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My New Life
by James

Last Time:

Music could be heard coming from the rehearsal hall as Britney and her mom approached. Stopping at the door they watched the couple seductively move to the music.

 Leaning against the door jam Britney watched for a long while finally saying softly, "God,
 he's hot."

Chapter 36
Dreams and Boobs 
      (How's that for a hook?)

Their dance ended with Marc lifting Beth high over his head and slowly lowering her to the floor their bodies sliding over each other until they were face to face.  Both dancers were breathing hard from their dance.  Looking deeply into his eyes, Beth ran her fingers through Marc's hair. Leaning in Beth gave Marc a kiss.

As soon as their lips met Marc pushed Beth away, furious with her.  "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Stunned at Marc's rejection Beth stammered, "I.... I...I thought."  Glancing around the room she spotted the two new arrivals and begins to tremble.  "I, I, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to."  Tears quickly welled up in her eyes.

Seeing Beth's reaction Marc's heart softened.  Pulling her close Marc said, "I'm sorry.  I over reacted.  You just surprised me that's all."

"It's your fault, damn it," Beth said striking Marc in the chest with her fist.   "Why do you have to be so damn sexy."

Marc laughed.  "I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to be."

"Well you are!  You really don't know what you do to people do you?"

Marc smiled, "I do know what I do to one person."

"And he is damn lucky," Beth said with a slight smile. 

"Beth, how are we going to get past this?  I don't want to lose you as a friend but we can't be anything more than just friends."

"I don't want to lose your friendship either," Beth sighed.  "I think if you can keep your shirt on when we dance it would help a whole lot." 

Marc laughed, "Agreed."

Marc picked up his shirt and pulled it on.  Finally noticing the new arrivals Marc walked over to greet them. 

"Hi, Britney.  I'm Marc Newman how was your trip?" Marc said as he offered his hand.

"Marc, I'm glad to finally meet you.  Justin talks about you all the time," Britney said as she shook Marc's hand.  "Marc, I'd like you to meet my mom."

"Mrs. Spears, how are you doing today?" 

"I'm just a little tired from the long trip.  Marc, please call me Lynne."

"Ok, Lynne.  Have you two had lunch yet?" Marc asked.

"No, we haven't," Lynne said.

"Let me show you where our food service is located,"  Marc offered.

They talked while they ate.  Brit was surprised at how much Marc knew about the numbers she was going to perform.  "Marc, why is it you know so much about my music?"

"Oh, when Pete doesn't have me running around doing his leg work, I'm also a member of their band."

"And from what I saw a dancer," Lynne said.

Marc blushed.  "I just work out with the dancers.  I haven't filled in for any of them yet."

"The way you move you should be," Brit said.

"That's me.  I can book a hotel with one hand, play a musical instrument with the other while dancing the tango without a blink of the eye."

"Ah, a Renaissance man," Lynne chuckled.  "Why in the world are you wasting your time with *Nsync?"

A slight smile spread across Marc's face.  "I needed a break from my dull life.  I thought that seeing the country from a tour bus sounded exciting."

"Dull life?"  Brit said with a frown,  "Justin said you are a classical musician.  He said they attended your PBS concert.  And something about appearing with the Boston Pops."

"Ah, so he has been telling you stories about me," Marc said.  "I wouldn't believe everything he tells you."

"You didn't appear with the Pops and there wasn't a PBS concert?"  Brit asked.

"Oh, I did have a small part in them," Marc said as he saw the guys come up behind them.  "But you know how Justin exaggerates."

"He was guest conductor in Boston," Justin said with a grin.  "And he was featured composer, conductor and musician on the PBS special"

Brit turned to find Justin standing behind her. "Justin! You're back."

"Hi, sunshine," Justin said as he leaned down and gave her a kiss.  "How was your trip?"

"It was a long one," she said.

Justin's gaze moved to Marc, "Newman, are you trying to get me in trouble?"

"Who me!  I don't have to help you get in trouble.  You do a good job on your own."

The guys pulled chairs around the table and started talking to Britney and her mom. Marc glanced up to see Brian trying to get his attention.  Excusing himself Marc went to see what Brian wanted.  After talking to him for a few minutes Marc returned to the table. 

"What's up?"  Josh asked.

"Brian's not feeling well.  So I'm going to stand in for him," Marc said.  "Britney, we need to go over your charts."

Justin got a pained look.

"How about we meet with your backups in say one hour?"  Marc offered.

Justin smiled broadly.  "Guys, this is going to push your sound check back till after your meet and greet," Marc said.

"That shouldn't be a problem," Josh said.

As Marc turned to leave Justin touched Marc's arm. Marc looked down and Justin mouthed a thank you.

Lance discreetly followed Marc out.  Marc walked down a hallway and turned a corner.  Lance also turned the corner and found the hallway empty.  Continuing down the hallway Lance called out, "Marc?"

A arm appeared from a door beckoning him. Going to the door Lance looked into the dark room.  "Marc?"

A hand reached out and grabbed Lance by the shirt pulling him in.  Marc wrapped his arms around Lance.  "It's about time you got here."

Laughing Lance asked, "Why are we hiding in here?"

"Too many new faces," Marc said.  "I don't know what Justin has told Britney about us."

"So you think we should cool it for a while?"  Lance asked.

"Until you can talk to Justin."

"I'll ask him," Lance said.  "Until then I think I need some of this."  Leaning in Lance kissed Marc softly at first then pushing his tongue between Marc's lips, deepening the kiss.  Marc loosened his hold on Lance as he let his hands start to roam over Lance's back.  Lance brought his hand up and started rubbing over Marc's chest settling on Marc's left nipple.  Rubbing his thumb over the nipple he felt it harden.  Marc let out a soft moan as Lance broke the kiss. 

"Oh God, I am so horny," Marc said with ragged breath.

Lance lowered his hand brushing against the front of Marc's shorts.  "Ah, so you are," Lance said with a smirk.  "Don't you have to be somewhere?"

"Damn you, James," Marc said as he stepped back.  "Why did you have to start this when you knew we can't do anything about it?"

"I just wanted to get your attention.  I'm just as horny as you are right now.  And I don't think I'm going to be able to control myself all week."

"It's not any easier for me," Marc said.

"So I propose a date.  Tonight after the show we meet for a nice long shower."

Marc smiled at the idea.  "You know, for a blond you do come up with some good ideas."

"And you know what they say about blonds.  We do have more fun."

Justin walked Britney to her rehearsal.  As they neared the stage they could hear the band already playing one of Britney's numbers.   Marc was working with her backup singers/dancers.  They helped him set the correct beat and pointed out tempo changes. 

Britney started to stretch, to get ready to rehearse all the while carrying on a conversation with Justin.  Going to the center of the stage she clapped her hands, "Ok, I'm ready."

Justin stood off stage grinning at Britney and throwing kisses whenever she looked at him. 

"I'm ready," Brit called out again.

Marc didn't make a move he just stood there waiting.

"She's ready," Justin said coming up to Marc.

"I know.  But I'm not," Marc said.

"What's wrong?"  Justin asked with a frown.

"You. . . . Justin you need to be someplace else.  I'm not going to start when she is not paying attention because you are distracting her."

"I'm not distracting her," Justin protested.

"The two of you have been making faces and blowing kisses from the minute you got here.  You are a distraction.  Go away!"  Marc said rather forcefully.

Justin's face fell.  "Oh, . . . ok."

As Justin turned to leave Marc said.  "Just, do you understand what I'm saying?  I'm not trying to be mean."

A slight smile returned to Justin's face.  "Yeah, I understand.  And thanks."

"For what?"

"For being you.  Brian would never have told me to go.  And you're right Brit may have gotten hurt with me here."

"Why don't you go find Lance?  He wants to talk to you about something," Marc suggested.

Justin went in search of Lance finally finding him on their tour bus reading.  "Hey, Scoop, what you reading?"  Justin asked as he took a seat.

"Just a book."

Tipping the book up Justin looked at the cover.  "That looks like a text book."

"I'm taking a correspondence business course and I want to complete it before the end of the tour."

"Cool," Justin said.  "Ah, . . . Marc said you wanted to talk to me about something."

Closing his book Lance asked, "We need to know how much you have told Britney about our relationship."

"Ah, I really haven't said anything about you two, as a couple," Justin said. 


"I didn't think that kind of information should go over the phone lines.  Do you think I should tell her?"

"It would make it easier on Marc and me if you did."

"Ok, . . . When I get her someplace we can talk I'll fill her in."

The guys made their way back stage after their meet and greet.  Marc was at the keyboard playing variations of closing choirs for Baby, One More Time.  Britney was standing behind Marc with her hands on his shoulders laughing at Marc's silly version of her song.  Britney wrapped her arms around Marc's neck giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Marc looked up and made eye contact with Lance just as Britney kissed him.  Lance froze and glared at him.

Marc gulped.  "Ok, people, we have a sound check to do and there is little time to waste."

Britney spotted Justin and ran over to him. "Hi, honey, did you miss me?  I missed you."

"Not as much as I missed you," Justin cooed as he gave Brit a kiss.

Chris and Joey made sour faces at the sickening lovebirds. 

Marc laughed at them.  "Guys we don't have much time get your equipment on.  Britney, you and your people need to get to wardrobe and makeup," Marc said loudly over the sound system.

"Boy, is he ever pushy," Britney said to Justin.  "Who made him the boss?"

"I think it was the guy we work for," Justin chuckled.  "Johnny hired him and keeps promoting him."

"And by the end of the tour Marc may have Johnny's job," Chris added. 

Justin gave Britney a quick kiss as they both headed off to work.  Marc rushed the guys through their sound check.  The engineers just needed to establish sound levels on their microphones.  The rest of the equipment check had been done with Britney's rehearsal. 

"Thanks, guys," Marc called out.  "We have twenty minutes before we open the gates.  Do what you have to do.  I want everyone in place by six-thirty."

Dropping his headset to his shoulders Marc headed off stage to change.  Stopping in wardrobe Marc picked up his outfits for tonight's shows.  The black jeans were the same he always wore when he played in the band but tonight he received his normal *Nsync shirt plus a new one to wear when he played for Britney. 

As he was changing Pete found him.  "How did Britney's rehearsal go?"

"We're up to speed," Marc answered.

"You going to try to get something to eat?"  Pete asked.

"Yeah, I was going to grab something quick.  Why, do you want me to bring you something?"

"No.  Britney's mom has some mail for you.  Lynn sent a packet with her."

"Cool, I go find her," Marc said as he headed out.

Marc went through the food service line picking up a bottle of juice and a veggie tray.  Lynne waved at him to join her.

"Hi, Lynne.  Pete said you have something for me."

Picking up a large envelope she handed it to Marc.  "Lynn asked me to give this to you."

"Thanks," Marc said as he felt the weight of the envelope.  "I wonder what she has in here?  It weighs a ton."

"She only said it was some things you needed to go over."

Opening the flap Marc peered inside.  Lynn had sent him several reports and a set of photos. 

Joey, Chris, and Lance spotted Marc and Lynne as they went through the food line.  Taking their trays they walked over to their table.  The guys sat down but Marc didn't even notice, he was so absorbed in the photos.

"What's you got?"  Joey asked.

Looking up, Marc smiled.  "Hi, guys.  Just the proofs from the New York photo shoot."

"Can we see?"  Chris asked.

"Sure," Marc said as he handed the photos to Chris.

Chris flipped through the photos passing each one down the line so everyone could see.  "These are great."

"Damn right," Joey said.  "Even with the funny outfits you still look great."

Marc blushed a little.  He watched Lance as he looked over the pictures.  Lance had passed along all the pictures but two.  He picked them up and looked from one to the other trying to decide.

Finally Lance handed Marc the two pictures.  "These two are the best."  Pointing to the picture in Marc's right hand he added, "Use that one on the promotional posters.  And the other one in the program."

"Why?" Marc asked.

"In the first one you are very elegant and have the look of an serious musician.  That will sell tickets.  The other one, which is really the best one, shows you when you are really into your work.  It's the same expression we saw when you were performing in Madison.  It is very intense."

"You really think so?"  Marc asked.

Lance nodded.

"Ok, I'll let Lynn know to use these two." 

Britney's mom watched Marc and Lance's exchange with interest.

Marc's radio hissed.  Placing his headset on he said, "Yes. . . . I'll be right there."

Putting the photos back in the envelope Marc said, "I have to go."  Marc hesitated looking at the envelope.

Reaching out Lance said, "I'll take that for you."

Marc smiled as he gave Lance the envelope.  "Thanks.  I'll see you all on stage."

Joey looked at his watch and sighed, "It's time to go guys.

Everyone headed out to get ready.  Lance did an about face to retrieve Marc's envelope. 

Lynne was only a few steps from Lance when he turned back.  "Did you forget this?"  Lynne asked as she held out the envelope.

"Yeah, thanks," Lance said with a smile.

Taking Lance's arm Lynne walked with him.  "Lance, I haven't talked to your mom in months.  How is everyone?"

Smiling Lance said, "I talked to her just a couple days ago, everyone is doing great."

"You actually called home?"  Lynne said with surprise.

"Yeah.  We try to call home once a week now," Lance said.

"You all call home?  That is totally unbelievable."

"I know.  But one day the Mom's Club ambushed Marc. My mom called Marc complaining how little she has heard from me."

"Why would she call Marc?"

"When she got a letter from me she had questions.  In the letter I had mentioned my friendship with Marc.  She talked to Justin's mom and got Marc's cell number.  She called Marc and they talked for a long time, in the end he promised her to get me to call home.  Right after he started getting calls from all the other moms and he agreed to get all of us to call home."

"I take it he got everyone to call home?"

"Yes.  He tricked all of us."

Lynne laughed at the thought of all the guys being tricked into calling home.  "Marc is something else."

"I know," Lance said.  "He has made a big impression on us."

They walked in silence for a time.  "You must be having a good time with this tour, Lance.  This is the happiest I've seen you in a long time," Lynne observed.

Lance blushed as he looked at his feet.

"You've found someone haven't you?" 

"I. . .   Ah. . ."  Lance stammered.

Lynne chuckled, "He is really good for you, Lance."

"Who is?"

"Why, Marc, of course.  You're not going to deny it.  Are you?"

"Ah, no.  How could you tell?"

"Those," Lynne said pointing to the envelope Lance held.  "When you picked out the pictures he should use, Marc agreed without hesitating.  He trusted in your judgment.  In the judgment of the person he trusts and loves."

Lance smiled sheepishly, "I love him, too."

Britney's first appearance went fantastically.  Her thirty-minute set got the crowd jumping and shouting.  She rocked the house and the crowd loved it. 

After a short intermission *Nsync followed up Britney's performance with a rocking show of their own.  Justin seemed to be really charged up that night putting more into the show than Marc had ever seen before.

As soon as the lights went out on stage crews moved in to dismantle the equipment and pack everything for the move to the next venue.  Marc made sure all the instruments were safely packed and loaded before he went looking for Lance.  Passing food service, Marc noticed Britney and Justin sitting at a table having a bite to eat.

JC and Chris passed Marc on the way to their bus, complimenting Marc on how well the band did tonight.

Marc physically bumped into Joey as he came out of the dressing room knocking him back into the dressing room.  "Sorry, Joe, you all right," Marc said as he grabbed Joe by the arm, keeping him from going down.

"Damn Newman, take it easy.  Can't you just walk through a door like a normal person?  You don't have to charge through like a bull going after a cow," Joey said.  Looking at the strange expressions on Lance and Marc's faces Joey chuckled, "Come to think of it maybe you did. . . . . You two enjoy yourselves; just don't take all night.  We do need to hit the road."

As the door closed Lance and Marc looked at each other and laughed.  Grabbing a change of clothes and his shower kit Marc followed Lance into the bathroom.  Lance locked the door before turning to Marc.  "Alone at last," Lance said as he pulled Marc to him kissing him deeply.

Britney and Justin ware catching some quiet time alone as they shared a bowl of ice cream. 
Alternating they fed spoons full of ice cream to each other.

"Justin, how long have you known Marc?"  Britney asked.

Justin thought for a moment, "About six weeks.  Didn't I tell you how we met?"

"Yeah, you guys met while on vacation," Britney said while deep in thought.  "I just don't understand why you all became such good friends so quickly."

"It was the way Marc treated us.  He knew who we were.  But that didn't make any difference to him.  He treated us like real people.  Even now he won't put up with the celebrity shit from us. When our heads get too big he is there to bring us back to earth."

"He seems to have some kind of relationship with each of you guys," Brit pointed out.

"That's one of the things we liked about Marc.  He sees us as individuals, not as *Nsync."

"He treats you all the same?" 

"No.  He has a different relationship with each of us," Justin said as he looked across the room and spotted JC sitting in the corner talking on his cell.

"Did you know Josh is dating Marc's sister?"

"He is?"

"Well, maybe I should say he is courting her.  Since they have not had a date where the rest of us haven't been along."


"A little at first.  Marc is very protective of Sara.  He even threatened Josh if he wasn't a gentleman he would hurt him bad."

"That's not good.  Do you think Marc would hurt Josh?"

"No. . . I really think Josh would hurt Marc more."

"In what way? . . .I know there is no way Josh could take on Marc and win."

"It wouldn't be a physical hurt.  Marc would be hurt more by his disappointment in Josh.  They respect each other, and the trust and love Marc has for Josh would be lost."

"Has Marc developed this kind of relationship with each of you?"

Justin nodded, "To some extent.  But at different levels with each one of us."

"How different?"

"Well with Chris, they clicked because they both have a strange sense of humor.  You know all the pranks Chris pulls while on tour.  Well Marc is his equal.  Marc comes up with some good stuff."

"What about Joey?"  Britney asked.

"They are running buddies. . . . . I know, Joey running!  It's hard to picture but they go out running whenever they have a chance.  If Joey seems down for some reason Marc gets him to go running with him.  And for some reason when they get back Joey seems a lot happier."

"I wonder what goes on during those runs that can make that much of a change in Joey?"

"They talk during their runs.  Marc can get you to open up like no one I've seen before."

"Has Marc been able to use his talent to get Lance to come out of his shell?"  Britney asked.  "I know since his last failed relationship he has been kind of withdrawn."

"Oh, that is no longer a problem for Lance," Justin said with a smile.  "I probably should have told you before this but Lance has a new boyfriend."

Britney's face lit up, "Really?  Someone with the tour?"

"Yeah, he definitely is with the tour."

"Well?  Give me the dirt.  When did they meet?  How long have they been together?"

"Well. . . . They met six weeks ago," Justin said and paused to let his statement sink in.

Britney frowned, "While you guys were on vacation?"

Justin nodded and waited.

Britney's eyes grew big, "Marc?"

A grin spread across Justin's face.  "Yep."

"No way! . . . .  He can't be!  He is so sexy.  How could he be gay?"

"You find him sexy?"  Justin asked with new interest.

"When I first saw Marc he was working out with your dancers.  And I must say he is hot."

"You think so?"

"Well yeah.  He and one of your dancers were into this hot Latin number.  He didn't have a shirt on and the two of them had everyone's undivided attention."

Chuckling Justin said, "Marc has been known to turn a few heads when he goes around without his shirt."

"He must have caught Lance's eye.  Did they hit it off right away?"

"No, not really.  For the first week we didn't know if Marc was gay.  He became friends with each of us.  We all spent one on one time with him.  Our friendship grew fast, and we knew we didn't want this to end.  We each called Pete and asked if we could bring Marc along on tour with us.  None of us knew about the others calls.  We each thought it was our own idea.  To say the least we were surprised when Lance said something about asking management about Marc coming along.  This was during a three day road trip Marc had planned to make up for our stalled vacation."

"Ah, if I remember right you told me that you guys had to double up while you were at Marc's.  Something about only three beds."

"Yeah, we did."

"So Lance and Marc ended up sharing a bed."  Britney said.

"Ah, no.  I slept with Marc most of the time.  And Joey slept with him once when I fell asleep in his spot."

Britney looked at Justin with a wary eye.  "Did Marc try anything with you?"

"No!  Of course not."

Relieved Britney asked, "Well?  How did they get together?"

Justin laughed, "During our road trip Lance and Marc paired off when we went sight seeing.  I think it was the first time they had actually been alone together all week.  After that day there was something different about them.  When they were together they both beamed.  I think all of us picked up on it.  The only ones that didn't know what was going on were Lance and Marc."


"I think it was because they were both shy and afraid to admit their feelings."

"What changed?  How did they get together?"

"It was after Marc's concert in Madison.  Marc was too hyper to sleep and Chris drove Lance out of their room with his snoring.  Lance had his pillow and blanket and was going to sleep on the couch.  He was still not fully awake when he saw Marc looking out the window.  He walked up behind Marc and hugged him."

"I take it Marc didn't push Lance away?"

"No.  He turned around and looked at Lance and told him he loved him."

"Wow!"  Britney softly said. 

"Yeah, wow!"  Justin chuckled.  "And that's what Joey said when he found Lance and Marc sleeping together in the bed next to his."

Britney grinned as she pictured the sight of Joey finding his friends sharing a bed.

"This isn't going to be something that will end up hurting Lance, is it?"

"No. . . .   They love each other very much.  There is no way Marc would ever hurt Lance."

Britney thought for a moment then asked, "What kind of relationship do you have with Marc?"

Justin grew serious, "My relationship with Marc.  He is my best friend, and I love him."

Britney's face showed surprise.

"Marc has been there when I needed a friend.   He has always treated me as an equal. He never has judged me or talked down to me like the other guys. Marc is the big brother I wished I always had," Justin said with conviction. "Babe, I don't know if you can understand this.  I love Marc and I know he loves me. . . . .  I know it's not the same love he has for Lance.  But in a way it's just as strong.  Marc is now part of my life, he is family and I don't want to loose him."

Lance and Marc emerged from the steamy bathroom going to their bags.  Marc knelt down behind the couch putting his shower kit in his bag.  Lance stood next to him pulling on his shirt when the door flew open and Britney strolled in.

"Hi, Lance. You decent?"  Britney asked with a grin.

"Hi, Brit.   What's up?"  Lance nervously said glancing quickly at Marc.

"Just wanted to stop by and talk to you.  We haven't had a chance since I got here. . . . "

Not knowing if Justin had said anything to Britney about Lance and himself Marc just sat on the floor behind the couch.  Britney must still be standing by the door Marc could not detect any movement from her.  Her conversation with Lance remained light and cheerful asking him about his family.  Lance was wearing cargo shorts and the loose fitting shorts caught Marc's interest.  Getting bored with the conversation Marc started to stroke Lance's right leg. Lance gave Marc a kick and a quick glance telling him to behave.  Knowing the back of the couch came up to Lance's belt Marc continued to rub his leg, slowly moving higher until his hand moved up his shorts loose leg. 

Britney noticed Lance had become fidgety as they talked.  It dawned on her what was going on.

"Lance, is everything all right?"

"Yeah, sure.  Why?"

"Oh, I don't know you just seemed nervous," she pointed out.  "I think we need to find you a boyfriend.  Yep, that's it.  If I can find you a boyfriend then you can settle down some."

Lance just stood there with his mouth open not believing what he was hearing.

Turning to leave, Britney added, "Lance, I'll see you in the morning at our breakfast stop." 

"Oh, ok," Lance stammered.

Just as she went thru the door she stopped and said over her shoulder, "Good night, Marc.  See you in the morning."

Marc lost it and started to laugh but managed to say, "Night, Britney."

As Lance and Marc were walking toward their bus they noticed Justin hopping off Britney's tour bus.

As he approached Justin had a big grin plastered on his face.  "So, Lance, I hear Brit is going to help you find a boyfriend."

"I don't need her help," Lance said.  "I have one.  And I plan on keeping him."

Marc pulled Justin into a headlock.  "You could have let us know she knew about us."

"I didn't have a chance to tell her until just before she barged in on you guys."

"So she was hoping to catch us doing something," Marc said as he released Justin.

"Well, according to her, she thinks she did catch you two.  She wasn't sure exactly what but she said something was going on behind the couch."

"There wasn't anything going on when she came in," Lance said.  "But this asshole kept feeling me up while I was trying to talk to her."

Marc smiled at Justin, bobbing his eyebrows as he climbed aboard their bus.

Less then an hour after pulling out everyone headed for bed.  Lance snuggled up to Marc leaning in he gave Marc a soft kiss on the nose.

"You missed," Marc laughed.

"No, I didn't.  That's all you deserve for what you did behind the couch."

"I'm sorry.  I was just feeling a little left out," Marc whined.  "And your legs looked so inviting.  Please, James, don't be mad at me."

"I'm not really mad at you.  But you do need to learn when is not, a good time to start fooling around," Lance said as he gave Marc a proper kiss.  "Good night, Marc.  Love you."

"Night, James.   I really love you."

Something was not quite right.  Marc knew where he was, standing just off stage as the band was warming up.  A little confused Marc couldn't remember if he was suppose to play with the band today or not.  In fact he wasn't sure what day today was.  Frowning, he scratched his head, `What the hell is going on?'  He thought.

Hearing a commotion behind him he turned to see Britney and the guys coming on stage.  Marc smiled as they walked up to him and right past him.  No one even acknowledged his presence "Ah, guys," Marc said.

Nothing, they continued their conversation totally ignoring him. "Lance, what's going on?"  Marc asked as he followed the group.

"Damn it, Lance, stop and talk to me!"  Marc shouted.

Lance abruptly stopped.  "What's wrong, Scoop?"  Chris asked.

"I don't know.  My feet are stuck to the floor," Lance said as he tried to raise his foot.

Frowning Marc walked up to Lance.  `I wonder.'  "James, pick up your feet."

Lance's feet broke free.  "Strange," Lance softly said.

"Did you step on some gum?"  Chris asked.

Lifting his foot Lance looked at the bottom of his shoe.  "No, I can't see any."

`I must be dreaming,' Marc thought.  An idea came to him.  "Joey, time to skip for a while."

Joey started to skip as the others walked along.  JC stopped and gave Joey a strange look.

"That's enough, Joe."  Marc said.  Joey stopped skipping.

A smile spread across Marc's face. `This could be fun.'

"Ok guys, lets warm up with The Girl Who Has Everything," came the voice of the stage director.

The guys got into position.  Brian gave the downbeat.  And JC sang out:

     You drive a pretty car,
      you know how fine you are 

     And nobody needs to say it, No way 

     They love the clothes you wear,
      they compliment you and I 

"One octave lower Josh," Marc said.

     Just love the way you play it 

     But the only thing you dream of money can't buy for you 

JC stopped and cleared his throat.

"Ah, can we try that again?"  JC asked.

"You're back to normal," Marc said.

JC started the song once more.  This time everything went as normal.

`Cool,' Marc thought.

Britney sat off stage watching the guys work.  Every time Justin would look her way she would beam and sit up straighter accenting her ample bosom giving Justin a thrill.

`Damn, she knows how to work him,' Marc thought.  With an evil grin Marc said, "Brit you top is looking a little tight."  Marc watched as the fabric of her top grew taught as her breast filled out.  `Let's see if Justin notices.'

The guys sound check ended and Britney started to stretch getting ready for her rehearsal and sound check.  Justin definitely noticed a change; his eyes never left her. 

Britney and her dancers took the stage and started out with Crazy.  As she danced Marc said, "Brit I think Justin would like to see more."  Luckily she had a spandex top on which expanded with her chest.  Justin's mouth started to hang open as he watched her dance and sing.

"I think Justin would like to see more," Marc said as Britney's chest ballooned to at least 50+ inches.  As luck would have it Brit's next steps were three little hops.  With each hop her breasts also bounced up and down.  By the third hop they were really flying and on the way up they slammed into her face knocking her down and out.

Everyone rushed to her side.  JC and Joey knelt down calling her name.  Chris, Lance and Justin stood there transfixed on her chest.  Drool was running out the side of his mouth as Justin stared at her still quivering breast.  "Oh, yeah," he murmured.

Laughter erupted behind Marc.  Turning Marc saw someone he did not know.  `Who are you?'  Marc thought.  The stranger was looking at the group of people surrounding the still prone Britney laughing at the sight.

Marc studied this new arrival.  He was sure he had never seen this person.  `How does he fit into this dream?'

Whoever this guy was he seemed to be enjoying himself.  Slowly this guy's gaze moved to Marc and eye contact was made.  His laughing stopped as he continued to look into Marc's eyes.

`He is looking at me,' Marc thought.  `No one in this dream can see me.  Why can he?' 

This new person broke eye contact, blushing slightly he stuffed his hands into his pockets and slowly strolled over to Marc.  Stopping in front of Marc this stranger glanced over at the group around Britney and chuckled, "That was a good one."

Frowning Marc asked, "Do I know you?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Then why are you in my dream?"

This guy just stood there thinking but not saying anything.

"This is a dream?  Isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's a dream."

"Am I in your dream or are you in my dream?"  Marc asked.

Looking over at the still prone Britney the stranger chuckled, "This one is defiantly yours."

"Then if this is my dream, who are you?"

"You can call me Matt."

"Matt, am I making you up?"

Matt sighed, "No.  I'm kind of just visiting."

"Visiting?  How can you visit someone else's dream?"

"It's kind of complicated.  From time to time I slip into other people's dreams."

"Have you slipped into my dreams before?"  Marc asked.

"A few times."

"Why haven't I ever noticed you?"

"I try only to observe.  No one ever knows I'm visiting."

"But I know," Marc pointed out.

"You wouldn't have ever known I was here if you hadn't done that job on Britney.  That's a bomb."

Marc looked over at the group and smiled, "I was really bad." 

"Not many people have learnt to do what you have just done," Matt said.

"What have I done?"

"Become self aware," Matt said.  "It happened when you realized you were dreaming."

"I know when I've been dreaming."  Marc pointed out.

"You know that you have dreamt after you have awaken. . . . .  That's not the same of knowing you are dreaming while you are dreaming. . . .  And you have also taken some control of what's happening in your dream." 

"You mean what I made the guys do?"

"Yeah, that's a pretty simple start.  In time you should be able to control most every part of a dream," Matt said.  Looking around at the scene, "Want to take a walk?"

"Sure, where?"

"It has to be your choice," Matt said.  "Any place you know well.  Just say where."

"You mean we could go to Paris just by saying it?"

"Have you ever been to Paris?"  Matt asked.


"You can only go to places you actually know."

"Oh, ok," Marc said.  With a smile spreading across his face he said, "Back home by the lake."

The stage faded and they were standing on the dock at Marc's cabin in Big Bear Lake.

"Nice," Matt said with a smile.

"I love this place.  It's the only home I know."

After a long silence Marc asked, "Matt, who are you and how are you able to visit other people's dreams?"

"Who I am is not important," Matt said with a sigh.  "I don't exist in your world."

"My world!"  Marc said with surprise.

"This is really hard to explain.  I should not have used the word world.  I think, plain of existence is a better term."

"I don't understand," Marc said.

Matt thought for a moment.  "When you are awake you live in a world populated with billions of people.  In your culture there is a TV program called Star Trek."

"Yeah, I've seen it."

"It's also in my world," Matt said.  "In the Next Generation there is a story where Data finds himself on an alternate Enterprise.  In that episode we learn that there are many Enterprises that exist on different planes of reality.  The same people exist on each plane but the world of each is different because of different decisions made on each plane causes different results, thus a different history."

"I know the episode," Marc said.

"Well the story is not that far off," Matt said.  "There are many planes of existence.  You live on one of them and I live on another.  Our worlds are a lot alike.  In both worlds we share a group of guys named *Nsync."

"They are in both worlds?"

"They are in hundreds of worlds.  Marc, there are certain threads that link all the worlds together.  It's what was gives them similar histories.  Some of the threads are major events in history, inventions, and people."

"Is there another me in these other worlds?"  Marc asked.

"I have not found an other you.  There may be another you out there but that person doesn't have any contact in the lives of *Nsync."

"Do you?"  Marc asked.

Matt smiled, dropping his gaze.  "Yeah, I'm involved in their lives."

"In what way?"

"Ah, similar to the way you have contact."

Marc studied Matt for a moment, "Are you gay?"

Matt smiled and nodded.

"Do you have a relationship with one of the guys?"  Marc asked.


"Are, are you with Lance?"  Marc stammered.

"Is he my lover?  No.  In my world Lance is married to my niece.  Joey is my man."

"So Joey, is gay," Marc said.

Matt's eyebrow went up questioning.

"I think Joey may be leaning toward the gay side," Marc said.

"Marc, my Joey is gay.  That doesn't mean your Joey is also."  Matt said.  "One of the first things I noticed when I made my visits is each world has a different set of *Nsync.  A lot of the worlds have the guys as heterosexuals.  And just as many have one or more of them as gay."

"So Lance is both gay and straight?"


"What kind of relationships does he have?" Marc asked.

"I'm not sure if I should tell you," Matt said.  "Marc you have to realize that the Lance in each of the other worlds may look like your Lance but they each are totally different people."

"I think I understand," Marc said.  "Different forces in each of their lives would effect how their lives turned out."

"Right.  Well first let's call them the other Lance's.  On the gay side he has many different partners.  Some of them are within the group.  There is a JC/Lance pairing, a Justin/Lance pairing, and a Joey/Lance pairing."

"No Chris/Lance pairing?"  Marc asked.

Laughing Matt said.  "So far I haven't found any.  Chris seems to be the stud in the group."

"Chris is the stud."  Marc chuckled. . . .  "Matt, are all the other Lance's happy?"

Matt's face grew serious.  "No, not all of them are.  Not all of them are lucky to find someone that treats them well.  And not all of their families accept Lance and his relationships." 

"I'm sorry to hear that," Marc said sadly.

"Marc, how is your relationship with Lance's family?"  Matt asked.

"Don't you know?"

"Not really.  I only see what is happening in your dreams.  What is going on in your waking life most of the time is not reflected in your dreams.  Except when something emotional happens then it is usually mirrored in your dream."

"I haven't met James' family yet, we've only talked on the phone."


"That's his name.  I fell in love with James the man, not Lance the celebrity."

"The only time I hear him called James is when Jessica is pissed at him," Matt said.

"Who is Jessica?"

"My niece and Lance's wife," Matt said.

Smiling, Marc asked, "Are they happy?"

"Yes, very happy."

"Matt I realize that my Justin and your Justin may not be the same. . . .  Ah, I just wondered, do he and Britney ever marry?  In your world that is."

"Marc, you must understand that what has happened to my Justin has nothing to do with your Justin."

"Then I take it by what you are not saying Justin isn't happy," Marc said softly.

"No, that's not what I'm saying.  Justin is very happy.  It's just he is not with Britney."

"They didn't marry?"  Marc asked in surprise.

"Oh, they married.  But it didn't work out.  Justin wanted a family but Britney wanted her career more.  Somehow childbirth did not fit into her plans," Matt said with a grin.

"Did Justin get his family?"

"You bet.  So far he is the proud father of four.  A set of twin boys and a set of twin girls."

"Wow!  Who did he marry?"  Marc asked.

"I can't tell you," Matt said shaking his head.


"Because she exists in your world also.  If you knew I'm afraid, you might unknowingly play matchmaker."

"And that wouldn't be good," Marc said softly.

"Right.  Justin must live out his own life.  There is nothing saying that he and Britney couldn't also be just as happy," Matt pointed out.  After a long silence Matt asked.  "Justin is important to you isn't he?"

"Yes, next to James he means the most to me.  He's my best friend and little brother."

Smiling, Matt said, "That's the way I feel about my Lance.  He's my best friend and he is also family."

"We are a lot alike," Marc said.  "We love our man, and enjoy the support of close friends."

Standing on the dock looking out over the water at the sunset both men felt good.  "That sunset is a nice touch," Matt said.

Smiling shyly Marc said, "I just figured out that I didn't have to say out loud for something to happen in here."

"You're learning fast," Matt said.  "With practice you will be amazed what you can do in a dream."

"Can I find out who I am?"  Marc asked.

"In time, maybe.  But it will not be this way.  Your answers lie in the waking world," Matt said.

"I'm afraid of the answers," Marc said.

"Don't be, my friend," Matt said placing a hand on Marc's arm.  "What awaits you will cause some pain.  But the joy that will also come along will over shadow the pain."

"You say that as though you know what is going to happen.  Do you?"  Marc asked.

Matt smiled at Marc, "My friend, just live your life with the man you love.  In the end what is meant to be will be."

"That's not answering my question," Marc said.  "But that may be the only answer you can give me."

"Ah, there is also wisdom behind those dark eye. . . . .  Marc, it's time for me to go.  My man has just come home and I want to wake up and be with him."

"Will I ever see you again?"  Marc asked.

"Maybe.  I'll check in from time to time to see how you are getting along.  You may not always know I'm visiting but if you really need to talk keep calling my name and I will come."

"Give Joey a kiss for me," Marc said.  "Just as a thinks for sharing you with me."

Marc smiled as he took a step back and vanished.

Lance woke hearing Marc mumbling in his sleep.  Reaching a hand out he caressed Marc's face. 

Marc's eyes slowly opened.  He smiled at the sight of Lance looking down at him. "Hi."

"You all right?"  Lance asked.  "You were mumbling in your sleep."

"Yeah, I was just having a dream."

"A bad one?"   Lance asked with concern.

"No, not a bad one.  Just weird.  Actually it was a wicked dream," Marc chuckled.

"Was I there?"  Lance asked as he snuggled close.

"Yeah, you were there."

"And did we do wicked fun things to each other?"

"Ah, . . .  I'm not sure.  I don't really remember the dream all that well," Matt said.  "The only thing I do remember is that Britney was there."

"What!  You were dreaming about Britney?"

"But you and the guys were there too.  All I remember is that Brit's chest kept getting larger and larger."

"You were dreaming about her boobs?"

"Yeah, in a way.  But it was not that kind of dream.  In the end, Brit was dancing and she knocked herself out with her own boobs," Marc said as he softly laughed.

Lance started to laugh with Marc, "I wish I could have seen that."

"Ah, James.  I don't think it would be a good idea to tell the others about my dream.  I don't think Justin would understand."

"I think you're right," Lance said as he leaned in and gave Marc a kiss. 

Joey softly walked into the bedroom not wanting to wake Matt.  He had caught the late night flight from New York and it was just after four in the morning.  As he undressed he could see Matt was dreaming and he was also mumbling softly.  Slipping into bed next to Matt he snuggled close.

Matt awoke to the warm body drawing him close.  "Hey, Joe, you came home early."

"Yeah, Lance and I were able to get seats on a earlier flight."

"Good, I missed you," Matt said as he rested his head on Joey's shoulder.

"Matt, when I came in I noticed you were dreaming.  Were you dream walking again?"

"Yeah, I checked in on Marc."

"Oh, how is he doing?"  Joey asked.

"Ah, . . . he's ok," Matt softly said.

"Ok, out with it.  Your voice tells me something happened.  Was it bad?"

"No. . . I'm not sure. . . .  Marc discovered that he could control his dreams."

"What did he do?"  Joey asked with interest.

"Oh, he made Britney's boobs get real big."

"He what!"

"He made her boobs get so big so when she danced she knocked herself out with them."

Joey burst out laughing, "That's so funny.  I wish I could have seen that."

"I thought it was funny too.  But when I laughed Marc caught me."

"He knows you were there watching?"  Joey asked.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so."

"That has never happened before has it?"

"No.  Joe, I think Marc also has the power to dream walk."

"Oh, well you thought some day you would find others with the power.  Where in his life did this dream happen," Joey asked.

"During the tour." 

"Did you tell him what is going to happen in his life?"

"Of course not.  Any of that knowledge could change his history," Matt said.

"And screw up the ending to your story," Joey pointed out.

"Yes, that too."

"Matt when you first told me how you got your ideas for your stories I thought you were crazy."

"But not crazy enough to not want to marry me," Matt pointed out.

"Not after you visited me that first night in my dreams.  After that I knew you were not crazy."

"I do have my ways," Matt said smugly.

"Oh, I want to say thanks for last night," Joey said as he pulled Matt closer.

"Why?  What did I do?" 

"I was missing you so bad last night after we talked on the phone," Joey softly said.  "The dream we had last night was the most erotic dream I ever had."

Smiling Matt said, "I was missing you also.  So I figured if I couldn't be with you in body, I was going to be with you in your dream."

"Even with the mess I woke up with this morning I'm glad you decided to visit."

"Ah, Joe.  How tired are you?"  Matt asked.

A big grin spread across Joey's face.  "Not all that tired, I napped on the plane.  Do you want to do what we did last night?"

"Yes please.  I want to compare how it feels doing it for real as to in our dreams," Matt said pulling Joey into a passionate kiss.


All right people.  I know you have questions and more questions.  Where did this come from and who is Matt.  For those of you who don't know about Matt, I direct you to one of my other stories, Route 66 Rocks!!  It can be found on my web site and in the Nifty Archive.  As far where did this come from?  Blame it on the holiday season, and my weird imagination, or maybe a dream.

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