My New Life
by James

Well, here it is, the newest chapter to My New Life.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the readers, for being so patient with me.  I felt I needed to wrap up Route 66 so I could concentrate on this story.  My intent now it to bring out two chapters a month but now it seems I won't be able to do that.  Last week I managed to fall off a ladder at work and broke my wrist.  Thank God when I got my cast the doctor was nice and left my fingers free so I will be able to type, even though at a lot slower speed than before.  So, for the next few months I ask you do bear with me, as my arm heals my production will get back to normal.


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group *Nsync and a male fan.  The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync is not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Last Time;

 "J sit down," JC said. "Room services is not going to move any faster getting ice up here with you pacing the floor."

 Justin was turning from the door when he heard voices in the hall.  Justin opened the door expecting room service but finding no one.  Looking down the hall he spotted Marc knocking on Pete's door.

 "Hey bro how's it going," Justin said cheerfully.

 Marc's somber face looked toward Justin.  Giving only a cursory nod as the door opened,  Marc stepped into Pete's room without a word.

 "Shit," Justin softly said,  realizing something was wrong with Marc.

Chapter 30
After the Storm

"Still no room service?"  Chris asked Justin.  "I thought I heard something."

"It was Marc,"  Justin answered.

"It was.  Where is he?"  Lance asked.

"He went into Pete's room.  Something's must be wrong.  He didn't look happy,"  Justin replied.

"How long has he been in there?" Chris asked.

"Forty minutes,"  Joey said.

"Did you hear anything?" Justin asked Joey.

"Not much.  Only that Pete was yelling at someone."

"Marc?"  Lance asked.

"Don't think so.  Brian was called into the meeting."

"Wonder what's going on?" Chris asked.

"We'll just have to wait and ask Marc,"  Lance said looking over the top of his book.

Justin had been looking out the crack of their suite door when he quickly closed it and made a dash for a chair.  "He's coming."

Marc noticed movement at his suite door.  Smiling to himself Marc pulled out his key and unlocked the door.

Everyone looked up as the door opened.  Marc looked around the room at the concerned faces of his friends.  "Hi, guys.  When did you get in?"

"Around four,"  JC said.  "How was your day?"

Marc put his backpack down and went over to where Lance was setting sitting.  Leaning down he gave him a soft kiss.  "Missed you, James," Marc said softly.

"You okay?"  Lance asked as he slid over to make room for Marc.

"Yep," Marc said as he sat down.

"You didn't look like it earlier,"  Justin said.

"Oh that.  I just needed to report to Pete and Brian."

"We  know your morning appointment went well,"  Chris said with a grin.

"You do?"

"Yeah, we were watching Rosie this morning and we spotted the new drummer,"  Justin said.

"Oh, caught again I see."

"Yep,"  Joey chuckled.  "How did you end up playing the drums?"

"The rehearsal went well.  They are a great group of musicians.  The drummer was having trouble with Tearin' Up My Heart so I slipped into the position.  John had no problem with the keyboard part so I stayed on drums.  After we finished our rehearsal, we kind of just started to jam.  Before we knew it, the audience had been seated and was enjoying the unexpected jam session.  I was going to leave before the show started when John asked me to stay put for a while.  The drummer gave me the score to Rosie's theme song five minutes before the show started."

"And the quick study you are you had it down in what? . . Two minutes,"  Chris said.

"Ah, yeah.  Something like that,"  Marc said.  "I stayed through the monologue then I had to get to my next appointment."

"And that was?"  JC asked trying to pull information out of Marc.

"TLR,"  Marc said with a slight smile. "I met with their producers and everything is all set."

"When do we do TLR?"  Justin inquired.

"Tomorrow afternoon.  You do the Rosie Show in the morning then TLR in the late afternoon."

"Where else did you go?"  Joey asked.

"I went to meet with Letterman's people,"  Marc said with disgust.

"I take it your meeting didn't go well,"  Lance said.

"Yeah, you could say that.  Their producer dropped me in a room, saying she was going to get Paul Shaffer.  I waited twenty minutes for someone to come back.  Then I picked up my backpack and went looking for the producer."

"Did you find her?"  Chris asked.

"Yeah, she was standing around bullshitting with Paul Shaffer.  When she saw me, she instantly got mad.  Said she would be with me in a few minutes."

"Why do I think that pissed you off,"  Chris said grinning.

"Royally.  I just told her there was no need.  I handed her our requirements and said I'd see her on Thursday . . . . She asked about the rehearsal as I was walking away.  I shouted back that I didn't think her people were up to our standards and that we were going to bring in our own people."

"That must have gone over like a lead balloon,"  JC said.  "What was Paul's reaction?"

"Don't know.  My back was to him."

"I take it that was what the big meeting with Pete and Brian was about?"  Lance asked.

"Yeah, when I told him what happened he went ballistic."

"At you?"  Lance asked with concern.

Marc took Lance's hand and gave it a squeeze.  "No.  He was pissed at Letterman's people.  He called them up and read them the riot act.  We ended up on a conference call with four producers, Paul Shaffer, and David Letterman himself."

"Shit,"  Chris said softly.

"Pete got on the producer for the way I was treated.  The producer made the comment about us sending some kid.  Well Pete really went off on her about that comment.  As Pete was ranting I pulled out my copy of the contract and circled paragraph twenty-two."

"What's in paragraph twenty-two?"  Justin asked.

"A legal way to cancel your appearance.  By not meeting with me at our scheduled time they opened the door for us to cancel."

"What was their reaction?"  Lance asked.

"Panic.  You see they have been promoting you guys for the last week.  I think the idea of several hundred fans rioting in their theater because you weren't going to appear opened their eyes."

"So we are going to use the quartet?"  Lance asked.

"No.  The whole band plus a few extras.  To make up for today's screw up you have been given another segment.  Instead of the two songs you normally would do you will be doing three."

"What other song will we be doing?"  Josh asked.

"For the Girl that has Everything;  we are bringing in a string section for that one."

A smile crept across Joey's face.  "Marc, are you and Brian planning something nasty?"

Marc grinned, "It so happens we are.  Paul Shaffer may not know it, but there is going to be a battle of the bands.  We intend to blow him off stage."

"When are we doing Leno?"  Chris asked.

"Thursday.  Letterman tapes at three and Leno tapes at six,"  Marc said.

"So we will be on both shows at the same time?"  Chris asked.

"No.  Your appearance on the Tonight Show won't be shown until Friday.  He's taping two shows that day.  You all will be his last guest for his visit to New York.  His staff will head back to California on Friday while he goes off on vacation.  The rest of the summer they are going to show reruns.  That's why you guys aren't booked on his show when you have time in L. A."

"Looks like we are going to be busy the next week,"  Justin observed.

Marc looked around the room and sighed,  "I really didn't want to have my lousy day bring you all down.  I need to get out of this mood."

Chris got this wicked grin on his face.  "I know exactly what will bring you out of your mood."

"The video!"  Joey said with a grin.

"Yeah!  The video!"  Justin echoed. 

"You got a new movie?"  Marc asked.

"Yeah, something like that,"  Josh said as he reached for the remote. 

"Actually, it is something Pete brought to us yesterday to help us pass the  day.  Every once and a while, he will torture us with a tape of our screw ups,"  Joey said.

"Cool.  This should be funny.  I've seen some of your screw ups  Joey,"  Marc said settling back in the couch.

Lance looked over to Josh with a slight smile and a nod.

The video started with the opening of Tearin' Up My Heart.

Marc listened to the song and said,  "The sound is off and there is someone in the background."  Marc listened to the new voice then he heard the comment. "Okay, here it comes girls. The Timberlake smile. . . . Three, two, one!" the voice said as the crowd erupted in screams.  "Another home run." 

"Oh shit!"  Marc muttered finally recognizing his voice.

Justin leaned in front of Marc with a cheesy grin and said,  "Busted."

Marc immediately turned red with embarrassment.  Everyone roared with laughter.  Marc just wanted to hide under the couch.  Looking to Lance, Marc saw something in his eyes that told him it was all right no one was mad at his comments.  The laughter was contagious.  It didn't take long for Marc to join in.

"How?" Marc asked.

"Well, I guess it never occurred to you that your headset may stay live,"  Lance said.

"Ah. . . . No!  And I didn't realize anyone would be recording what was said."

They listened to a couple more songs then Lance's solo came in Everything I Own.  Knowing what was coming Marc looked to Lance when he heard his own comment about Lance being "Sooo Sexy!"

Lance leaned over and gave Marc a soft kiss.  "Thank you," Lance said lovingly.

The next song was God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You.  Everyone listened as Marc joined the guys in the song.

There were no comments during the song, everyone just enjoying the sound.

Josh turned the video off after the song ended.  Turning to Marc, Josh said, "Marc, that was incredible.  Even though I didn't know I was doing a duet."

Marc smiled.  "I was just goofing around."

"Well we'd like you to do some more goofing around sometime and do that song with us some night,"  Josh said.

Marc's smile slowly disappeared.  "Ah. . Guys.  I don't think so."

"Why?" Chris asked.  "You're not still nervous about singing in public, are you?"

"No.  It's not that,"  Marc said shaking his head.  "You guys are *Nsync.  Your fans don't come to your concert to see a nobody appear in your show."

"You are not a nobody,"  Lance said sternly.

Marc was a little surprised at Lance's reaction.

"Marc, we aren't going to push you on this,"  Josh reassured him.  "It's just that we would be honored if sometime you would do that song with us."

Marc thought about the offer for a long moment.  "Guys, you don't know how much it means to me that you feel that way. . . .But. . . I must decline."

To help get Marc off the hook, Joey asked, "What do you guys want to do tonight?"

"Anything.  I just want to get out of here," Chris said.

"We've been stuck in hotel rooms way too long.  Let's go clubbing," JC offered.

Justin looked plaintively at Marc.

"Joey, this is your city.  Is there anyplace we can go without Justin having any problems?" Marc asked.

Joey thought for a moment, "Yeah. I think I know of a place.  Let me make a call first to make sure."  Picking up the phone Joey had a brief conversation.

"Ok, it's all set," Joey said.  "My cousin Tommy manages a new club up town.  He said there won't be any problem with Justin getting in."

"Good," Marc happily said.  "Let me grab a quick shower and we can head out." 

Marc got up and went to his room to get cleaned up.  Lance was right behind him as they entered the bedroom.  As Lance closed the door Marc turned, pulling Lance into an embrace. 

"God, I've missed you," Lance softly declared.

"Not as much as I've missed you, James," Marc whispered as he leaned in for a kiss. 

Returning the kiss, Lance began to probe Marc's hot mouth, deepening the kiss. 

Pulling back, Marc said, "James, we don't have time for that." 

With a heavy sigh Lance said, "I know.  But that gives us something to look forward to later."

Marc smiled. "Will you find me something to wear while I grab a quick shower?"

"Sure," Lance said as he went to find something in Marc's bags.  Marc went in and started the shower, turning the water to its hottest setting.  As the room filled with steam, Marc wiped the mirror of steam and shaved before getting into the shower.

Lance was looking through Marc's bags when he heard a soft knock at the door.  "Yes," Lance said.

The door opened and Justin stuck in his head.  "Is it safe to come in?"

"Yeah, Marc's in the shower," Lance said as he started looking through another suitcase. 

"What are you looking for?"

"Something for Marc to wear," Lance said.  "Most of his stuff is dirty."

"Didn't you clue him in on getting wardrobe to do his laundry?"  Justin asked.

"No.  I've just been tossing his stuff in with mine," Lance said as he gave up his search.

"What do you need?"  Justin asked.

"A shirt to go with his gray slacks."

"Don't you have anything he could wear?" 

"My shirts are too tight on him," Lance said while thinking.  "I'm going to check with Joey; he should have something Marc could wear."

Lance went out to the living room.  "Joey, do you have a shirt Marc could wear tonight?" 

"What happened?"

"Marc took off before his laundry could get done the other day," Lance said.  " All of his casual stuff is dirty."

"Let's go take a look at what I have," Joey said as he got up. 

Going to Joey's room Joe asked, "What color?"

"Something to go with his light gray slacks."

Joe thought for a moment, "I know.  This should look great on Marc."

Marc finished his shower and had dried off.  Taking a small dry towel from the rack, he was drying his hair as he walked out.  Seeing the figure bent over the suitcase, Marc reached out and grabbed a hand full of ass.  A curly blond head popped into Marc's field of vision.  "JUSTIN!" Marc yelled.

Justin jumped when he was grabbed by the ass and spun around to see Marc standing there naked.  "MARC!" Justin shouted.

Lance had come back into the bedroom as Marc was drying his hair and saw him reach out to grab Justin as he was bent over the suitcase trying to straighten the mess.  As Marc made contact, Justin shot straight up and turned to see a naked Marc.  They both shouted each other's names.  Lance couldn't let this moment pass.  "So this is what happens when I'm not around!"  Lance shouted out.

Both heads snapped to the bedroom door with Lance standing in it.  "Lance, it's not what you think, man," an embarrassed Justin pleaded. 

"James, I didn't know it was Justin.  I thought it was you bent over the suitcase," a red faced Marc said.

Lance just looked at the two of them for a moment before he burst out laughing.

Justin and Marc looked at each other before losing it.

"Sorry, Justin, I didn't expect anyone other than Lance to be in here," Marc said still a little embarrassed.

"No problem bro," Justin said giving Marc a look over.  "Ah. . . .  Marc.  Would you mind putting something on?"

"Sure," Marc said as he stepped into a clean pair of boxers.

Still chuckling, Lance said, "Justin, you were lucky that you stood up when you did.  Knowing Marc, you may have not wanted what he had on his mind."

"And what would that have been?"  Justin quizzed.

Clearing his throat, Marc said, "I was about to do some groping and give you some loving."

"The groping I could do without.  The loving part could have been interesting," Justin said with a wicked smile.

Marc looked up surprised. "Is there something you want to tell us?" Marc asked.

"NO!  Nothing like that.  I just like it when we hug.  I kind of miss it some times."

Zipping up the fly on his slacks, Marc said, "Justin, I'm here for you whenever you need some time with me."

"Don't you think that would be kind of weird?"

"Justin, when we first met we slept together and most every morning you awoke cuddled up in my arms.  I know you like to be held, and quite honestly, I enjoyed having you close.  So no, it is not weird to want to be close to someone," Marc said.

"Justin, if you are worried about my feelings, don't be," Lance said.  "Marc is the most loving and generous man I've ever known.  I know he is going to share himself with you and the others from time to time.  I have no problem with that,  because I know there is a part of him that he shares only with me."

Marc looked lovingly at Lance.  "Is that for me?"  Marc asked indicating the shirt in Lance's hands .

"Yeah, courtesy of Joey."

Marc frowned, "Why?"

"Because you need to do laundry.  Everything you have that's casual is dirty."

"I guess the laundry fairy has gone on strike," Marc said.

"You left town before the fairy could get a hold of your dirty laundry."

"Maybe the fairy would let me know how to get my laundry done,"  Marc said with a slight grin.

"No, the laundry fairy got a promotion.  He moved up to tooth fairy."

"Bummer,"  Marc said shaking his head.  "What am I going to do now?"

"Well, if you're real nice to me later," Lance said as he slipped his arms around Marc's neck, "I'll let you know how to get your laundry done."

"Is that a promise?"  Marc softly asked as he leaned in for a kiss.

"Gees, guy, get a room," Justin said shaking his head.

Breaking the kiss, Marc looked over Lance's shoulder.  "We have a room.  And why are you in it?"

"Shit! I forgot.  Mom called a little while ago.  She needs to talk to you right  away," Justin said.

Marc quickly finished dressing before picking up the phone.  Lance and Justin went into the living room while Marc made his call.

"Is everyone ready?"  Joey asked as he came out of his bedroom.

"Almost.  Marc had to return a call from Lynn," Lance remarked.

"Is there something up?"  JC asked.

"We don't know," Justin said.  "Mom didn't say why she needed to talk to Marc."

Marc came out of the bedroom.  "Looking good, Marc," Joey said with a grin.

"Yeah, someone has good taste," Marc agreed with a grin.

"Joe, isn't that your shirt?"  Chris asked.

"I kind of ran out of clean clothes. Joey was kind enough to lend me something for tonight."

"You mean your roommate hasn't filled you in on how to get your laundry done?"  Chris asked.

"Ah, no.  We are planning on discussing it later,"  Lance said.

"What did Mom want?" Justin asked.

"You know you are a noisy little shit," Marc said with a grin.  "If you must know,  I needed to make a schedule change for tomorrow afternoon."

"You won't be doing TRL?"  Joey asked.

"Lynn set up a interview with the New York Symphony tomorrow afternoon.  I'm meeting with the music director and members of the governing board.  I don't know how long it will take so Brian will be doing TRL with you."

"It's too bad you have to miss doing TRL," Chris said with disappointment.

"I'll just have to see how things go.  I still may be able to make it," Marc said.  "Are we ready to head out?"

A limo was waiting for them along with two of the security staff.  "It looks like we have to be on our best behavior tonight; big daddy will be watching," Chris sarcastically said while eyeing Ed, the bodyguard.

"Chris, I asked for security tonight," Marc said.  "They're not here to report to Pete about what we do tonight.  They're here because your fans know you guys are in town.  And traveling in a group makes it easier for us to be spotted.  They're here for your protection and nothing more."

"Don't worry guys, once you are safely in the club we will just blend into the background," Ed said.  "We will be close enough to help if you need any." 

Joey called ahead to the club to let them know we would be arriving soon.  As the limo pulled up, the club's own security was waiting. 

Marc noted the long line of people waiting to get into the club.   "Looks like your cousin's club is doing all right," Marc noted.

As the limo stopped at the entrance to the club the crowd  flowed toward it, trying to see who was arriving.  Ed opened the door and as he got out he said, "Stay put!"

Luckily the crowd was all on one side of the club's  entrance so the few security people could handle the crowd.  Ed signaled that it was safe and everyone piled out of the limo and went into the club.  Marc, the last to exit the limo, stopped to close the door and was separated from the others.  After being jostled a couple times by the crowd, Marc made his way to the entrance. 

"Where are you going?"   a big bear of a man asked while blocking Marc's way.

"Into the club with my friends."

The guy eyed Marc up and down then shaking his head said, "I'm not falling for that one.  Move on."

Marc stepped aside a few paces and pulled out his cell.  Dialing Lance, he got no answer.  Then he tried Joey and still no answer.  Marc was dialing Justin's number when a sad looking young woman came up to him.  "You were rejected too?"  she asked.

"What?"  Marc asked looking up into the pretty, dark eyes of the girl.

"Not everyone gets in.  Especially if you are larger than a size ten or if you just don't have the right look.  Of course it also helps of you just happen to be celebrities like *Nsync.  No one would ever question them."

With a slight smile Marc said, "That's not entirely true, I got separated from my friends and I was not allowed in.  By the way my name is Marc."

"Hi, Marc, my name is Lesley.  Are you really with *Nsync?"

"Yeah, I work for them.  I'm their web master and part time band member."

"Then there is still a chance you will get in when your friends miss you," Lesley said.

"Has anyone seen Marc?"  Justin shouted over the loud music. 

"He was right behind me," Joey shouted back.

"I don't think he made it into the club," JC shouted.  Looking around he spotted Ed and motioned for him.  Ed came right over.  "We can't find Marc.  Will you check for him outside?"

"Did you come here alone?" Marc asked Lesley.

"No, I came with my girlfriend and her boyfriend.  They got in without any problem."

"They left you out here alone?"

"Pretty much.  They said they wanted to check out the club and would be right out.  But that was almost a hour ago."

"Some friends," Marc said.  Looking at the entrance, Marc spotted Ed.

Lesley followed Marc's gaze.  "Is that one of your party?"

"Yeah, one of our bodyguards."

"It looks like you will be getting in after all,"  Lesley said.  "It's been nice talking to you."

"Yeah, same here," Marc said as he started toward the waving Ed.  Turning back to Lesley with a big grin, Marc reached out his hand and asked, "Want to go dancing?"

Lesley's face broke out in a big smile, "Really?"

Marc nodded, "None of us came with dates, besides I prefer dancing with a friend than a stranger."

Taking Marc's hand Lesley followed him to the entrance. 

"Was I missed?"  Marc asked Ed.

"Yeah, big time," Ed said as he eyed Marc's new friend.

The door guard was also eyeing Lesley and was about to say something.

"She's with me," Marc told the guard as they walked past him.

Ed led them into the club and up some stairs.  They entered a guarded hallway, going to a door marked 'VIP Suite 1'.  Entering, Marc found all the guys standing at a wall of glass looking down at the dance floor.  Looking around the room Marc saw it had several tables set up to look out over the dance floor and stage.  The music from below could be heard over a kick ass sound system whose volume was much less than that on the main floor.  There were two couches lining the back wall and it looked like there was also a private bath and wet bar.

Justin turned back into the room when he heard the door close.  "There you are.  Did you get lost?"

Everyone turned to see Marc and a new addition to the group.

"I kind of got rejected at the door.  Guys, I'd like you to meet a new friend of mine, Lesley.   Lesley these are the guys I work for, Chris, Justin, JC, Lance and Joey."

The guys all shook hands with Lesley and Joey, true to his reputation, started to flirt.

Grinning and shaking his head at Joey, Lance asked, "How did you two meet?" 

"We met outside," Marc explained.

"We were both door guard rejects," Lesley added.

"What?"  JC asked.

"It seems if you don't have the "right look" or know someone, you don't get in," Marc said.

"That doesn't sound right," Lance said.

"It may not be right, but that's the way it is.  You guys don't notice it because of who you are.  But would you have had as easy a time getting into clubs if you weren't *Nsync," Marc pointed out.

"Well we're in now so let's dance!"  Joey shouted.

The club was fantastic.  It featured a live band that played anything from hard rock, to pop.  The band must have spotted the guys because they started to throw in a few of *Nsync's songs.  And without realizing it the guys stepped into their choreography,  which made them the center of attention.

Lesley turned out to be a great dancer.  And was kept busy dancing with all the guys.  When the band took a break a DJ took over and expanded the selections to include country and Latino music.  The dance floor thinned out when the country music came on until Marc, Lesley  and the guys took the floor and started to line dance.  What moments before was not cool, turned into mega cool. 

The music changed again as the DJ started a set with Santana.  Lesley and Marc instantly paired off and became the center of attention as they danced to the Latin sound.

JC leaned into Lance, "Is there anything Marc can't dance to?"  JC asked.

"It appears not," Lance said admiringly.

The band was well into their next set when Marc made his way back to the VIP suite to rest and get something cold to drink.  Several pitchers of beer sat on the wet bar along with iced tea and lemonade.

Marc was sitting at one of the tables watching the dance floor when Justin came in.
"So there you are."

"I needed a rest and something cold to dink," Marc said.

Justin sat down with Marc. "Something cold sounds great."  Justin sat there eyeing the pitcher of beer.

Marc saw the longing in Justin's eyes.  With a sigh, Marc reached over for an empty glass and poured a second glass of beer.  Putting it down in front of Justin, Marc said, "Just one.  Then we switch to lemonade."

Breaking into a big grin Justin said, "Thanks, bro."

"If mom ever asks about this I will deny any knowledge of tonight," Marc warned.

A little later Lance made his way into the suite.  "Hey.  I see I'm not the only one that got thirsty," Lance said while eyeing the nearly empty beer glasses.  Sitting next to Marc, Lance poured himself a beer.  Lance gave Marc a questioning look, which Marc seem to ignore.

Marc had finished his beer and he reached over and refilled his glass.  Justin watched Marc fill his glass and top off Lance's drink.  Justin looked at his empty glass then at Marc with puppy dog eyes.  Marc just gave a slight shake of his head.  Justin's face took on a  "Why not," whiney look.  Marc countered with a "Don't even try that," look.  With a deep sigh Justin got up, took his glass to the wet bar and returned with a tall glass of lemonade.

Lance chuckled as he leaned into Marc and whispered, "That was wired.  It's the first time I ever saw two people having a conversation without either one saying a word."

Marc just smiled at Lance's observation. 

Lesley and Joey came in looking for a spot to cool down and rest for a bit.  Chris and JC followed them in. 

"You having fun?"  Marc asked Lesley.

"Oh yes!  I never thought tonight would turn out so great.  Marc, thank you for getting me in."

"Like I said earlier, I'd rather dance with a friend than dance with a stranger."

"How much longer can we stay?"  Chris asked.

All heads turned to Marc.  "The limo will pick us up at midnight," Marc informed everyone.

Laughing, JC said, "I now know how Cinderella felt. . . . . we have just over a hour to go and I'm not going to spend it up here.  Come on, Joe, let's go wow them with some of our patented moves."

The rest of the guys followed JC and Joey back to the dance floor.  As Lance got up to leave, he asked Marc, "You coming?"

Smiling up at Lance, Marc said,  "I'll be down in a bit." 

Lesley sat finishing her drink.  "Marc, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"When we met you said that you worked for them."



"I do work for them.  Or more correctly their management company.  Why?"  Marc asked.

"It's just the way you guys are around each other.  They are not your bosses; it's more the other way around.  Like when Chris asked how long they could stay, everyone turned to you for the answer."

"Oh. . .that."  Marc said.  "My job description is a little more complicated than what I told you.  Let's see.  I was hired as their web master and assistant to their road manager.  I am also a backup member of their band and dancers. My main job is to keep them out of trouble and happy.  And with five of them to only one of me, that's a handful."

"That is a lot for one person to do.  But you must do it well, you seem to have their respect."

"Lesley, they were my best friends before I ever came to work for them and it is friendship that makes my job easy most of the time."

"But not always?"  Lesley asked.

"No. . . A few weeks ago Joey, Chris, and JC went out clubbing.  And returned to the hotel drunk as a skunk."

"What about Lance and Justin?  Where were they?"

"Because of Justin's age he couldn't get into the clubs so the three of us went out on our own and had a good time."

"And I take it your drunk friends caused a problem for you?"

"That is an understatement.  Let's just say that day I got the new job title of activity director."

Lesley sat there for a long time thinking.  "Marc, I know I've only known you for a couple hours and this may be out of line. . . . Marc are you gay?"

Marc got a shocked look on his face.  "What makes you think I'm gay?"

"I don't know.  It's the way you are around the guys.  With most of them you are strong and are their leader.  When you talk to Justin your voice changes.  You are easier on him, almost loving.  And with Lance you are the gentlest of all.  And the way you and he look at each other I can tell there is something going on there."

Marc sat there trying to figure out how to respond.

"Marc, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to put you on the spot.  It's just that you are such a wonderful guy, tall, great looking, and could have any girl out there.  But when you asked me to come in with you tonight you did something that most normal guys don't do.  I know I'm not any boy's first choice as a date.  I'm a little chunky and the new hot fashions don't come in my size."

"Lesley, please don't put yourself down.  You are a wonderful girl and any guy that can't see that is a snob and a fool.  I come from a small town in Wisconsin and this club scene is something new to me.  Back home, the big thing is going to the Elks Club for the weekly dance.  And there everyone was equal.  Your dance partner could be anyone in town from the mayor's wife to the home coming queen.  Eighty-year-old Miss Hattie, who does a mean two step, to Annie Mae Stevens, who is celebrating her tenth birthday.  I'm not comfortable with the club scene here in the big city.  Too much emphasis is put on having only the right looking people in the club.  It's like they are setting a stage, the perfect setting plus the perfect looking crowd equals a perfect good time had by all."

"Yeah, if you're not one of the "in crowd" you're no one," Lesley agreed.

"And it shouldn't be that way," Marc said. "Unfortunately, my friends are missing meeting some great, and  interesting people by coming to places like this."  Looking down on the dance floor Marc made an observation.  "You know ninety percent of the girls down there look like they were cut out with a cookie cutter.  They are all about the same size, are dressed about the same, and if you combine them together they have about half the personality you have."

Lesley blushed slightly at the compliment.  "Thanks, Marc," she said than a frown came across her face.  Looking up at Marc, "Boy, you are good.  You never answered my questions."

"What questions?" Marc asked innocently.

"Are you gay and is there something going on between you and Lance?"

Marc let out a heavy sigh, "Lesley, you are asking questions that I can't answer.  If I told you what you wanted to know I could lose my job.  What I may or may not know about the personal lives of my friends, I'm afraid I must keep to myself."

"Ok. . . . but what about you?" 

"What about me?"  Marc asked.

Lesley thought for a moment trying to find a way to rephrase her question.  "Marc, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes, I have quite a few girl friends," Marc answered with a slight smile.

Lesley frowned at Marc's answer and tried another question.  "Are you currently involved with a girl,  in an ongoing basis?"

"No, I'm not involved with a girl  in an ongoing basis."

"Are you looking for a girl for a long term relationship?"


Looking down onto the dance floor, Lesley spotted Marc's friends.  "Marc, I understand you can't say anything about your friends directly, but can you tell me do you have feelings for your friends?"

Marc hesitated then said, "I do have feelings for them."

"Strong feelings?"

Marc nodded.  "Yes, they are my best friends and I love them all."

"Maybe some more than the others?"

Marc didn't answer.

"That's going where you can't answer. Isn't it?" 

Marc nodded. 

"There is no way you're going to tell me is there?"

"Lesley, I really can't answer your question.  So instead of wasting what little time we have left asking questions I can't answer, why don't we spend it on the dance floor," Marc suggested.

"Sure.  Anyway you told me what I wanted to know,"  Lesley said smugly. 

"I did?"

"Yep, you never denied you were gay.  So I must be right.  And if I'm right about that then I'm probably right about you and Lance.  You two do make a cute couple."

Marc just smiled while shaking his head.  "Come on Madam Lesley, time to put your crystal ball away and let's go dance." 

Returning to their hotel suite, everyone call it a night.  Marc made a call to Pete, reporting everyone was safely back and there were no problems. 

Marc went into the bedroom to find Lance at the computer.  "What are you doing?"  Marc asked.

"Trying to complete this quiz.  What took you so long?" 

"Pete had a whole bunch of questions about tonight.  And he went over the schedule for today."


"Yea; it's almost one in the morning."

"Oh, I guess it is today.  What time is our wake up call?"  Lance asked.

"Six," Marc said with a sly grin.

"Six!  You got to be kidding."

Laughing Marc said, "You're right it's not six.  It's seven.  Breakfast is at seven-thirty and we have to leave by eight fifteen.  A quick sound check at nine with the show starting at ten."

"Boy, we are going to be running all morning," Lance said.

"Yeah, but you guys have it easy.  I really do have to be up at six and headed to the studio by seven thirty."

"Darn that stinks.  Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go out dancing tonight."

"We all needed to get out tonight," Marc said.  "I'm going to hit the shower while you finish your quiz."

Marc was lying on his bed leafing through Lance's textbook when Lance came out of the bathroom after his shower.  Going to the door Lance made sure it was locked before crawling into bed from the foot of the bed.  As he crawled up, Lance nudged the book out of the way and lay on top of Marc.  With a smile, Marc put the book down.  "You want something?"

"Yeah," Lance said with a grin as he wiggled his body on top of Marc's.  "I believe you owe me something."

"I do?"  Marc chuckled.

"Yes," Lance said as he leaned in and deeply kissed Marc.

As they kissed Lance, ground his groin into Marc's.  The motion of his hips and the deep kiss got the desired reaction, they both were getting very excited. 

When they finally parted, Marc had to gulp air.  "Shit, James!  Have you learned to breathe through your ears?"

Lance grinned as he slowly slid lower and started to attack Marc's right nipple. 

Marc sucked in a breath and moaned, "OOOH, Jaames.   YES!"

Lance reached up and put a hand over Marc's mouth.  "Shush!  The others will hear you."

Chuckling, Marc said, "That will be a change.  Last time it was you they heard"

"Well, try to keep it down," Lance said with a grin as he moved to the left nipple.

Marc's reaction was the same but he fought to keep quiet.  Lance started to move lower, nibbling as he went.  He felt Marc purr, enjoying the attention he was getting.  Dropping below Marc's bellybutton Lance started to lightly kiss his way lower.  When Lance got to Marc's erection he slowly licked the swollen head causing Marc to let out a low moan.  A small smile spread across Lance's face just before he slid Marc's hard member into his mouth.

"God, James," Marc moaned.

"Keep it down!"  Lance admonished.

"I can't help it," Marc said.  "Swing around.  I know a way to keep me quiet."

Lance chuckled at the idea as he moved around into a sixty-nine position giving Marc access to his own erection.  Marc quickly went down on Lance enjoying the taste of his lover.   Both boys used their mouths to give pleasure to their partner, slowly bring their lover over the top in massive orgasms.  They both lay gasping, after their intense orgasm.

"Do you get the idea I missed you?"  Lance chuckled.

"Yeah, about as much as I missed you.  Get your ass up here," Marc said as he gazed down at Lance.

"It's already there," Lance teased.

"James, get up here."

Smiling Lance swung around and laid his head on Marc's shoulder.  "That better?"

"Much," Marc said as he softly kissed Lance.  "I love you, James."

"Love you too," Lance softly said as he nodded off.

The alarm went off and Marc quickly reached over to quiet it. 

"What time is it?"  Lance groggily asked.

"Six.  Go back to sleep.  I'll get you up before I leave."

"K," Lance mumbled as he rolled over pulling the covers up to his chin.

Marc picked up the phone and ordered breakfast, before going into the bathroom, to shaved and showered.  After stepping into a clean pair of boxers, Marc picked up his clothes and went out into the living room to finish dressing.

As he ate his breakfast, Marc sat wondering what kind of interview he was going to face with the people of the New York Symphony.  The more he thought about it the more apprehensive he became.  It was one thing to conduct the Madison Symphony, he was a member, and everybody knew him.  But here in New York, he was just someone that appeared on a PBS special.  With a big sigh Marc thought, `I have to stop this.  I need to concentrate on this morning's show.'

A door opened, breaking Marc's train of thought.

"Morning, Marc," a yawning Joey said.  "Why you up so early?"

"I'm going to the studio with your support staff.  What got you up early?"

"I thought I smelled coffee," Joey said.

"There's a pot on the counter next to the cups," Marc said.

"Thanks," Joey said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.  "When is our wake up call?"

Marc looked at his watch, "In about five minutes."

"Has breakfast been ordered?"

"Yes, it will be here in half an hour.  I guess I should get everyone up.  You want to wake Chris?"  Marc asked.

"Sure," Joey said as he took his cup of coffee back to his room to wake Chris.

Marc went to the bedroom door and knocked.  He heard grumbling coming from inside.  "Josh, Justin, come on guys it's time to get up," Marc shouted through the door.

"Go away.  It's too early," Justin shouted back.

"It's not too early.  Breakfast will be here in half a hour, so get your butts moving."

"Ok, breakfast in half a hour," Josh mumbled.

"If I don't hear movement in there in the next five minutes I'm coming in with the ice bucket,"  Marc shouted back.

Through the door Marc could hear Justin and Josh both bitching about who's idea was it to book a morning show.  Marc grinned as he went to wake Lance.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Marc leaned over and gave Lance a kiss.  Lance responded by wrapping his arms around Marc's neck and returning the kiss.  "Oh, I like that wake up call," Lance said with his eyes still closed.

"Well it's the only one you are going to get this morning.  I have to leave," Marc said as he got up.  "James, you need to get moving."

"K," Lance said with a smile.

Marc picked up his garment bag and backpack and started to leave.  "James, I will see you at the studio."


Chris and Joey were still in their underwear drinking coffee when Marc came out of the bedroom.

"Is everyone up?"  Chris asked.

"Yeah, everyone seems to be moving except Lance.  I'm afraid he is going to go back to sleep, will you guys see to it he gets up?"

Putting down his cup Chris said, "I know how to get him up."

As Chris walked into the bedroom Marc stood next to Joey and said softly so only Joey heard,  "Chris, I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Marc and Joey looked through the open bedroom door as Chris reached for the blanket.  "Lansten, time to get your scrawny butt out of bed."  Chris then pulled the bedding completely off the bed.

"Damn it, Chris," Lance shouted as he tried to cover his nakedness.

"God, Lance, I'm sorry," Chris said as he was backing out the door.  "I didn't know you didn't have anything on under the covers."

Closing the bedroom door the embarrassed Chris said, "You could have warned me."

"Marc did warn you but you didn't hear him," Joey laughed.

"I thought you guys slept in you underwear," Chris said.

"Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't.  It just happened last night we didn't bother to put them back on," Marc said as he picked up his stuff and headed for the door.  "See you all at the studio."

Marc arrived with the support staff.  Their sound engineer had their microphones and headsets.  His job was to make sure everything worked with the studio's equipment.  Wardrobe came along with their costumes for the show along with their own makeup artist.  They were all met by the show's producer and her staff.  As the others were shown to their respective work area Marc went out to the stage.

He was early so no one was around.  Going over to the piano Marc sat down.  After playing a few chords Marc thought, `This is a really good instrument.'  Closing his eyes Marc went through the list of numbers he knew and chose one he hadn't played for a while.  Choosing a Mozart Sonata, Marc began to play.

"Hi, John," Rosie O'Donnell greeted her music director as she walked down the hall.

"Hi, Rosie, ready for today?"  John asked.

"You bet.  Having *Nsync on is going to make today's show crazy," Rosie said. 

Rosie and John continued to talk as they walked down the hall.  They both stopped and turned toward the studio as they heard someone begin to play John's piano.  Without saying anything, they both started to move toward the studio. 

Cindy, one of Rosie's assistant producers, came toward them.  "Cindy, who's playing?"  John asked.

"Oh, that's *Nsync's music director, I think his name is Marc,"  Cindy said.

"Thanks," John said as he and Rosie continued into the studio.  Standing off stage they listened to the music.

"He's good," Rosie commented.  "What is he playing?"

"Mozart piano sonata.   I'm not sure which one," John said.  Frowning, "Where have I seen him?"

"Could it be yesterday's rehearsal?"  Rosie offered with a chuckle.

"No.  That's not it," John said shaking his head.  Watching Marc play a very difficult passage, he noticed Marc smile.  "I'll be damned," John said softly.

"What is it?"  Rosie asked.

"I know where I've seen him now."


"PBS special last month.   Our young friend there was featured as one of the top new composers in the United States.  He conducted two of his own compositions that night.  I wonder how he hooked up with *Nsync," John said.

Marc completed the sonata, smiling because he was quite pleased with his impromptu performance.  Marc was surprised to hear applause coming from off stage.

Rosie and John were both applauding as they approached Marc.  "Outstanding," John said.

Marc blushed at the attention and said, "Thank you."

"Rosie, I'd like you to meet *Nsync's music director, Marc Newman," John said by way of introduction. 

"Hi, Marc," Rosie said with a chuckle at the blushing Marc.

"It's nice to meet you Miss O'Donnell."

"It's Rosie. . . .  Do you always blush so much?"  Rosie asked with a laugh.

"Only when I get caught doing something I wasn't suppose to be doing," Marc said.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about.  Especially the way you can play," Rosie said.  "What is a classically trained musician doing working as *Nsync's musical director?"

"Actually, I'm only an assistant to the music director.  My actual job is web master for the tour and assistant to the tour manager.  Playing in their band helps me fill out my day."

"How did you end up with *Nsync?"  Rosie asked.

"That's a long story," Marc said.  "I guess the short version would be.  I ran into them while they were on vacation.  We became friends, and they asked if I wanted to come on tour with them this summer.

"Didn't they know about your musical background?"  John asked. 

"Just a little, they knew I was a student at the university studying music.  It was not until after I joined them on tour that any found out about my classical side,"  Marc said.

As they talked, *Nsync's sound engineer came over to Marc with his headset.

"Any word of them yet?"  Marc asked.

"Yeah, security said they are only ten minutes away,"  Bob said.

"Thanks. Give me a heads up when they arrive,"  Marc said.

"Pete, how much free time do we have here in New York?"  Justin asked.

"Not much.  After you guys are done with TRL you have the rest of he night free.   You have tomorrow morning free and what's left of tomorrow night after you tape Leno.  Friday and Saturday are full with interviews, meet & greets, and concerts.  We should be arriving in Allentown early Sunday morning. That's a free day."

"Does Marc have plans for Sunday?"  Chris asked.

"You guys have the day free, I guess you can do what ever you want," Pete said.  "But he does have plans for the evening."

"What does he have planned?"  Joey asked.

"I don't know.  He won't tell me what he has arranged.  All he would say is that everyone is invited to attend a local event in the evening."

"A mystery night," JC said with a slight smile.  "Lance, do you have any idea what Marc has planned?"

"No, he hasn't said anything about it.  I'll try to find out, but if he wants to keep this a secret there is no way he is going to tell even me."

"So, Marc keeps secrets from you."  Chris said.

"For the most part he doesn't.  But some things, like who Angel is, he won't tell me."

"Well, what are we going to do tonight?"  Justin asked.

"Joe, don't you owe Marc a good Italian meal?"  Lance inquired.

Smiling Joey said, "You're right. I do owe Marc a good meal.  I'll give my Uncle Tony a call; we can go spend the night at his restaurant"

"I hope he has a big table," JC said.  "I have a feeling most of your relatives will be joining us."

"Hey, what do you expect?  Have we ever visited Uncle Tony's restaurant and it not be a family get together?"  Joey asked.

Marc was working with John and his band when word of *Nsync's arrival came over his headset.  After a run through of today's music, Marc went in search of his friends.  Going down the hall to the green room, Marc heard the voices of his friends talking to Rosie.

Sticking his head in the door, he interrupted, "Hey guys, you were due on stage for sound check ten minutes ago."

"Sorry, Marc, we kind of lost track of time," JC said.

"Move it guys, wardrobe and makeup are waiting," Marc admonished.

The show went well.  *Nsync opened their segment with Tearin' Up My Heart.  Then they talked with Rosie about their tour and took questions from fans in the audience.  One of the girls asked Chris about the cute drummer.  Marc cringed at having attention brought to him.  Chris not wanting to let this opportunity to get back at Marc slip by.

"His name is Marc Newman.  He is a music major at the University of Wisconsin.  And girls, he is available,"  Chris said with a wicked smile.

Marc blushed at the attention he was getting, and during the breaks, he received many notes from the audience with their phone numbers.  The second number, God Must Have Spent, was the perfect ending to the show.  After the show *Nsync spent another half hour signing autographs.

The guys had finished changing and was relaxing in their dressing room when Rosie and John came in. 

"Good show, guys," Rosie said.

"Thanks," Justin said.  "We always look forward to doing your show."

"Has anyone seen Marc?"  John asked.

"He's in there changing," Joey said indicating the next room.

At that moment, Marc walked of the bathroom pulling his tie tight.

"Wow!" Rosie said.  "You look great Marc.  What's the occasion?"

"I have a meeting at Lincoln Center this afternoon," Marc said.

"He's going to be appearing with the New York Symphony in September," Lance said.

"Oh, when?"  Rosie asked.

"The concerts have been scheduled for the 17th and18th.  But I will be arriving about three weeks early to work with the symphony and I will be music director on a new album," Marc said.

Rosie and John looked at each other them leaned in and whispered something to each other.

Rosie turned to Marc. "Marc, can we talk? I have a proposition for you."


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