My New Life
by James

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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group *Nsync and a male fan.  The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync is not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Last Time:

Lance and Marc showered together but they both were so weary fooling around was the
last thing on their minds. After drying each other they went straight to bed.

Snuggling up to Marc Lance said, "Thank you for today."

" You're welcome."

"Marc. . . Do you miss not marching with the drum corps?"

"Yeah. But working with them as their arranger helps."

"But it can't be the same as marching with them."

"No. It's not the same. But if I would have marched this year I would never have met you."

"In a way I'm glad you didn't march this year," Lance said. "And I can see how hard it is on you not being able to march again."

"Who said I can't march again?"

"Well you aged out. So you are too old to march with a drum corps."

"Wrong, love of my life. I may be too old for junior drum corps but there still is senior drum corps."

"Senior corps?"

"Yeah for us old guys," Marc said. "And it just happens that there is a senior corps in Orlando."

"There is?"

"Yep. The Heat Wave. So if I get bored with hanging around pop boy bands all the time I can go play with the Heat Wave."

Lance frowned. "You think you are going to get bored?"

"Never with you James. Never with you."

"Good. I think I'll keep you too." Lance said as he snuggled close. "Good night, Love."

"Night, James. I love you," Marc said as they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 34
The Day After

An urgent need to pee woke Marc. Slowly opening his eyes Marc saw that it was beginning to get light out. Slipping out of bed Marc quietly made his way to the bathroom. His morning piss hardon stood up at forty-five degrees from his belly.  Reaching the bathroom Marc stood in front of the toilet trying to bend his painfully hard penis down, trying to aim at the toilet bowl. The only problem was when he had it pointed in the right direction there was no way he could pee.

The sound of shuffling feet coming into the bathroom told him that Lance was awake. Coming up behind Marc Lance wrapped his arms around Marc's waist. Leaning in he
kissed Marc on his back between his shoulder blades. "Hurry up. I have to pee too,"
Lance said sleepily.

"I'm trying. But I can't get it started," Marc said.

"What's the problem?"

"You try to pee with your dick bent at ninety degrees."

"No thank you," Lance said. "I know how much it hurts when it's hard and I have to pee bad."

"I don't know if I can do this."

"Well you can stand on your head in front of the toilet. Then it would at least be pointing the right direction," Lance chuckled.

"I'm standing here in pain, and you are making jokes."

Taking Marc by the shoulders Lance said, "Come on. Go stand in the shower and pee."

"Good idea," Marc agreed as he moved into the shower. After a moment of trying Marc said, "I still can't pee."

"Just relax," Lance said as his own stream could be heard hitting the water in the toilet.  That's all it took, the sound of Lance peeing was all Marc needed. "Oh, Yeah!" as relief finally came."

Lance finished his business and turned to see Marc standing with his hands on his hips.
His head was thrown back and his eyes closed as a powerful stream of liquid shot upward toward the showerhead. The expression on Marc's face changed from a grimace to one of blissful relief.

"Damn! I've never seen anyone pee so much. I think you must a hose stuck up your ass."

"You can check for yourself," Marc said finishing up. "Besides nothing is ever going up there but the man I love."

"Have you found him yet?" Lance asked as he stepped into the shower with Marc.

"I believe so," Marc said as he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.

Turning to face Lance Marc leaned in giving him a deep kiss.

As they broke the kiss Lance looked into Marc's eyes. "Ah, Marc. Ah, are you saying you are ready to move on to the next step?" Lance nervously asked.

Marc pulled Lance in tight and under the warm spray. Running a finger along Lance's jaw line. "Neither of us is ready for that yet. But I promise, when it happens I want it to be with you."

Lance smiled up at Marc. "Have I told you today how much I love you?"

"You just did," Marc said. From outside the shower came a noise.

Then they heard it again. Lance started to laugh.

"Chris and Joey are next door aren't they?" Marc softly asked.

"Yeah, it's probably Joey taking a dump. That guy produces more gas than anyone I know."

Lance and Marc smiled at each other. Than a realization hit them both. "Oh, shit!" Marc exclaimed as he pushed Lance and himself from under the shower spray. An instant later they heard the flush of the toilet in the next room and the shower instantly turned super hot.

As the shower stall filled with steam Lance said, "That was too close."

"Yeah, I need to talk to Pete about staying at better hotels."

The temperature of the water quickly returned to normal. Stepping back under the spray
Marc gave Lance a soft kiss before he started to lather Lance. Quickly working his way
down Lance's front he had him turn around so he could wash his back. Lance reciprocated by giving Marc a quick but gentle wash. Quickly drying off, they jumped back into the warm bed. Marc spooned up to Lance, draping his right arm over Lance, and pulled him in tight. Giving Lance a soft kiss on the shoulder, Marc softly said, "I love you, James." Their breathing slowed as they both drifted off to sleep.

There was a knock at the door as Lance slipped on his shoes. "Marc, are you ready?"

"Yeah I'm ready," Marc said as he picked up his wallet and cell. Opening the door they
found their friends waiting.

"You two are poky this morning," Chris said.

"Why? We aren't late," Lance said.

"You two are always the first ones ready," Justin pointed out.

"I thought you two had been up for a couple hours," Joey said.

"Why did you think that?" Lance asked.

"I heard your shower going earlier," Joey said. "From the length of your shower I figured
it was not a solo shower."

"No it wasn't," Marc said. "And what was going on will remain between Lance and me."

"Good," JC said. "I'm starving so let's get down to the restaurant and get breakfast."

Their waitress quickly took their breakfast order. Marc noticed Joey and Justin writing something in a notebook. "What are you two up to?" Marc asked.

"Something for sound check," Joey said. "We thought that we would spice up our sound
check a bit."

"How?" Marc inquired.

"With some of this," Joey said as he handed Marc the notebook.

Marc read over the list and chuckled. "Did all this really happen?"

Justin grinned, "You bet it did."

"How are you planning on working this stuff into sound check?"

"We thought if sound control fed everything over the sound system the audience would
get a little view of what goes on behind the scenes of our show," Joey said.

"And how would you like to try your hand at a new job?" Justin asked.

"Ah, what job?" Marc asked.

"Stage director," Joey answered. "Most of the time the director's console is just off
stage. We thought what if we move it on stage and you get to call the shots during
sound check."

"And something tells me this sound check will not run so smoothly if most of
what you have on this list happens," Marc said with a chuckle.

"Will you do it?" Justin asked.

"Of course I'll do it. But you guys have to promise to give these kids a good show in the

"When we are done fooling around we will do each song straight," Joey said.

Justin and Joey were standing at the main entrance to the arena looking out through the
glass doors. "Any sign yet?" Justin asked.

"No nothing yet," Joey said. "Wait, I think I hear something." Cocking an ear, Joey
heard the faint beat of a single drummer.

Looking out the doors they spotted a police car turn the corner with it's lights flashing.
Directly behind it was a lone drummer followed by a mass of young people marching
eight abreast.

"Here comes the Pied Piper now," Joey said.

"It's more like the Pied Drummer," Justin chuckled.

The main floor of the arena quickly filled with young people as they marched in to the
beat of Marc's drum cadence.

Marc removed his drum as he climbed the stairs to the stage. Trading his drum for his
headset Marc walked out to the center of the stage and looked out into the audience.

"Good morning," Marc called out.

"Good morning, Marc," the crowd shouted back.

"First of all I want to thank all of you for the great show last night," Marc said. "And now the reason you are here."

"We hope it's to see *Nsync," a female voice shouted.

Marc chuckled, "I think that can be arranged. But I do have to tell you if you are expecting to see their show you are going to be disappointed."

There were moans from the crowd.

"You see," Marc continued. "*Nsync's management would not allow them to do a free show. But they didn't say they couldn't have a few friends in to watch their sound check."

A cheer went up.

"Yesterday, some of the guys had an opportunity to experience drum corps first hand.  They saw what you all go through to bring your show to the field. So they thought you might find it interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of their show."

"Marc, sound is ready," came the voice from above.

"Roger that," Marc said as he went to a control panel at stage right. "Lighting are you ready?"

"We're ready."

"We need the band on stage," Marc said. "Let's have everyone take their places."

The band took their places on stage and started their warm-up. Justin came across stage bouncing his basketball. There were shrieks from the audience. Justin stopped center stage and smiled at the shrieking girls. Marc shook his head and rolled his eyes at Justin's behavior.

"Hey, Marc, what's up?" Justin asked.

"Ah, sound check," Marc said looking around the stage. "Where are the others?"

"They are around. Do you need them?"

"Unless you are planning a solo career I think it would help if they were here for this,"  Marc said. Flipping a switch on his control panel Marc's much louder voice went out over the sound system. "Joey, Lance, Chris, JC, you're presence is required on stage."

JC came on stage riding a bicycle and just narrowly missed Lance who walked on stage
while reading a book. Joey and Chris had their arms full with their flying harness and their electronics. Joey handed out the headsets and radio packs to everyone.

"Can we have a mike check please?" Marc asked.

"One two one two lalalalala one lalala testing lalala one lala testing lalalalala," came the
jumble of sound as all five tested at once.

"One at a time!" Marc shouted.

"Ok," they all said together them they all started again. "One two lalala testing lalalala one two testing lalalala."

"Quiet!" Marc said in frustration. "Justin, you first."

"Testing, testing, one two, lalalalala."


"Testing one two three lalalala."

"Ok, Chris."

"Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Dooooooooo"

"Joey, please."

"Do, do wah, re, re, mi, mi, mi, oh yeah."

"And, Lance, sound check please."

"Testing one two three. Can everyone hear me out there?"

A big shout of "yes" came from the audience.

"Cool," Lance said as he flashed them a smile.

"All right," Marc said. "Gentlemen, will you please stretch before we begin."

They all started doing stretching exercises. Twisting, reaching and bending, and as they were bending over touching their toes a loud ripping sound could be heard. Joey immediately stood up and placed his hands on his rear end.

"Ah, Joey. Is there a problem?" Marc asked.

Joey looked over at Marc and nodded. Chris who was a few feet behind Joey looked and said, "Joey, man, you had a blow out."

JC walked over and also looked. "Ah, Marc. Joey has a big problem here."

Marc went over to look for himself. "Damn! Is that what I think?"

"He's not wearing mohair undies," Chris said.

"That's what I thought. We need wardrobe out here."

"Marc, wardrobe is not available. She went shopping." Came a voice from off stage.

"Well, he can't continue this way," Marc said.

Billy the head carpenter walked out and assessed the problem. "Yep, lost the whole rear end," Billy said.

"Have any ideas?" Marc asked still looking at Joey's backside.

Billy pondered for a moment then reached for something on his tool belt. "I could staple it shut," Billy said holding up his staple gun.

"No! No staples!" Joey said.

"Naw. Any other ideas?" Marc asked.

Billy thought for a second then reached for something else on his tool belt. Holding up a
roll of duct tape Billy pulled off a length and applied it to Joey's backside.  Marc nodded, "That should work."

Joey shifted around in his paints and his face showed a grimace.

"Everything all right?" Marc asked.

Joey nodded, "Duct tape. Should work."

Chris chuckled, "Well he will have less hair back there."

The remaining of the sound check went off with only a few planned glitches. The kids of
the corps enjoyed the light moments and went wild when the guys got serious and performed five of their songs.

Right after the sound check everyone broke for lunch. Marc was eating lunch with the guys when Pete came in. "Hey, Pete, what's up?" Chris asked.

"Well you guys have the rest of the afternoon free," Pete said. "You all don't have anything until your meet and greet at five."

"Great! What do you guys want to do?" Justin asked.

"How about a movie or something?" Joey suggested.

"Sounds like fun," Marc said.

Pete tossed several folders in front of Marc.

"What's this?" Marc asked.

"What we will be doing this afternoon," Pete said. "You played all morning now you need to get back to work."

"Bummer," Justin said.

"This doesn't seem fair," Lance said.

Marc put up a hand. "Don't start, guys. My job is not to just baby-sit you guys. I knew what I was getting into, I thought, when I took this job. Now I've got work to do," Marc said as he looked at the folders. "I'll see you all after your meet and greet."

Marc worked on checking and double-checking all the details for the next seven days. The guys had five concerts scheduled in five different states. "Damn. Looks like we are going to be living on that bus," Marc thought.

It was hours later when Marc was able to take a break. Looking at his watch he knew Lance would still be in meet and greet.  Sitting back Marc reached for his cell.

"Good afternoon, Big Bear Lake Hospital. This is Judy, how may I direct your call."

"Hi, Judy, this is Marc Newman."

"Hi, Marc, how you doing?"

"I doing great. Judy, is Sara or my dad on duty?"

"Your dad is in the delivery room and Sara is working on two."

"Can you transfer me to two?"

"Sure, Marc."

"Hello, second floor nurse's station. This is nurse Morgan, how may I help you."

"Hey, beautiful, what are you up to?"

"Marc! Is that you?"

"Yep, I had a few extra minutes in my schedule and I'd thought I'd check in."

"Where are you?"

"On the bus," Marc said.

"I mean what city?"

"Allentown, Pennsylvania. I thought Josh would keep you up-to-date on where we are."

"He does. But I haven't talked to him in two days."

"He had a lot of free time yesterday."

"I was working the clinic yesterday and he knew I can't talk when I'm working there."

"Oh, and I kind of filled up his evening," Marc said understanding.

"How did your little surprise go?"

"I think I got them all hooked on drum corps."

Sara laughed, "Good! At least Josh will know what I'm talking about when I tell him about going to a competition."

"Talking about Josh, did you get the ticket I sent you?"

"Yes! It came Friday."

"Good," Marc said.

"What kind of schedule do you guys have coming up?"

"A bad one; five concerts in seven days. We will be living on our bus the whole time."

"How are you and Lance doing?"

Marc smiled, "We're doing all right. But I can't wait for this tour to end."


"So we can have some time to ourselves," Marc said with a sigh.

"Do I detect a problem?"

"No. It's just that since we met we have never really been alone."

"No time alone?"

"No not really. There is always one of the guys in the next room. And when we do get a chance to talk we have to keep our voices down."

"That's kind of rough. Can't you guys get off by yourselves?"

"There's very little time for that."

"Josh said you guys managed to have a evening alone."

Marc sighed, "We got that time only because we fell asleep while everyone else was getting ready to go out."

Sara laughed, "Josh said they didn't have the heart to wake you two."

"We woke up a half hour after we were supposed to leave."

"But you two did take advantage of the time together didn't you?"

Marc smiled as he remembered that night. "Yeah, that was a good night."

"Just grab every moment you can, little brother."

"We do. But there just is not too much of them," Marc said.

"I'm beginning to wonder just how much time Josh and I will have together," Sara softly said.

"I'm working on it. I just confirmed the hotel reservations this afternoon. You will have the room next to Josh."

"Will someone pick me up?" Sara asked.

"I will meet your plane. I have set it up so I will be coming ahead of the guys with the security team. You will be safely in your room when their bus arrives."

"I can't wait to see all you guys again."

"Yeah, sure you are," Marc teased.

"What. Don't you believe that I miss you?"

"I believe you miss me but some how I feel that my name is not at the top of your list."

"No comment," Sara softly said.

Marc heartily laughed, "Tell Dad I called and I miss him."

"I will. Give Lance my love."

"I will. I love you, Sis."

The meet and greet ended and the guys were escorted back stage. "Now we can get
something to eat," Justin said.

"Where's Marc working?" Chris asked.

"He's out on the bus," Lance said. "I'll go get him."

Lance headed out to the bus and Justin started to follow. JC grabbed Justin by the arm
and put a finger to his lips indicating not to say anything.

When Lance was out of ear shot Justin asked. "What's up?"

"We needed to talk without Lance and Marc around." JC said.

"Is everything set?" Chris asked.

"Yes, the crew will go to work while we are on stage," Joey said.

"Are they going to have enough time to get it all done?" Chris asked.

"The crew said everything is ready to go. All we have to do is keep Marc and Lance off
the bus until after the show," JC said.

"Is Marc playing tonight?" Justin asked.

"I talked to Brian and it is all set," JC said. "Marc will be in the band tonight."

"They are going to be so surprised," Justin bubbled.


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