said.

"You're right.  Why would I want to watch a bunch of pretty boys jumping around on a stage shaking their asses to a bunch of thirteen year olds."

"We don't shake our asses.  We dance,"  Howie said rather firmly.

"Whatever," Marc said indifferently.

"You know you are being a real jerk,"  Howie said getting off of his seat.

Marc got up and stood face-to-face with Howie. "What did you call me?"

Brian reached up and grabbed Howie's arm. "Sit down man, he's not worth it."

Howie shrugged off Brian's hand and said,  "I think you are a jerk.  You want to do something about it?"

Standing nose-to-nose Marc got a wicked smile on his face.  "Yeah, I'm going to do something about it," Marc said as he leaned in and started kissing Howie.

Howie's arms went around Marc's waist as he returned the kiss.

"What the shit's going on?" a surprised Brian shouted.

Howie and Marc started to laugh, ending the kiss.  As both looked at the astonished Brian, their laughter increased.

Marc looked back at Howie,  "It's good to see you again, man.'

"Marc, I was surprised to get your note.  What are you doing in New York?"

"Howie, who is this guy?"  Brian asked.

Turning to Brian, Marc offered his hand.  "Brian, I'm Marc Newman.  I kind of work with that other candy-assed boy group, Nsync."

The lights came on in Brian's eyes, recognizing the name.  Shaking Marc's hand Brian said,  "Glad to meet you, Marc.  You had me there for a minute.  I thought you were putting the moves on my . . . "

"Boyfriend,"  Marc said as he finished Brian's statement.  Looking at Howie then back to Brian he said, "You know if I didn't have Lance in my life, I would probably be putting the moves on both of you."

The elevator doors opened and Jim got up from his chair.  Smiling, Jim said to Marc,  "I see you found them."

"Yeah, thanks for the help," Marc said as he made his way to his suite.  "Come on over after you get cleaned up and we can decide on something to do tonight."

"K, see you in a bit," Brian said as he opened the door to their room.

Marc was drying off after his shower when his cell began to ring.  Reaching across his bed Marc picked up his cell off the nightstand.  "Hello."

"I'm missing you," came Lance's deep voice.

Smiling Marc rolled onto his back.  "I was hoping you would call."

"What are you doing?"  Lance asked.

"Laying naked, on my bed talking to my boyfriend."

Chuckling, Lance asked, "Why are you naked?"

"Just got out of the shower."

"Isn't  it a bit early for a shower?"

"I just got back from the fitness center here at the hotel."

"Did you run into anything?"

"Ah, not anything.  But I did run into someone."


"Ah, . . . . Howie and Brian." 

"Oh, . . .  How  convenient. Why is it every time you go off without me Howie shows up?" Lance asked with anger in his voice.

Marc lay there grinning at the ceiling,  "James, you're jealous."

"I'm not," Lance shot back.  "What are they doing there, anyway?"

"They were already here when we arrived.  They appeared at a charity luncheon today and will be heading back to Orlando tomorrow."

"Where did you meet?" Lance asked.

"In the fitness center.  I was doing aerobics when they came in."

Softly laughing Lance said, "And you were wearing your normal workout outfit I take it."

"Of course."

"I'm not going to ask what happened next, knowing you, poor Brian never had a chance,"

"James, you know me too well,"  Marc laughed.  "Are you guys at the arena?"

"Yeah, with the weather getting bad we're stuck here until after the concert."

"Has it started to rain there?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, about a hour ago.  Pete said we are going to stay over another night,"  Lance said.  "What are you doing tonight?"

"I don't know yet.  I think we are going to get something to eat.  If we can find something close to the hotel we may go out."

There was a knock at the door.  "Shit! They're here all ready,"  Marc said. 

"Give me a call when you get in tonight,"  Lance said.

"K, are you going to be in the same room?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, we're still there,"  Lance said.  "Have fun tonight."

"I will.  I'll talk to you later.  I love you, James."

"I love you too," Lance said softly.  "Oh, Marc!"


"Put some pants on before you answer the door."

"You know you are a party pooper,"  Marc chuckled.  "Bye."

Throwing on his robe Marc answered the door.  "Come on in," 

"You're not ready?"  Howie asked.

"No, I was on the phone with Lance."

"Where are they tonight,"  Brian asked.

Howie elbowed Brian.  "Probably the same place they were yesterday.  Or weren't you the one sitting next to me last night watching the Boston Pops concert,"  Howie said.

Frowning, Brian said, "Nsync wasn't on that concert."  Brain looked at Howie then up at a grinning Marc.  "But Marc was on the concert," finally recognizing Marc.  "You conducted the Sousa  marches."

"Took you long enough,"  Howie teased.

"Well Marc's been half naked since we met.  Last night he had clothes on,"  Brian said in his defense.

"I think that is my cue to get dressed,"  Marc said.

Marc was coming out of the bedroom when his cell rang.  Howie picked the phone up off the coffee table to hand it to Marc.

"Who's calling,"  Marc asked as he was putting on his shoes.

Howie looked at the caller ID display.  "No name.  Just 5367."

Marc grinned, "It's Chris."

"Ah,. . . Do you want me to answer?"  Howie asked.

"You remember what happened last time?" Marc asked.

Howie grinned at Marc, then they turned to Brian.

"What?" Brian asked.

"Answer the phone for me," Marc said.  "But don't put it to close to you ear.  Chris gets excited real easy."

Taking the phone Brian pushes the talk button.  "Hello.". . . "Oh hi Chris.". . . "This is Brian Littrell .". . . "Marc,. . . He's busy with Howie right now. Can I take a message?" 

Brian stayed on the phone with Chris for over ten minutes.  Every time Chris would ask for Marc, Brian would say,  "Sorry they're still busy."

Finally hanging up Brian laughed,  "I could hear JC, Justin and Joey in the background egging him on and rolling with laughter."

"I'm going to hear about this for a month,"  Marc said as he reached for his cell.  Hitting the speed dial, Marc waited for the phone to be answered.

"Hello,"  a laughing Lance answered.

"Hi, lover,  what color is Chris' face right now?"  Marc asked.

"He is so red.  I'm waiting for steam to start coming out of his ears."

"Put him on before he as a stroke,"  Marc said with a chuckle.

"Okay, here he is."

"Marc?"  Chris quizzed.

"Hey, papa bear, what's up?"

"What are they doing to you?"

"Nothing, why?"

"They're not trying to steal you away from us are they?"

"No, Chris."

"Why wouldn't Brian let me talk to you then?"

"Because he likes pulling your chain," Marc laughed.

"Then there is nothing to be worried about."

"Chris, there are two reasons I would never leave you guys,"  Marc said seriously.

"Yeah, there's Lance."

"He's the main reason. But there is another reason."

"What's that?"  Chris asked.

"I can't walk away from my family. . . . . So I guess we are stuck with each other," Marc said softly.

"Yeah, stuck," Chris said in a whisper.

"Chris, are you all right?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"My reaction to Brian and Howie.  And how much you have become a part of our lives."

"Hey, Chris, thanks man,"  Marc said.

"For what?"

"For caring about me,"  Marc said.  "You guys have a good show and I will see you all tomorrow night."

To Not a Angel:
From Phoenix Rising:

Hi Angel Girl,

I just got in.  Arrived in New York in a rain storm.  The guys have a concert in Boston tonight.  I haven't heard how it went yet, my guy has not called yet.  If the weather clears up I should see them tomorrow night.

I will be meeting with producers and music directors tomorrow.  The guys have four guest spots this week.

Well I need to get ready for bed,  big day tomorrow. 



Oh, I forgot to tell you whom I found staying across the hall from me.
Howie and Brian are in town for a charity luncheon. 

Tuesday July 5th dawned cloudy with a light rain.  Marc has just finished dressing for his meetings when the phone rang.  "Hello," Marc said.

"We don't need a tour bus, we need a tour arc!"

Laughing, Marc said,  "Hi, Justin, I take it you still have rain coming down."

"It hasn't stopped raining here, what's it doing there?"

"Light rain.  The weather channel said the rain will stop by early afternoon.  We could even see the sun later today,"  Matt said. 

"What are you doing today?"

"I'm meeting Brian and Howie for breakfast, then I'm off to the Rosie Show to meet with John McDaniel this morning.  Then I go to the M-TV studios for a meeting,  Letterman and Leno's staff this afternoon."

"Busy day.  But it sounds better than sitting around here waiting for the rain to let up,"  Justin said, sounding bored.

"Poor, mistreated baby," Marc laughed.  "Can't you get anyone to play with you?"

"No, no one will play with me.  I guess I'll go to my room and play with myself," Justin said sounding sad.

Laughter erupted in the background as the others listening to Justin's end of the conversation caught the double meaning of Justin's statement.

Marc couldn't help but giggle. 

"I didn't mean it that way!"  Justin shouted to the others in the room.

Joey and Chris could be heard in the background ribbing Justin.

"Marc!  They're picking on me."

"Sorry, bro.  I can't help you out of this one,"  Marc said still giggling.  "I know you didn't mean for it to come out like that."

"Maybe I did mean it that way,"  Justin whispered.

Marc stopped giggling and said,  "Well, J, if it keeps you from getting bored go for it.  Just try not to leave a mess in your room.  You know how rumors start."


"J! . . ."  Marc laughed. "Put Lance on okay."

Lance came on the phone still laughing.  "Hi."

"Hey, sexy.  I'm missing you."

"Me too," Lance said softly.  "But we'll be together tonight."

"Boy, I hope so."

"Sorry about last night.  I can't believe I fell asleep talking to you." 

"You were tired.  I understand,"  Marc said trying to reassure Lance.

"But we didn't get to talk much."

"We were on the phone longer than you think. . . . After you fell asleep I laid in my bed listening to you breathing for almost a hour."

"You did.  How sweet."

"James, I need to go.  Do my a favor and don't tease Justin too much."

"It's hard not to tease him since we all know he does it when ever he can."

"James, we all do it,"  Marc said.

"Not as often as he does."

"Ah, James,"  Marc said softly.  "Why do you think I was on the phone listening to you sleep last night?"

"You didn't?"

"I said I was missing you bad."

"Too bad you had to do it alone," Lance said.

"I wasn't alone.  You had a real good dream last night.  Didn't you?"

"Ah, . . Yeah, how did you know?" 

Chuckling, Marc said, "I was sharing a fantasy with you while you slept.  And from the sound of it we both got off about the same time."

"Maybe tonight we could do it again, but this time I'd like to be awake,"  Lance chuckled.

"I'll be looking forward to it," Marc said. "I have to go. Love you. Bye."

Boredom had set in on the guys of Nsync.  Chris and Joey were playing cards to pass the time.  JC was off in the corner talking to Sara.  Lance had his text book out trying to get a couple more chapters  under his belt.  Justin was channel surfing trying to find something to watch.

"Justin, pick a channel will you,"  Chris said a little irritated at the constant channel changing.

"Okay.  Hey, Rosie is on next," Justin announced.

"Lance, wasn't Marc supposed to meet with them this morning?" Chris asked.

Looking up from his book, "Yeah, Rosie was his first meeting today.  He was to meet and rehearse with the band."

"Wonder if we can spot Marc in the audience? Justin asked.

"You may.  His next meeting wasn't until after lunch," Lance said as he closed his book.

All eyes turned to the television as the show started.  The opening song started with the graphic letting everyone know who was going to be on.  Then a live shot of John McDaniel and his band before the introduction of Rosie by  an audience member.

"Marc isn't in the audience,"  Chris announced.

"How do you know?"  Justin asked.

"He's playing drums in the band,"  Chris said pointing at the TV.

The rain finally broke just before noon.  Nsync's tour bus pulled out followed by the two support buses and six semis.  The convoy headed to New York in a light drizzle.

Marc stepped off the elevator to be met with the smiling face of their security. 

"Hi, Jim. Are they here yet?"  Marc tiredly asked.

"Yeah, they arrived two hours ago."

"What room is Pete in?"  Marc asked.

"Room 1612," Jim answered.

"Thanks," Marc said as he headed down the hall.

"J, sit down," JC said. "Room service is not going to move any faster getting ice up here with you pacing the floor."

Justin was turning from the door when he heard voices in the hall.  Justin opened the door expecting room service but finding no one.  Looking down the hall he spotted Marc knocking on Pete's door.

"Hey, bro, how's it going," Justin said cheerfully.

Marc's sober face looked toward Justin.  Giving only a cursory nod as the door opened, Marc stepped into Pete's room without a word.

"Shit," Justin softly said.  Realizing something was wrong with Marc.


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