My New Life
by James

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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group *Nsync and a male fan.  The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync is not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Last time:

The meet and greet ended and the guys were escorted back stage. "Now we can get something to eat," Justin said.

"Where's Marc working?" Chris asked.

"He's out on the bus," Lance said. "I'll go get him."

Lance headed out to the bus and Justin started to follow. JC grabbed Justin by the arm and put a finger to his lips indicating not to say anything.

When Lance was out of ear shot Justin asked. "What's up?"

"We needed to talk without Lance and Marc around." JC said.

"Is everything set?" Chris asked.

"Yes, the crew will go to work while we are on stage," Joey said.

"Are they going to have enough time to get it all done?" Chris asked.

"The crew said everything is ready to go. All we have to do is keep Marc and Lance off the bus until after the show," JC said.

"Is Marc playing tonight?" Justin asked.

"I talked to Brian and it is all set," JC said. "Marc will be in the band tonight."

"They are going to be so surprised," Justin bubbled.

Chapter 35
Secret Plans

Lance boarded the tour bus to find Marc sitting on the long bench-couch with his headphones on listening to something with his eyes closed.  Bending down Lance softly kissed Marc.

Marc's eyes shot open at the unexpected kiss.  Seeing who was kissing him he eagerly  returned the kiss.

Breaking the kiss Lance asked, "What are you listening to?"

"What?"  Marc asked.

Laughing, Lance removed the headphones from Marc's ears. "I said what are you listening to?"

"Oh. I was listening to some of the proposed pieces for the New York concerts."

"Did we get mail?"

"No. I was able to download them this afternoon," Marc said with a troubled look.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure if that is the kind of concert I want to do. I know they are paying me to do my symphonic work but I'm not sure if I want to do what they are proposing."

"What kind of options do you have?"

"If I remember the contract correctly," Marc said. "I have total control over the music I choose."

"If you remember correctly," Lance chuckled. "You have a photographic memory. You remember everything you ever read."

"I know. It was just a figure of speech. . . . But I do have final choice of the program."

"Do you know what you want to do?"

Shaking his head Marc said, "I'm not sure. I just know it needs to be more. . . . me."

"You've got plenty of time to figure it out," Lance said. "In the mean time let's get something to eat."

The arena cafeteria was made available for *Nsync's staff's use. Lance and Marc
joined the others at their table.

"Hi, guys.   How did your meet and greet go?" Marc asked.

"Same old stuff," Joey said. "How was your afternoon?"

"I was on the phone most of the time confirming the rest of your tour."

"Everything all set?" JC asked.

"Pretty much so. All the hotel reservations are set."

"Where are we staying tonight?" Chris asked.

"On the bus. Where we all will be for the next week."

"What!" Justin exclaimed.

"Guys, hell week has arrived. After tonight's show you have five shows in five different states over the next seven days."

"Aren't there two free days?" Justin asked.

Marc shook his head. "Those are travel days. We won't see the inside of a hotel room until we get to Carson City and you have a free day, if you can call it that."

"Hell, I'm going to sleep that day," JC said.

"I think we will all be doing that," Chris agreed.

"Maybe we can do something that evening?" Justin suggested.

"That's possible," JC said. "We'll have to see how we feel that night."

"Anything else going on?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, some staff changes," Marc said.

"What kind of changes?" Chris asked.

"We are picking up additional drivers because of the long hauls," Marc said as he munched on his salad. "And one of your camera men, Sam, will be leaving us. His wife is due to give birth any day."

"Are they going to replace him?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, the replacement will be joining us in Raleigh. Some guy named Steve Fatone," Marc said as he glanced at Joey.

"Steve's coming?" Joey asked.

"Yeah. You know him?" Marc asked with a straight face.

"Know him! Know him! He's my brother," Joey almost shouted.

Marc sat there for a long moment with a blank look on his face before he broke into a grin.

"You knew that didn't you?" Joey asked.

"Yep. I'm a fan, remember. So if it is in your bio, I know it. Besides I also saw his personnel file this afternoon."

"Anyone else joining the tour?" Justin asked with a big grin.

"Yeah, your new opening act, if they get there on time," Marc said. "They are driving straight through from Oklahoma City."

"Who's driving straight through?" JC asked.

"Your new opening act, a group called Dispatch.  We were lucky to get them at the last minute."

Justin sat there in shock. "Wha, what happened to the original opening act?"

"Oh, canceled at the last minute," Marc said giving Lance a wink.

"Do you know why?" Lance asked having some idea what Marc was up to.

"Let's see. I think they said they canceled because of personal difficulties."

"What!" Justin exclaimed.

"She said she didn't think she could work with you guys. But I think she had some personal issues with one of you."

"Did she say what kind of issues?" Justin asked softly.

"Yeah, she felt it was too hard to keep her hands off of one of you," Marc said with a slight grin.

"She did?" Justin asked.

"Yeah," Marc said as he looked off into space. "Who'd think she would have the hots for Chris."

At that moment Chris choked when he heard what Marc said his mouthful of food he shot it out across the table at Joey.

"What!" Justin shouted. Looking at Marc for a second it dawned on him. "You ass!  Your kidding aren't you?"

Marc started laughing as he and Lance high-fived. "Sorry, Curly, I just couldn't resist.   You're right, I was kidding. Your not too secret girlfriend will be joining us in Raleigh."

"You had me going there for a minute," Justin said with some relief.

"Chris, Joey, I'm sorry my joke overshot it's mark."

"That's okay Marc," Joey chuckled. "At least Chris didn't have a mouthful of soda."

"When will Brit be arriving?" Justin asked.

"Not until Wednesday afternoon sometime. But you won't see her until sound check."

"Why?" Justin asked.

"Let's see. You guys are scheduled for a radio interview in the morning followed by a meet and greet at the local mall. Then you all tape a TV interview for the local station to air on the evening news. You should be back at the arena around three for sound check."

"Am I going to get any time to spend with her?"

"You should be able to find some time. On the travel days you may want to ride her bus," Marc suggested.

"Hey, that should work," Justin said, his mind turning with the possibilities.

"I'm sure her mom would enjoy your company on the trip."

"Her mom! I forgot about her." Disappointment registered on Justin's face.

"Don't worry,  Curly, we'll find some way for the two of you to spend some time together," JC said.

The meal was finished when Marc remembered something. Taking a piece of paper out
of his pocket he handed it to JC.

"What's this?"

"Sara's schedule," Marc said. "I talked to her today."

Looking at the note JC thought for a second and glanced at his watch. "I'll see you guys later," JC said as he got up.

"Tell Sara hi for us," Chris called after JC.

"Ok," Chris said. "Now that Josh is out of the way what are we going to do for his birthday?"

"Where will we be?" Joey asked.

"San Antonio," Marc answered.

"It's a free day isn't it?" Chris asked.

"Yes. We are spending the night after your concert in Dallas then bus it the next day.

We will have that night and the whole next day free."

"Have you got anything planned?" Chris asked.

"Nothing definite. There are several clubs that could be reserved for the night of the party," Marc suggested.

"Are they downtown?" Lance asked.

Marc nodded. "One that looks good has a private patio on the river we could use. It's large enough for our needs and they are willing to provide the food and entertainment."

"We could take a late night boat ride on the river," Lance suggested.

"Ah yes a moonlit, romantic boat ride for you two," Justin said with amusement.

"I'm sure Josh would like a boat ride, too," Marc said.

"If he gets lucky," Chris snorted.

"I'm sure Sara would like to go with him."

"Sara?" everyone questioned.

Marc chuckled, "I asked Sara to join us in San Antonio."

"She's coming to visit?" Lance asked.

"Sara has vacation time coming," Marc said. "She'll spend the last week of tour with us then we will fly back to Wisconsin together."

"So. Your going back to Wisconsin after the tour," Justin softly said. "I kind a thought you'd want to come back to Orlando with us for a while."

Marc looked over to Lance who gave him a `don't play with him' look. "Justin, I still have classes I need to take care of. And there is my legal matter I need to take care of."

"Legal matter?" Justin quizzed.

"The adoption papers," Lance reminded him.


"And Lance and I need to pack up some stuff and close the cabin. We are also planning to spend a few days with his folks on our way to Orlando," Marc said. "So it will be at least a week before we get there."

Justin's face lit up with a big smile. "You're moving to Orlando?"

"That's the plan," Marc grinned.

"Cool!" Justin beamed. "Where are you going to stay?"

Marc just stared at Justin.

"Oh, yeah. With Lance," a blushing Justin said.

Pete appeared ending further conversation. "You guys need to head to wardrobe and makeup."

"K, we'll be right there," Lance said.

"Marc, Brian is looking for you," Pete said as he turned to leave.

"Thanks, I'll find him," Marc said.

Josh entered the dressing room as he dialed Sara's home number.

"Hello," Sara said answering her phone.

"Hey there, gorgeous."


"Yeah it's me," Josh said.

"I take it my brother gave you my schedule."

"He just gave it to me."

"Good. I was hoping he would," Sara said. "How is the tour going?"

"Real good. But the next week will be hell."

Sara laughed, "Marc told me what you guys have coming up. I'm glad it's you and not

"It's going to be a rough week but the following week will be better."

"What happens that next week?"

"We're in L. A. for nine days."

"Why so long?" Sara asked.

"We're meeting with composers and writers trying to nail down our next album. Then
we have two concerts at the end of the week."

"Sounds like you are going to be just as busy as the week before," Sara observed.

"Yeah in a way. But there won't be the pressure. And the best part is we get to sleep in
real beds."

"What else would you be sleeping on?" Sara said with a chuckle.

"All next week we are living on the tour bus."

"Six guys living on a bus for a week. I'm glad I'm not going to be around you guys.  That bus is going to smell like a locker room."

"Hey! . . . . We do bathe you know."

"Still that bus will have too much testosterone."

"By any chance do you have any vacation time coming?" Josh asked.

"Why?" Sara nervously asked.

"If you can get some time off while we are in L. A. maybe you can come out and visit."

"Josh, I'm really sorry, but I can't get any time off until September."

Josh sighed, "It was a idea. Maybe we can get together after the tour."

"Check with Marc. I know he and Lance are coming home for a while. Maybe you can come and visit."

"But that's a month away," Josh whined. "I don't think I can wait that long."

"Oh, poor baby," Sara laughed.

Marc found Brian backstage talking to the other band members. "Pete said you were looking for me."

"Marc, good. Can you fill in on drums tonight?" Brian asked.

"Sure, no problem."

"Go to wardrobe and get changed. I'll cover the play list when you get back."

It was ten minutes before *Nsync was scheduled to go on. The band and dancers were
gathered awaiting the arrival of the guys. Brian and Marc joined the assemblage just as
the guys arrived. Joining hands for the prayer JC looked around and was pleased that
Marc was among the band.

The lights went out on the stage as *Nsync left the stage after their second encore. The band continued to play for another two minutes giving the guys time to get safely to their dressing room.

"Good show," Brian said to the band.

As the lights went up in the arena the grips were moving large carts of storage boxes onto stage. Marc  immediately started to pack up his drums.

In the dressing room the guys were getting cleaned up. Joey and Justin had already finished their showers and were getting dressed. Chris was in the shower while JC and Lance relaxed.

"Sara said you are planning to return to Wisconsin with Marc at the end of the tour," Josh said.

"Yeah, Marc needs to make arrangements for his last class. And he has a meeting with the adoption judge."

"I can see why you would want to be there for him."

"There is some stuff he wants from the cabin and he needs to close it up. We will be driving to Orlando with a stop at my folks on the way."

JC smiled. "Marc's going to move in with you?"

"No. He is going to move in with Chris," Lance joked. "Of course he is moving in with me."

"Is there any chance I could tag along?" JC asked. "I'd like to see Sara. When we talked tonight I asked her if she could come out when we're in L. A.. But she said she didn't have any time off until September."

"I can't see any problem," Lance said while thinking fast. "I'll ask Marc to book three tickets instead of two."

"That would be great," JC said.

"Next," Chris said as he came out of the bathroom.

Lance and JC looked at each other. "Go ahead," Lance said. "I'm waiting for Marc."

Marc went to wardrobe to change. "Sally you know where my stuff is?"

"I didn't expect you to come back here. I dropped your stuff at the boy's dressing room."

"You didn't have to do that."

"And let you miss a chance to spend some time with your guy," Sally chuckled.  "Besides your showers have become legends around here."


"Is the band all packed?" Pete asked as he passed Marc in the hall.

"Yeah, everything is loaded on the truck. How long before we have to head out?"

"At least a hour, maybe more."

"Why so long?" Marc asked.

"Because of the distance we will be traveling in a convoy. As soon as all the equipment is loaded we will head out," Pete said. "Let the guys know, will you?"

"Sure thing, Pete," Marc said as he headed for their dressing room.

Lance looked up as Marc entered.

"Has anyone seen my things?" Marc asked.

"They're next to my bag," Lance said as Marc sat next to him.

Marc sat quietly for a while. "Is there something wrong?" Lance asked softly.

Before Marc could answer JC came out of the bathroom. "Next!"

"Come on," Lance said to Marc. "We don't have much time."

"We have plenty of time," Marc said. "Pete wants everyone to travel together. We will be convoying to Raleigh."

"Do you know how long?" Chris asked.

"An hour or more," Marc answered as he and Lance headed into the bathroom.

After the door was closed JC quietly said, "Joe, will you go check to see that everything
is all set on the bus?"

"Sure. What if they aren't finished?"

"We'll have to stall here," JC said. "But since those two know we are not in a rush I don't think it will be a problem."

Lance and Marc quickly undressed and climbed into the shower. Turning to face Marc Lance said. "Hi, good looking,  want to wash my back?"

"I hope to wash more than just your back."

"I think that can be arranged," Lance said as he leaned in to kiss Marc. Wrapping his arms around Lance Marc pulled him in close letting the hot water cascade over their bodies.

"Um, that feels good," Marc whispered into Lance's ear.

"What feels good? The kiss or the water?"

"The water feels good. Your kiss is great. I can't get enough of them."

"Well we do have plenty of time," Lance pointed out. "Who knows how many you may get."

Lance grabbed the shampoo and started to wash Marc's hair. Marc placed his hands of
Lance's hips to support himself as he bent lower to give Lance easier access to his head. "Umm, you can do that all night."

"I liked washing your hair it's so thick," Lance said. "It looks like you may need a haircut."

"Not for a while," Marc said. "I'm going to let it grow out for a while."

"A long-haired musician should probably have long hair."

"Some how I don't think I'm going to get too much respect as a classical musician if I show up for rehearsal with spiked hair."

"I can see your point," Lance said as he turned Marc into the spray. "Rinse."

Marc turned back to Lance who was ready with the conditioner. "How long are you going to let it grow?"

"I'm not sure," Marc said. "Not all that long. I just want it to fill out some."

"Rinse," Lance said. "Why fill out?"

"So my ears don't stick out."

" Hmmm.  Yes, your ears. I love your ears," Lance said as he started to chew on Marc's left ear.

"Oh, yeah," Marc moaned.

Lance smiled as he slipped his tongue into Marc's ear.

Marc squirmed out of Lance's grasp. "James, we need to slow down."

"Why? Don't you like it?"

"Of course I like it. But if you kept going I don't think I could control myself."

"Would that be bad?" Lance asked.

"If we were alone, no. But we are in your dressing room bathroom with our friends in the next room. And when we get going we do tend to be vocal. Do I need to remind you of the last time we got going in the shower?"

"Yeah, Chris wouldn't let us forget it all the next day," Lance said.

"Well we do need to keep it down. Our little escapades are becoming infamous."


"It seems most of the crew knows about your religious episode."

"Oh, shit!" Lance said. "I guess we should cool it."

"For a while," Marc said as he took the shampoo. "Right now let's just enjoy the shower."

As Lance enjoyed Marc's attention when he remembered, "Oh, JC  wants to fly with us back to Wisconsin at the end of the tour."

"He what?"

Lance laughed, "He asked Sara to come out and visit when we are in L.A. She told him she couldn't get any the time off until September."

"Phew, that was close," Marc said. "What did you tell him?"

"I thought it could be arranged. So you need to order three tickets."

"I already have three tickets," Marc said.

"I figured you did. I'll let him know it is all set. We just don't have to tell him the ticket is for Sara."

"I like your thinking," Marc said as he turned Lance into the shower spray. "Rinse."

As Lance turned back Marc had the conditioner ready.

"When Josh told me he asked Sara to come for a visit," Lance said with his eyes closed.
"I about had a heart attack."

"She must have covered well. It doesn't sound like he suspects anything. Rinse," Marc ordered.

As Lance turned back, Marc had the shower  gel ready. Squeezing a liberal amount
on the puff Marc started to wash Lance. Building up a rich lather, Marc washed across
Lance's chest. As his hand moved over Lance's nipples Marc would linger giving them
soft attention.

"Don't get anything started," Lance warned.

Marc smiled as he squeezed more gel into his hand and applied it to Lance's belly
and groin area. Pulling Lance in close, he asked, "Can I have this dance?"

Smiling up into Marc's face Lance answered, "Of course, my love."

Leaning in, Marc deeply kissed his love while slowly moving his body against him.

Chris looked at his watch, "What are they doing in there?"

"They can't be making out," Justin laughed. "It's been too quiet."

Everyone looked up as the bathroom door opened. Lance stepped out followed by
Marc with their dirty show costumes in hand. As they deposited them in the dirty
clothes hamper Lance asked. "How long before we leave?"

"We were just waiting for you two," Joey said.

"Sorry for taking too long," Marc softly said.

Justin laughed, "Pete just let us know they are ready to go. You haven't kept us

Everyone climbed aboard the bus collapsing into seats at the front of the bus. Quickly
counting heads Pete said, "We're all set. Let's move them out."

George picked up his radio mike, "Heads up, people. Let's head out."

As they all sat talking Marc noticed Lance start to nod off. Squeezing Lance's hand Marc asked, "You ready to turn in?"

Lance nodded as he started to get up. "See you all in the morning."

"Good night, guys," Justin said with a snicker.

Stopping at his bunk Marc grabbed two pair of clean boxers for the morning.

Lance opened the door to the lounge and stopped dead. "Ah, Marc."


"Look at this," Lance said with a cracking voice.

"What?" Marc asked as he looked over Lance's shoulder. "Shit!"

Lance and Marc looked into the remodeled lounge. Two-thirds of the back of the lounge
had been turned into a large bed. Slowly moving into the room Lance reached out and
touched the bed pushing down on it. "It's a real mattress," Lance said in awe.

The guys had quietly come up behind their awe struck friends. "Do you like it?" Josh

Lance and Marc turned with teary eyes, "How? Why?" Marc was able to choke

"Why? Because we didn't think you two sleeping on cushions on the floor was good for
your backs," Josh chuckled. "How? We had our construction crew install it while we
were on stage tonight."

"This is too much," Lance gushed. "Thanks."

Marc sat down on the edge of the bed running his hand over the top of the bed. "I
don't know how to thank you guys."

"You two just enjoy yourself," Josh said. "We will see you in the morning."

Quickly shedding their cloths Lance and Marc climbed into their new bed. "I don't
believe they did this," Marc said.

Lance smiled remembering JC's conversation the other night. "Josh suggested we get
our own tour bus for the next tour."

"He did? It sounds like a good idea," Marc said as he opened his arms so Lance could
snuggle close. "Night, James, I love you."

"Night, Marc, I love you, too," Lance said as he softly kissed Marc.

There was a light rap on the door. "Breakfast stop in twenty minutes," Joey said loudly.

"K," Marc answered as he started to stretch.

Lance slowly open his eyes and yawned. "What time is it?"

Looking at his watch Marc said, "Quarter to nine. How did you sleep?"

"I died. I don't think I moved all night."

"I don't think either of us moved. I really like this bed."

"You know even with a larger bed our sleeping habits haven't changed," Lance said as
he climbed out of bed.

"I do like the extra room," Marc said. "But a real mattress is the best part."

The breakfast stop was at a Cracker Barrel just off the interstate. Because of it being
mid week there weren't too many people eating. They were able to be seated in a
secluded corner of the restaurant and were able to have a meal without being
interrupted by fans.

Travel days are always something everyone would rather not have but when you have
large distance to cover there is no other way to do it. The remodeled lounge quickly
became a favorite place to hang out. The new bed is large enough that everyone could
stretch out and relax. Watching TV was much easier and when the game system was
pulled out they found it easier to play with the TV as a lower level. Lance and Marc
passed the time reading and napping. JC was working on a new song up in the front of
the bus. The other three had a tournament going with the game system. Mid afternoon
brought another meal stop along with a refueling stop. After refueling all the vehicles
pulled off in a quiet area of the truck stop for several hours of rest for the drivers. So
that George could get some rest everyone settled down for a siesta. Joey and Justin
dozed off in the lounge along with Lance and Marc.

Hitting the road again the guys were restless. The subject of favorite Broadway
musicales came up and before long George could hear singing coming from the back of
the bus.

The caravan pulled into Raleigh late in the evening. Parking in a secure area of the
arena loading dock.  George had the bus leveled and hooked up to external power
in no time. Pete and Marc deployed the communication system giving them satellite
uplink. Pizza was ordered from a local pizzeria for a late supper. Around midnight
everyone settled down for the night.

Lance was the first to wake. Rolling over to face Marc he watched him sleep for a long
time. Studying Marc's face. Absorbing every detail of his nose, eyes and mouth.  Marc stirred from his slumber opening his eyes; he had to smile at the sight of  Lance watching him. "How long have you been awake?"

"Just a little while," Lance answered.

The sound of people moving around in the front of the bus told them it was time to get moving. Food service had been set up in the arena for everyone. After breakfast the guys headed out for their first interview while Marc remained at the arena taking care of a long list of jobs Pete left him.

It was well after noon when Marc finished all the jobs Pete had left him. Stopping by the food service area Marc picked up a bottle of water and a vegetable tray to snack on as he  wandered around the arena.

"Hey, good looking, what are you up to?" Beth said as she came up to Marc.

"Stretching my legs after a morning of paper work."

"You up for a workout?"

"What do you have in mind?" Marc asked with suspicion.

"I'm in the mood for some dancing," Beth said.

"Won't you get enough of that tonight?"

"That's not the kind I need. I'm in the mood for Latino. I have a new Santana tape I want to try out."

"Ok. Maybe we can work up something to do for JC's birthday party in San Antonio,"  Marc suggested.

A tour bus pulled into the secure parking area of the arena. Two people quickly exited the bus and entered the arena. They were met by security at the door. "How was your trip?' Bill, head of security, asked.

"It was all right," Britney said looking around. "Where are the guys?"

"Out doing promo's," Bill said

"Is Pete around?"

"No he is with the guys. But his assistant Marc is here."

"Is that Marc Newman?" Brit asked.

"Yeah, do you know him?"

"We've never met. But Justin has told me a lot about him. Do you know where I can find him?"

"He's working out with some of the dancers," Bill said. "Just follow blue arrows to the rehearsal hall."

"Marc, I think I've got it now," Beth said. "Let's try it again from the beginning."

"Ok," Marc said as he wiped his face with his discarded shirt. Giving Beth a mischievous smile, "Want to get down and do it dirty?"

"As long as Lance isn't around ok."

"Why? Do you think he would get jealous? Marc asked.

"I just don't want to get you in trouble," Beth said as she took Marc's outstretched hand.

Music could be heard coming from the rehearsal hall as Britney and her mom approached. Stopping at the door they watched the couple seductively move to the music.

Leaning against the door jam Britney watched for a long while finally saying softly, "God,
he is hot."


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